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so when are we going to talk about the fact that Crowley reads comics? ⚡


Sophie & Ben in 2006

Blank Canvas

Pairing: Luke & You

Words: 1600+ 

Warning: Mildly nsfw

 I haven’t proof read bc i’m tired so sorry about that and i changed up my writing style let me know if you like this better or if you prefer my original style! Once again feedback is appreciated xx 


(gif isn’t mine) 

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anonymous asked:

So don't get me wrong, I love Wildflowers, but it seems you kinda dislike Victor? Just wondering why that is cause he's kinda my fave lol

Hi nonnie!


So the thing with Yuri on Ice is that things seem to fall into place pretty easily. Kubo is an amazing storyboarder and doesn’t let it happen unrealistically, but in placing the spotlight on Katsuki Yuuri she left a lot of holes regarding Victor’s personality and how that defines his interactions and subsequent relationship with Yuuri.


I’ve added a read more because this is over a thousand words long, but if you want a breakdown of Victor’s flaws, feel free to click on!

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being as in love with you as i am | noah foster ;; an unrequited noah/audrey playlist that noah totally listens to at night while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head (tracklist under the cut)

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“Ed will introduce Ed’s full name: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. … Ed made up that name for Ed. Isn’t it cool?”

3/5 Non-Binary Favorite Characters: Radical Edward

ヽ(○˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)人(˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑●)ノ TAEKOOK HANDSHAKE VER.??

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Is it weird that I kinda ship jin with everyone?? He's just such boyfriend material❗️💗 my fave jin ships have got to be jinkook, yoonjin and namjin tho 🙆🏼 what do u think their relationship dynamics would be like??

I can see this!! although tbh…unpopular opinion but…I don’t ship namjin…

I think it’s just too popular and I don’t see it so I just feel “no” about it. I also don’t know how I feel about yoonjin. it’s cute, but I think I like others better

my first bangtan ship was jinkook because of a vlive when kook was in jin’s lap and jin was rubbing kook’s arms and it looked so affectionate and beautiful. I love the hyung/maknae thing, I love the protective vibe jin gives off. plus they’re both such dorks and I adore when jin makes kook laugh. I just think they’d have a very fun and loving relationship 

I have a huge soft spot for 2seok though. ugh I love 2seok and I’m not even 100% sure why

I kept laughing at myself for calling 004 a hot tamale but I do NOT take it back because I mean look at him. The hottest of tamales.

I spent like an hour messing around with highlights like they do in the 2001 anime but in the end I decided not to use them at all. So. Fun waste of time though. xD

004 is kinda my fave at this point. He’s so cute. He’s an angel I’m sure of it

pastelgalaxiesmmd  asked:

Yeah, haha- Despite all the rule breakers, I'm glad you share your models, they're my favorite ones to use honestly?? and like you even model your own clothing and hair that's really cool bc I see duplicates all the time and whatnot- btw Dex is looking great omgg

AW MAN that’s super sweet dude wtf HAHAHA i love sharing them for ppl like u who use them EHHEHE i also love modelling my own shit bc im too lazy to quest for parts like dat takes 2 long

but omg thank u HEHEHEHE he’s my Fave-ish right now kinda

i mean its a pretty big accomplishment i think if anyone else were to marry peeks they’ll have to fite u