he's leaving (with me)

I’m going to rant for a bit about this scene:

This scene made me so mad. I was so furious because Clay wanted to stay,  but she kept telling him to leave so he respected her. She said “get the fuck out,” when he was trying to help. I’m so sad because he regretted not saying “I love you” and not leaving Hannah. It makes me mad how Hannah says on the tape, she wishes he tried asking to stay one more time, but come on, YOU said you wanted him to leave. You could’ve said stay. You could’ve asked him to just sit there and have silence. He was there for her and it makes me upset how she didn’t really realize it. This just fucked me up and I’m so frustrated with the outcome. 

Thanks for reading if you did. I just wanted to ramble cuz it’s been on my mind for too long. 

Second Chances Pt. 4 (Jeff Atkins X Reader X Zach Dempsey)

3 weeks since you have last seen Jeff. 3 days since you’ve showered. 3 hours since you’ve last cried. 3 minutes since he’s last texted you. 3 seconds since you’ve last thought about him. You missed him but you couldn’t bare seeing him. You felt that if you did see him you would burst out crying. You went to your spot again someone was there. Like before it was Zach again. He looked up at you, “Want me to leave?” He asked, you just shrugged and sat down next to him. Although you knew you were going to regret talking to the first boy who broke you, you told him everything on how you were feeling and everything that’s been happening You just needed someone to talk to. Once you were done he reached into his book bag, “Here, I remember when we were dating these would always cheer you up.” He said handing you a Toblerone. You smiled at the fact that he actually remembered. “Can I tell you something?” He asked and you nodded, “I didn’t mean it when I called you a slut and whore, I guess I was just angry at the fact that it seemed that you liked Jeff more than me.” “If you didn’t mean it then why did you cheat?” You asked, “Someone had told me you cheated on me, another reason I was so aggressive so I decided to do the same.” You scoffed, “Because a fucking rumor you decided to break my heart into a million pieces?!” You yelled, he just looked down feeling ashamed. You heard him mumble an “I’m sorry” and you sighed. “I want to say "it’s fine” but it isn’t, I was so hurt after that.“ You said, "I know, which is why I tried asking for a second chance at prom but then Jeff came and I guess I got aggravated.” He said quietly. You wanted so badly to believe that he was sorry but it was hard for you. “What happened to the girl you cheated on me with? Are you two dating?” You asked, “No, she was nothing compared to you. She was an actual slut.” You winced at that word. It would just remind you of the times he said that to you. You opened the Toblerone he gave to you and handed him a piece, it was also his comfort food that would make him happy. You guys just sat there enjoying the chocolate that was soon gone. “Wanna go grab something to eat?” He asked, you were quite hungry so you agreed. Why were you hanging out with the boy who broke you? You weren’t completely sure yourself. You two went to McDonalds and you noticed Jeff sitting at a table by himself. He looked dead. Zach saw you staring at him, “Can we go somewhere else?” You asked Zach and he nodded. Before you two left you saw Jeff look at you and Zach, sadness filling his eyes. “He looked dead without you,” Zach stated. “I don’t know what to do.” You stated while brushing your fingers through your hair. “Give him the second chance you didn’t give me. He actually deserves it unlike me.” Zach said while looking into your eyes.

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It’s time to move on
It’s time for us to leave
Once I thought we would leave together
But I guess not
You’re leaving with him
And I’m leaving alone
We told people we were leaving together
But they’ll find out soon
You left me
And yeah I blame you
I have every right to
You said we were in love
That was two weeks ago
And now you have him
And I’m all alone
You said it was time to say goodbye
That’s what hurt the most
Leaving you
Having you leave me
And one day when he hurts you
As you hurt me
I’ll be here waiting
For you
And that’s not right
Because you aren’t right for me
You’re toxic
But I think that’s why I love you
And why you don’t feel the same.

- moving on (but I’m not)

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What do you think of the episode "meant to be"?? I can't rlly think about anyone who that episode is gonna be about except ed and oswald unless they go down the route of babs and ed or ivy and oswald. I fear this episode tbh

Few things to keep in mind: that might be a fake title. The site it was uploaded on can be edited by anyone and seeing as the next two official titles do not match those, I highly doubt ‘meant to be’ is legit ;A;

And if it was, I’m positive it would be about Nygmobblepot cause… y’know… ‘Anything For You’ ;)

Lastly!!! I don’t think we need to stress about ed/babs or os/ivy at all?? I really do not see Edward falling for Barbara. It seems he is very particular about the women he has feelings for and he does not strike me as the ‘love em and leave em’ type, at least.. not our Ed. 

Os/Ivy would just be the worst thing Gotham could possibly do, seeing as she has the mentality of a child still and I truly doubt the writers would go there. 

music shuffle tag

I was tagged by the gem @alexanderhamllton HAHAH LOOK HOW MUCH I LIKE MUSICALS GUYS

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  1. On the Steps of the Palace - Into the Woods Movie Soundtrack
  2. Honour to Us All - Mulan Soundtrack
  3. Hasa Diga Ebowai - The Book of Mormon Original Broadway Cast Recording 
  4. This Amazing Offer - Cry-Baby Studio Cast Recording
  5. Leave Luanne - 35mm Original Cast Recording
  6. When He Sees Me - Waitress Original Broadway Cast Recording
  7. Jealousy - Darren Criss
  8. Let it Sing - Violet Original Broadway Cast Recording
  9. Your Man - Down With Webster (woooooow) 
  10. Every Single Night - Computer Games

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I love your analysis! I think it's about two people. He wants this person to leave this girl because he says "We don't gotta talk about nothing nice if you wanna come down But she don't gotta know bout nothing". Then he says "I don't wanna waste my time if I can't make you decide" like he's frustrated that this person can't make a decision to be with him or the girl. "When we feel alive I know she'll let me go", so it's like he's saying when we're together that other person will leave me too.

See I keep getting the feeling that it’s not about this ‘girl/she’ like ‘She don’t gotta know bout nothing’ implying that she doesn’t have to know about whatever’s going on between the I (george) and the you (person he keeps singing to). 

I don’t wanna waste my time if I can’t be by your side

as compared to 

“But she don’t gotta know bout nothing”

I actually think it might be a guy? For the purposes of the song, the singer might be addressing a man? I am not saying George is singing about a man, or sang it with those intentions but the song itself might not be straight? 

Honestly I get the same vibe as She’s So Nice. Where the girl is just a connection between the two male singers and not necessarily what the two people want. Again I’m not gonna get tooo into it until we get the official lyrics because George has a way of saying things and us hearing something else like “bopping/hopping on my dick” and “raise your blades in the air/razor blades in the air” 

So until then, I’m gonna restrain myself. But I get the feeling it’s about two people as well. 

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Hi! About svtfoe and Marco - in one episode there was a Mexican flag in the background in his Dad's garage so he's /at least/ half Mexican. It might be a little shallow but it was a small detail I picked up on but I haven't finished the second season yet so I'm not sure if he was canonly confirmed. But I'm also Mexican and while I'm content with Marco's depiction his father leaves me a little on edge bc he seems like a big joke and the accent is very exaggerated and /meant/ to be a funny thing.

And as a child of immigrants who have VERY heavy accents it does admittedly leave me a little :/ because you know the accent is meant to be funny and to be laughed at so that’s my little beef with the show from a latinx’s view point. 

Ah okay I see it now

I feel like poc of different races should come together and just make a show with different characters like them and each has their own say on that character as far as representation goes.

I feel like that would be cool af and interesting

Unpredictable (prologue)

There he was again. After so many times I told him, begged him to stay away. I know that he wasn’t planning on leaving me alone, but I hoped he would. Not only was he stubborn, but he loved me. And how tortures it was, I loved him too. We loved each other so much, that’s what makes this whole situation so hard. I couldn’t help the way I feel about him. Feelings are not to be controlled by your mind, you feel them in your heart. Whether it’s love or hate, you just can’t deny it. I wished I’d hate him with all my heart and that I wouldn’t be attracted to him, that I wouldn’t still love him and care about him, but that wasn’t possible. Once you fall for him, give him your everything, you can’t just turn your back at him. You probably wonder who I’m talking about and what exactly happened. 
Leati Joseph Anoa'i is the man I’m talking about, better known as Roman Reigns. Yeah I know, ‘how predictable’. But I’m telling you, it was totally unpredictable to be honest with you. Let me tell you the whole story.

(A/N) So guys this was originally the intro of my story on wattpad but I wanted to post it on here with a complete different storyline. What do y'all think, shall I continue this🙈

to gain a little perspective, read this first

Adaya listened as Marr and this…Prince spoke to one another, staying silent as they moved through his flagship. The stun cuffs were heavy around her wrists and she was missing her sabers, both literally and sentimentally. There was something about his voice that was vaguely…familiar, like a half forgotten dream. She had a hazy memory of them talking, of him holding her hands in his own, but when she tried to recall it, the memory slipped further away.

“Nothing to say, Jedi?” Arcann asked her and she looked at him, snapping out of her thoughts.

“Have we met before?” She asked and surprise flickered in the eye not covered by the half mask he wore. She felt as Marr’s interest was piqued, paying very close attention to the two of them.

“I would remember if we had.” There was something in the way he said it, “Something tells me you leave a lasting impression.” The guards around them tensed as she stepped closer to him, but relaxed as he held up a restraining hand. Her eyes moved over his face as she looked up at him. “Leave us.” The guards pushed Marr from the room, the Knights exiting with them and leaving them alone. She watched them go before turning her attention back to him. There was a moments hesitation before he reached up, taking the mask off. They stared at each other for a long moment before her hands raised, hovering over the scarring on the side of his face.

“You’re injured.” She whispered, recalling the words she had spoken to him previously, “I could heal them for you…” He took her hands in his gently, holding them between them.

“I can not guarantee what will happen next.” Arcann said, “My father is not known for his mercy, but I will petition him for your life.”


“The sabers you made are beautiful, that alone would secure you a place in our society.” Arcann said, “More than that, you are…fascinating.”

“I…thank you.” She said and he nodded, releasing her hands and picking up his mask that had fallen to the floor, putting it back on again, hiding the scarring from view. “Your…father, do you know who and what he really is? The things he’s done…” She shook her head, “Entire planets, turned to dust and ash. Countless innocent lives lost for his own power.”

“You are certain it is him?” He asked and she nodded.

“I was there, I…felt him and I feel him now. Such pure, undiluted evil. It makes my skin crawl.” She gave a shudder and he scowled slightly, thinking over her words.

“What is your intent?” He asked.

“Justice. He needs to answer for the decades of war and bloodshed he caused.”

“With his life?”

“If it comes to that.” She said, “I’m hoping it doesn’t, but I have a feeling it will.” He was silent for a long moment.

“If he truly is as you say and he verifies it, should the opportunity arise I will help you.” He said, wheels turning and plans forming in his mind.

“Thank you, your…Highness.”

“Arcann.” He said simply, “You may call me Arcann.”

Oh god its just me & Alec in today & he was talking to me about Violet leaving & saying how he felt so hurt because we’re like a family here & if he had known she was looking at leaving he would have looked at all the ways he could have made things better for her & I just feel awful.

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hello Kish! can I just say your consistant and genuine care and appreciation for your audience is the most lovely thing to observe, you honestly seem like the most beautiful person!! since your so generous with your advice I wanted to ask you about something, my boyfriend of 6 mths has never seen me without makeup, even when he sleeps over I never fully take it off, and although I know he won't leave me because of how I look, I'm really scared for him to see my bare face, what should I do! xx

Aw thank you so so so much gorgeous!!!!! Means a lot 💞💞💞 Okay well I know when I was younger I used to have a hard time accepting my appearance and a big part of that was wearing makeup 24/7! Which is one, definitely not good for my skin but also my self love ! Makeup is fun, creative and all that (dont get me wrong) but honestly if you’re putting it on because you hate/ are embarrassed of your appearance without it, then that’s something you need to look into and work on ! I know for a fact he won’t care at all what you look like without makeup, and if he does, and for some reason makes you feel like shit without it then you definitely need to reconsider your relationship !!! If I were you, I would slowly start wearing less makeup! So for example one day, I would take off my eyeliner or eyeshadow (depending on what you dont and don’t wear) and keep doing that each time until there is nothing to take off !!! Of course you can wear makeup around him but I feel like this would really help not only you, but your relationship grow too !! BEST OF LUCK GORGEOUS , don’t be afraid, I’m sure he will love you equally either way xxxx 💖💖💖💖💖

if sm fucks up f(x) more than he already has, i will never forgive him. he will be known as the most unappreciative company there is. these girls have given you nearly 8 years of their lives as a group, much more was given pre-debut, and you can’t even have the decency to treat them with respect. they’re only younger than snsd by two years, and you can’t even treat them remotely the same? we wait years to get what other groups get within their first year of debut. we support our girls through thick and thin and during their solo activities, meus bleed with f(x) and cry with f(x) because we love them, and if you fuck this up sm, if you disband f(x) or hurt them in anyway, nobody will ever forgive you for fucking up one of the best things this world has been given. nobody.