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I wonder if T.O.P decided to wear glasses yesterday to hide his eye make-up which knetz had so much to say about -.- but omg that's my favourite look :D I'm so relieved he looks healthier, even if it's just on the outside.

Oh maybe! I was thinking because of stress or anything it isn’t advisable for him to wear clear contacts.

Anyway if what you said is true and if you think about it, most people worry they might look ugly BUT this man worries he might offend people because he’s too… dashing? gorgeous? handsome? 

lol @ this crisis XD

ok so here’s something I want to talk about

I’m a trans guy. I present as one, I bind, I’ve been on T for nearly three months, I am pretty andro

I just walked out of a coffee shop and a cis man sitting there shouted at me “Hey Gorgeous!” then “what, don’t I get a smile? or a laugh?”

he was genuinely angry and his friend was too and I’m really glad my dad was nearby so I could get away safely

being transmasc doesn’t protect you from misogyny, even if misdirected, and cishet men can be scary and I’m annoyed tldr

what an amazing thing the teaser is though, so many details, so thoroughly thought through even through, from the sweater saying tomorrow to the direction being back to you and then changing to LT tour 2018, all 7 minutes long with just the beat that’s so catchy everyone’s going to want to listen to it especially with the last 15 seconds, he looks gorgeous, you cn’t look away, you don’t even want to turn the sound off even when it’s repeating because it’s so catchy it’s amazing 

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Agree or disagree: Season four Benedict is like prime gorgeousness


unaired pilot, he is fresh meat. that succulent, so fresh, so full of potential, ohhh you just KNOW it’s a good cut of meat and you’re looking, not realizing you’re licking your lips because you’re so ready to get that fresh meat and thinking about all sorts of ways you can cook it into a delicious, juicy, meal

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s1 sherlock is like… damn this fucker, he’s like raw meat that you just took from the fridge. still cold, but you know when you defrost and tenderize him, he’ll be cooked till he taste so good. Medium-rare, that’s just right for this lil piece of deliciousness. Careful though, don’t cook for too long coz the meat is thin and you don’t want to overcook this soft fucker

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and then there’s s2 sherlock, which is like “hello my name is SEX” and you died before you even manage a bite of your meal

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s3 sherlock is like some serious fancy cooking meat in a red wine reduction sauce served all fancy with a cheese tuile

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and then s4 is like a fancy ass steak sprinkled with motherfucking olive oil and rosemary and squeeze some lemon and a dash of salt and char grilled and caramelized to fucking perfection and even if you feel full it’s like “fuck i can’t look away” 

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how do i choose????

also i may or may not have been watching masterchef australia the whole day

So what if Lance had been acting weird since he got off the latest planet they went to. the team automatically thinks its a weird alien sickness. apparently its caused him to have different personalities. one second he is his “normal self” and then he acts really angry and he can’t control what comes out of his mouth. next thing the team know he is balling and they don’t know what to do. Allura and Coran are trying to find out what is going on, while the team is just trying to keep Lance from doing something that could get him upset. this goes on for another three days. everyone is exhausted and they have no idea what to do. on the fifth day Allura and Coran walk into the dining hall. Lance is currently in a pissy but silent mood. everyone, except for Lance, looks at them expectantly. Allura finally speaks up and explains that Lance got stung by a bug on the planet. this bug’s venom makes its victim’s feelings extremely amplified and vulnerable. the team is extremely confused. Coran steps forward and explains that Lance hasn’t been experiencing random emotions, he is just letting all of his pent up emotions out. the team realizes that even though they think they have been completely fine when acting towards Lance, he simply wears a mask to make him seem like the funny jokester they all thought they knew. but inside, Lance was hurt or upset by their harsh words. looking back on the last couple of days, the team realizes that they had said or done something rude or mean that set Lance off. needless to say, they feel horrible. especially keith, (klangst?) who usually was the cause of the outbursts. Lance, who was still in his pissy mood, looks up at the team, who is still in guilty shock, and says “Lance McLain doesn’t have one emotion, ok?” ——————–

HI! ok so this was probably horrible and all that but this was my first time writing anything like this. any constructive criticism i would be happy to take! i’ll probably do more of these later. if anyone did write any kind of fanfic or oneshot i think i would actually die hahaha. thank you so much for reading! have a great day!

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Fic idea that won't leave me alone: Lance comes from a family that isn't healthy. Dad is an alcoholic. And when dad gets drunk he's emotionally abusive. So team gets back to earth and Lance is ecstatic to see his siblings and the team stays at the house for a while. But things are weird with lance and his dad, like lance is waiting for the shoe to drop. And that night the team takes siblings out, but when they come back dad is yelling at lance and he just takes it like 'Okay dad, you're right.'

Consider it done!

TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! ***hints at abuse of alcohol and verbal abuse*****
When Allura told the team they were taking some time off to visit Earth, the team were ecstatic, especially Lance. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to stay too long, so we can only visit one place and stay there. But you will all have a chance to contact your families!” Lance rushed forward, excitement filling his eyes. “We can all stay at my home in Cuba! We have a tone of extra rooms where my older siblings moved or left for college!” Allura smiled and clapped her hands together. “Alright, team, it’s decided! Coran, set a course for Cuba!” Coran saluted her and gave Lance a wink. “Right away princess!” Lance was bubbling with excitement and relief. He was so happy to see his family and for his team to meet them. *My family…oh quiznak, I didn’t think.* Lance thought, frowning. *Maybe he’s changed since I’ve been gone..* Lance was lost in thought as the stars and planets passed them by, bringing them closer to home.
When the castle touched down on the soft sand, Lance bolted out of the door, arms wide as the smile on his face. “Come on, guys!! My house is just up that hill!” The chased after Lance as he ran up the hill, sand crunching underneath their feet. As the team continued to run, the house came into their view. It was a large, wooden house that had clearly been there for years. It appeared to be quite old, but it was very homey. Lance began to run faster, making the sand fly from underneath his feet. “Maria, Lucas, Teo, Marco, Selena, Tia, mama, guys!!! I’m home!!!” The team watched with wide eyes as a small mob came stumbling out of the house. “LANCE!!” Small children ran toward Lance, sprinting madly. I small sturdy woman with skin the same color as Lance’s leap from the door, tears flowing down her face. “Oh Lance! My sweet boy! Lance, oh Lance, you’re okay!” “Mama!!” Lance cried, running to her with his arms open wide. She picked him up in a bone-crushing hug as his siblings talked him to the ground. “Lance, where have you been?” “Is your hair longer?” “Did you lose weight?” “Did you bring me any presents?” His mother laughed, eyes sparkling from unshed tears. “Children! Give your hermano a chance to catch his breath! I’m sure he will tell us why he left with no explanation.” His mom said accusingly. Allura stepped forward and cleared her throat. “I believe that part is my fault. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Allura, Princess of Altea. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Allura bowed respectfully to Lance’s mom. “Mama, since you’ve already met Allura, meet the rest of my team and friends. This is Keith, Shiro, Coran (the gorgeous man), Pidge, and Hunk!” Lance introduced, gesturing to each one. “Guys, meet my mama, Marcia.” Marcia nodded at them. “Well, let’s not just stand out here in the heat! You all must be starving! Come on inside and I’ll get you-” “Marcia, what is all that noise out there?!” Came a grumbling voice from inside the home. The team noticed as Lance turned stiff and clenched his fists as the voice interrupted. They heard staggered footsteps as a tall figure walked out of the house. The man had a full mustache and his skin was a couple of shades darker than Lance’s and his mom’s. “Who are all these people?” Marcia cleared her throat. “Diego, these are Lance’s friends. Lance has come home, isn’t that wonderful?” Lance’s dad eyes him up and down, and grumbled. “Well, come here boy. Give your dad a hug then.” The team watched as Lance stiffly walked toward the man. As Lance gave him a short hug, his nose crinkled. *He reeks of alcohol. I guess somethings just never change.* A small voice spoke up. “Mama, can we pleeeeease take Lance’s friends down to the beach? Please please please please pleas-” “TEO!! Ahem, if they wish to then go right ahead.” Teo whooped and pounded his fist in the air. “Let’s go you guys! Mama, will you come with us?” “We’ll alright, let’s head that way!” The team began to head toward the beach when Lance’s dad’s voice rang out. “Lance, you stay here with me and help clean up. You’re mother just finished dinner.” Lance looked in between his father and the others. With a sigh, he nodded. “Okay. Guys I’ll catch up with you guys later. Welcome to Varadero beach!” Lance waved at them and followed his dad into their house.
The team had separated from Lance’s family, headed back toward the house exhausted from playing in the sand and water. Allura giggled. “Lance’s family is quite large.” “And energetic!” Coran added. The rest of the team laughed along when Pidge suddenly stopped, raising a finger to her lips. “Hey guys, shh. Do you hear that?” The team crept toward the window where they could hear voices. “…leaving the family like that was disrespectful. You’ve always been disrespectful. And I hear I thought some time away would fix that.” Diego’s voice rang out, speech slurred. “You’ve done nothing for this family, but bring us down. Honestly, you’re pathetic Lance. Always have and always will.” “Of course, papa. I’m sorry.” The team looked at each other in anger and shock. “Did he just say-” “Lance doesn’t really believe that does he?” “Surely he doesn’t really think that-” “Allura, where are you doing?!” Allura ignored them, rushing her way into the house. She burst through the door, fire in her eyes. Lance jumped at the noise and turned away from the dishes he was washing. “Allura? What are you doing? Is everything oka-” “Diego, sir. I’m sorry but you are wrong.” Diego lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” Allura set her jaw. “You. Are. Wrong. Lance is one of the best Paladins I have ever come to know, and his talent and bravery has saved me and our team numerous times, which means he has saved the universe multiple times. You should be proud of all the things he has accomplished. He has been nothing but respectful and he has done your family proud.” The rest of the team joined her, crossing their arms and nodding. Allura raised her chin higher. “These things you say about Lance, about my Paladin, our friend couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Lance eyes began to water as he smiled softly. “G-guys..” Keith stepped forward. “And if you have a problem with Lance or any of us, you have a problem with me.” Lance’s dad eyed them and angrily huffed. “Whatever. Lance, finish cleaning. I’m going to bed. Tell your mother.” With that, he stumbled his way upstairs. Lance sat down the wash rag and wiped away the tears from his face. “T-thank you guys. For everything. He just gets like this sometimes, so-” Shiro cut him off. “That doesn’t excuse for the things he said.” The team nodded in agreement. Lance let out a wet chuckle. “I think we need a group hug now.” The team giggled and wrapped there arms around Lance. “Without our Blue Paladin, team Voltron wouldn’t be the same. You’re the heart and soul of this team, Lance. You hold us together. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

can I just?? Everyone used to make fun of Jaehwans ‘country bumpkin’ looks at the beginning of debut and like I think it may have effected his confidence a little but he never let it deter him and always kept going w the cutie pie main vocal thing. Like he was cute bc he thought he was cute. And now literally everyone, the members, the staff, the fans, ur auntie, are like 5000 ft up his ass and I’m living for it? Everyone please adore this beautiful boy more pls

Puppy Love

When they have a crush.


  • Tries to be cool
  • Obviously fails
  • Whenever he interacts with you, the boys snicker in the background as his face slowly get redder


  • While he’s normally great with people, you do things to him
  • In fact, it’s pretty hard for him to even think around you
  • You know he’s suave because you see how he interacts with others, but it still catches you off guard when he suddenly only has eight words in his vocabulary 


  • Straight up avoids you
  • No, seriously. Ignis can’t handle having a crush, so he just stays away. You could sit next to him and he’ll just get up and leave
  • But if you persist, he will short circuit. It’s what he wants, but he’s convinced that you’re making fun of him


  • Gets cute little gifts for you
  • Saves every single picture he takes of you, even the bad ones because you’re gorgeous to him
  • Listens to everything you say attentively, even if you aren’t making any real sense
BTS REACTION: Them seeing you all dressed up for an award show (something they don't usually see you in)

S E O K J I N:

“Worldwide handsome and his princess, though you always look like a princess to me,” he gives you a charming smile and kisses you lightly on the lips.

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Y O O N G I:

“Is that you, Y/N? Is this the power of makeup? I’m just kidding. I honestly don’t know how I got somebody as beautiful as you,” he says before grabbing you by the waist and kissing you on the cheek.

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H O S E O K:

“You look so gorgeous.~ But remember, you are always beautiful to me,” he says before twirling you around and bringing you into his arms so that you two can sway together.

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N A M J O O N:

“You could be dressed in sweats and a stained t-shirt and you’d still look good to me, but this is a nice change,” he gives you a dimpled smile and it gives you the urge to kiss him on the cheek.

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J I M I N:

“Sorry, looks like we are going to have to stay home. I can’t be seen with someone who looks better than me dressed up AND dressed down,” he gives you a wink at the end and you sigh in exasperation.

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T A E H Y U N G:

“Let’s go so that I can show the world my beautiful girl!~” He grabs your hand and drags you until you start skipping with him to the limousine.  

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J U N G K O O K:

“You clean up nice,” he says while blushing heavily and not looking into your eyes. Later the boys tell you he wouldn’t shut up about how beautiful you looked.

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Here he is! Lord Vesper, graciously painted by my favorite lefty @lilfunkman.

For those who don’t know, I created this guy for a roleplay that sadly won’t be happening, so his raison d'être just vanished. Funk went and painted him as a final farewell to the Changeling Monarch before he goes into my folder of nothingness.

Thank you, Fenk, it means a lot to me that you took the time to do this, he looks gorgeous <3

(did you sign it with a mouse?)

reasons to love spiderman-homecoming -

- it’s a realistic portrayal of how a 14-15 year old kid with superpowers isn’t just magically great at using said superpowers, and messes up. a lot. 

- a gorgeous, tall black woman as the glorious crush.

- aunt may

- natural hair maintained and appreciated in all its glory. 

- the inclusion of an indian wedding, portrayed quite aptly. 

- a plus size character that isn’t just a tool for bullying and in need of protecting or saving. (and he doesnt just brood or fuckin pretend like the world sucks, he’s actually so precious and real

- tom holland is so cute holy moly

- aunt may 

- a villain with character 

BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap



This pure child you stare at you as if you were the prettiest thing in existence.  He would cherish the moments where he could stare at you and see your beauty.

Wow, they are so gorgeous…


This would definitely be the cue to take a nap.  He would move slowly in order not to wake you and then he would cuddle up to your warm body.

*Sees you asleep* Ahhh … what a good idea


Honestly, hoseok would panic a little.  He would feel as if he couldn’t move and needed to stay perfectly still to make sure you don’t wake up.

Oh my god, it’s okay, Hoseok. Stay still, stay still. Don’t move. Don’t wake them.


This instant would just remind him how lucky he is to have you.  He would love the idea of you feeling so comfortable around.  Namjoon would simply run his hands through your hair and continue what he was doing.

How beautiful *runs hands through your hair*


Jimin would smile down at your, swimming in the love he was feeling.  In fact, he would end up squealing at how adorable you looked and would wake you up.

“Eeeeeeeeee!” *you start moving* “Oh, Jagi, go back to sleep, it’s okay.”


This boy would not even notice you fell asleep, because he would be so devoted in the movie you guys were watching, but when he noticed, he would smile and immediately start taking pictures of you.

“Wow, that scene was so cool, right? *sees you’re asleep*  Omg, this is gonna be perfect for blackmail.


Jungkook would be so extra: a combination of too scared to move and wake you and so hardcore loving that you fell asleep on him because holy shit you look beautiful.

I feel so blessed right now???? I cannot believe they fell asleep on me????

friends forever pt. ix

more best friend! shawn shenanigans. a collaboration by @achinglyshawn and myself. catch up on parts 1-8 here.

a red dress.

a fucking red dress.

she’s gorgeous in it, can’t help but be anything but, but it just so happens that “gorgeous in a red dress” is the last thing shawn needs his best friend to be right now. he needs her to be open, he needs her to be honest and he needs her to tell him how she’s really feeling when he asks because his brain doesn’t know what to do with the fact that she blew him, then ghosted him, and left him alone in a hotel room. feeling more confused than he’s ever felt about anything before…

yeah, he thinks he’s better off without “gorgeous” tonight… because her brand of gorgeous? well it’s about enough to make him lose his goddamn mind.

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Read “Ever Since New York” first

Check my series masterlist for updates!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The morning after the first time (Y/N) sleeps in Jughead’s room, he realizes that it’s not just a crush.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,377

A/N: sorry, the writing in this is kinda really trash. on an unrelated note, I will be travelling abroad for the next three weeks (don’t worry, I’ve got the next parts queued) so I won’t be able to add anyone new to the taglist.  enjoy!

Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and then see what we find?

It really shouldn’t have affected the way he viewed her.

He always thought she was clever, amusing, and drop-dead gorgeous.  But there was something about seeing her quaint vulnerability in the morning that made her even more beautiful.  It was more vulnerable than those nights that she’d sit in his room and spill her secrets; this was a serene type of vulnerability.

The way the sunlight poured into his hotel room and highlighted all her features, flawed or perfect.  The way she was positioned in a way that should not seem attractive, yet it enticed Jughead even more.  The way her soft breaths betrayed her harshly sarcastic exterior.

It felt like a cliché scene pulled straight out of a romantic comedy: he laid in his bed, unmoving, watching (Y/N) as she slept, admiring every feature.  He justified this to himself by thinking that if he moved, he could wake her up, and he didn’t want to disturb her slumber after the long night they had.  But really, deep down, it was because he wanted to shamelessly admire her for just a little bit longer.

I’m selfish, I know
But I don’t ever want to see you with him
I’m selfish, I know
I told you, but I know you never listen

It was a Saturday, so there was no harm in allowing (Y/N) to sleep in.  Jughead knew that if he woke her up, he’d have to deal with her grumpiness that accompanied her exhaustion all day.  He knew that side of her too well.

Jughead remembered last night so well: how (Y/N) called him with a shaky voice, and her trembling body tentatively entered his room.  He remembered how the numbers on the clock quickly progressed from midnight to three o’clock, and he remembered how it was too late to allow her to return to her room.

Her legs were tucked towards her chest, her hair spread out against her pillow.  Her lips were slightly parted, and her face was pressed against Jughead’s chest.  

He’d have to be an idiot to wake her.

So he didn’t.  He remained in bed, keeping his body exactly how it was positioned when he first woke up: legs entangled with hers, arms wrapped around her waist.  He even kept his breaths shallow in order to let her sleep.

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in
While he’s touching your skin
He’s right where I should, where I should be
But you’re making me bleed

“Jughead?” her groggy voice pulled Jughead out of his trance.  He shifted so that he could turn his head and look down at her waking figure. “What time is it?”

Jughead turned to face the clock sitting on his nightstand.  “Almost ten o’clock,” he informed her.  

She wriggled so that she disentangled her limbs from his and was propped up on her elbows.  “Jesus,” she muttered, rubbing her eyes.  “I didn’t realize I slept in so much.”

He shrugged.  “I mean it’s Saturday, so I figured I’d let you sleep.”

(Y/N) glanced up at him and smiled.  “Well thank you for that,” she said, slowly removing the blankets off of her.  “I should probably get back to my room now, though.  Gotta get dressed.”

“Right.”  Jughead awkwardly nodded with a tight-lipped smile, not knowing what else to say.  Before she could open the door, he spoke up again: “You know, you should start leaving some of your stuff in here.  If you’d like to, that is.  That way, if this happens again, you won’t have to bother going back to your room. Especially if it happens on a weeknight.”

(Y/N) peered over her shoulder and grinned at Jughead.  “I’d like that very much.”

Woman (la la la la la)
Woman (la la la la la)

Something about that morning threw Jughead off.  He repeatedly told himself that nothing happened last night, and there should be nothing to overthink.  That didn’t stop him from constantly thinking back to the moment he woke up and saw (Y/N) laying in his arms.  It wouldn’t leave his head all day.

When they walked to breakfast, hand-in-hand, Jughead couldn’t help but remember how his arms were wrapped around her waist just an hour earlier.

When they sat down in a quaint café, he couldn’t help but think about how they sat on his bed last night, her on his lap as they talked the night away.

When (Y/N) ordered a sunny side-up, he couldn’t help but think about how the sun made her skin glow that morning.

“Jug,” (Y/N) asked in the middle of breakfast, “are you okay?  You seem kinda distant today.”

Jughead shook his head. “I’m fine.  Great, actually.  Sorry, I’ve just been overthinking some things.”

(Y/N) set her fork down. “Overthinking?  Do you need to talk about anything?”  To her surprise, Jughead grinned.

“No, it’s fine.  Just overthinking the good stuff, you know?”

Tempted, you know
Apologies are never gonna fix this
I’m empty, I know
Promises are broken like a stitch is

This wasn’t the first time Jughead had realized his feelings for (Y/N).  He had known for weeks about the crush he was developing on her.  How could he not?  She was witty, hilarious, and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. But after last night, something felt different.  He felt like it may be something more than just an insignificant crush.

He could go hours without thinking of her perfect smile and melodious laugh, but now she never left his mind.  She made a home in his heart, and he had no intentions in trying to remove her.

Jughead couldn’t find the right word to describe it.  It was quite ironic, considering he met her through a writing internship.  He was a master with words.  Why he struggled to find the correct word puzzled him.

He checked a thesaurus, searching for words listed under “crush.”  None of the synonyms fit: affection, admiration, care, desire, devotion, hankering, sentiment, yen.  Nothing slipped off his tongue just so.

I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in
While he’s touching your skin
This thing upon me, howls like a beast
You flower, you feast

“(Y/N),” he said, turning to face her, “I’m searching for a word.”

“What word?” she questioned, looking up from her book.

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking,” he replied, causing (Y/N) to roll her eyes, but she still wore a smile.  “I need a word that describes a crush, but more.  Like a word that describes your heart racing when you see that one person. Or when their smile makes your day a million times better.  Just their mere presence seems like a gift that you don’t deserve, but they’re still there, making your life infinitely more amazing.”

“Jughead,” (Y/N) cooed, her grin widening.  “Are you thinking of a specific person?”

“What?  No,” he scoffed, shrugging indignantly.  “I’m writing something, (Y/N).  It’s what writers do.”

She nodded, unconvinced. “Uh huh.  Well there’s one obvious word that I though of.”

“Which is?”

“Love, Jughead,” she told him, staring him straight in the eye.  “You’re thinking of love.”

Woman (la la la la la)
Woman (la la la la la)

Love?  That couldn’t be it.  Jughead did not know many things about love, but he did know that what he felt for (Y/N) surely wasn’t love.

Searching for her familiar face during their internship was definitely not love.

Counting down the minutes until he could go to dinner with her was definitely not love.

Not being able to sleep until he had a late-night hot chocolate chat with her was not love.

The aching in his heart when she wasn’t around could not be love.

The overwhelming warmth he felt when he saw her that morning, bathed in the early sunlight, could not be love.

But then he rethought it. Every time they held hands, every time he wrapped his arms around her, every time he saw her smile and it sent his heart racing.  It wasn’t just a crush, nor was it as simple as desire or as plain as affection.

Jughead was in love.


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“Oh, come on, Shawn…“ she giggled, stretching out the syllables of his name, handing him the Tequila shot. He shook his head vigorously.

 “No, Jo! No more shots,” he replied, raising his eyebrows at her and she just shrugged and licked the skin between her thumb and index finger.

 Shawn bit his lip, looking on as she put a little bit of salt on her moisturized skin, her pinkish tongue poking out cheekily.

 He shook his head slightly, mesmerized by her beauty.

 There were only a few things that could leave Shawn speechless.

 When the crowd would sing back at him.

 When he found that line that fit the song perfectly.

 And her.

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So there’s this video of Rupert Grint & he’s answering rapid fire questions in which he has to choose b/w 2 things & one of the questions was “book or film” & he almost immediately says “book” & I remember seeing it & thinking, “after all the complete & utter SHITTY way they treated your character OF FUCKING COURSE you’re gonna say book my gorgeous gorgeous man they didn’t know what to do w/ your talent my love” & it must be stated shouted from the very rooftops that Steve Kloves & David Yates can just fucking suck it okay b/c Ron was such an amazing character & Rupert such a great actor & if Kloves & Yates hadn’t had this fucking Harmonie boner we could’ve had so many beautiful things but no no no no we couldn’t have that shit could we & I would say I’m sorry for these feelings but ya know what I AM NOT b/c my two babies Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley & Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint fucking deserved better.

Episode 93, part 2 (part 1 is here), and Kaiba’s coping well with human interactions!

Okay, he’s coping so-so. Try not to get too tired, babe, we HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED THE DUEL YET.

It comes out, in Kaiba and Isis’s surprisingly drawn-out pre-duel chit-chat, that Isis was the one to suggest the tournament to Kaiba, and Jounouchi is…

… characteristically bafflingly over-enraged. I think he’s under too much stress, he keeps fReAkInG oUt over things that really aren’t worth screaming at people over. 

(Yami is fucking gorgeous just what the fuck idk kill me)

Isis coldly tells Kaiba that she’s going to straight-up wreck him in this card game and he goes:

… I think he’s actually aroused by the concept of being beaten in a card game? Is that a thing? Like a really really specific graysexual humiliation kink?

Isis isn’t fucking around, though, she intends to beat Kaiba…

She straight up intends to jump on the grenade masquerading as a mental illness masquerading as a person that is Yami Malik. She has seen the future and she intends to die facing Yami Malik. Does she know she wins against him?? Does she know her sacrifice works??? Or does she just have the vision as far as her death????

Anyway, Kaiba has remembered that he’s not supposed to let on that he’s aroused by the idea of losing a card game and defaults to…

… aggressive disdain!

“Use you”, sweetie, it was like

Isis: So I thought maybe if you ran a t–


In any case, he’s not worried about her magic jewellery.

That’s literally what you always say. (Is it just me or does his smile here look like an awkward Disney Prince kinda smile?)

But his boyfriend is more wary, being less dismissive of the awesome power of haunted necklaces…


Isis says she already knows every card Kaiba will play, which sounds familiar to the Nerd Herd, but Yami sets them straight


Yami points out that it’s much too windy up here to rely on scented cards, which seems like a odd angle to take, since she explicitly pointed to her great-big-fuck-off gold necklace with a honking great eye on it as the source of her future-vision, and they really should know by now that gold things with massive eyes on them are imbued with Plot.

Isis quickly proves her ability to “see” Kaiba’s cards by playing a “your opponent chooses two cards to be discarded from your hand” card, which Kaiba HAAAAAATES

like WAY more than I expected him to

how aroused is he right now?

She doesn’t even have to look to choose his cards.

In fact, she even keeps her eyes closed, which seems unnecessary since he’s across the fuckin blimp from her, but whatever. It’s part of the ~Drama~ I guess. She is an Ishtar after all!

Yami Malik recognises her tactics from Malik’s memories

Surfaced? That sounds like he’s a road with nice tarmac on him.

Also HOW did they have fucking DUEL MONSTERS CARDS in their fucking ISOLATIONIST CULT DUNGEON seriously what even is this show.

Yami Malik has gotten sick of Slightly Less Murderous Malik’s repeated exclamations of “Sister!” (in his defense, it was kind of annoying) and locked him in the Glass Case Of Emotion

and I’ve just noticed that Yami Malik ALSO changed his trousers when he went to change out of the lilac crop top?? surely he should have preferred the black trousers? did he not want to overdo the goth vibe?? so many questions…

Back in the duel, Kaiba has a plan….

And Isis has a vision of the future….

She does feel bad about it though.

okay well (a) how do you turn it off? do you just not wear the necklace? or does she have to Ask the necklace stuff? and (b) does predicting the future actually Help? like, surely, if it’s the unavoidable future (which it isn’t, but she thinks it is), it doesn’t really matter if you Know or not?

Regardless of this philosophical quandary, Kaiba has unleashed his Virus combo which is SUPER BROKEN

I’m pretty sure it’s only Monsters of 1500 ATK or higher, but I’m also pretty sure Seto Kaiba thinks that monsters with fewer than 1500 ATK are just silly children’s stories like the tooth bunny, so as far as he’s concerned, the Virus does destroy all Actual Real Monsters.

Isis stops him in his tracks with Oh Fuck These Yokes!

that’s what they ALL say.

But Kaiba isn’t rattled. In fact, he’s positively poetical.

Um … by which he means, he’ll play a card that will force her to discard all the Magic Cards in her deck. Magic Cards, of course, commonly referred to as a woman’s feathers.

Also wow, what a brokenly overpowered card! Why doesn’t he use this card every duel?? It would really fuck up Yami’s deck!

And Mokuba isn’t worried either!

He is a little gremlin, but he’s not worried!

Kaiba’s faith (not that he would ever call it that) is rewarded, he can feel…

good lord you are just so fucking much all the fucking time can you just maybe take one deep breath and phrase something in a normal, card game appropriate, calmly understated kinda way, please?

… no of course not.

anonymous asked:

Sincerely three headcanons with a cheerleader date mate please?

I didn’t know if you meant all of them separate or one big relationship, so I did all four so?

Sincerely Three

•You had met Evan first, accidentally bumping into him in the hall. He stuttered out an apology, trying to rush so it didn’t embarrass him more, while you just smiled and nodded. After you introduced yourself to him, even though it was surprising since you’re this gorgeous cheerleader, and he’s him.

•As you kept bumping into him, you started to talk to him more, you started getting closer. He started to become more open and less anxious around you. You had innocent flirting before finding out about his relationship from other people and you promptly stopped in respect for his relationship. You were already okay with it before Evan actually mentioned it to you, so it was no surprise you were okay with meeting his partners.

•You stood up for him in the halls of anyone was picking on him, which gave him a popularity boost that he didn’t ask for. People thought you both were actually dating but in reality, you weren’t.

•You would throw your pep rally toys at him in the crowd, he would blush when you would do it. Jared and Connor were very suspicious about it too, time to introduce you.

•You hit it off with Jared immediately, bouncing off jokes onto each other and just having laughs all over. Evan was alarmed how much his boyfriend and you fit together so easily. You and Jared’s conversation at first was mostly snarky comments, but it’s all good.

•Connor took a little while to warm up to you because it looked like you were flirting with his boyfriend. He took you as the cheerleader bully stereotype and was just preparing himself for the insults. But eventually your dry, dark humor came out and now you had appeal to him.

•The boys already had mini crushes on you, but Jared was the first to talk about bringing you into the relationship. Evan was too afraid to mention it and Connor is Connor. They all agreed that they really like you and hopefully you like them too. (P.S. You do)

•They started to be more supportive like go to every football game with you and meet you after you’re done cheering. You shrugged it off.

•They finally decided to ask you out after the homecoming game, which you gladly said yes almost immediately. Then, you sadly had to go back to cheering but you had a huge smile on your face, bigger than ever.


•You had been family friends, Cynthia insisting that you had dinner with them once or twice every month. That’s when you started to talk to Connor more. Everyone thought you would hit it off with Zoe more but your snickers at Connor’s snarky comments said otherwise.

•Connor was very passive aggressive with you at first because you associate with the people that yell at him in the halls, but he’ll admit that you are very cute. You started dating secretly later on, when you accidentally kicked him in the face while doing a jump and started talking after.

•When he went to pep rallies, you would always pick him for the on floor activity, he liked that you were his choice but people started to speculate. Plus, you made him do the crab in front of everyone, you really need to calm down.

•He was very jealous of the football players. You always seemed happy when cheering but in reality, if you didn’t smile, you would get kicked off the team. Oh well.

•You started dating half way through the year, and Connor started getting made fun of less when you were together. I guess your social status has a few advantages, but other than that, they wondered why the so called freak and the preppy cheerleader were dating.


•You were already good friends with big crushes on each other, but you don’t know that. You trying out for cheerleading just made Evan’s crush grow more really. You were so cute in your uniform.

•You almost convinced Evan to try out for the football team but then, he chickened out and didn’t show up for the tryouts. Then, you tried to convince him to tryout for basketball and even walked him to the tryouts, but then he just somehow escaped? what the fuck?

•When you were asked to be a leader at the kindergartener’s cheer camp and you said yes, Evan went with you because he wanted to see you, but he ended up with getting mobbed by little kids.

•He would get so scared if you were doing one of those dangerous jumps. Like he would be on the edge of his seat when you would do it, no, stop. He tried to make you stop doing them but it ended up with you making weird eye contact with him while doing them.

•You started dating and decided to introduce him to your cheerleading friends. He was so anxious, you ended up leaving early, but everyone loved him.


•Let’s be real, he probably was on the team before you were. He was probably mascot because he was dared to tryout by his friends and actually made it on the team. He tried to quit but couldn’t.

•He liked you since you first started speaking because you weren’t really obnoxiously preppy and just really calm about everything. It was a nice change for a while because all of the other cheerleaders wanted everything perfect.

•You would make jokes to each other in the down time of waiting to perform routines. Just making fun of people in the stands together. The whole cheer team shipped you too and always wanted to hear what you were whispering about.

•If a football or basketball player was getting too handsy, he would just walk up on his mascot suit and start screaming. It weirded everyone out enough that whoever that was flirting with you would walk away.

•He would let you try on the mascot costume if you really wanted to. But beware, it smells like shit. He had used it so many times in heat, you can’t really blame him.

•You would help him with routines if he needed you too, which most of the time, he definitely needed you to.

•If you both try out for the team again and one of you don’t make it, you both immediately quit the team, no matter what. It’s one for all and all for one.