he's just too cute i can't handle it


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)

Positive Philinda thoughts (spoilers)

1. Phil knew Andrew was the best choice in a doctor to call in, but he left it up to Melinda because he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

2. The biggest one for me this ep. May LITERALLY ran to Coulson’s side as soon as he said he needed her. She ran to the cockpit and took off immediately even though she knew she had other people on the bus and one in particular who would not approve. Did you see the way she kind of looked back guiltily at Andrew in the cockpit? She knew she was being rash but she had to get to Coulson ASAP. Because he needed her. Because she’ll always have his back. Because they are the most perfect OTP anyone could ever dream of.

3. MAY AND COULSON AKA THE BATTLE COUPLE! Taking on the crazy people on the football field together and totally dominating and just being all around EPIC together!

4. This is more Papa Phil/Mama May, but the way they’re taking turns helping Skye and the way they ran to her as fast as they could when she was fainting just gave me all the feels! THEY LOVE THEIR DAUGHTER SO MUCH.

OH MY SHIPPER HEART!! Gosh I love these two.

EDIT: ALSO, my headcanon about Melinda not being a good cook has been confirmed! Which, of course, also means that Phil cooks/ed for them two on all their missions/dates together. Hehehe.


In battle Shae has been watching Lionell a little too closely when he fights…

When Shae dances at dawn Lionell watches her secretly from the battlements…

I love these two so much. ;3;