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Time to be that embarassingly gushy Girlfriend

My Beloved Life Partner @druid-of-tho-green Is the most awesome boyfriend and partner I’ve ever had in my whole life thus far, and trust me I’ve had some real assholes.  I’m gonna gush over him a lot, Because he is an awesome person and he makes me feel like I am becoming a better person just by being around him.

Look at his adorable dimples. Look at his sweet smile. Look at those beautiful eyes. This man right here, this man- is the reason I keep living. He is the kindest individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He listens to my dumb rants (he says they are not dumb) He supports my choices.  
 But above all, I support him. I adore this man. He has been through so much, and still he presses on and is so kind and loving. I want to be like him. I love his mind, I love his personality. I want to just sit there and hear him speak for hours, (with the occasional ‘eh’ thrown in).

I just wanted to share this amazing person with everyone, because I love him so so much I cant really contain myself.

It’s one thing that Taehyung is drop-dead gorgeous when you look at him, and it’s another that he has such an adorable, upbeat, and quirky personality behind his handsome appearance, and then it’s just an all-kill that underneath all of that, he has this gigantic heart that loves and adores everything and everyone. Taehyung is just layers and layers of beautiful perfection. 

Here’s a messy lil sketchie of Ford 🎵ticklin’ the ivories till they gleeeaaam🎵!!!
It’s a headcanon of mine that Ford has this really beautiful singing voice (have you HEARD J.K Simmons sing?? You should hear how low he can go!! It’s crazy!!!) And the ever wonderful @twenty-one-pinetrees sent me this wonderful idea that all the pines family can play instruments!!! I’d really like to do the rest of the ideas, but ford playing the piano was too perfect NOT to do first!!!

jimin’s just so beautiful, so precious, so breath-taking that even a thousand nor a million hearts would be enough to express my love for the little bun i mean just look at him, the things he does, the words he says, the endless love he has for his members, his family, his fans, like i just…how could someone exist with a heart of gold and a voice of an angel ;;;;


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^ I am so happy that Jack started playing this game. :)

Screenshots from PREPARE TO FALL IN LOVE | Unravel #1! :D

I had a feeling Jack was going to play this game I don’t know why but I just had a feeling he was going to. xD Not that I mind I’m extremely excited that he’s playing this game its so beautiful and adorable! :D I wanted to play Unravel myself and I’ve actually been extremely excited for it since E3 when it was announced cause the creator of this game completely won me over but unfortunately I can’t buy it or any game right now. But at least I can still experience the game from watching youtubers play it even though I know it won’t be the same as playing the game. :) 

I know I say this a lot in my posts and it probably gets annoying but I really needed a longer video from Jack today…Honestly I haven’t been feeling that great about myself lately and something bad happened today that almost broke me down emotionally. :( But this video helped me break from all of that for a least a while and it helped me smile and laugh today and that’s something I’ve really needed. I haven’t felt that hopeful lately and this helped remind me to stay strong and keep positive even when all that negativity feels like it can be too much because I know things will get better. Jack always has a way of inspiring others positivty and my own positivty. Sometimes all you need to help make yourself feel a little better is to watch a friend play a game for a while. :)

Zoom is coming !

Damn the new promo was EPIC..Barry from earth-2 was talking to our Barry :

“Today I did things that I never thought possible. Now if I can do the impossible, so can you. Because I’m just Barry Allen, but you’re the Flash”

oh my GOD..that was beautiful..i love Barry-2 he is so adorable and those words just went to my heart ..

- at the  0:14 i think i saw Caitlin walking with Barry in the flash suit ..it was dark so i’m not sure ( EDIT : i think it’s really Barry and Caitlin i don’t know in which episode..but see these 2 scenes are related to this selfie with Tom, Grant and Dani which means that Caitlin was really out there with Barry )

- Jay getting his power back i wish this mean that he will leave..thank you very much ..

- someone is attacking star labs ..and Caitlin was running ( Caitlin with another girl..i can’t tell if she is Iris or not )

- Diggle still can’t get used to see Barry running… “He’s fast, John. Get over it.” “Never!”

- Barry in the pipeline..and i think something changed in him after episode 14 ..oh my poor Barry

- A heart to heart scene with Barry and Caitlin FINALLY it’s happening ..

she seemed sad ..and Barry is comforting her ..and it seems that they’re sitting by the breach ..oh my snowbarry how much i missed you..i  swear if they were talking about Jay i will curse the writers for the rest of my life..just send him to his earth ..

- Cisco with Jesse and Zoom is lowering his mask

OH MY GOD..i’m so excited

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen!
And to you people who still gonna keep telling yourself and others that the baby is fake, leave. Just leave the fandom and special don’t talk to me.
I’m so done with it.
Louis Tomlinson is a dad
to a beautiful boy named Freddie, I couldn’t be more happy for him cause I know how much he loves kids. 
I don’t believe that the baby will just disappear and they will tell us that all this is fake and Louis was never the dad srsly doesn’t anyone hear how stupid it sounds?
And don’t give me the fucking “It’s Modest” crap bullshit. People need to grow up.
And if that ever would happen (they tell us it’s fake) which it won’t then please come and laugh at my face but right now just get away from me.

And a special go to hell to them who are throwing hate on Brianna and calling her slut for carrying Louis` child. If you wanna throw hate do it on Louis then if you have to cause he was the one who made her pregnant, but no you won’t do that cause he is the man and all. Disgusting.
Why can’t you all just leave it ? 

hope ya all get a wonderful day, all the love J x

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Do you think Tyrion ever loved Cersei as a sister ?

In Tyrion’s own words, he never liked Cersei. But it’s probably more complicated than that—it’s not like he was born with hating his sister in his dna. This is going to be mostly headcanon but imagine:

  • little Tyrion, so starved for love that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to win his affection and in some cases his undivided adoration (case in point: Jaime)
  • young Cersei, looking every bit like the brother Tyrion loved so much
  • young Jaime, Tyrion’s favourite person in the world, having this beautiful complicity with their sister, loving her, being loved in return

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Dallon Weekes is so beautiful and perfect. Like he is just such a good dad and such a great husband (just as a Taurus should be). Like you can just tell tht he loves his Kids and Breezy so much it’s adorable. He’s so nice when he replies to fans on twitter and is constantly replying to fans. Not to mention Dallons talent, like damn how do ply the bass o nicely and his vocals are so good. Now don’t even get me started on Dallons amazing voice, both singing and straight out amazing talking voice. Like his voice is so soothing when he talks I could listen to it forever. And his face is a work of art. Like his face is so simple yet there’s no one who looks slightly similar to him, no one compares to his beauty. Dallon Weekes Is The Perfect Human Being. I Love Dallon Weekes.

The Morning After (WestAllen One-Shot)

“Barry” Iris whispered as she looked up to see him snoring softly beside her. Iris had to admit, he looked adorable in his sleep.

“Iris” Barry muttered before his eyes fluttered open. She smiled at the sound of her name leaving his mouth. It just glided off his lips so perfectly. Like he was meant to say it.

Barry couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Iris was, no matter the time or what she was wearing (which in this case would be nothing). She just had this, this light about her that Barry loved.

Iris’s head rested against Barry’s left arm as she looked up at him for awhile. Studying his features as if she was trying to memorize each aspect of his face.

“Hi ” she whispered, not exactly knowing what to say. Her fingers traced tiny intricate patterns on Barry’s exposed chest.

His left hand entangled itself in Iris’s hair.

“Hey ” he whispered back.

“Hi” she repeated and Barry couldn’t help but laugh.

“You already said that” he pointed out and she laughed at her own mistake. They stayed silent after that, enjoying the presence and comfort of each other before they would have to go outside and face the world.

“Last night was” Iris began but trailed off as she tried to think of a word to describe what had happened between them.

“Incredible” Barry finished as he continued to twirl Iris’s hair in his hands.

Iris smiled at Barry’s word choice, “yeah, yeah it was” she said agreeing with him as she moved closer to Barry so now her head rested on his chest. She could feel his heart beat and it calmed her. It was reassuring to her somehow.

“I love you Iris” Barry breathed out catching Iris by surprise.

He had said those words to her a thousand time but this……this was different. The last time he had said these words to her like this she thought she was in love with Eddie. It wasn’t the right time but granted, when is it ever the right time to tell your best friend you’re in love with them.

At first she was terrified of what those words meant for them. She wasn’t ready for it and she didn’t think she eve would be.

But now everything had changed. She had a brother now and she knew Barry’s secret. Iris had fallen for him, she had fallen hard and she never wanted to get back up.

“I love you too Barry” she told him.

Barry felt on top of the world. Nothing could ever bring him down now that he had Iris. He finally had his Iris and he was never going to let her go.


My WestAllen feels are on overdrive since Tuesday’s episode! I mean it was so epic, how can you not fall in love with WestAllen after this.

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Ok but can we talk about Jimin's adorable little crooked front tooth? It makes his smile 100000x more precious :,) I die every time he smiles and I just needed to speak to someone about it (sorry this is so random lol)

it’s barely even noticeable but that little unevenness is there and it shines along with those small little dimples whenever he smiles. 

it’s so adorable but so subtle that you might just miss it if you blink

most of the time it looks like he has perfectly straight pearly whites

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but that little tooth peeks out from his radiant smiles every once in a while to say hello! and it honestly just makes him even more precious of a nugget (if that’s even humanly possible)

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how can you not smile when you see his smile?

just keep on flaunting that crooked little tooth in that golden smile of yours, chimchim.

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it makes you uniquely you.

I don’t know what the hell anyone is going on about– or what Nurse Prince was prattling on about earlier, because I feel fine. Perfect, actually! And I think it’s because it’s finally happened…. I’ve fallen in love. He’s— alright, maybe not so tall, but… Merlin, he’s handsome as hell, and the way he talks about animals all the time just does something to me. Lorcan Scamander may be the most beautiful human being to ever grace this earth, and I am not ashamed to admit that I adore him. Can you imagine how bloody cute our kids will be one day?!

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Bts react to their gf being super short (5ft) and flat chested , and like no curves (and she hates it?) B/c that is legit me 😂

Omg well you sound absolutely lovely! I’m sure you really are beautiful! :) By the way, I’m only 5ft tall too! Hey there fellow shortie! 

Bts react to their gf being really petite (and hating it)

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Jin: He would think you were extremely adorable. He wouldn’t care about your height, or chest size, or the amount of curves you have. However, he would very much want you to see yourself as beautiful, just like he sees you as beautiful. He’d get really upset if you ever said you hated the things he loved so much about you. He’d try really hard to convince you that you’re perfect!

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Suga: He loves you. And he loves every part of you. He’d be sad that you couldn’t see just how perfect you were. Actually, he’d probably be saying things like “Jagi…I’m small too. And you love me right? So what’s the problem if you’re also small? It just makes us cuter”. 

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J Hope: I could totally see him teasing you a little bit, but only in fun. I could see him picking you up and carrying you around a lot, you’d probably get lots of piggy back rides from him, but at the end of the day he’d still be sure to tell you exactly how beautiful he thought you were. Teeny tiny or not, you’re still his sunshine!

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Rap Monster: If he knew how much you hated being short and less curvy than some others, he would be pretty heart broken actually. He would like your body just the way it was! He’d be the type to have serious and heartfelt talks with you about how everyone was different and everyone was meant to be that way. They’d always be philosophical like “I look different from Jin, right? And we both look different from Jimin…but we’re all still attractive, aren’t we?” And when all else fails, he’d try to tease you and make you feel better like in the above gif, because we all know he’s actually an adorable dork.

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Jimin: To be honest, I could really see you being this angel’s ideal type! He would really like having someone so small. Being small himself, he’d be really pleased that you were petite, and I bet he’d even understand how you feel! Unlike the other boys, I don’t think he’d do anything special to change your mind about how you feel for yourself. When you were with him though, you’d somehow feel so beautiful. You’d feel like a goddess. 

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V: He would think you were honestly so cute. He wouldn’t care about chest size, or amount of curves, or your height. He’s actually another I could see really liking a petite girl anyway! He’s also another one that would make it difficult to feel insecure around him. I see him just having a natural ability to make people feel really comfortable and as though they can just let loose and be themselves in his presence. He’d also be likely to say things about how “cute” and “little” you are, in a loving way. At first it might kind of bother you, but you get used to it and come to actually like his sweet compliments!

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Jungkook: Jungkook would like that you were small! He might feel like he was big and manly and like he got to really protect you (can anyone else see that? I totally could). However, he wouldn’t quite know how to handle making you feel better about your insecurities, I mean he is still new to the dating world. he’s a fetus but he would still be the type to try to remind you that he loves you no matter what and thinks you’re beautiful. His compliments would be so cute and shy though, I can just see it now. “You’re pretty cute, shrimp…I love you jagiya”

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Egobang- “Dan is just very happy doing something, like talking to Barry and he's laughing and smiling and Arin is watching him and thinks he's so beautiful and he just says fuck it and decides to tell Dan how he feels.” Requested by Anon

Arin was sat watching Danny play Mario Maker. He absolutely loved when Danny played the games instead of him so he could just stare at his best friend/co-host. Arin had known for such as long as he could remember that he was one hundred percent in love with the other male. Arin studied his friends features closely, they were already engraved in his mind permanently, Arin knew this for a fact from how easily he can draw Dan but he needs a reference for anyone else that he did, he also could draw his older friend so realistically that it even shocked himself.

“Gah! Fuck!” Danny shouted loudly, scaring the ever-loving shit out of him, “God-fuck! Fuck this goddamn fucking stupid goddamn game and the fucking dick-eating creator!” Danny rambled on, shoving the controller at Arin, “If I have to play this one more fucking time I swear to god, I will fucking fire that WiiU game pad out a fucking window.”

“Can’t be that hard.” He replied, moving to a better position, and playing through the level quickly, not dying once.

“Fuck this! Fuck you! I’m done, I am done.” Danny stomped off out of the room, hearing a loud laugh coming from his close friend as he stormed off to the lounge.

“Next time on Game Grumps! Hopefully, Danny won’t leave me in the middle of recording.” Arin chuckled and turned off the recording before going to find his flustered love, “That level really pissed you off huh?” Arin teased softly, approaching Dan from behind, though Danny nor Barry – Who Danny was currently talking to – heard Arin even enter the room, due to how quiet he had been.

“Okay, okay…” Barry heaved, tears rolling down his cheeks from laughing so hard, Danny was laying on the couch he’d been seated on, gripping his sides still giggling like a fucking idiot, “This one is so stupid but I love it so much…” Barry began, “Ready?” He asked, watching the mass of curls panting on the seat close to him, all he could get was a nod from Dan, “Alright, what smells just like red paint buts blue?”

“What…?” Danny muttered breathlessly.

“Blue paint.” Then they were both laughing hysterically again. Arin couldn’t help but smile and he caught himself staring but it didn’t bother him as much as it usually did. Arin felt like he was ready to tell the man he’d been secretly in love with for years how he felt.


“It’s freezing in here.” Danny mumbled, grabbing a blanket from the back of the couch pilling it around him, tucking his legs beneath him and moving closer to Arin for warmth, feeling the boy tense beneath him.

“What are you doing, Dan? I’m-I’m trying to concentrate.” He said awkwardly, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks.

“I’m cold.” He chuckled, “Cuddle with me, I’m gonna freeze to death.”

“Danny, n-“ He stopped, seeing the cute bushy haired boy’s head rested comfortably on the younger’s shoulder, “Fine.” He grumbled, “You know you’re just feeding the shippers.” He muttered softly.

“Oh well, I’m cold and you’re warm so I don’t care.” He replied, nuzzling closer to his friend, feeling how tense Arin now was, his muscles were tight and he was seated in an awkward position, not his normal slouching positon, “You okay, Big Cat?”

“’M fine.” He said softly, not saying much now.

“Is this too awkward for you? If it is I can move.” Danny yawned, running his fingers through his long tangled hair.

“Uh… No, it-it’s fine…” He replied, his face now a deep crimson as he attempted to beat the level of Splatoon that he was stuck on, now it seemed even more impossible. Danny yawned again, stretching and rubbing his eyes with his adorable sweater clad hands, making his co-host’s breath hitch in his throat and die, yet again as he couldn’t help watching and falling even more in love with the older.

“Fuck, I’m tired, after this video, since it’s like three in the morning I think we should like, stop recording for today.” Danny murmured, pressing his face into Arin’s shoulder yet again.

“Oh, um… Yeah, sounds good.” Arin nodded, barely talking by now and Danny noticed the odd behavior.

“Next time on Game Grumps.” Dan spoke, shutting off the recording, “I think you should go get some sleep, dude… You’re really out of your element.” Dan told Arin as he sat up properly, removing himself from Arin and stretching for the millionth time. Arin ignored his friend’s comment, pulling his knees up against his chest, burring his head between them and letting out a frustrated groan as tears fell down his cheeks, “Arin…?” Danny asked, hearing a heart-wrenching, pained gasp come from Arin, signaling that he was crying, making his best friend worry immensely. Dan slid closer to Arin again, placing an arm over the shaking boy’s shoulders.

“Dan, I really want to tell you something but I’m scared…” His voice came out so soft that Dan could barely hear him.

“Arin! You’re my best friend! You can tell me anything… You know that.” The taller man told Arin, confusion washing over him. Why would Arin be scared to tell me something? We tell each other everything!

“I-I know that, Danny but-but… This is just something that could ruin that between us… You could hate m-me and I couldn’t live without you Danny…”  Arin cried, “I just couldn’t…”

“Oh, man… You could never lose me, Arin… What could possibly make me hate you, Arin? You are my best friend, and that basically means you’re stuck with me forever.” Danny told him, getting a frustrated groan from, Arin, “What’s wrong?”

“Just- Just…” Arin muttered not knowing how to explain how he felt.

“Dude, you can just tell me, it’s okay.” He encouraged.

“Danny, I like- Um… I’m… Dan, I like guys…” Danny gave him a confused glance, “That means that I’m-I’m… I’m… gay.” Arin breathed, feeling a weight lift from his shoulders, but an ache was left in its place.

“I’m proud of you, Arin.” Danny hugged his friend, “That’s fine with me… I don’t know why you would be scared to tell me, you’re my best friend, why would that change anything?”

“Because…” Arin mumbled, giving Dan a sorrowful smile.

“What is it?” Danny asked, placing a hand on his friend’s knee. Arin quickly jerked his leg way.

“Because you’re only my best friend…” Arin sighed, his head dropping to face the floor.

“Huh?” Danny asked softly.

“Danny…” Arin whispered barely able to be heard and Danny could see tears falling from his closest friend’s cheeks to the floor below.

“What is it, Arin… Please tell me…” Dan begged by this point.

“I’m so in love with you it physically hurts and I know that you could never love me back.” Arin was now basically sobbing and Danny couldn’t help but to reach out, placing a finger under his best friend’s chin, lifting his head and looking into the other’s big brown eyes that were glazed over with sadness and regret, “I-I shouldn’t’ve said anything… I’m sorry, I’ve fucked up.” Arin sighed in defeat, trying to turn away from Danny’s gaze but Dan placed a hand on either side of his face.

“Hush.” Dan mumbled, slowly moving his hands away and Arin turned away again.

“I can’t fucking ‘hush’, Danny, you just don’t get it.” Arin snapped and again Dan placed a finger beneath his chin and brought his head up to face him, this time he slid closer to Arin so their legs were touching. Danny stared into the other, younger man’s eyes for quite a while, “What the fuck are you doing, Dan?” Arin growled harshly and Danny moved closer, their noses touching slightly and a small smile played at his lips as he gently pushed his lips against Arin’s sweet mouth. The smaller male at first was shocked and taken aback but soon he melted, leaning into the kiss, wrapping an arm around Danny’s skinny figure, and placing the other around his shoulder and tangling his fingers in his friend’s long messy hair. Danny pulled Arin to be seated in his lap, holding him close as their tongues danced between their mouths. Arin was the first to pull away, looking deep into Danny’s eyes.

“I love you, Arin.”

“I love you too, Danny.” And in that moment, he was at bliss.

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I mean his eyes are my favorite physical thing about him. It goes eyes then birthing hips

Don’t ask me why I have so many eye photos just take the post and love it