he's learning fast

Seriously, some of y'all maknae line stans are so annoying. This could be the chance for J-Hope, the best dancer of BTS (that was literally said by all of them) to go to Hit The Stage but no. The maknae line has already a lot of opportunities compared to the hyung line and you don’t even want to give the hyung line a chance to show what they can do.

cue training montage that I do not have enough ink or stamina to finish

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if nina taught baby sonny to read, what did vanessa teach him? or carla?

vanessa taught him the ancient art of the grumps

theyre a force to be reckoned with now 

Headcanon NSFW: Jerome Valeska

A = Aftercare

Jerome doesn’t cuddle nor he makes sure if he was too rough. From time to time his lips and/ or tongue brushing over the marks he gave you.

C = Cum

Jerome loves to spill his seed on your body before wiping it away with his finger and sticks it in your mouth.
He also enjoys to eat you out and doesn’t stop after you came.

D = Dirty Secret

Jerome has no secrets when it comes to his sexual life. He’s like an open book to you and isn’t ashamed of it when it comes to his sexual desire.

E = Experience

Jerome isn’t the most experienced person in Gotham. But he learns fast and knows after your first time what makes you scream and squirm.

F = Favourite Position

Speed bump.
Jerome enjoys it to mountain you and to press your body in the mattress. The skin to skin contact where he feels every little move of your body are a big turn on for him. Same goes for the sounds which leaves your mouth and who are close to his ear.

I = Intimacy

He wants you - he takes you.
He doesn’t waste time with foreplay, instead he purrs in your ear what he’ll do with you before tearing your clothes off.

J = Jack Off

Jerome doesn’t jerk himself off as long as he has you. Only when you’re tied up to the bed and he stares down at you and wants to tease you.

K = Kink

Jerome is a kinky bitch.
From blood choking until knife play, he enjoys every form of kinky sex.
But his biggest kink to test your limits, the fine line between pain and pleasure.

L = Location

Jerome has no limits and it wouldn’t bother him to have an audience during your little make out.

M = Motivation

Every part of your body is a turn on for him, even when he wouldn’t admit it. The way you move, speak, smile or look at him.

N = NO

There’s nearly nothing what would be a turn off for Jerome.
Jerome doesn’t kinkshame and says frankly when he doesn’t want to do something.

O = Oral

Jerome enjoys fucking your throat the same way he enjoys to go down on you. Especially when you’re tied to the bed and aren’t able to move and he has the control over you.

P = Pace

Two words: fast and hard.
Expect when he wants to tease you and he penetrates you with slow, powerful thrusts.

Q = Quickie

Jerome likes quickies, but he doesn’t prefer them. The quick, hard thrusts where he has no time to play his little games with you doesn’t satisfy him enough, but prepare you what’ll come when he has more time for you.

R = Risk 

Jerome takes risks.
No matter if he’d hurt himself.
He tries to go easy on you and tests how much you could take and a little more. But he’d never seriously hurt you.

S = Stamina

Jerome is insatiable.
Once he gets started, he doesn’t stop until you’re a mess and sore between the legs.

T = Toy

Jerome owns a lot of toys and wants to try each of them with you. The only thing what he doesn’t allow is when a toy pleases you more than him.

U = Unfair

Jerome is a tease.
He’d stop just before his orgasm only to hear you beg and whimper. Also he’d hold you in position so that you can’t move your hips against his.

V = Volume

Jerome is unusually quiet in bed.
Small groans, growls and purrs leaving his throat. His warm breath tickles in your neck and sends shiver after shiver down your spine.

W = Wild Card

Jerome has a fetish for costumes and roleplay.
Police officer and criminal where he punishes you for being a bad, bad girl.
Everything about the circus where you’re in one and give in to pleasure..

Y = Yearning

Sex hasn’t top priority for Jerome.
He could do without it for a few days or even weeks


Jerome is a ball of energy.
So while you’re busy with catching your breath, he’s already doing other things like taking a shower etc.

imagine hoseok as your dance instructor.

Originally posted by sugutie

  • most popular dance teacher at the studio.
  • teaches hiphop and street dance to all ages.
  • also leads a dance crew.
  • often drops in on other classes just to generally spread cheer and shout encouragement.
  • because imagine hobi doing ballet with toddlers in his hiphop gear.
  • or dancing waltz with seniors in his sneakers.
  • he lights up the room always, everyone loves him he’s so much fun.
  • he’s pretty good at literally all the dances too he’s just amazing.
  • sadly you’re not in any of his classes, but you’ve seen him around.
  • he’s dropped in on your zumba class twice maybe and he’s magnificent, he learns the choreo so fast and completely outshines everyone even the instructor like it’s not the least bit fair to anyone he’s so good.
  • so naturally, when your instructor calls in sick, he’s asked to step in and lead you in zumba.
  • and like, he doesn’t even hesitate.
  • sure, he doesn’t know the first thing about zumba and he doesn’t know the choreo and the class is in ten minutes but he’s down.
  • and when he’s watched the choreo video a few times he’s ready to go.
  • you might expect him to be a little awkward but nope
  • if anyone had any doubts, j-hope erases them all within the first few minutes.
  • he’s not entirely confident in the choreo, so he just freestyles some parts and encourages you all to just feel the music and go with it if you fall out of step.
  • and honestly you’ve been so motivated to give it your all, and never have you felt so free to move, and never have you had so much fun dancing.
  • he even dances around the room and with you all individually.
  • and you might get all flustered and trip over yourself a little before he gets to you but you know hobi, he’s all smiles and positivity and encouragement and you don’t feel the least bit embarrassed.
  • and when he announces class is over you’re all like what??? no :(
  • because it only felt like five minutes and you never wanted it to end.
  • and yeah you’re exhausted but you could still go on for hours and how ?? is he so ?? handsome ?? all sweaty and out of breath he still glows like a damn ray of sunshine you just wanna bask in his warmth for all eternity amirite
  • someone asks if he can be your instructor forever and he’s like haha sorry you’ll just have to take my classes.
  • and someone else heard he had a competition coming up and he’s like “yeah !!!!! please attend it’s gonna be so much fun and maybe we’ll even win idk but we go out for chicken afterwards you should all come!”
  • and somehow they wrestle him into giving you a preview and ohhh boy does he.
  • holy hell you’ve never seen someone move like that up close and if you weren’t already so breathless he’d have taken your breath away for sure.
  • ur like ???? to hell with zumba i wanna do that!!!
  • and you have to talk to this sunshine he’s so lovely you just gravitate towards him and as people start to leave you’re like “how??? do you do that.”
  • “what.”
  • “that thing when you’re like bam and it’s like dak
  • “ohhh the popping?”
  • “yes omg can you show me”
  • and he does and you don’t really get it on the first twelve tries but he’s so helpful and encouraging you’re like wow! i need this person in my life.
  • so next week, guess who shows up at his hiphop beginners class? it you.
  • and he’s so happy to see you he’s like hEY we have a new person
  • and of course you’re not the only one there’s like three other people from your zumba class attending and one of them is like welp yeah i guess we fell for your charms aha
  • and he blUSHES and goes all giggly but then glances over at you kinda sneakily to check your reaction and you’re like gULP
  • your eyes meet for just a split second and you could swear the whole world stopped turning because the moment felt infinite.
  • and then it’s over and you realise you have a big stupid crush on your dance teacher.
  • so you turn up to support him at their competition and of course they win but when you go to congratulate him you end up getting kinda squished together in a group hug.
  • you’re both out of breath and it’s intimate and a little awkward, but afterwards when you’re let go and you’re still trying hard not to think about how he feels so nice so close to you, how you could just about feel his heartbeat against you, how incredibly good he smells, how warm and firm he felt, how–
  • ok anyway he smiles sheepishly and apologises for his friends, wondering if you’re okay.
  • honestly he’s so sweet it melts your heart.
  • after that tbh you two are always making eyes at each other and it’s so painfully obvious to everyone they’re just waiting for it to dawn on you two.
  • people are always dropping hints like when you’re chatting with hobi before class and someone walks by like “oohhhhh hope i’m not interrupting somethiiiiing”
  • or when you stay after class to ask about a particular move and jimin and taehyung are up against the glass making kissy faces at him when you’re not looking.
  • eventually you just end up having dinner together after class and you don’t even know who asked who to dinner, it just happened.
  • and you’re both so eager to spend time with one another that before either of you knows it it’s become A Thing and i guess ?? you’re sort of ?? seeing each other ????
  • you just hadn’t realised it until you discover everyone thinks you’re finally together oops
  • and you’re lowkey hella excited and kinda nervous when you confront hobi with this like “omg did you know ???? people think we’re a couple lol hilarious”
  • and he’s like “yeah,,,,,,,,listen,,,,,,,,, i kinda just ran with it.”
  • turns out he knew for like two weeks and he didn’t know what to say or do about it.
  • and you’re like “wait, are we dating?? but we,,, haven’t even,,,, kissed??”
  • and he mumbles something about “well,,,yanno,,,,if you wanna,,,”
  • but you both get shy and can’t even look at each other it’s v cute.
  • and next time you stay after class yoongi comes to fetch hobi because he promised to help with something.
  • and yoongi bursts in like “okok enough of that we gotta go.”
  • hobi’s like “ok wait we were just gonna–”
  • “i said enough just kiss them already we gotta go!”
  • you and hoseok just look at each other kinda wide eyed and then he does, hobi kisses you and it’s quick and soft and perfect, and then yoongi drags him away.
  • and then hoseok comes running back for another kiss.
  • and another.
  • and a total of four probably until yoongi recruits jungkook to carry hobi the hell out of there.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 2426

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Smut, swearing, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!) chocolate pie porn.

Request: Hello! I have a request, could you do one where the reader starts working for Tony and soon after the reader and Bucky start a secret affair? Thanks love! - Anon

A/N: Here you go my dear! Sorry that it took me so long!

‘You can do this.’

‘You have worked hard for this.’

‘You deserve this.’

The pep talk you were giving yourself as you drove up to the gate surrounding the Avengers compound wasn’t helping your nerves at all. You leaned forward to look up through your windshield at the concrete walls. This place was a fortress.

You rolled your window down when you approached a booth. You hit the green call button and jumped at the electronic voice that spoke.

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Peter In Autumn

A/n: just some Hcs about Peter in his favorite time of the year,

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

  • This boy loves Autumn
  • mean, LOVES Autumn
  • he highkey only wears fallish colors through september and october,
  • also highkey plans his halloween costume months before,
  • only to change it a week before, because he’s a hot mess, we all know this,
  • also can’t sew for shit on a machine (Damn good at hand stitching though) so he ends up taking way longer on the costume than it should take, 
  • Gets no sleep two days before Halloween,
  • makes cocoa everyday,
  • burns it half of the time,
  • becomes obsessed with oversized sweaters,
  • he saves up his money so he can do some thrift store shopping for all the sweaters, 
  • no one take this boy away from his sweaters,
  • Secretly loves pumpkin spice,
  • non secretly loves cinnamon,
  • this dork owns small jars of both cinnamon and pumpkin spice and totally carries it around with him, just in case he needs it for anything,
  • 100% wore a autumn flower crown at one point,
  • marathons scary movies throughout October,
  • okay maybe more like kids scary movies,
  • okay yeah he watched corpse bride and nightmare before christmas,
  • he tried to watch the shining, he really did. He just learned very fast that he can’t handle jump scares or flickering lights. Nope.
  • (Legit, hardly got through Stranger things without having a slight breakdown,)
  • He once found a TV about the size of a computer screen, and recorded a little 
  • homemade tape of a fire, so he could play it in the night, even put some dollar store Spooky stickers on it,
  • Peter’s a BOSS at making pumpkin pieless,
  • basically just the filling. He always manages to burn the crust if he makes a regular pie,
  • hence the pieless,
  • Used to collect Leaves as a child,
  • sometimes still does it,
  • and maybe it gets out of hand,’
  • and maybe he ends up with a whole bag of em’ without knowing.
  • I love peter in Autumn, so should you.

honestly I started watching supergirl expecting Mon El to be a stereotypical fratboy type of man who gets better with time, and maybe is still a bit selfish and antagonizes Kara

and then Mon El actually showed up and ?? he was yes, more ‘selfish’, more focused on his survival (like many people are) but also… he wasn’t mean? he wasn’t maliciously insensitive? he wasn’t purposefully antagonist and he didn’t attack Kara at every turn, he was just reasonably sad about his planet and having, you know, lost everything and everyone, and he started learning really fast and chose to try to be a hero after all, after a first few moments of uncertainty on who he wanted to be, and then he took example from Kara, their champion

and he comes from a place with different morals but is learning this new world’s way of acting, and not even fighting it, and when he and Kara argue sometimes it’s because he isn’t being his best self and other times because she’s the one acting too harshly or prejudiced, and in both cases the tvshow points out that one of them is being wrong (they both recognize their mistakes and try to do better) and he’s basically being at her side without following orders mindlessly, and he doesn’t hold against her when she rejects him, not even when she unnecessarily and accidentally insults his personality while he’s at work (Kara wasn’t being malicious either, she was just confused and self-preservation also kicked in, but we all know that a male character would have been crucified for it), he just wants to stay friends, he keeps being loyal, he points out when things are suspicious, and he was being very rational about their father and didn’t attack Kara and Alex afterwards for their attitude because he understood that they were letting their feelings guide them…

he’s just so sweet and supportive, and he’s trying to his best, and he makes mistakes, especially due to his upbringing, but he also works on fixing them, and he and Kara have realistic conversations where they end up giggling while talking ('I want a heavy cape’. On tv usually nobody has conversations with their voices overlapping and people laughing at how they sound, it’s the same as not having people misspell a word, but in this tv show they do and it’s adorable) and he encourages her and believes in her, and he’s basically a puppy, as others pointed out, and we are getting to know all of him, soon enough his backstory as well, so we can see how far he already came, and I’m just so heart-eyes over this character, because I adore Kara, and whether he’s a love-interest or a best friend (though I’m so glad that from the beginning it was a clear love-interest set up) I can’t imagine someone more suited for her, between being a cinnamon roll but also stubborn and someone who can also argue with her and that pushes her to be better and more open while he’s pushed to be better and more heroic

they are both so lovely, but while I knew she’d be a cutie, I had NO IDEA he’d be so wonderful 

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I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.


Saiyuki high school AU…! Because I love high school AUs. Honestly Goku’s lines came from me thinking about my love for spinach so there. I confess. I just had Goku saying it because after thinking this, I thought ‘that’s so Goku, though?’ and I needed a reason for him to say stuff like this so I made a HS AU where Ten was the English teacher because he’d probably assign something like this.

Also…if I wasn’t so sleepy I’d have added Gojyo and Banri laughing, teasing Goku or something but…alas. Maybe I’d do more of these some time! x’)

@holysea: I wanted you to see this, hahaha.

BATIM AU Masterpost

So, ever since I started following the Toon Henry AU I’ve slowly encountered more and more wonderful AUs. As of now, I’m following 15 more blogs than when I first joined the fandom. I still have some fanfics in mind and I want to draw at LEAST one thing for all of them. My memory is not that good, and I don’t want to skip any, so I figured I’d made a post with a list of the Bendy and the Ink Machine AUs I’m following! Hopefully,if you want to know about more creators in the BATIM fandom, this will direct you to some awesome blogs!

@squigglydigg First off! The person that made me take an interest in AUs at all! The Toon!Henry AU is super charming and the drawings so expressive and pleasant to look at. You may have guessed it from the name, but in this AU Henry has been turned into a toon! Needless to say, he has to learn fast how to survive the crazy toon logic that now applies to him (most of the time anyway). Saying anymore would spoil all the wonderful material in this blog! Definitely the one I’ve had the most fun with! (Please refer questions about this AU to her other blog @squigglydigglydoo, as she has requested it before!).

@bendysstudio An ask blog! This Bendy takes his status as a demon seriously, but the fact that he’s a cartoon gives so many opportunities for funny gags. A huge shout out for the humor in this one! And gotta love the art (especially the gifs and little animations).

@yunisverse Rubberhose AU! This AU is similar in concept to Toon!Henry AU but oh so different! Henry is super clever, and this one has such an original depiction of Joey. The art is really distinctive and there’s so many emotions going on! Also animation shenanigans ensue and you’ll probably end up learning a bit about the topic!

@the-vampire-inside-me Okay, but the art! And if that’s not enough to sell you on this blog, the characters and the comic book style will! Abel the Angel is such an interesting character, and the lore around him just keeps on growing. Definitely check it out for a good story! But where did Abel come from? As I understand it, he was inspired by (and correct me if I’m wrong)

@thelostmoongazer Mob Boss!Bendy AU! This is one of the blogs I’ve most recently followed, but the art style and the worldbuilding (complete with a toon town!) reeled me in. The interactions between this Bendy and Abel are phenomenal, and while I haven’t gone through the whole Mob Boss Bendy tag yet, I know I want to know where the story is going. AND not only that! thelostmoongazer is also the creator of the Role Reversal AU (also called Henry and the Ink Machine), where little Bendy escaped from the studio, but returns 30 years later after receiving a letter from Joey. Sounds angsty? It is!

@shinyzango is next up! You want fluff? You want angst? Well here it is! Trying to avoid as much spoilers as possible, in this 2D Bendy AU, Henry and a drawn (in actual paper) and very much alive Bendy have to join forces to survive the studio! The horror factor is very prevalent in this one and you WILL get the feels! It even comes with it’s own spinoff, the Ink Henry (aka Ink Dad) AU, directed by @themarginalartist! (Also full of all the feels, please check it out!)

@doodledrawsthings You’ll instantly recognize this AU with only a glance at Bendy’s design! Here Bendy has decided that if the studio is to succeed, he’s gonna have to take charge of his own cartoon! Composed mostly of shenanigans that end with an exasperated Bendy, this AU will hit you with surprise angst when you last expect it!

@eliana55226838 Coming up is Bendy’s Mafia AU! Hope you’re not tired of me praising the art of all these wonderful people because here I go again! The art style is incredibly good and consistent, not to say very pleasant to see! The name says it all about the theme, but I’d like to highlight the amount of charming OCs and some of them are the most adorable you’ll see! (Looking at you, Dylan)

@spudinacup And last but absolutely not least Hell’s Kitchen AU. This idea originated from a stream by Shynizango and Squigglydigg, and is now in charge of spudinacup. The basic idea is that homeless people have started moving into the old studio and Bendy has been giving them all the bacon soup, while also claiming he wants them out of his property. He’s so busy he doesn’t have the time for revenge. As you can tell, the hilarious potential is BIG, and the few comics that exist of this haven’t failed to make me laugh! I really like the design for Bendy (wearing an apron all the time) and the art style in general!

Well, I think that’s it! If any of you who follow these AUs think something could be added to the descriptions, or that I got something wrong please feel free to tell me so! OH! And a mention to @packook who recently reblogs awesome BATIM fanart and created this AMV (all artist were asked permission and credited) that also helped me find some of these blogs!

Hope you enjoy the AUs!

My history professor is a huge fucken nerd and it's adorable

He wears collared polo shirts with cargo shorts and dress shoes with long socks and has these big framed glasses and he’s engaged to a polish woman and makes us try to read his polish books because it makes him feel better about his own pronunciation (his fiancée just kisses him whenever he gets a word wrong because she thinks he’s cute so he doesn’t really learn as fast as he could lmao) and today on the quiz there was a question about who wrote a famous history text and one of the options was Bathilda Bagshot and then afterwards he told us he was gonna get good and drunk before he graded our quizzes so our grades would be better😂😂😂😂😂

being hispanic and dating tom holland would include:

this is short and horrible so yes, read it if you want (is not edited either)

-listening to your music always bc he thinks is amazing

-like in the car you sing your heart out to marc antony and jennifer lopez

-zendaya and harrison looking at you funny while tom tries to sing with you

-failing complety

-or when you clean and dance to it too

-he getting so frustated when you say something in spañish and he doens’t know it

-when you watch futboll games together you say a lot of bad words in spañish plus screaming

-they never mess with your hispanic ass bc they know what you are capable of

-learning more spañish just listening to you

-95% are bad words (gif)

-when you meet your parents you have to tranlate everything because he thinks his spañish its not good enogh

-it is good, too good

-when you listened to him speaking spañish you lost it but it was in an interwier so you had to wait

-when you two are having sex you say a lot in spanish and he melds when you do it

-sometimes you mess with him and say “extraño tus rulos” (i miss your curls) and he being like “yes baby keep talking” wich makes you laugh so much that you can’t have any sex :(

-when you dance bachata for the firts time he almost dies

-jumping around wainting to learn some

-he learn it so fast omg

-his snap history is just you singing in spañish with the caption “i dont undestand anything but its hot”

-everyone freaking losing it

- when you visist your country he learns almost everything about it

-showing him where you lived and he being so exited about everything

-like you have to buy milk and he runs out of the house bc he wants to know where you buy your milk

-he loves siting with you anywhere and listen to you talk about your childhood in your country

-your accent is something that makes him feel very confused and very scared when you are angry

-fuck trump 

-he in an interwie said that you are the best kisser he ever date, ha

-he loves everything about you with or without being latina

Be the Boss.| CEO! S.coups smut|

Warnings: Dom!S.coups, Daddy kink, oversimulation and Sin, pure sin. (I’ll never look at my secretary friend the same way ever again)

A/n : oh lord this took a while to write, I am so sorry for the delay but I’m happy with how it turned out and i hope you will like it too.

“You’re late. Again.” He was leaning against my desk with his hands in his pockets. My office was right outside of his, seperated with a thin wooden door.

He asked me to get him coffee before I get to work and the line in the shop wasn’t helping me inprove my image of always being late. He was the biggest jerk when it came to me. Giving me the hardest time as his secretary but fuck was he the sexiest Boss I ever had.

The way he gave me commands and threats for the deadlines were too hot to make me mad at him. He looked so good in his white shirt with some of the buttons undone, exposing his pale neck and strong forearms. black throusers hugging his thighs just right and his messy hair made me want to attack him.

I quickly shook those thoughts away. “I’m so sorry sir. the lin-” “Quit the excuses (y/n)” he cut me off and took the coffee from my hand, getting really close to me. My heart was beating faster. “I’m gonna have a meeting with an important guest this afternoon. Don’t mess it up for me okay?” he said in a mocking tone. “got it sir.” I was looking away the whole time too scared to make an eye contact. He left my office after saying a quiet “good” under his breath.

A few hours had past. The “important guest” and my boss we having a meeting for over an hour now. I jumped when I heard my name being called. I quickly stood up, fixing my skirt, I opened the door, Seungcheol was sitting on his chair, and his guest, who was actually a really handsome man probably in his 30s, was sitting in front of him. Both of them turned to me. “Bring me the files I gave you yesterday” Seungcheol said coldly. All I did was nod and went to take the files from the corner of my desk and enter his office again. As I walked my way to his desk I noticed the man clearly checking me out as he leaned back on his chair. I bent down a little to place the files on the desk. Seungcheol gave me a dirty look which made me stand straight right away, I took a step back and bowed down as I left the office.

After another half an hour passed. Suddenly the door opened, The man came out. Since the exit was from my office that’s how he had to leave. I stood up. “Seungcheol is really blessed to have a beautiful secretary like you, Isn’t he”. I quickly bowed down thanking him as he left.

Still confused from what just happened I turned to the other side of my desk to tidy it up a little and get mind off of it. I almost jumped out of my own skin when I heard Seungcheol’s voice behind me. “You really enjoyed the attention, didn’t you?” he asked. I turned around and he was already getting really close to me. “pardon me?” I asked. “oh now you’re playing dumb?” he answered. He reached to the desk behind me and pushed some of the papers aside, picked me up and roughly put me on the desk, suddenly attacking my neck with his lips. I was too shocked to do anything, all I could do was to moan from the contact of his lips and my sensitive skin. “Walking around in that tight skirt of yours, of course anyone would want to fuck the shit out of you”. His words made me moan louder as he pressed his hard member in between my legs. I reached with my hand and gave him a light squeeze. He hissed and roughly took my shirt off,exposing my black bralette as I unbottoned his shirt all the way. He pulled away. “on your knees babydoll” I got on my knees with a satisfied smirk. His zipper looked like it was gonna explode from his boner. I Quickly took off his belt and unzipped his pants. His boxers stained from precum. I pushed his boxers down. He sighned as the cool air hit his throbbing hard member. He was thick and veiny just as I imagined. I was quick to start sucking on his tip as pumped him with my hand. He threw his head back and let out a soft moan “now don’t tease me princess, It won’t have a good ending”. I kept teasing him with slow kitten licks just to see how much I can push him. He growled and pulled my hair so I could look at him. “Oh you never learn do you?” . He sudennly thrusted in my mouth deep, I held back a gag and rested my hands on his torso. He kept thrusting, getting faster and harder, his groans made me feel weak. I started to tear up and right when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he stoped and pulled me up. I was trying to catch my breath but he quickly pressed his lips against mine. They were like cotton candy, so soft and sweet. He pressed his hand in between my legs, I let out a moan at his sudden action. “look how wet you are just from sucking me off” he chuckled. I felt heat rush up to my cheeks as he pushed my panties aside and started to toy with my enterance. “Seungcheol!” I moaned when he pushed two fingers inside of me. “That’s not what you have to call me dollface” he said kissing my jaw and pumping his fingers faster. “D-daddy..” I let out between shaky breaths and moans. “ah you’re learning fast”. He pushed his fingers out of me licking them clean. He roughly turned me around bending me over my desk, pulling down my underwear and pushing my skirt up, He took out a condom from his pocket, quickly put it on and started to rub his member against enterance. I felt a hard slap on my ass. “Will you be a bad girl again? will you go around acting so seductive around other men again?” he spanked me after each question. “n-no daddy, I won’t”. Right when I finished my sentence he pushed his member inside of me. I Moand loudly. Not letting me get used to his size he started to thrust in me with no mercy. This was my boss that I had a crush on for months now, fucking me because he was jelous. The idea alone could get me off. Didn’t take me long to get close to reaching my climax. “I-I’m gonna cum” but before he could get the warning I already came but he didn’t stop. He pulled me by my hair so my back was pressed against his chest. The oversimulation was makeing me scream his name. Soon his thrust became sloppy and I felt him cum inside the condom. I sighned and we both started to catch our breaths. he took off and threw the condom in the trash can next to my desk. We both fixed ourselves quietly but before I could speak he pulled me by my waist. “ I never thought I would say this but, I want you to join me for a dinner.”.

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RFA+V and Unknown learning MC's language from them (I thought it would be cute seeing them trying to pronounce words correctly aaaAAaA my babies) *nostalgic flashback to the we're all italian meme for some reason*

(the italian meme… abuelita nuggets… nuggy…. all these flashbacks…)


  • he tries his Best
  • mixes up all the words all the time
  • mixes up his school subjects in too somehow?
  • he’s good at listening and pronounciation tho
  • writing and grammar not so much
  • but he does learn pretty fast since he loves the teacher (MC teacher of the year 2k17)


  • she’s super excited
  • she knows a good amount of languages, but just… the business vocab and stuff
  • this would be the first time she learns from a native person for casual talking
  • takes super neat notes in notebooks she got especially to use in MC’s class
  • best student


  • he’s always willing to broaden his horizons!
  • he never really got into foreign languages because school just wasn’t his thing
  • luckily, MC can adjust their teaching methods with him so it’s no problem
  • such a fast learner? like once he gets the hang of it MC is almost afraid he’ll downright forget korean and start speaking only in the new language


  • he’s got all the reasons in the world to ask MC to teach him tbh\
  • not only for similar reasons as Jaehee, but because he’d love to have a class that felt… nice
  • a class that felt not like some old tutor paid some money to sit in a room and make him read, but a class by someone he knows loves him and wants to teach out of their heart
  • he always brings snacks to class tho
  • tfw ur boyfriend brings caviar to “class” but u just wanted to teach him ur language


  • He will not tell MC that chances are he already knows the language
  • instead he’ll play along and let MC teach him
  • and at the end of the week he just.
  • switches languages
  • like MC thought he was getting the hang of verbs and this dude just wakes up one day and decides he won’t speak a lick of korean that day just MC’s native language
  • needs to chill severely


  • tries to super advance MC’s teachings to impress them
  • considers duolingo or smth but eventually decides to use a book because he’s not too sure about how effective an online course can be compared to how fast MC can teach him irl
  • he doesn’t manage to advance
  • he just confuses himself and MC has to end up explaining the difference between verb tenses and prepositions or something after he tried to read a whole book on the language in one sitting
  • also needs to chill


  • MC realizes that if all students were like V they’d absolutely be a teacher
  • seriously
  • he’s patient. a hard worker. always happy to learn
  • MC once joked that they’d leave homework for him
  • he did the homework
  • he advances at a normal rate but honestly MC is just so pleased with how easy he is to work with

They leaned against the wall of the restaurant talking a few minutes more. “You’re going to take some of the energy you have been pulling in and toss it back out. It’s all science, just a lot more developed than Terrans have gotten around to yet. Close your eyes, clear your mind and listen. You’ll hear my voice and see what you need to see.” 

Kai closed his eyes and heard Drake’s voice in his head. 

Graphs and specs flew by in rapid succession, trajectory arcs, avoidance planes, differential displacement maps, more things he couldn’t recognize, but he knew immediately. All mixed with the words. 

[[ point A to point B … velocity . . acceleration . vector.arcing.space. displacement.kineticenergytime ]]

Kai blinked several times as he opened his eyes. “Seriously?”

“That easy. You ready?”

“Hell yeah, let’s do this.” 

“Ok, cowboy.” Drake calmed him. “You have to start slow, pull any extra energy you need through your feet and up.” 

Drake stepped back about 6 feet and watched. Kai close his eyes. Damn sneaky bastard has a natural talent for everything. He mused.

Kai felt the energy pulse start at his feet, a hot ball of fire crinkling and crawling up his legs, millipedes with their feet on fire. It chewed through his skin, up to his thighs, fingertips, torso, shoulders and head. He disappeared – pure energy. He saw bright and blinding pops like flashes on a camera around him, others trailed like falling stars. He found his spot, point B, glowing softly and slowly the flickering electricity released his form from his head down. As he opened his eyes he locked on to Drake standing the same distance in front of him as he had been. 


“When can we do it again?”

Drake grabbed him up in a kiss, “I have been so afraid you’d be scared or you’d balk, but you continue to be amazing. Ready for the merry-go-round?”

“Wait, gotta change clothes first.” Kai snapped his fingers and changed not only his own, but Drake’s clothes.

Drake stared speechless. 

“C’mon puppy, let’s ride.” Kai stepped by him, bumping his hip with swagger. 

Drake couldn’t stop smiling. “Whatever you say, big dog.” 

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Hello guys! I am fairly new to NCT. I am not sure if you guys do this kind of thing or if you have done it already, but will you be able to maybe make a post about the personalities of NCT members, as an introduction for a new NCTzen? If not thats okay too! 😊

hi omg welcome to the fandom!!!! and we can definitely try~ just know that some parts involve our own opinions so other people might think differently!! and that this is probably going to get really long rip so here we go


  • really weird but in an adorable way
  • shy on camera but apparently the wildest off camera
  • loves his sister a lot!!! he used to argue with his sister a lot but is really close with her now
  • will sleep anywhere and everywhere


  • the most supportive member!!! he always compliments the others and his rolling paper messages were by far the longest and most meaningful
  • tends to talk a lot and keeps the group entertaining on variety shows
  • is a morning person, wakes up the earliest out of all the members
  • likes to drink coffee


  • an actual puppy… he’s clingy and acts cute (unconsciously?) really often
  • gets really shy when people compliment him for being handsome ;;;
  • he likes to eat sweet things, self proclaimed cookie monster
  • to him, cleaning is relaxing and similar to getting a massage ldakjhfalsjd


  • loves winwin so so so soso much?????
  • sleeps early compared to the other members
  • apparently the funniest in nct? according to mark and jaehyun
  • really savage, especially with doyoung alksjdhalsjdh


  • argues with and nags everybody (but it’s the kind of bickering that you do with someone you’re really close to!)
  • loves the dreamies a lot, is very protective of basically anybody who is younger than him
  • very mature and intelligent!! he was unanimously voted as the oldest hyung if you were to ignore actual age


  • likes to make fun of doyoung 24/7
  • super bright cheerful and smiley all the time!!!
  • gets scared very easily (watch the video of him on hit the stage being scared by a ghost akdsjhfakld)


  • always wants to make other people happy ;;;; taeyong says that jaehyun’s a mood lifter for the team
  • has shamelessly touched the members butts multiple times on camera
  • apparently he eats the most out of all the nct members
  • all of the members always call him cute so ofc he’s cute!!!


  • the ultimate member magnet??? literally everybody loves winwin
  • likes to learn complicated korean idioms and phrases rather than actual everyday words (ex. internal organs)
  • really likes playing mobile phone games


  • arguably the most hard working member in nct!!! he’s debuted in all three units, writes his own rap lyrics, filmed 2 variety shows so far and is releasing another single in a couple of days 
  • doesn’t like doing aegyo alksdjfhalsj he gets so embarrassed afterwards
  • just a genuinely nice guy overall?? it’s pretty clear that what you see on camera is what you get!!!


  • loves moomin a lot omg like he draws moomin, paints moomin watercolors and has a bunch of predebut pics of him with moomin stickers
  • super sweet for taking care of chenle when he was still new to korean
  • nobody ever roasts him tbh which means hes literally an angel


  • super clingy!! especially to mark and renjun
  • shares the no jam (no fun) character with mark in nct dream alskhdfls maybe his humor isn’t always to nct dream’s tastes
  • lowkey savage to the dream members except for renjun


  • sometimes acts super confident but is also sometimes really shy
  • loves acting cute and doing aegyo (he knows he’s good at it!!!)
  • super savage at times but also really nice (he’ll go out of his way to cook mark dinner ;;)
  • picks up choreography (especially other groups’) really quickly


  • it seems like he picks up on things really quickly?? given how fast he learned to ride on a hoverboard and learned thai phrases
  • likes being in front of the camera omg (just watch him in nct life bangkok)
  • super resilient!! he’s gone through a lot this past half year ;;


  • loves his mark hyung a lot and shows this affection by saying that mark is a cute maknae??? also close with taeyong and chenle
  • really extra ;;; apparently once sent a meme (??) to the entire nct group chat and got called out by their manager for being too much alksjdhfals
  • loves himself a lot… has a clip from nct life of himself on his phone that he plays in the waiting room as enertainment


  • super shy at first but once you get to know him he will turn on you and roast your in front of your face
  • yaja time’s #1 supporter (he even wanted to do it with super junior)
  • exo’s biggest fan. literally
  • loves dance more than playing sports