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if nina taught baby sonny to read, what did vanessa teach him? or carla?

vanessa taught him the ancient art of the grumps

theyre a force to be reckoned with now 

Headcanon NSFW: Jerome Valeska

A = Aftercare

Jerome doesn’t cuddle nor he makes sure if he was too rough. From time to time his lips and/ or tongue brushing over the marks he gave you.

C = Cum

Jerome loves to spill his seed on your body before wiping it away with his finger and sticks it in your mouth.
He also enjoys to eat you out and doesn’t stop after you came.

D = Dirty Secret

Jerome has no secrets when it comes to his sexual life. He’s like an open book to you and isn’t ashamed of it when it comes to his sexual desire.

E = Experience

Jerome isn’t the most experienced person in Gotham. But he learns fast and knows after your first time what makes you scream and squirm.

F = Favourite Position

Speed bump.
Jerome enjoys it to mountain you and to press your body in the mattress. The skin to skin contact where he feels every little move of your body are a big turn on for him. Same goes for the sounds which leaves your mouth and who are close to his ear.

I = Intimacy

He wants you - he takes you.
He doesn’t waste time with foreplay, instead he purrs in your ear what he’ll do with you before tearing your clothes off.

J = Jack Off

Jerome doesn’t jerk himself off as long as he has you. Only when you’re tied up to the bed and he stares down at you and wants to tease you.

K = Kink

Jerome is a kinky bitch.
From blood choking until knife play, he enjoys every form of kinky sex.
But his biggest kink to test your limits, the fine line between pain and pleasure.

L = Location

Jerome has no limits and it wouldn’t bother him to have an audience during your little make out.

M = Motivation

Every part of your body is a turn on for him, even when he wouldn’t admit it. The way you move, speak, smile or look at him.

N = NO

There’s nearly nothing what would be a turn off for Jerome.
Jerome doesn’t kinkshame and says frankly when he doesn’t want to do something.

O = Oral

Jerome enjoys fucking your throat the same way he enjoys to go down on you. Especially when you’re tied to the bed and aren’t able to move and he has the control over you.

P = Pace

Two words: fast and hard.
Expect when he wants to tease you and he penetrates you with slow, powerful thrusts.

Q = Quickie

Jerome likes quickies, but he doesn’t prefer them. The quick, hard thrusts where he has no time to play his little games with you doesn’t satisfy him enough, but prepare you what’ll come when he has more time for you.

R = Risk 

Jerome takes risks.
No matter if he’d hurt himself.
He tries to go easy on you and tests how much you could take and a little more. But he’d never seriously hurt you.

S = Stamina

Jerome is insatiable.
Once he gets started, he doesn’t stop until you’re a mess and sore between the legs.

T = Toy

Jerome owns a lot of toys and wants to try each of them with you. The only thing what he doesn’t allow is when a toy pleases you more than him.

U = Unfair

Jerome is a tease.
He’d stop just before his orgasm only to hear you beg and whimper. Also he’d hold you in position so that you can’t move your hips against his.

V = Volume

Jerome is unusually quiet in bed.
Small groans, growls and purrs leaving his throat. His warm breath tickles in your neck and sends shiver after shiver down your spine.

W = Wild Card

Jerome has a fetish for costumes and roleplay.
Police officer and criminal where he punishes you for being a bad, bad girl.
Everything about the circus where you’re in one and give in to pleasure..

Y = Yearning

Sex hasn’t top priority for Jerome.
He could do without it for a few days or even weeks


Jerome is a ball of energy.
So while you’re busy with catching your breath, he’s already doing other things like taking a shower etc.


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 2426

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Smut, swearing, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!) chocolate pie porn.

Request: Hello! I have a request, could you do one where the reader starts working for Tony and soon after the reader and Bucky start a secret affair? Thanks love! - Anon

A/N: Here you go my dear! Sorry that it took me so long!

‘You can do this.’

‘You have worked hard for this.’

‘You deserve this.’

The pep talk you were giving yourself as you drove up to the gate surrounding the Avengers compound wasn’t helping your nerves at all. You leaned forward to look up through your windshield at the concrete walls. This place was a fortress.

You rolled your window down when you approached a booth. You hit the green call button and jumped at the electronic voice that spoke.

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honestly I started watching supergirl expecting Mon El to be a stereotypical fratboy type of man who gets better with time, and maybe is still a bit selfish and antagonizes Kara

and then Mon El actually showed up and ?? he was yes, more ‘selfish’, more focused on his survival (like many people are) but also… he wasn’t mean? he wasn’t maliciously insensitive? he wasn’t purposefully antagonist and he didn’t attack Kara at every turn, he was just reasonably sad about his planet and having, you know, lost everything and everyone, and he started learning really fast and chose to try to be a hero after all, after a first few moments of uncertainty on who he wanted to be, and then he took example from Kara, their champion

and he comes from a place with different morals but is learning this new world’s way of acting, and not even fighting it, and when he and Kara argue sometimes it’s because he isn’t being his best self and other times because she’s the one acting too harshly or prejudiced, and in both cases the tvshow points out that one of them is being wrong (they both recognize their mistakes and try to do better) and he’s basically being at her side without following orders mindlessly, and he doesn’t hold against her when she rejects him, not even when she unnecessarily and accidentally insults his personality while he’s at work (Kara wasn’t being malicious either, she was just confused and self-preservation also kicked in, but we all know that a male character would have been crucified for it), he just wants to stay friends, he keeps being loyal, he points out when things are suspicious, and he was being very rational about their father and didn’t attack Kara and Alex afterwards for their attitude because he understood that they were letting their feelings guide them…

he’s just so sweet and supportive, and he’s trying to his best, and he makes mistakes, especially due to his upbringing, but he also works on fixing them, and he and Kara have realistic conversations where they end up giggling while talking ('I want a heavy cape’. On tv usually nobody has conversations with their voices overlapping and people laughing at how they sound, it’s the same as not having people misspell a word, but in this tv show they do and it’s adorable) and he encourages her and believes in her, and he’s basically a puppy, as others pointed out, and we are getting to know all of him, soon enough his backstory as well, so we can see how far he already came, and I’m just so heart-eyes over this character, because I adore Kara, and whether he’s a love-interest or a best friend (though I’m so glad that from the beginning it was a clear love-interest set up) I can’t imagine someone more suited for her, between being a cinnamon roll but also stubborn and someone who can also argue with her and that pushes her to be better and more open while he’s pushed to be better and more heroic

they are both so lovely, but while I knew she’d be a cutie, I had NO IDEA he’d be so wonderful 

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I hc that he can actually skate pretty well by the time the whole Incident™ goes down, but honestly the first time Michael takes him skating he looks like a baby deer tryin to walk for the first time ft mikey being an unhelpful little shit in the bg

Ballet Boy

category: fluff, angst-ish

tw: none (if i forgot one or wasn’t aware of one pls tell me)

word count: 8,796

When Dan was little he used to spend his Friday afternoons in the corner of the local gym, watching his older sister do pirouette after pirouette with the other girls of her ballet class. He would wonder how she didn’t get dizzy from all the spinning, because he couldn’t even walk straight after only three turns, let alone do a cartwheel or one of those amazing jumps.

Ellen was three years older than him, which was why their parents had told her to look after Dan when they came home late on Fridays. Of course, she never would miss a lesson just to look after her brother. Oh no. With the permission of her teacher she took Dan with her, sat him down in the corner with his brand new game boy, telling him to play one of those weird Pokémon games.

The first time he had come with her he had quickly discarded his video game in order to watch her dance. Dan loved watching her dance. She always looked so happy whenever she did something correctly. The other girls were really nice as well. They all were between five and ten years old. Older girls had class on another day in a different group. The advanced group. Dan had seen them dance once at a show of his sister. He knew Ellen wanted to train a lot so she could join them when she turned eleven.

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It started when, in his distress and desire to escape the Manor, his mother, and everything magical, Draco had started taking frequent, and increasingly random trips into Muggle London. At first, it was absolutely terrifying. He could write a comedy of errors on all his mishaps and faux pas.  But then, it became a thing that he did, just for his enjoyment. He’s never spoken to anyone about it, not even Greg.

On Friday nights he goes to the same gay club he practically stumbled into once when he was bored and looking for something to do. The first time he was there, he was overwhelmed. He didn’t know places existed where men like him could simply get drunk and fuck each other. He didn’t know about strobe lights, or DJs. He didn’t know how easy it was to get fucked. But he learned pretty fast.

On Wednesdays he goes to IKEA. He has no idea why, just that the place fascinates him. On Sundays he goes to the park. Any park. He wanders. He sits. He looks. Muggles still fascinate him. Occasionally they still frighten him. Not that he’d admit that to anyone.’
—  Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox

More Raven!Neil! This is coming on in in bits and pieces, but sooner or later I’ll have a complete chapter which means I’ll HAVE to start writing the thing properly.

Andrew POV for now (probably because most of H4 is Andrew POV).


Andrew thought it had been tiring enough, dealing with Kevin back in June when he’d discovered Riko’s little stunt with the district switch and everything, with the Foxes finding out that they’d be facing the Ravens on the court that season. Dealing with the coward swinging back and forth between ‘we’re not good enough’ and fighting with the rest of the rejects as he struggled to make the Foxes into some sort of team ‘worthy’ of their Class I Exy status – fighting literally with Boyd and Gordon most days, to the point that Andrew was getting rather annoyed with having to remind those two morons about his ‘don’t touch’ rule.

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Relationship with Sirius

big spoon/little spoon: Sirius is the big spoon almost always. Unless he’s sick. Then he wants to be cuddled.

favourite non-sexual activity: hanging out with the group.

who uses all the hot water: Sirius. “It’s not my fault you’re jealous of my hair.“ 

the most trivial thing they fight over: "no that’s not ok.” “What’s not ok pet?” “Your freezing ice cubes you call toes. Get them away from my knee pit. That’s cruel and unusual.” Sirius usually finds this hilarious every time.

 who does most of the cleaning: you. Sometimes he tries to help but it usually ends up with you just telling him to go sit down.

 who controls the Netflix queue: it’s your Netflix but Sirius uses it all of the time. It’s at the point where your recommendations have nothing to do with your likes. 

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Sirius. But he only calls after he makes a point of trying to fix it. Even if he has no clue what he’s doing. 

who steals the blankets: you do and it drives him mad. “My arse is freezing over here.”

who leaves their stuff around: do you really have to ask? Your sure he has never heard of a clothing hamper. 

who remembers to buy the milk: you. He can remember you’re out of the most random things but the necessities are long forgotten. 

who remembers anniversaries: surprisingly he does. “Happy first time we snogged day!” “That’s just weird that you remember that:" 

Who cooks normally?: the both of you. He is no expert chef but he is learning fast. 

How often do they fight?: all the time. To be honest it’s not so many fights as Sirius getting bored and picking on you until you lose your mind. 

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Sirius is with the boys causing great mass mayhem. You are probably getting done things that he hates like shopping. 

Nicknames for each other?: He calls you pet or love. You call him love and behind closed doors bae. He hate loves it. 

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Sirius. Even when you say it’s your turn. "Got that Black money. Don’t bother even thinking about paying." 

What would they get each other for gifts?: you get him something muggle that he would love. On year you got him a pen but you’re pretty sure the only use that came from it was him biting the end. He gets you ridiculously expensive beautiful jewellery. 

Who kissed who first?: Sirius kissed you first in the hall after potions because you kept biting your lip in class. It was driving him mad not to kiss and bite on them. 

Who made the first move?: Sirius. Patience was never his strong suit. 

Who remembers things?: you do. "Did you send an owl to your mother it’s her birthday tomorrow.” “Fuck.” “What do you use all your memory space for?“ 

Who started the relationship?: you did. Mostly you asked why you two weren’t a thing yet and he said it was because he wasn’t sure how to ask. 

Who cusses more?: Sirius. And it always comes out at the worst times. "Stop swearing there are children walking down Diagon alley." 

What would they do if the other was hurt?: Sirius would burn the world for you. He’s macho on the outside but sweet on the inside.

Poor Flapjack didn’t get to see any other dogs in puppy class today! We were the only folks who showed up. We’re taking these classes mainly for socialization so it was a disappointment but it was also nice to give Flap a chance to show off what he knows. The trainer wasn’t really expecting a pup as far along as him but his brain got put to work anyway! He’s doing a lot better with drop it and leave it now.

Flapjack makes training too easy for us! He learns fast. I’m going to get spoiled. At some point I don’t doubt we’ll hit things he snags on. I need to remember not to feel frustrated then.


I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.


Lol.. He learned so fast about Lauren

Aaanndd about Camren lol.. The thing is he did this in his Twitter as well. He only follows Lauren and Camila. Lol..

But not like Instagram, in fact, he already followed Camila since a long time ago. Look, I don’t wanna be delutional, but this?

He liked the tweet. Omg.. Did he even realize Camren shipper is going crazy because of it?

And his bio.. Lol.. I swear to God if he teases us about Camren, I will kill him.

first lady, one.

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summary: y/n was the one of the finest of her school when it came to ice hockey and her fame spread for all the championship territory once she became the first girl to make it to the team in almost two decades. but what happens when she finds that she’s not called first lady just because of her skills?
pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 3.1k
content: kinda fluff, angst, mention of physical violence, high school!au, ice hockey!au

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

The door set wide open made it easier to a helmet to be thrown across the locker room, compensating the turbulent flight by softly landing on a pile of towels on the farthest corner. Unfortunately, only the helmet had the chance of changing its previous mood: it didn’t take two seconds for you to stomp in, finding your balance over your blades at ease as you seemed to not get enough of cursing. Punches and kicks with no destiny keeping company to every word that left your mouth - 90% of those were profanities and the last 10% his name.

You finally took a seat when your head spinned around a thousand times in a nanosecond, allowing you to remember the known taste of anger and how it worked on you. It made you feel dizzy as hell and forget how to think, your whole being concentrating on what it felt, basically. The scenes from the past five minutes bombarding your brain and making your blood reach a whole new level of ebullition as you wore off your gear. 

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First day on the job

So I just started training my new assistant manager today at a place where we try to stop the games.

Because of the allotment of hours we were given for the week, we both had to take our breaks at some point when it was just us. Which means, my new assistant on his first day had to be left alone for half an hour.

I tried to take my break at a time that I knew we wouldn’t be busy.

He’s doing really well and has the computer system down already. He was learning really fast! I was super excited and asked him if he needed anything from me before I took my break. He said he felt confident and off I went.

As I was leaving, I noticed a family was looking at a PlayStation VR headset. What happened after that I had no idea.

I get back and I swear several seconds of being back on the clock I got a phone call from a woman.

“I just got home and I realized that the game we just purchased with our VR headset did not have a game in the case. It was also supposed to be new and was t even shrink wrapped. The guy who helped us seemed fidgety and nervous and just didn’t know what he was doing the entire time.”

Me: “ma'am I apologize. Today was his first shift. If you want to come back we can get that fixed for you-”

Her (getting angry): “we live an hour away!!!!! Can’t we just take it to a closer store!?”

Me: “no, unfortunately, and the reason is because that would mess up both of our stores inventory. If you guys can bring it back with the receipt, I’d be happy to discount the game 10%.”

Her: “yeah okay. My daughter will be there soon then.”

Okay, so like two hours later, her son comes in. He has the receipt, has his moms debit card, and we ended up discounting the game. It literally gave them back $4. But at least saying 10% sounds like more. They spent way more in gas. I’m a terrible person.

I’ve never laughed so hard.

Sam and Tucker

They hide in the shadows. Yes, the Justice League is made of heroes, but they are still unknown. Sam and Tucker (after getting over the excitement) decide to keep themselves hidden from the League’s eyes.

They are Danny’s hidden support. The ones that trust him even when he seems to touch the darkness. Sam knows his limits. She tells him when to stay home and rest, when to listen to the League, and when to go behind their backs. Tucker learns fast, he can hack any JL system they can create. He does so unnoticed. He is the safety net. He can find what is kept from Danny, and— should the League ever turn against his friend— can create the ultimate blackmail.

All heroes have a contingency plan. They are his.

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Hi! How would Seven act with an MC who is kinda awkward at times, rarely talks, looks cold at first, and takes a lot of time to open up to people? How would he approach her when he first meets her and how would their relationship be like?

Thank you for you request,but Now I have 3 scenarios:

  1. How  he will approach you in the chat.
  2. When he goes to the apartment and he gets “all emo”.
  3. In person but he is not in emo mode. 

I will go for the third one because is the one that I think you want,but if you are not satisfied,please tell me and i will do it in another perspective.


  • He goes up to mc and starts with a joke (because seven) to break the ice.
  • But the ice has too fucking thick.Hes mind has like:HOUSTON,WE HAVE A PROBLEM.
  • He just laughs alone and very awkwardly.
  • But then you say “That was funny”.In your mind: You are supposed to laugh but nooooo instead you say with a plane face “that was funny”.Good job now he will think you are wired.
  • He just stares at you.
  • You two just take a sip of water with an awkward silence.
  • “why did Adele cross the road?” seven says.
  • “Mmmhh…why?” you say it in a low voice.
  • “To say hello from the other side!” He starts laughing and puts his hand in the air waiting for a hight five but this happens… 

  • Yeah it was awful.
  • Seven starts to ask about you,news,ordinary things and you just answer his questions with a yes,no or a simple respond.
  • As the conversation stars to die so he says “I will go to the bathroom,excuse me for a second” and he goes.
  • when he close the door you both sigh.
  • Seven is Re-reading your social accounts to find some thing to say,like a common interest.You in the other hand…”WHY ARE YOU SO AWKWARD AND CRINGEY?WHY ARE YOU NOT A NORMAL HUMAN?”is the only thing that comes to your mind.
  • When you two were in the chat it was all good and fun but in real life it´s just a disaster.
  • Seven comes out of the bathroom sits with you and says “Look I know this is going very awkward,I´m very awkward.Plus it seem you take time open up” he scratches his head “but…what do you think if we just start again?”
  • You nob  and seven starts to talk about *insert a thing that you are interested right now and no it can´t be mystic messenger or hc of mystic messenger*.
  • “Wow,are you into that?”
  • “Yes,you didn´t know?” He say but he is totally lying,he just search it on google but he learns fast and he will say the truth “eventually”.
  • Form that all went well…almost well because seven.

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