he's just so good you guys

This is a dedicated message to the ones who don’t know why I fangirl SO hard over Jin: THE man can sing, can joke, can cook, is strong, is educated, is kind, can dance (and don’t tell me NO! if you can dance BTS’ choreos or keep up YOU CAN DANCE), is from a good family and lived in a cheap dorm and struggled with the boys when he could just get his dad’s business, is humble and never said that his parents were rich, loves animals, treat people well no matter their age or background or race …, expresses his feelings well, Is a family guy, eats well and feed people he loves delicious and expensive food, is not afraid to wear pink because he is a man who thinks his masculinity is not as fragile nor that wearing a color mostly worn by woman is a disgrace, IS HELLA GOOD LOOKING, AND NOW ADD THIS TO THE LIST: HE HAS ABS! And in case you didn’t know, the BOI is stronger than Jungkook but he let him win because JK hates losing (remember kind?). Did I mention that he plays instruments and is good at snowboarding too? Ah yeah, he does those and he can act too (BIGHIT PUT HIM IN A DRAMA ALREADY). Wait I didn’t finish YET. He is soooo good at variety shows and is not afraid to show who he is. Finally, he is CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and lLoves TO SHARE HAPPINESS & MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. There is still a long list but I will let the ones sleeping on him digest this one first. 

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Why does Kakashi read books about flirting what does he want to learn and why

In other news I started colouring but they didn’t end up working quite so well so have this Kakashi which is all I liked

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heeey!! 💙🍀✌ v x mc cuddling headcanons? or v/saeran friendship h/cs?

Oh shit, I have a few others to do but I saw this one and now I wanna do V x MC cuddling- imma bout to die ily


  • He’s a real good cuddle buddy
  • He’s really tall, so when he does cuddle with you he kind of just envelopes you in his embrace 

  • You guys alternate between who is the big and the little spoon, because guess what, he actually likes being big spoon AND also being the little spoon
  • He likes to just run the tips of his fingers up and down your arms, sides, or legs
  • He’ll play with your hair a lot 
  • Buries his face into your neck and just… breathes in and out softly. 
  • If you’re the big spoon, he’ll rest his head on your chest while you rest your head on top of his
  • Likes to draw things onto your arms/back, and vice versa, making each other guess what the other drew/wrote
  • When MC and him first moved in together, the two wanted to be so close while sleeping because they could, so they would wrap themselves up in each others embrace/cuddle all night long
  • Usually ended up in a few aching limbs cause of the positions 
  • But it’s okay you love each other
  • Now it’s just something y’all do in the morning when you get up, or before you go to bed. Or just in the middle of the day
  • Absentmindedly playing with his hand in yours while you speak
  • It’s just such a comforting thing for V, especially when he’s had a stressful day
  • He loves you so much please-

I believe in kissing on the first date. Get that out of the way immediately so we aren’t wasting each other’s time. 

First date guy walks me to my car, says he’d like to kiss me. Sure, let’s see what we’ve got. 

Good, good. That was nice. 

“Just to be clear, I’m not really looking for a relationship. Just, you know, friends - or maybe a little bit more - if we’re both open to it.”

OK, my guy. I’ll stop looking at china patterns. 

:: huge eyeroll :: 

Just to be clear, I said nice. Not orgasmic. Orgasmic is my kissing standard. 

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Some random asshole hits on you when Chris is around and you tell them you have a boyfriend but they try talking about their accomplishments and you just "Chris babe you wanna tell this guy about your trip to mars?" And Chris thinks its so hot that you use his accomplishment and his proudest moment to show him off and tell guys that you aren't interested so as soon as you get home he just can't keep his hands to himself and ends up on his knees with his head between your thighs

You leaned over the bar, ordering a martini for yourself when you felt a presence next to you. “Hey, sweetness” he looked you up and down lewdly. 

“Hey” you replied curtly, wishing the bartender would hurry with your drink. 

“You looked like you were dying to hear about how I sent a rocket to mars” he said smugly, swirling his own drink. 

“I’m good, thanks” you rolled your eyes. When you felt a warm arm snake around your middle you thanked every star in the universe. 

“Hey baby, who’s your new friend?” Chris tightened his hold on you slightly. 

“He sent a rocket to Mars” your eyes widened comically, Chris trying to hold back his laughter. The man across from you smiled confidently at you both. “I think he’d love to hear about you went to Mars and saved the one and only Mark Watney” you looked at the man who had suddenly paled. Chris puffed his chest out slightly, his own confidence sky rocketing. 

The man looked at his watch before stuttering “I have to go” awkwardly. Chris looked at you, eyes bright with love and adoration but there was something darkening in them. “God, I love you” he kissed you heatedly, and that night with his head inbetween your thighs showed you exactly how much he loved you.

Sinful Sunday™

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Im sorry i need advice and you're one of the people who seems to actually care with real issues. I work drive thru most nights and this really persistent guy keeps asking me to call him even tho hes my moms age and ive told him i dont think i can. My next plan is to tell him that i have a bf even tho i dont. Im a bad liar so im trying to get peoples help with names and if someone could act as my fake bf. Lol sorry again im really nervous about this

That fake bf idea might work but when he shows up i think its generally a good idea to just have someone you trust nearby and plainly visible. Just make sure you have someone to make sure you’re safe. Maybe tell your supervisor or the police if he persists or it escalates. Im sorry you have to deal with this creepy piece of shit and i hope it gets resolved soon

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Do you have any favourite Nicky gifs/photos/stories?

I only have a couple of Nicky photos saved on my computer but they’re all iconic

ooh i have some good gifs tho

i think of all my faves nicky is one of the hardest for me to pull stories of, but i do remember when burky was living with him he actually called him his son (cause he acted like such a kid). even up until just a few years ago he would call all the young guys his sons on twitter and everything.

Nicky’s just so good at what he does and it’s heartbreaking that so few people recognize him for it. He’s such a good guy, and he cares so much. Nicky deserves the world tbh.

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I think Laurent would be that person where he's talking to the person who wants to approach damen and then Laurent just tells him how good damen is in bed and some other scandalous stuff that I can't put into words yet and then "yeah I can still feel him inside me, anyway, back the fuck off of I'll- oh hey honey!" That's because damen showed so.. "what were you guys talking about?" "Your large cock"

you are 100% correct and damen is like LAURENT WE TALKED ABOUT THIS

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Every fic must end eventually.  We are at a point in the story where people need to make decisions and start taking full ownership of this relationship instead of half-assing it like they have been.  I can’t keep them in limbo forever.  I’m very early in writing the next chapter - so this will take a while yet.

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Besides, I can’t handle having too many series going at the same time and I have ideas for two more series I want to start.  One of them will feature Jungkook as the lead character and I’ve been excited to start this one for a while.  I really can’t handle writing two different versions of Jungkook at the same time (especially since these characters are very different) so The Fitting must end in order for me to move on to new things.

More Like Family

Magnus Bane!Platonic X Reader

Word Count: 531

Requested: Anon

Request: Could you do a shadowhunter imagine where you’re a friend of magnus and you’re visiting him and Alec comes in when you guys are in a seemingly compromising position and you guys have to explain that there isn’t anything between you two

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You walked into Magnus’ apartment you guys had been good friends for centuries give the fact that you were both warlocks “Magus!” You yelled as you walked in.

“(Y/N).” Magnus smiled. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked.
“Alright, so I got in a bit of trouble.” You admitted.
“Where?” He asked.
“In London. I just need your help to fix it.” You explained.
“What did you do?” He asked.
“Well, you know how the Shadowhunters there suck?” You asked and he looked at you neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “They are!”
“Whatever you say.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes throwing the keys that you had in your hand at his face. “What did you do?”
“I… Well, I wanted to make them forget something that I did but I made them forget… Everything.” You admitted.
“Where are they!?” He asked now very alarmed by the news.
“They’re at my place.” You answered, “Knocked out.”
“You really need to work on this.” He mumbled.
“Well, you stopped coming to see me when you started dating Alec is it?” You asked and he nodded. “Not that it’s a problem but I just don’t have someone stopping me from making stupid decisions if you’re here all the time.” You explained and he rolled his eyes.
“Did you use a spell or potion?” He asked.
“Potion.” You answered.
“Of course you did.” He mumbled looking through his books and throwing one at you.
“Look through that one for anything that could help retrieve memories,” Magnus ordered and you nodded.

A few hours later you were looking over Magnus’ shoulder as he pointed out some of the things in the book explaining how you were going to fix the problem that you had created. Someone cleared their throat and you both looked up to see a Shadowhunter. “Oh, you must be Alec.” You smiled and when you saw the look on his face you realised that you were in fact very close to Magnus and it could be taken the wrong way, you stood up and stepped away “You should know that I’m only here because I made a mistake and he’s going to fix it.”
“Why were you that close?” He asked and you smiled.
“We’ve been friends for centuries we are always this close, honestly though he’s more like my older brother and you have nothing to worry about.” You explained and Alec nodded.
“You’re British.” He pointed out.
“I am.” You nodded.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“Like I said made a mistake need to fix it.” You nodded.
“What mistake?” He asked.
“Wiped the memories of a few Shadowhunters in London,” Magnus answered and you glared at him.
“You supposed to keep my secrets.” You mumbled.
“I keep no secrets from my boyfriend,” Magnus argued and you folded your arms like a child.
“Whatever can we fix the problem now please?” You asked. “They are not going to stay knocked out forever.” Magnus smirked before opening a portal to your apartment you looked over at Alec “you’re welcome to come with if you want.” you offered before stepping through to finally sort out your problem.

Requests and general question!

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Since Shawn admitted he gets jealous can you imagine you two are at a party and some random guy is flirting with you and you're kinda oblivious to his flirting since you've had a few drinks and Shawn sees this while he's talking to some friends and then he goes over to you and goes "hey BABE, you need anything. Ok well I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND so if you need anything just let me know" and then when you two go home he fucks you good to let you know that hes your and um yeah

i can’t, 

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HC for Kuroo and the v introverted ghost girl in the class who has fallen for him and can't get up -DQ

*He meets you when he performs some dumb ritual he found online in his room on Halloween. He thinks it won’t work (but has a glimmer of hope it will bc??? seeing a ghost would be kinda cool??) but JOKES ON HIM IT DOES
*So he’s really scared at first and is like “OH SHIT MOMS GONNA KICK MY ASS FOR SUMMONING A FUCKING EVIL POLTERGEIST” but you’re surprisingly cool? And then he calms down, and then things are just awkward (bc he’s so scared) but you start having a conversation so at least things are starting to look good. Then you guys become friends (he sticks his hand thru u all the time and is like “lol it just phases thru” please eat his soul)
*He actually is 83837392 times more terrified than the day he met you once he realizes he starts falling for you. He starts talking about you to Kenma and Kenma is just like ??? Who tf is this??? Kuroo explains the situation and Kenma is just like “how did you pass the mandatory drug tests for volleyball bc ur definitely on something”. Kuroo is constantly struggling w his feelings for you, esp since he can’t talk to anyone about it without sounding insane. help him!!!

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14, 34, 36

14. Do you have a crush on anyone?

yes unfortunately i have crushes on several people

  • still kinda have a crush on Boy but it’s more like the kind where you have lingering attraction to them and you don’t really want to
  • this guy im acquainted with who’s a year older than me and hes so sweet and kind and just has this aura of Goodness around him
  • my roommate but in a very weird backwards way where i know it’s a self-destructive thing

34. Have you ever had sex with a woman?

no i havent had sex with anyone, particularly not a woman. ive kissed a girl before when i still thought i was into girls, but thats it

36. Have you ever liked one of your best friends?

not really, no, most of my best friends have been girls

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i don't want to bother you lets just say that the fact that gguk is not feeling fine just- im feeling worse

Oh baby!!!!!! He’ll be okay!!!! We all feel unwell sometimes but he has so many cool hyungs who love him and will take good care of him!!! He’s a tough guy, I’m pretty sure he’s just playing overwatch 24/7 telling the boys it makes him feel better! Our little boy is gonna be fine in a few days don’t worry about him that much!! Let’s send him ((( positive vibes ))) it’ll help him 💯!

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Can i have a matchup pls? Also congrats on almost making 500!! Im a girl with blue eyes and currently dyed black hair. Im in general really quirky and weird, but in a good way. I also cuss A LOT but it just means im comfortable. I dye my hair every 3 months, so its always a surprise to my friends. I get really annoyed when people are super closeminded since im openminded to almost anything. ive been told that i can see the good and bad in people, so id say im extroverted bc of that. 1/2

You were one of my first followers and currently hold the ‘#2′ position for the ‘Biggest Fans’ section on my blog. Thus you get the first match up darling! Thank you for all the love! :D

I Pair You With:

Midoriya Izuku

He’s the type of guy who would enjoy not only helping volunteer at the animal shelter, but also enjoy the time he gets to spend with you. Your martial arts training would also help him a lot since he’s lacking in fighting skills. He’s used to hearing swearing (cough Bakuou cough) so he does not mind it, nor would he be upset about dying your hair. He’d be curious about why you’d dye it and would make sure no matter what color it is, that he lets you know he loves your creativity. He’s just as protective of his friends and would be thankful to have those feeling returned to him. You’ll need to push him out of that nervous shell sometimes, but he’ll be grateful that you would want to spend time with him as much as he does with you.

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I get it though! I mean, I'm not gonna jump anyone's back for liking him, and, for all we know, he might be redeeming himself away from the public eye, but until then, we just have glimpses of what made him a not so great guy. But he was a good drummer, just not a great person. It's cool.

true !!!!!! true….

@merlinshit asked: Hi! I’m just so happy that I found this blog cause your writing style is precious! May I ask for 12 (“I think we need to talk.”) with Saga and Aiolos?

(Aaaah, thank you! Good grief, what is it with all the compliments, you guys! This is another trip to the Aiolos-as-Grand-Master, Saga-as-the-Altar-Saint concept. And I vomited fluff all over something that was probably meant to be super srs. Whoops.)

“I think we need to talk,” Saga says quietly from the couch, and Aiolos’s heart does a weird skip-sink.

“Saga?” He asks a bit nervously, still caught in the process of shedding the heavy robes of office. He quickly finishes, hanging them up and hurrying over to his lover’s side. “What is it? Did I do something?” He’s jittery and nervous now. Those words never bode well.

“We should talk about us, I mean,” Saga clarifies, catching Aiolos’s hand to pull him down into the couch. That doesn’t really do much to settle Aiolos’s sudden case of nerves, but the looks to Saga attentively. Saga strokes his cheek with a fond, faint smile. “Are you happy, Aiolos?” he asks, and now there’s a faint crease between his eyebrows. Aiolos hates that little worry-mark.

"Yes, I’m happy. I love you, Saga,” he says softly. His mind flashes back to when they were fifteen and sixteen and fooling around, Saga getting up the courage to tell Aiolos he loved him, and his own rejection of that. He’d apologized later, and they’d better defined their relationship, but that had been a miserable six months. Saga still looks worried. “Tell me what’s going on, Saga, please.” He says, cupping Saga’s face in both hands, sliding closer, until he’s sitting in Saga’s lap. Saga’s arms go around his waist, and he presses forward to kiss Aiolos, then fumbles for something in his pocket.

"Aiolos, I love you. Will you marry me?” He asks hoarsely, taking one of Aiolos’s hands and gently setting a ring in his palm. It’s a thin gold band, set with a small emerald, flanked by two tiny sapphires. He’s not usually a fan of stone settings, but this is small and slim and elegant. He loves it. Reverently, he slips it onto his finger, where it fits perfectly. How had Saga known his ring size? He didn’t even own any rings, well, before now. Had he sized him while he was sleeping or something? That is an absurd mental image.

Saga coughs gently.

"This is usually where you say yes or no, Aiolos,” he says, still worried. Aiolos beams at him, and kisses him instead. Once they’re sufficiently breathless, he presses their foreheads together, smiling so much his face hurts from it.

"Yes, Saga. So very much yes.” He breathes, and kisses him again. The front door opens behind them, and they hear an aggrieved sigh and a small startled noise.

"Not in the living room, Saga, move it to the bedroom!” Kanon says, exasperated, and Aiolia makes a sound of agreement. Aiolos stumbles up to his feet and thrusts his hand at them excitedly.

"We’re getting married!” He exclaims, probably too loudly. Aiolia gasps, grabbing his hand to see, and Kanon gapes at Saga.

"You never said you were proposing, Saga!” Kanon squawks.

"It’s so pretty, big brother!” Aiolia gasps, wrapping Aiolos up in a bear hug, which he gladly reciprocates. Baby brother hugs are the best. Kanon sweeps out to go appropriate a bottle of champagne from Aphrodite. Aiolos glances at Saga from over Aiolia’s shoulder, and he’s not worried anymore. Just radiantly, quietly happy.

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how about double dating w steve and soda hc's? or just dating steve in general hc's i'm in the feels rn oops

i gotchu honey,, i’ll do both for ya

i hope these cheer you up!!

-okay so steve gets so excited whenever you and him go on a double date with soda and sandy (just using her because oops)

-you guys always go to drag races and most of the time both him and soda will participate for them

-of course steve tells you to give him a good luck kiss and you tease him by telling him you’ll give him one when he wins

-he pouts but agrees to that

-he tries showing off to you by like revving up his car engine and stuff and it gets you all flustered

-he loves hearing you cheer his name, it just makes him even more cocky though

-he ends up winning and he rushes out of the car to you and picks you up, spinning you around before he kisses you deeply, he doesn’t care who watches

-it’s like you know the cliche stuff where the soilder comes home from war and he picks his girl up and kisses her and yeah

-soda just sulks with sandy but they’re both still very proud of steve

-you guys would go out and get ice cream afterwards at dairy queen

-poor steve he probably eats so sloppily oops 

-you have to act like his mother sometimes, like clean off his face from grease or from in that case, ice cream

-he really loves it though

-you and soda are the only two that have ever seen steve at his darkest moments

-you always visit him at the dx, obviously

-he really loves to flex for you and he really loves it when you touch his muscles

-especially in public, like he’ll just mumble for you to do so just so people can pay attention to you guys

-but like the guys can’t pay too much attention to you or else there’s gonna be some trouble

-he loves to stick his hand in the back pocket of your jeans, like that’s just your thing

-lots of car sex,, obviously

-lots of long drives and star gazing

-you always tease him about his big nose so he teases you back about something (like you being shorter then him, etc)

-will always be the big spoon unless he’s really emotional, then he practically begs you to hold him

-he’s always coming into your house in the middle of the night just to get away from his dad

-will walk shirtless around your house on purpose

-not like you mind though, but if your parents are home it’s a whole different story

-absolutely adores pda because he just loves feeling loved

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible

archer with a sword