he's like 16 here

1/3 of Ex Cathedra is people being gay in a field, and it’s not just these two

Fun fact this AU has the longest timeline out of any of my AUs (14 yrs)

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When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

reasons why hayden in goosebumps night of the living dummy III is Iconic™

  • his outfits are Looks truly

yes i made a collage specifically for this post

look at that vest. truly inspiring. those pajamas? beautiful. camera around ur neck for that photographer aesthetic?? amazing

  • he wakes up in a field with a cow right next to him. Goosebumps predicted his future home can you believe it. i love my farmer son
  • he tells his cousins that he’s into photography and his cousins just. walk away from him what the fcy taht’s so rude. then one of them hit their nose on the door. Good. i’ll look at your photography hayden i believe in u
  • i love my son
  • i don’t care if he’s 17 years older than me he is my. son
  • also he’s like 16 here and he looks 12. me too. i love him
  • soft and smol

r u kidding me

binch..i love

  • look

he’s been yelling for 5 straight years. me too my buddy. inspirational

  • i love him
  • he is my son and i love him
  • my son
  • who i love
  • who is my son
  • he literally screams so many times in these two episodes like me too i freaking relate. i know how you feel bud
  • “come on slappy ol buddy ol pal” - hayden (also known as My Son)
  • then here we have the mf biggest plot twist of the century

his head just!!!!!????? turns ALL THE WAY around!??!?!?!??!!? are you okay??!??!??!

  • i love him
  • watch this show i’m yelling

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VANDAL: twitch's laughter could be heard from MILES away- it's pitched, and sounds like it's being filtered through the gargling of water. " HAHAHA tell me vlad- how do ya like the gang so far? " giving him a firm pat on the lower part of his back. " am i the best- or am i the BEST? "

     A week ago, the sudden hand on Vladimir’s back would’ve made him yelp and recoil back in response — but he’s mellowed out since then, grown more familiar with the surroundings, and now Twitch’s greeting only elicits a mild flinch of surprise. The young teenager blinks, and a few seconds pass in silence as he thinks of a response. 

     “It’s… it’s nice,” he says, though the accuracy of that word could be debated. Vladimir can’t say that he’s comfortable with the underground of Zaun, what with all its grime and pollution, but it’s far better than that old temple. Better than Noxus, too. 

     But Twitch — Vladimir pauses again, eyes wandering around the room before he decides. 

     “And I think you’re pretty cool,” he finally says, smiling. 

   mfw people sexualise cadet strife.

honestly i hope you all prayed for harry during grenade

and here he was like 16, IMAGINE NOW AFTER 6 YEARS AND EVERYTHING the way he’d look at Louis if he sang this song again…… 


as requested - nick nelson’s style!

nick likes quite sporty clothing. he likes bright, happy colours but nothing too garish. he doesn’t like wearing very tight jeans or trousers (he finds them v uncomfortable!) so he is most often seen in joggers or loose jeans, and he owns far too many raglan tops. he’s a big fan of a pair of very nice white trainers, but loves Vans as well. his favourite brand is adidas. charlie loves seeing him in a bomber jacket.

i drew him a little older than he is in @heartstoppercomic - he’s more like 20/21 here, while he’s only 16 in the comic at the moment. and i used references from the ASOS website!

so on this the day i should be happy and celebrating the existence of the miracle that is bucky barnes, what am i thinking about?

the likelihood that following the events of ca:tws, bucky re-learned his birthdate from statistics on him at the smithsonian exhibit……. instead of….. yknow…… from a human being….. who cared abt him…

Just some fetus Calum for all y'all cause this is a quality selfie that everybody needs in their life.