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aye fam could u hmu with a hc with maybe pastel!dan and punk!phil and like they're boyfriends and whatever and Phil just loves dans ass he loves squeezing it and looking at it omg this is what is missing from my life

yes i am here for this 1000%

-Phil has always been an ass guy, to be fair. But one day this boy walked into his life and holy shit if he wasn’t obsessed before, he definitely is now. He blames Dan for everything, honestly.

-Dan is a beautiful boy who always walked around in pastel jumpers and flower crowns and his hair is curly and the softest thing Phil has ever seen. He wanted to take a nap and nuzzle into the soft hair, but he didn’t say it out loud of course because that would ruin his punk image. Also, Dan had the best ass Phil has ever laid eyes on. It was perfect, round and soft, bouncing a bit with every upbeat step Dan takes. Phil fantasized about Dan a lot, not that he would ever admit that to anyone.

-Phil, the man with dozens of tattoos and piercings all over his face (he also had nipple piercings but no one knew about that), nearly goes into cardiac arrest when Dan approached him one day because Dan is even prettier up close. Really, he can’t be blamed for spluttering into his coffee, anyone would with an angel right in front of them.

-Dan asks Phil out and he’s a bit soft spoken at first but still has this confidence about him and Phil is just gone for him already.

-Dan and Phil going on their first date which went great. Conversation flowed easily like they knew each other for years and found that they had many of the same interests. After dinner they went to Phil’s apartment and binge watched their favorite shows and movies until it was late and both of them were sleepy. 

-Phil had willed himself not to openly stare at Dan’s ass throughout the day, being that it was only the first date and such, but wow, Dan had such a nice bum. It didn’t help at all that Dan had apparently decided to wear his tightest jeans that he could find. Phil was almost positive that they were jeggings. 

-They continue to date until Phil asks him to be his boyfriend, stuttering and blushing like mad. Dan says yes of course and gives him a sweet kiss, tugging just a bit at Phil’s lip ring before unpausing the game and beating him (again) at Mario Kart. It probably has something to do with the fact that Phil is too busy looking at Dan in all his beauty to even glance at the screen.

-Dan and Phil making out one day and, ok they have exchanged blow jobs and such, but Phil hasn’t like, properly touched Dan’s ass and god he wants it so much. He wants it all; he wants to kiss it, touch it, eat it, everything. He’s obsessed, he loves it. 

-Phil reaching a hand to Dan’s ass, gently palming it. Phil thinks he imagined the gasp from Dan until he squeezed his bum and Dan moans. Like a full on sex moan. Fuck. 

- “P-Phil, um what- oh!” is all Dan can make out before Phil leans in and kisses him again while pulling him even closer, big hands on his ass and clothed cocks rubbing together. Dan feels like he’s in heaven when Phil places soft kisses down his neck, sucking gently on the skin, then harder as Dan whimpers and moans. 

- “Do you like this?” Phil asks while squeezing Dan’s ass again, not asking in a sexy way, just genuinely curious because Dan looks wrecked already without even doing much and he wants to know why. 

-All Phil gets in response is a shuddery gasp and a head nod. Phil groans at the sight in front of him. Dan’s cheeks are a rosy pink, lips bitten a similar shade, and his flower crown is askew.

- “Lets take this to the bedroom, yeah?” Phil says and Dan pulls him in the direction of the room before Phil even finished his sentence.

-Phil taking off his clothes, then Dan’s, completely mesmerized by Dan. He is so beautiful, all soft curves and pale limbs. 

-When Dan makes a move to finger himself open with the lube he found, Phil takes his hand and pins it down because no, no way. Phil has been longing for this for what felt like forever there’s no way he won’t take every opportunity to touch Dan. Dan whines in frustration and then pleasure when Phil begins to finger him, finding his prostate in a couple thrusts, making Dan’s back arch.

-Dan riding Phil with his back facing Phil because Phil wanted to see his sexy ass move as he worked himself on his cock like a good boy. 

-Phil staring at Dan’s ass bounce on his cock, Dan moving his hips in circles or back and forth and Phil can barely breathe the feeling is so overwhelming. Dan whimpers out “so deep, so g-good fuck” and Phil snaps his hips up to fuck into him, watching Dan’s body shake with pleasure. As Phil thrusts up, Dan moves down and its perfectly timed to nail his prostate. Its Dan’s undoing and he thinks he actually screams when he comes but he isn’t sure because all he can hear is the blood rushing in his ears and Phil’s groans of “Such a good boy, ride me so good” as he comes as well. 

-After Phil disposes of the condom he cleans up the come on Dan’s stomach and cuddles him close after because after-sex snuggles are a must. Dan traces Phil’s tattoos on his arms and chest, nuzzling at the bit of hair there, still slightly damp from sweat. 

-Dan and Phil whispering sweet nothings to each other, kissing sweat slicked shoulders and giggling at terrible jokes. Dan twists Phil’s pierced nipple gently after a particularly bad pun. Not that Phil is complaining. He wouldn’t complain ever, he’s finally found a perfect match. 

omg a fluffy ass ending as usual jfc

so yeah let me know if you liked it (or if you didn’t) and if you want me to do more headcanons and such send me some asks here :)) xxx

Do you even lift?

Genre: Gym! Au

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You told yourself that signing up for a gym class would take your mind off of things but when you meet your trainer you’re a little less convinced you’ll be focused on working out. 

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This was it. It was your first attempt at pulling your life together. That meant no more Netflix marathons that lasted days long, no more stressing out over being single, no more worrying about your weight, and no more stressing about work. When you signed up for the gym it felt like everything was solved but as you walked up the concrete steps a slight off-putting feeling was in your stomach. You hadn’t worked out in ages to be quite honest. You wondered if everyone in there was going to be extremely hot like in those sitcoms where the main character makes some self-deprecating joke after seeing everyone. You took a deep breathe and opened the door. A friendly seeming girl greeted you at the door and you just smiled back in response. One of the trainers came over to you with a smile.

“Hi, Are you new here?” 

Your gaze moved up to his face and you froze. There it was. The moment like those cheesy TV shows. You almost couldn’t believe how good looking he was.

“Yeah, is it that obvious?” You asked, looking concerned.

Jungkook let out a chuckle. 

“It’s not that. This place is just mostly regulars and I would have definitely remembered you. I’m a trainer her and my name’s Jungkook.”

Was that a compliment? His last comment left you confused but you decided to just leave it as it was. 

“Oh, well I was just going to go use the treadmill. I don’t really need a trainer for that.” You told him.

Jungkook nods slowly. 

“That’s fine, just call for me if you need me. Can I ask you for your name?”

A bit taken back you answer him. “Y/N.”

You watch as the taller boy walks away from you to do what looks like his own work out without saying another word. Ignoring him, you walk over to the treadmill to start off and he heads off behind you. As you start running you feel a bit strange. Almost as if you were being stared at but you assumed it was because you weren’t used to the environment. Pushing the thought aside you started to run but after 5 minutes your phone changed to a song you didn’t care for so you picked your phone back up. In the reflection you saw Jungkook looking over at you. You rolled your eyes. Did he not think you could do this yourself? Now you were out to just prove him wrong. You turned up the incline to make running more difficult and turned up the speed. You could only take another 5-10 minutes of running like this until you had to stop to take a break. 

As you stepped off of the machine you realized you must have out-done yourself because your legs felt weak and you almost fell over. Jungkook calls your name from the side and you look over at him.

“Can you spot me really quick?” He says, cockily pressing his tongue against his cheek.

You walked over to him taking notice of the intense amount of weight on the bars with a sigh. 

“Are you sure that you can lift that?”

Jungkook scoffs. “I wouldn’t have put it on if I couldn’t handle it.” 

“Alright, whatever.”

He lifts his arms up to bring the weights off the holder, flexing pretty hard. He had his sleeves rolled up, trying to make the main focus being his arms, To be honest though he wasn’t struggling as much as you thought he would, lifting it up continuously. As he’s counting he suddenly stops at 47, almost dropping it on his chest. You instinctively reach down to grab it but it still manages to hit his chest. He cringes, trying to breathe properly. You get down on your knees next to him, holding it off of him.

“Are you okay? Should I go get someone? I think it just knocked the wind out of you but what if you broke something?”

Jungkook moves his head on his cheek to face you. His scrunched up and in pain face changes and he starts to laugh. You sit there in confusion while he sets it back in it’s place with ease.

“I was just messing with you but you’re really cute when you’re worried.” He laughed.

“What the hell? Jungkook that’s not funny I thought you broke a rib!” You stood up, grabbing your water bottle. 

His hand reaches out and grabs yours as he still lays there.

“Alright. Alright. I’m sorry. You don’t have to get so mad.” He tried to stifle his laughter. 

When he didn’t let go you realize how long you had been holding hands, pulling yours away.

“How could I tell If you weren’t hurt? You know that I’m knew to this stuff…” You mumbled.

“I told you I’d help you.”

“Staring at my ass while I run isn’t going to help me.”

Jungkook blushed, shocking you. He must have thought you weren’t paying attention and to avoid embarrassing him more you gave in.

“Whatever, you can help me but please, don’t make me lift 1000 lbs.”

He sat up from the bench, smiling. “I won’t. We can start off easy, okay? But you have to tell me if it’s too much.”

With the nod you gave him he took your hand again, guiding you over to another part of the gym.Your eyes were now glued to the high up pole above your head. The last time you even attempted to do a pull up was in high school but even then you weren’t too successful. You look at Jungkook like he’s crazy.

“I can’t even reach that without jumping. Isn’t there a shorter one?” You say just trying to come up with an excuse.

“There is but other people are on them. It’s okay though, I told you I was going to help you.”

He comes over to get behind you and you feel his hands being placed on your waist.  Your mind starts to wonder and you’re mentally scolding yourself being so gross at a time like this. It was just hard not to when you felt his grip on you.

 “Alright so I need you to just put your arms up and when I lift you just grab the bar.”

“O-okay…” You say as you bring your arms above your head.

Jungkook does as promised, lifting you off your feet with ease to grab the bar. Once you grabbed on you assumed he would let go but he still hadn’t.

“Okay now I need you to go ahead and do one. I’m not going to lift you to help, I just need to make sure you won’t fall when I let go.

”Obediently you pull your body weight up as much as you can until your chin goes past the bar. Doing one was exhausting enough and you were scared for when he was going to let go.

 “That was good. I want you to do one on your own, okay?”

“Okay.” You say as you prepare yourself.

Jungkook slowly let’s go of you and you already miss his hands being on you. Weakly you try to stay up there but it was obvious you were struggling.

“Just do one more for me.” He says, walking over to stand in front of you to watch.

Your hands started to sweat and you kicked your legs to help it give you that last push over the bar. To your surprise, you made it over but right afterwards your hands slip. Jungkook rushes over and grabs you before you fall despite the drop not being so big. You can see that dumb smirk on his face again.

“It’s not funny…This is easy for you because you do this all the time…”

Jungkook smiled. “I wasn’t going to say anything. You did good, we just need to work on it. My schedule is open this week. How about it?”

just a bunch of dana scully quotes off the top of my head, rated on a scale of badassery
  • “well, i came here to tell you that if he dies because of what you’ve done, four days from now, no one will be able to stop me from being the one that will throw the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of bitch!” like, probably the first truly Iconic™ scully line, 1000/10 badass af
  • “sure. fine. whatever.” the shaaaade. the absolute, pure, dana scully shade 75/10 badass of the year 
  • “don’t think! just pick up that phone and make it happen!” damn, binch, i’m not even in this movie and i got my phone in my hand, 110/10 would let this badass tell me what to do
  • “baby me and you’ll be peeing through a catheter.” yaaaass, tell that PoS whats what, 400/10 badass with a badge and a gun
  • “save your own ass, sir, you’ll save your head along with it.” scully, that is your sUPERIOR OFFICER, wtf???? no shame at all, 800/10 special agent badass scully
  • “just a little something?” ty, scully, for being a beam of light in an otherwise terrible movie, 300/10 msr badass
  • “you’re batcrap crazy.” that’s my girl, still dragging him after all these years, 100000/10 eternal badass

character: lai guanlin

genre: fluff

style: paragraph

summary: guanlin borrowed you his jacket because you forgot yours, but because of that, everyone thinks you both are dating

“Great. I forgot my jacket. Again.”

You let out a loud sigh as you got out of your apartment and the cool breeze starts to touch your skin.

If you went back inside to grab it now, you’ll definitely be late for school and you’ll receive a free ticket to detention.

“This is the third time this week,” you mumbled to yourself in disappointment while crossing your arms together.

The cool breeze wasn’t the perfect kind. It was the cool, that sent chills to your skin. You didn’t know why it was so cold. Considering that it was already summer, you expected it to be a little warm.

The wind blew your baby hair away from your face that failed to stay tied up with the ribbon of your ponytail.

“I guess it’s no jacket day, again,” you softly spoke to yourself as you walked in the direction of your school.

But, as you made your way to school, you felt something wrapped around your shoulders, covering your freezing arms.

It was the school’s basketball team varsity jacket.

“Had a feeling you might have forgotten it, again.” Guanlin let out a faint chuckle as he walked beside you.

You turned to look at Guanlin who was walking beside you, looking like he just woke up and didn’t comb his hair. But, he still looked good.

“I don’t need your jac-”

“Yes, you do. You’re freezing,” Guanlin interrupted you.

“What about you?” You asked with a frown.

“I’m not that cold,” Guanlin answered.

You sigh in defeat and just thanked him as the two of you walked to school together quietly.

Your relationship with Guanlin wasn’t complicated. You guys were good friends, but you weren’t close friends. You had your own group of close friends, and he had his.

Occasionally, your group of friends and his would hang out together because you guys were childhood friends, and one of your friends was dating his friends.

In terms of feelings, you definitely liked him more than just a friend. But, you didn’t want things to grow awkward. So, you would rather keep your love for him be a secret.

“Umm, are you going to stay back at school today?” Guanlin broke the silence.

“Yeah, I have student council meeting today,” you answered.

“Oh, then let’s go back together later,” Guanlin offered.

“Why the sudden offer?” You asked curiously.

You were surprised by Guanlin’s sudden invitation to go back together. It wasn’t something you did everyday, but you were happy.

“I don’t want to walk alone,” Guanlin answered. “But, if you don’t want to, then it’s alright.”

“I was just asking, Guanlin,” you explained. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to.”

Guanlin let out a little laugh and showcased his gummy smile perfectly.

“Anyways, what time do you finish?” Guanlin asked changing the topic.

“Not sure, depends on the president. You know how she is,” you answered with a sympathetic smile.

“If you finish before me, wait for me at the basketball court, okay?”

“Okay.” You nodded with a shy smile. “What about your jacket?”

“Keep it,” Guanlin answered. “I’ll take it when we get home.”

As you entered your classroom, you went straight to your table and rested your head on your hands, that were crossed on the table.

You were a little sleepy because you slept late last night, thanks to your good friend, Somi, who was talking about her crush all night. 

“Aye, y/n, you didn’t forget your jac-Is that Guanlin’s jacket!?” Somi, who had a really loud voice exclaimed, making everyone in the room grow quiet and turn to look at you and Somi.

You sat up, ears turning red from embarrassment by Somi’s question, but tried to play it off cool.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot my jacket,” you explained. “So, Guanlin borrowed me his.”

There was not a single word spoken after that, by anyone. Complete silence.


“Y/N AND GUANLIN ARE DATING!” One of the boys exclaimed.

The entire class began to “woo”-ing and giving teases to you, as your entire face grew red.

“What!? No! We’re not!” You denied. “He’s just borrowing me his jacket. We’re not dating!”

Some of your classmates began to “boo” at you because they think you’re lying.

“But, it’s true! Just ask Guanlin.”

“Guanlin likes you, though,” one of his good friends, Seonho, who also plays basketball, informed - which made the class “woo” even louder and your face turn redder.

Because of how loud they were, you basically gave up and let them do whatever they want. You knew that whatever you said now wouldn’t even work.

However, your mind couldn’t help but replay Seonho’s words. “Guanlin likes you, though.”

Was he lying to hype up the class, or was he telling the truth? It would be nice if he was telling the truth, but who were you kidding? There were so many girls that liked Guanlin - especially the seniors. The chances of Guanlin liking you was 1/1000.

When school ended, you went straight to the student council room. 

You made sure not to wear Guanlin’s jacket this time. Not wanting the same thing to happen. Instead, you just held his jacket in your arm.

However, you forgot about it after the meeting ended. Making everyone in the student council tease you.

“Ooh~ Y/n, are you dating Guanlin now?” Sejeong asked with a smirk plastered on her face.

“What? No, of course not,” you answered with a sigh, knowing exactly why she asked that. “It’s because of the jacket, isn’t it.”

“You look cute in his jacket,” Euiwoong complimented.

“It’s just the school’s basketball team jacket, what even, Euiwoong?”

“Why aren’t you guys dating?” Chaeyeon asked. “You guys should be dating.

“Chaeyeon-noona, it’s because they’re both shy and in denial of their love for each other,” Daehwi answered Chaeyeon’s question. “Am I right, y/n?”

You were completely speechless by their words.

“This is bullying. I want my lawyer,” you joked.

“Honey, you need a lawyer. You need Guanlin,” Daehwi corrected you, making you roll your eyes and walked out the room quickly while the others were still packing and talking about you and Guanlin.

You sometimes wonder why almost everyone in your school, acted like little kids.

Guanlin just borrowed you his jacket. It’s nothing much, right?

If that didn’t make you feel embarrassed enough, some of the boys, that were in your grade but different class, teased you a little as you made your way to the basketball court.

“Stay sweet with Guanlin, y/n~”

“Go to hell, Justin!”

“Nice jacket, y/n!”

“You too, Jungjung!”

Not wanting to get anymore teasing, you quickly made your way to the basketball court and quietly took a seat at the bleachers, praying that you didn’t attract any attention. 

You watched the boys play and spotted Guanlin. He looked so good playing basketball, it made your heart beat fast. 

When he had the ball and managed to shoot it into the goal before the coach blew the whistle, making some of the boys cheered in victory.

“Alright, great job boys!” The coach complimented. “Especially you, Guanlin. You’ve improved a lot.”

“Thanks, coach.” Guanlin took his bottle and began drinking as he listens to the coach’s talk with the rest of his teammates.

"If you all can keep it up like this, we’ll definitely win this season. We would give the rest of the team a run for the money. Alright, you’re all dismissed,” the coach said as he grabbed his things and walked out of the hall.

However, before he left the court completely, he turned to look at you, making you jump a little in surprise. “Hello, Ms y/l/n. Don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking in.”

You let out a forced laugh and bowed at him. “Hello, coach.”

“Next time, try not to wear Guanlin’s jacket if you want to sneak into his basketball practices.”

“Yes, coach.”

With the coach leaving the basketball court, the boys all teased Guanlin and you because of the jacket.

"Our boy’s becoming a man!” Dongho said proudly.

“You’re already dating Y/N? Since when?” Daniel asked.

“Woah, you never told us anything about it,” Jihoon added.

“She’s been wearing the jacket since morning,” Seonho added. “Didn’t you, y/n?”

“Um, I…”

You were so speechless that you just stood there with no words coming out.

Guanlin immediately walked to you, ignored the boys’ questions but bid them goodbye, and held onto your hand as he leads the way out of the basketball court.

The walk back to your apartment was awkward. Well, not awkward, but, for you, it was. Especially with everything that’s going on, you couldn’t help but look at your feet, not having the courage to look at Guanlin or talk to him.

“I’m sorry about that, just ignore whatever they said,” Guanlin apologised as he finally broke the silence between the two of you.

“It’s alright.” You gave a gentle smile to Guanlin. “It’s been happening since morning,” you explained with a forced chuckle coming out.

“Really?” Guanlin asked in shock. “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make such things happen to you.”

“Guanlin, it’s alright. Really.”

“I mean, I don’t mind them saying that because I do like you a lot, but you don’t like me so…”

The two of you suddenly stopped walking as a sudden silence flew in as you both realised what Guanlin just said.

Guanlin liked you? Did you hear it correctly?

“Um, I’m sorry,” Guanlin apologised again. “I didn’t mean to confess to you or anything. I mean, I did but not right now-not like this-I-I-”

“But, I do like you. That’s why it’s embarrassing,” you interrupted him, acting a little coy.

Guanlin looked at you with wide eyes. “Really? Y-you, like me?”

“Yeah,” you answered with a giggle and nodded your head. “I like you. A lot.”

Guanlin’s gummy smile then appears as his hearts feels like it can just fly to the moon.

“Does this mean you would be my girlfriend?” Guanlin asked in excitement.

“Yeah, I guess,” you answered with a giggle.

“Then, I’ll walk to school again with you tomorrow,” Guanlin said as you guys approached your apartment. “I’ll walk to school with you everyday. And I’ll walk you back everyday too!”

You giggled at his excitement and nodded. “Sure, Guanlin. Anything you want.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye, y/n. I love you.” Guanlin gave a quick peck on your cheek before running off to his own apartment, leaving you there, with your fingers touching your cheeks - trying to process the fact that you just got kissed on the cheek by Guanlin.

You smiled widely as you entered the apartment, went to your house floor and went straight into your room.

Taking out the jacket and placing your bag near your study table, you collapsed onto your bed and took out your phone.

A wide smile appeared on your face when you saw a text message from Guanlin:

Please don’t forget my jacket tomorrow~ 

And don’t forget yours, either ❤️

“Oh! Guanlin’s jacket!” You exclaimed and face palmed yourself for being so forgetful. 

How could you have forgotten that as well?

Tis for my hoe @wayward-mirage​…Hope u like it!! Just some cuteness.

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The Big Truth

“Come on! You seriously expect us to believe that you just so happened to be there?”

Crowley sighed, wishing these damn morons would listen for the first time in their damned existence.

“How many times? I was simply enjoying my day and y/n was the one who called for help. Do you bloody idiots really think I’d ever try and hurt the one I l-”

He stopped himself from saying anymore, knowing he couldn’t reveal anything.

Not when your brothers, Dean in particular, wouldn’t even give a dude the chance to try and flirt with you. 

Of course, you cockblocked him in return, ruining many many chances of him hooking up with someone, not that you’d have left with any of the dudes in the first place.

But Dean was protective…extremely protective of you. 

So there was no way he’d be ok with finding out about the King of Hell’s feelings for you. 

“The one you what, Crowley? Cos from what I remember, you’ve tried to kill us at least a billion times. So…”

Crowley grumbled, knowing they wouldn’t believe a single word he said, especially not when the demon who’d taken you had cut you up pretty bad.

“The one who saved me, you dick”, you groaned.

Everyone snapped their heads back, seeing you wincing as you sat up slightly.

“Whoa! Take it easy, y/n”.

You took a hold of Dean’s hand, smiling softly at him.

“Thanks. Now, leave him alone, he saved me”.

“He did? You sure?”

You rolled your eyes, scoffing at his attempts to baby you. 

He always did have a habit of treating you like a confused child.

“Yes, Mr Dean. He did save me. Now get out of my face, moron”.

Sam stifled a grin as Dean grumbled, knowing you were absolutely fine.

“You ok, love?”

“Love? Don’t call y/n, love!”

“Dean…shut up. He can call me whatever the hell he wants”.

“What? No, he can’t. And he can’t call you ‘love’. No way”.

Crowley simply watched you, slightly intrigued and also amused, wondering what you were about to do.

“Yes he can. He can call me love, pet, darling, honey…whatever the fuck he wants. Cos if you haven’t noticed me coming back stinking like scotch and charcoal…I’m dating Crowley. And before you say a single word”, you cut them off, knowing they’d just oppose, “you dated a demon and fucked a werewolf”, you pointed out, making Sam embarrassed and slightly ashamed. 

“And you’ve fucked like 1000 women in a year…pretty sure you’ve most likely caught something by now. Oh yea, and you had a kid with an Amazon!”

You knew you seemed a little harsh, but your brothers were controlling and slightly obsessed with making sure you remained as innocent and pure as they’d convinced themselves you were.

“Well, now that you know…might want to leave for a few hours. I have a lot of making up to do”.

Sam and Dean grimaced at the thought of you being touched by Crowley in any way…especially in the way they knew you’d be doing. 


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Just Do It, Daryl [Teaser] [SMUT]

Daryl’s nervous but tempted eyes followed your body upward. He scanned up your legs, up to your beautiful hidden core and hips, admiring the curves of your body up your sides, over to your heaving breasts, and finally up to your beautiful smile.

Daryl’s breath got heavier the higher he climbed and by the time he reached your eyes you saw the first sign of vulnerability from his eyes, ever. You grin to yourself at his reaction, loving his roaming eyes all over you. You didn’t know what this was, but it sure felt fucking amazing.

You stared down at him with challenging eyes and stomped your dirt covered boot into the soft white sheets below, “Didn’t know ya thought of me that way, Dixon.”

You smirk as his eyes suddenly divert from yours, looking away nervously, on his knees.

You roll your eyes, “Ironic how you can run your mouth about everything else, but you can’t tell a woman you want to fuck her.” You scoff and fold your arms, looking down at him, awaiting a response.

Daryl suddenly got of the bed, walked over to its right side, and grabbed your hips, pushing you over, sideways on the mattress. Your head falls off the side and you close your eyes and sigh to yourself, knowing he can’t see you enjoying his rough touch. You couldn’t believe how fucking turned on your were right now, all visions and memory of hatred toward him melted like ice in a dessert. You couldn’t deny you were so ready for whatever he had in store for you.

You snap your head up and try and look dismayed, only to fall that task a 1000%.

Daryl notices you biting your lip, with a look in your eye he had never seen from you. His legs shifted as he got even more turned on by well, everything about you. He tried to remain focused, his gaze turns down to your right foot which he has in his hand. He swiftly pulls the boot off, followed by the sock. He turns his attention to the other foot and does the same.

He moves his hands slowly up your thighs, rubbing the blue jean denim over and over, causing them to get hot. You snap your head up to him as he rub your thighs up and down. His eyes are fixated on them and he doesn’t notice what he is doing to you, you groan as you feel yourself get wetter with each pass. You reposition yourself, lowering your hips toward him, allowing your head to lay on the mattress, evenly.

You stare down at him with hard longing as you cause his palms to go up to your hips, with your actions, “Go ahead, Dixon.” You say, hazy eyed, as you stare down at his hands on your body.

This smile to yourself and wiggle your hips under his hands, before flitting your eyes back to his, daringly.

“Show me what ya got.” You say, trying to sound challenging, but it can out half breathless.

Daryl’s eyes locked onto yours and his body groaned at your words, his eyes gave way to his true desire, he nodded softly and his eyes returned to his hands on your body.

Daryl slowly returned to his previous action, the one that had granted him permission to everything he wanted, he allowed his hands to roam your thighs a few more times, loving the feeling of just being able to roam your body freely. A thing he had thought a lot about, more than he’d like to admit to even himself.

He looked up at you and saw your eyes closed and your body starting to wiggle as you held your arms in the air, smiling to yourself.

Daryl smiled softly at the sight; suddenly, so happy that you loved his hands on you. He swiftly moved hands up your body, grazing your breasts only for a moment, before hurriedly pressing his body on top of yours.

You groan in delight as you feel his body’s weight, never remembering anyone feeling so good just laying on top of you.

You moan in pleasure as you feel his hips press his core into yours, loving every second of him.

Daryl smiles softly down at your happy eyes and his hand comes down and rubs the left side of your face up and down. He softly traces your skin, making butterflies follow his fingertips path, and making you smile up at him happily.

“You like my body on yours, Y/N?” Daryl tried to act cocky, but in his voice there was a hint of questioning.

You smile as you notice these mixed emotions and moan happily, arching your hips up and down onto his as you stare into his eyes, “Yes.” You moan unintentionally giving into your body’s urges.

Daryl smiles sweetly down into your eyes at your reaction before harshly shoving his tongue back into your mouth. He swirls your tongue around and record speed causing your body’s reaction to only quicken, run your fingers through his hair, pushing his mouth harder back into your own, as you arch your body up into his, feeling like every atom was too far apart.

You feel his hands come swiftly down your sides and to your stomach, he pushes his palms up it, exposing it as his hands began to work on it.

“Oh, Yeah!” You cry out into his mouth as you feel his hands making love to your body.

Daryl’s tongue’s force intensifies at your call to him and he his hand venture further up, taking both of your naked breasts in them.

“Fuck!!” You complain lovingly into his mouth; his hands felt so fucking good on you!

Daryl growled into your mouth at your reaction and pinched your nipples as his hands rotated over your breasts. He detaches his lips and makes sweet, deep kisses all the way around your chin to the side of your neck, where they make contact with your ear.

“You are so fucking sexy, Y/N…” He purred into your ear, making your body arch even further up into his.

“So fucking beautiful… and funny… and tough…” He left sweet kisses up and down your neck as he lamented to you.

“I ain’t never met anyone like you…” His tongue played with your skin as he drug it up and down the side of your neck, exploring your territory.

“…Not in the last world… And not in this one…” His tongue trailed up and down your earlobe before lovingly kissing it.

You groan happily at his words and the sensation his tongue left on your favorite spot and reached your right hand up into his hair, lovingly massaging it.

“I had no idea!” You moan excitedly, your eyes closed and your smile full, as you allow him to pleasure you in the best ways.

You shiver when you feel his tongue wiggle itself into your ear as you felt and heard his body breathing heavy on top of you and into your ear. He detached it and nuzzled his nose into your neck, leaving one soft kiss behind your ear, before whispering to you, “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you, Y/N. Just didn’t think ya felt the same…” He bite your earlobe, earning him another moan and your hands to both swiftly move to his sides, roaming up and down them before taking his back for a tour.

“Why didn’t you say something?” You ask in the confusion of memory and present, lovingly rubbing his body up and down.

Daryl stopped his tongue’s motions and leaned back up to look into your eyes. He nervously stroked your face and nudged his nose up, “I thought you had a thing for someone else…” He said, shifting his gaze to some point on the wall.

You peer at him curiously and lovingly run your hands up and down his back a few times, forcing his eyes back to yours, “Who?” You ask curiously.

Daryl looked down into your eyes and at your face, searching for the courage to say what he felt. He took a deep breath and forced the word out of his mouth, “Rick.”

Daryl watched you giggle and move your right hand over your eyes, reveling in the moment.

He bit his lip nervously, not knowing what your reaction meant.

Your eyes lock with his and you notice his hesitation. You smile even wider before moving your arms slowly down and run your palms down the outside of his chest and stomach, pulling on his hips and staring into his eyes with intent.

“Why the fuck would I want Rick, when I got a man like you to take care of me?”  You purred, huskily, running your hands slowly up his buttoned flannel cut-off shirt.

“Oh god, baby…” You moaned to yourself as you felt your fingertips flow up his amazing barreled stomach, loving the feeling of your skin on his skin. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt it or remembering it feeling so, damn, good!

Daryl smiled down at your loving eyes on his, and rolled his eyes at your touch.

“God damnit, Y/N… I’ve wanted this for so long…” He groaned, closing his eyes and reveling in your touch.

“Fuck you, Daryl! Why the fuck are you doing this to me??” You say, suddenly so fucking frustrated by his words and his past behavior, but unable to stop your body’s reactions to him.


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whavkanalien25  asked:

Hey guys, I've been following you anonymously for years now and I love the way you go in depth about your own thoughts. So my question is what do you think Finns current arc is building to?

aw HECK yeah i wanted to write about this a couple weeks ago but never got around to it.

I wanted to make a post about open plot threads, and which threads the show would probably address in its limited 32 remaining episodes. A lot of my thinking for that post went into individual character arcs. LSP will probably get some closure about her place as princess of Lumpy Space. Betty and Simon will probably wind up together. PB mastering her candy powers and protecting her citizens. Stuff like that.

But Finn! I was kind of at a loss with Finn because I wasn’t sure what all there was left for him to actually do. He knows his parents, he’s found more humans. He could possibly seek again to bring them back to Ooo? The Guardian won’t be stopping them anymore, so future travels aren’t out of the question. But Ooo is a wasteland in Graybles 1000+ so whatever happens with that, if anything, seems like it might not have worked in the long run. Don’t know if that’s the road the show wants to take at the end.

The only thing that I know for certain will come to a boil and that he will have to address doesn’t actually have to do with him, but with Fern. Finn identifies himself within Fern now, and he is going to need to see the Finn within Fern prevail over the curse within Fern.

I’m not sure I see an external crisis that doesn’t even directly affect Finn as Finn’s series-defining arc, though, and it’s hardly something that I think the show would need to stretch over the final 32 episodes. So I took a look at Finn’s current place in the story aaaaaand season 8 so far has made it pretty clear where they’re steering him down the stretch.

He’s a helper. He acts as a doctor in Do No Harm, says it “feels right,” and then he meets his MOM the doctor. For the first time in his life. Whatever she tells him will have a ridiculously profound impact on him. And what does she tell him? That he’s a helper, too.

I don’t see his core character taking much more shape over this last stretch. He’s pretty much arrived at a really good place for himself. So what he still needs to DO is to help people. He needs to make sure everybody is okay.

The reason I didn’t see much for him to do at first glance is because the thing that will ultimately threaten everyone’s okay-ness is still hidden. It could be Sweet Pea, with the Lich inside of him. It could be whatever Patience St. Pim is planning with the Elementals. Could be the Ice Thing or the Crystal Dimension, or maybe Fern loses his internal battle to the curse and Finn has to deal with that. Could be something else entirely. There’s a threat - a number of threats - lurking on the horizon and waiting to strike. All that’s left for Finn to do is to do his best to make sure everyone’s okay.

His character arc could take a twist if he at some point FAILS to make everyone [cough cough Jake] okay, but at the end of the day, I think he’s a helper and that’s what this has all built up to.

Youtuber Quotes as Sentence Starters!
  • “I’m sure if you actually cut open my arm, I would just leak out waffle batter“
  • “Without getting too deep, whether you believe that you’re just going to die, get reincarnated as a squirrel, or end up playing ping-pong with Elvis on some clouds: you only live once, then you die. So it’s up to you, how much of a good time you have.“
  • “So, sorry I have LIT you down FAM.“
  • “Can we do it? No we can’t! …Maybe. I don’t know, I’m not very committed to this decision, but whatever.“
  • “Murdering people is not a guilty pleasure, that just makes you guilty in court.“
  • “Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be.“
  • “This dog. Is possibly the dumbest dog in the world. I’ve had him for 2 years since today He’s been my boo ever since.“
  • “Yellow is evil, so don’t drink your piss.“
  • “Stork flies out of your vagina? Isn’t that how it works? Just, “BWAKAAAAW!!!” and then all the sudden you had a baby! And a stork. Better feed that stork.“
  • “Let’s just nope off to Fuckthatville.“
  • “Do it. I am Cornholio.”
  • “Shitting dick nipple.“
  • “I’m not your llama song whore!“
  • “Who would win in a fight? Jesus or Mario? Well, Jesus would be like, “You see this fish? Now it’s bread!” or whatever he did.“
  • “Stop karkaring at me crow i don’t appreciate it!!!!“
  • “Now dont you throw naked people at me.“
  • “I’m innocent, you can trust ______.“

anonymous asked:

imagine plumiere first met AFTER they were turned into objects. so they fell in love with each other as a feather duster and a candelabra, and then post-curse WHAM they are blinded by the other's respective beauty, and all is wonderful. thoughts? -☁️


holy shit. holy shit holy shit. holy shit holy shit holy shit ok so we have to ignore canon for this but holy fucking shit i’m so fucking down

  • like lumiere, pre-curse, just swanning among all the maids. he loves all of them but he hasn’t had like…true love yet
  • (and tbh they’re beginning to all look a little identical to him)
  • then CURSE! BAM! FUCKING FIRE HANDS. fucking candelabra has to work with not being 6 feet high and having fingers
  • and like….damn, but there’s just something about being stuck in a stone castle that’s literally falling apart all around you while your master is a roaming monster and all your friends are dead inside to really take the romance out of things
  • but one day he’s just being melancholy on a table, sort of flickering in-and-out of being himself and being a candelabra, and then this precious beautiful lovely thing comes and sits beside him, and covers her eyes with one wing, and sighs?
  • and he falls in love? with the sigh?
  • and just ~~slowly~~ getting to know each other, and yeah plumette kinda knew about him before, but she was busy swanning through the footmen and hadn’t really paid attention to him. she’s not sure what his human face looked like
  • but his sense of humor is so funny?? he’s so charming! he knows the same parisian jokes that she does, but he twists them, makes them spark!
  • and he’s seductive, too. plumette knows this is weird because he’s a candelabra but…………………………………………………………………………..
  • like that long-ass ellipses are her thoughts sliding away because he’s hot. like in all senses. hot.
  • h o t
  • and lumiere just spends days wishing he had a sense of TOUCH, mon dieu, why did he not appreciate it when he had it, imagine how soft his plumette is?????? imagine!
  • all they can really do is imagine. and they start pretending they can hear the heart-beat of the other
  • lumiere tries to imagine her as human: soft eyes, he knows that much, and soft hands; but….what did she look like?
  • plumette is definite that human lumiere probably has big, brown eyes. and a smile that lights up the sun! it does that now, anyway, but it’s made of gold so that barely counts
  • what-the-fuck ever. they’re in love. candelabra and feather duster.
  • and they think?? they’re gonna see??? the human versions of each other???!?!??!?!? because surely belle and le prince are in love???
  • no, no, no. she fades in his arms. he cries, because he can’t feel her. he tries to cry. gold eyes yield no tears.
  • but THEN!!
  • FUCK!!!!!!!!
  • HE HAS ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SIX FEET FUCKING TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and there’s a feather over here—and she landed over there—
  • mon dieu.
  • mon
  • fucking
  • dieu
  • obviously he’s the perfect courtier so manners kick in and he helps her up but no wonder he can’t speak???? she is—she is fucking sublime?! if she wants to throw him out the window right now that’s fine because she is dazzling and he has stopped existing
  • but like: she wakes up on the floor. oh—oh! hands! she can see her hands! she can feel the breeze on her arms! she’s being helped up by—
  • HOLY
  • SHIT
  • his eyes aren’t brown; they’re blue.
  • if these 2 were in love before i think they’re at next-level love at this point. like, whatever the opposite of murder is. they’re at it
  • and plumette is soft and lumiere sparkles and the theory that they have amazing sex is 1000% confirmed
  • This was great and good and i am content. fucking bless. cute as shit and i am pleased

symphonicvocalist  asked:

Is Jaal better than Garrus? Such a hard question

That actually is a hard one! I’ll always have a fondness for Garrus of course, for being this hot turian who bumbles when it comes to relationship stuff, and I love that about him. He’s a fantastic character!

Jaal has a quality about him which is something I’ve been meaning to do a long write-up about at some point.

Jaal is a male character who shows…real emotion in a video game.

And by this I mean he isn’t just another stoic badass who, when confronted by some terrible thing or cruel atrocity, grits his teeth and gets even more resolved to fight or something.

Early on into meeting Jaal, in the main story missions, they learn this awful truth about the Kett and the Angara, and it shakes Jaal to his very core.

And he cries.

He fucking cries.

You have no idea how important that is to me.

See…this is a problem I have in media in general, not just video games, but it’s much worse there. Male characters being the “typical” stereotype of never showing emotion outside of anger or whatever else would be considered “badass.” I guess it’s “toxic masculinity” or whatever buzzwords fly around this site nowadays. But it’s just…jarring to me when it’s so common. I see these terrible things and start to feel kinda sad about it, and my character is just like “whatever” and it takes me out of it. It’s so hard for me to feel like I‘m playing this character now, instead of knowing I’m just playing a game, y’know?

Another great example of a character who defies this is Kaim from Lost Odyssey, a really good RPG for the Xbox 360.


Kaim is an immortal who’s been alive for 1000 years. He and his wife have a daughter, and because of the world they now reside in, she’s mortal. His daughter gets thrown off of a cliff right in front of his eyes by the main villain, and even in that moment he’s screaming and blubbering and crying about it.

Later on in his life, he discovers that his daughter survived, but his memory was wiped so he barely remembers her until he manages to find the town she lives in, and she (among other things) jogs his memory and he has this heartfelt reunion. She even has two children, Kaim has grandchildren! And he’s so happy!


His daughter is dying of a disease. She’s bedridden, and despite his efforts to try to help her, she dies in front of him. So once again, he breaks down and cries at having lost her again.


The grandchildren go to a forest where they think their mother will be waiting, and at the end of the dungeon, they manage to get a glimpse of her spirit before it departs. Kaim cries again, but more softly this time, and he finally gets the resolve to move on with her death, with his grandchildren in tow.

THIS is how sadness and grief should be addressed in video games. Not pushed to the side and ignored, but in a real, honest way. Lost Odyssey is one of my favorite games because its use of emotion is very real and honest. I actually became invested in these characters by empathazing for them, instead of rooting for them to defeat the villain in my video games. I wanted them to overcome the villain’s terrible plot because I was empathizing with them.


So we come back to Jaal, who has a lot of the same emotional honesty in his writing that I feel that Kaim had. Jaal, after that story mission, has moments of grief that Ryder can talk to him about, to help him deal with it. Lexi brings him into the medbay to talk to him about what his grief is about, to help him get closure, to explain that what’s happening is permanent, and that he has to learn to cope with it and move on.

As Ryder, you can actually tell him “there’s still hope,” and when he leaves, Lexi scolds Ryder for giving the Angaran false hope, and in an email later, Lexi states that she talked to Jaal one-on-one and helped him come to terms with the fact that what’s happening is real and permanent, and says that they came to an understanding.

On top of this…

Jaal also shares other insecurities about his life with Ryder. His family is a widely respected family, one that goes on to do great things, but Jaal couldn’t find his own purpose, he couldn’t find what he was good at. So he joined the Angaran resistance to make a difference that way.

He laments that he might never go on to “do great things” like others in his family. He even has several little side hobbies on the ship, and you can tell that he’s trying to find something else to define himself in some way. He wants to make gifts for the crew, knows how to sew and to create / experiment with perfumes! In a side conversation with Peebee in the Nomad, Peebee mentions how he “always smells nice,” and he admits to experimenting with oils and scents, and that he takes pride in his appearance and prefers to smell good.

I know a lot of it is supposed to be more of an “Angaran” way of life to be open about emotions and such, but with Jaal it seems even moreso. He’s not “that pussy kid who cries a lot,” he’s not put into a stereotypical box, but just a guy who says “what’s wrong with crying? If I’m sad, I’ll cry.”

It’s so goddamn refreshing to see.

Jaal is a very layered character and I honestly love that about him, to the point that wanting to make him happy is…what I want to do.

I’m empathizing with him!

Admittedly…some of the ME:A crew members are lacking in this department…it’s clear that Jaal got a lot more writing compared to Cora “Did you know I was an Asari Commando” Harper.

But man…I want to make him smile.

Thanks for asking! :D

anonymous asked:

Okay don't know if it's been done but Yuuri is a stress baker/cook. Whether it's 2am or 2pm, if he can't go skating cause there's too many people or something, he cooks whatever he can, mainly katsudon but sometimes cupcakes. He decorates them with poodles, coloured and piped frosting or something like that. When victor first saw him baking, he asked if he could lick the bowl. Yuuri was glad that he didn't question why he was baking at 1am. It is now routine, yuuri bakes and victor gets the bowl

1000/10 for uniqueness and domesticity!

Victor would totally go for the bowl…or the mixing spatula. Hopefully Makkachin doesn’t steal any cupcakes.

How KHX and KHUX tie together, and why I’m pretty sure the Dandelion Leaders aren’t insanely old

I wrote this a long time ago (and updated it recently) to sort of help me keep track of things and make some sense of this game. A lot of people seem confused about the Unchained realm and how Ventus can be in this game, so I hope my thoughts help!

  • After the keyblade war, the world of KHX/Daybreak Town fell into darkness or whatever actually it probably didn’t since we see it in BBS(we don’t know for sure what really happened to it, but that’s not important for this)
    • What happened in KHX really happened.
    • At the end of KHX, Ephemer and Skuld guide the player, out of this world into the Unchained world that Ava mentioned, where they along with the other Dandelions have their memory wiped.
      • However, according to the player’s Chirithy, the player is starting to have nightmares about what happened in KHX, and the memories are starting to return.
  • The Unchained world is separate world from KHX made of a person’s dreams (speculation but again, I assume this is what it is), meant to allow the Dandelions to escape the fate of those in the KHX world.
    •  This is where Ava mentions Ephemer to be in both KHX and KHUX.
      • In KHX he contacts the player from this realm, basically telling them what he now knows is destined to happen thanks to Ava.
      • In KHUX this appears to happen again, but that is not because of some inception dream within a dream shit I can’t get a handle on. It is simply the player’s dream of what happened in KHX.
    • Time flows differently in this world, I would assume (no proof here, but it only makes sense since being like 1000 years old or whatever is a bit of a stretch even for KH), meaning that none of the Dandelion leaders have aged by the time they emerge and meet at the Keyblade Graveyard.
      • Explaining why we meet Ventus in KHUX, since he was a Dandelion and emerged in the future not too long before BBS happened along with the others.
        • Also why he appears far younger than Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus, since they were not from the time of the Keyblade War, and did not just skip like whatever long ass amount of time Ven did.
      • This also would apply to Lauriam.

Now begins the real question, what on earth happened to them all?

anonymous asked:

Congrats, you've made me 1000% gay for Hancock. Like. I thought he was a chill dude and I'd share a drink with him or whatever but. I'm now blushing dammit. He's firmly on the 'companions I'm gonna romance' list now. That magazine cover you made is 👌👌👌👌👌 Thank you, you've made my early as hell morning.

Originally posted by imaladyassface

Thanks for joining me in Hancock Hell and for the kind message. That’s honestly super flattering that I could bring you to the dark side and brighten up your day with my super lame humor x3 so thanks for that! It made me grin super hard >u<


Pairing-Isaac x Annette

Word count-1,856

A/N- So, So sorry this took so long! This was requested back when I was doing the celebration for 1000 followers and now I’m what? 13 people away from 2000 followers. I do hope you enjoy this!

Request- Congrats on your milestone! You deserve each and everyone of those followers. I was hoping I could get a personal one shot with Isaac Lahey, when possible? I’d like it to be something sweet. Maybe where he discovers that I’m pregnant? Or where he asks me to marry him? Or where he tries to come up with an original date for our anniversary? Whatever you like most! My name is Annette, I’m helpful and understanding and also a little stubborn. Take your time to write it and most of all have fun!

Originally posted by artisticlahey

“Now come on don’t be like that” Isaac scolded when you tried to peak under the blindfold he had placed on you. You giggled and raised your hand in surrender before speaking, “sorry Isaac, I’m just curious” you said with a giggle. “Still” came Isaac’s soft voice over he him of the radio in the car, “no peaking”.

It had been several years since you and the pack had all graduated high school and gone on to separate collages, however, that did not diminish the closeness of the pack, you met up on every break, spend as much time as possible together and now, even now, five years later as marriages were taking place, jobs fulfilled and children thought about, the pack was close as ever.

You sighed softly and rolled down the window slightly, letting the fresh summer breeze blow through your hair.

“Annette” Isaac scolded when you tried to peel the blindfold away yet again. “I’m sorry Isaac! I can’t help it” you apologised, a sigh leaving your lips again.

“We’re here” Isaac said as he pulled up, turned off the car and taking the key out of the ignition. He quickly ran round to your side of the car and opened the door, helping you out as you were still blindfolded. “Careful” Isaac said softly, you could hear sticks and leaves crunching beneath your feet, letting you know you were in the woods.

“Isaac where are we?” You asked, your voice filled with confusion. Why would Isaac bring you to the woods?

“You’ll see in time” he replied, kissing your forehead.


You walked for a few more minutes before coming to a stop. “Okay, take of the blindfold” Isaac finally said, he had moved to stand in front of you and removed the blindfold slowly.

Your eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light of the sunset and when they did, your mouth parted.

A large blanket sat on the grass, a wide open field, log grass just a little away where you could see Derek rubbing around with his little girl on his shoulders, she had recently turned two and everyone already loved her.

The blanket was filled with food and the rest of the pack stood around.

“Happy Anniversary baby” Isaac breathed, taking in the happiness on your face, he loved to see you happy.

“Isaac…” you trailed off, you knew how difficult it was to get everyone in one place at one time, so he must’ve worked hard to make she everyone, even Derek and Breaden, could be here for your birthday, and the other surprise Isaac had planned for later.

“Sure it was difficult to get everyone here at once but, I planned ahead of time” Isaac admitted when you pulled him into an embrace.

He keeps how important it was to you to be around your family, the pack was your family, so he wanted to do this when you were around them.

“I love you” you mumbled into his chest, all the nerves you had earlier about where was taking you and what was going to happen gone as everyone began to gather for dinner as the sun set. Lydia’s baby bump had fairly progressed, she and Stiles expecting their baby in a few weeks. She was telling you all about the outfits she had bought, they had found out the gender of the baby to be a girl and she was saying how ecstatic Stiles was to be having a little girl, his own baby girl.

“He said she’s not allowed to go on dates” Lydia giggled, “Not allowed to get a boyfriend either, but I'll speak to him when the time comes, still got a long, long time until those days are near” she added, causing a giggle from you. You weren’t paying full attention however, you were looking over her shoulder, Isaac was being tackled by Derek’s daughter, overdramatically falling to the ground and groaning.

“What about you and Isaac, got any plans for a little Lahey” she wiggled her eyebrows and you blushed. You wrung your hands together and swallowed, “Well, about that…” you trailed off, looking cautiously up at her to see her beaming. “No way!” she squealed, embracing you best she could with the fact you were both sitting down and she was eight months pregnant.

“Does he know? How far along are you? Who else knows?” she gushed, holding your hands in hers. “Just you, I haven’t even told Isaac yet, I plan on telling him tonight, fingers crossed, and I’m only six weeks, but I’m so exited already. I never even suspected being pregnant until two days ago, then I took the test and made a doctors appointment, they told me how far along  I was and I couldn’t believe I’ve gone six weeks without knowing I was pregnant ” you squealed along with her. “Morning sickness had been hard to conceal, I’m desperate to tell him” you admitted, running your fingers through your hair.

“What if he’s not ready” you pondered, a worried look coming into your face. “Annette” Lydia said sternly. “Look at everything Isaac had to go through, his whole life he was abused and hurt, he wants to right the wrongs of his father with his own child, Isaac is going to love this child and you no matter what, okay? Speaking of the devil, here he comes” she said, attempting to stand up and failing due to her large stomach.

Isaac chuckled and grasped her hands, pulling her up to her feet as you giggled, standing up next to her and hugging her once again.

Isaac waited until you two pulled apart and Lydia stepped away to turn off the music that was playing softy in the background.

“I would like everyone’s attention please” he spoke loudly, everyone turning to look at the two of you. He took your hands in his and took a few deep breaths. “Annette, my love. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my whole life, inside and out. You are the kindest and most loving person I have ever had in my life. Sure you can be stubborn but it’s part of you, and I love every part of you. Which is why I’m going to ask you this”

He bent down on one knee and pulled a velvet box out of his pocket, opening it carefully to show a beautiful ring.

Your hands went over your mouth in shock.

“Would you do me the honours of becoming Mrs Lahey, and staying with me for the rest of our lives” he asked, his voice unsure, his eyes full of hope. “Yes Isaac!  Yes!!” you exclaimed, tears running down your cheeks as she slipped the ring on your finger and embraced you tightly.  

He reached over and turned the music back on, everyone beginning to dance softly to the slow song that played through the radio.

You leaned in and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Maybe we could hold off the wedding for a while, I’d quite like out baby to be there” you lulled softly, feeling him freeze up and watching his eyes widen. “You-You’re pregnant” he said quietly, using his werewolf abilities to enhance his hearing to see whether or not you were lying and instead of your heart skipping a beat, he heard two heartbeats, yours and the actual heartbeat of his baby.

“Oh my god” he whispered, his eyes filling with tears. “I’m gonna be a dad” he squeaked. “I’m gonna be a dad” he said louder, this time everyone hearing him and turning around. He turned to look at everyone, smiling wider than they’d ever thought the broken boy who’s father beat him relentlessly would ever be able to muster, boy had they been wrong.

When they met his several long years ago, he was broken, but you, you came into his life and you put him back together, you fixed him.

“I’m gonna be a dad” he exclaimed to everyone, everyone whooping and cheering and coming to congratulate the two of you.

“I love you so much” he gushed, his hand laced into yours on the drive home. “And I love our child, I swear to be the father I never got to have, I’ll be nothing like he was I promise” Isaac swore, his face deadly serious. “Isaac, love, I know. You’re nothing like him and you never will be, okay? You’re going to be an excellent dad, I know it” you told him, smiling at him.

He took his eyes off the road for only a second to look at you as the light was red, admiring your beauty. Though his eyes seemed stuck to you, frozen in time until the car behind beeped and Isaac realised the light had tuned green. “Oops” he mumbled under his breath and began driving again.

You giggled and sighed contently. “I love you too Isaac, and our baby” you added, watching the smile break onto his face once again. “Our baby will be so lucky, growing up in a family like ours, with us and the pack. He or she will never be judged or held back from anything that their heart desires, unless we have a daughter and she wants a boyfriend of course” Isaac spoke, deadly serious.

“Isaac…” you warned, raising your eyebrows at him. “Annette, no daughter of mine will be dating, seeing boys, talking to boys, looking at boys, touching boys, being anywhere near boys until she is at least twenty five.” he finished, before back adding, “Unless she is into girls, in which case she will still not be allowed to date, girls however she can have in her room because they cannot get her pregnant, though, if I have a baby girl, she is not allowed to date, she has to stay my baby forever” he stated simply and you shook your head at him.

“And if we have a son, he will be raised to be respectful to woman, I don’t ever, ever, want any boy of mine mistreating anyone, I’d die before any child of mine ended up like my father” Isaac shuddered at the thought. “Either way, boy or girl, our child will be loved and brought up with love and compassion, they’ll know how loved they are and they’ll be taught to respect other, but not to take shit from anyone and if anyone hurts them, they go to uncle Derek who wont hesitate to snap a neck or two” You joked, causing a laugh from Isaac.

“You’re gonna be such a great mom too you know” he sighed contently as he pulled into the driveway. You smiled and turned to Isaac, grabbing two water bottles from the backseat, you gave one to him and held one yourself.

Isaac raised his eyebrows at you and you laughed. “A cheers to us, new parents and new beginnings” you announced, all with a smile out your lips. “I’ll drink to that” Isaac commented and took a long swig of water, this was going to be great fun.

Embarrassed // Felix Imagine

a/n: I’m so sorry this took me so long to write!! I kept forgetting yikes. Also, this is kinda a short imagine sorrryyyyy

Request: Can you write some more for the Felix post you had done? Im now obsessed it!! ☺️💞

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Felix x reader

You and Felix had been dating for about a week and most of your dates consisted of just walking along the beach hand in hand talking about whatever comes to your mind. But tonight, Felix told you he had a special dinner planed at the diner.

Felix was supposed to pick you up in about 20 minutes and you danced around your room in a frenzy, trying outfit after outfit and fussing over your hair. After what felt like 1000 different outfits, you decide on a simple red dress that your mom had bought you. You smiled at yourself in the mirror, not being able to wait for your date.

While you waited for Felix to pick you up, cheesey music was blaring from your speakers and you danced around your room to the beat of the music. You don’t know how long you had been doing this, but you soon stopped when you heard a muffled laugh.

Looking up in horror, you locked eyes with Felix, who was leaning against your bedroom door, watching you.

Trying desperately to smooth down your hair that had gotten messed up while you headbanged to the music, you rushed over to the stereo to turn it off. You smiled sheepishly at him as he watched you get flustered.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed, y/n,” he told you with a smirk.

Blushing fiercely, you walked past him to grab your purse.

“Ready to go,” you said trying to brush off the fact that your boyfriend had just caught you dancing to early 2000s pop music. 

He took your hand into his and led you out of the house and down the street. The diner wasn’t too far from your house so you could easily walk there in about 10 minutes.

“Ya know,” he said, smirk still ever-present on his annoyingly handsome face, “I’m not gonna just forget that scene I walked into.”

You rolled your eyes playfully, swinging your arm back and forth with his hand still in yours.

As you walked along the town, you passed a couple shops and chatted aimlessly along the way. 

Suddenly, your heart dropped when you heard a song playing from outside the diner. It was the exact same song Felix had walked in on you dancing to.

He laughed heartedly, “This is a sign,” he said.

Shaking your head while laughing, you took his other hand into yours and started dancing with him in front of the diner.

“If you’re going to tease me, you might as well be embarrassed with me,” you told him.

Usually, Felix was not one for making a fool out of himself in public. But with you, that didn’t really matter. He could go through countless embarrassing moments in his life but as long as you were with him, he would be happy. 

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(1) i feel like something not talked about enough with the ToG series (I haven't read her other series) is the age differences!!!! like in the first book, celaena is 18 and chaol is 24. yea it's legal but…. ugh. the differences between 18 and 24 are huge. but that's whatever when you consider a 19 year old with a dude who has been alive for godfuck knows how long!

(2) i mean consider a 19 year old with someone who is 74. that’s fucking gross and predatory right??? now times 74 by like 100. 1000. celaena is barely an adult! she’s 19!! and we expect her romance with rowan to be okay because he looks young?? also i hate how this whole mate thing totally discredits every relationship aelin had in the past, for example sam.

Yeah, I remember this coming up as a criticism before. While I totally get why some people are squicked out by it, I personally chose to suspend my disbelief and roll with it. But you know, I’m a fairy tale lover who’s quite used to set-ups like this, so they don’t really bother me. The Chaol and Celaena one is a good point, though, because that’s more observable in the real world and makes it harder to suspend disbelief. 

There are a lot of things I wanna say about this episode of got, but mostly it’s just: no one could think of a better name for Jon?? No one? No one at all??? I mean come on. Be creative. Like is Rhaegar that much of a dick to just be like “well, I know I already have one son with this name, but like could you name our son Aegon as well??” Or was it Lyanna’s choice since Rhaegar wasn’t even there at the time of Jon’s birth “Hey I know my husband already has a kid with this name, but like haha, now I’m his wife and this is our firstborn so like yeah okay same name.” Or OR is it just a bad continuity error? In any case, they could have been 1000 times more creative. But whatever. Jon’s name is Jon. He doesn’t need another name. He doesn’t need his ~true name~ because he has always been and will always be Jon.

First Throatfuck!

Ok this will be a long post - I think I’m not going to be so detailed about all my encounters but since this was my first time getting throat fucked I just wanted to share in detail.

Ok so as an anon suggested I posted an ad on craigslist that I was looking to fulfill a rape fantasy. So I posted one!  It was very short and I just said I was looking to fulfil a rape fantasy and I couldn’t host (I still live with my parents and they probably wouldn’t be too cool with some dude coming over to rape their precious little daughter).

My ad got flagged within a day but I still received about 70 responses before it got flagged.  As much as I want to say yes to people I can’t exactly let 70 people rape me per day (or can I?) so I had to be a bit selective.

A lot of people’s replies were really short “Hi want to meet up?” or “how are you?” and didn’t include any info about themselves. So protip: If you are responding to a girl on craigslist include some info about yourself and something at least a little bit thoughtful! Even if she’s a slut she needs some info to decide who to slut herself out to!

Some people also offered me money which was enticing but I don’t think I’m totally there yet, and I just think I’d feel a lot of pressure if someone was paying.

I started chatting with one guy who said he was interested in gagging / facefuck, and even though I hadn’t mentioned this in the posting I really get off on videos like “facial abuse” so we talked a bit about it and I told him I was interested in getting face fucked but I didn’t really have much experience, but I know just from practicing myself on things (banana whatever) that I have a big gag reflex, so would that be ok?  He said he was fine with all that.   One thing that sucked was that I couldn’t go to his place because he’s married, but he said we could go to his work after hours since he had the keys and nobody else would be there.

For some reason this made me feel more safe, thinking it would be like an office or something and nobody is going to kill me or whatever in their office.   I have to admit I am still worried about my safety and one of the reasons why I started just looking for people on tinder etc. was it just seemed a bit safer to meet more “vanilla” dudes who just want to fuck.  The problem is I can see myself growing bored of doing just vanilla slutting pretty fast.

I know craigslist also has a pretty shady reputation but anyway I thought what the hell. Let’s do it!

He picked me up, and we chatted a bit in his car, he’s like mid 30’s white guy, fit.   The conversation was actually pretty fluid and natural, I told him that I was trying to get more experience and was really interested in kink etc. and (not surprisingly) he supported my plan to explore things more.

It’s evening and I don’t really know the area he’s taking me to and then we start driving around this industrial area, no people around, no stores or whatever just like industrial type buildings that are mostly closed and I’m getting a bit nervous and he pulls into the parking lot behind one building and says this is where he works.  I think: Oh great so if he wants to murder me here there’s totally nobody around, but I figure I’ve gone this far so I might as well just keep going.

We go into the place and inside it’s like some crazy fucking machine shop or something, there are all these tables with saws built into them and drills and big machines that I have no idea what they even are. Because it’s closed the place is mostly dark so it’s  extra creepy.  So now I’m thinking ok great I’m totally going to get cut into 1000 pieces here, but whatever its too late to back out now and if I get killed it my own dumbcunt fault..

So we get near some table / workbench kind of thing and he puts this sort of dirty ripped up piece of cardboard down on the concrete floor in front of the table and tells me to kneel down on that and undo his pants.  I take off his pants and underwear and then he took a handful of my hair and kind of mashed my face all around his dick, just rubbing it all over my face.

He told me to lift up my arms. I was just wearing a sundress with nothing underneath (I still don’t have a lot of slutty clothes yet, and it still feels a little thrilling to have just a little dress on and nothing else underneath) and he just pulled the sundress up and off me in a second so I was instantly naked.

Then he told me lick all around. I started licking the tip of his dick but he says “lick all around” and I licked around the tip of his dick but he said kind of annoyed “NO… AROUND” and grabs my head and shoves my mouth under his balls, so I realized he wanted me to lick around the base of his dick and his balls and everything, so I did what he said licked all around his balls and the base of his cock.

I tried to use my hands to lift up his balls but he just said “NO HANDS” and then told me to keep my hands behind my back, so I did.

By then he was getting kind of hard so he told me to take his dick into my mouth and hold it there, which I did. He reached over and grabbed his phone off the table and told me to look up at his phone and then took a picture and said “this will be the BEFORE picture.”  I was kind of stunned thinking OMG now there is going to be this picture of me with a dick in my mouth out there and he hadn’t even asked before he took the picture and I thought about saying no or asking him to delete it or something, but partially it turned me on, and partially I was scared of saying no and upsetting him, and I also thought well a lot of people probably have dirty pictures of them somewhere and there’s no way he really knows my real name or anything, so even though it made me really uncomfortable I just did what I was told and looked up at him with his semi-hard dick in my mouth. I also thought again that it’s my own stupid fault to get myself into this situation and I felt embarrassed and stupid and humiliated and.. wet.

So he started to pump my mouth slowly at first and because he cock wasn’t totally hard  is was pretty ok to deal with.   He told me to just relax and take it and try to keep my throat open.  When his dick got hard he’d push to the back of my throat and there’d be a place where it kind of stopped, so he’d put his hands on the back of my head and press harder and it would eventually just pop past that.  At first he was pretty slow and, well maybe gentle is not the right word, but not very aggressive.  sometimes I would start to gag or wretch a bit especially when it was actually down my throat and he’d give me a few seconds to cough or whatever. I also could not breathe at all when he had his cock in my throat so at least every 15 - 20 seconds or so he’d pull out for a few seconds to let me breathe.

I noticed my throat makes a lot lot lot of slime which was would run down my face and chin, and as things got more intense my nose started running and my eyes were also tearing and of course I couldn’t use my hands so I had to just let it hang down off my face.

But still I was beginning to think that this throatfucking stuff wasn’t all that bad; he’d put it in my mouth, hold me by the back of my head, firmly but not too violently push past the resistance to get into and down my throat and then thrust back and forth slowly-ish inside my throat, and eventually pull out to allow me to breathe (or wretch or whatever).

This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes and aside from my jaw and throat starting to get a bit sore, I was starting to think I’m like a natural throatfuck expert  but then he said “Ok now let’s start to have some fun.”  Then he pushed all the way down my throat and held me head really tight, and just kept me there, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, I started to panic I felt like was suffocating and put my hands up against his legs to try to push away “HANDS DOWN!” I wanted to obey but I was too panicked but it didn’t matter he was too strong I couldn’t push away anyway and he kept his cock jammed down my throat, I thought “Is this how I’m going to die?” FINALLY after what seemed like forever he pulled out of my throat but he kept a hold of my hair so his cock didn’t actually come out of my mouth, it just came out of my throat. I coughed and wretched and puked a little bit and gasped for air.  I wasn’t really fully recovered and he went back in my throat again.  

He started to fuck my throat faster and also pull his cock all the way out and then plunge it all the way in in one motion which was also really hard for me to take and I tried pulling away several times which annoyed him and he slapped my face a few times when I did that.

I’m not sure if it was because he was annoyed with me pulling away but he told me to get up on the table, I lay down on my back, and I thought he was going to get onto the table also and fuck me, but instead  he pulled me over so my head was hanging off the edge of the table.   He told me to keep my hands near my side and hold onto the edges of the table with my hands and to NOT MOVE MY HANDS AND NOT LET GO of the table. He told me if I didn’t listen he was going to mess me up in a way I wouldn’t be able to hide from my parents.  (One of the things I had negotiated him before we met was that I didn’t want to be tied up or restrained - I know it’s a cowardly thing to do but again I was nervous and this was my first time playing with this person so I’m trying to take baby steps towards this).  

This scared me and even though I wasn’t tied up I also felt really scared of moving so I almost might as well had been tied up.

Having my head in this position  hanging off the edge of the table gives a total straight line down my throat, so he just stood in front of me and started sticking his cock right down my throat.  

I found this position a lot harder for several reasons. After just a minute my throat slime was running everywhere but because my head was upside down instead of running down my chin it ran down into my nostrils and eyes and all over my face.  I also vomited a bit several times (I’d tried not to eat for the hours before I met him knowing I might puke but I still ended up puking). When I vomited my vomit again went all over my own face and eyes.  

Also it made it super impossible to breathe because my nose was just totally blocked with slime and vomit and my own runny snot, like.  The biggest problem aside from the discomfort of having his cock down my throat and the feeling of gagging was just the inability to breathe, when it would get too bad I would start to writhe around on the table but I was too scared to let go of the table so even though I was squirming and making all kinds of noise I still held on tight so that’s one thing I’m proud of.   Eventually he would give me air. He almost never actually took his cock out of my mouth, so I was almost never able to close my mouth.  He was quite smart, because the few times he let his cock fully out of my mouth I’d turn my head to spit and gasp for as much air as I could and sometimes I’d keep trying to do that and squirm around a bit before he managed to get it back in my mouth, but by keeping his cook in my mouth he had full control over when he wanted to resume pounding my throat and there was nothing I could really do to stop it.

At some point it got too much and I started to cry a bit (I still didn’t let go of the table though) but he just kept going. I couldn’t open my eyes at all cause they were just caked with slime and snot, so it was basically him pounding inside my throat then letting his cock just out of my throat, but holding me by the hair so I couldn’t move away and so his cock stayed in my mouth while I’d gasp for air for a few seconds till the pounding resumed,  My whole universe was just this sensation of my throat, my aching jaw, etc. I don’t really know how long it went on for.  At one point he just held my head again down with his cock deep inside my throat for a long time and then just pulled out fully.

I wasn’t sure if he came or not so I just lay there blinded covered in slime and puke and snot. I lay there just like that for a few minutes, still hanging on tightly to the edges of the table, I realized later he was taking more pictures of me while I was laying like that (the AFTER pictures).

Finally he helped swing me around so I was sitting on the table and handed me a paper towel to wipe my face off so I could finally open my eyes and see.

He told me kind of tersely to CLEAN UP, he showed me where the janitorial closet was and told me he was going to go out for a smoke and told me to have all the mess cleaned up by the time he came back.  So, still naked, I took some cleaner and paper towels and a bucket and wiped up all the mess on the floor (and a little the sides of the table).

I couldn’t find my dress or sandals (later I found out he’d took them with him) and I’d left my bag with a change of clothes in his car and so I found a washroom and took a look at myself: My face was AWFUL.

I’ve been trying to wear more makeup as part of my “bimboification” goals so of course my mascara and eye shadow was all over my face, my eyes were totally bloodshot from getting all that shit in my eyes, I had bits of puke and slime in my hair, plus my eyes were totally puffy and swollen from just crying and all the filth that got in them.

I tried to wash my face and hair as best I could in this grimy little shop washroom with this nasty green hand-soap from an old dispenser.  Maybe this is a stupid thought given that I’d just worn my own puke on my face, but I usually really careful about what facial cleanser I use so using this shitty hand-soap in this dirty sink made me feel extra pathetic like a homeless person.   The other problem is that without proper make-up remover it’s REALLY hard to remove eye makeup, so even after doing a wash in that sink I still had makeup smeared on my face.

I kept checking if he had come back and he hadn’t and I started to wonder what I would do if he doesn’t come back at all?. I’ve got no clothes, no phone, no purse, no ID, no nothing. What if this guy didn’t even work there?  What if he was calling the police right now to report a break in and some lunatic naked girl running around and the police were about to come arrest me? I was starting to think of who I could call but then realize that almost all my friend’s numbers are saved on my phone and without my phone or internet I can’t even contact anyone except my parents and I REALLY didn’t want to call my parents to ask them to come pick up their naked daughter in some place (which I didn’t even know the address of anyway! Ugh!)

So finally I walk out of the washroom (still naked) and go back to the doorway we originally came in through. I open it and breathe a sigh of relief seeing him leaning against his car talking on his phone.  He puts his finger up to his mouth in a “shhh” motion and then motions for me to wait, so I do.  He keeps talking for a few minutes as I wait in the doorway feeling chilly.  Then he comes over and says it was his wife so he had to take the call.  

I told him I couldn’t find my dress or my sandals and he said he took it with him to the car “for safekeeping.”  He asked me if I’d finished all the cleaning and I said I had, so We went back to the table and he checked to make sure everything was ok.   I’m soooo approval seeking so I asked him if I’d done a good job and he just kind of said “yeah its fine” which was a little bit disappointing for me (although I tired not to show it).

I told him I really needed to clean up better before I went back to my house because my parents were going to realize something was up if my face was all fucked up with makeup and my hair all messed up.   Fortunately I had prepared and brought most things I needed in my bag (including a change of clothes).  He brought in my bag and gave me some time to clean up better in that grimy washroom, (but this time at least with better cleansers which I’d packed with me before leaving home!)

My main concern was my hair was still kind of wet and I didn’t have a blow dryer or towel, and while I was able to get rid of the mascara my eyes were still puffy as fuck and bloodshot and nothing I could do about that.

As he drove back I asked him if he had cum - He said “You couldn’t tell? I came twice”  He said he had come once fairly early on and then slowed down a bit and then come again at the end.  I think I was just so overwhelmed with all my throat slime and whatever that my senses were just too preoccupied with the abuse I was getting to notice his orgasms.

The ride home was a bit mmm weird. On the way there we had been talking and even joking a bit about things.  Thinking back I think he was just trying to keep me occupied and entertained so I didn’t bail on him before we got down to the action, but now that he’d shot his load he seemed less talkative.

I asked him a few questions but his replies were pretty terse; I asked if I’d done a good job and he said I was OK for a first timer but could work on being “more pliable”  I think he meant he didn’t like that I’d moved my head away or not opened up right a way a few times when he’d taken his cock out of my mouth.

I asked him if he took more pictures (he said yeah and video) and what he was going to do with them, and to please not share them, and he said he wouldn’t it was just for his private collection.

I got the idea he he didn’t really want to talk, he didn’t ask me anything (didn’t ask if I was ok or needed anything or anything), he just followed the directions on his GPS back to my house (actually I gave him the address of a house one street over from mine).  

I didn’t want to annoy him so I just shut up and the rest of our drive was mostly silent.  He dropped me off, I felt embarrassed but managed to say “Thank you for using me” before I got out of the car, but I just got out right after I said it so I don’t even know if he replied but he just drove off.

I started walking, and now I was super worried about what would happen when I got home.  My mom especially is super sharp and I was trying to concoct some story of how I got into a fight with a friend and I was crying which is why my eyes were puffy and.. gah I don’t know.  But I came in the door and luckily my parents were nowhere to be so I just dashed into the washroom and jumped in the shower.

My throat felt like sandpaper and I actually had trouble speaking the next day.  Even the next day it was still sore and my voice a bit hoarse and I told my mom I thought I had a bit of a cold.

Honestly I felt a bit numb and sad after the experience.  Partly I think it was because of how he just seemed so curt in the car afterwards.  I messaged him “You seemed really quiet in the car afterwards, I’m sorry if I did anything wrong.”

I’ve actually played with putting things down my throat myself but I’d usually be rubbing my clit and the same time and I have to say it’s a much more intense and tough experience when you’re not getting sexually stimulated at all.  Like at NO POINT in the night did he do anything to give me pleasure (we had actually discussed this before and I’d said that was ok and that it would be ok for him to be totally selfish and he was!) He didn’t touch my pussy at all, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it either.  But I also felt this kind of pride that I was able to take all that with no “reward” for myself.

So I guess I felt kind of “used” and weak and accepting of my fate. It felt kind of like a relief

It’s this weird mixture of excitement “I really did this!” and sadness “I really am inferior” but also anticipation and desire to just wallow in that and see how much further I can go.

Before I went to sleep I masturbated while repeating some self hating mantras to myself.

Oh. P.S. he messaged me back the next day and said he wasn’t disappointed and I didn’t do anything wrong just after he finishes cumming he just likes peace and quiet. He said with his wife he likes to cuddle and be close but with “whores” he just mostly wants them to just disappear after he shoots his load “pump and dump”.

I apologized again for talking too much and told him if we meet again we could have a rule that after he cums he can just tell me to be silent and keep my gaze down at the floor till he drops me off. He just replied “sounds perfect”

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HC that Bruce is the last one to know he's in a relationship with Clark.

he 1000% is. And like, after a really hardcore makeout session, he just kind of laughs and goes, “Well. I guess we’re…we’re a thing now, eh?”

And Clark or maybe one of the kids if they’re within earshot or whatever just blinks and goes, “…Wait. (You/we) weren’t already?????”

And suddenly, the past few months make so much more sense to Bruce, hahaha.

there is a lot of questions left unanswered..

sorry to disturb you, but i’ve been bothered by these, if there are answers to any of them, i’m happy to hear them, maybe i just didn’t pay enough attention..


1. what is dipper’s real name?
2. what’s with time baby?
3. what would’ve happened with the zodiac if they stayed there, holding hands?
4. did fiddleford see something like the weirdmageddon through the portal?
5. what’s with blind ivan??
6. why were there bill’s symbols from the last mabelcorn on the walls in society of the blind eye? (when mabel and wendy are talking about boys)
7. why is gravity falls the place where weirdness leakes in?
8. how could’ve bill destroyed the bubble to make the whole world weird?
9. what’s with the UFOs?
10. and i still don’t know what stan’s tattoo means, why was that marked on the side of the machine? what does it mean??
11. what was under the sheet in stanford’s office in the last mabelcorn? under the one that dipper almost raised?
12. why did gideon draw the zodiac differently in the stanchurian candidate?
13. where did blendin blandin go?
14. what was behind the doors for dipper in mabeland? like with soos - his father.
15. why was stan’s mind so empty when bill entered it?

i think this is it for now..

1. What’s Dipper’s real name?

We still have no idea. I think Alex said once that Disney knows Dipper’s real name but, for whatever reason, he doesn’t want us to know… yet.

2. What’s with time baby?

In a cryptogram from Weirdmageddon, it says something along the lines of “When Time Baby regenerates in 1000 years he’s gonna be very cranky”. So, Time Baby’s fine. Perhaps when he does regenerate he’ll take over the world like we saw in The Time Traveler's Pig in some kind of weird paradox.

3. what would’ve happened with the zodiac if they stayed there, holding hands?

I think they would have, like Ford said, “shared the energy” (kinda like in Guardians of the Galaxy when they shared the energy of the infinity stone) and used it to defeat Bill. Perhaps it would have been epic.

4. did fiddleford see something like the weirdmageddon through the portal?

Probably he saw Bill’s realm, the nightmare realm, in its raw form. T’would drive anyone crazy.

5. what’s with blind ivan??

Blind Ivan does not look well…

6. why were there bill’s symbols from the last mabelcorn on the walls in society of the blind eye? (when mabel and wendy are talking about boys)

Bill prophecies have apparently been in Gravity Falls for thousands of years. There are those cave paintings, plus that stone tablet that was also in the museum. 

So that could be the reason…

7. why is gravity falls the place where weirdness leaks in?

Ford said it was some psuedo science mumbo jumbo about The Weirdness. Like the weirdness is some quantifiable scientific thing in the Gravity Falls universe. Idk, I’ll have to re-watch it to get the actual quote.

8. how could’ve bill destroyed the bubble to make the whole world weird?

I’m honestly not sure.

9. what’s with the UFOs?

Idk one crashed into Gravity Falls a million years ago, so maybe it was just foreshadowing.

10. and i still don’t know what stan’s tattoo means, why was that marked on the side of the machine? what does it mean??

Idk, maybe Ford just thought the design was cool. I think I read somewhere that it was a mixture of a bunch of symbols meaning “fortune” and “good luck” or something like that. I’ll have to scrounge around for the post cuz it was a year ago since I last saw it XP

11. what was under the sheet in stanford’s office in the last mabelcorn? under the one that dipper almost raised?

I’m pretty sure it was either a Bill statue or a Bill painting, cuz when Dipper found out about Ford and Bill a bunch of the sheets came off revealing statues and paintings of Bill.

12. why did Gideon draw the zodiac differently in the Stanchurian Candidate?

So that Ford and Stan would have to hold hands which caused the conflict when Stan refused and ruined the whole thing XD

As you can see in the original wheel shown in the opening theme, Stan and Ford’s symbols are far away from each other. But, in the one that Gideon drew they are side by side.

13. where did blendin blandin go?

Well, according to these pictures

If you can’t see it, is says “Blendin was here” in the top left corner

Apparently Gideon Rises and A Tale of Two Stans

14. what was behind the doors for dipper in mabeland? like with soos - his father.

Hmmm… i’m not sure. Anyone have any theories?

15. why was stan’s mind so empty when bill entered it?

Maybe he was prepared to trick Bill so he emptied his mind of all thoughts? Idk