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Sans breaks the fourth wall again. And… that’s it? Yeah, I’m a horrible person ;D

Next week, we’ll see how the gauntlet of deadly terror is like!! Since Paps already pressed the switch!! :O

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I’m sorry Jazz, we both now both your parents don’t quite got the same level of restraint you do, but don’t worry they’re still being supes gentle UvU


boys with yellow eyes

I want Carol AND Daryl to be happy...

I like Ezekiel.I really do.He is a gentle,honest,decent man.He is handsome,too. And most important: He,just like Morgan these days,wants to help Carol.He is offering her a new point of view.A way out.TIME to work things out alone WITHOUT being really alone.I appreciate that.It’s finally a step in the right direction,it’s a start.

That being said,lets don’t forget Carol is running away from LOVE. Why would she jump into a relationship head over heels now?With someone she barely knows? It was pointless the first time with Tobin.And she knows it.I can see great friendships forming between Ezekiel,Morgan and Carol.I would love to see it.But I see no romance.Why?It’s easy:


In my opinion,Carol is just not like that,betraying her feelings again.Her focus is on healing.Entirely on healing.She got a real chance now.Furthermore,Ezekiel sure is charming,but he is too much over the top for our pragmatic,straight,no-bullshit Carol. It does not fit for me.

Also,don’t forget: 

Daryl and Carol have been seperated on purpose for an eternity.We got nearly NO caryl screen interaction for years. We got no real conversations between them for seasons. The GA slowly forgets their magic…and so do we,believe it or not.tptb want to throw us off.

It is easy to make Carol sit around a flickering fire with Ezekiel and create some chemistry. We never got that for Caryl.Just imagine a scene like that between Carol and Daryl.Alone.Sitting by the fire.Talking.Everyone would be DEAD 3 times over by feels.(I hope we will get that comparison in Ep 10)

Last but not least.I care so much about Daryl.He never had anything.I want Daryl to get that one good thing he always wanted.That one person he lives for.More than anything I want him to be happy and loved once in his life.I want him to be able to keep something entirely beautiful close to him.I wanna see him living and building something.And I know Carol and Daryl can only achieve that level of happiness together.Carol is perfect for him and vice versa.

Caryl is premium.Caryl on.


                                      “This is an age where righteousness is hard to uphold" 


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teenaged!Sarada headcanons.
  • Sarada grows a cherry tomato plant on the balcony of the house for her father and makes sure her younger siblings help take care of it.
  • Sarada picks the kids up from school (and since my headcanon has Sakura having a pair of twin boys and another girl at some point); She puts her sister on her shoulders and holds the boys’ hands while walking home.  They often pass Ino’s flower shop and Tenten’s store and find themselves distracted by pretty flowers and cool swords.
  • Sarada does most of the cooking, not only because Sakura is busy with her work, but because Sakura’s cooking still is not the best.
  • When Sasuke is home, she tries to let him have as much time with the kids as possible, so she comes off as being distant towards him.  However, she wakes up early so she can spend a bit of time with him before he leaves for work.
  • Sarada makes it her goal to join the police academy before becoming Hokage and protect the families of Konoha from within after she learns of her family’s connection to Police Force.  Sasuke is secretly very happy about this and tells her stories about Fugaku and his time as an officer like his mom did for him.
  • Sarada has a not-so-secret crush on the Hokage, though it’s innocent really.  Sasuke is mortified.
  • Naruto pats Sarada on the head and says “she’s more beautiful than he ever hoped for.”  Sasuke interjects with a proud “of course she is, idiot.”  Sarada gets flustered as they banter about her openly. 
  • Sasuke glares menacingly at any male who glances in Sarada’s general direction.  Sarada acts angry but is really pleased that he cares so much.
  • Kakashi jokes that “Sarada may be the woman of his dreams that he was waiting for all along.”  Sakura struggles to hold Sasuke back from throwing the nearest object at him. 
  • Boruto and Mitsuki each give Sarada homemade chocolate on White Day.  Sasuke tries to eat it all but gets sick later because he hates sweets.  Sarada joking gives her father chocolate-covered cherry tomatoes.  Sasuke scream internally but eats it anyways for Sarada’s sake.

Realistic Handsome Jack!
I interpreted his mask as pretty life-like, because it moves so well with his face in the game (and a lot of people didn’t even realize he wore a mask for a while)…. But I still wanted it to look like his mask. I didn’t think the AI version would do him justice, so here’s the real one!