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I have just read your 97 chapter thoughts (I know I am late) and I like so much your observation abt the Reiss family being like super-strict parents and the Tybur being like parents who don't do nothing to stop their children! Once you pointed it out it became so clear, I mean, you just need to compare the image of the Tybur's children with the one of the Reiss ones and the 2 opposites situations of Paradis (exiliated on an island) and Marley (expanding itself). In a sense this allegory cont.

may also challenge the SC’s ideal. They mainly fought abt freedom, but thought abt it in a very abstract way, thinking abt the world as an incontamined place to conquer. Except that it is not this way and those which were noble ideals in a apocaliptic world can’t work the same way in a complex and developed one. Everything is really complicated right now, and I am curious to see Willy’s idea to change things.

I hadn’t even considered the contrast between the Reiss family isolating their people to maintain power vs. the Tyburs expanding their territory to do the same. Plus, both methods still result in Ymir’s People being locked in a harmful status quo. That’s a good catch. 

I am also very curious to see how the Survey Corps have been planning to deal with everything now. They destroyed all the titans on the island, but there’s still a multitude of forces out there actively wanting them dead that aren’t mindless, man-eating giants. Even if they defeated the warriors, their situation would only improve so much. Or be worsened by other nations seeing that as further proof of how terrible Eldians are. 

That’s one of the gut wrenching things this chapter – the confirmation that the rest of the world really does loathe them as much as Marley. Well, worse than that. According to Udo, Marley’s hatred towards Eldians is nothing compared to that of the rest of the world (except for Asia maybe…if that’s the intended message behind that Asian lady covering for Udo, anyway). It’s a very hopeless situation. 

Willy claims to want change, but I can’t decide which side he’s even on. Tbh he doesn’t interest me that much despite being a clearly charismatic person. I’m more intrigued by Magath’s role in working with this guy. If Willy is proposing a solution to getting rid of the titan powers in some way, that can get ugly real fast depending on the nature of that plan. The fact that he outright talks about “the one solution” to the problem makes me side-eye him more than ever. The language is so uncomfortably close to “Final Solution” that I can’t imagine his proposal is anything benevolent. 

Unless that’s just a curveball to throw us off. Zeke’s talk a couple chapters ago suggested that the Tyburs are supposed to be constructing a narrative that solely puts the Walldians in a bad light. Which is still horrible considering we already know, thanks to Kruger, that Marley’s plan is to use the Founding Titan to kill all Eldians. So either way it’s a bad end for them all. The question is whether or not Willy is aware of that plan.

It’s just as Gabi said – something is about change. Once the curtain rises on that stage, I imagine things will be set into motion.

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lipstick || calum hood

based on lipstick by dan + shay

“Cal is a really great guy, I think you’ll really like him.” Your best friend had said.

“Yeah, he’s funny and charming. And he’s one of my best friends.” Her boyfriend Michael assured. “I wouldn’t dream of setting you up with someone not worth the time, not after what you’ve been through.” He promised.

And that’s what brought you here.

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