he's just so happy to meet someone that understands

Superhero School! Svt (and how they meet you;)

The Rosenity School for the Supers is the world’s most prestigious academy for the training of the future’s next superheroes. At Rosenity, the staff are dedicated to training and understanding our students and their powers and hope that with the proper guidance, they will one day, truly save the world~

Admin note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! This wasn't requested but I had the idea so here it is, a special au for Halloween! If you want full au versions, we might be considering doing those once requests are back open:)

Seungcheol- Super Strength

  • always has a lot of expectations and responsibilities put on him
  • comes from a long line of superheroes
  • everyone knows he’s going to be “The Chosen One”
  • has the power of super strength and could probably lift a whole building without breaking a sweat
  • his responsibilities take a toll on him though 
  • doesn’t ever want to disappoint someone or appear weak when he is not
  • that is until he meets you, a super with the power of telekinesis
  • you can easily move anything with your mind
  • you also think he could never disappoint anyone:)
  • one day, you accidentally use your powers on him, making him accidentally run right into you…

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Jeonghan- Reality Manipulation

  • has the power of reality manipulation
  • can make people see snow on a sunny day or a rainbow on a cloudy one
  • can show people exactly what they want to see
  • or he can show them their darkest nightmares
  • isn’t sure exactly what to do with his powers
  • besides pranking his friends by making it look like there’s chocolate right in front of them when there isn’t
  • until one day he gets dared to prank you
  • a super with the superpower of aversion
  • little does Jeonghan know that you can not only weaken and completely stop his power from working on you
  • but you can also reflect his powers back at him…

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Joshua- Atmokinesis

  • used to literally walking around with his head in the clouds
  • power to control the weather
  • making it sunny on the day of an important field trip or making it snow on the day of an exam
  • super helpful ;)
  • can make mini rain clouds indoors
  • legit can make the sun shine down on him like a halo
  • thought he had things under control until one day he creates a storm that’s big enough to destroy the whole school
  • and he can’t seem to figure out how to get it back under control
  • until you, a super with the power of energy manipulation, take his hand
  • and the energy he used to power the storm gets changed by you into a bright light as the storm disappears…

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Junhui- Telekinesis

  • used to getting what he wants
  • with telekinesis
  • can easily summon a can of soda from the school’s vending machine or his favorite snacks from the cafeteria
  • all without leaving the comfort of his room
  • but doesn’t know how to fully control his powers
  • especially scary when he finds out he can control people as well as objects
  • scares him into almost not using his powers at all
  • until he meets you, a super with the power of emotion manipulation
  • he learns that he’s not the only one who can control what people think and do
  • and that there are scarier things than loss of control, losing you…

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Soonyoung- Pyrokinesis

  • can be kind of a hothead, literally since he controls fire
  • makes for some great party tricks on the weekends though
  • everyone’s roasting marshmallows using his hand as a fire pit
  • very flashy and vibrant personality, gets in trouble just as many times as he plans on saving the world
  • might joke around a lot but truly believes he can be an amazing superhero
  • even though some people say that his power is dangerous since fires destroy stuff
  • too loveable that no one can hate the guy though and super competitive
  • wants to win the school’s physical powers showcase for the title of next best hero
  • but his biggest competition is someone who is faster, gone one second and teleporting in the next second,
  • you…

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Wonwoo- Telepathy

  • knows everything and anything
  • including the times anyone has cheated on a History of Superpowers’ test
  • or skipped class to party
  • knows because he hears what people are thinking
  • and he can talk to people without saying a single word aloud by speaking to their heads
  • for some reason he doesn’t say much aloud at all if he can help it
  • his best friends are the books in the library, stories he chooses to listen to
  • it’s quieter in the library until he meets you, a transfer student from a different school who also has telepathy
  • the weird part for him is, you seem to be able to read his every thought
  • but he can’t read yours…

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Jihoon- Super Speed

  • the world has always been too slow for Lee Jihoon
  • a super with super speed
  • can have all his hw finished in the span of 0.789 seconds
  • take a round trip around the world for ramen in Japan
  • and still make it back before you finish saying his name
  • for someone who seemingly has an endless amount of time since he works at speed levels faster than everyone
  • he can’t seem to understand why he suddenly wants everything to slow down when he meets you
  • a super with plant manipulation 
  • why did suddenly meeting you make him want to take a slow walk in the park with you
  • and just watch the flowers grow around you?

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Seokmin- Aquakinesis

  • one of the most well-known supers on campus because he’s literally so friendly and everyone loves his happy personality
  • can control water which is probably why he’s not allowed to compete on the school’s swimming team
  • his favorite trick is turning on the sprinklers every morning and making the water reflect rainbows everywhere
  • always has a water bottle next to him so he can use his powers to water some of the planters on school
  • likes these planters because they give him a tad bit of privacy from his busy life where he can just unwind
  • and forget his superhero-in-training responsibilities for a while
  • loves telling jokes to the plants that he later uses to make everyone else laugh
  • even though flowers aren’t good listeners lol
  • one day Seokmin finds you flying around on the roof watering some of his favorite flowers
  • and he can’t help but think you’re more beautiful than any flowers he’s ever seen….

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Mingyu- Teleportation and Invisibility

  •  a super rare case because he actually has two superpowers
  • and it’s super funny when a giant tall person suddenly disappears and people don’t know if he teleported
  • or just went invisible
  • good for playing pranks on the upperclassmen or lowerclassmen
  • but he’s so loud and goofy he would probably die laughing before he pulled off the prank
  • once got locked out of his room after a shower
  • legit freaked out for a whole five minutes before he remembered he can turn invisible
  • is sometimes pretty klutzy when it comes to teleporting
  • and accidentally goes invisible while teleporting and doesn’t know how to become visible again
  • and no one can see him to help him, except for you, a student with super-vision….

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Minghao- Precognition and Photographic Memory

  • low key a mystery to everyone bc he can not only see the future but he also remembers everything
  • super powerful and everyone wants to know what he knows
  • can see any future timeline if he focuses on it
  • his predictions change often because the future is not set in stone yet
  • but sometimes he’ll get a really strong vision where there’s no denying it he knows it will happen
  • like that time he predicted how it would snow in the dead middle of May (people didn’t believe him until Josh accidentally had a brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast and actually made it snow)
  • Minghao also has photographic memory and can remember everything which makes studying for tests real easy too
  • and one day he gets a really strong vision of the future, one that he knows would be impossible to change
  • of you, a super with super speed who’s in danger and might die
  • and he refuses to just sit by and not try to change the future and save you…

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Seungkwan- Shape-shifting

  • shape-shifting is an incredibly rare power, and it’s extremely powerful
  • which has people confused as to how such a young kid like Seungkwan could have such a strong power
  • not that he uses his powers immaturely (ok maybe just a little)
  • just small things like spying on his friends by transforming into literally a fly on the wall
  • or changing his appearance to look like the History of Superpowers professor and making everyone laugh at his impressions
  • easier for him to change into animals than other people of course, it takes a lot of energy to mimic people versus animals
  • which is good, since he once almost got away with being Hansol for a whole day before two Hansol’s walked into the cafeteria and suddenly Seungkwan’s prank was exposed
  • doesn’t really feel comfortable in his own appearance and doesn’t really know how to use his powers for good rather than laughs
  • until one day on a school field trip he accidentally bumps into you, a super with mind exchange powers
  • and you get stuck with his powers and he gets stuck with yours, and you both don’t know how to change it back….

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Hansol- Super Healing

  • everyone always uses Hansol as a backup plan
  • if they sneak out past curfew to train their superpowers against real criminals and villains outside the school, they bring Hansol
  • that way if anyone gets hurt, he can help them
  • but he’s still really new to the whole superpower thing and when he exposes some students for not following the curfew rules
  • he gets a lot of shit for being responsible and trying not to hurt anyone
  • even though all his friends and Seungkwan constantly tell him he did the right thing
  • doesn’t want anything else but for all his friends to be happy and safe and healthy because as a super healer that’s his job
  • really loves animals and volunteering in the infirmary at the school because he gets to see how other people’s powers work but also gets to help heal them if they’re hurt and make them feel better
  • and one day he meets you, a mysterious student who has been in the infirmary for weeks in a coma, and no one knows what your power is
  • until Hansol tries to heal and wake you up….

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Chan- Power Mimicry

  • the youngest student ever to walk the halls of Rosenity
  • everyone is kinda scared of him because he can copy anyone’s powers even if it’s only for a few minutes to an hour
  • he makes a few close friends though
  • twelve of them in fact, all with different powers and he learns how each works
  • and sometimes uses them to prank all the older kids
  • super intelligent too because he knows how it feels to use a variety of powers
  • is really actually a squish and needs to be protected
  • he honestly doesn’t even know if he can be considered a hero since his powers don’t last very long when he copies someone’s
  • which you can relate to since you’ve been Rosenity’s only non-super student ever in history, with no superpowers
  • or at least you assumed you had no powers, until Chan tries to mimic you and discovers something even you didn’t see in yourself

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned once or twice)

Word Count: 1,659

Warnings: NSFW, oral (female receiving), a little bit of angst, a little bit of fluff?

Request: Hey, I was listening to “Should I stay or Should I go” and as soon as the verse “It’s always tease, tease, tease, you are happy when I’m on my knees” came up I thought of a DeanxReader where Dean always says that to reader, i don’t know the plot at all but if you could write something implied smut I would love you forever!

Author’s Note: Thank you for my beta @crispychrissy for helping me with the smut so I give her half credit for that. So sorry this is up so late. I appreciate your patience with me. I hope you like this one!If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists!

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Dean Winchester. That’s a name you’ll never forget. He was all sarcasm, muscle, leather and gun powder. It wasn’t a combination you thought would be good but damn, did he make it work.

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ‘til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

You’ve been with the oldest Winchester for quite some time now, hunting with him and Sam before leaving to hunt on your own. You knew it wasn’t fair to Dean that you left but it’s who you were.

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College!AU Hakyeon

find leo (here) & ravi (here)

  • major: fashion 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: swim team captain 
  • clubs: school newspaper fashion columnist, wellness center/student counselor 
  • the entire campus is absolutely in awe of him because he can somehow juggle a fashion major, a psychology minor, the captain of a sports team that got to nationals???, a weekly column in the newspaper?? plus be an available counselor on campus for other students dealing with problems like???? is he an angel from heaven with superhuman powers or-
  • and tbh hakyeon is literally just a sweet glowing sunbeam of positivity like he makes everyone feel welcomed and loved and he goes out of his way to be friends with everyone just so they know they can count on him
  • and his outfits are always on point like damn hakyeon where did you buy that
  • and he’s like ‘i made it’ and smiles and you’re just like ??? an angel ?? but also talented ?? some people just really do get it all
  • and he’s so proud of his major tbh like he doesn’t care if some asshole is like ‘a dude majoring in fashion?? like wtf bro’ hakyeon is just like ‘excuse yourself scum, some of the top designers in the world are men so you can step off or ill end your life with a single snap of my fingers.’ (and tbh he could do it. he could literally do it do not mess with him)
  • hakyeon sitting around during lunch sketching outfit ideas and listening to music he looks like a goddamn picture he’s so handsome and pictersque the whole campus is just s w oo n i ng 
  • and the reason he’s minor in psychology isn’t even because it’s a back up plan to if fashion doesn’t work out it’s because he genuinely is interested in the way peoples feelings work and he wants to know more in order to be a better counslor and to better understand others like how is someone so pure
  • does the cute thing where he holds pins in his mouth while sewing and the entire class is like,,,,,,he’s the only who makes working hard look so effortless,,,,,
  • leo says he’s happy hakyeon isn’t on the soccer team but tbh hakyeon dominates at the swimming competitions and leo regrets not asking him to do soccer because ok,,,,hakyeon is secretly strong 
  • hakyeon singing to himself whenever he’s doing stretches at the campus pool and an entire bleacher full of girls is just losing it because he’s so adorable
  • and tbh you meet hakyeon on a whim like completely on accident because you’re not even in the same department as him but for some reason you two are the only ones left late at night on campus and he barges into one of the private study rooms where you’re like crying over a midterm and he’s like yOU
  • and you’re like ????me????
  • and he’s like i nEED your HELP plEASE
  • and you’re kind of panicked because you’ve never spoken to hakyeon really like you know him who doesn’t but you’re like is something wrong??? is there a fire??? are you hurt???
  • and hakyeon is just shaking his head and he’s like no no no i need you to be my model please i can’t find anyone else on campus and this outfit has to be done by tomorrow
  • and you’re like oh i should hel- model? outfit?????? 
  • and hakyeon’s eyes are wide with panic and hope and you’re like me/??? model???? an outfit??? i??? um????
  • and hakyeon takes your hand in his and wow wtf his hand is so soft it probably smells like peaches because hakyeon is always glowing but that’s not the point he’s like i know it’s an odd request but it’s like 11pm the person who promised to help me got sick so i need you please help me this one time
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,would love to but my midterm is this week,,,,, and hakyeon is like it’s ok you can study while i take some measurments - please it won’t take long???
  • and you look into his eyes (big miss steak) and they’re sparkling with genuine worry and they’re so beautiful you can’t resist finally you’re like alright,,,ill try my best to help and hakyeon looks so delighted like you just told him you found the answer to world peace and he’s like ok!! get your things and come with me
  • so somehow you end up being measured by hakyeon and it’s a weird feeling to have him moving your body left and right and lifting your hands up and you feel a bit embarrassed under his gaze and he notices because he asks why you keep looking down and you admit you’re nervous and he smiles and it’s so warm and he just apologizes for making you do this but he’s also like
  • you’re a very charming up close and you’re like ???charming what does that mean and hakyeon holds your wrist in his hand a bit longer and he kind of looks to the side like it means that you’re very good at keeping me attracted and your brain kind of stops working because??? keeping hakyeon attracted……attracted how???
  • but before you even get to ask he’s back to measuring and murmuring to himself about the cloth and things like that and he’s like ok i think i have what i need and he’s like im just going to have to work through the night to get this to happen and you’re like through the night?? and he shrugs like it’s not big deal and thanks you again for being a huge help to him
  • but even as you get ready to leave you feel horrible leaving him there so you step out and it’s past midnight now but you know there are cafes near campus that are open so you buy some bottles of water and packaged snacks and return to the room where hakyeon is working and he’s like oh, did you leave something? and you’re like n-no but here you go, since you’re going to be here till morning take these and you give him the snacks and drinks and he just stares but then suddenly his arms are around your waist and he pulls you into this hug that’s so light it makes you feel like you’re walking on air and he whispers thank you against your hair
  • and you wish that that moment could last forever
  • but of course it doesn’t and you expect that after this hakyeon won’t really have a reason to approach you anymore but as you’re leaving the room after your midterms you see him leaning up against the wall and he gives you a small wave and everyone around you starts whispering like???? what?? and you’re confused up until he walks up to you and is like 
  • “hope you did well on your midterm, but now that it’s over let me take you out as a thank for all your help”
  • and you kind of freeze in shock because ok what did he just ask you on a date all you did was let him use you for some measurements you didn’t think that was any means to be taken out so you kind of mumble that it’s fine, he doesn’t need to thank you but hakyeon just shakes his head and goes
  • “you helped me with more than just the outfit, you did a lot more for me that day. let me pay you back, i don’t like owing someone a debt.”
  • and honestly again you find yourself falling victim to his eyes and aura and so you agree and hakyeon takes you to this little, cute place covered in plants and good smelling candles and for some reason you can see why hakyeon would choose a place like this and as you’re waiting for the food hakyeon clears his throat and tells you what exactly the reason is for him treating you like this
  • and he confesses that it’s been a long time since someone has showed genuine concern for him, he’s always shouldering the problems of others and trying to do his best to help them, but that day you were like a superhero to him. saving his outfit project and then even being kind enough to make sure he made it through the rough night.
  • you kind of don’t know what to say because you always assumed his life was perfect, that he would have someone always there for him, but the more you two talk the more you come to understand that hakyeon is not the happy always positive person he looks like. there are weakness even he has and what you thought was a simple gesture of consideration meant so much to him
  • and somehow over the course of lunch you and hakyeon open up a lot to each other and from then on, it’s impossible for you two to just separate
  • you start meeting up more on campus, you spend time watching hakyeon sew or draw and he helps you study in your other courses 
  • and it goes from just sitting together in empty classrooms talking like friends and you praising his artistic fashion skill and him quizzing you on your note cards to something more
  • one day you two see each other after his swimming practice and he comes out with slightly messy hair, telling you he wants to go back to his dorm to get some things before you guys go and do your usual little study together thing and you’re a little nervous because his dorm?? you’ve never been there before,,,,and you tell yourself don’t be nervous it’s going to take five minutes
  • but somehow you end up standing in the middle of his room and his gym bags on the floor and your own backpack is forgotten in some corner of the room and it’s so clean for a college students dorm, he even has flowers in a vase on his desk but before you know it your backed up against that desk and hakyeon’s warm skin is practically driving you crazy and he lets his hands settle on the side of your neck
  • and he whispers again about how you attract him, how something about you makes him never want to let you go
  • and the beautiful friendship you two have cultivated on the truths of your weaknesses turns into something more as hakyeon kisses you for the first time and from then on, you two melt into each other like nothing else matters
  • and hakyeon makes sure you know this is not a once in a lifetime thing, he keeps you close against his chest and he tells you straight forwardly that he’s never loved someone the way he loves you - he’s never wanted to fully protect someone, the way he wants to protect you
  • and you too, you look up at him and you tell him that you’re tired of seeing him being used left and right - you’re going to protect him too
  • and when the campus hears about you two dating everything goes wiLD 
  • and even his friends are like we need to see it to believe it and hakyeon jsut casually holds you around the waist as he walks you to class and kisses you on the forehead before you go
  • these two dudes named hongbin and ken come up to you in class and they’re like “Are you dating Hakyeon??” and you’re like um.,, yes,,, why? and ken’s like “Hongbin you owe me fifty bucks” and you’re like ?? (don’t worry, you get introduced to them later hakyeon’s like these are the guys i know from high school- they thought id never date anyone in my life, guess they were wrong)
  • the one named hyuk leans over and is like “i hope you know what you’re getting into, hakyeon is such a -” and this is the moment when he probably gets smacked upside the head with a notebook
  • and as you and hakyeon grow even closer now that you’re together you see that his caring side really has no limits like he constantly asks if you’re ok or need anything, probably carried around one of those little first aid kits if anything, and when there’s even so much as a slight wind he shrugs off his jacket and hands it to you
  • and hakyeon spends a lot of time drawing and sewing and you get into the habit of helping him out when you can and even picking up on sewing with him it’s cute you two working together to help him get some outfits done for school
  • and you’re always excited to see what hakyeon has drawn up and he’s always the most excited to show you 
  • and he also adores going shopping with you because he has such good taste ????? that anything he picks out is just perfect and you’re like hakyeon you’re the best boyfriend but also stylist and he’s like im a fashion major for a reason hehe
  • and when you can you go to all his swim meets to support him and you even make little banners for him which hakyeon hangs up in his room because he thinks they’re aDORable 
  • the two of you sitting cooly, sipping lattes, talking about the latest episodes of dramas you are both really into and everyone doing a double take because you’re the most fashionable couple on campus tbh
  • the fashion column hakyeon writes for also becomes a love advice column because now that he’s dating he thinks he has some merit to help others with their relationship but tbh most of it is him just ranting about how amazing it is dating you and how much he loves you it’s kind of cute but you’re also like hakyeon please the whole campus now knows that i give you shoulder massages and am good at making green tea which is not really what i want them to know
  • hakyeon sketching outfits one day but then he notices he’s stopped and started sketching a portrait of you instead 
  • hakyeon sometimes nagging at you for not keeping your dorm as clean as his and you’re like hakyEon and he’s like ‘we are going to ikea and getting you a new desk that one is falling apart’
  • he’s totally a fan of calling you cute nicknames in public and when you’re hanging out with like ravi or ken they do the gagging noises and  hakyeon doesn’t even care he’s so focused on you and you’re just like hey guys don’t be jealous of this beautiful thing hakyeon and i have~~~
  • on those rare occasions when you two are so tired neither of you cares enough to try you both just put on face masks while wearing sweatpants and order pizza and watch movies and you’re like if only the campus knew this side of you hakyeon and he’s just like they never will this is just between me and you who i trust the most in this world, now pass me a slice
  • falling asleep over your notes and hakyeon carrying you all the way back to your dorm as your roommate swoons over what a good boyfriend he is hehe
  • bonus: you and hakyeon take an elective drawing class together and you’re like hakyeon,,,,,,,,i can only draw stick figures and he’s like baby that’s fine as long as you make me the most handsome stick figure 

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IM COMING TO THE ASKBOX LIKE A NORMAL PERSON! (poses like all might) hahaha hellooo could i request some hcs or maybe mini scenarios (you choose) of how it would be like if kirishima kaminari and ojiro were crushing on a senpai or an internship teacher? :D thanks!

Eijirou Kirishima

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  • He wants to be around you constantly and will often make up questions to ask you so he can spend more time with you.
    “Hey, (Name), can you tell me what this means?”

  • He would want to get to know you so as long as you’re open to it, he may ask some personal questions.

  • He loves it when you compliment him. His eyes just shine and he constantly wants to show off to you.

  • He also appreciates it if you help him. He likes that you spend your time helping him with whatever he needs.

  • He’s probably pretty obvious about his crush on you, even if he doesn’t want to be. 

  • He knows that you’ll reject his advances, as well as his crush, so he doesn’t voice his feelings to you.

  • If he grows up and becomes a pro-hero and bumps into you once again, his feelings still brewing, he may ask if you would like to get some coffee or something to eat.

  • If you accept his offer he wants to go now although, he will keep calm and offer a later date if it’s easier for you and your schedule.

  • He feels a sense of excitement when he’s around you again and the way his heart beats in a fast manner makes him think about when he first met you.

  • He won’t force you into a relationship but, if he feels like he has a chance, he will confess to you and if you accept he’ll be happy! If you reject him he won’t hold a grudge against you but he doesn’t want to just cut you out of his life so he’ll ask if you two could possibly be friends and hang out again.

  • He’s a sweet boy.

Denki Kaminari

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  • He’s extremely flirty.
  • Every time he talks with you he sneaks in a compliment or a flirty compliment.
    “How are you today (Name)? Did you do something to your hair? It looks amazing”
  • He tries to look a little taller than you if he already isn’t. He tries to have a sort of presence near you. Making noise or leaning a little too close to you.
  • If other guys come near you and attempt to flirt with you he will step up and make them stop, especially if they’re making you uncomfortable. 
  • He makes jokes about taking you out for a date and each time you redirect him. He knows that you can’t accept his offer, much less go out with him so after some time he stops. 
  • He likes to be near you and anytime he does something he thinks is worth praise or cool he’ll look back at you. He loves when you compliment him,
  • He loses contact throughout the years, however, when he graduated and becomes a pro-hero he bumps into you during one of his shifts and he’s left breathless.
  • Before you can even say hello he asks if you’d like to catch up and grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a meal?
  • If you say yes he’s excited and will ask for your number so, ‘The two of you can set a time and date’. 
  • If he feels the ‘date’ went well he may ask you out and see how it goes.
  • If you reject his offer he accepts it and will move on, though he will ask if you two can still meet up.
  • If you accept his offer he’s happy! Excited! He wants to text his friends and let everyone know! He’s just so happy

Mashirao Ojiro

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  • He’s very kind and sincere.

  • Unless he says something you wouldn’t know he has a crush on someone. He’s a silent admirer who compliments you.
    “Ah! Your work is amazing (Name)”

  • He’s also someone who notices the small things. He can tell if you’re tired, hungry, or if you’re frustrated. He’s able to understand people so easily that it surprises you. 

  • He won’t confess to you though, not now. He understands there’s only one option for you. No.

  • So he will keep silent and happily take any compliments you give him.

  • If he sees you years later he will ask if you would like to meet up again, to catch up perhaps.

  • He’s very kind and patient with you and is an amazing listener. The two of you talk for hours.

  • He doesn’t ask you out for a while. He waits until the two of you are close together and you drop a few hints you may like him back.

  • If you reject him he’s understanding and hopes you won’t feel awkward or feel as if the two of you can no longer be friends, he doesn’t want to lose your friendship.

  • If you accept his confession he’s really happy and will hold your hand. His heart is fluttering and he thinks of his future with you in it.
A Merger of Mutual Advantage

Prompt by @mikkimiester: Can you write a fic where Betty is the owner of a newspaper company and has to set up an important business deal with Jughead but Jughead ends up flirting with Betty throughout the entire meeting?

Okay, here it is! Jughead is a bit more… confident than he would normally be? Chalk it up to AU differences in which Jughead and Betty are both established beyond high school and therefore a bit more self-assured

The office was buzzing. News of the potential merger with an up-and-coming online periodical seemed to have leaked to the staff, and everyone was excited at the possibility of stealing a glance at it’s infamous, and decidedly private, owner: Jughead Jones. 

“Betty! Is it true?” Betty’s assistant Kevin practically bounded up to her, holding out her caramel frappuccino as he followed her into her office.

Betty accepted the drink and took an appreciative sip, glancing at Kevin before shutting the door behind them. “Yes it’s true - but please Kevin, you know I love you and have always appreciated your knack for obtaining information, but you must keep this quiet. It took me almost two full months of tracking down various contacts and sending emails before I could get Mr. Jones to agree to meet with me. This could be a huge deal for this company, but it won’t go anywhere if he gets spooked by nosy employees.”

Kevin sighed, pouting his lower lip dramatically, “Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut. But only because you’re the most incredible boss in the entire world. And because you gave me an extra week off so that I could go to Cabo with my boyfriend.” He winked, setting a small handful of notes on her desk. “These are your messages. I’ll leave you to it, boss lady.” He gave her a mock salute before returning to his desk and shutting Betty’s door behind him.

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the red line, a noose, a scrawled heart — liner notes

link to fic here

hello hello welcome to the liner notes, i’m awake again and it’s time to write some meta.

- of course for the first slice of magcretia I write, I go au soulmate fic, sorry, you’re never getting anything “"normal”“ from me ever. 

- red string of fate aus are fun. In this case, I went with the idea that the red string connects you to the person you have the most potential to love and to love you, and people with multiple strings have the rare occurrence where there are multiple people perfectly balanced out. On the planet the crew is from, the common convention is that the first soulmate is the "real” one because fate threw you their way first. this is bullshit and poly is real, but also its really a cultural/individual choice. 

- the red string breaks given death or enough change in a person so as to make them a different person. new red strings can also form in this case. this actually happens to john and merle at the very end of taz, right before john dies. 

- theres a number of reasons why people wouldn’t pursue a soulmate bond. lucretia’s reasoning, that she “wouldnt be able to do her job” if her and magnus had a deeper connection, is a valid argument and one that’s often cited. it’s just not valid in this scenario.

- in this universe, the only reason that magnus wasnt as passively willing to get fucked off and die in battle is because he knew how soul-rendingly awful it was to have your bond break. he couldn’t do that to anyone, if there was someone out there who needed him. he tells lucretia this very bluntly because he needs her to understand how important the possibility of her was to him. 

- magnus and lucretia’s first first meeting was the quintessential, perfect, romcom soulmate meeting, where you look at the other person and both of you are so happy, to find the person you could so easily fall for. 

- the meeting betweent lucretia and julia: julia wanted to ask more questions, but lucretia had seemed so desperate, and in such a hurry, and so genuine, that she kind of just. accepted it at face value, and figured that she’d find lucretia later. But lucretia gtfo’s, and julia never talked with magnus about it because it became clear that magnus didnt know the other woman, and sometimes she wonders if she dreamed the meeting. 

- lucretia is genuinely desperately glad that julia exists. that magnus has someone to love and to love him, even if it can’t be her. this isn’t an act. 

- at the end of the day, magnus doesnt forgive lucretia because they’re soulmates. he forgives her because he loves her and he’s magnus. 

- tbh this is an interesting concept to explore with the other taz couples so i might more of it, but dont count on me, lol.

anonymous asked:

OKOK FIRST OF ALL I LOVE YOUR ACC AND WRITING (marry me youre my god) (jk i swear im not creepy) okay so could you do a hc of RFA + V & Saeran reacting to/dealing with MC having reaaally bad OCD like she just starts crying if she steps on cracks, and just needs to do certain things or els she'll get really upset etc c: (if it isnt too triggering ofcourse im so sorry if it is)

My heart is open to all, meet me at the space station for a wedding ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡



  • Literally so caring!!!!!!
  • If you cry he kisses your cheeks and eyes while cradling your face in his hands
  • Does his best to keep you from getting triggered and if you do he will try and talk to you in a super calming manner and bring your anxiety down
  • His voice is so sweet and reassuring that it usually works
  • Always reminds you to breathe
  • Always conscious of what pushes you over the edge and makes sure he controls situations the best he can to protect you
    • “MC, I don’t want to push you…but I found a few people who are professionals. It might be nice to talk to someone? If you decide to…I’ll be right along side you every step of the way!”


  • He doesn’t understand it, but he doesn’t try to either
  • He just needs to know what he can change (as far as your surroundings go) in order to alleviate your stress
  • If it means he has to change the whole penthouse to make you happy, he doesn’t care
  • He understands that he can only do so much, so he hires the best mental health professionals to meet with you on a weekly basis
  • Because of this help, you have seen slow improvements!


  • The guy that’s constantly asking if you’re okay or if something is bugging you
  • If you have a checking OCD he tells his directors that he needs frequent breaks to call you and tell you he’s okay
  • He doesn’t care what he’s doing he will drop everything to be with you if you’re struggling
  • Mentions going to see a professional for help, but tells you that he will only take you if you’re ready
  • He hates reading so much but one day you came home and he cleaned out the library of OCD books just because he wanted to better understand you and how he could help


  • Seriously so protective of you
  • If anyone does something to trigger you she’s like immediately going into momma Jaehee mode
  • Keeps a list of the things you do to reduce the anxiety and things that increase your anxiety and makes sure that your days are the least-stress inducing as possible
  • Like Yoosung she has a super calming way about her, and if you’ve spent 3 hours washing your hands she can usually step in and pat your back or speak to you softly and bring you back down to a safe level


  • He’s read up a lot on the subject because he’s a weirdo genius so you didn’t need to explain it to him much
  • If you start crying from the distress he will scoop you up and just hold you close, letting you cry it out while he runs his fingers through your hair and makes a “shhh” soft sound, until you’re calm again
  • Really doesn’t give you a choice as far as seeing someone weekly to help tbh
  • You’re the most important person in the world to him and if there’s something that can make you feel better, well he doesn’t leave it as an option
  • If you’re out in public and start to do your checking or whatever he will seriously do it right along with you to make you not feel so alone, and sticks his tongue out if people stare


  • Like Jumin, he hires the best people money can buy for you
  • Makes you unload your day on him at the end of the night
  • Like, makes you tell him everything because he thinks talking to someone else and venting helps tremendously
  • If it’s been super stressful he will give you a full body massage
  • Just super supportive of you and if you’re crying he wipes your tears and tells you how much he loves you
  • That everything is going to be okay, just breathe


  • If you don’t like stepping on cracks well guess what this guy is giving you a piggy back ride everywhere
  • If you don’t like germs then he will wear gloves while you’re out and open doors for you with a freaking napkin so you don’t have to touch it
  • If you’re getting up in the middle of the night to check the doors and windows and locks he is right by your side
  • You’re all this salty tomato boy has and he is seriously ready to fight the world for you
  • Drags you to your psych appointments no matter what, and sits in the waiting room reading the old magazines until you’re done

anonymous asked:

Just some cute random Rung headcanons?


  • He sometimes gets so engrossed in books and literature that he forgets what he’s doing (he’s walked into walls and missed meetings more than a few times)
  • Probably sings, and not necessarily well. He’s not too bad at it, but he could use some practice; still, it’s cute to see
  • When someone actually remembers his name, he gets really happy (understandably), and does a cute little bounce on his toes
  • With his s/o, he can be very cuddly, especially if he’s tired after a long day. More than once, he’s fallen into recharge with them in his arms

reader-chan13  asked:

🌺🌸🌺 headcanons for Todoroki with bff who in a wheelchair and doesn't take shit from his dad and actually wants to fight him and she has a powerful quirk that has the potential to beat endeavor?

Yess, Endeavor, get wrecked! P.s I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, and it kind of deviated from my usual headcanons >< But I had fun writing this, so I hope you have fun reading this!

Todoroki Shouto

  • For Todoroki to meet someone with similar interests and then become good friends with them, is definitely not something easy. He is, after all, still quite unsociable.
  • So when he found his bff, we can safely say that he was really happy.
  • Though he doesn’t really show his happiness and how much he cherishes his bff, but his bff being his bff, just knows how he feels.
  • Has never been bothered by the fact that his bff is wheelchair bound - what matters to him is their personality, not the external appearance.
  • But that being said, he understands that there are some inconveniences brought about by being wheelchair bound, so he tries his best to help them with things they have difficulty doing.
  • The first time his bff met Endeavor was during the Sports Festival; they had ran into him after he had spoken to Todoroki, and Endeavor recognized them instantly, despite having never met before.
  • Endeavor was intimidating, and his strong presence hadn’t helped ease the tension between the two of them. Though, that’s not to say that they were afraid of Endeavor, in fact, it was the contrary; all they felt was annoyance at the said man.
  • This is the bad parenting 101 asshole…?
  • “You, you’re the one who’s always near Shouto. What is your name?”
  • “My name is Y/N, sir,” you lower your head respectfully.
  • Knowing Endeavor, he’s likely to be assessing them with his turquoise eyes and making a bad judgement in his head.
  • “I’d appreciate if you’d stay away from Shouto. You’re no good for him,” He gestures to their wheelchair, raising a brow, almost in contempt, as he watched them open their mouth to retort, only to snap their mouth shut, recontemplating their decision to speak.
  • …Yeah, he’s an asshole indeed.
  • What they chose to do instead, was to flick their hands upwards, and the next thing we know, Endeavor is on the ground, gasping for air.
  • “No good…? Aha, are you sure?”
  • “My name is Y/N, sir, and my quirk is air manipulation,” they state as a matter of fact, eyes narrowed in defiance.
  • “Please, do remember my name…” A mischievous smile plays on their lips as they hum.
  • “For I can take you down at any given moment.”

Originally posted by eljc00

Bonus: ^ That’s probably how Todoroki felt internally when he walked in on you using your quirk. He knows about your quirk and how strong it is, but is still pleasantly shocked to see you bring the no. 2 hero down to his knees.


t i t l e : Forget-me-not,  勿忘草   -   twelve leaves clover
r a t i n g : G
r e l a t i o n s h i p s : KomaHina, platonic KomaHinaNami
g e n r e : flower shop au, modern setting au, romance & friendship, fluff
c h a p t e r s : 1/1
w o r d s : 5 935

n o t e : Here you go a Flower shop AU because I thought this fandom lacked of Flower shop AUs. //throws petals
illustration © me

Komaeda Nagito works at the photo studio near the station, and Hinata Hajime and Nanami Chiaki are selling flowers. The three of them become friends, prove to Komaeda he is worth everything in the world, and Hinata and him fall in love.
This is a story of fluffy hope in another world and despair never reaches them.

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bisexual newton pulsifer though

bi newt who realized he liked guys fairly early on, but never coming out to anyone because he liked girls too and he really didn’t know what to tell his parents. 

bi newt listening desperately to the sex ed courses in hopes that he could figure out what he was, but they barely mention homosexuality and only once do they say the word bisexuality but he hangs on to that word like a life line because maybe he wasn’t the only person like this. 

bi newt who always felt that him liking more than one gender was just more proof that he was bad at decisions and was usually confused, just the same as his religious views, and he was probably actually straight or gay and he was just being silly

bi newt who wanted to be involved in the queer community but never felt he’d earned it because he wasn’t out to barely anybody and besides he liked girls too and he’d just be intruding, it would be better if he stayed away. after all, people usually use the word community in a way that leaves him out and it’s unlikely that the queer community would be any different. 

bi newt trying to tell shadwell to please stop using homophobic slurs without coming out to him because he doesn’t know if shadwell is safe to come out to. 

bi newt coming out to madame tracy because she is nice and doesn’t seem to care what anybody is and then she in turn comes out to him as a trans woman and he is so relieved to find someone that he can talk to thank who ever or what ever there is. 

bi newt being just blown away by anathema, who talks about her girlfriends and datemates from college so casually he barely notices that she just told him she’s not straight and then coming out to her because this is wonderful, she’ll actually understand!

bi newt going to a queer pride parade with anathema for the first time, standing awkwardly on the side with a poster for a while before getting dragged in to meet all of her friends and newt is so happy to find people that are like him.

bi newt coming out to shadwell nervously, with anathema and madame tracy standing by in case anything unfortunate happens. shadwell grunts a bit, takes a drag from his cigarette, and starts removing the slurs from his speech. next year, the four of them go to the queer pride parade together.

bi newt slowly realizing that he is not confused, that he is not strange (or at least not because he’s bi), that he is part of a community after all.

bi newt growing comfortable and happy in his identity. 

I'm okay with this

So I spent some time thinking it’s probably unhealthy for me to obsess over a fictional character and, like, physically ache for this person who will never exist.

But then I thought about how much happier I am thinking of this guy than I ever was with a real guy.

Like, I recognize he’ll never come to life, and I’m not saying he’s the bar and that anyone who isn’t him is automatically deleted, but the feeling he gives me should be the threshold. Feeling that blissfully happy can’t be bad, right?

So, I just decided I’m okay this. Until I meet someone who makes me feel so full with emotion that I can’t contain it, I’ll keep this fictional character with me, because I’d rather that than settle for someone who will never understand me and my compulsions.

Which kind of sucks, what with the whole no sex until marriage thing, but seeing as I’m into some weird shit, it sort of makes more sense to keep waiting.

So…guess I’ll just stay in space until someone on earth makes me want to come back.

And that’s okay, right? Right.

Canon era autistic Enjolras things

  • He has so many scripts memorized for every possible debate point he has but nothing for casual social interaction so he comes across stiff and formal outside of discussions about The Cause
  • Infodumps about obscure political theory and labor laws to whoever will listen
  • His friends know how to read him though and they know what he means for the most part
  • Messes with his cravat and unties it because it’s Uncomfortable on his neck
  • Wears clothes with nice textures so he can rub his coat sleeve to stim
  • More focused on texture than fashion though, so sometimes his clothes just clash terribly
  • No volume control, either shouting or whispering
  • Usually shouting
  • Terrible memory, actually the worst, trails off mid sentence contantly and totally forgets what he was saying
  • Repeats himself a lot
  • Doesn’t understand his friends jokes at all, but hearing them laugh makes him happy anyway.
  • Doesn’t realize someone was being sarcastic until he’s halfway through explaining why they’re wrong
  • Goes mostly nonverbal when he’s tired and hums in approval or disapproval
  • Ridiculous echolalia, repeats sentences and words to himself in his head for hours, especially when he’s writing
  • Sometimes he gets overstimulated during meetings and has to step outside to calm down and collect his thoughts
  • If that doesn’t work he sits in the back of the room quietly lost in thought and makes sure someone fills him in fully later
  • Screams at loud noise
  • Chews on his hair when he’s thinking
  • Has cheweed on his quill and gotten ink on his face many many times
  • Has a favorite blanket and can’t sleep without it
  • Uncontrollably bounces his leg when sitting
  • Total neat freak but has awful executive dysfunction. His desk is a mess and he hates it, but he knows where everything is, even if its not in a lgical place for most people
  • DO NOT TOUCH! Unless friend, then please play with hair sometimes!
  • Mostly do not touch

Dean, your eldest brother, sauntered in with a smirk on his face. It was clear he was trying to hide it but you and Sam saw straight through it.

“Hey.” You smiled, suppressing a giggle, Sam nudged you in attempt to do the same.

“Hi.” Dean managed before breaking out into a grin.

“Someone’s happy.” Sam pointed out, smirking.

“I’m aloud to be.” Dean snapped.

“So uh, what did Cas want?” You encourage.

You and Sam had left a note “from Cas” explaining how he wanted to meet Dean somewhere to talk and you’d prayed to Cas earlier to let him know vice versa. 

“It’s weird actually,” Dean frowned in thought “He said he never left a note and that I wanted to meet him.” Dean’s face dropped in realisation.

“Did you- You and Sam- Did you- Set us up?” Dean stuttered, finally understanding.

No, why on Earth would we do such a thing?” You joke as Sam was too busy laughing to answer. 

“Shut up.” Dean flushed red.

“So you’re finally an item?” Sam asked, just to make sure.

“Yes okay?! YES.” Dean’s face was bright red and he shied away from both your gazes.

You highfived Sam and got up to hug Dean. “Someone had to do it,”You smirked “I’m happy for you.”

Wasn’t a request but I felt it was necessary
I do not own these gifs

VIXX Adventures- Leo (Pt. 1)

Summary: You’re thrown into a labyrinth with ten levels filled with monsters and the bare essentials to survive. Maybe with some help from Leo you’ll make it through this dangerous game alive. 

Length: 2234

Genre: Action, scifi, adventure, smut (not this chapter) 

Note: Please read VIXX Adventures Intro before reading this chapter

 Series: Part 1, Part 2

I pushed open the door and walked into a dark room. There was a curtain of golden chains hanging in front of me and that was it.
“Well that was a bit anticlimactic.” I whispered to myself as I walked into the room.
Walking over I slowly pushed my way through the curtains of chains to find myself in a long dark hallway.  The walls were gilded golden and shown enough in the torch light that you could see where you were going. Looking up toward the ceiling all I could see was a clock that used military time counting down every hour in the day. The path abruptly turned in two different directions once I hit the end of it. Humming to myself I picked the path to the right I got to what looked like a dead end but right as I was about to turn around and head back the other way a screen popped up on the wall it was a holographic image with a catalog of weapons. Just then a voice started speaking.

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anonymous asked:

Can you describe the relationship between Aika and Bakugou?

I don’t understand why anyone cares about her but I’m happy you’re asking so I shall keep blabbing about Aika until someone tells me to shut the fuck up about her!

When they first meet, Bakugou finds her annoying and stupid, due to an incident involving lunch and her not understanding that you won’t be starved at UA if you’re not the first person at the cafeteria. Kirishima and Kaminari bring her to the Baku Squad’s table for lunch anyway, and he just listens as the others ask Aika all sorts of questions to get to know her. He doesn’t immediately warm up to her, but he doesn’t hate her, either. He never creates a rude nickname for her like he does with other people, she made one hell of a first impression with that lunch incident so he remembers her name, and the other guys talk about her so damn much it’s impossible to ignore it. He’s also very wary of her suggestion quirk, since everyone jokes about having her use it on him to make him less angry, but he’s thankful when she adamantly refuses to do so.

After a month or two, she’s a full-fledged member of the Baku Squad, more due to Kirishima than Bakugou, and she’s always around, they get on, and they have short conversations about things. Aika has very strange mannerisms due to being relatively isolated growing up and not having any idea how to people, but she learns from the people around her and Bakugou even gives her lessons on how to act less like an uwu girl and more like who she actually is, whatever that may be. He is the king of authenticity, good or bad, so Aika listens to what he has to say and stops mimicking other people and allows herself to be who she actually is. This is the point at which she goes from Kirishima being her only best friend to having Bakugou as another best friend, even if he doesn’t see her that way… Though he starts to develop feelings, which he thinks are just friendship feels because he’s never had a crush before and it makes no sense to him.

Their mutual attraction isn’t a big factor in their relationship, it’s more about their actual friendship. They’ve both suffered villain attacks and bond over that once he knows the details of the attack, and they like working together during training, since her atmospheric remodeling quirk takes a significant burden off of his body when he uses his quirk, so they end up training together and developing a unique fighting style suited for the two of them being paired together. They study together, they hang out both with and without the rest of the squad, and they help each other grown; she helps him learn to be less abrasive and more cooperative, he learns how to really ask for help when he needs it, he runs on neutral more often after they become friends, he learns to enjoy things and smiles more, and she learns that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time, learns the value of having close friendships, and gets physically and emotionally stronger as a result of her friendships primarily with Bakugou and Kirishima, she learns who she actually is and what she wants to do with her life after many conversations with those two about all sorts of things. They build each other up but also keep each other in check.

Essentially, they’re bros. Bros who think the other is cute and they wanna date them but it’s not gonna happen because one of them doesn’t like having feelings and doesn’t put them as a priority (Bakugou), and the other thinks they’re not worthy of the other’s affections and wouldn’t want to be a burden on them (Aika). She also has feelings for Kirishima, and believes that she shouldn’t act on her feelings for either of them because it’s not fair for either of them to have to be stuck with someone who can’t give their entire heart to just them. Nothing happens between any of them, they all just stay good friends; at least during their time at UA, I haven’t really plotted out what will happen once they’ve graduated. Who knows about what’ll happen then. I don’t think Bakugou would be emotionally available for a relationship during his time at UA, and probably not for at least a couple of years after, so that’s part of why nothing happens with them. There are a few really emotionally charged moments but it’s not like they admit their feelings and get together, it’s just stuff that makes it blatantly obvious how they both feel before going back to acting like nothing happened.

So, as of now, that’s what their deal is!


Requested by anonymous


*He wanted to go round to your house after you guys had broken up a week ago but he thought he would give it some time for you both to cool off, however he ended up bumping into you in the shop and he knew this was his chance to try and get you back*

Y/N: “I’m sorry Jongin but I think it is for the best that we remain apart from each other…goodbye”


*You had ended things with him as you did not feel as happy within the relationship as you used to but this didn’t stop him from coming round your house again to ask you to reconsider getting back together*

Y/N: “I know it is hard for you, it is for me too but us getting back together wouldn't solve anything.. I want to end the relationship for good”



*You had been dating for just over two years now but his schedule was  just getting busier and busier and you spent more time missing him than being with him, so you decided to end it. Multiple times he called you which ended up with you talking to him for a while but you decided to meet up with him to sort it all out*

S: “Just give me one more chance thats all I want Y/N”

Y/N: “I don’t blame you so don’t ask me for chances, but giving this relationship another go won’t change anything. I love you Suho but it isn’t meant to be I’m sorry*


*When he knocked on your door he was wearing his heart on his sleeve hoping that this wouldn't be the last straw in the relationship, but his hope ran dry as you told him that you didn’t want to get back together*

Y/N: “I wish you all the best Chanyeol, I really do”


*You had both missed each other, but you faced up to the fact that you were going to have to conform back to before you had dated him and get used to the fact he wasn't going to be with you anymore. Baekhyun however took longer than you to face this fact which was evident when he turned up at your house*

BH: “Please just hear me out Y/N”

Y/N: “There is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said Baekhyun, we need to get used to not having each other again. I have tried my best to start doing that but it isn’t going to happen if you don’t let go. I know we love each other but sometimes it’s just not enough”


*He fully respected your decision but he had to give it one last shot, the fact that it didn’t work out did not surprise him but you both breaking up on good terms made him and you feel a sense of comfort*


*You guys didn't break up on such good terms, it ended up with you telling him to get lost and to never come and speak to you again, but some time had passed and you forgot the anger you felt. When he stopped by with the hope of rectifying things, and possibly getting you back they were shattered when you simply and solemnly said no*

C: “I understand, goodbye Y/N, do me a favour and meet someone who will make you happy okay”


*He didn’t really know what to say when you said that getting back together wasn’t something you wanted to happen. He honestly never thought it would come to this so he just nodded his head and walked away*

Y/N: “Bye Tao”

T: “Goodbye Y/N”


*Honestly his heart was broken and so was yours, he thought the relationship was going strong but he didn’t  notice the warning signs and now it was too late. He agreed to let you go as you did with him but he made sure to tell you that you always will have a special place in his heart because he had never loved someone as much as he had loved you*


*Before leaving he made sure to pull you in for a final hug just so he could have one last memory of holding you in his arms. He made sure to take in everything, your beauty, the perfume you wore, and your smile one last time before you both said a reluctant goodbye, and you detached your hand from his and closed the door*


*Once you had said you final goodbyes he didn’t leave straight away, he just walked down the first flight of stairs and sat at the side pondering about where or what he should do from here. He kept trying to reassure himself with the saying time is a great healer but he was constantly blinded by the site of your smile, or the way you would laugh in his head and he knew it would be along time before he could escape that*


*He had tried to get back together but you told him that it wasn’t going to work however, he was blinded by how much he loved you so he didn’t see that for a while. It was hard during the aftermath with you also being an idol, he would see you on stage often and try to avoid his facial expressions showing how he missed you whenever he saw the camera on him, but he did and you missed him too*

Guess who is back with the reactions..meeeeee also this is so dramatic what have I done like a bad drama lmao

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

I like you (Bobby fluff)

I hope you like it! I thought this turned out really cute ;)


“Y/n, can you please just help me pick out an outfit for this date tonight?” Bobby whined as you kept flipping through the channels on the tv. “Fine! Bobby, I don’t know why you are so nervous. You’ll look great in whatever you wear. “But, this is a really big deal.” Bobby walked toward his room and you followed. “I want this to be special, I really like this girl.” He opened up his closet and you sat on his bed, waiting for him to show you his choices.

“Okay, so this was my first idea.” He held some jeans and a button up shirt. You shot him a questionable look. “That’s a no?” “Well, let’s see what else you have.” You both laughed as he tore through the rest of the closet. “Okay, um. What about this?” He held up some black skinny jeans, a black button up, and a black blazer. “Wow, um okay Mr. GQ, where are you taking her in that?” You shot him a flirty look raising an eyebrow.

“Look, I just, I really want to make a good impression. This girl, she knows me and I don’t want her thinking I’m just that rapper guy in that band.” “That rapper guy in that band? Come on Bobby, if she thinks you are just that guy, then she is definitely not the girl for you. You are so much more than that.” You shot him a convincing smile and he couldn’t help but grin from cheek to cheek. “Thanks y/n. Um, I should probably change. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to, I honestly don’t mind.” You just laid back on his bed looking at your phone. Although, you couldn’t help but peak at him changing. Sure you’d seen Bobby shirtless before, but you didn’t mind looking at his abs every once and a while.

You looked back at your phone as he went to change his pants. “Ok, how do I look?” You sat up and stopped your jaw from dropping. “Wow, you look, great.” You stood up fixing the collar of his shirt. “If this girl turns you down, she’s nuts.” He chuckled looking down at the floor. “Would mind walking with me there? I’m just so nervous.” You couldn’t help but laugh at how nervous Bobby really was for this date. “Do you want me to sit with you during the whole date too?” He scolded you. “Y/n! Come on! I really care about this girl! I never cared this much about any other girl before!” “Okay! Okay! I’ll walk with you there.”

You two quickly left the dorm so Bobby wouldn’t be late. “So, you really like this girl huh?” Bobby couldn’t help but blush. “Yeah. I’ve never felt the way I do about her toward any other girl before. She just, she’s so beautiful, smart, funny, she understands me and my weird quirks. She’s there for me when I need someone to talk to, and I never stop thinking about her.” You couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable hearing Bobby talk about his feelings for another girl. Sure you two were best friends, but you had always had special feelings for Bobby. Of course you could never tell him because he didn’t feel the same way, but you wanted to be happy for him and hope that this date worked out for him.

You two stopped in front of the restaurant where he was meeting his mystery girl. “Ok, well, I wish you the best of luck. And remember, if she doesn’t like you, than she’s nuts! Text me after?” You gave him a kiss on the cheek and started to walk away but Bobby stopped you. “Hey y/n? Um, wait.” You turned around confused and walked back toward him. “What’s wrong Bobby? Don’t tell em you want to back out. That girl is probably in there waiting for you, it’ll be fine!” “No, no. Y/n, the girl isn’t waiting for me.” You shot him a look as he took your hands. “Look, the girl that I got all dressed up for. This date I’ve been so nervous for. It’s, you.” Your jaw dropped as you stared at Bobby who had a nervous smile on his face. “What?” “I’ve been trying to think of the best way to tell you, so I figured if I tricked you into helping pick out an outfit and had you walk me here, I could quickly stop you from leaving and I could tell you that. I like you y/n. I’ve liked you since the day I met you, I’ve just been to nervous to say anything because I didn’t think you liked me back. So, if you’d accept, I’d love to have dinner with you tonight.”

“Bobby, I don’t know what to say.” He looked to the ground unsure. “If you don’t feel the same way it’s okay, I figured-” “Bobby, no that’s not it at all! I would love to have dinner with you. I like you too, I have for awhile now too, I just didn’t think you liked me back either.” A huge smile spreading across Bobby’s face. “Really? Well, in that case, y/n, would you like to join me for dinner?” You pretended to be shocked at the question. “Like a date?” He smiled and laughed looking at you. “Yes, like a date.” You leaned up and kissed him on the lips. “I’d love to.”

I’ve seen theories that the party magnus is hosting is in celebration of Max’s first rune so:

- imagine izzy, alec and jace trying to find somewhere to have a celebration for max because they’re not allowed to have it at the institute since max wants magnus, simon and luke there and the clave have put a ban on having downworlders in the institute.
- (also can you imagine max complaining because it’s not fair that he missed the wedding and hasn’t got to meet magnus yet. it’s also not fair that he hasn’t met luke or simon who he’s particularly excited about because they share the love for comics)
- anyway so eventually izzy asks magnus to host it because 1) his loft is big enough and 2) he throws the best parties and her little brother deserves the best.
- so magnus sets it up, angelic rune ice sculpture and everything and all the lightwoods are in awe because the place looks gorgeous.
- so when max walks in, he’s all excited because this whole party is for him but then as soon as he spots magnus, his excitement bubbles even more because this is the guy who makes his brother so happy.
- I can just imagine magnus walking up to max, telling him he’s heard so much about him, asking him about his new rune.
- and max automatically likes him because he doesn’t treat him like a kid and actually talks to him instead of talks at him.
- but he likes him even more when he sees the way magnus places a hand on Alec’s back in comfort or sends him a soft smile whenever he catches his eye
- so max decides he doesn’t have to give Magnus the “don’t hurt my brother” talk just yet
- when he meets luke, he keeps asking him about what it’s like to lead the New York pack and luke finds it so endearing and it’s clear max’s siblings did a good job of raising max to not be as prejudice towards downworlders as they were forced to be
- Max catches clary and simon in the middle of a conversation about the avengers which he immediately tugs at Simon’s jacket sleeve “you must be simon!! my brother told me you called him captain america, good job! it took him ages to understand what you meant by it”
- simon is instantly happy because someone finds him funny and he thinks max might just be his favourite lightwood.
- you can 100% bet that alec, izzy and jace are a bit emotional when max shows them his rune because this is their baby brother except he’s not a baby anymore, he’s growing up.
- honestly, izzy is pulling max into random hugs all night, jace is ruffling Max’s hair every chance he gets, alec is giving max piggy back rides.
- max keeps complaining about how annoying they are but they can’t help it “let us just enjoy you being a kid for a little while longer”
- (not gonna lie magnus would probably make max take photos with the ice sculpture seeing as its shaped as the same rune max has got. in fact he probably ropes all the lightwoods into it)