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Would ye look out for Willie? It would mean a great deal to me if you would spend time with him. Serve, as his father.


Sophie & Ben in 2006


Remembering Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin on his birthday.

April 16th 1889 — December 25th 1977

It is not reality that matters in a film but what the imagination can make of it. 


So I’m gonna be cosplaying as Lucy Carlyle for Manchester Comic Con (I’ll probs post some pics closer to the date) and I decided to make a skull in a jar to go with! His name is skullykins.

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YEA like the scene at the end where sonny commissions the mural? they spun it differently, he like slid his hand around graffiti pete’s waist a few times and leaned in during the “no one knows about this but you and me” line and pete sprinted tf out and later they did a very small hand hold during finale which i probably only noticed because i was looking for it

anyway id die for sonny de la vega did you know that

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You're the reason why I love Ignis smut. Gladio is my favorite party member, but his smut too basic and cliche. Tbh, your "Fashion Sense" fic was the best Gladio smut I've ever read. But with Ignis, the possibilities are endless, and you've really shown that with your writing. Keep doing what you're doing!

Fashion Sense is actually my most popular work on Ao3 rn, and I’m laughing because all my muse wanted to do was write some blood kink Gladdy Daddy ridiculousness while I was telling it to write fluff. I’m glad that it turned out so well in the end!

Ignis… I feel like that fictional man is a permanent part of me rn because it’s just so natural for me to write him in any fashion. Ignis hell is eternal, so my niche is evident.

Now, methinks you just haven’t been blessed with good old Gladdy smut, yet! Allow me to dump some (fluffy-ish?) gems here for your perusal:




http://omnistruck.tumblr.com/post/162095689626/keep-what-remains-part-iv-gladiolus (this one isn’t smut, but it’s such a beautiful insight to Gladio’s character that I hope you’ll enjoy the series!)
Blank Canvas

Pairing: Luke & You

Words: 1600+ 

Warning: Mildly nsfw

 I haven’t proof read bc i’m tired so sorry about that and i changed up my writing style let me know if you like this better or if you prefer my original style! Once again feedback is appreciated xx 


(gif isn’t mine) 

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Petyr: *pretty much unphased by people having sex right in front of him, constantly surrounded by people shagging, makes a living off people’s weird fantasies, basically lives in a brothel in the show*

Sansa: *hugs him*

Petyr: what the fuck