he's like 14 tho but

some ear scratches with lil sonny and pete for @smoltinypumpkinchild


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah


Can we please just imagine

• baby hiro just walking around the café. Like just imagine him. You’d have to be careful not to stand on him bc he’s so small

• baby hiro just sitting next to customers and telling them all about himself and waving to new people and it makes their day because damn this three year old tiny thing is adorable

• baby hiro clinging to aunt Cass and demanding to be picked up so he can suck his thumb and play with her hair and let everyone know that she’s only HIS aunt Cass and NO ONE ELSES

• baby hiro asking for some cookies and aunt Cass says no and he just says “aww cassieee!” And just walks away sadly and she just stares at him and just adfhchwurhfksncj he’s so small and cute and asfhehcksj

• but seriously I swear hiro called aunt Cass cassie at least some point in his life like how cute would that be I can’t

• baby hiro stumbling down the stairs when he hears his big brother tadashi come in through the door and he’s so tiny and slow that tadashi has to run to him to and picks him up and just *cuddle*

• “dashi can I have a bicki?” “No hiro.” “Dashiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeeeeee” *puppy dog eyes*

• bath time with the hamabros. Just imagine.

• “hiro, time for a bath!” “NO NO NONO NO!” *proceeds to run around the cafe and hide under a table with or without people sitting at it he doesn’t care whatsoever as long as he doesn’t get dREncHeD IN WATER he dOeS nOT CaRE*

• just baby hiro in general

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don't forget miiko and leiftan. i hope they're going to feel bad af too. and even tho i know it won't happen, i want gardienne to stop confessing to the blond and black haired boot-licker. his "apologies" were... idk. i just despise him now. i didn't even feel sorry for his loss just like he didn't feel sorry for gardienne after the damn potion mess. "you're exaggerating" lol. and what about you stop bothering gardienne with your absolute, utter, complete and pure bullshit ?

Strifehart Week: Day 4 - Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII

Another quickie because I’m not feeling too great about my art lately.

Anyway, I’m only about a two thirds of the way through 8 and as much as I am enjoying it, I definitely prefer 7. So here’s a quick scribble of Squall being in 7, he’s probably sharing a dorm with Cloud, looks out for him a lot on patrol because Cloud is certainly not used to the city yet(that and he is smol and cute).

UPDATE:   for any and all interactions based before season one & during; finn wolfhard will be my face claim. he is the appropriate age & has the features necessary for playing jsnow!!! 

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with your latest post did you mean shidge platonically or romantically cause shiro is like 25 and pidge is 14?? so???

He really isn’t tho.

(^ I just reblogged that post last night, and seeing as the show description says ‘five teenagers’ I just can’t take any of the age discourse seriously. With no official ages given people are free to interpret what they like. I headcanon Pidge as being fifteen or sixteen at the youngest due to her mental maturity, and the fact that she looked older before she cut off her hair. Naturally a petite girl posing as a boy will look like a 13-14 year-old when she could in fact be older.

(All that to say that until the creator of the show themselves posts a list on Twitter with official ages—which I can’t see them doing—the paladins are teenagers, Shiro is 18-19, and Pidge is 15-16.)

imagine fourteen-year old lily with a tiny crush on james fretting because he’s small and shorter than he is?? what?? and then suddenly he shoots up like a tree in 5th year and he’s towering over her and smirking down at her and she’s just like “i was not emotionally prepared for this”

Since I made a graphic with Blarth I though “heck why not make an icon while I’m at it” and I wanted to make him smile a little bit but he looks super evil now woops

Sadist Blarth says hi

EDIT : The icon was originally from a gif so I took a look at the timeline and I

Jesus Christ what have I done I’m laughin g


[Tessa reacting to Scott’s celebratory dance after their Sochi SD]
“And it’s just…it’s so Scott. He does that in training all the time, he’ll just feel the music and just dance or he’ll just do something funny- it just comes from within…”