he's kind of becoming my favourite character on this show tbh

First Half of 2017 Fic Rec

A compilation of some of the fics that I’ve enjoyed this year [with little glimpses into the stories and comments about them, do check them out to see the actual summaries and do support the authors if you enjoy them as well 💕]:

  • trndsttrs of seoul by chimint || yoonmin, namjin || t || wip
    chatfic; jimin is a cinnamon roll and yoongi is whipped™.
    (literally the cutest thing ever, i reread it every day. jungkook calls yoonmin ‘dadgi’ and ‘jimom’ respectively (which is so fcking cute nghhh) and namjoon is the captain of the ship and they all ship ym - all concepts i am 100% up for. something to brighten up your day ^^)
  • The Songbird and the Sea by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw violence/graphic content
    pirate au with magic; pink-haired jimin with the blessing of the canary finds himself on the infamous pirate ship agust, with its even more infamous captain, min yoongi aka the black fox of the east.
    (the writing is amazing! i froth at the mouth waiting for this to update as it does very frequently! i am trash for both pirates and magic so wow, what greatness. a little slow burn, but with a reasonable pacing. also daegu bros are sort of actually bros here so plus points.)
  • Seven Days (Or The One Where Min Yoongi Asks Out Park Jimin Because Of A Girl) by minyoongayashell || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw sexual content (but like, no actual sex)
    seven days au; jimin is called “cheot-nal ye” or “first day yes”. basically he’s famous at school for agreeing to date the first person who asks him out on the first day of the week - 100% of the time, he breaks off the relationship at the end of the week and the cycle repeats itself. now, yoongi hates this girl in class and she wants to ask jimin out. naturally, he has to beat her to it.
    (the manga was such a sweet thing and the fic gets me so excited. i don’t read a lot of high school aus, but this one is special! it’s not updated very frequently, but it’s definitely worth a read.)
  • Bullet Boy by sugamins || yoonmin || e || tw homophobia/sexual content || wip || tw references to drug use/depression
    in which yoongi’s an underground rapper and jimin collabs with other rappers to break into the scene and flash forward into the future, they are caught up in a ‘scandal the likes of which the industry has never seen before.’
    (the writing is so amazing, wow, it’s only on the first third chapter but the author makes it feel so promising. i kid you not, i actually messaged them and fangirled embarrassingly bc I am that kind of person. also ! underground yoonmin !)
  • Hiraeth by haruguk || taekook, yoonmin, platonic yoonkook || not rated but probably e || 100k || tw sexual content/graphic content/drug abuse/mental instability/psychosis || tw referenced child abuse/cheating/alcohol abuse/self-harm (basically a lot of warnings!)
    diary of an oxygen thief au; perfect fratboy jeongguk gets off of breaking hearts, but he can’t quite do the same to kim taehyung. “hurt people hurt people.” read the warnings carefully!
    (basically this fic broke my heart time and time again and everyone has probably already read this but i still must rec it bc it is that good.)
  • tats'n'thots by Death_Impala || taekook || bg yoonmin || not rated but probably m || 12k || tw sexual content
    tattoo artist au; taehyung to jeongguk: “I feel inspired, and I want to work with you, so how about this: let me tattoo you in any way I want, free of charge – with your input of course.” also, bottom jk. c:
    (i am trash for the using-your-body-as-a-canvas trope and similarly, or even more so, for bottom bby jk. :’) this fic is a blessing. taekook and art obviously belong in the same sentence.)
  • Idiosyncratic by jiminsfw || taekook || e || 19k || tw sexual content/knots/ruts/usual abo things
    a/b/o au; taehyung and jungkook are an alpha/alpha couple, and no one thinks that alpha/alpha couples can last. involves ruts and switching and so much emotion.
    (this was a particularly interesting read bc it took me forever to find a fic with alpha/alpha taekook! alpha/alpha taekook nghhh it’s just the cutest thing, a little sad, but ultimately very fluffy.)
  • Mileage May Vary by rix || taekook || e || wip || tw sexual content/age difference/strip clubs/recreational drug use
    “Jeongguk is a stripper with a penchant for trouble. Taehyung is curious.” taehyung is nine years older than jk, who has a prince albert btw. bottom jk as always. sort of soft sugar daddy tae? but not really.
    (once again i am trash for bottom jk. and all of rix’s fics are so good ;A; the quality just gets better and better. also, tae is once-divorced, heads up. in rix’s words, nothing really happens but still, it’s so enjoyable. <3)
  • spring day by Bangtanbananas || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || e || 70.9k || tw violence/graphic content/sexual content/mpreg/heats/usual abo things
    wolf au; only 5% (i think) of wolves find their fated mates (but most wolves believe they don’t actually exist bc soulmates?), and although jimin dreamt of finding his when he was a pup, he didn’t actually expect to in the mysterious alpha from the mountains.
    (i crave shit like this bc wolves + a/b/o + pack dynamics is just - c: omega jm and alpha yg, yes please. seokjin is the real mvp.)
  • half feral, but just right by themelonlord || yoonmin, platonic jikook || e || wip || tw discrimination/bullying/graphic content (but not really)/probably sexual content || tw referenced child abuse
    a/b/o au; in a world where alphas are considered little more than rabid animals, yoongi’s just trying to scrape by and achieve his dreams. but then he meets omega park jimin and his pseudo little brother, young alpha jeon jeongguk.
    (yoonmin with their son /dongsaeng jjk is evidently my absolute favourite thing. :’) i was dreaming about an au where the alphas are victimised for a change a week before i discovered this fic and i wanted to cry bc it was better than i could ever imagine it to be.)
  • These Lyrics Will Write Themselves by PrettyBoyKiller || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || t || wip || tw sexual content/cyberbullying/eating disorders || tw referenced homophobia
    sugar daddy au gone wrong sort of? jimin starts off as bulletproof ent’s co-director min yoongi’s nonsexual sugar baby, then eventually becomes an important part of both yoongi’s life and the lives of everyone around him.
    (again this is something that everyone’s probably already reading but i cannot leave it out of my list. it’s a very nontraditional way of showing sugar babies in terms of fanfic, with a gentle, natural progression of things, and you’ll surely grow to love all of the artists yg has under his label the way jm does.)
  • Laugh and I Love You by ifisayhiyousayoops || jinkook || bg vmin || e || 21.9k || tw sexual content
    canonverse; seokjin and jungkook are just - so domestic and codependent. literally it. the softest slice-of-life on this side of the internet.
    (jinkook has always been my guilty pleasure and i love them. bratty btm bby jk is basically my religion? i’m this fic is so well written! it’s very gentle and sweet and wow. i love love.)
  • The Letter Thief by d4wndust || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 21.9k || tw depression/character death || tw referenced suicide attempt (proceed with caution kind of story)
    chatfic; “Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number. | Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living.”
    (ngl i was sort of apprehensive before reading it, but anon rec’d it so i read it at 2 am, and i don’t regret it? it made me cry, a lot, and it was pretty sad. and i don’t know how accurate/sensitive its representation of depression was in the text but yeah, i cried like an infant so it deserves a mention. but please please remember to proceed with caution!)
  • time follows you (and fades) by thebestofme || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 17k
    hogwarts au; half-veela jimin finds himself in slytherin house and falling for slytherin prince, min yoongi. alternatively, jimin is so pretty and yoongi just wants to love him.
    (slytherin yoonmin! yoongi is such a sweetheart and he has a pet kneazle named holly. :’) jeongguk is also adorable, i’m so weak. the first part is in jm’s pov and the second one’s in yg’s, so you literally get two sides of the story. i am trash for hogwarts aus and i’ve probably read all of them, and this one is such a gem!)
  • Once Upon A Dream by yururin || yoonmin || t || 17k
    “soulmates AU where you can see a glimpse of your past life on the eve of your 18th birthday and Jimin dreams of a forbidden Joseon era love story with an upperclassman Min Yoongi, popular basketball player in uni, 18384/10 out of his reach”
    (what is sin - it doesn’t exist. this entire thing is so soft and cute and pure. a great pick-me-up!)
  • glub glub glub by rabbitme || yoonmin || g || 6.7k
    sort of chat fic that begins with jimin and yoongi missing each other.
    (such purity. i love love. basically ym travelling, together and apart. ot7 interaction is something to look forward to, as well. it’s so fluffy, please read this and be blessed.)
  • The Boy in the Music Box by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg namjin, taekook || t || 52.5k || tw referenced abuse
    yoongi is a college kid with a dysfunctional circadian rhythm and whose grandmother claims to have been a legitimate magician/fortune teller in her time and forces yoongi to take home a music box. inside the music box is a ballerino - only, yoongi wakes up one late-evening-early-morning and finds the wooden ballerino missing, with a pretty boy named jimin in its place.
    (where do i start with this? i must say - i love love. yg falls hard and fast, it’s not even a spoiler. jm has many secrets. angsty but overall very pure. the fluff can make you cry, tbh. yg’s grandmother calls him yoonyoon, what more do you need. did i mention i love love?)
  • light side of the moon by themelonlord || yoonmin, namjin, taekook, 95line || e || 80.8k || tw brief graphic content (blood)/sexual content
    wolf au; jimin moves into a quiet town and befriends kim taehyung, who subsequently changes his life.
    (it is such a lovely story, very pure, very gentle, with filth. :’) nothing really happens; it’s just a story about a boy who finds himself loving a man who can turn into a wolf. the ot7 is strong in this one. highly recommended if 95line and puppy piles make you smile.)
  • King of My Heart by wanderment || taekook || t || 17.7k
    jeon jeongguk is the youngest son of the king of korea. taehyung is a friend of a friend - and a fan, but don’t let jeongguk know that. yet.
    (a very wholesome and pure fic. they’re all rich college kids in this; minus namjin who are jk’s bodyguards. it feels short when you read it, but definitely very enjoyable. it’ll make you smile.)
  • Movie Night by Misster Maia || yoonmin || e || 8k || tw sexual content
    the boys want to watch a horror movie and jimin needs a distraction. it’s a good thing yoongi’s such a great boyfriend.
    (pure, unadulterated, unapologetic smut. i figured i needed at least one on my list and this one does not disappoint. kinks include exhibitionism, praise kink, hyung kink, overstimulation, and dirty talk. also, jimin has a nipple piercing, bless.)
  • The Victorious V and his Vast, Venturesome Heart by aprofessorstale || taekook, yoonmin || e || wip || tw sexual content/identity crises? canonverse; taehyung is in love with love. jimin doesn’t believe in it.
    (this is probably one of the best non-aus i’ve read in forever. it’s very introspective, incredibly heavy when it comes to discussions of sexuality and identity. it is very well-written and the author had captured their personalities well, while sticking to a timeline mostly following reality. (basically everything happens post-ynwa era) taekook are complicated and as are yoonmin, and while the story isn’t over yet, it is definitely worth the read. nam2seok are the resident straights and they deserve to be loved. on that note! yg is demisexual, rejoice.)
  • I Wrote This For You by chikichikichuu || yoonmin, taekook || bg namjin || t || wip || tw referenced depression/self-harm
    the “cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel” you will not read this story frustrates jungkook enough for him to send an aggressive e-mail to his newly proclaimed favourite author, min yoongi. (or, yoonmin through jungkook’s eyes. painful, yet worth it. taekook are relationship goals, basically, and everything is seemingly lovely until it isn’t. it hasn’t been updated since february ::) but it’s the kind of story that you can’t stop thinking about. suffer with me. <3)
  • a silhouette of new by mygz || yoonmin || m || wip || tw sexual content
    sugar daddy gone wrong au chatfic; an unknown number sends jimin a message, thinking he’s a sugar baby.
    (very very cute! i look forward to this a lot. yoongi and jm are both very natural and very adorable, spicy and sweet. uwu seriously something to look forward to if you’re into fluffy and sexy sugar daddy au chatfics.)
  • we put the gay in ‘gay’ by ThePurpleStarfish || yoonmin || bg namjin || m || wip
    chatfic; starts with hobi’s iconic line: “listen up sluts”
    (yoonmin-centred. it’s adorable, endearing, and the right level of ridiculous that will make you smile and cry in frustration. :’) they’re both so oblivious, i want to choke them. also jungkook is confused?)
  • Lurking Shadows by GrandDragon03 || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok, platonic yoonminkook || m || wip || tw violence
    monster hunter au; jungkook is taken in as an apprentice by the legendary (and also married) hunter pair, min yoongi and park jimin.
    (this is so good? the world-building is a+. please read if you want to see yoonmin with their son jk and good writing. the summary is in first person, but the story itself isn’t written that way, i promise. jk is a reckless prodigy but yoongi’s working on it.)
  • A New World by lonelyonion || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok || e || wip || tw graphic content/violence/character death
    super powers/not today au; “Jeon Jungkook was born to save the world, that’s a fact. Everything else, that was spontaneous.”
    (this needs more attention! it’s still very short but very well-written and i am sooo excited for where this is headed. there are also not enough nam2seok fics in the world. :’) also! author says not to worry about the character death, but let’s see.)
  • Breathless by makkurokuro93 || yoonmin || bg namjin || e || 37k || tw sexual content
    swim team au; after an unexpected break from the athletic world, yoongi finds himself back in south korea as their national team’s new coach. everything is almost the same as when he left, except, now, there’s park jimin.
    (admittedly i haven’t finished this yet. 🤷 but! it seems very promising and there’s a nuance to the writing that colours everything in this sort of hazy blue filter. it’s just really pretty, wow. i say this bc i haven’t gotten to the smutty bits yet, tbh. what i’ve seen of the characterisations are brilliant! will update this when i finish reading. ;; let’s scream together.)
  • Impractical Magic by springrain21 || yoonmin || t || 16.8k || tw dismembered toes/spirits
    witch au; yoongi is the worst witch jimin has ever met, basically.
    (so so so cute! thank you to the original creator of the tumblr post that inspired this entire thing bc it just makes me so happy. yg is such an endearing character, and jm obviously feels the same way. you will fall in love.)

Here’s me throwing a little appreciation to everyone who makes my time on this website for dumdums worthwhile! I wanted to do something a little different instead of just listing all my favs, so i’ve written just a little blurb to thank you for making me so happy <3 I hope you all manage to find your tag lol this got a bit long (might have to do a cheeky command+f heh) compliments / blurbs under the cut!!

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jirehthedisciple  asked:

Top 5 favourite fruitship moments

wow i’m so sorry kouhai this is damn overdue (and i owe you a lot) and honestly now i’m regretting getting back to this because aughsfndifdjsls there are SO MANY cries why did u make me pick just 5 i hate u

top 5 so far as of today (rip we just got thru ep 146):

5. Episodes 50/51

ah yes the first episodes where yuya not only begins to realize a bit of his own denseness in regards to his feelings towards yuzu, he openly states out loud all of the reasons why yuzu is so important to him: she stayed with him even when he was bullied and cheered him on despite this, she was the one that gave him an idea of how to evolve as a duelist, he straight up says both rune-eyes and beast-eyes are monsters he was able to summon thanks to yuzu, he realizes the reason she was trying to get stronger was to protect him and his friends… and of course even reiji takes advantage of his feelings for yuzu. reiji. taking advantage. of his feelings. before this duel, yuya wanted nothing to do with becoming a lancer, but by the end of it… he joins because, just as reiji stated, he wants to save yuzu. and then episode 51 ends like this

oh my god the pain in his voice

(also quick shout out to ep 54 becuz it shows us the struggle of being separated from yuzu’s perspective and well she cries just as bad *dies*)

4. Episode 125. I think this post pretty much sums it up. 

3. The end of episode 129. idk what to say i mean… yuzu actually gets through to yuya for a moment (and it almost seems like he’ll come back to his own senses but…), then afterwards we get this

and yusho pretty much explains that them being so close to each other isn’t a coincidence… like…………….. i’m sorry i’m such a sucker for the whole… destined intertwining fates/red-string-of-fate trope… except for the kicker here is that they weren’t exactly meant to (uh) fall in love? their red-string-of-fate was just meant to pretty much stop him from becoming a demon and destroying the world… and also the fact that they’re reincarnations of zarc & ray who were enemies (technically)… oh my god……. the irony ugh my heart this is the kind of shit i fall for every damn time

2. Episode 140.

episode 140.

episode 140.

oh my god first of all just the lone fact that Yuzu is the only person, out of all of the ones that had been trying to get him back for five episodes straight, that Yuya explicitly responds to would have pretty much been enough for me tbh like that is all i needed but then they also had to throw in this

like shit even Zarc himself is surprised

and it doesn’t stop there

just look at her holding out her hand to him so gently even having to look at him like that as a demon like ashfkjsdlf

look at this shit Zarc is so dumbfounded yet Yuya’s like you know what you’re right babe like just looking at her and hearing her makes him feel calm and gives him the strength to overcome his own inner (er, outer, i guess i should say) demons aaaaaa

1. my favorite fruitship moment and the one moment that made just go from casually shipping them for the heck of it to straight up OTP AF status is this:

(episode 69)


THIS IS HOW YOU SELL ME ON YOUR OTP. Like honestly tears because one of them is dying or because they miss the other are also good but HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CHARACTERS CRY OUT OF JOY FOR THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER???? LIKE. LEGIT TEARS OF JOY. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that even with all the ship tease before this episode (and there’s A LOT of it), i was still pretty on the fence on this ship like i was in the “yeah i kinda ship it” part of the fandom not because i didn’t really like it (all the ship tease was good and their relationship has ALWAYS been wholesome) but more out of pure caution because I KNOW how main male/female ships in yugioh usually go and they are usually not very good imo. But this. this moment. This EPISODE. Yuzu shows she cares. Yuya very fucking explicitly shows he cares (he cares so much that his body has a real autonomic physical reaction to this emotional stimulus oh my god my psychologist is showing). They’re not even in person next to each other or anything yet they are communicating and understanding and supporting each other. 

as far as for yugioh goes tho, even with ship teases, usually the main female/male pair keeps to status of “friend” because ofc this is yugioh this is all about the nakama. and they usually stop there. or just they leave it at that for the most part and don’t go in depth as to why they should be shipped together besides just them being boy+girl friends = a couple but in this case they, imo, they really went above and beyond that and welp now i’m here crying

idk bout you but this convinced me their feelings for each other were more than that. and i wasn’t fruitshipping trash before this so.

anyways, that’s the end of my list but you’re probably wondering why i didn’t include the episode 99 reunion they had… dude… trust me… i love that scene… but i feel that if you ship these two, that scene is a given as a fav moment. lol it’s like if you made a “fruitshipping moments” bingo, the episode 99 reunion would be your free space lmao i mean i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and i will watch it a million times over and never get tired of it but it’s also so obvious lol

anonymous asked:

can you talk about your fave alec moments from 2a?

Oh man. There’s so much, there’s basically too much – I didn’t actually think there was that much, but wow there’s actually so much because literally every Alec scene is my favourite scene as I am a simple girl with easy standards. But I’ll try to, like, not talk for six thousand years. Let’s see how it goes lmao.

#1 Best Top Alec Scene of All Time Ever: Alec v. Aldertree, 2x09

Oh man. Oh man. This was…this was such a gift…I can’t even describe how I feel about it adequately. Like our boy is a saltine at the best of times, but that aspect is sort of is tempered by his forced respect for authority (which is a whole nother conversation which I’ve talked about a few times) – so against an authority figure, in the past, Alec has been sort of passive-aggressive (for lack of a better word); like in 1x09, he stares down Lydia and hands the folder to his mom against her command, and in 2x01 he still takes Lydia’s dismissal instead of contesting it. So I like this scene especially because you see him coming out of that, but it’s not OOC or anything, firstly because shedding his adherence to authority has been a part of his arc since 1x12 (and was reinforced in 2x08 with his conflicts with his mother), and also – and more significantly imo – it’s because of his family. Isabelle specifically. 

So that “I’ll do anything for my sister,” authoritative, salty as fuck Alec just taking his Institute back that this scene brought out is my favourite ever Alec and I hope he’s here to stay. (Actually, I hope we see him struggle a bit more with his identity as a Shadowhunter, his duty to the Clave and his parents and following orders and the like, since that was a key part of his character in S1 and it would be so cool to see him actually deal with that, but that’s a whole nother thing as well). And leader!Alec has always been my favourite Alec, and there’s nothing more I want to see than Alec being the head of the institute like he deserves to be (seeing a struggle for power between Alec/the Lightwoods/Aldertree would be SO NICE too, and I’m actually really interested to see how power is going to shift hands in 2B in the Institute. Maybe seeing Alec have to navigate the messy quagmire of Shadowhunter/Clave politics which puts him at odds with the others who don’t get how complicated it is because the consequences of any insubordination are going to fall on his shoulders as the leader sorta like how it was in S1. And I’m also kind of interested to see how Alec navigates the whole “preserving the Lightwood honour” thing from last year - how much he values that now compared to the huge lengths he went to for the Lightwood name in the first season. That would be so cool).

And honestly, that smirk and that salty little pat on Aldertree’s shoulder ended my life. It ended my life.

I just put the rest in chronological order but i just had to mention this one first lol so here we goooo

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anonymous asked:

You are one of the only people I could find that still really believe destiel could become canon. I'd LOVE for that to happen, but I mean... We've had much more obvious romantic storylines between Dean and Cas before (looking at you season 8), and they still didn't make it canon. I'm really hoping you're right about this, but I don't see why it would happen this season


Well, I follow quite a few people who I believe are pretty positive about canon Destiel, but I think the important thing to most of us (including me) is that it is clear to us that the story is there, that we are not making it up.

Whether they decide to follow through on what has been laid down in the text and on screen is another matter and while I am cautiously positive I also am not deluding myself that it is a certainty.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the production side, but from what I can tell since Dabb took over (I believe officially since s12 but really since mid s11) the Dean/Cas story has really ramped up and I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to ramp this up without following through at this point. It has already been a PR disaster for the show, Supernatural is the no 1 show that comes up on google when you search ‘queerbaiting’, the fandom is divided, it is a controversial subject. Why would you even touch it with a barge pole let alone increase the subtext and lead it even into the text at this point?

TBH I got to early season 11 feeling like they had decided not to follow through and it was only with the Casifer / Dean’s reaction / Sam’s reaction to Dean story that I started to sit back up and think hang on, I feel like there’s been a turning point in TPTB here and then found out the showrunner had changed? And now we have a whole host of new writers too, under this showrunner, who when he writes, writes AMAZING DESTIEL EPISODES. So perhaps I’m reading too much into it but as this is how I felt at the time it felt like it was kind of obvious to me?

Listing my favourite episodes recently I realised many of them are written by Dabb. Most of these are extremely heavy on Destiel (either between them or by paralleling them with canon couples), so I feel like Dabb gets it and is working towards this as endgame.

So, mid s11 onwards made me sit up and notice this again. Now the story so far this season has heavily rested on focusing on the emotional side of the characters (as Dabb said it would).

With Dean it focuses on the dropping of his façade and his wanting to be honest, also letting go of his brother and letting him grow up. With Sam its his self forgiveness arc and his misunderstanding of his brother. With Mary it’s the guilt. With Cas it’s his sense of belonging and family.

Meanwhile we have whole Cas-centric episodes resting on stories about Angels loving Humans, the whole Lucifer arc rests on the result of ‘love’ between Angels and Humans. The whole BMOL arc rests on (dis)honesty. The honestly arc for Dean, the love arc for Cas - these are things they didn’t have to have the whole season focusing on repeatedly, nearly every damn episode!

Do I think they’ll end this season in each others arms kissing and declaring their undying love to each other? Hell no. I believe in endgame Destiel. In the meantime it’s gonna be painful. Because that’s how narratives like this work and that’s how this show works. But I will be surprised if it’s not endgame given everything we have now seen since mid s11 and the choices they have made regarding their story.

Am I right? Who knows! We shall see!

Honestly though, joking aside, but also in no way to I expect it, I just really want this for this season finale as Cas gets dragged off to I don’t know where ;)

Originally posted by watchthebeesandfish

I finished ACOWAR...

And let me tell you, that book was an absolute roller coaster, especially the last 100 pages (my emotions were everywhere for that last battle).
I don’t actually think I can fault this book, the character developments and how Sarah stripped down the characters and showed who they really are. - I loved that she showed that everyone has an act that they show the world, which is never really their true selves.
Actually, I guess I could fault it in one way. Mor. She revealed to Feyre her big secret but then nothing happened (which is obviously more realistic) but I feel like Mor was quite undermined in the book and underplayed. (But now I have hope that maybe she’ll do a novella or something like that about one of Mor’s relationships and just Mor tbh - but I think that is very slim).

With this book having me sad and happy so many times, I have no idea how I feel about Tamlin. I feel like I understand him more but I’m not sure. He certainly went from not really being his own person - which I think is why I think he was so controlling with Feyre. My theory is that he couldn’t really keep control for himself and was pressured by bigger players (like Amarantha and Hybern and even Ianthe ) so he could never really do what he felt he should. - this clicked when he showed guilt for taking Rhysand’s mother and sister’s wings and burned them. So I feel that he used Feyre as a way of gaining back control that he couldn’t really keep for himself, which of course is completely wrong. But, I do kind of feel like he worked through some of these issues and gained the control he needed - helping Feyre with Hybern and turning on him. I feel like he showed the first step in overcoming his problems through bringing back Rhys and telling Feyre to be happy.

I also LOVED the diversity of all the High Lords and their individual situations. I just become mesmerised by Sarah’s writing and how she can have depth to even her minor characters.
On the topic of minor characters. The Suriel. I can’t believe he died, he must have absolutely loved Feyre with all his help - and I loved him too! I also loved the Bone Carver just because of how he was. I think one of my favourite parts of the series is the creatures that Sarah created and the creativity of them.
And the Archeron’s father!! We got so little of him and yet I feel like we got so much. I can’t believe he raised a whole army for them, he had no idea what was happening with them and yet he raised them an army.

To be honest I’m going to have to stop now because I just won’t stop.
I’m just sad that it’s over, or at least the main story. I just hope that the books can be brought to life good enough for the films.

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4,7,8,10,13,29,32,31,14,20,27,28 Kentin and Armin uwu

(Sorry for lack of posts recently, I’m dealing with some pretty screwed up drama right now and I’ve been in such a bad mood the past four days omg. Anyway, I added a few numbers for Kentin because some other anons requested a few numbers that weren’t listed so why not kill two birds with one stone right?)


2: If they like reading, and if so their fave book

He doesn’t read often because it’s hard for him to find a book that he really likes. But he does have a favorite, and that would be Gregor the Overlander, the main character is inspiring to him. (guys seriously read the book it’s so amazing omg it’s got like 5 parts and I cried it’s by Suzanne Collins so if you liked the Hunger Games you’ll love this even more in my opinion)

4: Their favorite way to waste time

Kentin likes to either work out or bake. If he has absolutely nothing to do he goes for a run, and if that’s not possible he likes to bake cookies, brownies, cake, etc. He’s also fairly good at decorating cakes!

5: Their favorite type of music

He likes soft music like this, and sometimes he’ll am to the occasional pop song.

7: Their happiest memory

His favorite memory is from military school, he made a really good friend while he was there and they bonded like no other. They kept each other going through all of it and they were there for each other when no one else was. This is his happiest because he finally made a friend that he didn’t feel like was only there because they pitied him or anything.

8: Their most embarrassing moment

In the game it’s mentioned that he got bullied before, so back in middle school or something he got his pants pulled down in front of everybody by this jerk that was constantly pestering him. He’s still planning his revenge.

10: Their best childhood memory

When he was little his dad used to carry him around on his shoulders all the time and run around the house. His dad would also let him put on his military clothes, and he would teach him some cool fighting moves.

13: Their biggest regret

His biggest regret is letting other people take advantage of him and taking what others say too seriously. He still has problems with this but it was really bad before and he just wants to let people know they can just run him over anymore

14. Their biggest fear

The boy is afraid of heights y’all.

16. Their calming techniques

When he’s really nervous about something he likes to isolate himself from everyone else and sit down, taking really deep breaths. He counts to 3 in between every intake. When he’s really pissed off this doesn’t work well so he goes to a gym and finds a punching bag, or he goes for a really long run.

17. How they cope with nightmares

He doesn’t really do anything to make himself feel better, he just kind of lays there and stares at the ceiling until sleep takes over again but if it was that bad then if he can he might just go for a walk, even though it’s like 3 AM

20. If they collect things, if so what

I don’t see Kentin being a collector of anything but if he did he might have been one of those kids that try to collect all the boy scout badges (he was in boy scouts you can’t tell me otherwise)

27. How they sleep

He’s a very touchy person if that makes sense, so he needs to be holding on to something. If you’re with him then he likes to hold you in his arms and spoon, or lay his head on your chest like he’s a little kid. If he’s alone he has a pillow next to him and holds onto that with one arm, while his legs are sprawled out.

28. How they hug

His hugs a very warm and affectionate, no matter who you are. He doesn’t just hug anyone so when he does, it’s the nicest, cuddliest hug ever. He wraps you up in his arms and hold you tight, with his chin at the top of your head. If you’re just a friend, he does the same thing but he doesn’t do the chin thing and he doesn’t hug you as tightly.

29. How they express love

Did this in a previous post~ here.

31: If they found out they only had one day to live

He would spend it with Candy, and his family. And just try his best to keep them in high spirits. Later he’d like make an announcement to anyone who bullied him and tell them off like he’s always wanted to do, letting them know that he’s better than all of them. (I really dislike this number it’s so hard to come up with things for it omg)

32. If they were faced with a genie what they’d use their three wishes for and why

Wish 1. To become more confident in himself, because he hates how insecure he is

Wish 2. To be successful, all he wants to do is live a happy and stable life, and he wants his dad to be proud of him no matter what he chooses to become.

Wish 3. The formula for Nutella, he loves that stuff man.

(I just don’t see him wishing for materialistic things tbh)


4. Their favourite way to waste time

If he’s not playing video games of course, he really finds joy in taking those stupid Quotev quizzes, like “Which character are you?” and he likes making quizzes for the games he plays.

7. Happiest memory

You know what I have no freaking idea man…. I would say when he was adopted but we don’t even know the full story behind that sooo. And that’s also pretty basic… I’ll edit this part later if I think of something

8. Most embarrassing moment

Okay you know what, I didn’t intend for this to be NSFW so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to read but I whole-heartedly believe that he has been caught more than once jacking it off to some porn site by his mother or brother. His dad just knows to knock from now on but the other two don’t listen.

10. Their best childhood memory

When he was younger he and his brother used to pull pranks on people and switch places. I headcanon Alexy has naturally black hair so this was before he decided dye it, and no one really paid attention to their eye color until their mom found out what they were doing and called them out on their bullshit.

13. Their biggest regret

Hmm, well I don’t really know honestly. Maybe he regrets not going out as much as he should have. They never really spoke about their school before they arrived to Sweet Amoris (or did they, I can’t remember) so maybe he didn’t really have a lot of close friends since he’s like, low-key an introvert? So he just wishes he go out there more I guess.

14. Biggest fear

Low-key afraid of bugs but would never admit it. Also really afraid of losing his twin, I feel like they had separation anxiety when they were younger (me and my younger sis had that too omfg I used to cry whenever she wasn’t with me)

20. If they collect things, if so what?

He likes to collect figurines of characters for his games and shows. He’s probably a walking dead fan so he has all the figures of almost every character.

27. How they sleep

He’s always sprawled out all over his bed, lying on his stomach but occasionally his back. Don’t expect him to cuddle with you all night because he gets extremely hot while he’s sleeping so the most he’ll do is putting his leg on top of yours. He also cannot sleep without a blanket, so if it’s hot he’s the “one leg out” kind of guy.

28. How they hug

His hugs are very tight and welcoming, they make you feel comfortable because it’s just so nice. He kind of lifts you off your feet a little bit just because. They are also unexpected sometimes, like he’ll just run up on you screaming your name and tackle you with a bear hug

29. did this already for all guys~

31.If they only had one day to live how would they spend it?

 He would spend the day with his family and really close friends and wouldn’t complain one bit if they forced him to go outside. He’d actually want to go out somewhere this time, to make them happy. He wants to let them know how much he loves them all. “Alexy, I know you hate my clothes but I’m leaving my wardrobe to you, you’ll make good use out of it.” He’d probably try to drag everyone to a comic con if he could.

32. Genie, what would they wish for and why.

Wish 1. To be a professional game tester, because that’s what he does all day anyway so why not make money off of it?

Wish 2. For his brother to become whatever the heck it is he wants to be, he wants his bro to be happy y’all. 

Wish 3. For all other kids who are currently in foster care or anything to find really amazing parents who love them no matter what, so they can be happy

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that clip of the lightwoods is so interesting to me? Like, even though Alec is hella done with maryse, for a split second he reverts back to his submissive posture in front of her. I also loved the way he tried to warn Izzy to tone down what she was saying in front of max. And maryse's reaction to Izz dragging her was fascinating. She seemed... not regretful but more embressed? Idk if I'm making sense. I just really hope we see more of the lightwood dynimacs in future episodes.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES I love talking about the Lightwoods’ dynamic!! I definitely want to see more of it because it’s so damn interesting, and I also want to see more of the Lightwood kids and Robert, too (and I wonder if they’re going to do the whole Anna Marie Highsmith thing in the show, but it doesn’t seem like it).

I like how they show how rebelliousness of any kind does not come easily to Alec. There are way too many protagonist characters in general and in the show (each of Clary, Jace, and Izzy, to name a few) that are just “fuck the rules I’m gonna do the right thing/what my heart says!” but that they still depict that as a bit of a struggle for Alec is really interesting to me and I hope they explore that further (and how he eventually overcomes it). Like his most “rebellious” act was far and away the kiss at the wedding, and for the first time in his life, he does do what his heart says – and then, right after – “What did I just do?” So it’s still a conflict for him, even if his heart does win out in the end (as we see now with Malec), and that’s one of the things I find most interesting about his character.

So like, even though he is indeed hella done with Maryse, you can see how he kind of shifts as soon as he sees her, becomes a little more soldier-like in his countenance and his stance, the obedience coming naturally to him through years of conditioning himself to be like that (if he can be the perfect soldier and the dutiful son, it can compensate for his other self-perceived shortcomings and they at least won’t hate him for never being good enough).

Also, another detail I loved from that clip was Alec and Izzy’s different reaction to Robert’s absence. Like, Alec was hardly surprised but Izzy really was, and I think it highlights the different ways that Robert treats Alec vs. Izzy. Like, Robert dotes on Izzy and it’s pretty clear that she’s his favourite, and he’s seen as the Good™ parent compared to Maryse, but other than the scene after the kiss in 1x12, he hasn’t really treated Alec very well either – in fact, blaming him directly for Jace’s insubordinations in 1x06-1x07, and Alec’s allusion to past mistreatment in 1x09 (“You drilled into me that I was never good enough”). So I really want to see more of Robert and Alec’s dynamic and how it’s different from Robert and Izzy’s. I think both Maryse and Robert basically got used to Alec being more of a soldier than a son and treated him accordingly (and tried to do the same with Izzy, but she was more resilient in that sense).

(And I think Maryse is sort of the inverse, in that Alec is her “favourite” (after the Jace/demon blood thing, because before it was pretty clearly Jace), even though she doesn’t exactly treat any of them very well, but she has a massive and clear disdain for Izzy that’s not as much there for Alec, likely because of Alec’s soldier-like obedience more than anything else – although we haven’t seen them interact too much about his coming-out and Magnus, so I’m really really really excited to see how they portray that in 2x08.)

Also I talked at length about the Lightwood parent/child dynamics in this post and go over some of these thoughts in greater detail! 

FINALLY, yes! I really liked how they showed some dimension to Maryse, because after 1x12-13, people were so so so quick to completely villainize her and so many Malec fics actually made her out to be the villain of the story. Like, between her treatment of her kids and her being in the Circle, she’s not a good person by any stretch of the imagination – but here in this clip you can see that despite everything, she does care about her children and their relationship with her, and she can feel how frosty they are towards her, and I’m sure no mother – no matter how convinced of her own toxic ideologies – really likes that feeling. Plus, if you recall, Jocelyn was in the Circle with Maryse and Robert (Maryse was a very prominent member according to the books), so you can only imagine that Jocelyn and Maryse knew each other and probably quite well. So I like that she mentioned Jocelyn and looked genuinely sad about her passing.

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arrow :)

Because I’m dumb and reblogged two different ask games, you get two for the price of one!

Who I will protect at all costs: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who deserves better: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who was killed off too early: Dinah Laurel Lance (and Shado, and Moira, and Amanda Waller…)
Who I used to hate but now I love: I wouldn’t say hate but I wasn’t sure how I felt about Thea at first. She seemed to be written to be a bit of a brat at the beginning, and I think in a different actress’ hands it would have been unbearable. But Willa brings so much to the role and to the pain that Thea experiences from losing her family over and over and over again while still managing to remain a fun character. Thea’s easily one of the most developed characters on the show from where she started to where she is now and all I can say is I want more Speedy, damnit. Also I loathed Quentin at first and tbh he will always be very problematic but I have grown to appreciate his complexity and what it brings to the show.
Who I used to love but now I hate: I still stand by Malcolm was the best villain. I’m not really here for Slade’s Shado-induced manpain and his constant targeting of women. But Malcolm sucks after s1 so now I hate him. Also Felicity gets real stale real fast after s1. And I soured on Sara despite the show really trying to make me sympathize with her in s2 because she continues to take the people who love her for granted (i.e. Laurel and Nyssa, dear god, tell the poor woman you’re not interested in a relationship anymore or something, don’t just skip off and start sleeping around all across time while she continues to call you her beloved) and she’s just generally never held accountable for anything she did thus making her seem like a very self-centered person who never thinks about anyone else’s pain and I’m not a fan of it.
Who needs to be killed off asap: Malcolm Merlyn needed to die a while ago. I used to think they shouldn’t do it because Dark Archer is such an important part of GA but like…he’s barely been Dark Archer since s1 and his characterization has become so weak in the latter seasons plus the fact that he continues to live while all these amazing female characters be getting fridged left and right turns my stomach.
Who is unfairly hated: Dinah Laurel Lance
Who is unfairly loved: Felicity
Who needs to sort out their priorities: Felicity “No, Ray, Oliver!” Smoak and Oliver *drives off into the sunset leaving his traumatized sister behind* “why can’t I save the city and my relationship” Queen.
Who needs a hug: Thea and Oliver. Basically they should just hug each other, like, all the time. They’re about the only two regular characters I still care about. Also Quentin could probably do with a hug. And Laurel should be resurrected so she can get a hug.
Who needs to get out of their current relationship: I don’t really know Oliver’s current relationship status because I haven’t been watching really but he could do with being single for a while. Not forever, necessarily, but his romantic history is so freaking messy at this point and it’s exhausting to care about
Who the writers love: For god knows what reason at this point, Felicity
Who needs a better storyline: Part of me wants to say Felicity but they’ve wasted so many storylines and so much screen time on her already to no avail, so I’m gonna say Diggle. I miss when he wasn’t just the third wheel on O/T/A and had his own relationships with characters and his own concerns about the city. Now it just sort of feels like he shows up to fight just cause.
Who has an amazing redemption arc: Nyssa going from “attempting to kill the Lance family” to being like the unofficial guardian of the Lance family was pretty great tbh. I’m also seriously hoping for a Black Siren redemption because it would be amazing, so fingers crossed!
Who is hot af: Dinah! Laurel! Lance!
Who belongs in jail: I mean they’re technically all lawless vigilantes lmao but I’m gonna say Felicity for all this Helix bs or Curtis for basically manipulating Felicity and Oliver into have drunk nonconsensual sex.

Who needs to be revived from the dead: Dinah Laurel Lance

Favourite Female: Hey guess what, it’s Dinah Laurel Lance!
Favourite Male: I guess either Oliver or John especially from the earlier seasons. I miss their Big Belly Burger hangouts, man.3 Other Favourite Characters: Thea Queen, Quentin Lance, Nyssa al Ghul3 OTPs: Lauriver, Moira/Walter, and uhhhh I guess Dyla? I mean, I feel like they keep having the same argument about ARGUS over and over again which is kind of troubling but hopefully they can resolve it and move on.Notp: O/F please stop torturing those characters and us with their terrible, terribly written angst-fest.Funniest character: I’m gonna go Thea or Quentin.Prettiest character: Dinah Laurel Lance (is this a surprise? I literally tag all her gifsets with “a goddess”)Most Annoying Character: Felicity although Curtis is really trying to usurp her so they might tie actually.Most badass character: Laurel or Nyssa. I love both their journeys and how it’s shaped them into the amazing people they are. But tbh almost every character on this show is some form of badass.Character I’d like as my BFF: I’d want to be best friends with Laurel and Thea together cause c’mon they’re a package deal.
Female Character I’d Marry: You can put me in an alien dream world if you want if it’d let me marry Dinah Laurel Lance.Male Character I’d Marry: Hmmmm. Pretty much every male character currently on the show is kind of fucked up in some way or form. I’mma go Walter. Or maybe Constantine. Does Constantine count?Character I hate/dislike/least like: Felicity purely because for inexplicable reasons they keep wasting screen time and storylines that never go anywhere on her. If she were less focused on it’d probably be Malcolm here.

You know how the destiel fandom goes through phases of having that one fic that everyone aggressively recs and that you absolutely have to read as it’s the best thing ever? “300 Things”, “Painted Angels”, the perennial “Twist and Shout”….

Well, there’s a new fanfic favourite in town. “Down to Agincourt”.

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1. When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?
probably what it was like growing up. i can’t even imagine what kind of technology will be around in the future. my mind’s already blown that i lived through video tapes, cassette tapes, dvds, discman’s etc.

2. If you could switch two movie characters, what switch would lead to the most inappropriate movies?
haha i hate these kinds of questions. not feeling too creative right now.

3. What animal would be the cutest, if scaled down to the size of a cat?
a panda.

4. What inanimate object would be the most annoying if it played loud, upbeat music every time it was used?
your bed. lol.

5. When did something start out badly, but become great in the end?
hopefully my life tbh.

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dr strange review...

(warning: very long post. sincere apologies for dash pollution).

so… first of all; this is a marvel origin movie. so from the outset yes; doctor strange follows a certain formula both in terms of narrative and (to a degree) tone. but it is the original origin movie from which so many others borrowed so… that in itself deserves respect.

and in terms of respect – to my favourite marvel character (apart from storm but bryan singer ruined that but… oh sorry anyway); this film is steeped in the greatest fanboying respect on every level. and it fills me with love and gratitude every time i see it.

even though it was set in 2016, i loved the 1970s vibe to reference the era of the comics; “feels so good” by chuck mangione, the sitar and the lead guitar overlay in giacchino’s score, the loving homage to kung fu movies of the same era, the bleached, watercolour palette reminiscent of kodachrome slides and andrei tarkovski films. it was perfect; and yet also updated.

As stephen strange m.d, i loved how he didn’t have his goatee to begin with (unlike the comics). his goatee then becomes a more controlled reminder of his “man in a crisis” wild beard at his lowest, rather than a return to his old self. (goddamn it benedict you even made a beard poignant).

his arrogance as a surgeon was also humanised a great deal (thank god; stephen m.d. in early canon is pretty much a joyless arse). i.e. he is really someone in self-imposed exile. BC still exudes warmth and somehow loss - and if you know the canon and his tragic role in the death of his sister donna, this is what motivated stephen to become a doctor in the first place. his self-protection comes from a burning place of self-hatred and failure. and benedict played that even if we didn’t know why.

he’s totally believable as a neurosurgeon; his arrogance is kind of deserved as he shows incredible focus and self-control. The “doctor west. cover your watch” moment is not only incredibly hot; it sums up his domination perfectly.

And the voice benedict creates for stephen. i mean we think we’ve seen BC’s arsenal and then he does something completely new. how many actors not only transform emotionally and physically but also.. tonally? like streep. day lewis. and… yeah that’s all i can think of. BC forged a NY drawl so deep that when he’s talking to christine and kaecilius, he’s practically subsonic. it’s astonishing actually. 

 and the chemistry between stephen and christine was spiky and electric and full of broken love. i will fight anyone who says that another great actress was lost playing a worried girlfriend. christine is nobody’s girlfriend, plus she saves two lives (as scott has pointed out). and at the end; she’s the one who walks away leaving stephen crying. perfection.

the inevitable car crash scene – at least post-impact - was too short for me. i really really missed the underwater shots we first saw in the teaser; whilst the crash was excruciatingly filmed and was brutal, i kind of felt we didn’t suffer with him as much.and i loved that symbolic shot of his extended hands submerged in the water…

the cinematography was superb; i loved the palette evolution. the glare of NY presbyterian hospital quickly fades to bleak new york winter (but at least we got snugglebatch…). & then moving into a bleached, archival Nepal that almost looked like it was filmed on kodachrome (again a beautiful nostalgic nod alongside giacchino’s score that reminded me of Lawrence of Arabia or anything by john williams). 

so much has been written of the magical mystery tour but… fuck it. it broke down every comic book movie barrier there has been to date. It was escher meets ditko meets kubrick and yet was breathtakingly new. my fave moment in the entire film; my DNA moment was seeing stephen’s stupefied body float across the screen whilst tilda’s serene yet probing, slightly disdainful voice asks who are you mister strange? in this vast multiverse? and stephen is like the embryo in kubrick’s 2001. And also like robinson crusoe on the shores of the cosmos. It’s beautiful and hopeful and terrifying.

 i felt that (but understood why) the time we saw at kamar taj was so short; i wanted to see stephen fail time and time again. and get beaten and cajoled and protected by mordo more. but i did love that wong also become his champion and mentor. 7 the thorn in his side…. even more than mordo. benedict wong is an incredible tour de force and i cannot wait to see more of him – and his Wong – in the sequel…

for me the music in the sanctuary at kamar taj was a definite homage to raiders of the lost ark. my main complaints with the music was that the brilliant main theme was held back until the credits. it should have been echoed more during the film to bleed into our subconscious. 

The “mister doctor” thing, while being one of the film’s better jokes, was actually one of the core themes explored beautifully in the post-astral fight scene. when stephen still identifies himself by his profession as an attempt of seem noble (to himself), mordo and TAO point out it is in fact hitherto one of the least noble things about him. sorry to get heavy here but it made me think about my, and other’s sense of self worth defined by work and work alone…

in terms of the supporting cast, i thought chiwetel, benedict w and mads were somewhat short-changed (but then it is stephen’s story…) but i missed their backstories and therefore clearer motivation.

and in regards to the ancient one; i have said this before but i do think there was capacity for an actor of asian descent to play that role whilst subverting it. but in this film, tilda was titanic in her performance and tbh i’d love to see her nominated. she’s a sage and a provocateur, wise and deeply dangerous. the first scene with BC at K-T i could watch forever; her little impish smile when stephen asks if her treatment is experimental…

now… benedict’s performance. ok i have no qualms anymore about where to place this; this is second most complete and skillful performance after Richard III. as scott has told us endlessly, it takes a great actor to traverse the entire human spectrum of emotional depth and self-discovery in a way that is sympathetic, compelling, shocking and poignant. and he did that. and the amount of times he cries beautifully throughout the film… and the physical prowess he attains was joyous. i remember danny boyle saying that BC is like a racehorse, a machine that needs to keep moving and yep… there it is again. i could watch him vault banisters all day. 

his american accent was almost perfect imv. in fact it was effortless by the end scenes which probably coincided with the fact that scott filmed it in sequence. my only issue (and tbh i found it enormously endearing; BC struggled with the world “powers” repeatedly. paaahwaaarrrrrs… :-)

i loved the (now well-documented) subversion of the marvel “let’s blow up a city and have a portal opened only to close it just in time” trope by reversing the destruction of hong kong; and have stephen go through the portal.  

and he won not through brute force but by intellectual bargaining. which to me was one of the most potent and moving homages to the doctor strange i’ve known since the 1980s. in the comics - esp the early ones - he’s incredibly intense and often wins battles through outwitting his opponent with strategic use of magic; hardly ever through physicality.  

and i may or may not have cried a little as stephen won the battle by failing. over and over again. remember TAO telling him before she died that it was his fear of failure that kept him from greatness. so he endures endless suffering (scott derrickson says stephen died in the dark dimension at least a thousand times…).

someone cleverly noted the smashed pattern of the christine watch matches the seal of vishanti. time was obviously everything and i loved how the infinity stone was introduced right at the very end. and whilst i loved the playful sentience of the cloak of levitation, i mostly loved that moment at the end in kamar taj where it silently chides him for oscillating as to whether return the time stone or not. it became his conscience.

so confession time :-) i have now seen this film…um, more than five times. and i will see it again. the last time I saw something in the theatre so repeatedly would have been when I was 11 (Star Wars episode iv). it’s a perfect love letter, whilst also being a technical and aesthetic marvel (ha). 

and it’s so far beyond what I hoped for, really. 

Fallout OC and Mun Shoutout

I have realised, while compiling a list, that there are so damn many people I love and OCs that I love I cannot possibly give them all an ask; I would hit the limit a thousand times over. Plus, some might get eaten! THUS, LET THE SHOUTOUTS BEGIN. I’m sorry in advance if I forget anybody; holy crap there are SO MANY.

They’re all under the cut because each name has its own little paragraph, so this post is STAGGERINGLY LONG. They’ve been alphabetised so you can find yourself!
Also my Wordswap is annoying enough on short messages, and I got progressively more tired as I wrote each entry (out of order) - so brace yourself for incomprehensible nonsense as I fight the disaster that is my brain

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someone's probably already said this but - asoiaf for the fandom meme

  • 1. Favorite one-off episode of any series.

For the show, my favourite episode is still probably Blackwater - it definitely feels like the most complete episode and i like that it doesn’t jump from location to location. Focusing on King’s Landing gives it a really intense, almost film-like quality imo. For the books, my favourite chapter is probably Sansa’s last in a storm of swords - beautiful imagery, building Winterfell in the snow, revelations about Littlefinger’s long game and the true beginning of Sansa’s transformation from pawn to player. The objective best chapter is probably a tie between the red wedding and cersei ii in adwd. Really unsettling and unforgettable prose.

  • 2. Favorite villain

This is always a hard question to answer for asoiaf because one of the central concepts of this series is - who is a villain? What makes a person villainous? I mean, Cersei’s arc alone is reflective of this - in the first book she’s almost certainly the antagonist, arguably even the main one, but a feast for crows is a book that centers on her perspective in which she sees herself as the hero. Theon is a similar pov that shifts and changed between antagonism and protagonism. Dany is almost certainly seen as a villain by many in the story, but we only see her world from her perspective so she is the hero to us, see what I mean? I couldn’t choose, I don’t think. Maybe Melisandre? The characters who are almost completely villains - Roose, Ramsay, The Mountain - have no redeeming qualities imo. (Except show!roose. STUPID SEXY ROOSE)

  • 3. Least favorite “main character”

Just gonna throw it out there - don’t really give a shit about Robb. And like, I really feel like we’re not supposed to? The series is about the grey areas and the people who are marginalized in society and their stories and Robb has pretty much every privilege you can get in Westeros (like Ned did) and so he had to go. And like I really have always seen him as an accessory to Catelyn’s story - he dies so her arc can complete and she can become Lady Stoneheart. I think that shows with how got tried to flesh Robb out and failed completely.

  • 4. Favorite “sidekick”

Hmmm… maybe Podrick? He’s pretty sweet and genuine, and I like him as a side character in both Tyrion and Brienne’s stories. I also really like the Dothraki crew and I hope we see more of them in books to come (fuck the show on the real for what it did to them tbh). also AREO HOTAH I LOVE EVERYONE IN DORNE SO MUCH

  • 5. Character you love to hate.

Tywin for sure. Like even if you use the defence (and ive seen a lot of people do this) that the majority of his actions are just strategy, he fucked up his kids big time and thus he is the worst. But its like OH MY GOD DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK because he’s that kind of fantastically evil character that masterminds shit like the red wedding and u gotta give him mad props for that. He’s one of the few characters who the show has made me enjoy even more, probably because Charles Dance plays him so amazingly. He’s like, so cold and deadly in every scene he’s in even when he’s saying like ‘prepare my horse’ HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS ABOUT TO MURDER SOMEONE IT’S SO GREAT YOU’RE SO EVIL

  • 6. Favorite friendship

I really, really love Jaime and Brienne’s relationship. I don’t ~ship them (u dont mess with no valonqar business tbh), but their road trip hijinks are THE BEST and i love how they go from animosity to grudging team work to YEAH MAN ILL GIVE YOU THIS SWORD MY DAD MADE ME BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A BFF NECKLACE. And I really like how the concepts of masculinity/femininity and conventional/unconventional beauty play into their dynamic, and into the greater Catelyn/Brienne/Jaime/Cersei square.

  • 7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Margaery and Sansa, over here

  • 8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character

…Not really many of these in Westeros, lmao. I guess Jaime??? I mean a lot of people like Tyrion for his humor, and fair enough, but I think Jaime’s is just a bit more biting and I like that edge of nastiness lmao. The scene in (i think) Clash of Kings when Catelyn confronts him is SO INTENSE and like their wordplay/throwing jibes is so vicious and awesome, I was really sad when they changed that in the show because in the books it was the first time we had really seen/heard from Jaime and not just hearsay/him throwing a kid out a window and idk it influenced my opinion of him a lot when I first read it. I have many feelings about Jaime Lannister middle child fuckup tragedy magnet LETS TALK ABOUT IT (also i really loved how they clearly said he was dyslexic on the show. very rare props D&D)

  • 9. Least favorite villain

Tie between Ramsay and the Mountain, with Ramsay probably just winning out because we actually have to read all the vile shit he does instead of just hearing about it like with Gregor. I don’t have any love for Walder Frey or his ilk either but like, read the Reek chapters in ADWD and then we can go group vomit together jesus christ. Also I’m not sure but i’m pretttty sure i’m reading the subtext right and euron abused aeron when they were kids and that fucker has got to go, all the way to the drowned god, do not pass go do not collect $200

  • 10. Least favorite season long storyline

You know, they’re DEAD and i still dont get the point of robb/talisa. like, where were they tryna go with that? If they had made her a lannister spy (!!) or like, vaguely interesting at all i would understand, but they didn’t and then they stabbed her in the baby and it was like bye? I guess? I dont know why they couldn’t have just had jeyne westerling but oh well. and like lmao wooow did u fuck up rull bad with season 2 dany’s story like it was literally just a whole season of ‘WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS’ i don’t know dany!! i dont know where they are!

As for the books, GET DANY THE FUCK TO WESTEROS. Her ghis/mereen arc is a fucking hot ass mess and i thank jesus she’s back in the dothraki sea because according to quaithe’s prophecy she’s gotta go like up, down, forward, back, do the shuffle whatever AND go to asshai before she even GETS to westeros and it makes me tired just thinking about it t b h

  • 11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

My feelings about dany are really complicated because I really like her as a character, and I like her personal arc - her story in the first book is hands down the best metamorphosis is the series yet (i have a feeling sansa’s will be better when it’s complete, but that’s a different story). But there are so many issues that come up during her story - in all of the essos plots, really - and it sours me a little on her arc as a whole? Like I said, get her to westeros, get her MOVING, don’t let her be this stagnant character sticking her head in places it doesn’t belong and bringing her gross colonialism analogies with her. Other than that, would have to say Shae. One of the rare characters I think grrm didn’t handle well at all,  and i’m worried about how the show will handle her, especially as they’ve expanded on her character and given her the awesome friendship with sansa.

  • 12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

Oh, Theon. I’m so conflicted about Theon because on one hand, I really don’t like him. Like, just straight up irritated me from the first mention didn’t like him and I thought that would stay the same and then adwd happened and it’s like. I can’t tell if i like him or i just feel bad for him? and like i know that’s what grrm is going for, grey morality and all that, but yEAH I JUST DON’T KNOW

  • 13. Plot device used too much

Definitely the sexpoisiton on the show. Having long backstory monologues is not made better or more interesting if someone is having sex at the same time THIS LESSON YOU MUST LEARN. For the books it’s more difficult because so much of what grrm does is take standard epic/high fantasy ttropes and devices and deconstruct them or flip them on their head so I don’t feel like he really overuses anything??? That   being said pretty much every main character has had some horrific violation/trauma happen to them and its like ENOUGH DEAR GOD ENOUGH

  • 14. Favorite character death scene

I feel like the red wedding is the obvious answer and like i can appreciate it on like, a pure literary level but actually reading it made me feel really sick lmao. I think Tywin’s death was really awesome and cathartic in a complete Greek Tragedy sort of way, and the ‘IT TURNED OUT IN THE END, TYWIN LANNISTER DID NOT SHIT GOLD’ was so good omg ITS LIKE RAAAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY

  • 15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.


Naruto ~The Last~ movie review

So now that I have done a full summary of the movie, I want to say what I think of the movie.

I was surprised that the audience was nearly all adults, many of whom girls. In fact, there were even a few old women in there. Wow. But yeah, I think most of the girls were crying towards the end. And when I say crying, I mean bawling.




-OK, so the thing I was surprised about more than anything was that the confession came from NARUTO. NARUTO! I was not expecting that. At all. But it was definitely a welcome surprise. I heard a huge gasp from the audience as soon as he did it, so I don’t think I was the only one either.

- As soon as that scene where Naruto sees Hinata’s memories happens… my God, the boy is like a love-smitten puppy. Like seriously. I loved this development that for once, for the first time, HE was the one doing the chasing. Not just at one point of the movie either. The. Whole. Way. Through.

It’s been rammed down our throats about how love-devoid a life Naruto has had. But in this movie you could really feel how deeply Hinata’s feelings had reached him. His feelings towards Sakura had felt shallow compared to this. His feelings and happiness at finding love in this movie were very, very deep. And the fact that we know how much Hinata likes Naruto, and therefore these feelings are reciprocated, really showed a deep bond between them. You could easily picture them living a happy life in the future, where he really adores her no matter how old they get. I never really shipped anyone in Naruto so wasn’t expecting the romance theme in this movie to get to me much. But it did. The feeling it gave you watching this story unfold was awesome.

- I REALLY liked Hinata in this movie. I’ve always liked Hinata as a character, along with the rest of team 8, but at times her pushover side did bother me. I thought that ESPECIALLY since this was gonna be a NaruHina movie, there would be a lot of Pushover!Hinata. I was pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t the case

OK, sure. At the beginning she did chicken out of handing over the scarf, but considering she had confessed to him before and nothing came of it, I’ll let her off from that one. Not to mention Naruto had girls LITERALLY throwing themselves over him everywhere he went.

Actually on the mission though, she didn’t go into ‘Naruto-kun…’ ga-ga mode at all. He was following her, practically on heat,  the whole time on the mission. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. LIKE A PUPPY. They also flirted when talking. He kept stealing glances. He even CONFESSED. But instead of blushing bright red or fainting at this, she carried on with her mission seriously and went with Toneri just moments later. When she was at Toneri’s castle, she really did have her mission-head on, exploring the dangerous place on her own, looking out for her sister, trying to fulfill Hamura’s request on her own, and tried to destroy the weapon on her own too. She wasn’t relying on anybody. She was fully intending to go solo.

I think at one point of this movie she mentions about not wanting to follow behind Naruto forever, but wanting to get strong enough to stand beside him as his equal. She did this completely in this movie. In fact, Naruto was the one chasing HER. SHE was the one one step ahead, both in love and on the mission. Naruto just finished what she started on both these fronts. It was this strength from Hinata that made them coming together as a couple at the end so enjoyable.

I am SO proud of her.


Art- The art ranged from beautiful to absolutely stunning in some places. Especially the scenery and action scenes. 10/10

Music -  I was a bit confused about the random use of greensleaves at the beginning, but the music over all was really nice and in some places very emotive. The fact it left me with a good enough impression to think highly of it even now, considering I was focusing on trying to take in all the storyline details of the movie, says something for it.


Ok those were the main points, now for the minor points:

- Hanabi. I always imagined Hanabi as being fairly serious considering how dedicated she is to her training, which was under her father. I imagined her being like her father, but softer. Especially after watching the anime special 2 days ago, which shows her as a very serious, determined and driven individual. However, this movie portrays her as being whinier and cheekier than this. In the movie book it says that now she’s a teenager she’s into fashion and romance. And she has a pink kunoichi fashion charm attached to her Kunai. Who the hell needs that. This movie kinda ruined her image for me, and I’m so upset by that. Do not approve.

-Toneri. I liked Toneri as a villain. You kind of feel sorry for him, being stuck on the moon all on his own, barring his puppets. Naruto movie villains have always left a lot to be desired for me tbh, but for him I could take him seriously. I don’t really have much else to say about him, but he was enjoyable. Approve.

- Sai. Sai’s character design has had a lot of variety of quality over the years, but he was hot in this movie. His cheekiness is always welcome too. Approve.

-Sasuke. More Sasuke would have been nice. But tbh this didn’t bother me as much as it should, baring in mind I like Sasuke. I was really enjoying Hinata’s character development and the NaruHina moments, so this I actually didn’t miss sasuke too much. Neutral.

-Sakura. She seemed less annoying in this movie for some reason. I think it was because the focus was taken off her as the love interest for this movie? As a side character cheering on Hinata, she was actually surprisingly enjoyable. I think this actually brought out a good side of her character. Also, I can’t put my finger on it but she seems very happy and content with the way things are? We don’t see the usual violent Sakura beating Naruto in this movie, just the Sakura who might scold Naruto a little for not noticing things, but its for his benefit. Maybe she also feels more relaxed herself because she sorted things out with Sasuke in chapter 699. When she mentions him in the movie, she doesn’t sound pained at all as though she’s troubled by where she stands with him. She isn’t over the top fangirling over him either, so she just sounds content with things, and talks about her lovelife in a mature way. Approve.

-Shino. This won’t bother most people, but he was in it for 3 seconds. In the background. No lines. No close up. He is my favourite character *sobs*. OK, so Sasuke didn’t even get much screentime so I wasn’t asking for much, but would just one line hurt…? This goes for Kiba too, just btw. Do not approve.

-Bolt and Himawari. Freaking adorable. Especially Bolt’s -ttebasa. Can’t wait for the mini-series in spring. I love these kids. I want these kids. Where can I get a pair.


I REALLY enjoyed this movie. Much more than I thought it would. I didn’t get bored at all. It felt like it had such DEPTH, and that’s not something I have felt before from a Naruto movie. There was so much depth to the characters (ok, so naruto and Hinata), which I have covered above. I thought I would be bothered by the side-lining of other characters for this ship-centric movie, but honestly I think it did such a good job at what it set out to achieve, I was satisfied. I think it tied up the series nicely, because this was the only thing left to happen (well, since we know Naruto becomes Hokage later).

I think the whole 'Naruto not ending up with Sakura’, 'what about Sasuke?’ bashings against this movie really never bothered me because NARUTO was SO damn happy to get with Hinata. SO happy. I was happy for him. I had nothing else to say. A happy Naruto makes a happy me. I was happy for the love-struck idiot. Bless him.

I don’t think this movie would make haters stop hating, but neutrals and NaruHina fans would love it. It is a very sweet and emotive movie. As for it getting the Shoujo treatment despite being a Shounen series, actually, I think there was a good balance. Some naruto movies have had hardly any action (Road to Ninja), some have been pretty much all fighting so its left the story a lot to be desired (Inheritors of the will of fire). You can’t do EVERYTHING and please EVERYBODY in one two-hour movie. In fairness to this movie, being the last, it had a lot to take on in terms of wrapping up the series, filling in the romance side, giving character development, having a good but meaningful one-off storyline AND providing action scenes.

If I would give this movie a rating, it would be 9/10.

-1 is for lack of Sasuke and the destruction that is Hanabi’s character.

Anyway, writing this review has made me want to watch again, so I’ll be off to the cinema again tomorrow!

Why the finale ruined my favourite character Barney Stinson and the premise of character development

Okay so after 24 hours, and reading some really spot-on bad reviews about HIMYM’s finale, I think I can finally wrap my head around why I was so ridiculously angry (and tbh I’m still seething quite a bit) yesterday upon reading spoilers of the finale. I did not even watch the whole thing. I just scanned through the episode, merely to make myself believe that all the spoilers I read were actually true. I cringed, actually cringed, upon seeing the kids say that Ted “still has the hots for Aunt Robin”. I shut my computer screen at that very moment, in fact. I couldn’t bear to watch it.

My two favourite characters in the entire series are Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. Robin is very dear to my heart because I consider myself the “Robin” in my circle of friends. One of my friends even joked that I was a lot like her, having studied journalism, and acting more ‘masculine’ than ‘feminine’ in some ways. Robin is such a strong female character, and her development as an individual is crucial, so good for her, particularly in seasons 6-8. A very excellent meta has already been posted about women and how the finale completely and utterly destroyed the characters of Robin, Lily and Tracy, so I encourage you to go read that.

On a side note, the more and more I think about it, even what Robin uttered to Ted about wanting to run away with him was a foreshadowing that the writers were going full circle with the ending (because honestly no matter which way you look at it, what Robin said to Ted about “let’s run away together/everything Barney does are lies” in 9x22 is completely OUT OF CHARACTER considering what she has come to accept is Barney). But I didn’t want to believe it, because that would have been the most idiotic writing decision on the planet. Stupidly, however, the writers actually are idiotic enough to make that decision. So many reviewers and metas have pointed out that going full circle is the most irrational decision to make simply because it no longer makes sense. It is ILLOGICAL, and it completely DESTROYS everything they built the characters out to be for the last nine years.

But above all, if I had to choose, Barney is my favourite, and this is the reason why I’m writing this post. Barney has been a truly phenomenal three-dimensional character, especially if you project his growth since season 1. Neil Patrick Harris won my heart the moment I saw him being a womanising goofball in a sharp suit, and even more so when he was able to, time and time again, portray such complex emotions through this one character. Simply put, he is my favourite because he is the one who has, truly, undergone the most drastic and significant character development out of all five main characters on the show. He has gone from womaniser to committed and thoughtful man. He has discovered who he really is, why he was who he was, kicked his bad habits, and changed; not just because he loves Robin, but because his friends (Lily is one big advisor) have pushed him to see that he can be who he is, deep down, but also be a better person at the same time. And he has done exactly that.

He is, even to the end of the show, in 9x22, the Barney we remember, but a completely different and changed person as a whole. He does crazy things like writing a whole thesis of vows and breathing into a brown bag upside down because he is hyperventilating. But then he has already become a better person, so instead of doing something dumb like running away, he stays, and he admits that he wants to be honest to Robin. The vow he made to Robin came out of the heart of a man whose life has changed, whose character has changed, PERMANENTLY. That kind of change is not thrown out the window, and more importantly, the kind of love that he has for Robin does not die just because distance or time stands in the way. The amount of affection he demonstrated towards Robin over the course of season 5-9 has been astounding to the point that we as fans are made to truly believe with every ounce of emotion we’ve got, that these two are destined, forever. Not just for a period of time, that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Why else would he say that “The Robin” is the last play he would ever run? Why else would he pass on his “Playbook” legacy to two other men to ‘carry it on’? Why else would he admit that he has been broken for a very long time, until Robin came along? Why else would he propose to Robin, if he did not want to be with her for the rest of his life? Why else would he say that he does not need a story to believe in true love anymore, because now he has Robin? Why else would he fight for her and actually even look out for her, to make sure she could stay in New York, and be there for her when she needed someone? All that time, all those moments, everything he did for Robin, was because he really loves her. And don’t you dare tell me that their love is not strong enough to withstand distance and time. I understand that in reality, the divorce rate is very high and more people are getting divorced. And yes, distance can cause difficulty in relationships. So can time. But if you look, just look at what TIME has spanned from the start to the stupid-i-don’t-accept-this-finale ending they gave Barney and Robin, and how across time, their feelings have not changed, their chemistry has not faded, and they have kept loving each other, though they were separated, though they were apart from each other, despite the DISTANCE put between them, and the high stakes, the challenges, the obstacles in their faces. So if we look at ALL THAT, which is a giant and huge pile, mind you, and see with clear eyes that they have withstood all those tests put in front of them, then how can the writers expect us, as fans, to buy the story that they oh, just divorced, and it was no freaking big deal at all. SERIOUSLY? As a HUGE, and I mean, HUGE, fan of those two being together, it was not just a giant slap in the face, it was an evil laugh, a bloody stab in the back, an atrocious ignorance of everything they have put Barney and Robin through, both individually and collectively.

And it’s not just what they put Barney and Robin through as a couple; it’s what they did to Barney Stinson in the finale. It is so insulting of them to make Neil act through his last few scenes as a man who threw his whole life away and went back to his womanising ways, effectively shattering his entire character development across nine years, and make him look like a misogynist and have an illegitimate child, on top of trying to RE-redeem him in the space of less than 60 minutes. From what I’ve seen, Neil has not yet said anything in response to the finale, and I’m really not surprised if he is not completely happy with the ending they have decided to give Barney Stinson, who honestly is the award-winning character of the show.

Character development is the most important thing in any show, to me. If any show lacks a consistency in character development, I immediately feel like leaving the show. HIMYM, to me, demonstrated this very well through Barney, and that, really, above all, is the reason why I stuck by the show from seasons 6 to 9. I only started watching the pilot when season 5 was airing. So think of it this way; the fact that they invalidated all of Barney’s character development to satisfy some personal fantasy and premature plan of theirs is proof that they do not value character development, and that they do not valuethe characters themselves which they have built and created over nine years. So many people have said that the journey is always more important than the ending, because the journey precedes the ending. If the journey is the most important thing to the writers, they would have realised that the ending cannot be what they planned nearly a DECADE ago. Because the journey took them down a different path. A GOOD DIFFERENT PATH, may I add. So if they KNEW THAT, they would not have executed this ending despite having filmed it, despite having the vision for it, 8 years ago.

Storytelling is a fluid process. The best writers write stories as they go along. They make sketches, outlines, rough plans, but the plan is still flexible. It’s there, but it can change. There must be allowance for transformation in time. Because Bays and Thomas, themselves, as writers, would also have changed. Therefore the stories SHOULD rightfully change as THEY themselves change. And IT DID, but AT THE VERY END, they unbelievably, foolishly, astoundingly decided to forget the entire journey they had gone through, as writers and with the characters. And honestly, this is the part that makes me so incredibly outraged.

From what I’ve read online, even Ted/Robin fans are upset with how they’ve ended the show. Now doesn’t that SAY SOMETHING? I can’t imagine how horrible and devastating and ludicrous this finale must be to result in such a response from even the fans of Ted/Robin. It’s clear that even fans of Ted/Robin can see that how they ended the show made absolutely no sense. It’s the stupidest thing in the entire world right now, and I can say that forever, from this day forward, if anyone wants to reference WORST WRITERS OF TV or WORST FINALE OF A TV SHOW, they will first mention How I Met Your Mother. And how stupid it is, to have such a loved and supported show, end on a note that destroys not only their characters, but the reputation and the quality of all its nine seasons? To have just 60 minutes erase all the credibility of their previous episodes, to have 60 minutes cause all the fans and everyone who has ever heard of HIMYM to now think of the show in the worst possible way?  And for me, a person who considers shows like TVD and GG to have the worst TV writers on the face of planet earth, to say that HIMYM trumps all the bad shows as having the worst writers ever, is an abomination. It is an absolute disgrace.

I want Carter and Craig to acknowledge everything the fans and TV reviewers have said about the show that point out every single little detail they have done in this finale that is DOWNRIGHT WRONG. I want them to SEE IT, READ IT, and REALISE THEIR MISTAKES. Because I don’t really care if they career ends right now, or if HIMYD fails, or whatever. I really don’t care about them. But I care to see justice served for the fans, and for the beautiful fictional characters of this show, that is Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and Tracy. For them to make even Ted go back on his word that he does not love Robin anymore in 9x22 is the most contradictory thing I have seen on television. And the reason I want to see justice for the characters is because stories live forever. They live on in our minds, in our hearts, in the fictional universe we create for them. And by gorge, even if we as fans remember these six characters in the best way possible as we had hoped for them, I won’t be satisfied until the writers of How I Met Your Mother apologise for the selfish, thoughtless ending they have given their millions of fans.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, I don't know if someone asked you this before but I wanted to know why 10 is your favourite Doctor. I love reading your blog!, it's so nice to find people who have similar opinions on Doctor Who.

loool how long do you have

On the most basic level I just really like him? I find him funny and charming and kind and clever, which are, you know, pretty basic things to like in a fictional character (or a real person, for that matter). I like his glee and enthusiasm for most things despite his increasingly shit life. But usually when I start answering these things I get caught up in more complicated reasoning and forget basics like that.

I also thought his flaws – like his hubris – rendered him an interesting and complex character without making him such a dick that I couldn’t root for him. The idea of “good person struggling to do the right thing in scenarios where the right thing is neither easy nor obvious” is a pretty common but (for me anyway) appealing trope, and it’s something that theoretically I suppose relates to all the Doctors (uh, Twelve’s complex over “AM I GOOD MAN” notwithstanding) but that I really got from Ten specifically. Waters of Mars is my favourite episode for that reason: the Tenth Doctor at his worst is someone who has claimed more power than he has right to, but not to use for personal gain, and not for sinister reasons – he’s trying to help people.

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