he's just so cute here

Jungkook; Boyfriend Material

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Cooking (with dem sleeves rolled up, like BOI)

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Playing with dogs. Alway super cute with anyone

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That lip bite tho, like can you let me live please?

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Personal cuddle buddy

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Bare face and absolutely gorgeous 

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Lifting them weights

Now everybody say it with me; Jeon Jungkook is boyfriend material.

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bangchan vs. lee chan’s real answer (ft. wonwoo + his brotherly instincts)


Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.

i just need to get it off my chest
yeah, more than you know (/\)


I love this moment because:

  1. We rarely ever see Tom in a truly spontaneous environment. Even in instagram stories, he has the control so we never get to see him off guard. This is a rare instance of that. Especially notable because he’s caught off guard by a beautiful woman –who was acting absolutely charmed by him the whole night– making a request of him (also a woman who literally played his MOM in Lost City of Z a year prior but WHOOPS boy’s a man now, she’s into it). And this is where we see a glimpse of flirtatious, fully candid Tom Holland. Laughing nervously, blushing just a bit, asking her shyly what she wants, then imitating her teasingly after she insists. 
  2. BONUS: Check out his STUD LEAN™ after he does a little jig and Sienna affirms him and gives him a nice little pat on the back. Boy was pleased with himself (and a little self-conscious).