he's just too classy

  • Henry: And so I said "Tax evasion? More like tax inflation!" Phwahahahahahaha
  • Pompous rich girls: Phwahahahahahahaha
  • Neptune: Look at that guy. I could never be that cool.
  • Sun: Neptune you're already cooler than that guy. And you're not even that cool.
  • Neptune: But come on, look at the confidence that guy has when telling terrible jokes! Nobody laughs at my terrible jokes.
  • Sun: You're jokes aren't... well, yeah, but-
  • Neptune: And his name! Come one, that guy's got a candy bar named after him!
  • Sun: There are a lot of sex jokes you can make about 'Oh Henry'. I mean, just saying the name out loud makes me feel gayer than usual.
  • Neptune: He could make jokes about girls putting it in their mouths.
  • Sun: Something about nuts, too. He could make a nuts joke.
  • Neptune: This guy is just way too classy for us.
Destined To Be Chapter 4: |Keep calm and keep going| (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Okay. I have to admit. This took a while. Usually I’m really quick with writing stuff like this, but I was in doubt of writing this piece or just go right away to the part that they all escaped the estate.
Instead I chose for the escape part. I hope you guys like it! I just wanted to give some attention to the relationship build between OC x Sam.

Last, but not least; thank you so much for all the likes and comments! I appreciate it! 

Now enjoy!

BTW: Scusi, my italian is rusty.

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The bar is so low, I am telling you

“A guy who minds the boundaries and agency of female characters he’s interested in”

You give me that character, and I’m fucking sold