he's like

According to party banters, Dorian is afraid of heights, gets seasick very easily, and has severe seasonal allergies. We’ve had him figured wrong this whole time. He wasn’t a precocious, rebellious kid, he was the kid who wears sweaters until May because his mom says he’s “delicate.” He was Eustace Scrubb.

the average height for british males in the victorian era was 5′5 with 5′9 considered unusually tall. Jonathan was 6′5…… that’d be so extraordinary. i mean he’d be considered pretty massive in this day and age but imagine you, a happily average 5′5 victorian man going down the street and seeing this behemoth before you. what a wild day that’d be


Taemin looks a little embarrassed, but goes along anyway…lol 

Seoul Music Awards 160114