he's like 'are you kidding me with the baby holding

BTS React to: Going on a Haunted House tour with you on Halloween!

Namjoon; Lowkey wants to impress you by holding you close and keeping a cool disposition to ‘protect you’ but fails miserably when something pops out from behind the curtains, causing this big doofus to scream, making you scream even louder, resulting in both of you screaming your heads off like little kids. “Ahhh, I wasn’t really scared babe - I just didn’t want you to feel left out so I screamed along with you…you believe me, right?”~

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Seokjin; Holding on to you the entire time as you both shuffle through the house with your flash lights - him pushing you both through quickly and just wanting to get out without pissing himself from being so freaking scared. When you both finally get out and you ask him if he’s okay (because he’s still clutching on to you for dear life) he says “Baby please let’s never do this again, next time let’s just stay in and eat until we can’t move any more…please?” :3

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Yoongi; Would remain relatively calm until someone starts chasing both of you down the last long hallway - Yoongi grabbing you by your arm and bolting out the door faster than he ever ran in his life. Expect lots of shouting and giggling and holding on to you once you both got out safe and alive with him chuckling at how scared he got “Damn, I didn’t think I’d be that scared…you were scared too right? Right? Please tell me you were also scared…” c:

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Hoseok; You and Hobi would have already decided to just run really fast through the house to get to the end as quick as possible - screaming along the way in hopes of frightening whatever was intending to frighten you. However, when Hoseok trips over his own feet, neither of you can help but burst out laughing at Hobi’s wisecracks as if your both in a damn horror movie “GO ON (Y/N)! SAVE YOURSELF! Wait I was juST KIDDING DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND”

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Jimin; Would try to act cool and flex his muscles like “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll save you from any ghosts inside” as he wraps his arm around you and smirks to himself thinking he’s so manly - but when you tell him that muscles mean nothing when it comes to ghosts, the colour drains from his face as he looks at you like “Shit, u right” just to make you laugh. Even though he’s a bit scared, he’s having tonnes of fun spending the night with you c:

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Taehyung; Expect to hold his hand the whole way through like you can bet this boy will not let go of you, always in your ear with serious questions like “How easy would it be for a spirit to possess me? Would you still love with me if I got possessed?” While you assure him that none of it’s real and he pulls you in closer to him like “Let’s protect each other, I got u, we can do thiS TEAMWORK” You’d both probably end up laughing the whole way through thanks to his silly jokes to ease the scariness of the situation <3

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Jungkook; Would end up getting scared at things that weren’t meant to be scary, like a floorboard creaking or another couple going through at the same time as you both. He would love that you clung on to him when something popped out, your grip around his arm making him smile when he should be screaming along with you. When you both got out, he’d be like “Let’s go again! I like it when you cling on to me from being a little scared” c:

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oh! and tsukki + akiteru hc's :) because they are so good

  • akiteru was probably one of those kids who was sorta lowkey pissed and resistant toward the prospect of having a sibling right up until the first time he got to hold newborn baby kei and look at his little face and touch his little hand, and immediately after it’s ride or die for this wrinkly potato, you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not, i’m ur brother mentor friend for LIFE. 
  • he’s 10000% serious about this shit too, he gets intense and profound Anxiety over the new baby, even more so than his mom: “is that okay to eat?? are you SURE. but what if he suffocates in the bassinet though??? he doesn’t have enough blankets.” 
  • he just loves??? kei??? so much???? 
  • he’s frequently wracked by that specific kind of dread young children often get, where it grows super out of control quickly because he has no prior experience or information to diffuse his emotions with, so he’d camp by kei’s crib to make absolutely sure nothing would happen and if it did he would BE there to stop it!!!! … somehow!!!! (he never got very far into contingency planning) 
  • in the morning their mom would find him curled up on the floor, and kei would already be awake, peeking through the crib bars, watching over akiteru right back. 
  • kei was a super quiet baby, so akiteru would make grotesque faces at him until he laughed. (hilariously, his laughter is ‘shatter your eardrums’ loud). akiteru is the only one that can do this – if anyone else tries kei will just stare at them,
  • their dad is gone on business a lot, so from infancy akiteru is the one source of all knowledge and Cool Things in kei’s life; his opinion is law, his every word a nugget of pure wisdom. 
  • once akiteru called a book he was reading for school asinine, and after that kei called everything asinine for weeks, even things that weren’t asinine, (ESPECIALLY things that weren’t asinine) because he had no context for this word other than akiteru used it and that means its awesome and applicable to all things. 
  • the six-year age gap might have made it difficult for them to relate to each other had akiteru not been basically a ball of pure sunshine and love and kei not been a little info-feedback-validation sponge. 
  • akiteru is the reason kei got into dinosaurs in the first place; they went to a museum of natural history with mum and some of her friends+kids, and kei was in a cranky mood the entire time because there was too much going on and too many people, so akiteru took him on a tour of the “bone hall” and entertained him with random facts: (”Did you know the apatosaurus could break the sound barrier with its tail?”) 
  • from then on it’s dinosaurs everything; dinosaurs on every surface, in every food shape, an army of plastic dinosaurs constantly underfoot, a veritable minefield of paleontology. akiteru gets kei this complicated stegosaurus skeleton model puzzle thing for his 7th birthday and kei solves it so many times that he can assemble it in under 2 minutes after only a couple weeks. 
  • he still has that puzzle somewhere, under his bed probably. he can’t bear to throw it out, even though he’s outgrown it. 

okay forgive me in advance for the gross factor of this post but I just saw a video of the ITH tour cast and their Benny and Nina are just… passionate… 

Like you see CJack and Mandy kissing during the fireworks and it’s just…

Aww they’re so in love and they made sweet gentle love all night holding hands and talking about baby names for their future many kids and he gave her flowers.

Then there’s Arielle Jacobs and Rogelio Douglas Jr and it’s, erm, different.


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Oh God…do not make me think about piggy back rides with his kids.

Even just piggy back rides for his girl; his back is so broad and his arms are so strong, that he wouldn’t even think twice about hoisting you up around his waist and making you hold on to his neck as he parades you around.

For his kids though? I feel like this is a nightly ritual. Wherever they are in the house, it’s always a piggy back ride to bed, complete with rocket ship noises or boat noises or whatever mode of transportation his baby chooses for the evening.

…I just ventured off into daddy!harry territory there, but I regret nothing.

Having A Child With Kai Would Include

Requests: “Having a child with Kai would include? PS: I adore your blog ( ˘ ³˘)❤” (Sorry its so long I just get carried away when I picture Kai with kids!) 

Having a child with Kai would include:

  • Going with you on your check ups
  • Asking the doctor lots of questions
  • “Oh my god, is that its head?” 
  • Getting everything you need when you’re tired or hungry
  • “Oh my god its kicking.” He smiles and rubs his palm over your stomach
  • Freaking out on the delivery day
  • “Can I hold her?” When he sees your baby girl wrapped in her blanket
  • “We made this.” He smiles at you
  • Your newborn wrapping her hand around his finger
  • Catching him asleep stretched out on the sofa with your newborn across his chest sleeping as well
  • “Don’t eat that! She’s so much like me as a kid, Y/N help me!” He yells but you only laugh at him
  • “Mommy, Daddy lets get a puppy!” 
  • Kai having someone to teach magic to
  • Her favorite magic trick happens to be when Kai lights candles with a ‘secret spell’ he claims as he teases her
  • “Daddy, show me a magic trick!” 
  • “Sorry, Sweetheart but a magician never reveals their tricks.” 
  • Your child always getting confused when Kai shaves or grows his facial hair out
  • “That’s not daddy!” She cries and pushed her unshaven father away from her
  • “Kai tell your offspring I said no!” You yell but Kai gives permission anyway
  • Spoiling your only child with whatever she wants because he got nothing as a child
  • “Daddy you bought me a teddy bear?!” She cheers and claps her hands
  • “Of course, for my little snuggle buddy.” Because she always cuddles with her father while watching her cartoons on the sofa
  • Finally telling your child what Kai actually is
  • “Dad, tell me the story behind all of your rings.” 
  • “Dad why does my nose bleed when I practice some of your spells?” 
  • “You have to get stronger, my spells take a lot of practice.” 
  • “Y/N lets have another.” 
  • “Another?” You gasp
  • “If you ever hurt my daughter, I swear I will track your ass down and kill you.” 
  • Rick: *Holding the baby Morty in his arms* What the fuck do I do with the thing
  • Beth: Play peek-a-boo with him, I bet he'd like that
  • Rick: ... *He sighs and plays peekaboo with the baby Morty* Peekaboo!
  • Beth: Alright that's enough bonding time for you, give me my son before you hurt him or yourself.

I know that most reincarnation fics focus on Merlin and Arthur when they’re older, but right now I’m stuck on the idea of tiny toddler Arthur out with (both!! BOTH!!) his parents, having a blast doing whatever, and he sees Hunith walking by with tiny baby Merlin and he’s like “oh!!! Oh! There you are, Merlin, about time I found you. Hunith I can hold him can’t I?? See, he likes me– whoops, no, I caught him, haha. That was close” and Hunith is just like who on earth is this kid

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hope this is okay :)

“You are all over my butt tonight.”

When Jasmine had insisted that Anthony not see what she was wearing for the Super Bowl until she had it on Anthony was going crazy back at the hotel, trying to distract his mind until it was time to go meet up with the girls.

When he finally does get to see her he loses his breath as his jaw drops, Jasmine taking his reaction as a compliment. “Are you kidding me, baby girl, you look incredible,“ He manages to say as they make their way towards the stadium, Jasmine laughing as she grabs his hand.

“I’m glad you like it,” She smiles, sitting next to him as she tries to keep her nerves in check. Anthony can’t help but hold her close and may have brushed against her butt a few times, Jasmine laughing each time, grabbing his hand to hold it as she waited to go on.

The subtle butt touches and glances Anthony steals through the night don’t go unnoticed from Jasmine, who waits until they’re back in their hotel room and Anthony’s lips are on hers that she brings anything up.

“You are all over my butt tonight,” She giggles as Anthony’s hands rest right where he had been looking all night, Anthony laughing along with her.

“Jazzy, I can’t help it. Have you seen yourself in this outfit tonight? You look incredible, your ass looks amazing, and I can’t help but be attracted to it when you’re looking like this,” He quickly explains, Jasmine laughing as she nods.

“Well then, show me how much you still love my butt when this is off,” She whispers in his ear, kissing his ear lobe as she moves to his neck, Anthony slowly removing her outfit with Jasmine’s help so that it didn’t rip.

Rather than go to the after parties they had been invited to Jasmine and Anthony spend their night in the hotel room, Anthony reminding her multiple times to stay quiet so they didn’t wake up the guests around them.

They’re both convinced that they both have more fun together than they would have at the parties, Jasmine pressing herself against Anthony’s naked body when they finished, more than grateful that he had done everything he could to be there with her when she needed it the most.

Give me Jack and Bitty who don’t want kids!!!!!!!!!

Bitty holding a baby and immediately giving it back when it starts crying!! He doesn’t want to deal with that!! 

Jack who loves to coach peewee hockey but is so thankful when they all get picked up from practice because an hour and a half with 20 kids is a long time. 

Jack and Bitty are asked to be the godparents of a teammate’s newborn, but they respectfully decline. They don’t want the responsibility! They’ll still buy the kids presents and hang out with it when it’s older, but they’re not interested in that kind of relationship with children.

The family next door has elementary aged twins, and they sometimes babysit because the kids are old enough to not poop their pants and they like the parents a lot and want them to experience date night again. 

Jack and Bitty who don’t have anything tying them down to one place! They can hop on a plane to an island whenever they want or go on a date or go camping or to the olympics!! They can do anything because they don’t have kids and it’s a great feeling. 


I had a few nuns around me growing up, and they would talk like that; scaring kids with stories of God’s wrath. Made me not want to believe. The only words that stuck with me were something Sister McKenna said about the Bible. She said, “God is love.” Simple and, a little sappy, but that’s the version I like. God is love. The thing that holds us together. And if that’s true, I don’t think he would punish you for making a mistake. I think he’d forgive a mistake.

It makes me so mad that I can’t travel with synth Shaun! I want to travel with my little boy even if he isn’t the real one! Like I feel that Bethesda owes us that much! Or I want an animaton where I can hold little Shaun. You know how little kids sometimes hug you and end up clinging to your side?! I want that! I fought long and hard to find my kid only to be disappointed by this 60 year old weenie.

I get WHY it wouldn’t be a good idea to travel with tiny Shaun but I want that! I want to be able to run around the wasteland with a companion AND little Shaun. Maybe it’s just me but that should be an option. I think it would make the game feel a bit more realistic

can u imagine hearing “aah baby come ‘ere” in cal’s sleepy, gruff, deep voice?? are u kidding me? like he’d see you and immediately wanna hold u, or ur ass i mean who really knows, and you’d go over to him and he’d just start trailing his hands up and down your body and admiring your skin and just telling you you’re so beautiful and he lvoes you so much in that voice i want my own calum :(

Can I Have a Private Dance? | Closed RP

Talon walked out of the bar while trying to get his keys out. Today was the last day of finals, and a bunch of the professors had went out for drinks after the last test to relax and loosen up before they had to start grading. Becoming a college professor does have its benefits. Unlike high school, their are less kids disrupting classes for no reason, almost every student in his classes find what he teaches interesting, and the best part, he is able to assign more challenging reading. He loves it.

He was just about to get into his truck when heard a male’s voice coming the neighboring parking lot. “Come on baby, you can’t tell me you shake you little ass like that for everyone.”

Talon looked over to see a strip club parking lot. The source of the voice was middle aged white male, holding a girl against one of the cars. Based of how he was talking, Talon assumed that the girl worked at the club. By the looks of it, she didn’t like what the man was doing. He walks over to them.


Sebastian Stan POV Request

Hi sweetpie! My request is for Sebastian Stan. Imagine that like a friend of yours asks you to babysit their lil baby and Sebastian sees you in a special moment with the baby (like singing him to sleep or something) and is like if he falls even deeper for you and decides that he wants to have kids with u someday. His PoV if possible. Thanks and sorry for being so long 😁😘

*Sebastian’s POV*

“Bye, we’ll see you later tonight,” Y/N smiled at her friend and closed the front door. She came back into the house bouncing her best friends 8 month old baby, Charlie, on her hip. “I think it’s dinner time. Want to hold him while I cook up some dinner for all of us?”

I was a little nervous as Y/N passed me the baby. Charlie smiled and giggled as I took him which was reassuring. I followed Y/N into the kitchen and sat at the table with Charlie as she cooked. “What are you making,” I asked as Charlie pounded on the table.

“For us, pizza and, for the little one, some mashed potatoes.”

After a good dinner and a few diaper changes Charlie was tuckered out and ready for bed. I took him upstairs and put him to bed with Y/N and after he was asleep we went to the couch and put on some reruns of whatever we could find. An hour after Charlie was asleep his cried echoed and Y/N stood up, “I’m going to check on him.” She was gone for about 10 minutes when I decided to get up and see what was going on.

When I neared the door I heard the light voice of Y/N coming into the hallway. I crept up to the door and looked in, watching her as she rocked Charlie in her arms and sang him a lullaby. Y/N looked up suddenly and smiled at me. “He’s almost back asleep.”

As we drove home from babysitting Charlie it was clear to Y/N that I was lost in thought. “What are you thinking about, Seb?”

“Seeing you with Charie tonight got me thinking about the future.”

“What about?”

“About what it would be like to have kids with you.”

Just Enough (Michael)

“would you be able to do a daddy 5sos preference where he is a struggling musician and you guys have kids and are struggling to make it work but end up getting it to”

A/N:AUs like this one make me happy. I feel things. Anyway, these will each be going up on different days, so look forward to these for awhile! I used different babies, just to mix things up. Enjoy, and let me know what you think xx

The day that Jessica was born changed Michael’s life. He never knew that holding a baby could literally change everything, but that day he did. When he was standing beside you and holding his daughter in his arms as she slept peacefully, he was overwhelmed with the feeling that he was now responsible for another human life than his own.

But he loved being a father. He didn’t even necessarily hate being up at all hours of the night when Jessica was up, because it gave him a chance to look at her, make sure she was okay, calm his nerves that something was wrong. Because obviously it wasn’t if she was in your arms, being fed. 

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got7 as things @wreckitrapmon has said
  • mark: like i'm sorry you're not cool enough to enjoy the wonders of childhood and the intensity that is tag
  • jb: my kid can be born allergic to cats and ikes being closed at 7 will still be the biggest disappointment of my life
  • jackson: i just spent 3hrs in a chatroom talking about rapmon's mole on his tummy
  • junior: if you take this from me, i will eat your babies
  • youngjae: he could give me a cucumber shaped like a clown and i would still like him
  • bambam: anyway are you guys gonna download snow
  • yugyeom: flirty bickering is just a nice way to put imma be mean af to you but also i wanna hold your hand and maybe name some kids together idek why you so ugly
More Gravity Falls sentence starters

“Now, who wants to put on some blindfolds and get in my car?”

“Follow me into this dark and dangerous alley.”  

“Avenge me, kids! Avenge meeeee!”

“Darn beautiful men. Always eating out of my trash… wait, what?”

“Who would sacrifice everything they worked for just for their dumb sibling?”

“_____ is the worst. And that’s not just jealousy talking, I would say that to his/her face.”

“You’re the worst.”

“Oh, I’ll hold my horses. I’ll hold them. You monster.”

“It’s like if coffee and nightmares had a baby.”

“Kids! I can’t find the remote, and I refuse to stand up!”

“Hot Belgian waffles!”

“Dude, you’re laying on my bra.”

“Disco girl, coming through. That girl is you. ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh.”

“You’re never gonna see it, Kid. Never. Gonna. See it.”

“Watch the shop for a minute, _____. I need to go find a melon-baller and pull my eyeballs out.”

“I believe in you, Goober.”

“I’m gonna find you, Kid!”

“And here we have Rock That Looks Like a Face Rock, the rock that looks like a face.”

“It’s just like my life… in a way.”

“Don’t come in! Don’t come in!”

“Nah, come on. Everyone’s seen a bicycle-riding bear. No, no. I’m going to teach this bear to drive.”

“And the yellow light means ‘speed up’.”

“Okay, you undead jerks. You ready to die twice?”

“The only wrinkly monster who harasses my family is me!”

“Everything hurts.”

“Would it be wrong to punch a child?”

“Woah! Children fighting. I can sell this.”

“Well, I learned nothing.”


“Come here, sweetheart,” Dean snaked his arms around your waist and brought you tumbling down to the bed with him. You laughed, feeling the weight of the day’s problems lift off your shoulders. He kissed your cheek, before continuing his path to your ear.
“I love you, and I frankly don’t know how you managed to have me feel like this,” his fingers squeezed where they rested on your hips.
“I love you, too, baby,” you kissed his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders.
“I’d like to imagine we’d live that apple pie life,” his lips grazed the shell of your ear. “I’d drive a pickup truck and you’d move the kids around in a minivan.”
“I’d be those regular, soccer moms with the prissy voice,” you wrinkled your nose as Dean chuckled, breath fanning out across your cheek.
“It’d be perfect,” he tightened his hold on you. “You’d be the first person I see after coming home from work. And we’d hold BBQ’s in our backyard. God, it’d be fucking amazing.”
“I want all of that and more with you, Dean,” you turned your face until your lips met his.
“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, Y/N,” he kissed you deeply. “I love you.”

Requested by winchester-writes! Gifs credits go to owners. Imagine requests opened!

Anon Requested: Exo reaction when your baby is premature (but heathy) and he/she is an incubator and they're watching him/her with their wife? Thank you!

Some of the members don’t talk because they’re just looking at their baby :D


Xiumin: I can’t believe he’s so small right now. 


Y/N: She has your eyes

Luhan: *can’t stop staring at his baby* s-sorry did you say something?


Kris: Look, she looked at me briefly!


D.O: Ah, look, she’s waking up!



Lay: M'baby



Chen: *to you* Right now, he may be small, but honestly, he’s going to beat all the kids’ asses when he’s older. Just watch. You wont believe it


Chanyeol: He’s going to grow to be tall like me


Tao: I can’t believe she’s so tiny. I could hold her in one hand.


Sehun: Hello extra mini me!


Kai: When he grows up, I can tell he’s going to be a dancer too