he's just rubbing up all over liam

all for love || stiles stilinski

word count: 4174

warnings: none

prompt: collab with @sarcasticallystilinski

author’s note: happy lacrosse week everyone! this is my first part of lacrosse week with hay! we are very proud of this one and we hope you have as much fun reading as we did writing!


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crush // stiles stilinski

request : Hey! I saw your requests were open and I was wondering if I could get one with Stiles where your Liam’s older sister and stiles has a crush on you and Liam blurts it out to you and it’s all fluffy?? Sorry if it’s confusing thank you :)

word count : 2k (fucking long ik)

 Stiles was sweating. 

  Usually, he wouldn’t mind so much, as it is the middle of August and he lived in California. Who really cared if he was sweating in the summertime? Pretty much everyone was. However, he was now acutely aware of the fact that the sweat pouring from his body was going to stain through his white shirt that he had insisted on wearing even though his dad had adamantly advised him against it. And the reason he was so aware this time as opposed to all other times when he would have simply taken his sweaty shirt and flung it across the room at someone unsuspecting instead of worrying about it was simply because of you. He never would have thought that older sister of Liam Dunbar could make this tense or excited. 

  Or that she would be so damn pretty

   Stiles leaned toward Scott, angling himself purposely away from you even though you were seated on a different chair that was positioned nowhere near him. “Scott? Scott, how badly am I sweating right now? Be honest,” he pleaded, eyes darting around the room until he could pinpoint your exact location in regards to him. 

   “You’re not even sweating, dude, calm down,” Scott told him, patting his friend on the shoulder. “Is Miss Dunbar making you a liiiiiittle nervous, buddy?” He snickered, sneaking a peek at the girl in question before he returned to amusedly looking at Stiles- who was frantic. “Why do you look like you’re gonna vomit?” 

    “Dude, you can’t just look at her. You’re gonna blow my cover, okay?” Stiles paused, as if to say “watch and learn,” when he saw that you walking over to the him and Scott. Scott winced when Stiles offered you a half grin half grimace and awkwardly reassembled himself on the couch in what he thought was a casual stance, but was really the strangest position the boy had ever thrown himself in, in Scott’s humble opinion. You didn’t even glance at him, busy scolding your younger brother for the way he was eating. 

   “Liam, stop being unhealthy, it’s gross to put that much salt on your fries,” you frowned, shaking your head at him and yanking the salt shaker away. Liam scoffed, taking it back with a roll of his eyes. “Um, what do you think you’re doing-” 

  As the bickering between you and your brother continued, Stiles turned back to Scott. “How did I do? Casual, right? She’ll never even know how much I like her if I just act like that, it’s the perfect cover. I’m good,” he patted himself on the back proudly, grinning to himself when Liam bounded over to them. 

   He plopped himself down between Scott and Stiles, eyes squeezed shut. “Y/N is so annoying, isn’t she? She can’t tell me what I can and can’t eat. It’s ridiculous. I’m, like, almost seventeen. And she thinks that just ‘cause she’s eighteen she’s so mature and old. Like, shut up.” He groaned, rubbing a hand over his face in exhaustion. “You have no idea the torture it is having to endure having someone like her around all the time.” 

    Before he could stop himself, Stiles found the words, “Can I find out?” slipping out of his mouth. Liam’s eyes cracked open, and Scott leaned across the younger boy to slap Stiles in the back of the head. “Yeah, definitely deserved that,” he mumbled, sinking low in his seat. Liam’s face contorted into a look of disgust as he glared up at Stiles. 

    “Keep your dirty thoughts about my sister to yourself, please,” he folded his arms across his chest, appearing even unhappier than before. “What does it take to get just a little bit of respect around here? I’m mature, too! I don’t deserve this!” He exclaimed, head in his hands as Scott patted his head soothingly. 

   “Hey, I do not have dirty thoughts about-” Scott shot him a look. “Yeah, I’m not gonna finish that sentence. But, I actually like her. A lot.” 

   “You’re not just gonna use her, right?” Liam’s narrowed blue eyes locked with Stiles’ own, searching for any signs of dishonesty in his words. “’Cause I mean, she annoys the shit out of me, but that’s my sister. Even if I’m younger, I could kick your ass into another dimension. Just saying,” he added as a hasty afterthought, flashing a sort of smile at Scott when his alpha raised his eyebrows at him. 

   “I would never use her,” Stiles replied sincerely. “I try not to talk about her too much, but you guys don’t know how much I like her. She actually makes me laugh, she’s a sweetheart, she’s sarcastic, she’s always checking up on me, and she’s beautiful. Inside and out. So there,” he finished in a matter-of-fact tone, leaving no room for a discussion on whether or not his feelings were valid. Liam nodded, leaning back in his seat and switching the topic to whether or not too much salt was really that unhealthy for him.  He seemed to think that being a werewolf made him exempt from everything that could possibly be damaging to his health, since he had the ability to heal oh so quickly. 

   Y/N walked into the room having heard her name come up multiple times in the conversation the boys were having, her expression stern as she cast a look at her little brother. “Liam, stop talking shit about me. It’s rude. And they were my friends first.” 

   “They were not! I met them first!” He exclaimed, indignant. “Stop telling me what to do, you’re eighteen not twenty eight. You’re two years older!” To make a point of annoying you, he reached toward the coffee table for his plate of way too salty fries and shoved a few in his mouth, chewing loudly as he scowled at you. 

   “Exactly!” You snapped, walking toward him and taking away the food again. “All you eat is crap. And, just for the record, you met them first. You didn’t like them and they weren’t your friends first. They liked me better than they liked you!” 

  Stiles, standing up very suddenly and making everyone’s heads swivel toward him, said very loudly and awkwardly, “She’s got a point, kid!” You, slightly flattered by the way the boy was staring at you- all doe eyes and cloudy glances and soft, encouraging smiles- felt your cheeks warming up. 

   “Ha, thank you, Stiles,” you smiled warmly at him, walking over to where he was standing in front of Liam and placing a hand on his shoulder. His heart practically lit up as he felt your soft hand on his arm, pulling up the sleeve of his shirt ever so slightly. He turned his head toward where you hand was, then lifted his eyes to meet your own. And, finally, you were looking back. 

   Angrily, Liam snapped back, “Stiles doesn’t agree with you because you’re right! He’s agreeing because he’s, like, head over heels completely in love with your annoying ass, for some strange reason!” He seemed to want to take the words back as soon as they slipped out of his mouth, because his eyes went wide as if he couldn’t even believe he had spoken such things. “I- I mean, you know…” His mouth opened and closed wordlessly, Stiles frozen in shock, Scott staring from one surprised face to another before he finally gripped Liam’s elbow and led the idiot out of the room, shaking his head in exasperation all the way. You swore you heard him grumble, “This pack gives me such a headache sometimes,” under his breath before he tried to drag Liam into the kitchen. 

  Stiles, who up until this point had been practically petrified standing next to you, made a lunge for your younger brother. Liam pretty much let out a shriek, jumping away from Scott and rolling backward, scrambling away from Stiles. “You’re such a little shit!” Stiles yelled, grabbing at Liam’s foot, since that was the only body part of his within reach. “I wasn’t ready to say anything, you dumbs!” He swung his arms forward, trying to yank Liam’s hair out of his head while you stood frozen, confused as to what the hell was even going on right now. 

  “Oh my God, guys, get off each other!” Scott groaned, pushing Stiles away and swatting Liam’s hands before they could grab hold of Stiles. “Liam, come with me, Stiles stay here. Don’t even look at each other,” he instructed as an afterthought, when Stiles shot Liam another nasty glare and made a move to strangle him. 

  Then, you were alone with Stiles. Who wasn’t looking at you.  

  You walked over to him, he side stepped away. You marched in front of him, he turned around and practically fell over the couch trying to dash away. Finally, before he could run and hide in the bathroom, you rushed forward and jumped on his back, hanging onto his neck tightly without daring to let go. “Okay, Y/N, get off. You’re gonna make me feel weird.” 

   “Why would you feel weird?” You whispered it in his ear, and your voice made the hair on the back of his neck stand up and his body shiver. “This is the only way to get you to listen to me, clearly. I would prefer if you were looking me in the eyes, but…” you trailed off, waiting for Stiles to sit you on the couch next to him, which you knew he was going to do. He didn’t answer for a moment, but he did exactly what you thought he would and took a seat besides you. 

   “I-I- I would feel weird, because, well, you know,” he blustered, waving his hand dismissively with eyebrows raised slightly and those brown eyes boring into your own with a strange intensity. He had never really looked into your eyes before, not like this. “Well, you know what I mean. You- you heard your dumb brother say it… you- you know how I feel already, Y/N, so just let me down gently and don’t make me say it again. ‘Cause I know that you don’t feel the same way, you barely even look at me, let alone notice the way I look at you, a-and it’s just stupid of me to feel this way since you’re you and I’m about a six and a half on a scale of one to ten, and that’s on a good day, and you literally break the scale and I’m probably not good and-” 

   His voice stopped working when you put your face close to his, pretty eyes flickering over his face, down to his lips. He swallowed the lump in his throat, noting very quickly that his lips were chapped and probably gross looking and you were staring, staring hard at him like you were seeing him for the first time, a cliche as it is. He tilted his head to the side just a little bit, but just enough. “Are we… are we gonna kiss?” He whispered boyishly, tipping his face forward so his the edge of his somehow perfect nose was rubbing against your own. You sighed, your lips curving in a smile anyway despite Stiles sort of ruining the moment. 

  “Way to point out the obvious,” you muttered. But you took his face in your hands anyway and pulled him toward you. His mouth pushed against yours, soft and eagerly. As if he’d been waiting for this. You went to pull away for a moment, though he stopped you quickly by lightly tugging on your lower lip, drawing you back in. This time, he was slipping his hands up your waist and trailing them along your body before they came to rest in your hair as your own hands fell to his shoulders. 

  When you came up for air, his face pink and his smile ever so wide, he said, as only he would, “Does this mean you’ve been crushing on me, too?” 

  “Stiles, I’m begging you, stop with the stupid questions before I actually decide to crush you. With my foot or something.”  

  Cheekily, Stiles replied, “How about you crush my lips with yours again? Hm?” And a question like that requires only one answer, naturally.

Teen wolf pack imagines // Flinch

warnings: Mentions of abuse

The pack didn’t notice what was happening until Derek moved a little too fast one day and you flinched. Derek apologized for scaring you and you laughed it off saying you didn’t expect it is all.

Over the course of 6 months, the pack started noticing you flinch or shy away every now and then. It got progressively worse until one day, you stopped showing up to school. At first the pack weren’t really worried, thinking you were slightly sick.

It went like this for about a week and a half until they noticed no one had seen or even heard from you in the time you were away. Lydia decided, two weeks into you not showing up to school, that they needed to visit you.

“Uh, yea, one flaw in your plan Lydia, no one knows where she actually lives.” Stiles acknowledged, sighing.


Sitting down, Lydia looked dejected. Derek admittedly missed her little sarcastic sighs and quips. Everyone wanted their little blossom back. What the didn’t know was the state in which they’d get you back.

After a whole month of you not showing up to school, the pack finally saw you walk through the hallway to your locker. Everyone immediately shouted your name causing you to spin in their direction with a look of terror inked upon your face. It faded in seconds when you realized it was your friends.

“Y/N, you’re back!” Lydia pulled you into a tight hug, causing you to wince as she pulled at the stitches on your stomach and shoulder.

“Hey Lyds, yep, I’m back. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you guys where I was, I dropped my phone and it broke. I was on holiday with my dad, I completely forgot to tell you guys before I left and I felt really guilty for it.”

Shaking her head Lydia laughed, “At least you’re back now. We were really worried about you Blossom.”

“I know, I’ll make it up to you guys.”

Stiles was next to pull you into a hug, mumbling something about thinking you were kidnapped and to not disappear like that again. Laughing you kissed his cheek and apologized.

Scott rubbed your back and kissed your forehead and said he was glad you were back. Liam on the other hand pulled you into a bone-crushing hug and told you he really miss you. Just as he set you down, you felt your stitches rip.

Before anyone could say anything else, you apologized and said you were going to be late for class and really needed to go. Dashing in the direction of your class you knew there was a toilet along the way.

You had brought a spare top and a tube of super glue with you to school worried that the stitches would rip and you wouldn’t be able to fix it. Sliding into a bathroom stall you quickly got to work. It took you all of five minutes to glue it back together and re-wrap the injury.

You sighed, knowing one day you wouldn’t be able to fix something that your dad did to you. Some day he would go to far and you wouldn’t be able to walk away.

Walking out of the bathroom and towards your class you got on with the day. A little less skip in your step.

The pack realized exactly why you weren’t here for a month when your father picked you up after school one day. You tried to keep your heart rate steady around the wolves, but when your father yelled your name, you just couldn’t.

They watched as you slowly began to walk over to your tormentor, he always played loving dad in public and you knew today would be no different. As you reached him he pulled you into a hug, putting a bit too much force into it.

You got into the passenger seat and waved to your friends as you left, not realizing they finally figured it out.

Just as you left their eyesight, they all jumped into action.

“Mason you follow her as discreetly as possible. Do not make any action to compromise your task. Find out where she lives and text the address to Liam. The rest of us are going to Derek’s.” Scott’s voice spoke fast and hard, telling them not to argue. Nodding Mason bolted to his car and followed his friend.

“We can’t just leave her to suffer!” Stiles voice was loud, uncharacteristically so.

“We can’t just burst in there guns blazing! What if you read the signs wrong and she isn’t actually being abused?!” Derek’s voice was scared, he knew they needed to help you. But they needed a plan to do that.

“Scott! We need to go now, Mason heard glass smashing and Y/N screaming.. we need to help her.”Liam was quick to get the attention of the pack.

Stiles jumped out of his chair. “Everyone that’s not a wolf get into the cars now. Everyone that is. Run.”

And they did. They wolves made it to your house in roughly 10 minutes, the humans, 15 (they were speeding).

“Derek was the first one to make a move. Kicking open your door just as you dad hit you again. When you looked over towards the loud bang, your eyes widened. All your friends were there. Just as your dad went to hit you again, not hearing the noise the door made, he was tackled to the ground.

Lydia and Stiles helped you up as Mason called the police. Liam and Scott held your dd down as Derek knocked him out.

“The cops will be here soon.” Mason spoke softly, rubbing your back as you sat quietly on the couch.

“Why didn’t you tell us Y/N?’ Stiles was the one to ask you. Sighing you fell to your side and curled up in a ball. Speaking softly you answered.

“I guess I just hoped one day, he would be the dad I remember again. The one that woke me up one Sundays with pancakes and ice-cream. The one that bought me a watermelon necklace for my 6th birthday. The one that smiled all the time and laughed whenever I said something silly. I just hoped he would come back to me. The dad that loved me. The dad before my sister’s death.”

Stiles picked her up and sat her head in his lap as she cried. He ran his fingers through her hair and quietly hummed a lullaby.  

anonymous asked:

Any update on any pieces? Maybe a snippet??

hi darling! i’ll be honest, i haven’t been writing for the past few weeks because i’ve been buried under papers. but! the last one is due this thursday, and to be honest i plan on having it finished by tuesday at the latest. with those done, i’ll be able to devote nearly a month to nothing but fics! 

so, since i haven’t written anything new (besides those fic summaries), how about something from an older project? 

“Erm, Harry?” Liam mutters, tapping Harry’s knee with his own under the table as Harry stares down at his latest work. There’s an ink splotch right over the last word of the fifth line, and he can’t for the life of him remember where he was going with that stanza. 

“What, Liam,” Harry says, because lifting up the end of his sentence into a question makes it seem like he’s far more invested in this conversation than he actually is.

“I think your coffee is ready,” Liam says.

“Can’t be,” Harry says with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I haven’t heard my name yet.”

“Yes, well,” and now Liam doesn’t just sound awkward, he sounds like something’s stuck in his throat. “I still think you’re being called.”

Harry sighs and caps his ink pen, giving up all hope of figuring out the missing word and hoping that wasn’t about to be one of those genius lines that teenagers were going to someday tattoo on themselves to seem deep. He looks toward the counter at the back of the shop and sees a barista, holding up a white to-go cup of coffee and shouting loudly for the owner to come pick it up, but not taking his eyes off of Harry in the meantime.

“I said,” the barista calls insistently, as though he’s had to repeat himself multiple times, “I’ve got a Nitro Cold Brew with extra pretentiousness for A Certified Hipster.”

The shop doesn’t grind to a halt or anything but Harry does hear a few giggles, and the barista is still grinning right at Harry like he’s not planning on letting Harry get away with letting this drink—which, yes, is definitely what Harry ordered—go unclaimed. Harry’s face feels hot and then cold and then hot again, in a way only distant embarrassment seems to do to him.

The barista turns the cup to read off of it again, as though he’s forgotten the order. He’s quite loud. Harry decides in that very moment he doesn’t like that, even if he’s never had a problem with loud people before. Most of his friends are loud. Hell, Niall once nearly busted Harry’s eardrum by yelling directly into his it about a new art supply store opening near their flat. Harry tends to like loud, attention-grabbing people.

It’s just this loud person in particular.

“Once more, I’ve got a Nitro Cold Brew, hold the common sense, extra shot of hipster nonsense, for A Guy Who Definitely Owns a Typewriter.”

“Why, I never,” Harry splutters, fully aware he sounds like an upper-class housewife from the turn of the century. He turns back to Liam, ready to have his outrage validated. “Can you believe this?”

“Well…” Liam trails off. Harry frowns at him, and frowns hard.

“Et tu, former friend?”

“You do own a typewriter!” Liam defends himself quickly. “And you did only come to Starbucks today to try this brew before anyone else could.”

At the counter—which is suspiciously devoid of people wanting to order, almost like passing potential customers could tell that the longer the barista had to draw out the mocking of Harry’s drink, the more dramatic he would become—the barista opens his mouth to shriek his nonsense once more.

“I’ve got a drink that makes it harder to enjoy working here but you don’t mind because it gives you street cred with your unicycle-riding hipster crew,” the barista calls, “for a curly dude who’s pretending he can’t hear me.”

The girls at the table next to Harry and Liam are giggling like it’s a matinee performance of their favorite show. Some of the older customers aren’t finding it as funny, shooting irritated looks at Harry over their newspapers, as if this is all his fault. Behind the counter, the other baristas are acting like this is a common occurrence, wiping down appliances and countertops and ignoring their coworker belittling a customer right in front of them.

Harry wants to write a sternly worded letter to Starbucks corporate headquarters, but he’s almost out of his personalized stationery and he doesn’t want to waste his good stuff on this.

“I think you should just go up there,” Liam whispers. “Before it gets worse.”

Harry groans and rubs at his temple. “Fine.” He gets to his feet, scowling. “Fine!”

The barista is smirking widely as Harry approaches, but his voice is sugar sweet as he holds out the drink. “I believe this is yours?”

“Yes,” Harry grumbles, because he’s irritated but he doesn’t want to cause more of a scene, and also he really is interested in this nitrogen brew.

“Great.” Harry’s about to turn away when the barista continues. “Hope it keeps you caffeinated on the way to your poetry slam.”

Harry should go. Some long-hibernating part of him that despises being ridiculed and called out for being a little uncool is screaming at him to just go, take his drink and Liam and go, now now now. Harry ignores it, turns back around. The barista’s smirk widens into a smile. “What did you say?”

“Oh, come on,” he says, voice threaded with poorly-concealed laughter. “I’ll give you one hundred pounds, straight out of the register, if you weren’t planning on going to a poetry slam after you left here.”

“Can you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Just take money out of the register.”

“Oh. Yeah, sure.”

“How would you not get in trouble for throwing cash at random customers?”

“I dunno. Maybe I’d just say you tried to rob the place and that’s all you got away with.”

Harry doesn’t want to laugh. He’s angry, dammit, and he doesn’t like being on the receiving end of light, teasing mockery. “Won’t they check the tapes to try and catch your robbery suspect?”

“No,” Barista says confidently. “They wouldn’t need to, I’ve got the squad backing me up.” He thumbs over his shoulders at his alleged squad, which consists of two bored-looking teenagers, a guy wearing his green apron backwards like a cape, and someone in the back who isn’t visible, but who’s snoring so loudly it makes up for it.

“Right,” Harry drawls. He takes a sip of his drink, watching Barista over the rim of his drink. Barista studies him right back, his head tilted.

“So,” he says after a moment spent looking at each other like specimens under a microscope, “are you going to one?”

“One what?”

“A poetry slam.”

“Uh,” Harry says, followed by the sort of unpleasant sputtering noises that a person wouldn’t be remiss in comparing to a frog dying of hiccups. The barista’s smile grows comically wide, like he can’t believe the gift he’s been banded. Still, Harry tries. “No! No? No.”


Pack Mom | Derek Hale Imagine

request ; Hello can you an imagine about the reader/Derek being like a mother to the pack and they adoring that idk but yeah.😊

word count ; 1171

warnings ; fluff fluff fluff and like one swear word (bad liam)

a/n ; this request was perfect ty. 

You hadn’t really meant for it to happen, you becoming the unofficial mother of the entire pack. You were naturally caring, kind; and even though they weren’t even that much younger than you, you were extremely protective over the members of the pack. You were human, so you did whatever you could to try and help, and everyone loved you for it. 

You did it accidentally sometimes, the whole “mother” thing. It sort of happened. Like today, when you strolled inside Derek’s loft with your arms full of groceries and your keys in hand. Scott, Stiles, and Derek were all seated in the living room, chatting away about whatever supernatural creature thing was threatening the town now. Just a regular Tuesday, anyhow. 

“Boys, come help me with these, please,” you called, not really caring which boys stood up as long as someone took these ridiculously heavy bags out of your grasp. All three rushed over to you, Stiles and Scott relieving you of the groceries and Derek pecking you lightly on the lips after they did so. 

“Did you buys snacks? I need some cookies,” Stiles muttered the last part to himself, rifling through one of the bags with a determined expression. You gently smacked his hand away.

“Buy your own cookies then, it’s not Y/N’s job to buy you snacks. You don’t even live here,” Derek pointed out, sitting down at the kitchen island. You rolled your eyes at him, covering his mouth with your hand. 

“I shouldn’t have to buy you groceries either, except you never leave the apartment,” you said to him, patting his cheek. It was his turn to roll his eyes now, but your mother-like scolding was kind of adorable. You rounded on Stiles next, “And I don’t think you need anymore sugar.” 

“We are growing boys, Y/N,” Scott informed you, grinning in triumph when he pulled out a box of Chips Ahoy. You let them have it, and they retreated into the living room happily. Derek shook his head, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He cared about those two idiots a lot more then he let on, though. You knew that for sure.

“Make sure the two seven year olds in the living room don’t get crumbs on the couch for me, will you?” You smiled sweetly at Derek, who groaned but picked himself up from the chair and dragged himself into the living room. “Thank you, babe!” You called out as you busied yourself with unpacking. You heard the door to the loft open and shut loudly, a frustrated sigh following in suit. 

“Is that Isaac or Liam?” You asked, raising your voice a pitch so that Stiles could hear you as well. Whenever someone walked in moodily, it was either Isaac, Liam, or Derek, and the latter was in the living room.

“Liam,” they all chorused back, two voices muffled by the sound of the boys shoving more food into their mouths. 

“Come help me in here, Li? I need to ask you something!” You already knew something was up, maybe you could lighten the mood. You were already firing up the stove to make some tea when he walked in, throwing himself into a chair with another sigh. “So, bad day?” You turned to smile softly at him, letting him know you were being just a little sarcastic. Obviously he was having a bad day. He nodded, rubbing a hand over his face in exasperation. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing…” He went silent, and you waited patiently, because he was so about to spill everything to you. You had that effect on people. “Just some girl…she’s kind of hated me since the sixth grade and now she’s being kind of bitchy.” 

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Need me to kick her ass?” You joked, leaning across the table and ruffling his hair affectionately. He grinned up at you, and you succeeded in tugging a smile out of the upset Beta. There we go, you thought cheerfully. He shook his head, still grinning. “Seriously, Liam, what’d you even to do her?” Suddenly uncomfortable, he shifted in his chair and put his head in his hands. You moved back to the stove, filling two mugs with tea and handing one to Liam, who took it gratefully.

“I might have broken her nose on picture day, but she broke mine, too! So really, it wasn’t even that bad!” He added hastily, not wanting you to think he was some kid who went around hitting girls. It was only the one time, and he couldn’t control his anger that well, and he would never even think about doing it again. Despite yourself, you laughed, and then slapped a hand over your mouth when you realized you shouldn’t have. 

“Jesus, Liam! Okay, I can see why she might be kind of mad still,” Liam stood up, about to just leave the room when he realized you were about to defend her. Quickly, you grabbed his wrist and pulled him back into his seat. “But, I think you should just be nice to her and she’ll come around eventually. You’re a good kid, Liam.” You patted his hand, smiling at him again. 

Derek entered the room just then, arms folded. “Stiles said he loved you.”

“Did you threaten him again? Seriously, Derek. He doesn’t mean it in the girlfriend/boyfriend love way. He means it in the way you would tell your older sister or your mom.’ How many times do I have to explain this to you?” Derek wrapped an arm around your waist, playing with the ends of your hair. Liam sipped his tea awkwardly. 

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Derek said absentmindedly, preoccupied with your hair. 

“I’m serious,” you said, poking his stomach lightly. “I love you a whole lot differently than I love the boys.” Derek went to speak again, but Liam interrupted him. 

“But I’m your favorite, right?” He put his mug down, staring at you intently. Derek muffled his laughter into your hair, and you pressed your lips together in an attempt to control the loud laughter that was threatening to spill from your lips. 

“Of course, Liam.” You said, patting him on the head fondly. He pecked you quickly on the cheek before rushing toward the living room, hollering at the top of his lungs about how he was your favorite. 

Two minutes later, right on schedule, the three boys were arguing in voices that probably carried throughout the entire loft about whether or not Liam was really your favorite. 

“They really are seven year olds,” Derek remarked quietly, kissing your temple and letting his forehead rest against your own. You nodded, interlacing your fingers with his. 

“Definitely,” you murmured, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled away though, his expression curious. 

“I’m your real favorite, right, babe?” Derek asked. You rolled your eyes, pushing him in the direction of the living room. 

“Shut up, and go hang out with the other babies, Der. It’s where you truly belong.“ You turned to the stove once again, about to start on dinner when Derek decided to try again. ” 

“I was joking around!” There was silence. “But seriously, you love me the most, right?”

A Sense8 Ziam AU drabble, featuring some other characters. A bit NSFW at the end, and mention of death ~

Zayn closes his eyes as he breathes through his nose, attempting to clear his mind enough to properly focus, to calm the jump of his heart beat - the only thing indicating how nervous he is.

Uncrackable safe, the words echo in his head in Ned’s voice. The other lad is probably uttering something about the time behind him, but Zayn tunes him out. It just adds pressure, makes his throat tight, and he wishes he could have just left Ned behind.

Click. Zayn exhales, slowly turning the dial in the opposite direction. An echo of a police siren sounds, and he stills, back stiffening for a moment. Ned doesn’t react, only points to the timer wrapped around his wrist.

“Did you hear police sirens?”

“No,” Ned responds gruffly. “But we’ll be hearing the sound of my father’s footsteps soon if you don’t hurry up.”

Zayn frowns before closing his eyes again. He takes another breath before turning around to continue.

Fuck, he can’t focus. He can’t get his mind to relax, to rid that on edge feeling. The nerves seep into his belly and twist uncomfortably there. Something sweet smelling touches his nose and his dry mouth waters.

The sound of feet pounding across the floor mutes the last click, and he practically snaps his neck as he whips his head around to see who has joined them. A fear takes over him, because they have never been caught but he knew that day would come eventually. The security here had been tricky to get through, they could have missed something -

But it is only Ned behind him, staring at him with a look of irritation on his face. “What are you doing, dude? He is going to be here any minute.”

Zayn shakes his head slightly, to rid the confusion gripping at his features. “I did it,” he says, twisting the dial a centimeter as he tugs back. “I cracked it.”

A clatter of something sounds in his ears, muting Ned’s response, but this time Zayn ignores it, and focuses on the bright look on Ned’s face and the even brighter diamonds hidden behind the thick, safe door.

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The One With The ‘50 Meter’ Rule

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: Being Malia’s sister had it’s benefits, especially when it came to break-ups. Break up with a guy you go to school with? No problem. She could keep them away with her eyes shut. But things are a little more complicated when your ex is Liam who is desperate to get back together with you and Malia creates a 50 meter distance rule between the two of you. 

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MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“I’ll kill him,” Malia growls beside you in the passenger seat.

“Malia, no,” you sigh.

Find out your sister Malia was actually alive had come as quite a shock, but what was more shocking was the fact that she had spent most of her life trapped as a werecoyote in the woods which meant not only did she have no clue about social etiquette but her constant instinct to solve problems was to just kill whatever was in her way – or yours.

“Well, he deserves it,” she shrugs, shifting uncomfortably as you take a turn too fast.

“Sorry,” you mumble, aware of how jittery she got in cars after the accident, “And he doesn’t deserve it – we broke up. It doesn’t mean he should die.”

She shrugs, “I think he should,” he scrunches her nose up when you shake your head.

“What? Liam broke your heart, it’s only fair that he gets his ripped out of his chest.”

You let out a long sigh as you pull up in the school parking lot, “Promise me you’ll leave him alone.”

Malia doesn’t answer as she gets out and instead turns to face you, her hands resting on the roof of the car as she looks over it, “I promise – only if he doesn’t come anywhere near you – I’ll be like a non-legal restraining order . If he comes anywhere close to you, I’ll kill him.”

“How’s he supposed to know you’re a… restraining order?” you frown.

“I’ll make sure Stiles’ passes the message on,” she says warningly, “He’s dead if he comes anywhere near you – and that goes for you too! If you go anywhere near him, I’ll kill him.”


“Look, we both know you’re soft and will forgive him the minute you see his face. This way, you’ll have to stay away from him.”

“But Malia-“

“Ah, ah, ah,” she tuts, pressing a finger to your lips, “It’s not up for discussion. I’m your big sister and I get to make these decisions for you.”

“Malia,” you groan.

“Fine, we’ll compromise. He has to stay 50 meters away at all times. Anyways, thanks for driving me to senior scribe,” she smiles despite looking slightly sad.

“Trust me, you’ll be a senior this year,” you reassure her, “Go find Stiles, I’ll wait in the car until you’re done.”

She waves goodbye as she disappears through the front doors, looking mildly nervous.

You and Liam weren’t meant to last. You had been dating for a year up until last week when you had caught him with Hayden when he said he would be at Scott’s house. You weren’t even looking for him – you trusted him, you hadn’t even thought twice about where he said he would be until you walked into Sinema to get a drink and found him there with Hayden. He had begged you to listen and insisted there was nothing going but if there really was nothing going on, why would he lie about where he was?

None of it made sense and you didn’t want to think about it anymore so you had broken it off and avoided him since.



You turn around to find Liam walking over. You step back reflexively and he slumps, “Can we talk?”

“We really can’t,” you mumble, looking behind you, half-expecting Malia to be bounding towards you, “You can’t be here,” you say, stepping backwards quickly as he walks towards you.

“I know its ‘senior’ scribe but there was this whole thing with Scott and this wolf thing with glowing claws and- why are you walking backwards? Can you stop for a second?”

He walks faster as you back away, “Liam, stay where you are!”

He stops and stares at you in confusion, “Are you really that mad at me? I told you there’s nothing going on between me and Hayden!” he yells out across the car park – 50 meters was a really long distance. You look around in embarrassment – damn Malia and her stupid rule.

“It’s not about that! Can’t you just text me?!”

He shakes his head, “You’ve been ignoring all my texts and calls.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, “Because there’s nothing to talk about!”

“Yes,” he sighs, “There is and I’m not going to stop until you listen to me,” he says walking over incredibly fast.


You begin to run – Malia was in the library so you go in the opposite direction towards the field – you knew she wasn’t joking about pounding him into the ground.

“WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!” he calls out, his footsteps heavy as he follows you.

“LIAM PLEASE JUST GO HOME!” you call out, half out of breath. You cross the field and run towards the courtyard but immediately slam into a figure.

“Y/N?” Stiles looks at you in confusion.

“Malia,” you say with wide eyes and you notice her beside him. She raises a brow and then she spots Liam and as he reaches you, she slams him into the concrete.

Stiles stumbles backwards into you in shock and you steady him before pulling Malia off Liam.

“Stop!” you say, half laughing as Liam struggles under her hand which had him pressed to the floor.

Malia shakes her head, “I told you what would happen if you guys went near each other.”

“He didn’t know!” you turn to Stiles, “Did you tell him yet?”

Stiles shakes his head.

“Technicalities,” Malia huffs, standing up only when Stiles pulls her away. Liam groans and rubs at his chest as Stiles helps him up, “How weak are you?” Stiles scoffs.

Liam frowns, “She’s strong okay,” he looks at you and then at Malia, “What was that even for?”

“Let me make this clear now – you have to stay 50 meters away from her at all times,” Malia states.

“Wha – that’s ridiculous! I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You cross your arms over your chest.

“Okay, fine,” he sighs, “Lying was wrong but Hayden is becoming a chimera! I was just trying to help her without drawing attention to her, okay?!”

You furrow your brows together, “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that?”

“Because I already put you enough danger as it is – the last thing I’d want is to drag you into this chimera problem!”

Malia looks between the two of you and then steps between you, “50 meters,” she says warningly.

“We have class together!” he protests.

“Then sit outside – put that werewolf hearing to good use,” she says, smirking.

Liam shakes his head, “No.”

“No?” she raises a brow, her eyes glowering.

“Look, this is between me and y/n.”

Beside you, Stiles makes throat slitting motions, signalling for him to cut it out but Liam barely glances his way.

“It’s a misunderstanding and we’re going to solve it.”

Malia balls her fists up, “You have two minutes before I rip your tongue out and feed it to our dog,” she growls. Stiles links his arm through hers, “Why don’t we give them some privacy?”

“One minute and fifty-nine seconds, fifty-eight, fifty-seven,” she calls out as she walks away.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you mumble, walking closer to him. He reaches for your hand, tracing his thumb over your knuckles.

“Do you remember when we started dating and there was that night in the woods when I turned and you insisted on staying? And I scratched your hand and you stayed with me all night and when we woke up it was all bloody?”

“It was a scratch,” you shake your head.

“But it was me who hurt you and I promised I wouldn’t ever do it again. And I haven’t. I’ve never put you in danger and I wasn’t about to start to – the only reason I was with Hayden is because she came to me for help because we’ve known each other for a long time – we’re not even friends.”


“Please just believe me,” he pleads, resting his forehead against yours, “I love you and that’s never, ever going to change – I would never hurt you, especially not by cheating, okay?”

“I get it,” you smile slightly, “Really, I understand. It’s fine.”

“Then why aren’t you kissing me?” he smiles before pressing his lips to yours. You stay like that for a moment and then pull away.

“Because… three, two-“

“What are you-“

“One,” you say, just as Malia stomps over.

“It’s fine,” you say to her, “We sorted it out.”

Malia pokes a finger into Liam’s nose, “Don’t push your luck with me ever again,” she says in a threatening whisper before Stiles drags her away.

Liam exhales loudly, “Your sister is really scary,” he mumbles, taking your hand in his, “Remind me never to cheat on you.”

“Really? You need a reminder for that?”

“I – no, I meant – No, I –“ he stutters

“Liam,” you press a kiss to his lips, “I’m kidding,” you face forward again, “But you should know that if you ever lie to me again I might just let Malia kill you.”

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Vera waking up sick

Here you go!! Using this to work on some of the ~character development~ suggestions for these two. I know you didn’t ask for all this but I hope that’s okay!

Liam woke up to the bed moving. He blinked before realizing Vera was missing. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. He drew in a big yawn. It was three am. He didn’t know why Vera was up at first. Then he heard the reason why.

He walked over to the bathroom doorway where he saw Vera leaned over the toilet.

“You okay?” He asked, stepping in closer.

She flushed the toilet.

“I don’t know,” she sighed, “I guess I must have just eaten something bad.”

Liam frowned.

“You said that last week when this happened… Don’t you think you should go to the doctor? Check all the boxes? That’s what you’re always saying to me,” he said.

Vera shot him a glare and he put his hands up in defense.

“Or I can hold your hair?” He said, and swept her hair from her neck just in time for another round. Liam wasn’t the best with watching others get sick, but it didn’t bother him as much as he used to. More so than anything, it concerned him, especially when it was Vera.

Vera finally spat, flushing the toilet again. Liam smiled in an attempt to comfort her, but she just looked exhausted.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and she nodded tiredly. She rested her head against his chest as he sat on the edge of the bathtub.

“You wanna go back to bed?” He asked, and Vera nodded, allowing him to help her up.

They laid in bed, her hands in his.

“It’s just stress, you know. I wouldn’t get too excited or anything. This has happened before,” she assured him in the darkness. He frowned.

“I’m just sorry you don’t feel good,” he said back, stroking her hair out of her face.

She closed her eyes for a long moment and then whispered to him.
“I’m sorry if you got your hopes up, but it’s impossible,” she said. Liam stared at her in the darkness for a moment and nodded. He was marginally disappointed, he’d admit. He knew the chances were slim to none. He’d known that forever. It had never meant anything to him until now. He’d never thought about it much, until the idea didn’t make him want to pass out.

He sighed, rolling over on his back. He stared up at the ceiling.

“I love you, V. I want to grow old with you, you know?” He asked. Vera smiled.

“I do,” she whispered back, and he smiled too.

She’s Gone - Part 4

Originally posted by phoebetonkins

Request// Oooh a part 4, how about his mom comes home and Scott insists she stays at his place which means Liam stays there too and is practically attached to her and the pack is super protective of her and when she moves they question what she’s doing and at first she finds it really sweet how they take care of her and then later she finds it a little restricting and accidentally shouts at Liam upsetting him and he shuts her out and later she apologises & it ends in hugs and cute forehead kisses for him.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

When I was told I could go home I was relieved. I spend to much time in the hospital. I was sat on the hospital bed, with Liam sat by my side. He still never left my side. He didn’t want to leave me alone in case something happened to me. It was hard to just get him to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, so telling him to go home was out of the question.

Liam was snuggled up next to me on the bed watching a film on my laptop until Scott and Stiles barged in making a whole lot of noise. I just gave them the death glare.

“Sorry,” They said in unison. Liam got off the bed and helped me sit up. 

“Right Y/N I insist that you stay at my house until you make a full recovery, and so I can keep an eye on you,” Scott told me. Which brought a wide smile to my face, as he was so caring.

“Scott, Can I stay too?” Liam asked

“Yeah sure,” Scott told him. Liam and Scott helped me to the Jeep and they helped me get in the back. Liam made sure I was comfortable then we set off to Scott’s house.

“Are you in any pain mom?” Liam asked me.

“No, just like a dull ache. I will be fine. But thank you baby” I told him but the whole journey home Liam never let go of my hand. 

When we arrived at Scott’s house all 3 of the boys helped me into the house and got me to the sofa. I loved that they were so caring, that they wanted to look after me. It was the usual job for Scott and Stiles. Whenever I come out of the hospital they look after me, keep checking up on me. But on the other hand, all this was new to Liam. He was so scared and nervous. He never wanted to leave my side. 

Scott and Stiles came back with pillows and blankets for me so I could rest on the sofa.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m not making you sleep here. You are staying in the guest bedroom so you don’t have to go upstairs” Scott informed me. Placing the pillows behind me and the blanket over me and Liam. 

“I think we should just watch movies all day” Stiles suggested, and we all agreed to.

After around 10 minutes of telling no to Star wars, we finally said yes to “I Am Number Four” Which was one of my favourite films. Liam snuggled up to me and kept making sure that I wasn’t in any pain. 

But halfway through the film, I really needed the toilet. Liam was still snuggled up to me, I nudged him a bit, but he shot up.

“Are you okay? Are you in pain, I can take it away, I will do anything you want. Are you hungry? Do you need a drink? Just tell me I will get it!” Liam insisted while Scott and Stiles sat up making sure I was okay.

“Sweetheart just calm down. I’m okay I just need the toilet” I told him, as I went to get up all the boys came and helped me and helped me get to the bathroom.

“I am going to by myself boys. I will be okay” I do find it really sweet how they are taking care of me and making me comfortable. It is so sweet. As I came out of the bathroom, all three boys grabbed hold of me and helped me back to the sofa, Scott tucked me in and like usual Liam snuggled into me. As Stiles went into the kitchen. Then after around 15 minutes he came back in with a bowl of soup.

“You must be hungry Y/N,” Stiles said coming towards me.I sat myself up, with the help of Liam. And held out my hands to grab the bowl off Stiles

“Thank You” But instead of handing me the bowl he sat on the floor and got a spoonful of the soup and started aiming it to my mouth.

“Stiles you are not feeding me. My arms still work. But thank you” I laughed

“Are you sure. I will feed you I don’t mind” Stiles asked

“I’m sure but thank you, Stiles,” I told him as he handed me the bowl and I fed myself. When I finished Scott took the bowl out and tucked me back in again. This went on all day. At the start, I found it really sweet, but it was starting to get a little bit annoying. I couldn’t do anything for myself. I understand they were worried about me, but seriously they were going over the top. I needed a drink and I was going to get it myself. I nudged Liam and yet again he shot up. Asking me a million questions.

“Liam, I’m just going to get a drink,” I told him getting up.

“No…no…no it’s okay sit back down I will get it you,” He told me. 

“Liam it’s fine I can get it,” I told him.

“No you need to rest mom,” He told me but then I snapped

“For crying out loud Liam. I can get a drink myself!“ I shouted at him. I regretted almost instantly. He was trying to help. He looks so hurt. He didn’t say anything he just ran off upstairs, with tears rolling down his face. I didn’t mean to shout at him. It just felt like I couldn’t do anything. I felt so bad, I had to apologise to him. 

I started the walk up the stairs. Neither Scott or Stiles stopped me. Even though it was painful I had to do it. I hurt Liam so much. When I got to the top of the stairs I felt so proud of myself. Until I heard Liam crying. I walked over to the room he was in and he was lay on the bed crying. He faced away from the door so I couldn’t see his face. I sat on the bed next to him.

"Liam baby. I’m so sorry” I told him feeling broken. But he just shut me out. He never said a word to me.

“Sweetie listen. I never meant to snap at you. I just got annoyed that I couldn’t do anything for myself. You know what I am like. I don’t like people running around after me. To be honest I felt worthless. I needed to do something. I shouted of took it out on you. I know you were scared. I know what happened to me was terrifying for you. Seeing me like that. Thinking I was dead. Think that I left you. I’m so sorry Liam. Liam, you like my son. I love you so much and I would never leave you or mean to hurt you” I let a few tears escape from my eyes. I placed on of my hands on his back rubbing it up and down. He turned around and his eyes were red and puffy from all the crying. He got up and crawled over to me and I pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry baby,” I told him 

“I just wanted to help you,” Liam told me

“I know, and I’m so grateful for all the help you gave me. I shouldn’t have snapped at you” I told him hugging him tighter and placing a kiss on his head

“It’s okay, I was just so worried about losing you. I have never had someone like you before. You like a mom to me and when I found you I thought you were dead. I thought I lost you forever” Liam cried into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him tighter and he wrapped his arms around my neck. We sat there for around 10 minutes in silent. I ran my fingers through his hair as I rocked him. Then I looked down at him.

“I’m never going to leave you, baby”

Let The Games Begin Part 2 (Liam Payne Smut)

Requests: (1) Just read your Liam Payne smutty blurb, let the games begin, and loved it! and I hope you can do a part 2 sometime! (2) Do a part two for the Liam one, let the games begin! (3) Please please please make a part two to that Liam one

Warning: SMUT

Imagine Masterlist

Originally posted by crazymofas

It has been two days since I caught Liam jerking off in the den. To say that I have been in a constant state of arousal since then would be an understatement. I have seriously considered sneaking into his room late at night to satisfy his little fantasy he has of me, but I want to jump on him at the exact right moment. I know he will slip up again and I will catch him fulfilling his needs. That is when I will make my move.
For now, I have been walking around the house in my most suggestive clothing hoping to conjure his unholy thoughts. Tonight’s attire consists of one of Liam’s long dark sweaters, black knee high socks, and baby pink panties for our marathon of the harry potter movies.
I could hear Liam in the den setting up while I made my way into the kitchen to grab some beers for us. With two beers in my hand, I made my way to the doorway leading to the den. I leaned against the frame watching Liam as he fumbled with the remotes to set up the surround sound.
“You ready for me?” I said nonchalantly. Liam’s eyes went wide as he took in my clothing choice.
“Uh-I-Uh..” He started, but stopped as a blush crept up into his cheeks. I smirked slightly and stepped down into the room.
“I’ll take that as a yes?” I whispered and he cleared his throat before nodding. I made my way over to the couch and took a seat next to him. As the beginning previews began to roll, I leaned back and laid my legs across his. I felt his body stiffen as my skin came into contact with his and I knew I was getting to him.
Just as Harry and Ron were opening their Christmas presents, I leaned forward to grab my beer from the table.
“Holy shit.” I heard Liam whisper.
“What was that?” I said as I leaned back into the cushions.
“Oh uh I forgot that Harry got the cloak of invisibility.” He stammered nervously. I chuckled silently and leaned into Liam’s chest. I felt his arm wrap around me and my hand found a place on his thigh.
As the movie was nearing a close, I could sense that Liam was getting pretty restless. His legs kept moving ever so slightly and his right hand was pressing hard onto his thigh.
“Are you okay?” I whispered so my lips just barely touched his ear. I heard him let out a sigh and his grip around my shoulders got tighter. “Liam?”
“Fuck it.” I heard him gasp before he turned and pinned me down on the couch. Finally. “You think you’re funny? Walking around dressed like this,” he placed a soft kiss on my jaw before continuing down my neck, “swaying that pretty little ass right in front of me,” he came up to whisper the last part in my ear, “You’ve been driving me nuts babe.”
He ground his hips into mine and I could feel his manhood against my covered core. I leaned up a bit and began to pull the sweater up my torso. “Is this what you imagined when you were touching yourself a few days ago?” I said teasingly and his jaw dropped.
“You saw me? No wonder you’ve been acting so horny all the time. Took every bit of restraint I had not to throw you on the floor and fuck the shit out of you.” He groaned before helping me finish pulling the sweater over my head. I kissed down his jawline and the back up to his lips. I was already topless and I figured his needed to go also. I slid my hands up his torso feeling every ripple of muscle before grabbing the material. Our kiss broke long enough for him to pull the useless clothing over his head and throw it onto the floor. My lips found his again and my hands flew to his hair. “Fuck, you are so gorgeous.” He was whispering in my ear as I planted kisses all over his neck, occasionally placing a nice love bite over his golden skin.
His hands fondled with the waistband of my panties and I decided to help him speed up the process. I stood up and let the smooth cloth fall to the floor and I stepped out of it leaving me in only my socks. Liam took advantage of the fact that I was standing and took his own pants and boxers off. I leaned over to kiss him and trailed my hands down to his aroused manhood. He threw his head back at my touch and he never looked more angelic. I palmed him and continued to kiss up his chest and neck. I kissed every hickey I had previously made and ran my tongue past each. I began to move down his body leaving kisses on his chest and feeling his breathing quicken as my lips made contact with his heated skin. I moved myself down so that my head was in line with his member. He looked down at me with his big brown eyes and I couldn’t help but smile at his exposed state. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue over the tip. His head flew back to hit the pillows and his hips lifted up arching his back. I was so turned on by his sensitiveness to me. I took his hand in mine leading it to my hair so he could control my movements. I took more of him in and started to suck harder.
“Yes baby. Oh God-” he was pushing my head down making me gag around him and, by the sounds of his moans, it felt good. “Stop, Stop I’m gonna-” I released him with pop and he pulled my head off of him and I went back up to his lips.
“Is that what you had in mind babe?” I cooed while moving back up and straddling his legs.
He smiled and nodded, not being able to speak coherently. He reached his hand down and cupped my heat. “You’re so wet baby. Do you want me to make you feel good?” I nodded frantically and Li reached around my back and flipped us so we were laying on the couch and he was on top of me. He slithered down my body till he was at my core. He kissed all around my heat not touching where I wanted.
“Liam!” I whined trying to get him to pleasure me like I did to him. He laughed at my eagerness and slid one finger along my slit and slipped it into his mouth.
“Delicious.” He smiled and finally put his mouth on me. He kitten licked my clit before going in and placing his lips around it and sucking. I was a moaning mess under him and he had to hold my hips down. My right hand found its way to his hair and my left was squeezing and teasing my nipples. As he sucked on my clit, one of his fingers glided between my folds.
“Oh my God Liam!” I moaned loud enough that I am sure the neighbor’s knew what we were doing. I could feel him smirk against my core and he inserted another finger. My left hand moved from my nipples to my mouth to contain my moans. “Li I’m going to-” I was shaking now, but he wasn’t stopping. “Fuck, Liam!” I was pulling on his hair and rolling my hips up to meet his face when my orgasm hit me. He didn’t stop tonguing my heat until I came down from my high. I was still shaking when he began to ascend back up my body. He kissed all the way up my stomach, in between my breasts, up my neck, and, finally, my lips. I could taste myself on him which was so fucking hot. His lips moved to my breasts and gave each one special attention. He swirled his tongue around my nipples as my hand fondled with the hairs on the back of his neck. His face came back up to mine, but he didn’t kiss me this time.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” He was looking directly in my eyes. I kissed his lips and nodded my head. His lips found mine in a passionate exchange and he began to rub his tip along my folds. He toyed with my sensitive clit making my hips stutter before finally sinking into me. “You’re so tight baby.” He said into the kiss. He began to roll his hips into mine so that he was going deeper with each thrust. I pulled my lips away from his and placed them on his neck.
I whispered dirty things in his ear to help him approach his climax. “Yes baby right there. Oh god Li you feel so good.” He placed his forehead on mine and continued to push in and out of me. He had a look of complete concentration on his face and it was the cutest thing I ever saw. His brow was furrowed and he was looking down at where we were connected. I placed one of my hands on his chin and lifted his head up so that he could kiss me. I was trying to take his mind off of pleasuring me and help him focus on his own pleasure. My hands roamed all over his body: from his bum up through his hair and down his front to where we were one. My end was approaching again, but I had to wait for Liam. “Are you close baby?” I asked him softly. He just nodded and pounded into me faster and harder than before. He was becoming more vocal so I knew he was getting closer. He reached his hand down and began rubbing my clit while he relentlessly pushed into me. “Wait Li,” I said and he looked really confused.
“What? Did I do something wro-” I cut him off by flipping him onto his back. He was obviously shocked at my actions, but I placed him back at my entrance, wasting no time. I slid down on him and he let out a moan. I ground my hips down into him, but his hand, again, reached for my clit. I grabbed both his hands and placed them over his head as I rode him. I leaned down so I could whisper in his ear.
“This is all for you baby. I am going to make you feel so good.” His hips were rising off the couch making him go deeper into me. I threw my head back and screamed his name as his hands returned to my hips.
“I’m so close baby.” He moaned. He sat up so I was sitting on his lap. I bounced on him and he pushed me down harder. I felt him twitch and his abdominal muscles contracted as he released. His head was on my chest as I grinded on him through his high. His hands reached for my clit spreading my arousal. He was determined to make me cum and he was definitely able to. With one final scream of his name I came on his now limp member. We fell back down onto the cushions and he pulled out of me. We laid on our sides facing each other and he pulled me close to him so our foreheads were touching.
“Fuck.” He sighed and I giggled.
“So how did I compare to your imagination?” I winked tiredly and he smirked.
“No fucking comparison.” He laughed and pulled our sweaty bodies closer together.

Teen Wolf imagine

*This is the first imagine I’ve written in a while, so I’m sorry if it’s a little dusty.*

Prompt: Season 6 in general. 

Summary of imagine: After Stiles’ disappearance, Y/N know’s that something is missing, and knows exactly who. After trying to get someone to believe her, her parents decide it’s time to go to Eichen House and see if the problem persist or goes away. While in there something changes her, something that can help the pack take on the shadow hunters and bring back the missing of  Beacon Hills. 



Originally posted by marvelprincesspants


“Scott, I’m serious, something bad has happened to Stiles, we have to go find him!” I exclaimed, tugging on his arm. 

“Y/N, what is this Stiles you’re talking about?” he said confused. 

“What do you mean who is Stiles? Stiles has been your best friend since you were four and in the sand box! He’s everyone’s friend!” I yelled getting angry. 

Why could no one seem to recall him? Why only me? As I ran down the halls, asking everyone I saw if they knew Stiles, and where he was. The only answers I received was, ‘are you okay, do you need to go see the guidance counselor?’ or ‘is see crazy?’. I frantically ran down the hall as fast as I possibly could, until I hit a wall. I looked up hoping to see Stiles, but unfortunately it was only Mr. Douglas. 

“Y/N, are you oka-” 

“No, I’m not okay, Stiles is gone, and I need to find him. No one believes me that he was here, and that he was our friend. Please just help me look for him.” I pleaded, crying. 

“Here why don’t we go look in the database system. I’m sure if he was here, that would tell us, okay?” he stated. 

“I mean, I guess it would help..” I sniffled. 

“Go ahead to my classroom, I’ve got to drop these off to the office and I’ll be right along.”  

I nodded and pushed my big rimmed glasses up my nose, heading towards the classroom. He’s still got to be in the system right? I mean they can’t erase everything, can they? All these questions popped into my head as I walked into the classroom. 

“Alright, let’s see here, what was his name again Y/N?” 

“Stiles…Stiles Stilinski.” I said walking around the desk. 

“Okay, Stiles, Stiles, Stiles…I don’t see anything here for a Stiles. Are you sure you’re okay?” 

I started hyperventilating and freaking out. Where was he? 

“I……need……Scott.” I said in between breathes before passing out.


“Y/N, help, you need to find me, and fast. Time is running out.” I heard Stiles’ voice, but I couldn’t quite see him. 

“Stiles? Stiles hang on I’m coming!” I yelled running forward, but only to be stopped by this creature with a hat and long coat. 

“Y/N, no don’t make eye contact!” I heard him yell. 

I look down, as he raised a gun to Stiles’ blurring body. 

“NO-” I screamed. 

“NO!” I screamed as I sat up in the nurses’ office bed, panting and sweating. 

“Y/N are you alright, what happened?” I heard. I looked over and saw Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam, Mason, and Hayden all sitting around me. 

“What-..What happened?” I asked rubbing my head. 

“You had a panic attack.” Mrs. Martin said walking in. “Your parents are here. We discussed some plans we think might help you. We’re going to admit you to Eichen House, just for a couple weeks. If it helps great, if not then we’ll go from there. Okay?” she said calmly, with my parents standing behind her as they look at me with sorrow. 

“But mom, don’t you remember what they did to me?” 

“Honey, she’s not supernatural. She’ll be okay for a couple of weeks. We’re looking at a possible schizophrenia case. We’re doing what could be best for her.” 

I sobbed at the though. “How am I to help Stiles?” 

“There is no such thing as a Stiles, Y/N. So stop with the nonsense.” my father yelled. “This is why we’re in this situation.” 

“Mrs. Martin, Eichen guards are here.” the principal said. 

“Alright, Y/N, either we can walk out to the car easily or go uneasily.” my mom said calmly. Two guards walked in with a big bag, as they looked at me. I looked at everyone in the room. Was I really that crazy, that I had to go to Eichen? 

“Can I just say a quick goodbye to my friends?” 

“Of course.” with that they all walked out the door. 

“Will you guys come get me out, like you did with Lydia?” I asked quietly.

“We think its best if you stay there, you know, and ride it out.” Scott said. 


“Y/N its only for two weeks, I think you’ll be okay.” 

“Alright Y/N, you ready.” 

All I could think about, was how unimportant I was to all of them. That they would just let me sit there and be tortured. 

“Its for the best Y/N.” Liam said. 

“Yeah, well some friends you are. I hate you all. Never talk to me again.” I spit out, starting to feel the anger and wanting the lash out. 

“Guys, I think you need to sedate her.” Mrs. Martin yelled out holding them all back. Everything went blurry, as soon as they came at me with the giant needle. 

~ Two Weeks later ~

“Alright Y/N, you’re free to go!” my ‘counselor’ exclaimed while walking in. I had just applied the last of my red lipstick. “How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Never better.” I smirked. 

“Well after that little shopping spree we took you guys on, you’ll be all set to go back to school today.” she laughed. You see, me and my ‘counselor’ had gotten really close. I say it that like that, because she actually was a siren, she came here to help people discover who they really are. She said, I was possessed, and she helped me control it. I had demons that could control any creature Beacon Hills had, and after being discovered, it changed my entire look. My clothes didn’t fit, I had grown in places I didn’t know could grow anymore, and my facial features had grown darker. We had to go shopping for new everything. 

“I’d say you’re ready. Good luck, and call me if you need me.” she said as she hugged me. 

“Thank you for everything.” I said. 

I walked out to my car ready for what today would hold. 

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Like I said a little dusty, but it’s an idea that popped into my head, I would really appreciate some feedback, so let me know! Part 2 will be up on Friday!

“He’s My Baby!” What a Baby Pt.2 (Pack Imagine)

Request by anon: Please do a part 2 to what a baby where Liam falls asleep in the reader’s lap and he starts to have night terrors and she slowly rocks him in her arms trying to comfort him and the pack look at her like wtf and she tells them to lay off and that he’s practically her baby so she continues to comfort Liam and tells him to ignore everyone’s comments simply be they’re jealous of how much she loves him and cares for him please x

Warning: Anger, i think a few cuss words, and jealousy 

Word Count: 1455


Part 1

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51. “Oh my god what happened?” Pack imagine 

“Don’t be nervous.” Liam rubbed his thumb over your knuckle, giving your hand a squeeze. “Pack meetings are really simple. We’ll probably just watch a movie or something.”

“I’m not nervous.” You protested. It probably would have been more convincing if your voice hasn’t shaken.

“You’ll be fine.” He kissed your temple and pulled you towards the door. “They’re all going to love you.”

“Hey (Y/N)!” Stiles shouted when Liam opened the door to Scott’s house. “You look pretty.”

“Stiles!” Malia shouted from somewhere deeper in the house.

“Coming!” Stiles yelled back. “You picked a busy day to show up.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” You asked quietly.

“No idea.” Liam shrugged, leading you into the kitchen. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

“Oh hi Liam, hi (Y/N). We’re so excited that you came to a meeting.” Kira smiled at the two of you as she filled up a bowl of water at the sink.

“Thanks.” You smiled back at her.

“So what’s going on?” Liam asked again. “Why is everyone acting so nuts?”

“Isaac came back from France.” Malia explained as she tore up strips of towel.

“And he got his ass kicked.” Stiles added, looking a little too pleased. Malia shot him a glare and he turned his attention back to the ice trays he was emptying into a bag.

“He has wolfsbane poisoning.” Lydia added, shaking a small glass bottle before putting it in a dark bag. “Deaton’s upstairs with him now.”

“Where’s Scott?” Liam asked, sticking his head into the living room to look for him.

“Upstairs too.” Lydia replied, taking one of the ice trays from Stiles and helping him empty it. “Hi (Y/N). You look pretty. I like those shoes. How are you?”

“I’m good.” You said quietly, studying all the organized chaos in the room. “And thanks, they’re from Walmart.”

“Here.” Kira handed you the huge bowl of water. “Could you take this upstairs to Scott?”

You nodded, looking at Liam for confirmation.

“Let’s go.” He started towards the door, and Kira grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

“Actually, Scott was wondering if you could go out and try to track the guy that attacked him.” Kira said, tugging him towards the door. “Brett’s already out there and Scott doesn’t want him to be alone.”

“Uh, I think I should stay with (Y/N).” He looked over at you.

“I’ll be okay.” You said, trying to sound reassuring. “You go help Brett. I’ll stay here.”

“Are you sure?” He asked, taking a couple steps towards you and putting a hand on your arm.

You nodded. “I’ll be fine. You can go.”

“Okay.” He leaned forward and kissed you, his thumb rubbing your cheek. “I’ll be back soon okay?”

“Okay.” You nodded. “Get out of here. They’re waiting for you.”

“Alright.” He walked out the door, looking over at you a couple times before he left.

“Alright,” Malia walked over and dropped some towel strips over your shoulder. “Bring these upstairs.”

You nodded and walked upstairs with the bowl and towels, following the noise to one of the bedrooms. Scott looked up when you walked over and he waved you in. Deaton was standing over a prone form on the bed, holding a scalpel.

“Oh my god, what happened?” You gasped, staring and the bloody blonde boy lying on the bed.

He had three long scratches down his side, oozing blood. But that wasn’t the worst part. What was worse were the long black veins snaking from the wounds down past the waistband of his pants and creeping up his chest.

“Who’s this?” The blonde boy asked, lifting his head to look at you. “Hello beautiful. I’m Isaac.”

“She’s Liam’s girlfriend.” Scott said sharply. “And this is her first pack meeting. Things were supposed to be calm and quiet for her.”

“Sorry.” Isaac laughed, and it ended in a cough. “I should have called ahead.”

“I have these.” You held out the water and strips of cloth, which Scott took from you.

“Don’t worry. We’ll have him healed up in no time, and then we can all watch a movie.” Scott shot you a reassuring smile.

You rolled up your sleeves and took a step closer. You had said you wanted to be a part of the pack, so you might as well jump right in.

“What can I do to help?”

I liked this it was fun. Thank you anon for the request. The gif does not match the fic at all but thats okay its cute :)  I hope you guys like it, and feel free to request I’m running low. Enjoy!

Divorced with kids part 2

A/N: I AM SO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN WRITING, BUT HEY I FINISHED IT. If you have a request my inbox is always open. i hope you like it, enjoy.

Part 1


It was a Sunday night, a quiet night, you were relaxing in the bath when your phone started you ring, you groaned at the sound but got up and answered it anyways, it was Niall 

“Hello” yo answered 

“MUMMY!” Iris yelled 

“Iris baby whats wrong?” you asked already putting on your panties incase she needed you 

“Umm, mummy can you come ove-” you stopped her

“Alright my love im on my way ok?” you said and hung up. you grabbed a tee shirt and a hoodie and ran out the door with your keys and purse. 

you were racing to Niall’s house, when you finally got there you ran to the door and banged on it. 

Iris answered the door, she smiled at you and hugged you “Oh baby, i thought something happen are you ok?” you asked 

“Oh sorry mummy for making you worry we just wanted you over for dinner.” she said you looked at her and what she was wearing, she was in a lovely dress and your sons came walking up to you in little suits smiling at you. 

you sighed and rolled your eyes “My loves this is your weekend with your dad, why do you want me? you see me everyday” you smiled 

“Cause Mummy it would make daddy happy” Nick said grabbing your hand and leading you to the dinning room. 

You saw Niall on the sofa looking up and the ceiling “Niall?” you whispered 

He turned around and saw you standing there and shocked, “Uh, um hey what are you doing here?” he asked 

you chuckled “well the kids called me and mom kicked in so i raced over here, finding out that the kids wanted to have dinner with us.” you said looking at them with a smile on your face

He just stood there and chuckled “So what do you say? stay for dinner?” he asked once again 

you sighed “Sure” the Four of you headed to the dinning room. 


The next morning you found Nina sleeping with you, you smiled and cuddle her, a girl at her age will start to understand that people will disappoint you. You got up and went to the bathroom, when you came down stairs you found Nina sitting there with Liam on the sofa, you froze and hid behind the wall 

“Nina, i want you to understand that daddy is very sorry for no coming to get you when he promised he would” Nina stayed quite 

“Daddy loves you and mommy with all my heart, that will never change, no one can take me away from you. I promise that i will be here more often so you can never think about it ok. that you can always call daddy and he will come running ok?” he said looking at her

“Ok daddy,” she moved up to him and hugged him “I missed you daddy” she whispered Liam smiled and hugged her tightly “I missed you more princess” 

“Now where is Mummy at?” he asked You cam around the corner 

“Hey” you said softly “Mummy” Nina said and ran over to you “Look daddy came to visit us” she explained 

you smiled at her “i see,but did daddy bring us breakfast for waking us up so early?” you asked 

she nodded her head “Yeah MacDonalds” she said “Baby how about you go eat while i talk to daddy real quick yeah?” you suggested she nodded her head and ran to the kitchen. 

You sighed “That was really nice of you Liam” he smiled at you “You know i meant what i said” 

“Damn right you did, i will hold you to your promise you know” you warned him, he just smiled 

“I forgot how looked in the morning” he started to move towards you, you stood there with your arm crossed over to your left. 

“you always look so beautiful when you wake up” he whispered standing right in front of you “I miss that most of all” his hand came up, his thumb rubbing genitally against your cheeks afraid if he put any pressure that you will break.


It was Louis’ day with the kids, you didnt know if was actually going to come or just blow them off, the 3 youngest were excited to see their father. But the other two since they are of age they may chose to pick if they want to go or not. 

Your youngest was bugging the older ones telling them that they should come and see him, that they were going to have fun. You smiled “Go with them, just in-case they get to out of hand yeah?” you asked they both looked at each other and nodded. they got up and went to go get ready. 

A hour later there was a knock on the door, you walked up to it to find Louis standing there

“Hey” he said, you smiled at him “Kids your father is here” the 3 little ones ran form up stairs crashing into him with hugs and the other 2 walking down

“Woah, look at you guys. you all have gotten big.” when he said that it broke your heart actually knowing that he hasnt spent anytime with them in 5 months. To to the little ones he was like a stranger who they call dad, to the older two, he was just someone that disappeared a long time ago. 

“Ok you guys have fun” you smiled as they all said i love yous and walking to his car. while they walked Louis stayed back, just to talk

“Wow, they have gotten big. How did you get the older ones to come?” he asked 

“I said that kids will be a handful so i asked if they can go and watch them, you shouldnt have trouble with them” you said 

“I know. Y/n, you did a good job raising the kids you know.” he said 

“I am sorry, my love. i left you to raise 5 kids on your own and they grew up amazing. I wish i can go back and be there for you-with you and watch them you know.” he explained you could hear the pain in his voice realizing that he was a stranger to his own children 

“Henry is the captain of his football team, Mona is going to the top uni in the country, Mark won the science far, Amy is doing ballet and Reyna is going to start school next year” you said he looked at you 

“Just something you want to know, you know to show them that you do know whats going on in their lives even if you dont know it yourself” you explained 

“And what about you Y/n whats going on in yours?” he asked.


During your date you couldnt stop thinking about the kids. 

“So how are the kids ?” He asked 

“Oh they are fine went to their dad’s this weekend” you smiled. When your date ended and you thanked him for the night and went home. when you got home you fell on your bed, your house was so quite you sighed. 

Its been 3 or 4 hours and you already miss your little monster running around, you got up and change. you fell back on your bed, you were thinking to yourself that sleeping alone was getting to you, the bed was too big for you know. 

you sighed and grabbed a book and left the room, you walked down the hall when you stopped at the door, you havent entered it since he left, you thought to yourself it would hurt just to go in a read would it.

You open the door and found it how it was, his art room, with spray paint cans, his mask, his desk his pencils, pens markers, everything was still the same. you sat on the sofa and looked around. 

You loved his art, no matter what, he was a excellent artist, you two would stand in that room all day, you reading and him painting. it was peaceful for you, 

in the corner of your eye you saw someone standing in the middle of the door way, you gasped but only to find out it was zayn.

“For fuck sake Zayn you scared me” he chuckled “Sorry about that” 

“Zayn, what are you doing here?” you asked he held up your daughters stuffed toy, you sighed “I swear that girl, im pretty sure she gets it from you” 

He looked down at it and then at you. “What are you doing in here?” he asked 

“Oh, umm, the bed is getting too big so i had to get out of there” you said in a low voice 

“I see” he walked into the room, “You know the days we spent in here were my favorite” he commented, you smiled and nodded your head. 

“Zayn you should go back or she will never get to sleep” you said he nodded his head. 

“Y/n, you know i never got to tell you this but those nights, where i was away those are the ones im going to regret and the ones where the days are spent with you are the ones that are precious to me.” 

Even thought he cheated, even thought you two are not married anymore, he can still make your heart flutter to this day, without even trying. 

“Im so sorry Y/n. You will always be the one i love, forever.” he looked down at his hand where he got your name tattooed on him. 

“I know Zayn.” 


So your night went on and your guest came over, it was a co-worker of yours his name was Alex, he was younger and very handsome but that didnt matter. 

 The night went on and a little too much wine lead up to you tow in the bedroom. The next morning you woke up with a little headache, you were startled to see Alex still in your bed, and you with no clothes on. 

But you smiled, you really enjoyed yourself last night, you got up to change and go to the bathroom, when you heard the door open to find your children running into the house calling for you. 

you panic to as the least you grabbed a shirt a pair of panties and ran down stairs, “Hey you guys, why are you home so early?” you asked 

“Oh Mack got sick” Marilyn said “Oh baby, come on up to your room and lay down, ok” you said picking him up and taking him to his room. 

When you came back down stairs Harry was still there “So what happened?” you asked “I dont know i guess he caught a cold or something” he said 

“He wasnt feeling to good yesterday too” you said 

“Um, mum” you heard your daughter call you she was pointing, your eyes widen “Shit” you muttered 

“Y/n is everything ok?” he asked you nodded “Yes i will be up soon” you said 

“wow mum, nice” you looked at your daughter with daggers, when you remember that harry was there too. 

“Y/n who the hell is that?” he asked 

“Oh umm Alex a co-worker” you answered “Why is he still here?” he continued 

“Well, i didnt think the kids would come home today now did i” you said not trying to “Why do you care harry?” 

“I care because he’s in my house” he raised his 

“No harry this hasnt been your home in a long time, or did you forget that we are no longer married and i get to see and sleep with whoever i like. It shouldn’t matter to you anyway” you yelled. 

Harry looked angry and left the house with a slam door.

Bread Van (Behind the behind-the-scenes Scenes)

This is for the Anon who prompted me about what I’m calling breadvan!narry from the TV special! I hope you like it, wherever you are! (And everyone else too, of course.)


His eyes are closed, head tilted back against the metal of the van, legs bent at the knees in front of him. It’s hot in here - almost stifling and he can feel the sweat trickling down the back of his neck and the sides of his face. And he tries to focus on that, on the speed in which each bead trails down his skin, instead of on the way his stomach is churning and the way his heart is beating so hard in his chest he can hear it in his ears. His chest is tight and he’s becoming increasingly aware of just how little air there is the back of this damn bread van.

It’s a brilliant plan, in theory, and he remembers congratulating Paul about it just over an hour ago. In practice, however, the plan is absolute hell for him. He hates small spaces, hates feeling confined - and yet here he is, sandwiched between Louis and Zayn against one wall of the van whilst Harry, Liam and Ben, who’s shooting a few scenes of their decoy/travel for their upcoming TV special, are sat elsewhere. (There’s just not enough for all them plus Niall in here, is the thing.)

A hand rubs gently at his foot, nudging him softly and Niall opens his eyes. The light from Ben’s camera nearly blinds him and he has to blink the little spots in his vision away until his gaze lands on Harry.

Harry’s leaning forwards, slightly, one long leg crossed on the floor whilst the other is somehow bent and off to the side. He’s watching Niall, gaze flickering all over Niall’s face like he’s checking him over - which he is. “Okay?” he asks softly, worriedly, as he slips a finger beneath Niall’s sock to rub soothing circles over his ankle.

Niall merely shakes his head as he leans forward, closed his eyes once more and buried his face in his arms as he folds them over his knees just as Liam starts talking to the camera. He’s pretty sure he’s going to throw up.

Harry shifts a bit closer to him, then, and strokes both hands up and down Niall’s leg. “Drink some water, Ni,” he whispers.

And Niall’s holding a water bottle in his hand but he feels week and shaky so he lets Harry take it from him and looks up just as Harry’s handing it back to him. He takes a sip. And then another because it’s cold and refreshing and Harry’s watching him like a hawk.

A part of him wants to escape - wants to yell for someone to stop the van and that he doesn’t care where they are because he just needs to get out. Another part of him wants to crawl across the small space between himself and Harry and burry himself in Harry’s embrace - maybe crawl into his chest until they get there - because Harry knows how to make it better. He always makes thing better. (A third part of him is a bit convinced he’s going to suffocate to death anyway so he doesn’t move.)

“More,” Harry urges softly.

Niall finds himself shaking his head as he holds the bottle out blindly for someone to take it. “‘m gonna be sick if I do,” he croaks.

It’s Louis who grabs the bottle from Niall - and then the cap from Harry, which a whispered, “I’ve got it.”

“Just a little further, Niall,” Harry murmurs as he resumes in stroking his hands up and down Niall’s leg. “You’re doing so good, babe. You’re fine.”

Niall reaches a hand out, then, and Harry immediately stops what he’s doing to hold it. He intertwines their fingers, smiling weakly when Harry squeezes them together softly.

Zayn starts talking to the camera, if for nothing more than to just have something to do - but also, he knows, as a bit of a distraction. It’s what they do, the lads, when they’re in a situation like this and Niall feels like everything is imploding; the talk and they make more jokes than they usually would and they laugh - and they pretend like Niall isn’t having an episode. And Niall’s always grateful for that. (He should probably thank them one of these days.)

“Sorry lads,” he finds himself whispering instead because, in a way, it’s sort of the same thing.

Harry scoffs quietly; he’s always scolding Niall for apologizing about his claustrophobia. He’s somehow managed to scoot even closer to Niall, tangled their feet a bit in the pillows lining the bottom of the van - and he raises his and Niall’s hands up, presses a gentle kiss to the top of Niall’s hand. The lads usually get a bit playfully snarky about their moments of PDA in front of them, but they’re always quiet in moments like this. (In moments when he hates feeling confined but also, sort of, just needs Harry there - however close he has to get.)

Louis says something, then, about feeling a bit claustrophobic himself, which Niall knows is meant to lighten the mood - and he’d laugh, if he could find the strength.

Niall leans back a bit instead, but keeps his fingers clasped with Harry. His eyes are closed as he struggles to continue to keep his breathing even. He can see the light of the camera on him even through his eyelids; can tell it’s brighter, anyway.

“How are you feeling, Nialler?” Ben asks curiously, carefully.

“Not good,” Niall mutters.


It’s only a few moments later when the van stops moving and everyone’s quiet for a moment. The only thing that keeps Niall from making any sound at all is the fact that Harry continues to stroke his thumb over the top of Niall’s hand, sealing the kiss he’d planted there before over and over again.

Louis’ the first to break the silence as he calls out, “How long?!”

When the door opens a minute later, sunlight spilling into the back of the dark van along with fresh air - which Niall sort of gasps at, because he can breathe again - and it takes everything he has not to crawl over Zayn and Ben to get out. He even lets Liam get out first, tossing a crooked smile back at Harry as the brunette laughs and follows after him. (It’s going to take a while to not feel sick anymore and for his hands to stop shaking but the worst is over and he can feel it already.)

They both drop each other’s hands as they step out on to the concrete, years of practice making it feel easy - making it look like they hadn’t even been holding hands in the first place. The second the warmth from Harry’s hand is gone, though, he wants it back. More than anything, though, Niall wants to thank him.

Wants to hug him and kiss him. Wants to remind Harry how much he appreciates him, how much he loves him.

He follows Zayn and Liam and some of their security and notices that Ben’s got his camera pointed in the other direction when he feels a hand on his shoulder. Lips graze the shell of his ear and a hot breath fans across his neck. “You can thank me later.”

Niall smirks, turns his head to lock eyes with Harry, who winks at him. And, ok, Niall can do that.

Worth It.

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this over te course of, I don’t know, like, two months (don’t fucking judge me,) anyways, if there’s any major grammar mistakes, just tell me, I won’t be mad. It’s my fault for being lazy. lol.

“I hope it was worth it.”

The sound of skin smacking skin fills the room in one loud crack.

“I hope you understand how upset you made Niall, had the poor guy convinced you were tired of us.”

Another smack, and a loud mewl.

“I’m sorry, so, so sorry, j-just please–” he babbles, tugging at the belt digging into the olive skin of his wrists.

“I’d hate to be cliche, Zayn, but, bad boys get punished, and it seems you forgot who you belong to.” He says, compsed to completly contradicting the way he lands another solid smack on the pale skin of his ass, rubbing the dark pink imprint on his ass.

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Consequences- Liam Dunbar (6)

I like writing from Liam’s perspective ;)


You were officially two months in, and the pregnancy, was slowly starting to take hold of your emotions. You were becoming emotionally unstable, crying over little things like your pencil lead breaking, or even getting extremely mad when you got an answer wrong. Nobody could understand why you had become this emotional, and you wouldn’t try to make them understand it, being pregnant was something of an experience. The only thing that could calm you down when your emotions spiked up was Liam, who was having a hard time grasping your emotions. Some days, you were all over him, and then other days, you acted like he wasn’t there. It was becoming really exhausting for him, and even more exhausting for you.

You slammed your locker shut, turning to head towards the library when you dropped all of your stuff, papers flying out everywhere to cover the hallway. You felt your throat clench and you put a hand to your mouth, tears filling your eyes as you watched your papers scatter across the ground. You started crying, your sobs echoing through the nearly empty hallway. You leaned back against the lockers, sliding down until you rested on the ground, covering your face with your hands. You couldn’t take it anymore. You wanted out from this torture, this constant battle of your emotions, this battle of your appetite, its like you had no control of your own body, and you wanted out from it.


He was in class, scribbling down answers on his test, the room so silent he could hear beads of sweat dropping to the ground with a loud ‘plop’. He hadn’t studied for his test, and now, he was slowly starting to regret it. He couldn’t think, his acute sense of hearing making it hard to focus. He was going to fail, he could already see the giant, red F on the page and Coach getting on his ass for not trying harder. He groaned internally, rubbing his face with his hand before looking up at the clock. Looking back down at his paper, he tried to recall Romeo and Juliet, but something caught his attention, an increased heartbeat. He visibly froze, listening closely before he jumped up, ignoring the look from Mason, his best friend, and their annoying teacher.

“Mr. Dunbar, where do you think you’re going?” He stopped near the door, throwing his head back with an eye roll. As much as he wanted to ignore the irritating voice, he really wanted to give him a piece of mind, so he turned slightly with a grunt leaving his lips.

“Someone needs me.” He leaned on the door frame, staring into the snake-like eyes of his teacher.

“Yes, well, your grades need you more than anyone right now.” Liam gritted his teeth, digging his fingernails into the palms of his hands. “So, if you want to pass, I suggest you take a seat, and get back to work, because I will not hesitate to fail you this semester.”

He looked at his shoes before shaking his head with a bitter laugh. “Fail me then.” And with that, he turned and slammed the door shut, following the heartbeat that he needed to soothe.


Footsteps echoed down the hall and you looked up with puffy eyes, turning your head to look at the incoming person. Your heart soared when you saw Liam and you sniffled, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand. He took a seat beside you, taking your hand in his with a reassuring smile. You didn’t waste time sugarcoating anything.“This is getting way too hard, I just want to give up at this point.” He watched you, letting his eyes wander over your features. “How am I going to get through this? I can’t even make it an entire school day without breaking down or getting mad. We’re not even halfway through, how am I going to do this? How are we going to do this?”

Liam rubbed his thumb on the back of your hand, humming to calm you down. “I don’t know how we’ll do it, but I promise we will. We’ll get through this, and it will all be worth it.” He leaned over pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. “In seven months, we’ll be parents!” He exclaimed, offering a soft smile. “Just hold on, and I promise, it will get better.”

Too good to be true | A Liam Dunbar Imagine

Y/n P.O.V

As you sat alone in the library, reading over some of your notes from your previous lesson, you couldn’t help but feel that Liam was ignoring your presence. It was like you were given the cold shoulder by him. However, it wasn’t only you who noticed this, so did Scott and Stiles. They questioned you about him and even though he was your boyfriend, you still had no clue why he acted this way.

To Scott, Stiles and the rest of the gang, he spoke to them as if everything was normal, but to you- he wouldn’t even give you a second glance. By this, you didn’t know what to feel. You didn’t know what you did to him which made him ignore you. You were lost, almost.

Glancing at the clock, you sighed and noticed that it was thirty minutes since school ended and you needed to go home. You packed all your belongings and rushed out of the door and headed straight to the main entrance. Without thinking, you turned your head swiftly to look at the nearby classroom.

All of a sudden everything went quiet and everything around you slowed down, which included the two figures caressing each other with their lips. Your eyes followed the boy’s hand which trailed from the girls hips to her hair. Darting away from her to the guy, you felt a lump at the back of your throat, forcing a sob to come out as you recognised who it was. You began to blink rapidly but it wasn’t quick enough to prevent the warm tears from flowing. 

It was Liam. Your Liam making out with another girl.

Capturing your bottom lip with your front teeth, you felt the need to run and to get away from the scene before you, so you did. Once you ran through the front doors, you continued running, doing everything in your power to remove that image in your head. 


You gasped, bringing your arm up to shield yourself from the truck which skidded in front of you. To your surprise, the vehicles charge towards you never came.

“Y/n?” You peeked an eye open as you recognised that voice. You sighed in relief as Scott and Stiles both exited the cars and ran towards you. “What the hell were you thinking Y/n? I could’ve kill-” Stiles began but he stopped when he noticed you’re almost bloodshot eyes and your tear -stained cheeks.

He then looked at Scott, who instantly wrapped his arms around you. “Y/n, Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You shook your head, as he released from the hug and examined you for any injuries. “Alright, come on. We’re going to my place okay?”

As you sat quietly in Stiles jeep, you could feel a slight tension from the incident and you knew that they wanted to ask questions.

“Y/n, can I ask why you look like you’ve been crying?” Stiles asked, looking at you through the review mirror and earning an elbow jab from Scott causing him to yelp.

You gulped as you suddenly began to feel nervous. You had no idea why but just remembering the sight from earlier made you feel utterly helpless and betrayed. Scott, look at you and gave you a weak smile, then you remembered that he could hear your pulse rising.

“Um- I-I saw L-Liam with a-another girl.” You paused, sighing as you ran your fingers through your hair. “I guess that’s the reason why he’s been ignoring me.”

You sat in between Malia and Lydia whilst Scott, Stiles and Kira stood up and spoke to each other in hushed voices. There was a sudden knock on the door, “Liam’s here.” Stiles called out whilst giving you a look and you nodded in return.

“Are you okay Y/n?” Malia asked with furrowed brows.

You nodded, “Yeah, I’m uh-fine. Why?”

“Well, that’s weird. Your pulse is going crazy.”

You froze as if you were caught red handed. You tried to calm yourself down but was interrupted as you watched Liam take a seat on the opposite sofa. You immediately diverted your eyes away from him and looked down, suddenly taking an interest in your nails.

You then could feel his eyes on you, which burned its way into your skin. The walls around you began to close in as you felt your throat beginning to close up. It was to the point where you couldn’t breathe. You shut your eyes briefly and quickly stood up, making every pair of eyes look at you whilst the conversations stopped.

“I’m sorry, I-i need fresh air. Excuse me.” With that, you walked straight into the front garden and sat on the steps of the porch. You didn’t know why you had that mini panic attack because never have you had one before, ever.

Y/n?” You swiftly turned around to be faced by your so-called boyfriend, who looked at you with concern. Utter bullshit, you thought. His baby blue orbs searched yours but you did everything to avoid those. “Is everything okay?”

You scoffed and crossed your arms over your chest. “Seriously? After days, or weeks even of not talking, that’s all you ask? Is everything okay? Your ridiculous Liam, after all you’ve put me through, you don’t even deserve a bloody answer. Dammit Liam, Everything is not okay!” You said, exasperated and not noticing how close you were to him. He looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Just answer this, why do you care? Why now?” You questioned, frustrated. you felt the your eyes welling up with tears and to be completely honest, you didn’t want him to answer that.

“Y/n, I’ve always cared. You know that.”

You scoffed whilst quickly rubbing your hands over your cheeks, “So I guess ignoring me completely and kissing another girl gives me the idea that you care. Wow, don’t I feel special.”

Liam, closed the gap between you but just stood there, your chests touching but nothing more. You felt his warm breath against your cheeks as he inhaled sharply. He raised his hand and dragged his thumb on your cheek, wiping the warm liquid which fell effortlessly from your eyes. “Y/n, listen-” He began, but you had enough. Enough of him.

You shook your head and stepped away from him. “You know what? I don’t want to hear it. It doesn’t matter, we don’t matter. I knew that I wasn’t good enough for you Liam. I’m sorry.”

With that, you continued to back away from the person who you cared most about, the person who promised you that he would never hurt you. But you guessed right, it was all too good to be true.

Goodbye, Liam.



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Grenade iii

Summary: Y/N and Liam don’t get along: it’s as simple as that… or is it? There are things Liam doesn’t know about Y/N. She’s dangerous and has a dark secret that, if continued to be kept, could cost him his life.

Request: Okay, so I really liked your last Liam imagine where the two didn’t like each other. Could you do another one like that but where the reader has panic attacks and she has one while she’s stuck with him? Thanks, love!

Note: here is part iii! I feel like I really drug this out for such a short and sweet prompt hahaha I hope you enjoy xoxo

Warning: language

part i

part ii

It’s been a week since Y/N finally told Liam about her powers. During the course of that week, she’s gone out of her way to avoid him.

         He knew that he had messed up. He had known it as soon as the words had passed his lips. He knew how hard it was for her to let down her walls and tell him about her supernatural ability… if it could even be called that…

         But, as always, Liam let his temper take control of his tongue. He said something he shouldn’t have. And the look that had been in her eyes, after he had said it, hadn’t left him since.

         Of course, he tried to talk to her. To apologize. To even start an argument. Anything. He was desperate.

         But she didn’t want to talk to him. Y/N and Stiles were attached at the hip – more so than usual – with Y/N texting her best friend whenever she needed to communicate and practically ignoring everyone else.  

         Which is why Liam finds himself standing across from a stinky, sweaty Stiles after a lacrosse game on Friday night. “Hey,” he says hesitantly. “I need your help.”

         “…that’s a weird thing to say in a locker room while in your underwear.”

         Liam rolls his eyes. Not now, Stiles. This is serious. “Look, I need to talk to Y/N.”

         Stiles flinches as he rolls on fresh deodorant. “Okay… I’m not Y/N.”

         “I know that,” Liam growls. He slips on his black t-shirt and gray sweatpants. “She just… she won’t talk to me.”

         “Yeah, can you blame her?”

         Liam stops his movements to give Stiles a confused look. “What-”

         “Girls tell their best friends everything.” Stiles quickly explains as he slips into his jeans and graphic tee. “And she told me that you were a dick when she told you about…” Stiles waves his hand around before buttoning his pants.

         “That was an accident.”

         “You were accidentally a dick? How did you accidentally be a dick?”

         “Well… No. Yes. I mean…” He sighs. “I worded it wrong. And then she blew up and I blew up and well…” He shrugs as he props his foot on a spare bench. “It didn’t go over well.” He exhales deeply as he ties his shoes.

         “Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.” Stiles snorts.

         Liam huffs. “Not helping, Stiles.”

         Stiles hefts his lacrosse bag over his shoulder. “I don’t know how to help you, dude.” He shuts his locker. “You know how Y/N is.”

         Liam sits on the bench, resting his elbows on his knees. “Yeah.” He rubs his eyes. “I just thought you could help. You know her best, after all.”

         “Well, yeah.” Stiles plops down next to him. “I mean, we’ve been through similar situations. We kind of grew close after that, I guess.”

         “Kind of?” Liam snorts. “You guys are completely and totally dependent on each other.”

         Stiles shrugs. “I guess.”

         “Do you think…” Liam turns his upper body to face Stiles. “That maybe… if you talked to her… you could get her to talk to me again?”

         “Dude, what do you think we’ve been texting about whenever we’re around you?” Stiles asks impatiently. “That’s all I’ve been telling her. She won’t listen.”

         Liam groans. “Of course not.”

         “But… she’s waiting for me at the bleachers. Maybe I find some way to stall in here and you go out there and talk to her for a little bit.”

To say Y/N is pissed when she sees Liam Dunbar making his way over to her is an understatement.

         “What the hell do you want?” She speaks to him for the first time in a week. “Where is Stiles?”

         “Stall-” Liam stops mid-sentence. Y/N raises an eyebrow. “Stuck in a stall.”

         “How did he get stuck in a stall?”

         “…his bag is up in the rafters.”

         “What? How did that happen?” I swear, if one of those asshole jocks did this to him…

         “He tripped.” Liam shakes his head. “It’s not important. The thing is, he’s going to be stuck in there for a while.”

         Y/N sighs. “Great.” She glances down at her phone to check the time. “He better not take too long.” She flops down on the steely stands, dropping her purse beside her. She starts to scroll through Instagram before she realizes he’s still there. “Can I help you, Dunbar?”

         “I wanted to talk to you.”

         “Well I don’t want to talk to you.” Just kidding.

         Liam sighs and sits beside her. “Then we’ll just sit here quietly, I guess. That won’t be awkward at all.”

         Y/N wrinkles her nose. “You stink.” She considers pulling her body spray out of her bag and giving him a spritz or two, but then decides against it. It’s pink and sparkly and the total opposite of Liam.

         “I just finished playing two back-to-back lacrosse games.”

         “I stand by my previous statement.”

         “Well, sorry, I guess.”

         They sit in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Y/N locks her phone and shoves it into her purse. She nestles her hands into the pockets of her thin hoodie and watches her breath swirl in the night air.

         Two loud bangs sound and the field goes black. The janitors turned off the lights, signaling it’s time for everyone to go. Where the hell is Stiles?  

         “If you don’t want to talk to me, can you at least hear me out?”

         Y/N sighs but doesn’t verbally protest. She feels Liam relax beside her. He’s incredibly warm. She secretly wants to scoot closer to him, to feel his thigh and shoulder press against hers, to listen to him talk forever and ever.

         “Look, I know what I said the other day was really shitty. And I really feel bad about it. I shouldn’t have said that. I wasn’t even trying to be mean that time. It just… came out wrong.”

         Y/N doesn’t say anything, but her heart speeds up. Her face feels hot. She knows he can probably hear her heartbeat, but he’s probably going to think it’s going faster out of anger rather than the stupid little butterflies he’s always able to conjure in her stomach.

         “I know it was hard for you to trust me with that. I appreciate you telling me.”

         “You’re not welcome,” Y/N grumbles before she can stop herself.

         Liam nods. “I figured you’d say something like that.”

         Quiet once again. There are a few dark figures far across the field, walking together in a tight group. Probably a few students who wandered off for a little fun with one another during the game.

         “So is that it?” Y/N asks. “Are you done?”

         “What else do you want me to say?” Liam asks, but he doesn’t sound frustrated or angry or sarcastic. He sounds genuinely confused. There’s a lot of things I want you to say, but I know that you never will.

         “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Your voice is going to make my ears bleed.”

         Liam sighs and drops his head back onto the bleacher behind him. It’s obvious that he’s sick and tired of fighting all the time. Y/N almost feels that way too. But she’d rather have his attention by constantly bickering and grating on his nerves than not have it at all with a sweet, friendly acquaintance.

         The people walking across the field have stopped. They’ve congregated into a line. Maybe it’s Y/N’s imagination acting up, but it seems like they’re facing the pair on the bleachers.

         “What did you say was keeping Stiles again?” She whispers. She suddenly has an overwhelming urge to be near her best friend, like something bad is about to happen and she wants to make sure he’s by her side and safe.

         “He’s stalling.”

         Y/N sends him a look. “I thought he was stuck?”

         “That’s what I was supposed to tell you.” Liam stretches his arms above his head. “He and Scott were going to hang back in the locker room so I could get a chance to finally talk to you.”

         Three muffled puffs echo through the air. Y/N sits bolt upright, head on a swivel. The people she had seen earlier are nowhere in sight.

         “What was that?” She mutters.

         “I think I have an idea.”


         “Well… I think I just got shot.”

There’s a burning sensation slowing spreading its heat across Liam’s shoulder. His black shirt’s sleeve is damp with red blood, warm as it trickles down his bicep.

         “Shot?” Y/N echoes, disbelief coating her voice.

         “Yeah. I’m pretty sure…” Liam bites his lip as he prepares himself. He tries to move his arm and then winces. “Definitely sure. Ouch.”

         “Where? Can you walk? We need to get out of here.”

         Just as she says the words, more gunshots ring out – this time without the silencers. We already know they’re here. Silencers effect the aim. They’ve given up the stealth in exchange for accuracy.


         Okay, we need to find cover. Now.

         Just as he thinks the words, Y/N snatches both her bag and his hand and tugs them behind the bleachers. It doesn’t do much to shield them, but at least it buys them some time. Bullets ping off the stands, loud and piercing.

         “Where did you get hit?” Y/N demands. “I have a first-aid kit in my purse; maybe I can stop the bleeding.”

         “Don’t worry about it.” Liam says, panting. The bullet is laced with something; Liam feels its poison tearing through his veins with a painful ferocity. “We just need to get out of here.”

         “We need to get to Scott and Stiles.” Y/N says. Of course her first instinct is going to be to find her friends. That’s what she’s always done.

         “No, Y/N. Listen to me.” Liam grabs her arm to keep her from standing and giving their position away. “The building is too far away. We wouldn’t make it.”

         “Fine. Let me call them.”

         “No!” Liam kicks her purse away. “The assassins will see the light! Besides, do you really want them to come out here? To be put in danger?” He searches her eyes.

         There’s no trace of weakness, only a fierceness looking for a way out. “Of course not,” she snaps. “But don’t you think Scott’s going to hear gunshots? He’s a werewolf.”

         “I don’t know,” Liam admits. “I think it might be too loud in the locker room – at least I hope it is.”

         “So now what?” Y/N hisses in his ear, crouching beside him as a bullet narrowly wizzes past her head. “What do we do?”

         Liam swallows. “I don’t know.”

         “What do you mean you don’t know?” He can hear her heart jump even faster, faster than he thought humanly possible. “Dunbar, they’re shooting at us and you’ve been shot and the only help we could have is inside.”

         “I know that.” Liam shifts his weight and then gasps at the sudden pain.

         “And you’re hurt. Oh my God, Liam, you’re hurt.” Her voice holds pure agony as she calls him by his first name, something she’s never done before. “You’re hurt.” She whimpers, hands shaking as they hover over his shoulder. “You’re hurt and I don’t know how to help you. I don’t know what to do.”

         This is completely unlike Y/N. Liam knows this. She’s losing control of herself and she’s losing it fast.          

         Liam forces himself to sit up more, letting out a grunt at the pain before clenching his teeth and making himself remain calm. “Y/N,” he calls. “It’s okay. Just calm-”

         “I can’t!” She cries. Tears are coming down her face as she trembles, gasping and sobbing. “I can’t calm down, Liam, I can’t! I can’t breathe!”

         “Shhh,” he lulls, eyes wide as he watches the strongest person he knows fall apart. “Y/N, hey…”          

         “She’s going to take control, Liam, and I’m scared!” Y/N reveals the real reason she’s inconsolable. “I can’t keep fighting Her-”

         “Then don’t.” Liam decides.

         This gets Y/N’s attention. “W-What?” She stares at him with wide eyes as her shoulders slow their bouncing.

         “Summon Her.” Liam says firmly. “We don’t have any other option.”


         “Y/N, if you don’t do this, we’re both going to be killed. And probably Scott too.” Liam looks her right in the eyes. “It’s going to be okay. You said that She only goes after the threat, right? Those assassins are the threat. She can take them out.”

         Y/N swallows. The panic is fading from her eyes. “What if they have something special just for Her? What if they know I’m going to summon Her?”

         “She took down a Nugget-thing. I’m pretty sure She can handle a couple of humans with guns.”

         “Nogitsune,” Y/N corrects automatically.

         Liam gives her a small smile. “Go kick ass.”

         Y/N stares at him for a moment like she’s contemplating the options. Liam hopes like hell she won’t back down.

         Then she does something he never in a million years would’ve expected.

         She kisses him.

         It’s short and hard and not at all romantic. But when she pulls away, Liam is gasping for breath like she just gave him the kiss of the lifetime.

         She rolls back on her haunches, eyes solemn and almost emotionless. She glares through the small slits in the bleachers at the assassins rapidly gaining on them. Then, so soft he wouldn’t have been able to hear it if he didn’t have heightened hearing, she whispers, “Come to me…”

#90 Other Soulmate AUs


Louis: Everyone only sees things in shades black and white until you meet your soulmate then everything becomes its normal color. But if they die, everything returns to black and white once again.

It was awful to only see things in just dark and light shades of grey. Especially since most of your friends had already met their soulmates and they couldn’t seem to stop talking about how amazing and different it was to see things in color. It wasn’t like you could blame them because they’d say insignificant things (like how they pictured brown to be a much lighter color what they had heard from others or how they absolutely loved the bright colors of a sunset) but you really didn’t want to hear those things. You wanted it to be special when you see color but listening to them almost gave everything away. “Guys,” You piped up, finally speaking for the first time since they had, once again, began raving about colors. “I think I should head home. I’ve got class tomorrow and I still haven’t finished that paper yet.” Each of your friends, as well as their soulmates who you’ve recently bonded with due to how much time they spend with your friends, understood and said their goodbyes as you gathered your things. You spent most of your time at that coffee shop just hoping that one day your soulmate would walk in, your eyes would meet and the world around you would turn to color. Sure that sounds like that typically movie where girl meets boy in a coffee shop and they fall in love and live happily ever after but that’s what you were actually hoping for. You didn’t have much else to go on besides the way movies portray these things. The air outside was frigid, causing you to pull your jacket tighter around you and shift your bag to the side so you could reach your phone out of the side pocket. When you reached it, it was only in your grasp for a few seconds before it slipped from your hand when someone went rushing past you, bumping into your shoulder, and causing your phone to collide with the concrete. Your head whipped back to see the man still running, his hair flowing freely in the wind but then you directed your attention back to your phone, just praying that it wasn’t cracked because you did not have the money to repair it or even get another phone. “Sorry, love,” Another man approached you, reaching down to pick up your phone for you, taking a moment to look for any cracks which, thankfully, there weren’t any before he returned your phone. His eyes met yours and it was like the world froze and everything shifted from dreary greys to ornate colors that you couldn’t even have pictured without seeing them for yourself. “Whoa.” You froze, staring deeply into the man’s, whose name you didn’t even know yet, blue eyes. The fact that he hadn’t even said anything concerned you because you didn’t know anything about him or if he even believed in this whole soulmate thing. “Yeah.” He mumbled, his eyes scanning over you appearance with a small smirk on his face. “You’ve got the most gorgeous eyes I’ll ever see…”

Liam: Everyone is issued with a watch, counting down to the date and time when they are to meet their soulmate.

Your watch only had 2 hours left on it and since there was barely any time left if felt like it was passing incredibly fast and just the thought of meeting your soulmate terrified you. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to meet him/her. It’s just that you never really liked change very much and meeting the one who you were destined to spend the rest of your life with seems like a pretty big change. You also didn’t want that first encounter to be horrible because you know that you’d never be able to live it down if you met him while you were in your pajamas without any makeup on because that would be an awful first impression. Or if you didn’t even realize that your timer had gone off and, because of that, you’d just continued on with your day, talking to other people before you realized that your countdown had finished. By then you wouldn’t even had been able to distinguish which person you had talked to that day was your soulmate and chances of finding them without the timer were one in a billion. All those failed meeting and more fluttered around your head and before you knew it there was only seven minutes and thirty seven seconds left on your watch. You still weren’t 100% sure how this whole thing worked on the day that you were supposed to meet your soulmate. Everyone always said to follow your normal schedule and not stray from that just because you may miss meeting him/her since you were expecting it but what you didn’t understand about that is how you could miss him or her if your watch was still counting down, signaling that you were still going to meet him/her. You believed that if you were to alter your schedule than your soulmate would do the same on that day, without knowing it of course, so that you would still meet. So you were just sitting on a park bench, munching on a peanut butter cookie from a local store and enjoying the fresh, spring air while you scanned through all of the people there, your eyes constantly flickering back to the time on your watch. “Loki!” A loud voice suddenly boomed and seconds later a little dog scampered up to you and eyed your cookie, which you quickly finished off before he tried to steal it from you. You reached down to scratch the puppy’s head. Soon, a man stopped in front of you, huffing as he tried to catch his breath and picked up the dog’s leash. “Sorry about that,” He breathed out, reaching his hand out for you to shake. “I was trying to fix my shoe when Loki saw a squirrel and took off running and I guess you caught his attention instead.” You giggled as the man lifted up Loki, who had begun digging a hole in the ground, to keep him out of trouble. You stood up from the park bench and rubbed the dog’s head. “Oh! I’m Liam by the way.” You quickly introduced yourself and the conversation went on from there. It came so naturally and it was so nice to have such a genuine conversation with someone, even if you had just met him. Finally, realization hit you that those seven minutes and thirty seven seconds had to have been up by now and as you glanced down you noticed that your watch displayed 00:00. For how long it had been there, you didn’t know but one could only assume…

Niall: Each person will randomly have a dream in their soulmate’s point of view and they must pick up small details from these dreams in order to figure out who their soulmate is.

These Soulmate Dreams always came to people at different ages. Some people got them before they were even teenagers while other had to wait till their mid-thirties before they had their first one. Niall was lucky, he was only twenty one and he’s already had three of these Soulmate Dreams in total. Sadly, he never seemed to pick up enough details to put a face to his soulmate. Niall sighed as he trudged down the stairs, seeing Liam, Sophia and Harry all gathered around his flat screen. Liam and Harry were intensely playing some video game Niall had never seen before so he’d just assumed they’d brought it with them when they came over. Niall noticed that Sophia wasn’t very interested in the violent game they were playing but she seemed content being wrapped up in Liam’s arms while he played. Niall rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he took a seat near Harry. “Didn’t think you were gonna be up anytime soon, Sleeping Beauty.” Liam joked, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Yeah it’s already past noon, man.” Harry added, but Niall was more focused on how happy Sophia seemed to be despite how much she hated video games. Liam and Sophia had only found each other four months ago (because Liam was much more observant than Niall when it came to Soulmate Dreams) but the two had quickly become inseparable. Niall wanted that. He hadn’t realized just how much he wanted to meet his soulmate until he saw how happy Liam had become with Sophia. Niall even tried to ask Liam what sort of details he should look for when he has one of these dreams, to which Liam responded, “Things like her name on a piece of paper or and address or even a store she goes to frequently that way you’ll have a chance to wait there and catch her. But you also want to notice specific things about her or around her room if you have a dream there that way you’ll recognize her when you finally meet her.” But those things didn’t really work for Niall because he tended to get excited about the fact that he was even having a Soulmate Dream and by the time he realized that he should be looking for clues it’d be too late. “I had another dream last night.” Niall piped up, causing all heads to whip towards him, leaving the game to play on in the background, forgotten. “Did you get anything that could help you meet the lucky girl?” Sophia asked, knowing very well how desperate Niall had recently become to meet you. Niall simply shrugged, this time he had noticed one or two things but he had no idea if they would help him on this mission. “She’s going to that community college the next town over. She was writing a psychology paper for it but I didn’t get to find out her name…” “Niall,” Liam sighed sadly, twining his fingers through Sophia’s before he spoke again. “Over five thousand people attend that college. You’re gonna need a little more than that…” They suddenly all avoided looking at Niall but he ignored it, trying to replay every detail of that dream in his head. He remembered seeing a work uniform folded on your desk off in the corner, with a name inscribed on the breast pocket. “Wait, she works at that new Italian restaurant, De Marino’s or Defonte’s or something like that! Maybe I can find her there!” Liam seemed to be a bit more hopeful than he was a few moments ago but he pushed that aside as he stood up, pulling Sophia along with him as he fetched his car keys. “Are you coming or not? We’ve got a soulmate to go look for at some Italian restaurant whose name we aren’t really sure of but at least we’ve got a lead now.” Niall smiled at his friend’s helping nature and dragged an unwilling Harry along behind him as he went on the search for the literal girl of his dreams.

Zayn: On everyone’s 18th birthday, they awake with a mark somewhere on their body, one matching their soulmate’s mark. Sometimes they must wait years if their soulmate is not yet 18 and hasn’t received that matching mark but they still must spend their time searching for them–without even knowing if their soulmate has even received their mark as well, making it feel like an impossible search.

“Are you excited to see what your mark is tomorrow?” Zayn smiled, completely ignoring the movie and redirecting his attention to you. It was the night before your eighteenth birthday and you’ve never been more nervous. You knew that some people had an awfully hard time finding someone with the same mark and knowing that there was someone made for you out there somewhere but not knowing where they were drove you crazy. Like Zayn for example, he had always been in love with the idea of meeting the one destined for him and learning all about her. He had been searching since he had awoken on his eighteenth birthday with a tiny ocean wave on the small of his back. He was now twenty two and had been searching for her for over 4 years now with no luck at all, not even having any leads towards her whatsoever. Sure, he had had occasional flings here and there but he strayed to having a serious relationship. He didn’t want to risk meeting his soulmate while he was already in a relationship with someone else. You were also scared that your soulmate wouldn’t have been quite as courteous as Zayn and had chosen to move on to a real relationship with someone else rather than waiting for his soulmate to show up. Who knows how long he waited for you before he gave up. Or maybe he never even really believed in that soulmate lore and didn’t bother to wait for you at all before he moved on. Or maybe you’d be waiting years for him. Who knows what you’d do between the time you get the mark to the time you meet him. You didn’t think you’d be as strong as Zayn was. “Y/n,” Zayn repeated, making you realize that you had been too caught up in your thoughts to answer him. “Are you excited?” You shrugged, not really wanting to admit that you were so nervous about whether or not you’d meet him. “What?!” Zayn gasped. “How can you not be thrilled? I had to force myself to sleep that night just so I could wake up with a mark. I couldn’t even contain my excitement.” Just talking about his mark, and thinking about his soulmate gave him the biggest smile despite the fact he had never even met her. You wish you could be that positive but you didn’t even have your mark yet but you were already thinking the worst. “I don’t know, I guess I just think of the worst possibility rather than looking at it how you look at it.” Zayn grasped your hand in a reassuring way, squeezing in for comfort. “Listen, fate works out. Even if you don’t find your soulmate, you’ll always have me. I’d never give up my best friend. Not even if you wanted me to leave. You can’t get rid of me that easily.” You both chuckled before focusing on the movie once again. Soon enough, it had gotten pretty late and Zayn practically forced you into bed. It almost seemed like he was more excited to see your mark and help you find your soulmate than you were. He kept saying that, “If I can’t find my soulmate yet, the least I can do is help you to find yours like you helped me all those times.” Sleep came much easier than you had originally expected but the morning came way too soon. You woke up knowing that you had to scour your body for a new addition but it wasn’t in clear view, forcing you to pull off your shirt and shorts to look for it but it still wasn’t there. Did you not have one? Is that even possible? It wasn’t on your shoulder or the back of your thighs. Finally, you got fed up and turned around before a mirror, freezing when you saw a tiny ocean wave on the small of your back.

Harry: Soulmates started out as a phenomenon; it was easy for people to find their other half. But now, this sensation has spread and with everyone in the world having a soulmate, it makes it extremely rare for people to actually find their soulmate. Because of this, agencies have been created to assist people in the search for their soulmate.

Harry had tried so hard to find his soulmate. He thought that being able to tour the world for his job would increase the chances of finding the person meant for him; the person with the same Australia-like shaped birthmark on the inside of their ankle. He had made the decision to keep that birthmark to himself, in fear that his popularity would make people falsely claim that they had a matching one and get Harry’s hopes up. He’d always try to subtly check every fan he encounter’s ankle in hopes that he had found her–but he had no such luck. With over 7 billion people in the world, Harry had begun to lose faith. Two of his bandmates already found their soulmates–against all the odds–and he’d never seen them so happy. It just seemed impossible that Harry would meet you anytime soon. So he was forced to turn to one of those highly recommended agencies that’s sole purpose was assisting people in finding their soulmates. They were extremely expansive and not many people could afford them but Harry had acuminated plenty of money to cover the cost. Nobody really knew how they did what they did but Harry made sure to pick a business with a 94.3% success rate, which was the highest one he could find. All they did when he went in was take a picture of his birthmark and say that they’d keep him updated on their progress. That’s it. Harry expected it to be much more hands on but he had to let them do what they did best. It wasn’t until two months later, when Harry still hadn’t received any word from the agency, and then he began to get nervous. Maybe they weren’t as authentic and trustworthy as Harry had first believed. So he made the decision to call up the agency and ask if they had made any progress. Because anything was more than what he had already accomplished–which was nothing. “We think we’ve found the girl.” The man on the other line said and Harry froze. He hadn’t expected them to have any news to tell him since they said they’d call him with any updates but he hadn’t received any calls yet all of the sudden they claim to have for the girl. “Y-You do?” “We’re pretty sure. We contacted her, leaving your name out of course in case you weren’t ready for her knowing or in case this search accidentally leaked to the media. She seemed a bit shy but she agreed to going to an agency near her, where they will photograph her mark and fax it to us where we will have a professional compare your marks.” At this point, Harry had to sit down to take in all of this information. He had been waiting and searching so long for this girl but now he just prayed that they hadn’t gotten anything mixed up and gotten Harry’s hopes up once again. “When, uh, when will she be going to an agency?” Harry choked out. “We scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at two and the professional should be done comparing by 4, 4:30 at the latest and, if it is a match, the agency she goes to will collect her basic information which we will give to and you may choose to contact her however you wish.” Harry agreed and the conversation soon ended, leaving Harry only with his thoughts. He prayed that this all worked out and he’d be able to meet you, his soulmate, his other half, as soon as he could. He knew he wasn’t ready to let go of someone he didn’t even have yet.