he's just too pretty i can't handle

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So I was wearing a t-shirt with the quote "everybody should be feminist" on it, and the boy I like came to me and started laughing and saying that feminism is just "something ugly girls praise because nobody wants them" and that I was too pretty for that bullshit. Well, tonight he asked me on a date and I said that if he can't handle a woman demanding respect he shouldn't be allowed to handle her pussy.. Self respect Girls💓 (you and your blog SLAY)💕


Every time a Malec photo or gifset crosses my dash, the little voice in the back of my head forgets how to word and is all *dying whale noises* at me.

Every single time.

I could have seen five other versions of the gifset, I have assuredly watched the episode it’s from, I could have seen that exact same post twice before. And still.

Every. Damn. Time.

Story Time!!

So I attempt to give blood pretty regularly (2-3 times a year) but I get deferred on a pretty regular basis due to low hemoglobin levels.  This is because I have naturally low iron.  For the past four or five months, I have regularly been taking my iron supplements.  This is the first time this has happened since I started taking them like 4 years ago, so I was pretty confident that I would be able to donate today.  I even prepared to give a double unit bc of all the shit that’s been going on.

So I get to my appointment early, fill out all the forms, etc and I’m waiting in a chair, scrolling through my phone, just chilling.  Then I look up and I see this guy and holy shit is he attractive.  Like every single one of my weaknesses all rolled into one.  Nice hair, facial hair, a great smile, a medical dude, just looks like one of those stereotypical attractive white guys and I am not afraid to admit that I am a basic white bitch who falls for them every single time.

And then he’s walking right towards me

And he’s smiling at me and then he starts talking and he just has this great voice (another weakness) and then he’s leading me back into one of those lil cubicle and I’m just on cloud nine because I have not seen a dude this attractive in person in YEARS

And then he asks for my arm so he can take my pulse and my blood pressure and my arm’s just kinda in his hand and it was so soft and then he was like

“Are you doing okay today? Your pulse is a little high.  Any reason for that?” And I’m like ??? It was 108 and my average resting is in the low 80s and so I was very confused because I had just checked it like 20 minutes earlier and it was fine.

I couldn’t really think of any reason it was so high, and he waited a few minutes and I tried to chill but he was just So Pretty and Right There and we were all alone in a cubicle and then it hit me

This pretty mother fucker was making my heart rate too high for me to donate

He checked it again and it was lower but 3 bpm above the maximum and I’m just sitting there screaming internally bc I wanted to give blood so bad but I could bc this little fucker was too pretty and it was sending my body into overdrive

tl:dr pretty people shouldn’t be allowed to work for blood drives

  • Servant: Ms. Schnee, there's a man outside beating up the our robot guards! I think he's trying to infiltrate your estate! I'm pretty sure he's drunk, too!
  • Winter: Drunk? Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
  • Servant: Should we call the authorities to apprehend him?
  • Winter: No, I can handle this. Just give me a few minutes.
  • Servant: Ummm, Ms. Schnee, are you doing your hair? Normally you'd rush into a fight like this.
  • Winter: Well I can't just have him see me looking like a slob? He's supposed to be the slob in our relationship.
  • Servant: Relationship?
  • Winter: You know, like mortal enemies.
  • Servant: Isn't that perfume you're putting on advertised as having the power to "make men go wild"?
  • Winter: Yes, why do you ask?

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I can't take jimin anymore like I'm starting to worry how jk is holding up with jimin's extra extra ass like jk is pretty extra and gay too but jimin needs to be put on a leash..... like I just came here to have a lit cb but jikook are also acting gay asf and I can't handle it anymore.... idk if jikook are acc real but if they are than rip jk's sanity, like as a jimin bias I already have no sanity cause that boy is Satan but now he's become even more Satan in the respect of being gay asf for jk

jimin is like legit wildin the fuck out. like he ain’t holding back at all. and i don’t mind it the slightest bit. my boy jsut wants to show how much him and jk love one another. i live for it. and honestly, if jimin do that type of gay shit daily, how does jk live??? 

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So I can't remember if I just made this up or if you specifically mentioned it somewhere or if it was inferred and there's SO MUCH, but I THINK you mentioned once that Sans handles a lot of the bad cases because he doesn't want Papyrus to deal with them and Papyrus handles kids, but if a kid dies, it's pretty much universally going to be terrible for some reason, especially because not all humans are like. good? So Papyrus' seen some things too, surely... Which is awful...

Mmhmm, definitely! ;w; Like, Sans tries to take all the bad cases for himself, but Paps is aware of these bad cases (very much so) and has to deal with some unexpected ones as well. But he’s very tough and doesn’t want to worry Sans really (like Sans, he can keep secrets too); plus, Paps likes to ease some of the burden off Sans from time to time when he sees his brother being worn out. They take care of each other subtly, and I love them //rolls

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Do u think Dami ever scream himself awake when he has nightmare? day and night, his mind just keep telling everything negative about him. How unworthy he is of Wayne n Al Ghul, he taints Robin's legacy, a murder, born in blood, can't escape from all the punishment he has to go through. Just how pitiful he is. Unloved kid. Thrown away child, etc... What would the batboys, B, and Alfred do about these? Imagine him get hurt cuz of all these in his head. He could suffer from mental disorder too

Oh, I’m sure he does. That’s actually pretty much canon, I’m almost positive. 

Alfred I think, generally, would let the others handle it, unless Damian got up and found his way downstairs, then he’d get up with him. Offer him tea or a snack etc or company. 

The others would probably go between a mixture of holding Damian and calming him down, or asking him what he saw, sitting with him he calmed himself down and listened while he talked. Regardless of method, I think then they’d stay with him the rest of the night, either curled up with him sleeping themselves or sitting by his bedside watching or reading or something.

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I suddenly remembered that I think Gavin's said somewhere that the only kind of injury he can't handle is one where he has to "collect bits of himself", so now I'm suddenly imagining this dork being too squeamish to do anything when the inevitable happens and Ryan just getting really fed up with him because he won't stay still while he tries to stitch him back up again. Of course Gavin wouldn't ever learn and he'd just be constantly losing bits and constantly getting grossed out by it. uwu*


Gav would be a big weenie about it, and he’d probably never get used to it either. But it’s something Ryan is totally numb to. I mean, someone has to keep a level head when a certain Brit could potentially lose his.