he's just so happy to meet someone that understands

The Switch || Closed rp


Bruce sighed as he tried to walk into the little restaurant. He couldn’t believe how late he was for his meeting with Betty. They had been best friends since high school. He had had a crush on her forever but he was too nervous to ever bring it up to her. She just seemed so happy being his best friend. Besides he knew he had his own problems. He was a bit of a hypochondriac and he could be very pessimistic. He was a very closed off guy, and if someone knew his past it was understandable.

He gave Betty a weak smile as he walked into the cafe. He was in a nice shirt and a sweater vest. He sat down across from Betty and rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry I’m late. The traffic is crazy and then there was this homeless guy… anyways he called me a man child.” He grumbled. “You said on the phone there was something you wanted to tell me?”