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BSD modern au where chuuya and dazai are teacher and student *^* pls

Sure thing dear! Actually, I love those two and writing this AU was very funny and fluffy (and well…hot.) I opted for a bittersweet relationship, as they’re divided by being teacher and student!

I hope you enjoy it!

Teacher!Dazai x Student!Chuuya




In the empty 3-M classroom, teacher Dazai Osamu was waiting seated backwards on a chair, leaning lazily with the arms on the seatback. His thoughts wandered in the pink sky, his eyes following the death of the sun.

“Dazai-sensei, I’m here.” A sharp voice called him, making him turn and finally noticing the student waiting on the door, with his bag thrown upon the shoulder. On his lips immediately appeared an angelic smirk.

“Chuuya-kun!” he chirped, “You’re late.” Observed swinging childishly on the chair.

The red-head huffed and averted his, while reaching him with his usual catlike peace. He wore his uniform neatly, but he had rolled up the sleeves ‘till the elbows, the first two buttons were left unbuttoned and the necktie hanged loosely. He had a band-aid on his left cheek and the bottom lip was broken.

“Shut up.” Just muttered under his breath, sitting down in front of him and letting the schoolbag fall on the floor. He then listlessly took out the math’s book and the notebooks.

“So not cute, Chuuya-kun!” Dazai mused, leaning on the desk that divided them.

“Not to you.” He replied, annoyed already by the man’s attitude, “Can we just start?” asked then, fidgeting on his chair and the teacher sighed.

“As you want.” Answered with a shrug before starting to explain again past lessons.

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