he's just taking pic of himself haha

Class doodle I did today~ My french teacher complimented me about it, I’m so happy /////// (Luckily she doesn’t know I did that in her class LMAO)

Aaaaah, Inky was taking my full mind today! <3 (Along with Updog and ZT!Gaster haha) So I couldn’t wait to make a little pic of him interacting with Underswap!Sans, helping him learn how to paint! And the little guy was so proud of himself when he managed to draw his bro Papyrus >//w//<

I added Ink’s big brush after taking the picture tho… //sob

I hope you like this! <3 (Also, just a quick message I’m leaving here - taking the opportunity -, if you want to submit something related to Ink!Sans, please also tag it as Inktale ! It’s the most clean tag for him that’s not full of… gross pictures of bad inked tattoos lmao ;//<//;)