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Okay so even after watching tons of videos I still have a problem grasping special personality traits the guys of got7 have. Could you introduce them and say something special about each of them? :)

hello dear, of course i can!!! i’ll just write some special things/facts/etc about them and i’ll do it from oldest to youngest!! (i apologize ahead of time if i get too into this and start going overboard lol)

mark (oldest member, part of rap and martial arts line of the group) :
-is a pretty quiet kid 
-although he is quiet, he does have things on his mind (he said so himself)
-cares a lot for each of the members (if you pay close attention, you can see that he just silently takes care of everyone)
-also can practically fly the in air (like how?!?)
-really cute and adorable (but can also be hot af omg no pls)
-owns a cute lil dog named coco with youngjae (he is apparently the father between the two of them lol)

jb aka jaebum (leader of the group, main vocalist, debuted back in 2012 with junior as “jj project”) :
-tries to live the chic and cool life (but is a fucking nerd)
-loves his cat nora to death
-savage af (his clapback game is too strong)
-is infatuated with the simpsons 
-ready to fight someone 10000000% of the time
-can act, sing, and dance (did bboying and was he also know as ‘defsoul’)
-got7 obviously means a lot to him
-he’s wonderful person and probably deserves an award for being able to lead this crazy group

jackson (part of rap line and martial arts line):
-“wild and sexy” → a very accurate quote by him
-extremely hardworking (and i mean EXTREMELY) !!!
-is a beautiful human being inside and out, not to mention is freaking hilarious  
-is really freaking extra for no damn reason 
-loves his own personal family and his got7 family deeply
-only fears bugs and jyp pd
-who doesn’t love jackson?!?

junior aka jinyoung (dancer, vocalist, debuted with jb as “jj project” → was a rapper back then):
-loves to read and study (he is quite the smart boy)
-is mother of the group (very motherly to the members aka his children)
-also an amazing actor (support and love actor jinyoung!!)
-is a gentleman and is just husband material overall tbh
-has a reaaaaaaaallllyyy nice butt 
-all he really wants in the world is to eat meat with jackson

youngjae (main vocalist and rapgod):
-is actual sunshine
-his laugh and smile makes flowers grow
-but his vocals makes you really emotional (has voice of an angel ;;n;;)
-should be protected by all means
-cucumbers are his worst enemy
-him speaking in english is probably one the cutest/best things ever
-only trained  for 7 months prior to debut (the boy is just so talented)
-coco = his life
-recently began his career as a rapper and has been killing it since

bambam aka kunpimook (rap line and dance line):
-is secretly the lost member of every girl group tbh 
-fanservice king
-he’s fab af but is kinda a confused child 
-his rapping should be appreciated more (like seriously)
-is such a caring sweetheart
-probably whipping his way into your bias list
-just love bambam okay

yugyeom (maknae of the group, dancer, vocalist):
-cute giant baby 
-“i’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am”
-is a dance machine and is always slaying
-the members are all practically his servants (king gyeom ftw)
-not really as innocent as he might seem … o.o
-is total chris brown trash omfg 
-living the double life “a.k.a browny” (oH MY GOSH)
-sensitive, yet things don’t scare him easily
-always thankful and grateful to be in got7

Get To Me. (Boxer!Luke).

Requested: by a lovely Anon.

Request: Can you write a boxer Luke where you’re his cute gf and some guy tries to talk shit about you to Luke when he’s in the ring? Thank you!

“That pretty little girlfriend that you got yourself is going to look so good underneath me tonight.” The man seemed to fly across the ring, slamming into the ropes.

You had never seen Luke so frantic or angry. He had never been like this or so you thought. Maybe he had and you had just never seen it.

He was fighting some newbie that called him out, acting like he could take the highest win count boxer. The guy had been smug and Luke hadn’t liked it, he wanted to put him in his place so he accepted the challenge. And you expected it to have a quick finish, maybe one or two rounds at most. But it was the fifth and it wasn’t that the guy was good, he could just take hits. Luke’s eyes had clouded over with rage from a minute in and you could see the guy mumbling to him but you had no idea what he was saying.

“That tight little body. She a screamer? She’s got the lips for it, yeah?” Luke was a maniac. Punches that should grow weaker with all the force he was putting behind it but if all the blood pouring from the guys nose and who knows where were a sign, then it would say Luke had enough rage to go all night.

“I bet she stays with you for the money. It’s not the sex and it definitely isn’t for you-“ It was almost slow motion to your eyes but the guy was out in two seconds flat. Luke would have kept going but the ref stepped between him and the very bloody, unconscious man. Even as his arm raised in the air, signaling the win, his chest heaved and nostrils flared with every rage filled breath. Luke was an angry person in general, you kind of had to if you wanted to box like him, but he kept it hidden from you.

But when he looked at you, he found you even through the hoards of the crowd in front of you, you began to immediately go to the locker room. You didn’t like what you were seeing in those ocean eyes of his.

You hadn’t even clapped, cheering like the rest of the crowd because that was not a win in your book when he was that angry.

He was alone when you were finally able to break through the swarms, tense and moments away from a harsh punch to the lockers.

“Luke?” You announced yourself, you didn’t want to startle the guy when he was already on the edge of something.

He had you pressed to his sweaty body in a matter of seconds, holding you with a vice-like and borderline painful hold but you were alright with it when his shoulders seemed to slump. Anger turning into contentment with you in his reach.

“What happened out there?” In the profession of boxing, you had to be careful to keep your emotions in check or he could do a lot of damage. He hadn’t hurt the guy that bad but still.

“Nothing.” You gave him the ‘you know, I know that isn’t true so you better tell me or I’ll be the one punching you’ look and he at least had the decency to look ashamed. He had pulled back but had your hands in a tight grip as they hung between the two of you.

“He was talking smack and it got to me.” He shrugged like it wasn’t that big of a deal but you still see the anger lurking in the corners of his tense shoulders and his labored breathing. He was like a cobra that had coiled, ready to strike. You rubbed your thumbs along the curves of his knuckles, giving him a light smile that conveyed everything you had to say without speaking a word.

“Honestly, it was nothing.” He had started to repeat it, the nothing on the tip of his tongue but you reached up, hand running along the line of his jaw that clenched and unclenched with every passing second. He looked at you for a long moment before sighing. You weren’t going to let this go.

“He was saying stuff about you and I didn’t like it.” He mumbled, feeling as if he were a child again as he mumbled to the teacher.

“Isn’t he the guy Mike had told us about? The one that goes to the gym he owns and goes in running his mouth about us?” One of your friends owned a gym down the street that Luke frequented. Mike was a wrestler but he let any and all train there. Luke nodded and it was as if the very thought of the guy set the man in front of you on edge.

You waited, let him get it in check before continuing.

“Luke, that sounds like jealousy and ego talking. I do not know what he said up there but he isn’t worth getting in trouble over. Alright? He isn’t as good as you, he knows he isn’t and he was trying to rile you up because he’s a dick.” He had to smile, he had always thought that it was hilarious that you used the word dick as if it were a descriptor. It took a moment but you got that smile.

“He told me you did not love me.”

“You know I love you?” You questioned, smiling at how he had a bright red blush creeping up his face as he nodded quickly. “So why are you worrying?”

“Because. I don’t know.” He so knew, his insecurities and failures coming to the forefront of his mind but you were there, holding his hands and smiling at him like he put the stars in the sky and how could he tell you that? Besides, he had a feeling you already knew.

“Well I do love you and if some dickweed tongue sucker doesn’t see it then his is either stupid or a-“

“Dick. Yeah, got it.” Laughing, he leaned down so he could place a soft kiss to your lips. He let go of you so he could slip on his shoes so the two of you could get out of here. You let out a squawk as he wrapped arms around you, pulling you to him so his head rested on your stomach and your hands found purchase on his shoulders.

He stayed silent for a very long moment, your fingers switching between rubbing his shoulders and playing with his sweaty hair. You were make a Mohawk from the strands when he eventually spoke up.

“I love you so much.”

“Well, thought you wouldn’t say it back. You know I said it like twice? Maybe more and you ignored it, so rude.” You joked, you had exchanged the words a while back but he had a hard time with feelings so he didn’t say it all that much where as you were more open with them. He tightened his hold around you, kissing your stomach as he smirked at you through eyelashes. He wiggled his eyebrows before he stood quickly, you were screeching as he had you over his shoulder in a matter of seconds.

He spun you around quickly, your screaming turning into laughter as you drummed against his butt.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.” He chanted, his circles stopping as he leaned down and slid you from over his shoulder so you were off the ground, his arm hooked under your butt and your legs straight as the world spun for a moment. His biceps flexed, holding you with ease as he bent quickly and grabbed his bag. And you so loved him for his personality, it had nothing to do with the arms. Nothing at all.

“Woah.” You muttered, and he gave you a quick kiss on your lips with a laugh.

“You’re cute.” You scrunched up your nose as you smacked his shoulder and realized you were moving. He was straight up carrying you like this to the car. And alright, you didn’t mind.

“I love you.” You whispered that night, wrapped in sheets and warm with his arms snug around you. You were half asleep and you had probably said it too much today but they way he pulled you impossibly closer told you that maybe he needed to hear it.

“I love you princess.” And you hummed, already drifting as he kissed the back of your neck. Dreams of boxing hamsters and a night of good sleep on the horizon.

I may have mentioned one of my previous imagines in this because I really enjoyed that one (here) but this one was fun. Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoyed it! :)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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my cousin who is also a fan of one direction works as a bartender at a private lounge in LA and she said that H&L and a small spattering of people were all sitting with each other and that L and H were sitting very closely next to each other but were being very private. Just whispering and quietly laughing with one another. As L kept ordering rum he did become slightly more loud and tactile. It sounded cute and pretty consistent with their characters (and she is my cousin) so I trust her.


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Skye and Ezmeralda from skyfangz

Oi, it’s pretty cute to see all of these cute couples just in time for Narwhalentines! My big romantic inkpusher loves this a lot!

Skye seems pretty calm. Like yeah, he has the total enthusiasm of youth, but it’s not over the top boldness like some. Seems pretty romantic too, like, he flusters so easily. That’s sorta kinda very adorable, if you ask me! 

Also, I find it kinda cute that he fell in love with the gal that knocked his fang off. That’s one special romantic story, if there is one. If that happened to me, you bet my grandsquids would hear about it endlessly!

If I’m correct, he’s a brush user. It’s a pretty interesting style, since you gotta be up close and personal with your opponent to be successful with that! Weapons with very low range are like that, you just gotta hide and hope you won’t get spotted, and get a ninja krill!

I like his Cycle King shirt. Adds some flair to his groove, if you ask me. Spots are all the rage this year, so don’t be surprised to see more around!

Ez is more of a firework gal. Like, she might seem chill and humorous, but man, I’d hate to be around if she gets mad, and starts yelling. She seems a little more…extreme than Skye is. When she’s happy, she’s very happy, when she’s enthusiastic about something (like pumpkin carving), she’s really into it, and when she’s mad…watch out, fellas.

I noticed that while she likes diverse weapons, she prefers complete powerhouses with long range, like the Dynamo Roller and of course, the E-Liter 3K. Both of these weapons demand a high level of skill to “master”, so it shows some dedication, you know. 

Her style is a little more elegant-casual. I love seeing that Baby-Jelly Shirt around, it’s…really fancy. Pilot Goggles are also pretty cool, since Bomb Range Up can helps a lot with Burst Bomb spamming :)

So, we got another fresh couple on our tentacles. That’s pretty great

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Omg! omg!! Drunk puzzleshipping headcanon is that Yami gets very sleepy and very relaxed and it's like the only time a completely calm smile stays on his face for so long, but he's also pretty quiet and kind of drifts a lot, just watching life go by. Yugi, meanwhile, really opens up about everything he loves, chatters incessantly, runs around a lot, but always keeps coming back to crouch in front of Yami to tell him things, and they just smile at each other and laugh a lot, and it's all so cute.

Actual Puppy Dog Yugi Motou.

It’s also a personal headcanon of mine that Yugi loses his drinks if he’s not careful while he wanders around the room/house/what have you, and so sometimes he’s rambling off about something and since he likes to articulate what he says he sits his drink down somewhere and gets so caught up that he can’t remember where he left it so he ends up going and getting another one, this usually results in him and Yami finding the drinks scattered around the house the next day, kinda like an alcoholic scavenger hunt. I digress though;

So imagine with me if you will, Yugi is talking about something and yami is only really half paying attention while he’s staring off in space with a smile on his face because, “Aibou is so cute when he’s excited”, and he’s lost in his own little world before he ends up with a lap full of Yugi, who is now crouched in front of him, kneeling on the floor between his legs, throwing his arms around Yami’s waist and he has the happiest look on his face and is still spouting drunken madness that Yami only half picks up thanks to his own buzz so Yami just starts giggle-fitting because the adorable site in front of him which only makes Yugi stop talking for a second before he starts giggling along with Yami and then suddenly giggle-fit turns into full blown laughter and Yami half heartedly starts tugging at Yugi’s sleeves as a signal for him to crawl up to him and sit on the couch with him, which Yugi does, and they sit there for a moment exchanging quick little kisses between Yugi saying things before Yugi is no longer capable of sitting still and then the cycle repeats itself. 

Yami just sits and smiles, and listens, occasionally looking over to watch his aibou’s antics before slipping off into another daydream.

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  • do I like them: he’s not exactly my fave tbh but i like him well enough
  • 5 good qualities: 1) funny (in the “he’s very easy to tease and that’s amusing” way), 2) his snarkiness, 3) his very pretty face, 4) his voice (SUPER CUTE VOICE), 5) he fights with water okay im into that
  • 3 bad qualities: 1) too serious at times, 2) tbh a lot of his character seems to almost revolve around sorey at some points and i resent that this made it so that mikleo didn’t seem to really connect with any of the other characters, 3) DOESN’T LIKE DOGS WTF MEEBO
  • favourite episode/etc: all the tickle scenes im just really weak to tickle scenes okay
  • otp: sorey/mikleo
  • brotp: tbh i dont really have one for mikleo? again i wasn’t really impressed by how the game framed his relationships with the others.
  • ot3: sorey/mikleo/alisha in a “what could have been if the game hadn’t been so shit in its treatment of alisha” kind of way
  • notp: dont really have one
  • best quote: mfw i barely remember any of his quotes but off the top of my head “arse-nic? REALLY??!!?!!” just because that’s my favorite pun in the entire game
  • head canon: after sorey wakes up again mikleo starts wishing he didn’t ditch his infinite-belt corset ages ago because as it turns out, having no corset makes his sides super duper vulnerable to tickling and he feels so much REGRET

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How hot are TT RS and DL

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

I like all of the Chungs. Tactical Trooper is no exception. I like grenades, I like Chung - so sign me the fuck up.

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

I ENVY THOSE HIPS. Plus his outfit looks cute to me, strangely enough. He’s fun to play in my opinion too. 

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Man, just thinking about Breadlord makes me hungry for toast.. Wait, what? How can a piece of bread look THAT good? 

devichonee asked:

tbh I think Flowey having a slight southern (I usually imagine Dixie) accent is pretty cute and gives some extra character to his dialogue anyway. Howdy howdy howdy.

Being southern myself, southern accents make me cringe so hard. But reading Flowey’s dialogue just screams at least a mild accent, I could definitely see him dropping the g at the end of ing words, ‘ya’ instead of ‘you’, etc.

Laughs because every time somebody exclaims “howdy!” I immediately think of Flowey now he’s ruined that word for me, and people use it unironically here so it’s even worse

Some Scarecrow and Mrs. King one-shot!!! Hurray!!

This WIP had been in my computer for months! And it’s actually pretty cute so there you go. 


Other than that it’s just harmless, syrupy fluff :’).


Word count: 1075 words.

She hears him complaining outloud all the way from the bedroom door, and she walks inside to find him fussing over his tie, undoing the slightly askew bow tie with so much strength Amanda is afraid she’s going to hear the sound of ripped fabric next.

She walks towards him, turning him with hands on his shoulders and making him face her. She busies herself with his tie whilst Lee just looks down at her, a sort of far away look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asks knowingly, and Lee shifts on his feet slightly.

“Nothing.” Comes the tiny reply, and Amanda cocks an eyebrow at him.


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Three guys you would fuck, three girls you would fuck?

Oh, wow, yikes, this is a tough one. So I don’t really know everyone here, 
so this is based solely on looks, alright ?? Alright. So for the boys, Grayson ‘s 
kinda hot, so him… And… Jake maybe ?? Looks as if he knows what he’s doin’
in bed. I don’t really know another person, can I just name someone who’s cute?
I hope so, because I’m just gonna’ say that one little guy, Remus !! Seems so nice. 
Girls..?! I would say Evelyn, she’s got really pretty lips. Arinta, she’s so hot, honestly
I could absolutely melt in her presence. One last girl ?? That Stella chick, I don’t
know her too well, dang son, she’s fire !! Also, a quick shoutout to my main, Q, 
would most definitely frick them any day of the week. 

slytherin!harry/drarry au
  • so harry gets sorted into slytherin, resulting in a cute smol friendship between him and draco
  • but they still argue just as much as they do in canon
  • like literally every other thing that they say to each other is an insult
  • ron and hermione (who he’s still friends with) don’t really think it’s very healthy
  • and hermione makes sure harry knows it 
  • harry’s pretty tired of it, “come on ‘mione, it’s just friendly bickering, we don’t actually mean it”
  • but when they aren’t bickering and actually working together on something, man, they’re a force to be reckoned with
  • people literally leap out of the way when they’re walking down the hall out of fear of being transfigured into a toad
  • they quickly become hogwarts’ “Power Couple” despite not being an actual couple
  • but they are the best of friends

  • then 6th year comes along
  • harry knows something is up right away
  • draco has hardly spoken to anyone since they got here and insisted on sitting alone on the train as well as at dinner
  • he hardly speaks to anyone all year in fact
  • stops throwing insults to harry
  • and harry is worried af
  • constantly follows him around, tracking him with the marauders map, trying to figure what he’s up to and why he’s so distant
  • until he corners him in the bathroom
  • and draco is bawling his eyes out
  • harry immediately resumes his best friend duties and rushes over to comfort him
  • draco just collapses in a heap of tears and cries on his best friends shoulder for ages
  • he ends up confessing everything to him
  • and harry promises to help him as long as draco promises not to keep secrets like this anymore
  • draco looks up at him and is graced with the realization that he’s deeply in love with his best friend
  • merlin help me

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This was about the end of February of last year. My previous 4-year relationship had just ended and so my friends told me to download Tinder. Why not, they would say. So I did, and I matched with this boy that caught my eye. I messaged him first because I thought he was really cute. We talked for a while and I stopped messaging him mostly to see if he was actually interested. He was. He saw one of my Moments of me playing xbox and he asked what games I had. So, we played a few rounds together, but I was nervous so I was pretty quiet. He asked for my number but I gave him my snapchat instead. We talked a lot through the chat part and we agreed to meet up one night. Sadly, I didn’t have a car, so he drove 45 minutes to my house to pick me up. At that point, I finally sent my phone number. I got in his car and he barely made eye contact. He kept his eyes on the road. We had no idea where to go because it was past 8pm. So, we went to a restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. We got coffee but didn’t realize they were soon closing. We left and went to his house (his parents were on vacation). I didn’t know what to expect. He drank a few beers and offered me a few as well. We laid in his bed and talked and watched Netflix. He still wouldn’t make much eye contact so I was beginning to think he didn’t actually like me. But, of course, one thing led to another and we had sex. Multiple times. I still remember when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, he looked me straight in the eyes. It just felt so right. We eventually fell asleep (he snores tho) and he drove me home at about 4am so he would get back home in time for work. We did this for the next 2 nights (until his family got home from vacation).
The bad news. No one was suppose to be at his house while his parents were away. His parents found out and he told me how upset they were. I was terrified and anxious because that just ruined any chance of meeting his parents since now they probably hated me. He told me how sorry he was and that he was an asshole. To be honest, I thought this was a ploy to get out of talking to me/to break it off. But then he said, “please don’t leave me because of this”.
So, I never did. We are celebrating our first anniversary on March 15th, 2016!

This was sent to me off anon by @cahfein (who, for all the concerned anons out there, is definitely not an anti):

I’ve sent u this before but idk if u ever read it! My dad is somehow important in the peruvian media, and he knows a lot of ppl. One of them is [redacted], who worked for him and is now one of the owners of [redacted], the production company who brought 1D to Lima, Peru. She tried to give me and my sisters back stage passes but she couldn’t make it bc my dad asked for them too late, but anyways!! She comes to my house regularly, and one month after the concert i was dying to talk to her. So she came, and i asked if the boys were sweet and humble and stuff, and i didnt want to intrude and ask about h&l but she kept talking and told me that she was surprised bc they only had to make 4 dressing rooms, bc 2 of the guys shared one. And I was literally jumping in my seat and sort of told her about larry, and she was like OH! that makes sence, i though they were best friends but now that u tell me, it’s kind of weird for best friends to tease each other by calling them sugar plum or sweet cheeks. AND I STARTED HYPERVENTILATING and we talked some more about what they liked to do before the shows and that, but yeah💗 just wanted to tell u that! 

Stage One: Oh, I like this show! It’s so cute!

Stage Two: Yeah, they make a cute couple.

Stage Three: *scrolls through ship tag* Pretty art!

Stage Four: Oh no he’s hot

Stage Five: Fuck they also look cute together

Stage Six: Shit these fan fics are good

Stage Seven: Sin

Stage Seven Point Five: Beyond the sin

Stage Eight: *scrolls through tag for hours*

Stage Nine: *unidentifiable noises*

Stage Ten: Turned to trash.

STORY TIME: The first time a boy told me he liked me, he accidentally confessed it to my mother instead of me.

So lets take it back to the seventh grade, okay? I’m talking to this boy, he’s very nice to me and he’s cute and popular and we just recently met. I’m thinking I hit the jackpot here. He’s my best friend’s cousin and my other friend’s older brother. I met him through them and we hit it off immediately. We’re both kind of shy about it, but it’s clear we like each other. He gets my phone number from my friend, right? So we’re texting pretty much all the time, right? You know how 13 year olds are. And I use up all off my data and I can’t text him anymore and he has free texting. I feel as if the world is ending. So what do I do? I borrow my mom’s phone cause I can’t go on without texting him for a whole minute (she would let me text people cause she also had free texting and she’s cool about stuff like that, and also I was 13 and thought he was amazing okay) and I tell him I’m messaging him from her phone and not to message me back on that number. I delete all of the messages I send him and I am very careful about keeping our innocent flirting private and we talk for some time more and I excuse myself to go to dinner and tell him we’ll hear from each other in a couple of days when I get more data and so I have dinner and end up watching a movie with the fam. It’s pretty late and he hasn’t responded to my last message and I get slightly worried. But I don’t want to look clingy, right? So I say nothing and I just keep on watching my movie, unaware of what is happening right next to me. The dumbass texted my mother. He texted her saying he likes me. Only, he thought he was texting me. He got confused from switching number to number and forgot he wasn’t supposed to reply to her number. And what does my mom do???? She, the evil woman that she is, texts him back. She’s like, who is this??? While she knows damn well it’s my 2 week crush and the love of my life and the most perfect boy I have met since like, last September. And he realizes what he has done and starts apologizing to her and she’s still like, who is this, do I need to have a conversation with my daughter about something???? All while she’s dying from laughter so much that even my grandpa who is sleeping 3 rooms away notices it. I’m confused but I don’t know what’s going on and I ask her if she read something funny, completely unaware of the situation and she tells me that she just read the funniest thing but refuses to tell me what it was. She even whispers something to my aunt about it and they both start giggling and I’m sitting there thinking it was some kind of an inappropriate joke that my innocent self could not take. So while I’m wondering what kind of perverted things my mother stumbled upon, I suddenly get a text message and it’s from my first boo and he’s like, babe, I fucked up. Your mom knows that I like you!!! She made me tell her everything! And I’m just thinking to myself, what kind of dumb boy I fell in love with when he could have just stopped replying to my very sneaky mom who intentionally scared him into telling her our whole texting history. My mom had receipts!!! She refuses to let me live down some of those texts even up to this day. She quoted his love declaration to me up until I was about 20. She still talks about it sometimes. She’s evil. And so my mom was the first person who read the first love confession meant for me and I only got to hear it days after that cause she said it was too good to hear it from her. She lied. It was horrible. He wrote me a really bad poem. He rhymed my name with things that don’t even rhyme with it (nothing rhymes with my name though) and compared me to the black death. I still went out with him though. I still went out with him. We broke up like a month later cause he was too afraid and embarrassed to meet me anywhere near my home because he thought he was going to see her and she would yell at him (she really scared him okay) and I thought he was being silly so I dumped his sorry ass.