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Happy Birthday, Tom Burke!

Only mere 36 years ago the world as we know it, was a lot darker place. But then, on the 30th day of June, a tiny little beautiful baby boy was born (disclaimer: I have no idea what size baby he was. Just go with it). He grew up to be an adorable child (pictured here with Daddy B)

an equally adorable youth

and a devastatingly gorgeous man.

So, Mr. B, birthday boy, what do you want to do to celebrate?

Okay okay, let’s get going then! We’ll come back to that last one when you remember what it was.

Oh okay you started already good

Yeah stay hydrated brilliant but

Ready to fight aaaare we? Awesome. Show me what you’ve got!

Oooh boy. Let me give you a hand.

Oh shush, you’re making me blush

Cheeky. Come on, have another drink!

Good good maybe another?

That’s my boy. What do you want to do next?

Oh of course! Let’s dance!

Brilliant stuff.

Even better.

Anything else the man of the day would like to do?

Is that a yes?

Is that the third thing you couldn’t remember? You and your dirty mind, honestly, what are you like! *gigglesnort*



Oh you are so bloody adorable.

Wishing you the happiest of days and sending all the love. 💜😘

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So I recently read this article on one of those sugar daddy/mommy websites where this girl became a sugar baby to help pay for school. And so it sorta gave me this idea of Clarke being a busy surgeon who is just looking for someone to have fun with and who is willing to go to charity dinners and so she posts on one of sugar mom websites and first Finn,then Raven (or Niylah), and eventually Bellamy answer her ad. Maybe B is doing it to help pay for O's school? IDK...what do you think?

I think - yes, I can totally do this. Although, this isn’t a kink fic. So if you wanted that, I’m sorry, but I’m not really okay with that particular kink. If you wanted something sweet, Bellamy being altruistic and Clarke being weird af - that I can do. :D

Also on AO3

“Ok, so how do I write this without sounding creepy?”

Wells shoots Clarke a glare over a coffee table littered with empty pizza boxes and beer cans.

“You are literally posting an ad to a sugar mommy website, Clarke. There is no way anything you write won’t be creepy.”

Still, they manage to come up with something relatively non-threatening because this is not a kink for Clarke. She isn’t looking for a fuckbuddy. Not exactly.

She’s just looking for someone to keep her company, all expenses paid, and not moan about her crazy schedule. Being a surgeon means that relationships are hard and as much as she’d like to fall in love, she prefers saving lives and feeling like she’s actually doing something good for the greater good.

“Which is how most villains start out,” Wells adds helpfully, trying not to grin but failing when she hits him with a yellow post-it pad. 

“You’re rude. Why are we even friends?”

“Because there’s no one else who’d help you write this ad.”

“Good point.”

So she writes the ad, makes sure she emphasizes that she’s mostly looking for someone willing to drink copious amounts of champagne and make fun of snobs on charity galas for a more than polite compensation.

It’s not like she’s actually expecting someone to reply to the ad.

But they do.

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halfway through a Wynonna Earp rewatch

and here’s a list of things i’m thinking, in no particular order:

  • i tried to be more forgiving of champ’s character this time. i really did.
  • i might be in the minority here but i sincerely hope that when season two begins, goo!waverly torches all of her high-waisted jeans. for real. i’m having childhood flashbacks and not the good kind.
  • also hey just kidding champ is still a douchecanoe. and the longer i watch him the more he reminds me of my first girlfriend. so there’s that.
  • i am somehow even saltier about the blacksmith’s fate this time around. WE WERE ROBBED.
  • these landscape shots are GORGEOUS. but god it looks cold.
  • salty about fish’s all too brief story, too. like…shit that could have been an awesome arc, y’all.
  • melanie scrofano has the power to make any scene 100x better by inserting a random hand gesture or an eye roll. and you know what? she never lets us down.
  • watching the slow thaw of deputy marshall dolls is a total pleasure.
  • and nicole walking into the bar acting casual while already having her business card in her front pocket, a little creased but ready to go says VOLUMES about her without ever saying anything.
If You Give Me All You Got

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You spend the day helping Mikey shop for Christmas gifts for his bandmates. But, the hardest person to shop for may be Mikey himself.

“Thanks for helping me do my Christmas shopping, Y/N,” Mikey said gratefully.

“No problem,” you smiled, stomping the snow off your boots as you entered the comic book shop. You were looking for a gift for Gerard.

“My brother really loves Grant Morrison,” Mikey reminded, “so let’s look for a comic that he did writing for.”

“Good idea,” you nodded. “Hey, isn’t that your brother’s comic right there?” you asked, pointing at a copy of Doom Patrol on the shelf.

“It is!” Mikey grinned. “I’m so proud of him! Gerard and I used to hang out at comic stores like this all the time as kids, so it’s crazy to think that something he made is sitting in the DC section right next to our old favorites.”

“Hey, look, here’s an omnibus of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run,” you pointed out. It was a massively thick book, and it looked expensive.

“Wow, what a great find!” Mikey grinned. “Thanks, Y/N.”

“No problem,” you shrugged. “You sure you don’t want to get something cheaper, though?”

“Sometimes I feel like you forgot I’m in a platinum-selling band,” Mikey chuckled. “I got it covered, don’t worry.”

“I’m surprised nobody’s recognized you yet, and asked you for a picture or something,” you confessed.

“While, I’m not as instantly recognizable as Gerard,” Mikey shrugged. “It’s not like I’m the frontman.”

“True,” you considered as Mikey paid for the comic. “Where to next?”

“Next, we need something for Frank,” Mikey decided. “So, let’s head to the record store.”

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One thing that I love about Bayformers Sideswipe is that he is not only majestic on his sexy goddamn wheelfeet, but he is damn good looking.

Although he doesn’t show much character in ROTF/DOTM, I instantly fell in love with him for just one simple line that screamed borderline cockiness.

That line really sold my soul to him.

He was given a bit more lines and a little more character, as well as a fantastic close up on his face that just made me squeal VERY loudly.

“And we’ll let you escape with your dignity.”

Damn that voice of his is so fucking awesome! What surprises me more though was the way how he commanded the Autobots after Ironhide died (he was the SIC of the Autobots for a time) and the other Autobots were more than happy to follow his orders, like how he ordered Que to get moving as well as ordering the Autobots to attack Sentinel Prime. Now it makes me really miss him very much, but thank god for headcanon.

If anyone can do me a favour, would they please be able to do some gifs of Sideswipe being fucking gorgeous in Dark of the Moon, this fangirl will be SOOO pleased. Who doesn’t just love Sideswipe being so majestic and awesome!

Just saw the new Transformers movie and I can report that Josh Duhamel is as gorgeous as ever and he still looks positively delicious in black camo. And he was fantastic here, the way he faced Megatron without flinching even when Megatron threw a hissy fit. That was awesome!

Oh, Mark Wahlberg was there, too. And a very annoying kid. This girl sure wasn’t Logan’s Laura. This kid I wanted to strangle!

So yeah, loved Josh Duhamel and the visuals. Couldn’t care less about the rest. Now, gimme a movie about Duhamel’s Lennox and Santiago Cabrera’s Santos and I’ll be a happy clam!

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The them and us terminology used in the Roman fandom is honestly nonsense. Your not a bad person if you don't like Roman,clearly have no taste, but it doesn't make you a bad person anymore than liking him does. I dont think any other superstar has ever been so polarizing. Ro got the whole world going nuts lol. Adore your blog BTW probs my fave ProRo blog on here. So respectful but damn you funny.

I get that. Honestly, most folks who like Roman just wanna enjoy his matches, laugh at his goofy ass during his interviews, and admire how gorgeous he is. That’s honestly all most of us want. It just gets really hard to do when people like to unnecessarily bring the hate right to you. IDGAF who likes him and who doesn’t. As long as you’re not attacking Joe Anoai or his family, whatever. If I post about how awesome I think he is, that’s not an invitation to come on my blog and post a dissertation about how much he sucks. Do that shit on your own blog, you know?

Let me lust in peace.

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Mild language

Requested by @purityimagines: “ Can you write this Jerome Valeska imagine where he’s becoming more popular and known in Gotham city and the reader is his girlfriend, and she’s scared of losing him to another girl who’s more pretty and fit than the reader, so he has to keep reminding her that he belongs to her and no one else?”

A/N: I know you said imagine, but this is going to be a short story. Oops.


“Jerome, can we go somewhere else?”

You looked at your boyfriend with pleading eyes. You knew he only took you to this cafe because he knew you loved it, but you were getting annoyed with all the girls that were staring at him.

He had finally done it. He took over Gotham. Everyone looked up to him and respected him now, because if they didn’t, well…

That’s not the point. The point was there was a ton of girls giving him googly eyes in here and you hated it.

Jerome looked at you in confusion. 

“Why doll? I thought you liked this place.” 

You grabbed his hand and smiled weakly.

“I do, it’s just..”

You looked at the girls again, hoping Jerome would take the hint.

He did, thankfully.

Jerome stood up and grabbed you. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close.

“Listen up you thirsty whores.”

Two girls left.

“I know you want me, who doesn’t, I’m awesome. But I don’t care.”

Another left.

“See this gorgeous woman right here?”

Four girls walked out.

“I’m all hers.”

Another four.

“So fuck off. I belong to (Y/N) (L/N).”

At this point, all the girls had cleared out of the cafe. You smiled at Jerome and kissed his cheek. You guys sat back down and went about your daily lives.


Jerome finally got home as you finished dinner. You walked out into the living room to greet him, only to be met with confusion. There was another woman standing with Jerome, a really pretty, skinny woman.

“(Y/N), I’d like you to meet a friend. This is Sara.”

You forced yourself to smile and held out your hand for Sara.

“It’s very nice to meet you. I just finished dinner, will you be joining us? It’s steak.”

Sara ignored your hand and turned to Jerome. 

“Can I use your bathroom?”

Your hand dropped along with your smile and you looked at Jerome, giving him your death stare. He ignored it and smiled at Sara. 

“Of course. Right up the stairs.”

As soon as she was gone, you started ignoring Jerome. 

“Babe. What’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me?”

“Because! You already know how I feel about all the whores in this city wanting you, and then you bring one of the prettiest ones you can find to our doorstep.”

You turned around and continued making dinner plates. Right as Jerome was about to respond, Sara came from downstairs.

You forced yet another smile.

“Sara! I made you a plate, would you like some?”

Sara looked at the plate of steak with a disgusted look, then at you with the same look. 

“I’m vegan. You rude bitch.”

You gasped. “Well I’m sorry, I didn’t know. But that gives you no excuse to-”

Jerome cut you off.

“Honey, Sara is a guest. We don’t speak to guests that way.”

You gasped again. You could not believe Jerome was taking this whore’s side.

You dropped the plate in your hand - yes, dropped - and ran upstairs. You went to your bedroom and locked the door. Jerome could sleep on the couch for all you cared, you were just hurt over what just happened. 

You collapsed on the bed and started crying silently.

Eventually, you heard Sara leave. Jerome came up the stairs and tried to open the bedroom door. You heard him sigh. 

He pounded on the door. “Baby, let me in.”

You sat up on the bed, but said nothing.

“Babe, come on, I’m sorry about earlier. I should’ve stuck up for you.”


“I just - she’s an important part of a business deal, alright? I couldn’t-”

You cut him off by opening the door and yelling at him. He was shocked to see the mascara running down your face, and the hurt in your eyes. He didn’t think it was that big of a deal until now.

“Oh, so your fucking business deals are more important than your girlfriend? I mean, jesus christ Jerome, you already know how I feel about all the girls in this city when it comes to you, and you always say that I’m your number one or what the fuck ever, but then when it’s most important, when I really need you to prove it, you fucking-”

Jerome cut you off by smashing his lips into yours. He kissed you hungrily, wrapping an arm around your waist and sliding the other behind your neck. 

He kissed you so hard, you ended up being pushed into the wall. 

He finally pulled back and looked at you.

“Dollface, you know I’m all yours. I’ve always been yours, since the moment I saw you in the GCPD. I will forever be yours, and I’m sorry for being so shitty tonight, but I’m yours. I love you, (Y/N).”

You stood with wide eyes for a minute, tears going down your cheeks, but smiled nonetheless. “I love you too, Jerome.” 

How Charming

I tried to fit in everything to one chapter but it’d be way too long and I doubt I’d have gotten it done tonight so I split them and I’m working on the ficlet btw there’ll be a little surprise in it for you Dev. Did I mention that watching boys drink is kind of a turn-on for me?

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

After waking up and pulling on some clothes you realised you needed to take out the trash. You sighed as you tied the garbage bag and headed out to dispose it.

Much to your embarrassment, you ran into Erica on the way back. She was clad in one of Boyd’s t-shirts and she smirked at you knowingly.

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A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 199

Deformed style is CUTE.

My New Year’s resolution for 2017: re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and relive the joy that is Gintama lesson-by-lesson. Hopefully I will never reach the end of the series should Sorachi-sama have a change of heart and never conclude it.

What I Loved in Lesson 199:


I LOLed so hard at Shinpachi and Kagura. When I first saw this I thought it was snot running down their noses.

Just cuz Gintoki looked good here.

Just cuz Kagura-chan looked adorable here.

Poor Pachi-kun is so starved for compliments he almost disintegrated from them.

Otae being a brutal badass as usual.

Ships Tally:

GinOiwa: can’t say that I blame her but still, boo on her for trying to trap Gintoki. Selfish.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


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"#if you wanna drag a romantic poet#DRAG WORDSWORTH" WORD IT UP.

Wordsworth can get REKT ok he is the inferior specimen of all Romantic poetry??? Coleridge’s poetry is on so many drugs it’s just delightful, Keats’s is horribly tragic and emotional and sensual and gorgeous, Mary Shelley writes some DARK HARDCORE STUFF and her hubby Percy was kind of a sweetheart in comparison but he still wrote awesome poems about MOUNTAINS and also POSSIBLY THE BEST SONNET OF ALL TIME (Ozymandias), and there’s also a lady poet named Charlotte Smith that nobody has ever heard of who wrote poems about DINOSAUR FOSSILS, and my one true love Lord Byron is just a fucking rascal and his poems are hilarious and so alive and excited and adventurous and electric!!!!

and Wordsworth is just over here nipping phrases from his sister Dorothy’s journals and writing about how pretty the daisies are?? While all the rest of the Romantics are getting high or fighting in revolutions or having sex in graveyards or writing angry articles or swimming across the sea or protesting awful political things or owning weird-ass pets or being amateur scientists or traveling all over Europe and all the while writing about these insanely interesting things??? Keats managed to live about a third of Wordsworth’s lifespan, spending a large amount of that very very ill or caring for other people who were very very ill, and still write insanely interesting things???

And ol Will there is just living in a cottage somewhere and getting complacent and boring and uuuuUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH he is literally too boring for me to even insult????? He is the mayonnaise white bread sandwich of Romantic poetry and im falling asle e ep   j u s t   typ i ng  abou t       h i m…


I just gotta say how much I love Poe. Not only is he an incredible character in the film Star Wars: TFA, but he’s got a gorgeous face. x3 Crushing really hard over here ahaha! But seriously, what an awesome movie this was– exceeded every expectation I held for it, and I’ll be seeing it for the third time later this week I’ll imagine! Been a long time since I did a portrait, so I know I’m a little rusty– I hope you all enjoy this doodles of Poe! First one if just normal Poe, and the second is a bit more “bloodied” up Poe. ^u^ Enjoy! 

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My crush is my best friend, so he always tells me about his crushes, how pretty are they, how awesome, gorgeous, etc. and that makes me feel terrible 'cause I feel he is never going to like someone like me. He is my everything. He is very cute, smart and funny. No matter how many times he breaks my heart I still love him, and I hope some day he will realize that, and that I'm always here for him. He makes me so happy, and I think I could also make him happy. Sorry, I think this is just crazy

Tell him what you just told me. Tell him. 🗼❤

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Hi! Can you post a/your top 10 tumblr blogs with stationery/journal ideas/creations/tutorials/posts/etc? Thank you!

Hi, definitely! I I feel like 10 is not enough because there are so many great people with amazing creations here, but I’ll try to choose! :D

@studypetals Rhianne’s blog is where you should go when you need ideas for your bullet journal. She has lots of resources - doodles, banners, titles,… and her journal is simply amazing.

@studyrose Cheyenne has the most gorgeous bujo ever, like DAMN, her journal was the one that inspired me to start my own.

@studykouffee​ Kou and her journal & notes omg, just go and look at it, it’s awesome. I still cannot comprehend how she does her lettering.

@studywithinspo Brian’s bullet journal and aesthetic are GOALS. He also has a youtube channel where he posts tutorials and flip throughs etc, you should definitely check that.

@emmastudies​ Emma has lots of great advice, and she just made really nice desktop calendars for 2017!

@nag-aaral​ Eris has such a BEAUTIFUL bullet journal, every photo she posts is a piece of art.

@focusign Judy uses simple layouts in her journal, and they look SO amazing and still well decorated!!

@acadaemic Anna has SO PRETTY spreads & her study posts are goals.

@studyplants Adi makes beautiful graphics & helpful masterposts but also gorgeous notes 💕

@studylustre I’ve been stalking Carol on her instagram (because her feed is AWESOME) but she also posts her pics here on tumblr and they’re so amazing

Again, I feel so bad for leaving so many awesome people. Just look through the stuff I reblog, there are many posts and creations I find amazing :)

Nothing Even Matters (Calum Hood Imagine)

Originally posted by lukes-hot-ass

Requested: Yes, by @goneforbananas​ on my old blog.

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I’m thinking of making this into a series, so tell me what you think! Request here for part 2! I named this series after a BTR song :’) I miss them omg

Nothing Even Matters Masterlist

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I love Armin with all of my heart, not gonna lie like. It’s just become clearer to us that he’s actually the most delicious human being. HE’S JUST SO AMAZINGLY GEEKY AND I LOVE IT

And here he’s probablys having an awesome action scene from one of his games playing out in his head and then it just turns to crap


And here he’s basically telling us that he’ll always be there to get us out of locked rooms. Ah you gorgeous man you

And he uses his twin as an excuse to hold my hand. Like you wouldn’t want to hold us either way, pet 

He’s literally the most gorgeous man in this entire game, like. He’s such a geek and he has the bluest eyes and I literally cannae handle my feelings at this point

So I just got back from a showing of BvS and I gotta say, this movie was INCREDIBLE. The cinematography was gorgeous, the actors were on point with the characters (Ben has the best fighting scenes I’ve ever seen in any Batman movie hands down, Henry really put a lot of emotion into Superman, Gal rocked her scenes ESPECIALLY when she came out as Wonder Woman), and the cameos were awesome ( Trying not to give too much away here, the Cyborg scene shocked me, the Flash scene gave me goosebumps, he has a bigger significance to this movie’s plotline than I had previously thought, and I’m still swooning over Aquaman.) It definitely catered well to DC fans and overall, I’m greatly satisfied with how this one turned out. I’ve noticed the people who disliked the movie don’t know much about the DC universe, they judge it based on the Nolan films, which is probably why they claimed it dull and too long. But seriously if you’re a DC fan you will love this movie, guaranteed. 

Another Forearm Friday. All the Happy.

Happy Forearm Friday, my friends. I hope it finds you noticing how fabulous you are. And because you are all three flavors of awesome (chocolate, puppies and freedom) you deserve this. All the strength and pretty rolled up into a smoldering man gift.

I present to you this. Because the forearms don’t just happen by lightning strike, right? It takes work. Thanks for the work, dude. 

I could watch him shoot the bow all day long. 

Kind of casual here. What has he got in his pockets? I have no idea, but i am very curious

John Diggle’s arms are not of this earth. Seriously. 

They move so pretty, the forearms. All the movement. All the continuous pretty. Who doesn’t need this? 

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That concludes today’s exercise in awesome. 

So you go out there and have a great Friday now. Rejuvenated. Energized. Hopeful. Somewhere in the world, this gorgeous specimen of DudeBroManDad actually exists. Like a perfect diamond. Or the ultimate cupcake with the exact right amount of frosting. Ooh, frosting. Hmm. 

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So I'm home watching the TWD marathon..

And doing laundry, cause I’m a loser with nothing better to do  ha, and ‘Seed’ is currently on. And this scene happens.

And I start giggling like a silly fangirl all over again. 

and forgot about everything else I was doing…

“I’ll go down first..”

“even better..” “Stop.." 

It never gets old. 

And I’m never gonna get anything done…Such is my life today.I guess i’m just gonna sit here and watch the marathon until I find something better to do. But chances are I won’t. This is much more fun. 

And Daryl is just so damn awesome looking this season (not that he still isn’t mind you) but dang boy. Somewhere in between the boy and the man Carol was talking about. Just  really coming into his awesomeness in all forms for me. Plus I love his hair that season too. Around that length is perfect, just enough to fall into those gorgeous green eyes of his…

yeah I’m definatly not getting anything done today….