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I love how Jon repeats what Damian said to him in the second panel. Even though he bickers with him and they fight a lot, Jon does listen to what Damian says and takes his words to heart. I love that about their relationship. They act like they don’t get along but in the end, there is this kind of grudging respect between the two of them. It’s great and I honestly can’t wait for them to become real friends.


“Your mother was a housewife! Why couldn’t you swallow your goddamn pride and just come home to her? You tell me why!”

Sherlock’s favorite case. 


Once upon a time in ROH…

My favorite experience on the internet was the time I saw a lesbian on a doctor who forum make a thread about her desire to see “a lesbian dalek.” There was this one dude who got SO ANGRY about it that she and a bunch of other users pulled up a bunch of references proving that Daleks have a concept of gender and use gendered language to identify one another, and how some Daleks (like the Cult of Skaro) are designed to understand and weaponize human emotion, and made this really compelling argument that a lesbian Dalek could exist without violating any of the show’s canon

And the dude just got like really upset and was finally like “HOW WOULD SHE KNOW WHICH OTHER DALEKS ARE WOMEN, THEY ALL WEAR IDENTICAL CASINGS” and this one poster who hadn’t said anything up to this point just said “you know other species besides daleks have women too” and he literally just responded with “AAAAAAAAARGH”

The best part though was that this dude clearly read every single thread on the board (and corrected everyone who said anything about anything), so this lady would occasionally mention her “lesbian Dalek OC” in passing and within a few hours he’d show up with an all-caps, multi-paragraph, misspelled, profanity-laden rant about how there can’t be a lesbian Dalek and how she should stop punishing him for “being a heterosexual”

this is what percy looks like in my head and i will not be convinced otherwise<3

also i have no idea what is happening with my art style~

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


every westallen scene ever (120/?)


important background action there

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Hi so I absolutely adore the fics you've posted so far for bmc. It really brings to light the emotions of the characters and it's so well done. If it grabs your fancy, would you consider writing one where Jeremy becomes so delirious (from getting sick or a headache from the squip or something) that he spills all the self-deprecating things the squip told him to say to Michael? It would make my world if that existed, especially in your style of writing. <3

“Is Jeremy here today?” 

“Jeremy’s always Heere.” Michael says automatically without looking up from his phone. Where he is currently texting Jeremy. He’s almost forgotten that there are people actually around him when someone hits him across the back of his head. “Ow what the hell, Rich!

“Don’t even try, you brought that on yourself,” Rich says and the lisp does nothing to diminish the glare he’s got fixed on Michael. 

“If anything you brought that pun on yourself!” When Rich looks like he’s going to hit Michael again, or possibly punch him in the throat for better reach, Michael decides the safest thing is probably to just tell him what’s up. “Alright, yeah no, Jeremy stayed home today. I texted him this morning and apparently he’s sick. I’m gonna go see if he needs anything after school so if there’s anything you wanna tell him I can pass the message along.”

“Nah, I was just wondering since I hadn’t seen him even though I’d seen you.” When Michael only looks confused Rich continues, “Dude. You’re pretty much attached at the hip as much as two people who aren’t actually attached at the hip can be.” 

“You’re over exaggerating.”

“Oh yeah? Is that right?” 

“Yeah that’s right,” Michael says, looking down at his phone again. 

“Just out of curiosity,” Rich says with a suspicious air of innocence, “who’s that you’ve been texting?” 


“This entire time since I came up to you-”

“I don’t appreciate-”

“and probably the entire day since you found out he won’t be he- at school?”

“Well I can’t just ignore him when he’s sick and miserable now can I?” 

Rich’s responding smirk tells him he definitely just rose to a very obvious bait and probably should have just kept his mouth shut. 

The thing is, Jeremy doesn’t do well when he’s sick. To start it off, he has no self-awareness or any clue at what warrants a sick day at home so it’s a miracle he actually didn’t come to school only to have Michael drag his sniffling and swaying ass home. Michael just assumes that Mr. Heere most likely was awake and forced Jeremy back to bed before taking off to his brand new job. 

Michael doesn’t bother with ringing the doorbell when he gets to Jeremy’s house. He knows the key is under the doormat out front, despite how many times he’s told Jeremy it’s the dumbest place in the world to put the house key (”Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you literally get murdered”, “Michael nobody even gets robbed this part of town!”, “Well there’s a first for everything!”). He unlocks the door, grumbling about safety and mostly lack thereof the entire time before he makes his way up the stairs to Jeremy’s bedroom. 

He hear the coughing before he’s even half-way up. He knocks on the door and shouts a quick “Don’t be naked,” purely out of curtesy, before barging in. 

“Hey Mich-” Jeremy’s raspy voice is cut-off by wet sounding coughs that tear through his body and forces him to turn over on his side so that he won’t choke. 

“Holy shit dude,” Michael says eloquently as he sits down on the bed next to Jeremy’s form. “I got you some cough drops,” he pauses as Jeremy’s cough takes over the conversation yet again, “but I honestly don’t think any cough drops in the world is gonna do shit for you right now.” 

“Ugh…” Jeremy looks up at Michael with wet eyes, “dad got me somethin’” he says and makes a gesture in the general direction of his bedside table where a bottle of something Michael presumes is medicine is residing. “It’s meant to like,” he makes a questionable gesture with his hand, “loosen up the crap in my throat, so that it doesn’t get stuck. Which is great and all but in turn means tha I’m coughing up slime every minute.” 


“Tell me about it.” Jeremy says with a sigh and rolls onto his back again. Michael reaches out and puts his hand on Jeremy’s sweaty forehead, just to check. He nearly snatches his hand back after half a second and the only thing that stops him is that Jeremy had closed his eyes the second Michael touched him and is now letting out a sigh as if he’s actually remembering to relax for the first time today. 

“Dude, you’re burning up.” He feel slightly concerned now. Jeremy had told him he was sick but this is… a lot more than he had let on while texting. 

“Mm-hm…” Jeremy says, his eyes are still closed and there’s no actual indication that he’s heard Michael at all. Michael strokes his hand across Jeremy’s forehead and ignores the disgusting feeling of sweat clinging to it. It must feel nice to get something cool touching his hot skin. 

“Hey Jeremy,” he says as he strokes his thumb up the bridge of Jeremy’s nose, “I’m gonna go get some damp towels so you can cool down a bit, yeah?” and so he can get rid of some of that gross-ass sweat currently covering Jeremy’s body as far as he can see. Jeremy seems to have tossed his blanket practically across the bedroom at some point to alleviate some of the heat but even in nothing but a tank-top and boxers he looks like he’s going to boil from the inside-out. When he comes back with four smaller towels and a bowl of cold water Jeremy hasn’t opened his eyes and Michael thinks he might’ve fallen asleep. He arranges one of the towels over Jeremy’s eyes and the latter lets out a sigh of immense relief. “Does your head hurt, Jer?”

“Why’re you being so nice…” Jeremy’s voice is weak and it sounds like it hurts to talk. Michael frowns at the words. 

“When am I ever mean to you?” He asks with a scoff.

“You’re just always nice even after what I did.” Michael has to swallow down an automatic feeling of dread. Any reminder of the Squip usually has that affect. 

“We’re past that, Jeremy.” He keeps his voice quiet so he still sounds calm and not at all like his heart is beating out of his chest.

“I still hear him sometimes.” The words are so simple, and said so softly but it still seems like Jeremy is screeching, as though he’s calling out for help. 

“What do you mean?” He desperately tries to keep his voice calm as he sits down next to Jeremy, he wishes he hadn’t put a towel over half of Jeremy’s face now, wishes he could see what’s going on with Jeremy’s facial expression.

“I keep trying to-” Jeremy has to pause for a second as his voice breaks, “I just want to be better than what he said I was.” 

“Jeremy whatever he said it-” Michael’s words are interrupted by Jeremy who seemingly isn’t done. 

“He would always tell me how terrible I was, how I was gross and how everyone else thought so too…” Michael grabs Jeremy’s hand and squeezes it, unsure what else to do. “Fuck he was right. He was always right.” 

“That’s not true…” Michael whispers shifting so that he’s sitting closer to Jeremy, still squeezing his hand tight. 

“I still hear him, and- and sometimes I forget I don’t have to listen anymore!” Jeremy’s voice is shaky and Michael knows he’s crying, “I keep forgetting I don’t have to say it too.”  

“What do you mean?” Michael doesn’t want to know, but if Jeremy needs to talk he’ll listen, he’ll always listen. 

“He’d make me say things-things about myself…” comes the delayed response and this time Michael listens to the urge that’s telling him to remove the towel from Jeremy’s eyes, his headache be damned. He won’t let Jeremy get so caught up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t remember he isn’t alone. Jeremy blinks his eyes open, and Michael notices right away that he was right. Jeremy’s eyes are red and the second the towel is off his eyes start to water and he looks so frightened and so small that Michael wants nothing more than to take all of the bad, horrible things the Squip told him and make them disappear. He knows he can’t though, the best he can do is just sit there, and hold Jeremy’s hand. 

“You don’t have to tell me,” he says softly and brings Jeremy’s hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to the sweaty palm, “but I’m here, okay? I’m right here, and I’m listening.” Michael can’t be sure if his words do any good as Jeremy only seems to cry harder, but Jeremy needs to know he’s not alone. It takes a few minutes but after a while Jeremy seems to calm down enough to continue.

“Everything about me makes me wanna die.” Jeremy sniffs and fresh tears spring to his eyes and all Michael can do is gather Jeremy up in his arms and hold him close. “He’d make me repeat that…” Jeremy continues, “and I didn’t- I felt it. He just took things I already thought and felt and made me- I want him gone!” Michael’s heart breaks as Jeremy’s ramble ends in a wail, “I want him gone I want him- he’s still- Michael!” Jeremy sobs and grabs at the front of Michael’s shirt. 

“I’m here. It’s gonna be okay. He can’t do shit anymore. He-it’s just a voice and it’s awful and I hate it but that’s all it is. it can’t do shit to you anymore.” Even as he says it he isn’t sure if it’s true. With Jeremy still sobbing in his arms, he feels powerless and wonders silently if the Squip isn’t already doing shit, or if he’s just done enough damage to last Jeremy a lifetime. 

He pushes the thought away and squeezes Jeremy tighter. 

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The other three were inspired by animals right? if so, i'd like to know what kinds.

They were roughly inspired by animals. Some more closely resembling what they were inspired off of and some just taking some characteristics. River had their own reasons for each animal skull, but we paired them with their “hosts” for certain characteristics we think fit them. 

Sans’ Blaster:

His blaster is like the one we see in game. For our design it was based on a canine skull.  Sans gets canine because they are loyal and selfless, also make great companions and protectors. 

Papyrus’ Blaster:

Pap’s has characteristics of a Horned Lizard. He’s got lizard because they are survivalist, kinda like himself. His is also one of the widest blasters. Great to nap on.

Gaster’s Blaster:

Ding’s blaster is based off of a crow. We put a crow to him because they are smart af and very fast learners, just as he is. He also really likes birds. 

Now while we might not consider Rivers blaster to be an animal… Not everyone agrees with that. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to figure out what Rivers blaster was modeled after

As for why we gave them that kind of blaster… Well I guess it’ll be clear in due time.

~ Sol

hamilton + kissing headcanons

ah somebody requested kissing headcanons i had to do it


  • is. such. a. slut. for kissing.
  • it’s really endearing
  • because he wants to kiss you so much
  • and so often
  • but sometimes it can become a bit much
  • like alexander please
  • i am trying to finish something


  • is the kind of guy who brings you super close
  • and looks at your lips
  • and smirks a bit before kissing you so softly
  • like damn the boy knows how to drive you crazy
  • he often cups your cheeks when you kiss
  • and when he pulls away he’s just so smiley


  • gives the best kisses
  • seriously whether soft or rough
  • he knows what to do
  • he’s just so passionate whatever kiss the two of you share
  • he’s the smile against your lips type


  • the type of guy to give you any kind of kiss
  • forehead kiss
  • kiss on the cheek
  • kiss on the nose
  • like all kinds of kisses
  • but the majority are on your nose 
  • he just finds you so little and cute 
  • he can’t resist it


  • also a really good kisser??
  • he brings you super close 
  • and waits for a moment for anticipation
  • before finally kissing you
  • nobody expects burr to be a tease
  • but damn he is a large one


  • such a sweet kisser
  • also gives nose kisses
  • but overall she loves full on kisses
  • and wrapping her arms around your waist
  • or when you two hold hands she brings your hand to hers and kisses it
  • most likely giggles or smiles when pulling away


  • seriously so confident
  • like she’s just so in love with you
  • and the same for you to her
  • and she knows it too
  • she sometimes dips you if it’s only you two
  • or in front of good friends
  • you often share giggly kisses as well


  • pretty shy believe it or not
  • she’s usually super big on pda
  • but kiss her in public she turns so red and flustered
  • because you just love kissing her and she’s like oh my
  • this person is mine
  • and completely fine with showing it


  • so fricken confident
  • like smirks whenever he leans in to kiss you
  • and always flicks his eyes down to your lips before chuckling a bit
  •  and then finally kisses you
  • like jeez louise 
  • are you trying to kill us


  • is one of the best kissers though?
  • he just loves seeing you smile
  • and when do you smile the most?
  • when kissing him
  • you two always pull apart smiling like fools
  • like it’s just so movie like
  • it’s almost like you and madison are a typical nicholas sparks movie couple 

a/n: got carried away this time again so this headcanon is pretty long 😂 also, tagging @genesis-of-a-warrior because she loves georgie as much as i do!

Masterlist + Request here!

• the first time you met him was when him and Fred stood beside you when the sorting ceremony was taking place.

• they were quite amused when you managed to tell them apart (but in your defense, it was just sheer luck and didn’t really know how to do so because they were really identical).

• still, ever since, they’ve considered you as one of their best friends and you felt the same towards them.

• though you’ve always felt a little something more about George since he was the one you mostly talked to.

• he was such a good listener that you weren’t afraid of telling anything to him, and he always got the best advices up his sleeves whenever you needed it.

• some friends always wondered how you knew which was which and you would always say that you have managed to tell them apart because of their different attitudes.

• or maybe because you’ve memorized George’s characteristics so much that you just knew that it couldn’t be Fred whenever you talked to him.


• because everyone always have thought that you were dating George because of how you close you two were.

• the rumors started when george admitted that he found you attractive and any guy would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend.

• but he only said it that time because you were honestly such a good friend to him (friendzoned ouch).

• and when he clarified it shortly after the teasing started, you were quite disappointed that he only liked you in a platonic way.

• Fred still rooted for you guys though lmao.

• like he knows that George was kind of lying when he said he only saw you as a friend


• George looks at you like you’re the greatest thing on earth.

• even Lee Jordan sees it.

• and he teams up with Fred in making George realize that he like likes you.

• like he does it embarrassingly during Quidditch games.

• “Ah! Nice hit from George Weasley from the Gryffindor team — hey, Y/N! Don’t you think he’s so great? I reckon he’s just gaining up the balls to ask you out!”

• and if you also play for your house’s Quidditch team, Lee does exactly the same.

• “And Y/H scores! Damn, George, if you don’t ask Y/N out someone’s going to so better hurry up!”

• Professor McGonagall not even complaining.

• George getting all flustered sometimes when they tease him but covering it up with sarcasm and teasing back.

• you not minding it because you’ve already accepted the fact that he will never see you as something else more than just his best friend.

• though as time passes by, the thought of you being his girlfriend has been passing in his mind more frequently.

• especially when in your sixth year — the time of the triwizard tournament — and there was an upcoming yule ball. a lot of boys were asking you to come with them that time and he was just so annoyed because they did it whenever he was around (since you were always seen with him and Fred).

• George abruptly telling someone to “back off” when that someone asked you out and he was in a bad mood.

• you asking him what his problem was

• him confessing that he doesn’t like the idea of you going out with other guys, asking you out as his date to the yule ball at the same time.

• Fred overhearing the conversation and shouting “DAMN, IT TOOK SIX YEARS FOR YOU TO MAKE A MOVE!?”

• everyone laughing along and agreeing

• you slightly blushing but saying yes anyways

• from that day forward, you and George have considered each other as more than friends.

• when he officially asked you to be his girlfriend, he was all flustered and shy aND BASICALLY NOT THE GEORGE WEASLEY YOU HAVE COME TO KNOW OF

• like he had a hard time trying to find the words

• “I — um — er — well, you know how we’ve been going on dates a lot, right? And I was, uh, kind of wondering if, you know, we can be like, more than best friends?”

• “Like super ultra mega best friends?”

• he wasn’t amused by your teasing but you were completely forgiven when you made the first move and kissed him full on the lips.

• Fred being the third wheel

• Fred always joking that you stole his twin brother from him

• you reminding him that it was his plan in the first place to get the two of you together


• nothing really changed that much except for a few certain things

• like how he always liked to have some kind of skin contact with you in any way possible

• for example, if the two of you were sitting beside each other, he’d purposely sit too close so that your knees were bumping as well as your arms.

• it was also a thing of his when he’d ask for a kiss on the cheek and turn around last minute so that you’ll be kissing him on the lips instead


• he was honestly never the jealous type now that he was your boyfriend

• he knew how much you truly loved him and he trusted you with everything he had.

• study dates that often lead to make out sessions oops

• he’d be so supportive in everything you do!

• though not the jealous type, he is overprotective sometimes

• making sure that whoever messes with you gets to deal with him and his cruel jokes (and Fred’s too)

• Ginny treating you like an older sister because she never had one of those.

• Ron awkwardly asking advice from you when it comes to understanding girls

• Molly and Arthur being so so happy because they always knew George had a thing for you way back before the both of you realized it.

• spending Christmas at the Burrow!

• honestly, he’d just be the most perfect guy

• because you’re never afraid to be wacky or purposely look ugly whenever you’re with him. you know he’ll never judge you and will love you no matter what.

• #relationshipgoals to summarize it