he's just tossed like a rag doll


list of awful shit that has happened to yuya sakaki, starting with episode 1 here goes

episode 1: his father left 3 year before the beginning of episode 1 and he was bullied those entire 3 years because everyone accused his father, and therefore also him, of being a coward. also he was tossed around like a rag doll this episode because SOLID VISION MAKES MONSTER VERY REAL IN ARC V. and just from now on assume this happens every episode.

episode 2: he’s accuse of being a cheater and a coward AGAIN and he doesnt remember the most important thing he did in episode 1

episode 3+ (becuz i dont wanna be here all night):

•wrongly accused of assulting a classmate
•his school is threatened by another big money/power school tho he saves it but out of luck
•forced to watch his friend get the crap out of him beaten while said friend is not trying to make himself look innocent at all
•pretty much watches as a person with his same face dies in his arms
•wakes up 2 days later after that becuz that literally put him in a fucking coma
•gets pushed into a corner and the demon within him pretty much awakens and beats his opponent senseless when he is very much opposed to doing that
•watches as a bunch of strangers+friends get carded (read: killed basically) and his home town is basically dragged into an interdimensional battlefield and HE’S IN THE MIDDLE OF IT
•fights his friend who he finds out is working with the enemy
•finds out his best friend* is missing and might possibly be dead
•has to explain to his best friend’s dad and other friends that he basically doesn’t even know where his best friend is while his other friends blame him for it

(*note: best friend may also be love interest, ymmv)

oh my god i’m going to stop because as i said i dont wanna be here all night and yet this is just season fucking 1 + i am pretty sure i missed a few awfuls

But oooooh it’s gotta be an AU where Len is a single hard working dad who doesn’t have time for a relationships. He’s working two jobs and raising a kid, he doesn’t need anything else on his plate.

And maybe Barry is still Flash!

He’s fighting this big bad meta and it’s not out in the open or in the city no, it’s in a neighborhood. People looking out their windows, property getting destroyed, just a huge mess. Barry is unable to lead the meta out into the open and ends up getting his ass totally kicked, gets tossed away like a ragged doll, and knocked unconscious.

And then he wakes up in the Snart house. (Michael saw him out cold in the middle of their frontyard and helped Len carry him into their home).

Of course, Len had to take the hood/mask off in order to check Barry’s head injury, so now Len and little Michael Snart know the Flash’s identity!

So Barry wakes up and thanks them over and over while simultaneously begging them not to reveal his identity to anyone (Michael is like 10 or 11, old enough to know he shouldn’t blab about this to anyone).

And I can’t think of a reason why, but Barry keeps going back there. Maybe they invite him for dinner or he just wants to check in on the nice family who helped him out. Either way, Michael and Len see a lot of the Flash and Michael is devastated that he can’t tell anyone. And Len may or may not be developing feelings.

But what I need overall is misunderstandings and slow burn and miscommunication and reasons for not being together (Len’s “I’m working two jobs and raising a kid!” And Barry’s “I don’t want to put you guys in danger!”) and Michael being so fed up, he’s about ready to lock them in a closet.

I need Michael plotting and scheming but also wanting nothing more than to see his father happy.