he's just too cute i can't handle it

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H/C that, completely by accident, Shiro found out that Lance is ticklish. And so he plotted for WEEKS until the perfect opportunity came up and dove at the poor boy with his fingers. After several minutes of screaming and begging and pleading for mercy Shiro finally relented, just so happy to have done that and reduced Lance to a laugh-sob mess. Lance has vowed revenge, but all attempts at finding ticklish spots have never seen results. So Lance just grumbles while cuddling up to him instead.

i just don’t understand why you’d kill me so mercilessly like this like what the shit bruh fjdhdjdb too cute abort mission

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Christine loves it when Erik gets sleepy because he's always super cute and kinda needy.He'll refuse to sleep until he has his Christine in his arms and cuddle her. He talks in his sleep frequently, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but when it's bad Christine kisses his forehead and he immediately calms down. He also gives lots of hugs if he can't immediately sleep and random little sweet kisses. And sometimes Christine will stay up just so she can calm him if he needs it ♡ ~Horror movie anon

*cries* I cannot handle it, it’s too much for my little shipper heart.


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)


I’m so not used to flirting, let alone very direct flirting. Yesterday and the day before guy three years younger than me told me I was cute and then asked if we could make out. I didn’t know what to say so my stupid ass said “you’re persistent aren’t you?” He just smiled and said yeah. Like dude stop you’re too cute and you’re making my arrhythmia act up. And yesterday we flirted by drawing notes. Not like writing but literally drawing our words and shit. He’s persistent but not in the bad stalker-y way, like “I like you and I know you kinda like me. Imma charm you with my awkwardness​ till you say yes and date me"

Okay but

Imagine Koujaku as a dad. Like, seriously, the thought is just too adorable to handle!

If Koujaku had a son:

  • Koujaku teaching him how to respect girls and women because he wants him to follow in his own footsteps
  • Koujaku also teaching him how to fight, and then play-fighting with his little boy?? And even if his son isn’t interested in fighting, Koujaku’s still very supportive of him??
  • Even better, Koujaku telling him that it’s okay to show emotion and to cry because he doesn’t want to become like his own father, who beat him for being soft
  • So when the little boy cries, Koujaku lets him and comforts him as he cries 
  • And as his son grows older, he defends women and girls from perverts, just like Koujaku
  • Not to mention, he takes over Benishigure and becomes their new leader when he’s older
  • Just Koujaku teaching his son to be a respectful young man who treats women with dignity, as well as teaching him to be expressive and to show emotions, that it’s completely okay to cry and be soft because he doesn’t want to become like his own father O(≧▽≦)O

But if Koujaku had a daughter, it’ll be absolutely adorable! Just imagine:

  • Koujaku treating his little girl like a princess, always styling her hair every day and playing with her
  • But at the same time, Koujaku teaches her how to fight, and he also does the play-fighting with her?? Because he wants his daughter to be able to defend herself??
  • And then there’s Koujaku being protective of her and looking out for her no matter where she is. Oh God, Koujaku would be an absolute Papa Wolf if he sees her getting harassed and she’s unable to fight back; it takes at least five members of Benishigure to prevent him from killing the pervs
  • Benishigure also adore her and she becomes the team’s unofficial daughter; she also ends up becoming their new leader when she gets older
  • When she gets married, Koujaku walking her down the aisle to her to-be husband/wife, and is completely in tears as he watches his baby girl getting married
  • His daughter is basically a Daddy’s Girl and she absolutely cares about him
  • Basically Koujaku having a daughter who he treats like a princess and will do anything whatsoever for her, teaching her how to fight and defend herself and also teaching her to stand up for herself because he doesn’t want her to be forced to endure abuse like his own mother (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I just have a lot of feels about Daddy!Koujaku, okay?? 


In battle Shae has been watching Lionell a little too closely when he fights…

When Shae dances at dawn Lionell watches her secretly from the battlements…

I love these two so much. ;3;

It's kind of hard sometimes though

trying to notice some of the more subtle changes in the relationships between the nations.

because like, comic strips and episodes of hetalia aren’t shown in order at all. so if the timeline is unspecified or it’s not a really well-known event, it’s easy to get mixed up and think it’s something that could happen anytime.

i was thinking about england and america (surprise surprise), and in particular this (in)famous scene:

this is from the episode where america visits japan for the first time and makes friends with whales. it’s also used a lot as an example of america’s teasing being particularly insensitive, or as proof that he doesn’t really like england.

but like. this would have taken place in 1853. that’s a few decades after the war of 1812, less than a century after america’s revolution, and less than a decade before america’s civil war starts. america and england weren’t exactly on good terms at the time, and they were both kind of busy dealing with issues in their own countries and/or conquering the world.

((also america was trying to be isolationist at this time. he was never very good at being isolationist))

BUT i think that also makes it that much awesomer to look at how their relationship has changed. like the bicentennial thing. this:

this would have taken place in 1973, only a couple of decades ago. and like, america was still teasing and england was still being all tsundere like

but then america is suddenly just


and openly grateful and i just.

he wouldn’t have done that in the 1800s. it simply wouldn’t have happened. and i’m just here like

look at those cuties, growing as people. look at their relationship evolving over time. it’s too cute.


Bonus from Judy Murray, Andy’s mom :

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Dunno if you write this pair but uhm...Maybe McGenji with Genji wearing something cute (like a big sweater or McCree's shirt) and McCree just can't handle it? Something fluffy to ease your anxiety.

Boy, do I write this pair. 

Sorry for responding so late, but thank you for sending this when I was having trouble with anxiety! Writing’s under the cut.

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