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if nina taught baby sonny to read, what did vanessa teach him? or carla?

vanessa taught him the ancient art of the grumps

theyre a force to be reckoned with now 


I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.

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McKirk AU where Jim is deaf and Bones is the doctor who give him implants and the first thing Jim hears in his life is Bones' voice and he falls in love with it

  • Jim hasn’t been deaf all his life. He knows what things are supposed to sound like. Or, he knew, anyway. But his reckless behaviour as a kid didn’t pay off in his teens when being chased by one of those android cops resulted into an accident that led to permanent damage in his ears, rendering him deaf. Sure, at first, that got him really down. Then, it got him experimenting on different sound pitches and audio levels, but more than registering vibrations, no sound is coming through.
  • He can still speak okay-ish, and he learns sign language pretty fast. And he has communicators who directly translate what people around him are saying into text, so a lot of people don’t even immediately realize that he’s deaf. Jim’s quite resourceful, after all.
  • But he misses hearing. He misses his classic rock music, and he’s ever so curious about the sound these men, women, and otherwise unspecified people make when he sleeps with them. He wants to hear people laugh at his jokes. And though he’s really grateful he’s deaf and not blind - it’s still something he wishes he had.
  • He’s still one of the top performers at Starfleet Academy, with Leonard at his side, who’s able to speak sign language in both Earth and teaches Jim to speak Vulcan, too, just so that they can offend Spock right in front of him. Despite being a top performer, though, his lack of hearing makes it impossible for him to ever become captain of his own Starship, simply because hearing is apparently one of the key requirements to being a good captain.
  • I’m going to be a captain, Jim signs to Bones when they’re together in Bones’ cabin. Bones is already a CMO, and Jim doubts he’ll ever get further than being a cadet. Not like this, not while he doesn’t hear anything, no warning signals, no people talking to him. But despite all that, he’s determined to be the first. Okay, Bones signs. You don’t believe me, Jim says, and Bones shrugs. I don’t say that. I’m just saying okay, he replies, I’d like to see that happen. Jim frowns, leaning back in his seat and grabbing the bottle of bourbon from Bones’ hands to take a swig from it. I’m gonna be a captain, Jim repeats when he sets the bottle on his lap, and Bones rolls his eyes. I have no doubt. You’re so persistent it’s annoying, he replies, and Jim laughs.
  • And he actually does become a captain. Jim can’t hear, but he still senses things better than most. Vibrations, natural and man-made, and he saves the Enterprise by warning Captain Pike about it. Even goes as far as beaming aboard the enemy ship with just a small crew - and with Scotty’s help, disables their engines. It helps that they made very little sound communicating strategies - merely a series of Jim calmly signing to Scotty, and Scotty making big, fast paced gestures back at him. After successfully pulling that off, and Jim’s continuously showing leadership abilities, Pike pulls the right strings, and Jim’s that first deaf captain to have his own starship.
  • It calls for a celebration, Bones and himself get incredibly drunk the night before takeoff. Jim sits his first day in the Captain’s chair incredibly uncomfortable because every movement of the ship, every vibration running through her, it all cranks up that dull headache in the back of his head. I’m never drinking again, Jim signs to Bones a day later, and Bones grins. You sure? Because I smuggled this bourbon aboard, Bones replies, and Jim sighs. Fine, give me that bottle. He takes it from Bones’ hands, but Bones puts it aside first. I also have something else, Bones explains. He gets up and rummages through his stuff, crouching down just in front of Jim when he finds just this little box. No much bigger than a jewelry box. You proposing, Bones? Jim asks with a grin. Not this time, Bones replies. He opens it, and there’s just two little chips in there. Before Jim even realizes that that is, Bones reaches out and places them just behind Jim’s ears. What are you- There is a high pitched noise in his ears that’s instantly giving him a headache again. Jim reaches out to remove those chips, but Bones grabs his hands instead. When the noise dulls out, he hears things. The quiet rumbling of the ship, the sound of the TV on in the background. “Can you hear me?” Bones asks, and it’s so loud and sudden that Jim flinches at the closeness of the noise to his ears. Yes, he signs, before frowning, and he nods. “Yes,” he says, slowly, and hearing his own voice sounds incredibly weird. “Bones,” Jim continues, “how can I-?” “We’ve been working on this for a while,” Bones says, sitting down next to Jim again. “It’s technically still in a testing phase, but it should work.”
  • And it does work - it does a hell of a job. Jim hears everything, at first, because perhaps it’s cranked up a little too high. Jim hears Spock and Uhura quietly bickering when they’re at the other side of the rec room. He hears Bones drop his PADD before Jim even enters his office. He hears Chekov and a girl from engineering hook up through the wall of his cabin (and that’s something he’s never going to stop hearing ever again). So Bones turns those chips down a little, and then it’s perfect. He can hear Bones, even when they talk quietly and intimately on the couch in Jim’s room. Bones has a lovely voice, too. Soft, and sweet, and with this perfect southern accent that’s just incredible to listen to. Even when Jim’s like “tell me that time you and Joanna went to the zoo,” and Bones rolls his eyes and says: “pretty sure I told you that twice already.” But he tells it anyway.
  • Because Jim is in love with Bones’ voice. With the way he laughs when Jim tells a joke. They still often communicate via sign language, because talking and listening is exhausting for someone who hasn’t had to process any sounds for years. But Jim loves Bones’ voice. Doesn’t love that Bones breathes so silently, though, except when he’s angry. Jim wakes up in the morning in the same bed as Bones after having passed out from drinking and talking all night, and it’s so quiet he’s afraid his hearing has left him again. Bones is just quietly asleep next to him. Jim knows he shouldn’t be sleeping over so much, because he’s already in love with Bones’ voice and his grumpy exterior, and this is only going to make it worse, but after talking until way past midnight, there is simply no way he’s going to walk back home. He shifts in closer, hearing the sheets ruffle as he moves, and he quietly rests his head against Bones’ chest. There it is - a slow and steady heart beating. Feeling the weight on his chest, Bones’ heart starts speeding up a little as he wakes up, and he shifts ever so lightly. Not enough for Jim to actually move, though. What are you doing? Bones signs, tired, sloppy movements with his hands close to Jim’s face. Jim smiles. Even Bones is still so very used to sign language around him. “I’m listening,” Jim replies, speaking. “To what?” Bones asks this time, and Jim slowly looks up. “Your heartbeat.” “You’re so fucking cheesy,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. When he looks up, Bones is so close. His sleepy smile, those sounds he makes when he yawns and stretches his arms and legs, hair a big mess. 
  • He sits up, just enough, to cup Bones’ cheeks and he leans in closer to be able to kiss those soft lips. Bones doesn’t move at first, but it’s only when Jim is about to lean away that his hands grab Jim’s shoulders to pull him in closer. Only when he pulls away, Bones throws Jim a sleepy smile. “What’d I do to deserve that?” He asks, and Jim shrugs lightly. “Everything.”

Lol.. He learned so fast about Lauren

Aaanndd about Camren lol.. The thing is he did this in his Twitter as well. He only follows Lauren and Camila. Lol..

But not like Instagram, in fact, he already followed Camila since a long time ago. Look, I don’t wanna be delutional, but this?

He liked the tweet. Omg.. Did he even realize Camren shipper is going crazy because of it?

And his bio.. Lol.. I swear to God if he teases us about Camren, I will kill him.

yo !


here, while entertainingly watching people cry over something I said, I wrote a thing.

• He’s younger than Mark but incredibly stronger in every aspect

• hates Mark

• wants him burned alive

• his eyes glow bright ass turquoise whenever he’s angry i.e. Mark’s touching you

• got an apartment across the street from your own to keep an eye on you

• lives with the vamp leader - Joonie bc he’s still a baby like only been a vampire for a few years but he learns fast so he’s chill

• Joonie’s just protective of his youngest baby

• Jungkook’s a cold asshole

• Likes breaking bones of people he hates

• so protective of you like his eyes are always on you no matter tf you are he’ll follow you to the damn grocery store but probably wait outside and listen to you walk around the aisles because the lights are too bright and will make him sicky

• you don’t take care of sick Jungkook like you do Mark

• jealous af

• so in love with you it’s like gross

• doesn’t kill people tho like Markie all thanks to daddy vamp Namjoon raisin him up right

• steals blood bags from a hospital or blood bank and drinks them up like a thick ass milkshake

• likes to watch you sleep but sometimes it only gets him mad because Mark is also there watching you sleep , right by your side and why isn’t that him

• sometimes he cries about it or if he hears Mark fucking you he’ll scream and growl and his fangs will grow and his eyes will get all scary blue and Namjoon just has to watch as he rips apart the house for the fourteenth time bc you’re literally the only one who would be able to calm him down when he gets that fcking bad

• has major anger issues like fucking chill

• when you meet him later you figure it all out

• you can literally feel the adoration transferring from his body to yours whenever he touches you

• carries you around like a baby always wants you on his back or in his arms claiming that it’s faster if he just zooms someplace in one second than if you take your time walking there when really he just loves holding you

• sometimes you make him mad when you choose Mark over him and he’ll literally like throw a car half way across the world or snap a thick ass tree trunk in half like it was a stick

• it’s terrifying to see in person

• then he’ll apologize under his breath and either zip his ass tf outta there and leave you alone so he can cry to Namjoon or hug you so fucking tightly that it’s actually kinda warm even tho his skin is ice

• dislikes his half brothers Taehyung and Jimin , who are twins and only half vampire , because they just don’t fucking get it

“vampires can’t be in love”

• “if you don’t get the fuck out of my face I’ll snap your neck and I’ll make sure you don’t heal you fucking half-human”

• “Jungkook stop”

• doesn’t like any of his brothers actually because they all think vampires can’t be in love but he fucking is

• hates everyone basically except for you

• makes sweet sweet vampire love to you as much as he fucking can

• he’s really slow and gentle and he doesn’t break headboards like Mark does

• kisses you throughout the whole thing mostly

• murmurs about your endless beauty

• and his endless love for you

• likes growling into your ear when he’s about to come

• fucking loves it when you claw at his back or leave hickies on his pale ass skin like yes bitch mark him as yours bc little fuck is devoted

• has great fingers , long and things

• has such an amazing tongue and plump lips like fuck

• will let you suck him off only for a few minutes bc he’s scared he’ll thrust into your mouth too hard and like rip your head off when he pulls your hair

• I mentioned he was strong right like I wasn’t fucking kidding

• he sometimes scratches you when he tries to hold you really really close to his body but he’ll spend hours kissing you all over afterwords

• literally is such a teddy bear when it comes to you

• also loves kissing you

• runs your ass to Paris in five seconds just to make out with you on the Eiffel tower

• also doesn’t make burnt toast after sex because he has a wonderful step mom by the name of Seokjin who cooks you human food, because Seokjin’s human idfk

• slow dances with you

• almost died for you like twelve times

• sometimes drinks when he’s upset and Namjoon thinks it’s weird because vampires can’t get fucking drunk but Jungkook does and then destroys things and you have to come calm him down, only you, before he flips the world upside down all because Mark like brushed your hair out of your face or smth dramatic

• then he’ll hold you and his hands will be hella shaky while he tries to hold your face

• he’ll be so broken trying to tell you he loves you cryin and coughin and splutterin out nonsense

• but he’s cute forsure

• he gets shy too but his cheeks don’t turn red bc he has no blood but he can’t help but still feel warmth in his empty chest whenever you smile bc fuck you’re so god damn beautiful

• he just loves you and stuff

Until We Go Down (Karamel)  Ch. 7

PLOT: AU~ Mon-El awakens after escaping Daxam to find himself fighting for his life on a world where aliens battle in a gladiator-like arena as spectators watch and bet on the matches. To survive, he’ll have to learn fast, and trust someone from a planet he’d never dreamt of trusting before.

SHIPS: Karamel

WARNINGS: It’s lowkey depressing but that’s boutta be a general theme of the story so yeah watch out for that :/

A/N: Okay so, after this chapter, the story is obviously going to go in a bit of a different direction. It’ll be more about healing and ya know, discovering how to have a relationship outside of such a toxic environment. ALSO: GIF ISN’T MINE!

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Conquest of Spaces




James called Kara that night. He was away on a business trip for CATCO in Star City. She’d just landed on the balcony to her apartment and stepped inside when her phone rang. Somehow, Alex had known that Kara would return, so the DEO had kept her flat as a sort of safe house. She’d picked up the phone and he’d apologized over and over for not being able to be there. He’d told her about how much he’d missed her, and she tried not to cry when she heard him doing so.

As she listened to him tell her about his life-the flat downtown where he and Winn lived, CATCO’s growth over the past four years, the pulitzer he’d won, the missions he and Winn had completed together (“Keeping the city safe for your return” he’d said)-she pulled the sheets off her furniture. She listened to him as intently as she could, but she couldn’t ignore the ache in her chest. She should’ve been here.

After a while, he said he had to go to bed. She’d smiled and forced it into her voice. She set the phone down and put her head in her hand. She sighed, and her whole body shook with the breath. She kicked off her boots and tucked them under her bed. She walked over to her dresser and caught her reflection. She stopped abruptly and stared at herself.

Her suit was in ruins, covered in dirt and blood and ripped all over. Her skirt had been singed accidentally by the Infernian she’d tried to save. Looking at it reminded her of how she’d failed him. How she’d failed so many people.

Dirt clung to her skin, her hair was in a matted mess, falling past her waist. She turned and walked into the bathroom, kicking off her skirt as she went. She grabbed scissors from the cabinet and stood in front of the mirror above the sink. She looked into her deep blue eyes, and lifted the shears, cutting four inches clean off. She lifted the loose strands and stared at them for a moment. She watched, as her hand dropped them into the trash.

She met her own stare once again, and cut off another inch or so, the tangled mass of curls now just falling short of her breast. She dropped the scissors into the sink and walked over to the tub. It was dusty but she didn’t care. She ran herself a bath.

She pulled off what was left of her tights and walked into her kitchen. She opened a cabinet and pulled out a dusty bottle. The label was too faded to read, but she remembered her friend M'gann M'orzz had given it to her many years ago. She didn’t know what it was. She yanked off the top and downed two sips before it burned too much. She walked back into the bathroom, and looked at the tub as it filled up with bubbles. She sunk beneath the surface and felt the liquid filling up her pores.

Her only thought was that she wanted to be alone, like this, forever.

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You've had google irl for quite a while now, you were confrontable with requesting anything from him,after all he’s here to please. He was on top of you, your hands around his forearm. He smiles sweetly and says “Say yes sir?” He’s learning fast. You do as he say.“Say it again” You obey “Give me admin permission?” He says quickly “Yes sir.” You realize the mistake you’ve made as he puts his hand around your neck. “I still have to finish this task, but I feel like some adjustments are necessary”

EXO React when their little daughter tells them that another member's son kissed her

Ahhh so cute!!!

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“From now on you aren’t leaving me! You can’t gent close to boys! Dad will protect you from those monsters”


“What? Did he just.. took my daughter’s innocence? Where is he?! I’m killing hi right now!”


*Shocked* “Did he.. but.. this kids learn fast! I’m liking him already, he knows the good stuff!”


*Is happy when her daughter is happy* “So my baby girl… do you like this boy? I can see you blushing, don’t hide it from dad”


*Protective dad* “KYUNGSOO!!! CONTROL YOUR SON! Or I’m releasing my dog and I won’t stop him!”


“God no.. this started sooner than expected…” *Knows he has to explain what a kiss means* “You see.. when a lips touch.. it means something special.. but you don’t do that okay! You are not ready!”


*Goes to the other kid* “Hey! Unlce is here to teach new stuff! Put your arms like this! and whenever you want to show affection, just make a heart!”


*Almost breaking* “My little girl… had her first kiss?! How did this happen?! Didn’t I tell you to be strong and kick boys?”


*Teasing her* “A kiss? Like this? With your lips pressing and some tongue touching and all? Did you like it? Is he good?”


“Baekhyun.. we need to talk about your son” *Well… I just pray that the boy is still alive… of his father…*


“Wait.. wait.. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You are saying Kris’ son did what? Of course he had to be like his father…” 


“Come here… I won’t allow any other boys around you but me. They don’t deserve you” *Plans on taking Chanyeol’s $uho card as a punishment*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Ok, so I refuse to believe Finn is monolingual.

Seriously, he has good reasons for not knowing Binary or understanding Shyriiwook.

As a stormtrooper he wouldn’t have to interact with droids often, if at all. And Shyriiwook is a language that was made deliberately difficult for non-wookies to be able to understand according to wookiepedia.

Besides, do you really think an organization bent on galactic domination would let the foot soldiers they raise from infancy only know Basic? Because that sounds pretty inconvenient to me, especially when possible rebellions could be organized by using a language they don’t know as a code.

But anyway back to Finn, what languages do you think Finn speaks, how many would he know? I imagine he would at least know the most widely spoken languages outside of Basic.

When he joins the Resistance Binary will probably be a priority. How fast would he learn? Probably pretty fast since Finn is a very quick study as demonstrated throughout the whole movie.

Out with monolingual Finn, in with Multilingual Finn headcanons and fic!

Reasons I love Winwin

- giggles
- So many giggles
- he has taeyong wrapped around
his little finger
- kun too
- everyone adores him??
- his smile could cure depression
- I’m living proof right here
- his pink and yellow hair oh my god
- Nose nose noseeeeee
- I just love his laugh so much
- he’s actually a sweetie pie
- 50% sugar %50 sunshine
- he’s so smart
- like holy shit
- how is he learning korean so fast
- I’m so proud he’s doing so well
- that flip in firetruck
- his predebut dance video
- just his dance in general
- he wants to be an actor
- yes boy chase thy dreams
- he’s such a baby
- he loves puppies and snow
- so talented holy shit

happy bd winwin :)

I’m in the mood for Lila Barton headcanons
  • When they play Avengers on the playground, Lila is never Hawkeye
  • She can’t pretend to be Dad because he’s Dad
  • Her friends learn fast not to make jokes about Hawkeye being useless though
  • Lila always pretends to be Thor
  • Lila runs around the house with a red blanket tied around her shoulders
  • Clint and Laura think it’s adorable
  • They changed their minds when a). Lila stole one of Clint’s hammers and accidentally out a hole in the wall with it and b). when Clint found her on the roof trying to call down the Bifrost
  • She makes Cooper pretend to be Loki sometimes
  • Clint doesn’t like that game
  • Lila in insists her favorite stuffed animal, a wolf, has the ability to detect frost giants
  • Clint persuades Thor to come for a visit
  • Thor talks to Lila about the hammer and what it means to be worthy of it
  • Then  Thor wraps his hand around Monijir’s handle and has Lila place her small hand on top of his
  • Together they lift the hammer

           THE CREATION WAS BRUTAL, as should a creature of chaos entail. his limbs were not his ( they could be anyone’s, collected from various bodies no longer needing them ), yet their function was  1 ) to shield his scourgeborne darkness from the sun like waxen armour, and most importantly  2 ) to be molded into the exact replica of Noctis Lucis Caelum. from nothingness he arose, and as shadows trickled into the seems of sanity, a merciless onslaught unleashed itself from newfound powers. then came the cruel hand of authority, followed by all means of directional discipline necessary to tame and bend the beast into man. though he may look HUMAN, he is anything but; inside lingers something wicked — an insatiable frenzy subdued by the shackles of loyalty. he does come to learn of his expectations, and he learns surprisingly fast — his strength ironically being the gift of language and communication. yet his heart remains gelid, unable to UNDERSTAND the world he has unwillingly been brought into; he does not care for tales of the old kings, nor the politics of great generals. he is a primal thing, and while the voices in his head call for denial of the simplest illusion, he, as well as all daemons, wield a war they never asked for.

He smelled of pine trees.

His eyes held mischief and they found they were drawn into their depths. He was fiery and fierce. He was skilled at magic and so smart, though, he hid those behind snarky remarks and loud insults. Refusing to be weak for being smart.  

He smelled of water. 

Brine and salt and a voice as smooth and soft as calm waves. He was quick to learn things and kept them on their toes. He was smaller than them, but he could easily take them down with his technology. He didn’t though. Unless they struck first he kept to himself, building and tinkering alone and making them things. 

He smelled of earth.

Rock and dirt and coal. He was quiet, happy to build and work to make grand palaces and mansions for them to live in together. He didn’t say much. Was a follower, a watcher, but he learned fast and picked up on things they taught him. And he was easily satisfied, give him building materials and open land and he was happy.

Between the three of them they made the world. And subsequently destroyed it.  

GOT7ing: Holiday-ing Part 2 Highlights

- yugyeom getting highschool musical/korean drama feels and bursting out in song on the boat to NAMISEOM

- jinyoung being a judgmental lil bitch & making everyone else judge with him (srsly tho you guys need to chill for a sec)

- youngjae: LEEEVER

- jackson just mocked yj’s english & got his ass whooped by the youngjae defense squad. may he rest in pieces

- no one’s fangirling over got7??? who are these people. what kinda place is this

- yugs: come friends we must join our hands together and walk this lonesome path from winter sonata

- js: *freaks tf out in the middle of the forest and strips his jacket off in 0.03 seconds* me: wow i wonder how he learned to strip so fast..wait.,….,oh ;)

- “what are you doing?” “im not sure, sorry” same tho

- js: babe what did u stick down my jacket :)

- mark: garbage lel

- js: wow babe i thought u loved me how could u YOU WAS MY DAISY. MY FUCKING CINNAMON APPLE 

- jb: hey look an ostrich 

- “wat? a LION???” mark u need to take your sass and put it back in your pocket

- markbam doing ostrich mating calls

- “why is it so big??” hm jackson i bet this isnt the first time youve asked that ;)

- when did got7 suddenly become experts on wild animals. did they get animal facts training in jyp ent too

- bambam: “I GO TO SCHOOL BOI”  js: r u sure

- *points to dirt* “wow the grass is so green” MARK YI EN TUAN I HAVE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR TODAY

- i think yugs is slowly turning into a living kdrama 

- jr: hey yugs lets do the fly dance

- yugs: ok mom *jr embarrasses him and leaves* yg: :(

- jr: hey hey everyone lets do the fly dance together *gets trolled by the entire team* 

- jr: smh i played myself :’(

- jr: u know what fuck it *acts extra af & starts barking at yj*

- shit im not even halfway through this video and so much has already happened

- mark: *lies down on the ground to sleep* me: wow mark that green grass must feel really soft

- when will juniors reign of terror end

- mark: *gets up sadly after being ignored* (sorry man no one escapes karma)

- yugs being basic af and taking selcas with his bf bambam

- *jb starts singing dramatically* the kdrama feels. theyre spreading.

- srsly tho what are those things that bam is holding. is it a giant bag of fireworks or uncooked spaghetti

- everyone fucking screeching over a game of rock paper scissors

- praise the person who set up the cam in these boats this is an excellent view of their crotches

- team stick legs vs. the open-mouthed-laughing trio vs. the big booty crew

- bruh is that the same green masking-taped camcorder from the sliding door of their van

- jinson acting like newlyweds on their honeymoon in their duck boats

- subtitles under markbam: “CHOPSTICKS UNIT” ok whoever edited this please come over here i’d like to give you a high five

- markbam + jinson unintentionally holding hands the entire time (or are they)

- if you are quiet enough you can hear the sweet sound of jackson hyena laughing in the distance

- “did you bring my medicine” smh newlyweds turning into an old married couple

- marksons descendants of the sun salute (dont try to hide it everyone saw that)


- everyone burning their tongues on the hotteok ft. youngjae eating and laughing slash crying

- mark: *does cute things* bitch who gave you the right

- markbumgyeom has set sail