he's just so angry :d


99.9 -Keiji Senmon Bengoshi- ✯ 2
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‘a moment of weakness’

  1. My muse is being punished by yours.

Of course, he had to mouth off. He couldn’t just fucking keep it to himself. He’d remembered the damned Master, remembered being shoved into the ground by his foot. And when he saw him… Agnarr just got so… angry. 

Of course, he’d landed himself in trouble. His arms strapped behind him, immovable, his legs unnecissarily bound. 

“Let me go, jævel,” Agnarr growled, trying to wiggle free of his restraints.


DA:I - German Companions

Have you ever wondered how your favourite companions sound to players from another country? Here’s the answer from Germany :D

A short compilation of all 9 companions (and my Tamlen, of course… and Krem, because he was around as well in one scene).

Tagging @lindira who was curious :D

And I’m also really curious about what you think!!! Which companion’s German voice surprised you the most/ which do you like best/ which doesn’t fit at all?