he's like 'are you kidding me with the baby holding

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.

ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ʙᴀʙʏ sᴇɴᴛᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇ!


❝ We’re going to be parents! ❞
❝ Did you feel him/her/them kick!? ❞
❝ Do you want to feel the baby? ❞
❝ I’m pregnant…and it’s yours. ❞
❝ Do you think I’ll make a good mother/father? ❞
❝ What are you hoping for? ❞
❝ I feel so nauseous today… ❞
❝ What should we name him/her/them? ❞
❝ How many diapers do you think we’ll need? ❞
❝ You’re crying over a puppy? ❞
❝ Is just strawberry okay? They didn’t have strawberries and cream. ❞
❝ I’ve read this book four times I’m basically an expert by now. ❞
❝ Boy or girl? ❞
❝ Wait, do we have everything on this list I found? ❞
❝ Can you put the crib together? I’m so tired. ❞
❝ This kid can come out anytime it’s ready. ❞      
❝ You’re glowing. ❞
❝ How far along are you? ❞
❝ Please don’t freak out…but I’m pregnant. I SAID DON’T FREAK OUT. ❞
❝ Hospital. Now! ❞
❝ I think that was a contraction… ❞
❝ The due date’s not until next week! ❞

     NEW BABY -

❝ S/He’s your kid before five in the morning. ❞
❝ We need to go on a diaper run again. ❞
❝ We’re out of formula–where’s the other can!? ❞
❝ Ugh, s/he spit up on my good shirt! ❞
❝ S/he won’t stop crying, I don’t know what to do. ❞        
❝ Please take him/her, I’m going to go crazy with the screaming. ❞
❝ Is it even possible for a baby to scream so much!? ❞
❝ Should they be breathing like that? ❞
❝ I need to go check on the baby. ❞    
❝ If you never put him/her down you’ll spoil him/her. ❞
❝ Daddy/Mommy’s little girl/boy! ❞
❝ Good morning, little spawn of Satan! ❞
❝ Shhh, they’re finally asleep.  ❞    
❝ Dammit, I just got them to sleep! ❞
❝ Be careful, s/he’s a hair puller…. ❞
❝ Where’s the pacifier!? ❞
❝ I can’t find his/her blanket, please help me. ❞    
❝ I’ve been up since four this morning, it’s your turn. ❞
❝ I found you and the baby sleeping in the recliner at six am and it was so precious. ❞
❝ Stroller, diaper bag, playpen, blanket, bottles, what else do we need before we go to your parents? ❞
❝ A babysitter!? Are you insane!? ❞    
❝ You’re going to spoil them. ❞    
❝ We can’t go out with the baby, that’s just asking for trouble. ❞
❝ Baby’s awake… ❞
❝ S/he’s so precious…. ❞
❝ This is our son/daughter…. ❞
❝ We make damn beautiful babies. ❞
❝ Look at his/her little feet… ❞
❝ S/he has your eyes. ❞
❝ Do not dress him/her in that! ❞    
❝ Be careful with him/her! ❞
❝ Did you remember to pack his/her toy? ❞
❝ His/her first tooth came in today. Already bit me.❞
❝ Did you hear that? That was a cough.❞           

        CHILDREN -

❝ The kids won’t stop fighting. ❞
❝ We should have another. ❞
❝ Stop giving them dessert before dinner! ❞
❝ You’re going to spoil them rotten… ❞
❝ You need to learn not to fall for the puppy dog eyes.  ❞
❝ I just love them so much!? ❞    
❝ How are we going to break the news to them that they’re getting a brother/sister? ❞
❝ Their screaming woke the baby… ❞    
❝ I’m a horrible mother/father… ❞
❝ How can you make the baby hush and I can’t? ❞
❝ Was that a word!? ❞
❝ His/her first word better not be a damn cuss word! ❞    
❝ You look exhausted. ❞
❝ First steps! First steps! ❞
❝ Watch, s/he can roll over now! ❞
❝ I don’t want anyone else watching our baby/children. ❞    
❝ They totally wanted to build the pillow fort, not me. ❞
❝ Can you manage dropping them off? ❞
❝ Damn terrible twos, right? ❞
❝ How did they outgrow their clothes so fast!? ❞   
❝ I think we make damn good parents. ❞
❝ Why are both you and the baby crying? ❞
❝ Here, I’ll watch him/her, you go relax. ❞
❝ I haven’t been able to put her/him down all morning/day/night. ❞    
❝ S/he doesn’t want me, s/he wants you! ❞
❝ S/he just ran into the coffee table, don’t worry. ❞
❝ Stop fighting with me in front of the kid/s! ❞
❝ We shouldn’t have dressed the twins in matching outfits… ❞    
❝ Can I hold him/her? ❞
❝ S/he has separation anxiety because you never put them down! ❞
❝ My mother always hoped my kids would end up like me…I’m so sorry. ❞
❝ I wouldn’t let them do ____, so they started crying. ❞  
❝ Oh, s/he’s just a little angel! ❞
❝ Hello, little one! ❞
❝ I can babysit if you’d like. ❞
❝ Guess who broke your favorite ____. ❞  
❝ Finally got him/her/them to sleep. ❞
❝ It’s your turn to put him/her/them to bed. ❞
❝ I hate bath time. ❞
❝ Can you help me with the kids for five goddamn minutes!? ❞
❝ I think ____ is jealous of the baby. ❞
❝ ___ just hit ___, can you do something!? ❞
❝ Is locking kids in the basement against the law!? ❞
❝ They’re cute when they’re quiet. ❞
❝ Maybe taking them to the park will let out all their energy. ❞
❝ _____ colored on the walls today… ❞
❝ Look at the mess they made again… ❞      

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Headcanons on the bros taking care of their newborn children? <3 I am OBSESSED with them being dads, idek---

As you can tell by the length of the post, I am obsessed as well. I hope it’s okay that I wrote this from a post game perspective. Yay everyone is alive and not dead and they’re happy with children.  Enjoy <3

Chocobro Dad’s Taking Care of their Newborns (Head Canons)


  • Since he is the King of Lucis, he has countless people to assist him.
  • Though, he tries to avoid asking for help from anyone but his s/o.
  • This is his child. He wants to be as much as a father as Regis was to him.
  • He is a nervous, anxious mess.
  • Oh gods, it’s crying. What do I do? What do I do?
  • He’s almost too scared to hold his own child. He doesn’t want to hurt them.
  • They’re so small and delicate. IF I TOUCH THEM THEY MIGHT BREAK.
  • Despite Noctis’s ability to sleep for days, he wakes up before his s/o just to check on the baby. If the baby is still asleep, he will pull up a chair beside their bassinet and watch them sleep.
  • His s/o has found him many times asleep, with his head against their child’s bassinet. Completely knocked out. 
  • If the baby is awake, whether they be crying or looking around, Noctis will pick them up and hold them.
  • How does this little thing poop so much? They only drink breast milk. What the heck?
  • Noctis cannot change diapers. That’s when he calls for some outside assistance.
  • He’s tried to do it himself several times, but…. it doesn’t end well. 
  • He doesn’t have a baby voice, unfortunately. He just talks to his baby in hushed whispers.
  • His work doesn’t allow him a lot of quality time with his newborn, but whenever he has a chance to sneak away he will.
  • Even if he can only sneak a quick peek at his child and press a kiss to their forehead, being late to a council meeting is totally worth it.


  • Fatherhood comes to this boy so easily. 
  • He’s always been great with kids, but now that he has his own child… wow.
  • He’s been preparing for fatherhood the second his s/o tells them their pregnant. He’s ready for all the challenges.
  • The second his child is put into his hands, he does not want to let go.
  • What does his regular voice sound like again? No one can remember…
  • Prompto has taken on diaper duty.
  • So many poop jokes.
  • Whenever Prompto goes out shopping to restock on baby supplies, he comes back with numerous stuffed animal moogles and chocobos. This baby is so spoiled by their father. It’s precious.
  • If the baby wakes up crying during the night, Prompto and his s/o both wake up.
  • It’s a team effort.
  • They take turns trying to calm the baby down by holding them close and rocking them back and forth.
  • If that doesn’t work…. Prompto breaks out the funny faces.
  • There has never been a baby that smiles so much.
  • Hates leaving the baby when he needs to go to work. Calls his s/o at least a dozen times and ask to talk to the baby over the phone.
  • When he goes to work at the citadel, he brags about how his baby is the cutest creature that’s ever lived on Eos. He brings his camera to work to just show off pictures.


  • Tries to keep his cool, but is internally screaming.
  • He’s nervous to be a father but he loves his newborn more than the air he breathes.
  • Most protective dad award.
  • If anyone but he and is his s/o wish to hold the baby, he becomes very defensive.
  • What if they don’t hold them correctly?
  • Just don’t touch his kid, okay?
  • Doesn’t mind being waking up in the middle of night with the sounds of crying and screaming.
  • Only he can lull the newborn back to sleep.
  • Totally sings them to sleep.
  • Like Noct, he doesn’t have baby voice. He talks to his baby like an average person.
  • “You’re hungry? You don’t have to cry and scream. Just tell me.”
  • Gladio and his s/o take turns on diaper duty. He hates it, but he gets the job done. That’s all that matters, right?
  • Once the baby is old enough to leave the house often, Gladio puts the baby in their stroller and take them on his morning jogs. The baby loves it. Usually they doze off during the duration of the jog.
  • Gladio loves to hold his baby while he lounges on the couch after a long day of work.
  • They both fall asleep. It’s precious.
  • Can’t wait for his kid to be able to eat cup noodles


  • Ignis has always wanted to be a father.
  • He’s cared for the prince for so many years… he’s had some good practice of taking care of others.
  • Though he’s a blind man, his disability doesn’t stop him from being a great father.
  • He can change diapers perfectly. His s/o has no idea how he does it.
  • He has the cutest baby voice but lets no one hear it. Only his s/o has caught him a few times using it. When addressed about it he says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Makes sure the house is spotless and 100% baby proofed.
  • His s/o doesn’t allow him to get up and take care of the crying baby in the middle of the night. Ignis works too hard during the day. He needs sleep.
  • Ignis gets up anyway. 
  • He always teases his s/o by saying that the baby “Only just wants to see their father’s face.”
  • Baby will instantly stop crying once Ignis takes them in his arms.
  • “Told you, darling.”
  • Already thinking up new recipes for baby food once the child is weening off breast milk
  • Though he can’t see, he knows his baby is the cutest baby on Eos… He and Prompto get into arguments over who’s baby is cuter.

She found him, curled up on his bed and under his covers, she could hear the faint sounds of sniffles erupting from his chest. The blankets quaked as he sobbed softly. 

“Sodapop, baby.” His mother whispered softly, her heart grew heavy with sorrow as she sat beside him. “Who hurt you?” 

“N- no one…” The sound of his voice was muffled by his pillow. 

“Honey, I can’t fix this if you don’t tell me what happened. I want to help you, I really do. Come out and show me your beautiful face.” 

“Mum…” He choked, pulling himself up so he could look at her. “I tried so hard, I really did. I tried so hard and I failed, why am I a failure? Why can’t I be like Darry or- or Ponyboy? Why can’t I be like-” 

“Hey now, none of that.” She wrapped her arms around his body and she held him in her arms like she used to when he was just a tiny, little boy that was crying over a scraped knee. “What on Earth is this about?” 

“I got an F” His tears were spilling from his eyes as he shook in Mr’s Curtis’ arms. 

“Sweet heart, is this all over an F? It’s just an F baby, you’ve never been this worked up over one before.”

“You don’t understand.” He placed his head against her chest, her soft heartbeat soothed him like a lullaby. “You don’t understand… I tried this time. I really tried to get an A.”

“Oh darling.” She sighed, her fingers glided through his perfectly greased hair. “I know how upset you are-” 

“I’m dumb, I’m so damn stupid.” 

“Hey. Don’t you dare call yourself those names, do you understand me, you’re not dumb, you’re not stupid, you’re my special little guy, you’re-” 

“I’m nothing like Darry or Ponyboy” He cut her off. “They’re smart, Ponyboy is only 12 and he know’s how to write essays and thesis’, Darry know’s advanced Calculus and he’s going to an Ivy League school, and I’m never going to amount to them, I’m going to be a lazy bum.” 

“Don’t you ever compare yourself to Darry or Ponyboy, you hear? They’re book smart, I know that. But books aren’t everything, I’m glad that they’re able to grasp school, and I’m proud of them both. But I’m proud of you too.” 

“Why would you be proud of me, I’m an idi-” 

“Sodapop Patrick Curtis.” Mrs Curtis wasn’t having his self deprecating attitude any longer, she turned him over on his stomach and she swatted his bottom with as much force as the tiny woman could muster. 

“Ow! You hit me!” He accused, his eyes were wide and clouded with hurt. 

“I merely swatted you, you keep going and you’ll getting a spanking. I don’t care if you’re 15. You’re still my baby.” She wrapped him up in her arms once more. “I am proud of you, every day and I will never stop.” 

“How could you be proud of me?” He asked softly. “I don’t understand.” 

“You mightn’t be book smart, Soda, but you’re definitely not dumb. Books don’t get you everywhere. This world needs more people like you. You’re so creative, you’re the only kid I know who makes blue mash potatoes. You’re so kind, in a world like this one, it’s not something you see every day. You have a heart bigger than this state. You’re the glue that holds this family together, and one day, you’ll find something you’re great at, and you’ll make a career out of that. An F doesn’t make you a failure. I just want you to keep being the boy I love, the boy that I am proud to call my son. I want you to stop seeing yourself as a failure and see yourself through my eyes and your dad’s eyes. We love you. Nothing will ever change that.” 

“I love you mum.” Sodapop said softly, his eyes brimming with tears as he wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“Oh honey, I ain’t ‘dyin for at least another 60 years, you’re stuck with me.” 

Cravings (Steve x Pregnant!Reader)

Got this request a while ago (honestly I cannot apologize enough for how bad I’ve been) for a one shot spin off from the preference How They Act When You’re Pregnant. So here’s some Dad! Steve x Pregnant!Reader!! Enjoy!(:


It’s official. You have hit a new low. Sitting in Tony Stark’s bathtub in your husband’s biggest t-shirt surrounded by jars of peanut butter and pickles. Gosh what had driven you to this?

Of course you knew the answer. It was your husband- Captain America himself. The man with the plan Steve Rogers who was probably looking for you right now. Well you and his Captain America shield which you had propped up against the nearest wall. 

To be fair though, you hadn’t started off this crazy. You had started off with the normal kind of pregnancy. The kind where you had morning sickness and 2 a.m. cravings and swollen feet. And Steve had been (and yes if you had to admit it from your hiding place in the bathtub, still is) great. He held back your hair and rubbed your back when you got sick in the morning, or really any time of day. He went to the store in the dead of night to get you peanut butter and pickles. He even rubbed your feet after rough days of training because he was honestly the most amazing person ever.

Steve Rogers was playing the part of perfect expecting father. Until he managed to find those damn pregnancy books at Barnes and Noble one day. 

From the day he came home with not one, not two, not even four, but five bags full of parenting books you knew you were in trouble. Gone were the days of getting you food at all hours of the night and in came the reign of terror where instead he would present you with “healthy alternatives” of veggies and protein shakes. Gone were the blissful afternoons of foot rubs, instead replaced by Steve literally dragging you to the gym to do prenatal yoga or making you walk around the awful crowded paths of Central Park because you needed “fresh air” (whatever that was).

Honestly after three months you couldn’t do it anymore. So here you were in the middle of the afternoon sitting in Tony Stark’s bathtub slathering peanut butter onto pickles, something you had craved more than anything and had cried over more then thrice when Steve refused to let you eat any. 

You’re phone buzzed with another text from you husband and you were about to start feeling bad and reply when the bathroom door flung open.

“(Y/N)! There you are!” Steve’s eyes were filled with worry for about two seconds before it was replaced with hurt and anger. “What are you doing here? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for four hours now! And why are you sitting in the bathtub like that? You’re going to hurt you back!”

Your eyes began to feel itchy with tears as you realized how worried Steve must have been. He loved you and you guys’ baby so much and the idea of anything happening to the two of you must have been driving him crazy. You set down the jar of peanut butter you were holding in your left hand and were about to get up and apologize when his next words stopped you.

“And how many times do I have to tell you to stop eating peanut butter and pickles?!” Steve took a step forward but your cold glare stopped him in his tracks. 

“Steven Grant Rogers I will end you. If you come one step closer and even THINK about taking away my snack which YOUR baby is making me crave I will grab your shield and hit you with it so hard you will still be unconscious when I give birth.” The seriousness of your tone made your husband take a small step back.

As the red haze cleared from your vision you noticed the hurt on Steve’s face. He looked like a golden retriever puppy that had just been kicked. His blue eyes looked up at you beneath his full lashes and his hands fiddled with the bottom of his t-shirt. 

“I just wanted to help….”

The simple phrase hung in the air as you just stared at each other. It only took a few seconds before you burst into tears. 

“I’m so sorry!” You wailed, dropping your half eaten pickles and burying your head in your hands. 

“No honey! I’m sorry!” Steve rushed over and picked you up out of the bathtub with ease. He lowered you both to the ground so you were curled up in his lap as he stroked your hair and rocked you gently. “I know I’ve been a bit much but.. I’m so scared.” The admission hushed your sobs a little as you looked up at Steve who had a distant look in his eyes. “I don’t know how to raise a kid, and my dad was never around. I have no family to help me. And that doesn’t even compare to how worried I am that our baby is going to be just as sickly as I was before the serum, or they could be like me now and hurt you. (Y/N), I haven’t felt this lost in a very long time. I’m so used to having control over everything and now… now it’s all gone when it’s the most important.” Steve laid his forehead against yours and closed his eyes. You could tell he was trying to hold back tears which made your heart clench.

“Steve you are already the best dad in the world. You are so loving and caring and brave and such an inspiration. And you have a family. The team is your family, and they might be completely crazy, but they will always be here for you. For us. And about our baby it doesn’t matter. If they’re sick, it’s okay. Medicine has come a long way and we’ll give them everything they need. If they’re strong great, I can handle it Steve. Everything is going to be great. You don’t need to be in control of everything all the time. Just let things happen. Like letting me eat peanut butter covered pickles.”

Steve gave a hearty laugh as he rubbed his nose against yours. “I love you (Y/N). I couldn’t do this with any one else.”

“I love you too Steve. And I wouldn’t have wanted to do this with anyone else.”

You lean into your husband and give him a deep kiss. You knew he wouldn’t be perfect, he would probably still drag you on walks and read all kinds of new age parenting books but it was okay because you knew where he was coming from. And if he ever tried to take away your snack again you would feel no hesitation in beating him with his own shield. 

“Umm. As much as I’m glad you two love each other can you do it somewhere that isn’t my bathroom floor?”

“Sorry Tony!” 


Hope you guys liked it! Requests are open for one shots and preferences!(:

Tyler Seguin

Another short Segs story


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“Tyler, are you even going to share her with anyone else?” I laugh as Tyler once again takes his teammates brand new baby from yet another person.

               A shy smile appears on his face as he glances up from Lynde’s beautiful little face and my heart flutters in my chest. She is so tiny that she easily fits in Tyler’s hands, her head gently cradled. We have been visiting the Cracknell’s for nearly an hour already and he has yet to go five minutes without asking for her back when someone else gets a turn.

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How would guys react to their baby girl teething on their fav things?


♥Shu: Ugh, careful… You’re going to electrocute yourself if you bite my mp3 like that… Ah, look a this… You got it wet. How bothersome…

♥Reiji: No! Not that–! -he quickly grabbed the bottle away from his daughter’s hands- This is a poison I’ve been working on… Good grief… You shouldn’t enter here, little one.

♥Ayato: My takoyaki!! Ah, you little punk… You’re going to pay for this, mini-me! -he said, holding his baby close. Of course, he didn’t mean it.- Ah, it’s still edible!

♥Kanato: Ahh! Don’t touch Teddy! You have a lot of toys in here! -he might be a father now, but he’s still a kid on the inside who goes crazy if something happens to his belongings.-

♥Laito: Ah, don’t touch my fedora, please~ You’re a really naughty kid, ne~? Come, bite this, instead. It may soothe your aching teeth~ -Laito gave his toddler one of his macarons. He didn’t like sharing very much… But it was better if he sacrificed a few macarons instead of his fedora.

♥Subaru: -He panicked the moment he saw his child playing around the rose garden, trying to get one of the roses in their tiny mouth- NO! Sheesh, this is dangerous…-he took off every thorn of the rose, and handed it to his child- There you go…


♥Ruki: -Sigh- Don’t touch my book. How many times have I told you this? -he grabbed it and put it on a higher place.- Come with me, take these candies, instead.

♥Kou: Agh, don’t bite my cds, Nyan-chan! I’ve bought you a lot of plushies, haven’t I? Go play with these instead! Ahhh… I hope my cds still work…

♥Yuma: Heh, are you feeling hungry? -he chuckled when he saw his little daughter nibbling on an apple- Here, take these grapes. Those are softer, y'know.

♥Azusa: No…! -his eyes widened when he saw his baby daughter grabbing one of his knives- Don’t touch… Those, please… Your mother will… Hate me if something… Happens to you…


♥Carla: That’s my ham… -a really creepy voice came out of him- Hm… What should I do with you? Your attitude is the same as your mother’s.

♥Shin: Hey, don’t bite that! -he took the nuts out of his baby’s mouth- You could choke on those. And you don’t even have teeth yet! Haaaah….

“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

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Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Word Count: 1397

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

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One Day // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can you do a chittaphon scenario where him and the reader are baby sitting the reader’s little sister or nephew n then start talking about the future n like having children bc children r cute, to sum it up fluff fluff fluff!!

words: 1647

category:fluff fluff fluff

author note: i love kids. like it took awhile, but the little buggers grew on me tbh. here’s ten being adorable :’) note: i will just be using Y/n/n for your nephews name. also ten’s new selfies why must he do this to me

- destinee

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Picture Perfect (Photographer AU Luhan)

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Type: Fluff Angst

There were the ups and downs of being married a photographer. Bring a muse was nice, but having sometimes completely naked or seductive models around wasn’t your cup of tea. Not that Luhan would ever cheat on you, he was very strong on the relationship you had. Its the girls that flirted with him that bugged you. They had just about everything and they still went after your husband. They had a talent of doing it subtly as well.

Luhan was a passionate man, being a father of two. A biological son named Wei and then a sweet little girl you adopted a few months ago named Meilin who was actually older than your son by a few years. Their pictures covered the walls of his studio and the models would comment about how they wished they could have a man like him be the father of their children. It irked you but you kept yourself as calm as you could.


“I can’t believe your son doesn’t look completely like you” one of the models said to Luhan as he made a sound and looked up from his camera. “Your son looks like your wife more. Its sad” she said as Luhan gave her a confused look. “Why’s that? Wei is a great looking boy” Luhan said back. “He would have been better looking if he looked more like you” she said as he scoffed. “My wife is gorgeous thank you” he said as he sent her a glare. “Why don’t you go get a touch up or a coffee” he said with a slightly annoyed tone. “Aw but I like hanging out with you when you look over my pictures” she said as she walked over to him with a flirty smile.

“Well I’m done looking at your pictures” he said as her face dropped “why?” she said. “You insult my wife and my son. Do you think that’s okay?” he asks as she cowers back. “My children and wife mean everything to me and I don’t like your words so I’m kindly asking you to go before I yell” he said as calmly as he could. She nodded ashamed before rushing out of his studio.

Luhan sat his camera down on his desk as he moved his mouse and his monitor light up. He smiled at the picture of you, him, and the kids. It was a dorky picture he took with the camera. One he promised he deleted because you hated how you looked but he found it perfect. He picked up his phone and unlicked it before he called you.

“Hey” he said calmly as he sat back in his chair. “How did you know it was nap time?” you ask as he could feel your lovely smile through the phone. “Daddy’s intuition” he said. “Well what’s up daddy?” you ask as your voice grew quiter. “I missed your voice. A model made some comments. That I just couldn’t stand” he said as you made a sound “do you want to talk about it?” you asked. He smiled “no baby. I want you to tell me about the kids and what you have planned” he said as you sigh lightly. “Meilin really wants Wei to walk like she was holding his hands and everything” you state. He chuckles “she wants to see brother walk. Daddy wants to see Wei walk too” he said as you laugh lightly. “She’s trying so hard to be a good sister” “she is a good sister” Luhan corrects as you make another sound “sorry sorry you’re right” you say.

After just minutes of talking to you. He was happy again. “Why don’t we go on a family date then?” he asks “where its a bit chilly for the park” you tell him. “We’ll get food and go to a kid movie” he offers “that sounds nice” you tell him. He sighs “I have photos to touch up but I rather listen to you” he whines. “My voice is very distracting isn’t it?” you joke “the good kind though” you were told as he sighs again. “I’ll let you go alright work hard” you say “I will” he said as he leans against his desk. “Love you” he says “love you too” you say back making a kissy sound through the phone before the call disconnected.

The Summer Soldier (Avengers x Fem!Reader) - Part I

I can say it but you won’t believe me

You say you do but you don’t decieve me

Its hard to know they’re out there

It’s hard to know that you still care

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 2,508

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Ur bb Damian with a sippy cup thing speaks to me. he keeps throwing it at tim and so bruce takes it away and says "you can have this back when TIMMY says you can". so he follows tim around like a little duckling for about a week looking for his sippy cup. and tim is like "OOH DOES HE FINALLY LIKE ME?" and when dami gets his sippy cup back he offers tim some because he thinks timmy just wanted the sippy cup for himself.

little baby Damian just looking up at his big brother, pudgy cheeks and all, and then holding out the sippy cup.
Tim just about melts and is like “I guess this kid isn’t so bad.”
That is the day that Damian allows Tim to pick him up and as a reward for not chucking the Horrible Sippy Cup, Tim takes Damian to the attic and they go to SPACE (well, in boxes, but it’s an adventure nonetheless)

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ok but what is the Voltron Family's thoughts on the Ghibli films? (especially my fav, howls moving castle pretty pretty please)

[The Voltron Family] Saturday morning and the whole family was in the breakfast table eating, well, breakfast. Keith left because a package was delivered so when he came back to the dining area, he was beaming.

Keith: Alright, little Shiroganes. After breakfast, we are having a movie marathon. *hands on hips* 
Lance: We are?!! *excited* *drops his spoon on the table with a cling*
Shiro: Captain, what did I say about dining etiquette? 
Lance: *glances and pouts* I’m sorry, Daddy Shiro. *picks up his spoon*
Pidge: What are we watching, Daddy Keith? We finished Avatar: The Last Airbender already and Legend of Korra. Don’t tell me we’re rewatching Sailormoon again? *glances at Lance*
Lance: Oh, shut up, Pidge! You love it! *sticks his tongue out*
Pidge: *grumbles* *eats her cereal* No, I don’t.
Hunk: Is it a new one?
Keith: *nods* There was a sale on Ghibli films, I’m talking about 50% off and I just went nuts. So… I pretty much bought everything! *shows them a huge box*
Shiro: *jaw drops* Keith! What the—
Keith: It was on sale, Takashi. *rolls his eyes*
Hunk: What are Ghibli films? *cocks his head*
Keith: *smirks at the kids* Anime movies.
All three kids: *eyes sparkling in delight* *incoherent noises about asking their Daddy Shiro to watch the movies NOW*
Shiro: *chuckles* After you eat your breakfast. *wipes Pidge’s dribble* 
Pidge: BUT DADDY SHIRO!!! *spreads arms* WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!
Shiro: Yes you do, sweetheart. The movies can wait. You finish that cereal and milk then you all can watch. *looks at Lance* And Lance, just because you’re eating quickly doesn’t mean you get to watch soon.
Lance: *stops eating* *gapes at Shiro* *heartbroken* I hate you.
Shiro: I love you, too, buddy. *smiles*

Keith was setting up the TV in the living room while Shiro brought over some cupcakes and a pitcher of orange juice for their snacks. The kids pushed the seats and connected them to the big sofa to create an even bigger one so they could all fit, perfect for their movie watching and cuddling.

The usual set up was Pidge on Shiro’s left, Hunk on Keith’s right and then Lance at the center between his Daddies. Sometimes they switch, depending who wants to snuggle closer with who. This time however, Hunk, Lance and Pidge were all at the center.

They started with Ponyo. The kids were full of laughter.

Pidge: Sousuke is Hunk! *giggles* Lance can be Ponyo.
Lance: Hey! *crosses arms* Why can’t I be Sousuke?!
Pidge: Because he’s too nice, duh!
Hunk: But Ponyo has powers though!
Lance: *smiles* Okay. I like being Ponyo then. *squeezes Hunk’s hand*

They moved to Spirited Away.

Hunk: *cries* This is so… sad. 
Keith: Awww, baby. Come here. *cuddles Hunk*
Hunk: Will she be able to go back to her Mommy and Daddy?
Lance: It doesn’t matter, Hunk! Haku is so cool! He turns into a dragon!
Pidge: As much as I don’t like to admit it, I have to agree with Lance. *nods* Dragons over—
Lance and Pidge: EVERYTHING! *laughs* *high fives each other*

The kids’ favourite would have to be Howl’s Moving Castle.

Shiro: *sobs* Every. Single. Damn. Time.
Keith: Awwww, babe. You cry all the time with this movie. *endeared*
Lance: *wipes Shiro’s tears* Daddy Shiro, please. You’re Sophie.
Shiro: *sniffles* *nods* I am Sophie.
Pidge: It’s the white hair. I agree with this 100 percent. *nods*
Hunk: *smiles* That makes Daddy Keith Howl then!
Lance: *turns towards Hunk* What?! How come? He’s blond!
Hunk: Because Howl is handsome like Daddy Keith and he can change his hair color, Lance!
Lance: *sits back and really thinks about it* Huh. That’s true. Plus… *looks up at Keith and smirks* He’s in love with Sophie who’s Daddy Shiro. *teases* 
Pidge: And they kiss. *makes kissy faces*
Lance: *tries to act* Oh I love you Sophie! Marry me! *holds onto Hunk*
Hunk: *giggles* Oh I love you too Howl! *places hand on chest dramatically* Please carry me and we will fly into the sky like birds!
Pidge: *joins in* And we’ll have 1000 babies! *makes kissy faces again with his brothers*
Keith: *smiles at the kids* *notices Shiro looking at him* What?
Shiro: *smiles fondly* They tease us as if we’re not married. *grabs Keith’s hand and squeezes it*
Keith: *chuckles* *squeezes back* I know. *turns to Pidge* 1000 babies is a bit excessive though, sweetheart. Might wanna rethink that thoroughly. 
Pidge: But Daddy Keith! *whines* It’s the power of love!
Lance: The power of love can do anything!
Keith: *frowns* The power of love can’t produce 1000 babies.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Are you sure, Keith? Have you tried? You might wanna rethink that thoroughly. *teases* 
Keith: *slowly smiles* *pinches Shiro’s side* Shut it, Sophie. 

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"But," she turned around to face him, " I didn't know that babies could have powers."

“Obviously the baby has powers,” Piper whisper-shouted, trying not to startle the baby while also trying to get across to Jason that, hey, hello, their child was currently floating eight feet in the air and just about crawling across the ceiling.

Jason blinked and scratched at his bare chest. Any other time, she’d be hellishly distracted, what with him standing there in the doorway to the dark kitchen all sleep-disheveled, his pajama pants slung low about his hips, his hair mussed from his pillow, his glasses sitting low and crooked on his nose. The whole bed-sexy thing worked for him, but not when, late-night feedings aside, they were kind of having a kid emergency.

“Looks like he does take more after me,” Jason said, in that huh, look at that voice he used when he was trying to keep everybody calm.

Piper took a steadying breath.

He stepped easily past her, brushing his hand across her back, and jumped up, hovering, to pluck their child from the ceiling. He landed gracefully and stepped into her space, holding their son between them.

Piper sighed, brushing her thumb across the baby’s cheek. He giggled. “We’re gonna have to get one of those kid harnesses, aren’t we? It’s gonna be like a baby balloon. ‘Hi, Piper, how are you today? Oh, what’s that you have there?’ ‘Oh, hi, Mr. Jacobsen. Just taking my baby for a quick fly around the neighborhood.’”

With a quiet laugh, Jason leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Messed up kid that I was, never would have dreamed of the life I’ve had.  And I owe a lot of that to you… I’m gonna fight like hell for the chance to hold you again.
—  Kaiden Alenko from Mass Effect, but DEFINITELY KEITH TO SHIRO BEFORE THE BIG BATTLE, just saying, you can’t tell me otherwise.
Easter special! ✘ Grant Gustin Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: EASTER SPECIAL WITH GRANT! I know I said I’d post all at once, but I got some unforeseen t.t BUT I HAVE 2 WEEKS WITH NO EXAMS, SO FREE TIME!

✘ Easter’s special posted:

Imagine… You and Sebastian Smythe exchanging easter eggs.

Imagine… Barry giving you an Easter egg.

✘ Which one will be posted: Imagine… You and Earth 2 Barry shopping eastereggs.

I hope you guys like it!

Beta: @lyss-91 sz

Imagine… You giving an Easter egg to Grant.

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You were in Grant’s trailer when he finally came in, already changed into his normal clothes and looking completely tired.

“Hey, babe.” He smiled at you, knowing you’d be here for the text message you left earlier.

“Full day?” You smiled in understood.

“Completely.” Grant sighed and sprawled on the couch. “I just want to go home and cuddle with you.”

As sweet as it was, it only made you nervous. In fact, more nervous. Things were good just with two of you, what if Grant didn’t want a third person? What if the time wasn’t right now?

No! You screamed at yourself mentally.

Grant’s life would always be like that, that was a fact. And he always wanted children. So it was all fine.


“Babe?” Grant called worried with your sudden silence. He sat on the sofa and looked at you. You smiled and went to the fridge, picking up a Barbie Easter egg. You stared at the refrigerator light for a few seconds, trying to calm yourself down. “(Y / N)?”

You closed the refrigerator and finally turned to face Grant, whose worried gaze shifted to confusion as he saw the Easter egg you were holding. After all, you two had already changed the easter eggs and that was a Barbie easter egg!

“Remember how you always told me that you wanted to have kids?”

“Are you pregnant?!” Grant rose from the couch as fast as Flash, approaching you. His gaze alternating between the easter egg, your belly and your face. You nodded, feeling tears in your eyes. Grant’s joy could fill that trailer and the whole set. He hugged you tight, somehow avoiding your belly to avoid hurting the baby, which made it more like a half hug.

“Grant, you can hug me as usual. That won’t affect our baby.’’ Yuu giggled through the tears, feeling as if your heart was bursting with happiness. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt like this, this happy. Grant laughed and held you, putting his face against your neck and saying excitedly, all the fatigue dissipated:

’'I’ll be a dad! I’m going to be a dad!”

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MC gets pregnant somehow~ Baby headcanons!!

Author’s note: sorry the format’s different I’m too lazy to change it :)



-he will literally give you anything you want 

-chocolate at 2AM? okay. foot rub at noon? you got it.

-so sweet I caNNOT emphasize that enough 


-he had to wait outside of the room because he kept fainting 

-wants to name it rika if it’s a girl 

-as soon as he holds his baby aLL OF THE TEARS COME

-he is so amazed that you just created a new life like there is a tiny human because of you 

-if he does have a daughter he uses his bobby pins to do their hair

-gushes over them all the time




-flowers flowers flowers flowers 

-somehow he has sympathy mood swings or maybe he’s always been like that??

-he also invests in like 20 heating pads for you 

Post baby:

-he stays by the bed and holds your hand even though you’re crushing it

-when he sees the baby he smiles so harD BECAUSE IT HAS IT’S DADDIES BEAUTIFUL EYES

-he runs out to the waiting room and yells about how beautiful his child is 

-yoU CAN BET your ass that baby will yank on his ponytail at least 3 times a day



-she reads to MC’s stomach everyday while playing Mozart in the background

-back massages for daysss

-every morning you’ll wake up to breakfast already made and the house already cleaned 

-basically like living with an angel


-mothER MODE ACTIVATED since she’s had a lot of practice with the RFA

-she holds her child like it’s the only thing that matters in the world

-like seriously just thinking about how she looks at her kid makes me tear up

-she teaches her kid how to walk and talk and read before alllll of the other children and makes sure everyone knows how great her baby is


daddy jumin


-you know he read all of the pregnancy books baCK TO FRONT

-he signs you two up for a birthing coach even though you told him not to

-he makes sure you’re eating right so the baby grows up healthy 

-even tho he’s super over protective he gives you so much love elly is jealous



-he kept questioning the doctors so he had to wait outside


-when the doctors call him in and he sees you holding his child, he tears up


-jumin tears up

-you better bet that child will be sUPER spoiled



-ALL of the pregnant jokes

-“When people point at my wife’s belly and ask what it is, I look them in the eyes and say ‘Well we hope it’s a baby!’”

-he’s also really scared of your mood swings but he tries his best

-takes pictures of everything to document the experience


-he stood next to you and continued telling you to push he even stayed when you yelled at him that HE should push

-as soon as that baby comes out and he sees wisps of orange hair

-he cries

-because honestly all he ever wanted was a family

-and when he holds his child he just looks at you and thanks you over and over again

The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

A fic for @komadoriwonder​ .
Set in Cor Et Cerebrum Continuity and a follow up to “Jason’s Gots Kids?” 

Rated: G
Gen/Family Bonding
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Isaac Wayne, Damian Wayne, Kiran Devabhaktuni
6463 words
AO3 Link Here


The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

The ceiling fan whirs slowly above the bed while Tim stares at it and holds his cellphone to his ear.

“But why me?” he asks, in a voice that sounds too close to whining for his own comfort. “I don’t know what to do with a baby.”

“He’s not a baby. He’s three,” Jason answers. “And he likes you.”

This point seems feeble to Tim.

“Isaac likes everyone. What am I supposed to do with him? Why can’t Alfred watch him?”

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Disclaimer: This is my first Spencer Reid fic, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t do him justice! I wrote this in maybe an hour, so it’s certainly not my best, but I like it anyway, soooo yeah.



“It’s a kid!”

“We can’t take in a kid.”

“Well, we can’t just leave them there. Look at them!”

“It looks like they want to bite me.”

Prompt by @writers-are-writers


Spencer Reid is in love.

And it takes you exactly 2.5 seconds to realize it.

“No,” you say quickly, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look at you. “No, we are not adopting him.”

“It’s a kid!” He groans, gesturing to the baby boy in the crib gurgling quietly.

You rub your face, staring at your fiance incredulously. When you’d come home two days ago and found Spencer rocking the baby, you’d simultaneously wanted to punch him and kiss him. He knew you weren’t a huge fan of kids, but hot damn, did he look good. So then when he’d told you the story about finding him on the steps of the FBI and volunteering to take him in until they’d found his family, you’d agreed without much persuasion.

But Spencer had just finished telling you about the baby was an orphan, dropped off by the baby’s grandmother. The old woman had been found stabbed to death in her apartment when they went to find her, and the parents had been in a car accident the week before, just two days after he was born, which meant the baby was going to be put into the system. I mean… unless we take him in. Y/N, he doesn’t even have a name.

Spencer really knew how to pull at your heartstrings.

“We can’t take in a kid,” you deadpan, crossing your arms over your chest as he waves his hands wildly.

“Well, we can’t just drop him in the foster system! Look at him!” Reid bends down and picks up the baby somewhat awkwardly, his elbow out a little too much, his posture all wrong.

“You don’t even know how to hold him, Spence.” You peer at the baby, take in the dark eyes staring at you like he was seeing into your soul. “He… he looks like he wants to bite me.”

“He doesn’t want to bite you (y/n),” he says, rolling his eyes. “He doesn’t even have teeth, the worst he could do is gnaw you to death.” You glare at him, and given the quick aversion of his eyes, he catches on to the fact that you’re not in the mood to be teased.

“Look, around 20,000 children each year never leave the system, instead staying until the age out, or turn eighteen.”

You gasp, realizing what he’s about to do. “Spencer Reid, don’t you dare.”

“In 2014, 264,746 children entered foster care and 238,230 children exited foster care-”


“One study claims that over 28% of kids in the system are abused in one way or another.”

“I swear to god-”

“Around 25% of people in prison were, at one point, in the foster system.”

Spencer Reid!” Reid freezes, staring at you with wide eyes. And no matter your annoyance, you can’t help but giggle at his ‘deer-caught-in-headlights’ expression. You move close and gently cup his cheek, pressing your lips to his. He responds quickly, taking one of the hands previously cradling the baby and wrapping it around you, palm pressed against the curve of your back protectively.

You smile as you pull away, looking up at him under your eyelashes. He looks flustered, his fingers weaving through his hair nervously as he holds the baby even closer, almost as if he’s Spencer’s lifeline. Or at least, the only thing keeping him from just dropping. “Um-” he coughs, blinking. You can’t help but giggle, rolling your eyes at your dork of a fiance. This. This is why I love him. “What- what was that for?”

You chew on your lip, play with your necklace as you study the baby. “Why don’t we just… you know… think about it a couple days. Okay? This isn’t just a simple yes or no, this is a baby. Spence, we work the FBI, when would we have time for him? He’d be without us for days at a time. And we’d never have time for just us, you know? Then there’s all the extra expenses-”

“(Y/N), I know what we’re getting into.” You notice that he says ‘we’re’ instead of ‘we’d be’. “I’ve already talked it over with Mrs. Devo-”

You quirk an eyebrow. “You already talked about this with Ms. Devo?”

He smiles awkwardly, shifting his weight from one side to the other as he readjusts the baby in his arms. You can’t help but try to force back a smile as the baby’s chubby little hands grab at Spencer’s tie, pulling his head forward. “You didn’t think I’d come into this without having thought a bit about this? Ms. Devo said she’d love to watch him, ever since Garrett left she’s been lonely. And she also said anytime we would need a date night she’d love to watch him. Finances won’t be an issue and you know that; we get paid enough to pay for the baby. And all of the articles we write are certainly another source of income. Come on, the only reason you don’t want to adopt him is because you’re not a huge fan of kids.”

“Hey, you knew that when you started dating me,” you say quickly, annoyed that he’s turning you into the bad guy in front of the kid. You turn away from him, sit on the couch and watch as he follows you.

“I know (y/n), but I’ve also made it obvious that I want kids since the beginning.”

You sigh, run a hand through your hair. “Spence..”

He scoots closer to you, puts his arm around you. “Come on, just look at that face.”

You roll your eyes but look as Spencer moves the baby so he’s half in your lap. The baby is a happy, babbling mess; drool coating his chin, tangled dark hair, bright pink onesie he’d come in. You softly stroke his hair; his dark skin is soft as heck. And yet, you could still see the hatred in those beady little eyes that your fiance oh-so-conveniently overlooked.

Or maybe that was just your imagination.

You notice Spencer beginning to bring the baby closer to you and realize at last second what he’s about to do. “Reid-!” But it’s too late, and he’s already laid the baby on your leg, holding his side lightly.

“Hold him?”

You glare at him darkly, resolutely keeping your arms away from the baby boy. “No.”

You know that you’ve lost when Reid looks at you pleadingly, bouncing slightly in his seat. “Please, (y/n)?

A sigh escapes your lips as you slide your hand under the baby and lift him up, the boy immediately curling into you. You try to ignore the drool dripping onto your chest as you try to adjust your arms so the baby isn’t uncomfortable. “Please don’t attack my nipples, I know it’s almost time to feed but I don’t have any milk for you.”

The baby lets out a quiet coo, and you can’t help it, a small grin slips onto your lips. He is cute, especially in his little pink onesie. You absentmindedly run your fingers through his wispy hair, turning over the thought of possibly adopting him. You look up, almost ready to tell Spencer there’s a chance you might say yes, but you freeze when you see his expression. He looks almost… blissful. He’s leaned against the end of the couch, a soft smile dancing across his lips as he gazes at the two of you. You’ve never seen so much love directed at two people before.

A small hand wraps around the finger that had just been tracing the baby’s cheek. You glance back down, bite your lip, and stare into the baby’s eyes. And finally, you decide that maybe he doesn’t want to bite you.

“He needs a name,” you say quietly, not tearing your eyes away from the boy.

Yes!” Reid exclaims, leaping across the couch and wrapping an arm around you and the baby. You giggle as he runs his thumb across the baby’s forehead lovingly before turning and pressing a kiss to your lips. “We’re going to be a family,” he breathes against your lips as he pulls away.

You can’t figure out if you’ve ever seen him smile so brightly.

A smile breaks across your own lips at the same time the baby lets out a loud giggle, eyes alight.

And you don’t regret your decision in the slightest.

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