he's just out in the woods thinking about everything

— aquiver | 03 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language, some type of fluff
words: 10,909
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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TMNT x Reader (Part One).

Imagine your favorite turtle cuddling with you. It’s late and it’s cold and he’s had a stressful day. All he wants right now is to hold you and kiss you and fall asleep. The best part about being in a relationship is that all of those things can happen.

Leonardo is exhausted.
Today has been an exhausting, difficult day. And it seemed like those days were coming along more often.
Sometimes, the line between brother and leader can be confusing and tiring. There are some days when he just wants to hang out and not do anything…but that can’t happen.
He has a job to do.
A job that his family counts on.
So after training and patrol and meditation and butting heads with his brothers, all he wants to do is to crawl in bed. He slowly walks through the dark hallway, his brother’s voices and laughter slowly vanishing from his ears. He approaches the final circular door.
His door. His bedroom. His sanctuary.
He shuts the door behind him and leans against it, pressing his head to worn out wood, lost in thought. He thinks about everything he had to do today and how he will do it again tomorrow and he wonders if it will ever get any easier. He had been the Leader for five years, since he was fifteen, and as he got older his job only seemed to get harder.
Leo sighs and turns around, acting to get into bed, when he notices a small figure underneath his sheets. He stiffens but relaxes when the figure mumbles something. He would know that voice anywhere.
He strides over, quietly, and pulls his blue comforter away, revealing Y/N’s peaceful face. He notices the book tucked away next to her, a copy of Cinder that has her finger tucked between the pages.
He laughed softly at the sight before him.
“Did you fall asleep waiting for me?” He whispers.
Leonardo carefully takes the book, making sure to mark the page, and places it on the nightstand. For a moment, he simply watches her breathe softly.
She looks so content and he wonders what she might be dreaming about. A little part of Leonardo hopes that she’s dreaming about him…Eventually, he decideds to join her in her dreams.
Moving away, he removes his armor piece by piece, putting it away. He looks in the mirror. He tools older. Tired. He examines his green skin, littered with scars and a few tattoos. His eyes linger in his left forearm, where he had the kanji symbol for “love” tattooed.
He had gotten that for her and she had held his hand the entire time. He hadn’t really needed her to but he certainly had enjoyed it.
He looks up and he can see her reflection in the mirror. Y/N has rolled over and is now facing him, her arm reaching out towards him as though to say
“Come to bed.”
Love. His fingers run over the inked skin before he turns away and goes to join her. Carefully, so very carefully, he slides in bed next to her. Leonardo is always surprised about how small she seems next to him. How delicate, almost doll like.
She suddenly stirs, her eyes just barely opening.
“Leo?” She asks, her voice thick with sleep.
“Hey. Sorry for keeping you waiting.” he whispers.
Y/N smiled sleepily and says
“No trouble.”
She’s drifting off to sleep once more and Leonardo gives her a quick kiss before she resumes her peaceful breathing.
It has been a difficult day for the turtles but being able to hold her like this…made it all worthwhile.
Within moments, Leo had joined her in her slumber, still holding her in his arms.

Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 2

Originally posted by baekintime

Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 5,165 

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A New Chapter | Domestic Life

Summary: You and Tom have had it rough these past two years, but once he’s back in London for a long period of time. It’s time for you both to start a new chapter in your lives.

Characters: Reader x Tom Holland

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,754

A/N: I’M EMO!! Anyways, hi, I haven’t written in ages, but I finished all my work for the week and I’m off school for Labor Day, so it was a perfect opportunity to write another imagine for the Domestic Life series. I hope you guys enjoy.

It had been two years since you and Tom started dating each other. You both were in love with each other, but it came with hard times. Tom was a world traveler, as he did promotion for movies and filmed abroad. You were a full-time student, making it a challenge to find free time for you to visit Tom. He was also in different parts of the world that had you both staying up late or waking up early, in hope of just get a few words in to each other. There were times you both wanted to call it quits, but you fought for the relationship because love conquers all.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any recs where an alive! Hale pack reacts to Steter? Whether they can't believe Peter has found someone just as snarky or if they don't think it's gonna last and whatever is Peter doing to the poor boy? The fics don't have to be centred this though, just some interesting reactions from the Hale pack would be nice. :) Thanks!

Definitely! Here’s some I liked:

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Proposing To Strangers by moonstalker24

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

Sweet Like Cherry Wine by ladypigswagon

Stiles growls softly. He can’t seem to get the beak right, it’s too narrow, disproportionate with the rest of the head. He sighs, charcoal smudged fingers leaving grey marks on his cheeks as he drags a hand over his face. The crow he’s studying hops closer, squawking indignantly when it sees Stiles drawing.

“I’m trying,” Stiles mutters. The crow squawks again, hopping back along the branch. The setting sun casts a warm orange glow through the gaps in the treetops. His mother will probably come collect him for dinner soon; he needs to get this right before the light fades.

This Time Around by alternativename, Green

Stiles is a seer dreaming about a pack of werewolves who die in a fire; Peter is a begrudging packmate who doesn’t really feel like part of the family.

When Stiles finally crosses the line and changes the Hales’ history forever, the two of them start up their own story.

Sanctuary by DiscontentedWinter

The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.

Red String verse by gryvon

Peter had given up hope of ever finding his soulmate until the red string on his finger leads him to a four-year-old. He’s going to Hell. Or jail. Or both.

You Had Me at Canapes by LadyArinn

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.

The Time Travel Grammar Book by Guede

Young newly-single mother Talia takes her three children home, only to find her parents missing and her teenage brother talking about strange monsters in the woods—and they’re werewolves themselves, after all, so this is worrying.

Meanwhile, Stiles, Scott, and Lydia touch down in yet another timeline. Obviously, they’re not here for the nostalgia.

The Dragon’s Wolf by DenaCeleste

Stiles is a vengeful dragon, and Peter is his mate. Stiles just has to convince Peter of that while they deal with the attempted murder of the Hale pack.

Write Me Love Notes in Glitter Glue by pibroch (littleblackdog)

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

Stiles is a single dad with two kids, and a real contempt for the status quo. Peter is a kindergarten teacher with an army of loyal little minions, and maybe a few ulterior motives.

Can I Tattoo a Baby? by Elpie (Horribibble)

Before he inked his first tattoo, Stiles Stilinski had filled a dozen sketchbooks.
Before he knew what he wanted to do with his life, Stiles Stilinski had a kid to take care of.
Before he threw in the towel completely, Stiles Stilinski met Peter Hale.

Life is made up almost exclusively of happy accidents. (And some really terrifying childhood memories.) But that’s okay.

(Really they’re all kind of morons, but the Buffy style asskicking doesn’t hurt.)

Goodbye to a World by mia6363

Too many of them had died… and those who were left were more broken because of it. So when Peter hesitantly admitted to knowing about a spell that would send someone back in time Stiles knew he had to do it.

Of Gods and Men by Triangulum

Peter has always had his favorites. It’s not that he’s particularly fond of humans, he’s not, but he finds that walking invisible among them at times is much more entertaining than dealing with the squabbling and politics of the other gods. He’s always been a solitary creature among them, though his sister always calls him strange for that and says that gods aren’t meant to be alone. Maybe that’s why she has a horde of children.


The one where Peter is a god and finds a favorite in Stiles.

We Were Supposed to Be by Udunie

Stiles didn’t know what he expected to see in the closet. It was like every other one down the hallway, filled with cleaning supplies a janitor could need in a hospital. There wasn’t anything extraordinary, not a bottle out of place.

Two weeks ago, Heather killed herself in there.

Omegas were supposed to have sensitive noses, but Stiles couldn’t pick up anything. It all smelled like sickness and disinfectant, like every other room.

“Move it,” Harris barked out behind him. The beta swatted Stiles’ head with his clipboard, sending his ears ringing.

Stiles moved, feeling like he was in a bubble that made everything gray and dull on the outside.

Sometimes he missed Heather. Sometimes he envied her.

Less Sass, More Cupcake by nezstorm, Vaal

Stiles and Peter are a forever kind of deal. They know that, everyone who knows them knows that, the creatures they fight are aware of that, too. What they all don’t realize, though, is that Stiles and Peter haven’t taken the final step yet.

Strange Duet by BelleAmante, thiliart (thilia)

The past three years have been a series of shocking, or not so shocking, successes for 2018 Tony award winner and two time Grammy nominee, Stiles Stilinski. You don’t typically find classically trained opera singers singing alternative folk rock to crowds at Coachella. Nor do you find indie singer/songwriters winning best actor awards at the Tony’s for their Broadway debuts. Stilinski has made it his lifetime habit to defy and exceed all expectations.


A Steter fic loosely based on Phantom of the Opera

Kindred Spirits - Teen Wolf Arc by Starkindler

Stiles was registered as Dormant when he didn’t come online at sixteen, after even his mother’s sudden death didn’t trigger his Sentinel genes. He wasn’t supposed to come Online. They said only an extreme circumstance where he feared for his survival could possibly trigger his genetics into becoming active, but they doubted it would happen even then. In other words, he was broken.

His life just wasn’t that exciting. Or so he thought, until one day he and Scott decided to take a jog in the woods, preparing for cross-country for their Senior year. It was the first half of summer, and starting early ensured they were in great shape for the start of school. There were general warnings of staying out of the woods, talk about how they could be dangerous. Stiles never believed them, because he’d spent some quality time in those same woods his entire life.

Besides, nothing ever happened in Beacon Hills.

Spinning Gold by Elpie (Horribibble)

Stiles finds himself locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, and he knows that when they come for him at dawn, it will still just be a room filled with straw.

Until Peter messes everything up.


“Your doubt, while charming, is unwarranted. It can be done, and it will be done, but first we should come to an agreement, don’t you think?”

you and me are the lucky ones by Sang_argente

“Alpha McCall, it seems like there’s only one way to settle this alliance then.”

“You’re right,” Scott replied. “Stiles and Peter will tie our packs by marriage.”

“Wonderful. Shall we set the wedding for this time next month?” Talia asked.


Temporary Claim by run_for_me

Some, of course, are off limits. Queen Talia and her husband have their special favorites who join their marriage bed from time to time. Laura has several young strapping men that are hers and hers alone. Even Derek has a few favorites—the quiet ones, the sweet ones.

Peter? The Duke only has one.

College Fun (Spencer Reid Smut)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 2571

Prompt: sub!Reid smut requested by @mrsgublergram !! It’s not super heavy dom/sub but I really hope you enjoy it nonetheless!!

Summary: After Morgan teases Reid about not getting the fun college sex experience, reader decides to show him what he missed out on.

Warnings: NSFW, Public Sex (just some hand action), Oral sex, Light dom/sub, Swearing

Author’s Note: This was co-written with the lovely Callie (@prettyrickyreid)! Go check her out and follow her if you don’t already!! She did the first half, I did the second half if you’re wondering!! Also, my requests are open so you can send any in here :))) Also please let me know if there are any warnings I should add or any typos I need to fix!! Enjoy!!

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Five Times Adam Made Ronan Laugh


A/N: The title says it all. More of a pre-slash fic than anything. I hope you enjoy it!

[Read it on AO3]

Words: 1 680


Adam hadn’t meant for it to come out as sarcastic as it did. He’d aimed for a playful comment to hide a deeper bitterness, but what had left his mouth had been anything but lighthearted, and for a moment he feared that someone would either get pissed at him, or ask him if he was okay. He didn’t want either of those things to happen.

How it ended up with Ronan laughing - genuinely laughing for the first time in weeks - he wasn’t sure. But that was what was happening.


Holy shit.

That laugh was magical.

Adam wasn’t prone on gaping at people like a fool, and thankfully he managed to get control of his features before it became too obvious, but Ronan was still laughing, so it was hard keeping it cool.

Seriously, it hadn’t been that funny.

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Stiles- I’ll Always Want This

Request-  Hello, can I request a imagine where the reader is Scott’s human little sister (15 years) and hunter kidnap her and torture her to get information out of Scott so the whole pack tries to find her.

A/N- So I kind of did my own thing with this, but I hope you like it! Sorry I’ve been so inactive guys, I’ve been catching up on a lot of things now that I have some free time. Enjoy!

You pulled back the blinds of your living room window, watching as your brother Scott’s dirtbike disappeared down the street. The neighborhood was dark for a few brief seconds after he rounded the corner, but soon a pair of headlights was shining up your driveway.
You broke into a grin and pulled open the door, and slipped out into the warm summer air. The lights were so bright in your eyes that you couldn’t see his face when he hopped out of the car, but the familiar silhouette of the jeep told you that Stiles was there, and he was there for you.
He met you halfway after you bounded down the steps, and tugged you close to him. “Scott’s gone?”
You nodded, and his lips quirked up. Scott wasn’t there to see him lean in and press his lips to yours, but Stiles knew that if he had been, he would kill him. Especially considering the way he was kissing you, which was not church, child, or brother appropriate.
Scott knew you two had always been close, he just didn’t know exactly how close. It hadn’t been going on for a long time, and it all started after Stiles came back from the Wild Hunt, but you knew Scott would be upset either way.
Stiles wasn’t sure what it was about being forgotten that had changed his perspective, but he did know that everything was different. He was getting older and he was growing, but so were you. You were no longer just Scott’s baby sister. You were strong, and you were beautiful, and Stiles couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized how he felt before.
You had been a constant in his life ever since he met Scott, and the thought of you forgetting him had sent him into a panic, especially considering you had been with him the night he disappeared. The way you had thrown yourself into his arms when he got back was just enough to seal the deal for him, and make him realize that he didn’t have anything to lose by telling you how he felt.
There was nothing you could do but kiss him when he confessed, and while you felt the same way about each other, you both agreed that you had to keep it a secret from Scott. Your brother was protective, and Stiles was afraid that it would destroy their friendship. After everything they had been through together, you agreed that couldn’t happen.
Maybe meeting him in secret when Scott left the house was a little sneaky, but you couldn’t just tell your brother the truth. He would kill you, and then he would kill Stiles, and then none of you would be happy. It was much better-and safer-for you and Stiles to keep your relationship a secret. After all, what Scott didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.
When you finally pulled away from Stiles in the driveway, he was wearing a goofy smile on his face. “So where are we going tonight?”
“I was thinking I’d surprise you,” he told you.
You smiled. “Okay, can I have a hint?”
Stiles thought for a minute. “We’ll have the place all to ourselves.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You’re not planning on taking me out to the woods and murdering me are you?”
Stiles gave a sigh of exasperation. “Y/n, come on, you’re ruining the surprise. You can’t do that.”
You rolled your eyes, and Stiles grinned. “Come on. You’re too cute to murder. Besides, I’m pretty sure you could kick my ass anyway. You’d probably end up dumping my body in the woods.”
“You always say the sweetest things, Stiles.”
“Come on, Smartass,” he told you with a roll of his eyes. “I’m about to blow your mind.”
You laughed and followed him to the jeep. “We’ll see.”

You watched the trees blur past you in the darkness as you stared out the window of the jeep. Stiles gave your hand a squeeze, and you glanced back at him.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” you said softly. “I’m just thinking.”
“About what?” he asked.
“Just…you guys leaving, and my senior year.”
“It’s not as bad as it seems,” Stiles assured you. “I mean, at least you probably won’t have your memories erased again. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place and all that.”
You scoffed, and muttered “It does in Beacon Hills.”
Stiles gave your hand another comforting squeeze. “It’ll be alright. I know for a fact you can take care of yourself. You don’t need me.”
You looked over at him, meeting his brown eyes. “I think we’ve already agreed that I do.”
Stiles opened his mouth to reply, but a pair of headlights caught his eye in the rearview mirror. “Huh.”
“What?” you questioned, turning around in your seat.
“Just that car behind us,” he told you. “No one really comes here. Like ever.”
“Well, we’re out here,” you said, looking back through the windshield at the winding back road.
A dark car was following behind you, but it was impossible to tell the color on the dimly lit backroad. You noticed it was keeping its distance, but something about it set Stiles on edge.
“Well, yeah, but I’m surprising you with the best date ever.”
“Maybe they’re doing that too.”
“I just didn’t think many people knew about this place,” he said casually, although you could hear the suspicious undertone in his voice.
“Stiles,” you said softly. “Nothing bad is going to happen.”
He swallowed. “I know. It’s just…I just…”
“It’s hard not to be worried,” you agreed. “After everything that happened, I totally get that.”
“I’m ruining this date, aren’t I?” he asked with a frown.
“No,” you promised him. “You’re not. But I want you to know that tonight is our night. There’s no Scott, no supernatural disasters…just you and me.”
Stiles smiled softly. “I like the sound of that.”
You drove for a few more minutes, and then Stiles took a turn down an even smaller dirt road. As the jeep bounced across the dirt, that car that had been behind you continued down the road and disappeared from sight. You looked over at Stiles.
“See? They’re probably just going camping or something.”
You watched as the tension disappeared from his shoulders, and his grip on the steering wheel loosened. “Yeah.”
He drove down the road for what felt like forever, the radio crackling peacefully between you. It might have seemed strange to be comforted by the noise of a police radio, but the sound reminded you of Stiles, and every moment you had shared in the jeep. It was a sound that told you that, even if it was just for the moment, everything was okay.
Stiles finally turned the wheel and pulled to a stop of the middle of a field. It was a small clearing, and you were a little confused as to why he had just stopped in an empty field, but when you got out of the car, you gasped.
Stiles ran around the jeep, and pulled open the door for you, and as your feet hit the grass, the view alone was enough to cause your sharp intake of breath. Hundreds of stars were shining above you, clear as the light of day.
“Do you like it?” Stiles asked softly.
“It’s beautiful,” you whispered.
“My mom used to take me out here whenever I had a bad day. We’d lay on top of the jeep, and she’d tell me all the stories of how the stars got their names.”
“Can we?” you asked thickly, glancing over at the jeep.
Stiles grinned. “Of course.”
He climbed onto the hood and held out a hand to help you up, and when you took it, he yanked you up next to him. You followed him onto the roof and he laid back, patting the spot on the metal next to him.
You carefully laid down and scooted closer, letting out a small sigh of content. Stiles wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and he smiled down at you.
“Do you know any of them?” Stiles asked, gesturing toward the sky.
“Just the big and little dippers,” you told him.
He pointed above you. “That one right there? That’s Orion’s Belt.”
“Orion? Like the Greek hunter guy?”
“Yep,” he told you. “He loved the goddess Artemis. She was this badass huntress warrior…kind of a righteous bitch too, but Orion loved her. The story says that her brother, Apollo, didn’t like that. So one day, he dares Orion that he can’t swim out to a spot in the ocean. Then he goes to Artemis, and he’s like ‘Hey, Sis, bet you can’t hit that tiny speck in the ocean.’ And she’s, like, the goddess of archery, so of course she does, but then, his body washes up onto shore and she realizes she just killed Orion.”
“Oh my god,” you whispered. “That’s terrible.”
“There are a few different versions of the story,” Stiles explained. “But they all end the same way. Artemis realizes what she’s done, and she wants to save Orion, but it’s too late. So she takes his body, and she places it with the stars…like a memorial.”
“That’s not a bad way to be remembered,” you said softly. “With the stars.”
“Yeah,” he said. “Apollo was a pretty awful brother if you ask me. I mean, if Scott found out about us, I’d rather just have him kill me to my face, you know?”
You smacked his arm. “Stiles!”
“What?” he asked.
“He wouldn’t do that,” you grumbled. “He’d probably try to kick your ass, and he’d lock me in my room forever, but I doubt he’d try to trick me into killing you. He’s not that smart.”
“He’s a lot smarter than you think,” Stiles informed you.
“Well, he hasn’t found out about us,” you pointed out.
“Yeah…but what are we gonna do when I leave?” he asked you.
“It’ll be pretty easy to keep quiet when you’re not around,” you said softly.
Stiles blinked, and swallowed harshly. “Do you wanna break up?”
“What?” you demanded, staring at him wide-eyed. “Do you?”
“No, no, no,” he said quickly. “God, Y/n, we just got started. I hate having to leave you. I hate that I won’t be here with you, but I’m gonna be halfway across the country. I just want to make sure that you still want this.”
“Stiles,” you told him, squeezing his hand. “I’ll always want this. I’ll always want you.”
You pushed yourself up on your elbows and moved toward him, and when you pressed your lips to his, he felt his breath catch in his throat. He slid his fingers up to gently cup your cheek, and you shifted closer to him, until you were practically on top of him.
Crickets chirped around you in the summer night, and there was nothing but the sound of you, and Stiles, and the woods. You remembered all the summer nights you had spent with him, most of them before you were even together. Scott was usually there, begging you to leave them alone, but Stiles never minded when you tagged alone. He called you the three musketeers.
“They didn’t have a girl,” Scott would grumble.
“They do now,” you had told him, sticking your tongue out at him.
You would have given anything just to live in of those moments again, before all of the supernatural creatures and the death. So many things had changed, and you weren’t going to lie. It scared you.
Your world has shifted so much in the past few years, and you had no doubt that it would continue to twist and turn. You liked to think you handled it in stride, granted, with a lot of tears and blood, but still. With your brother and Stiles leaving, you were going to be the oldest in the pack. You were going to be wise one, the experienced one, and it hadn’t been so long ago that you had been the youngest.
Being without Stiles to guide you scared the wits out of you, and you weren’t so sure you could handle Beacon Hills without him. You had already seen how well that had gone when the ghost riders took him away.
It might have been terrifying, but the one thing you knew was that you had Liam, Hayden and Mason to have your back. Even Malia might still be there, because she was deciding on whether or not to leave and join Braeden with her mercenary work. The more you thought about it, and the more you melted into Stiles’ arms, you began to feel like maybe this wasn’t the end of the world. Maybe it was the beginning.
“Stiles,” you whispered suddenly, disconnecting your lips.
“Is everything okay?” he asked breathlessly.
You nodded. “It’s just…I want you to know I love you.”
His brown eyes went wide, and he sputtered with his words for a few seconds. “Y-you mean that?”
You took a deep breath and started to reply, but the crunch of tires on dried grass caused you to look up. Another car was pulling into the field, and in the few seconds it took you to disentangle yourself from Stiles, you realized it looked eerily similar to the car from before.
Stiles sat up on the roof next to you, and he squinted at the car. “Y/n, get in the car.”
“What?” you asked nervously. “Stiles, what’s going on?”
“I don’t know,” he admitted. “But I don’t like it.”
He quickly and calmly slid down from the roof, offering you a hand down. The slamming of doors made you jump, and before you could make a move for the doors, you could see two huge shapes heading toward you and Stiles.
“Stay behind me,” he whispered, holding out an arm in front of you. “Can I help you guys with something?”
Now that they were closer, you could see that there were two men, both large and muscular, walking toward the jeep.
“Yeah, actually,” one of them called, stopping in the grass. “We’re looking for someone. Someone named Scott.”
You bristled, but you said nothing. Stiles shrugged. “Uh, Scott who? That’s a pretty popular name in this town.”
“Scott McCall,” he told Stiles. “Know him?”
Stiles shook his head. “Sorry, don’t know him. I doubt he’d be out here anyway.”
“What about you?” the second man asked, looking over at you.
You shook your head. “No idea. Sorry.”
“Really?” the guy asked. “I didn’t think someone could forget their own brother that easily.”
Every muscle in Stiles’ body went taut, and a chill ran down your spine. “Scott’s not here, okay? Whatever you want from him-”
“We want her.”
You moved closer to Stiles, eyeing the men in the dark. They were both looking at you, and you guessed whatever they wanted you for wasn’t exactly pleasant.
“I can’t help you.”
The first man laughed. “I think you can, Ms. McCall.”
Stiles stepped all the way in front of you. “She said she can’t.”
The man smirked, and glanced over at you. No sooner had you wondered what he was so smug about than you were ripped off your feet with a shriek. A thick, meaty hand clamped over your mouth, and Stiles whirled around with shock on his face. His eyes widened at the third man struggling to keep a hold on you. He must have been hiding farther away and sneaked over from the trees.
You were kicking out and scratching him, trying to wriggle free, and he seemed to be shocked you were fighting so hard. It took Stiles less than a second to rip open the back door of the jeep and yank out his aluminum baseball bat. The two other men stepped forward, and Stiles swung wildly, catching on of them in the face.
Seeing him fight stirred up something inside you as well, and you brought your fingers up and swiped your nails across your captor’s face. He yelped and dropped you as you scratched his eyes, and you hit the ground with a thud. You tried to scramble forward, your fingers digging into the dirt, but he picked you back up and slammed you down.
You let out a yelp, and Stiles glanced over in worry. You felt your heart sink, and while he was distracted, one of the other men grabbed the baseball bat in his hands and brought it up to slam into his forehead. You screamed as Stiles hit the ground, blood streaming from his head.
Even after everything you had seen, you had never stopped being terrified at the sight of your friends bleeding out. You tried to crawl toward him, but the man simply dragged you up from the ground and held your arms behind you.
You struggled, your eyes still on Stiles, but soon the other two men were walking toward you. The one who had hit Stiles dropped the bat on the ground with a thump, and you flinched at the sound.
You glared up at them as they came over. The man who seemed like the leader pursed his lips.
“Sorry it had to happen like this, Y/n. It was supposed to go much smoother. We were planning on taking you from your house when your brother left, but then Romeo here showed up.”
He gestured to Stiles, and your narrowed your eyes. “What do you want from me?”
“Information,” he told you simply. “You tell us how your brother’s powers can be taken, and we leave you here so you can drive your boyfriend to the hospital. I’d be surprised if that hit hasn’t given him brain damage…unless he already had it before. He seemed pretty stupid to me.”
“This is how you’re planning to get information from me?” you finally asked weakly. “Great tactic. You’re gonna have to try again though.”
“Alright, how about this?”
You weren’t prepared for the jolt you felt when his fist met with your cheek, but you would later realize you should have been. You tasted blood as you looked back up at him, raising your eyebrows.
“You’re gonna have to try a little harder than that,” you slurred through the blood.
He raised his eyebrows, looking over at his buddies. “Did you hear that guys? She said harder.”
The second one grinned. “We can show her harder.”
He stepped forward, curling his right hand into a fist, and to your credit, you didn’t close your eyes. You did look away though, and the last thing you saw before you blacked out was Stiles, lying unconscious in the field. If you ignored all the blood, you could almost imagine that he was peacefully asleep, so that was what you did. He was the last thought on your mind when you felt that final, jarring hit, and despite the situation, it made you feel a little less terrified.

Stiles woke up with a gasp, sweat pooling on his forehead, along with one sticky, familiar substance. He held a hand to his head and squinted down at the blood on it, and that was when he noticed the bat glinting in the corner of his eye. His eyes landed in the bloody weapon, and when he pushed himself weakly to his feet, everything came back to him.
He stumbled as he took in the jeep, the field, and the stars. You had been with him. You had been behind him when they grabbed you and ripped you away from him, and he remembered your scream before the blow to his head.
He looked around the field, trying to find you, or the men, but their car was gone.
“Y/n!” he screamed. He knew it was unlikely that you were still there, but he knew he had to try anyway.
“Y/n! Y/n!”
His voice was ragged and broken, and as he stood there in the dark, the stars shining above him, he knew this was his fault. He had taken you out here, and someone had taken you.
He leaned against the jeep and pulled out his phone, knowing he would have to call Scott. He dialed his number and allowed himself a sigh of relief when his best friend picked up.
“What’s up man?”
“Scott,” he breathed. “S-something’s wrong. Where are you?”
“I’m at Liam’s,” he told him. “Why? What happened?”
“Y/n…she…someone took her.”
“What?” Scott cried. “From the house?”
“No, no we…we were outside. I took her out to look at the stars. Someone followed us into the woods. They-they took her, Scott. I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry.”
“Stiles,” Scott said suddenly. “Why were you with my sister?”
“I-Scott, why does it matter?” he asked. “We have to find her.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll call the others. You’re in the field, right? We’ll meet you there.”
“Yeah. Just hurry,” Stiles breathed. “I-I don’t know how long I’ve been out. She could be anywhere by now.”
“She’s my sister, Stiles,” Scott reminded him firmly. “We’ll find her.”

“How many were there?” Scott asked, staring down at Stiles as he sat on the hood of the
“Three,” he said, wincing as Lydia pressed a piece of gauze to his head. “Two of them
came from a car, and I think one of them must have been watching from the woods, because he came up and grabbed her from behind.”
“Did they hurt her?” Scott demanded.
“I didn’t see it,” Stiles admitted. “But when I woke up up and went over there was blood on the ground. It’s probably hers.”
“It is,” Liam admitted softly, coming over with Malia in tow. “It’s hers. It’s not a lot though…so isn’t that a good thing?”
“They took her for a reason,” Stiles said bitterly. “They said they were looking for you at first, but I think they just wanted her. They were probably following us since the moment I picked her up.”
“Why was she with you?” Scott asked. “Why didn’t she tell me you two were hanging out?”
Lydia glanced down at Stiles, her green eyes cautious and knowing. “I’m going to see if I can feel anything where she was taken.”
She gestured to Malia and Liam. “Maybe the three of us can put the pieces together.”
Stiles watched as they walked away, and then glanced back at Scott, who was staring at him with narrowed eyes.
“Stiles,” he said, accusation in his tone. “Why was my sister with you?”
Stiles swallowed and closed his eyes. “I was taking her out to look at the stars. It was supposed to be date.”
“What?” Scott demanded. “Why were you taking her on a date?”
“Because she’s my girlfriend, Scott,” Stiles said, a hint of bitterness in his tone. “She has been since I got back.”
Before he could blink, Scott was grabbing him by the throat and slamming him down onto the hood of the jeep. “You were dating my sister without telling me?! You-you did this behind my back!”
“Scott-” he choked. “It wasn’t-it wasn’t like how you’re thinking-”
“She’s my little sister!” he snarled. “And you took her out here, and now she’s gone.”
“Stop it!” Malia cried, appearing suddenly and yanking Scott away from Stiles. “This isn’t
going to help us find her. You have a right to be mad, but honestly, you’re the only one who didn’t know about it.”
“What?” Scott cried.
“It was kind of obvious,” Liam admitted. “We just thought you’d figure it out on your own.”
Scott huffed, and turned away. He didn’t look at Stiles once. “Did Lydia find anything?”
Malia shook her head. “Nothing more than we already know. Just that she’s still alive.”
Stiles moved away from the jeep. “She has to feel something. There has to be something.”
He walked over to the Banshee, who simply shook her head sadly at him. “Stiles-”
“Scream,” he ordered.
“Lydia, please,” he begged. “I know we might not find anything, but it’s worked before. Can you please try?”
She pursed her lips and nodded. “Cover your ears.”
She glanced back toward the rest of the Pack and said the same thing to them, and when she was sure they were doing it, she opened her mouth. Stiles watched painfully as the air rippled around her, and when she finally stopped, she looked around slowly.
“Do you-”
“Shh,” she shushed him, holding up her hand.
She closed her eyes, and soon the crackling of static began to fill her ears. She slowly turned around, and Stiles and the others watched as she walked back through the field toward them. Her sandals crunched in the dry grass as she made her way over to the jeep, and yanked open the door.
“Lydia, what is i-”
“Shh!” she hissed, trying desperately to understand something only she could hear. ”It’s the radio.”
She closed her eyes and leaned down toward the radio, listening as the static slowly began to morph into a sweet, familiar voice.
Let go of me, you were slurring. You sounded barely conscious, and Lydia felt nervousness fluttering in the pit of her stomach.
Look familiar? She heard another voice ask.
In her mind, you let out a weak, bitter laugh. ‘Course it’s this place. Everything that happened down here…and for years we never even knew it was here.’
The banshee static suddenly went silent, and Lydia opened her eyes. “No, no, no,” she whispered. “Come on. Come on.”
She reached forward the fumble with the channels on the radio, but all she could hear was silence. She was so close. She had heard you, and now you were gone.
“Lydia,” a voice finally said.
She looked up to see Malia placing her hand over hers, stopping her fingers from roaming over the buttons. She met the Coyote’s eyes, and she noticed a hint of regret in them.
“It’s not even on,” she said softly.
“I heard her,” Lydia said firmly, glancing over at the others. “She sounded like she might have been hurt, but she was alive.”
“What did she say?” Scott demanded. “Did she say anything about who took her? Or where she is?”
Lydia shook her head. “Not about who took her, but someone did ask if wherever they were looked familiar. And she said ‘Of course it’s this place. After everything that happened down here, and we never even knew it was here.’”
“Everything that happened here…” Scott said softly.
“In Beacon Hills?” Liam asked skeptically. “That could be anywhere. I mean, name one place here that hasn’t had some supernatural attack.”
“You can’t,” Malia stated bitterly. “So it looks like we’re back to square one.”
“Wait, wait,” Stiles spoke up suddenly. He had been gripping the door of the jeep and staring at Lydia as she listened, and he refused to believe that what she heard couldn’t help. “Were those her exact words? She said ‘everything that happened down here’?”
Lydia nodded. “She said ‘down’.”
“How many places have we almost died in that are underground?” Stiles asked.
“Well there was Malia’s coyote den,” Scott said. “The one you almost froze to death in. But I doubt they’d take her there.”
“The tunnels at Oak Creek,” Lydia suggested.
“And the tunnels under the town,” Stiles said firmly.
“The ones under the town make the most sense,” Liam offered. “I mean if you wanted to torture someone for information without anyone to hear, that would be the best place, right?”
Stiles and Scott shot a glare at him, and he swallowed nervously. “Sorry.”
“He’s got a point,” Malia pointed out. “The Dread Doctors did it.”
“But those tunnels stretch for miles,” Lydia protested. “She could be anywhere.”
“We can find her,” Stiles swore, stepping forward. “If we have to search all night, if we have to search for days, months…we’re going to find her.”
Stiles said it so firmly and with so much conviction that Scott looked over at him in shock. He met his brown eyes, but Stiles simply nodded at him.
“We’re going to find her,” he repeated softly.
“He’s right,” Scott confirmed. “Stiles, where do we start?”
Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Uh, well, I guess…I guess we would start with the closest entrance. There aren’t any around here, but there must be some sewers off the main roads.”
“We can split up,” Malia suggested. “Me, Liam and Lydia can take one way, and you two can take another. We’ll follow her scent.”
“We should probably stop at my house so I can get you something with her scent,” Scott said.
“Hold on,” Stiles, walking over to pull open the backdoor of the jeep.
He reached in and pulled out a balled up piece of fabric, and handed it over to Scott. Your brother recognized it as one of your favorite jackets.
“She, uh, she forgot it in here a couple days ago,” Stiles explained. “It should still smell like her though.”
“It does,” Malia assured him, pulling it from Scott’s hands. “It’s more than enough. Come on, guys. Let’s find her.”
She gestured to Liam and Lydia, and they followed her over to her car. Scott watched as they drove off toward the tunnels, and then he turned to Stiles. “Dude, look-”
“I’m sorry we lied to you,” Stiles interrupted. “We just didn’t know how to tell you. But,
Scott, you have to trust me when I say I never wanted anything to happen to your sister. I love her, dude. I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that either. But she told me. And…and I didn’t even get to say it back.”
“Stiles,” Scott said softly. “I trust you. I trust you more than anyone. I mean, I wish you would have told me. But I know you’d never let anything happen to her if you could help it. That gash on your head is proof. I trust you, dude. And we’re going to get my sister back.”
Stiles nodded and Scott clapped him on the back. “Let’s do it.”

“We’re gonna try this again, Y/n.”
You closed your eyes in exhaustion, but rough fingers digging into your chin caused them to flutter open. “I didn’t say we were finished here.”
“Really?” you mumbled. “Because I’m a little sick of looking at your face. Not very pleasant, y’know?”
The sharp crack of his palm across your face jarred you out of your stupor, and you glared at him. You fidgeted in the chair you were tied to, straightening up to look him in the eyes. His buddies were sitting against the wall playing cards, and here he was, beating the hell out of you.
It was true he wasn’t the most pleasant to look at, and he had a big ugly scar across his forehead. You had taken to calling him Scarface, because through your daze, it was kind of hard to keep all three men straight. You had learned they were hunters who were after your brother for some reason, but then again, who wasn’t?
“Someone tried to steal your brother’s power,” he continued. “How did they do it?”
“So many ways,” you whispered weakly. “None of them worked. I can’t help you.”
“How did they try?” Scarface demanded. “Think, Y/n.”
“Why does it matter?” you asked. “You’re not going to do it.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he told you, yanking you back by your hair.
You swallowed, nearly retching on the coppery taste of the blood in your mouth. “I’m giving you one more chance, Y/n. Your brother is a threat to a lot of good people. People who stop the monsters.”
“That’s exactly what Scott does,” you protested. “And he might be a werewolf, but people like you? You’re the real monsters.”
Scarface chuckled at you, and reached into his jacket to pull out a pocketknife. He flicked it open and crouched in front of you. “You wanna find out just how right you are?”
Exhausted and not in the mood to watch yourself being tortured, you closed your eyes. You could hear him taunting you, but you were too tired to care what he had to say. All he wanted to do was torture you, so you simply tuned out…or at least you tried to.
At the sound of yelling, you opened your eyes to find that the two other hunters had abandoned the card game and were now fighting two snarling blurs of claws and fangs. Malia and Liam were fighting them tooth and nail, and your heart swelled at the fact that they were fighting for you.
Scarface raised the knife and whirled around to you, but before he could touch you, he was knocked off his feet by an ear-splitting scream.
Lydia grinned as he slammed into the wall, and then she hurried over from the doorway.
“Lydia?” you croaked. “How? How did you know where I was?”
“I heard you,” she told you with a smile. “Don’t worry, Scott and Stiles are close.”
“Stiles,” you whispered. “Is he okay?”
“He’ll be better once he knows you’re safe.”
Scarface jumped to his feet and snatched his knife from the dirty floor, but before he could take another step, a familiar, snarling shape was storming into the room. Your eyes widened as Scott crossed the space between them in about two seconds.
You were expecting some of kind of massive fight, a lot like the boss battles in Stiles’ video games or the ones you had encountered before. Instead, this fight lasted less than a minute, if you could even call it an actual fight.
Scott stepped forward and caught the man’s arm before he could stab him, and the sickening scream of pain you heard told you your brother had just snapped his arm. He slammed him into the cement wall with a thump, and then Scarface was back on the ground, out cold.
While all this was happening, Stiles had darted into the room and gone right for you. “Y/n!” he breathed, his voice breaking when he caught sight of the blood on your face.
“I’m okay,” you tried to tell him. “I-think I’m okay.”
“God,” he whispered, pulling out a pocketknife and handing it to Lydia.
The Banshee cut your bindings, and soon you were spilling forward and into Stiles arms. He held you against his chest and you buried your head in his shoulder as he ran a hand down your back.
“I’m so sorry,” he told you. “I let them take you.”
“You didn’t,” you said in his ear. “Stiles, you tried to save me. You’re always trying to save me.”
“Yeah, well you saved me,” he said softly. “I’d die without you.”
You scoffed and pulled away to look into his eyes. “You’d be fine.”
“No,” he argued. “I wouldn’t. Y/n, what you said last night…I wanted to say it too. I just didn’t have time.”
“Stiles, you don’t have to-”
“No,” he repeated. “I love you, Y/n McCall. I’ve loved you since we were kids. It just took me way too long to realize it.”
Your eyes widened, and you looked over at Scott, who had walked over. Instead of the predicted outrage on his face, he simply smiled and gave you an encouraging nod. You mouthed ‘Thank you’ and turned back to Stiles, wrapping your arms around him and squeezing him tight.
You sat there together on the dirty floor, wrapped in each other’s arms as Malia and Liam finally finished off the other two hunters. Everything was silent for a few brief moments, and before the chaos of reunion started, you took those few peaceful moments to lean in close and whisper in his ear.
“I love you too.”

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Hi! Can I ask for headcanons of how Ryuji, Yusuke and Akechi would be like if they have a huge crush on someone?

Hnnng this is very very cute. Thank you for the request!! Enjoy!


  • Hopeless.
  • Ryuji can definitely admire appearances, but he rarely develops crushes.
  • It’s a very gradual process for him.
  • It would start out with him stealing shy glances at them.
  • Then he would blush every time they smiled at him as they walked by.
  • He’d realize it’s a crush when his every waking thought is consumed by them and how much he wants to wrap his arms around them.
  • Ryuji’s pretty direct, so he’d have no problem confronting them…
  • But he’d barely be able to form a coherent sentence.
  • It takes him many attempts to ask them out because most of the interactions went like this:
  • “H-hey there! Um, I was wondering if you’d like to Shibuya with me hang out?
  • They stare at him with a puzzled expression. “I-I’m sorry?”
  • “N-nevermind! Sorry to bother you!” And he just walks away.
  • This boy wants nothing more than to hurl himself into a wood chipper after every failed attempt.
  • His heart pounded in his ears every time he’d talk to them and his face would redden.
  • He stutters out his words and his voice cracks a little.
  • Ryuji doesn’t even realize that he stares at them whenever they’re around; Ann or someone else has to snap him out of it.
  • Since he thinks about them nonstop, he loses track of his surroundings and clumsily runs into everything. 


  • His crushes just kind of… happen?
  • He’ll see them strolling around one day and something clicks.
  • Yusuke’s mesmerized by them; his eyes widen and a faint blush invades his cheeks.
  • At first, he only sees them as an object of beauty; that’s what sparks his interest in getting to know them. 
  • But they begin to provoke romantic thoughts once he spends more time with them.
  • He doodles either them or things that remind him of them in his sketchbook.Thoughts of them become a distraction; he can’t focus on painting anymore.
  • His crushes shake him to the very core.
  • He finds himself yearning to see them and wondering what their fingers would feel like when they were interlocked with his own.
  • Yusuke wouldn’t be able to stand it; he’d immediately want them to be his. impatience is an art form
  • Asking them out wouldn’t be too difficult. He comes off as smooth but his stomach is in knots the entire time.
  • “It would bring me great joy if you’d do me the honor of being my S/O.”
  • He acts like it’s a marriage proposal bless him


  • He’ll crush on anyone that’s nice to him.
  • Although that’s not necessarily a lie, he tends to resist crushes; he knows all too well that it’s only fleeting.
  • But when one finally sticks, he can’t push the thought of them away anymore.
  • Kindness and honesty are the qualities he values the most in his crushes.
  • He’ll launch an ‘investigation’ trying to discern where they frequent the most, and he’ll just “happen” to run into them. 
  • Luckily, he’s got charisma in spades, and a rosy color will tint his cheeks when he gathers the courage to talk to them.
  • Akechi will then interrogate them, trying to find out what they like or what their hobbies are.
  • He’s very good at reading people, but all of the romantic stirrings inside of him cause his intuition to become blurred.
  • When he’s alone, the internal battle between rationality and paranoia ensues and it drives him crazy.
  • Are they avoiding me? vs. I’m sure they were just busy today.
  • Do they dislike me? vs. They’ve never done anything to prove that.
  • Akechi convinces himself that they aren’t attracted to him in that way, but he asks them out anyway. 
  • His mind is spinning and his ears are burning, but he’s adept at hiding it.
  • “Would you be interested in accompanying me on a date some time?”
Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 4. Baz.

Everything is going so well.

Simon and I study for another hour, then decide to call it a day. We order takeout for dinner and eat it in front of a movie.

‘Let’s have a movie marathon,’ Simon says.

‘Or we could get some sleep so we can focus in class tomorrow,’ I quip.

‘Two movies.’


He gets out his laptop and we have to share earphones so as not to disturb the people in the neighbouring rooms (the walls aren’t exactly soundproof) and that means huddling together on my bed. Simon is so warm, and I’m so aware of every tiny move either of us makes, and I don’t register any of the first twenty minutes of the movie. I just want to burrow closer to him and hold him.

I don’t know. Maybe he would let me.

I finally start to relax and by the end of the first movie our sides are glued together and Simon doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I can hardly concentrate on the movie with him so close to me, but then halfway through the second one I start thinking about the guy I was following the other night. My family had been tracking him for a long time and he was leaving a trail of casualties across the country.

Sometimes the only way to catch up to someone is for a superhero to step in. And even then, sometimes the only way to stop them from hurting more people is… well, to make absolutely sure that they can’t.

I’m a Pitch, and that means I have to do the dirty work. Does that make me a superhero, or a supervillain?

I hate it. I know it’s my duty, and it’s for the greater good, and that I’m the only one who can protect society from these dangerous people. But I hate that Simon thinks I’m this posh, dedicated, perfect university student, when really I’m… a monster, I suppose. Maybe. What the Pitches do is justified in my mind (not in Davy’s, of course, not in Snow’s), but that doesn’t mean I’m not a monster. That doesn’t mean that Simon wouldn’t run far away if he knew about the things I’ve done.

I sigh quietly and Simon looks up at me.

He’s so close. His eyes are such a regular shade of blue, a little washed-out. To me, they hold the stars.

‘You don’t like the movie?’ he says.

‘It’s fine,’ I answer quietly. ‘I’m just tired.’

‘Oh.’ He pauses it. ‘Sorry. We can finish it tomorrow?’

I shake my head. ‘No, it’s okay. It’s almost done.’


He restarts the movie, and I try to stop thinking about everything, and just enjoy his warmth. Enjoy the fact that I get to sit here watching illegally downloaded movies with him and – oh. I think he’s fallen asleep. His head is resting on my shoulder, his curls tickling my chin. I hold my breath (and then I smell his hair because I can’t resist) (it smells like the woods and like cheap shampoo and I love it).

The credits start rolling and I shut off Simon’s laptop, carefully pulling out the earphones which are now tangled up between us, and shove it to the end of the bed. He hasn’t woken up, so I gently push him down to lie on my bed and pull the covers over him, still fully-clothed.

And then I go to sleep in Simon’s bed. I might be crossing a line, but I don’t want to wake him, and, well, I’d be crossing an even bigger line if I slept in my own bed next to him.

The pillow smells like him, and I fall asleep almost immediately.


‘Mmmbbggrfff…. What?’ He sits bolt upright. ‘Baz?’

I look over from my textbook. ‘Morning, sleepyhead.’

‘Why am I in your bed? Did I fall asleep here last night?’ He runs a hand through his tangled curls. His eyes are still half-closed. ‘Sorry. Urgh.’

I smile. ‘It’s okay, Simon. I didn’t want to wake you. But you better hurry up if you want to make it to the lecture.’

‘Where did you sleep?’ he says, and now his eyes are wide open.

‘In your bed.’


‘I hope you didn’t mind.’

‘No, no,’ he says hurriedly. ‘Definitely not.’

‘Okay.’ I grin at him. He grins back. ‘Now seriously. You have ten minutes to get ready.’



We walk to the lecture hall together, Simon still stuffing scones in his mouth.

‘Hey, Simon,’ someone calls, waving to us from a row of seats near the back. My stomach sinks as Simon walks over to her.

‘Hi, Agatha.’

There are two spare seats in her row and he sits next to her, leaving me to take the last chair with a small sigh. I busy myself arranging my notes as they talk.

‘How are you?’ Simon asks, turning his megawatt smile on his ex-girlfriend. ‘How’s lacrosse?’

She’s chattering on about something that happened at practice last week and Simon keeps smiling at her (not that I’m checking) and laughing and he never takes his eyes off her (again, not that I’m checking). She’s even doing the arm-touching thing. I don’t know if Simon wants to get back together with her, but I know it wasn’t his idea to break up in the first place. They were high school sweethearts, and he told me that just after graduation she said something about wanting to be free to find herself at university (he seemed confused, like he didn’t really understand what she meant) even though they were going to the same one and would be sharing some classes.

Maybe Agatha has realised her mistake and wants to get back together with him. Maybe that’s all it is, and he’s moved on now, and he’ll tell her no. But who would tell Agatha Wellbelove no? She was the most beautiful girl at their school, he told me once. She’s probably still the most beautiful girl in this class. And she’s blonde and innocent and lovely (not a monster) (a girl – that might play in her favour too, we’ve never talked about that).

‘Baz. Baz.’

I snap out of my brooding and realise he’s been trying to get my attention.


‘Have you got a spare pen?’

I roll my eyes. Typical. I hand over my spare pen (I may have started carrying it around because I know Simon always forgets).

‘Thanks. Here, Agatha. Baz has one.’


‘Thanks, Simon,’ she chirps. I sink back down in my seat.


Word count: 1291

You and Kai have the worst fight that makes him storm out and cheat on you

‘You’re such an idiot, Kai!’ You yelled as you threw a glass right into the wall, watching it shatter on the floor.

‘You’re no better! Just accept that I’ll never change! I’ll stay the same sociopath who killed his family. You always say you forgave me but when we fight that’s the first thing you mention!’ Kai stated, watching you get lost. You didn’t know what to say because it was true. You never fully forgave him for being like that, even though you should have because you should’ve supported him in everything, no matter what because even thought he had his bad days, he was always there for you.

‘Because it’s true, Kai! I… Just, get out!’ You screamed and ran to your room, slamming the doors behind you, leaving Kai alone in the kitchen. The moment you closed the bedroom doors, you sat down on the floor and leaned on the doors, dragging your knees closer as you wrapped your arms around them. A scream traveled through the house, making your body shake. This time you crossed the line and you knew this might be the end of your relationship with Kai, but maybe you both needed this. Get out everything and just scream at eachother so you can later work things out and forgive eachother. You heard Kai slamming the front doors, knowing he left somewhere where he will either kill someone or run through the woods and then come back. A tear rolled down your cheek as you quickly wiped it away and got up. You always tried to keep the feelings to yourself, you wanted to act strong and this was also one of those moments. You laid on the bed and covered yourself with a blanket as you stared at the ceiling, thinking about everything you and Kai said to eachother before he stormed out of the house.

Seconds, minutes, hours passed and there was still no sign of Kai. This was the first time Kai was out for so long. You had many fights but none of them was as bad as this one. Usually you forgave eachother after a few minutes, both realizing it was a mistake and that you were fighting because of a stupid reason. You thought this one would be the same, but after Kai not showing up, you knew something was wrong and that you both will regret fighting tonight.

You woke up and realized you were still in your room, not remembering at what exact time you fell asleep. You blinked a few times, waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dimmed light in the room. You got up and walked out of the room, your bare foot barely audible on the wooden floor that led straight to the kitchen. You poured yourself a glass of water and took a sip as you turned around and saw Kai sitting on the floor. You placed the glass on the table and walked over to him, kneeling down beside him.
His body was assembled into a ball, his head bent down, touching his knees. His arms folded in a weird way. You’ve never seen Kai like this so it was a really emotional situation to be caught in. His body jerked every few seconds as you realized he was crying. You swallowed hard and took a deep breath. Seeing Kai like this was very hard for you because you knew how emotionally hurt he was in the past and you tried to avoid hurting him like that as much as possible, even though sometimes you did just that.

‘Kai?’ You laid a hand gently on his arm and then brought it down a bit as you rubbed his back. He still didn’t lift his head up and he kept the position you found him in.

'Please, Kai, look at me. I'm… sorry for everything I did. I- I know I’ve been hard on you and it’s not fair of me to keep mention the exact same things when I should be there for you and I hope you can forgive me.’ Your voice trembled, trying to hold in your tears. Suddenly Kai lifted his head up, locking his eyes with yours. When you saw him, you eyes started watering. His eyes were red and puffy. He was crying this whole time. Some sort of fear entered your body, like you knew Kai was about to say something that was going to break your heart. He looked down again and closed his eyes, tears clearly visible on his cheeks.

'I’m sorry.’ He mumbled, his voice barely audible. You ran your fingers through your hair and sat down on the floor.

'I’m sorry too, Kai. I-’

'No, I’m sorry…for what I just did to you.’ He muttered, your heart suddenly beating rapidly. You swallowed hard and kept sitting, your body frozen and unable to move. You wanted to say something, multiple times, but you couldn’t find the words because you were scared. You were scared what was Kai about to say.

'It hurts me and I'm… I hope you can forgive me.’

'What did you do, Kai?’ You whispered, your voice shaking. He came closer to you, sitting only a few inches from your body. At first he hesitated, but he blurted it out.

'I…cheated.’ He whispered so quietly you barely even heard what he said.

'Can you… say that again?’

'I cheated on you.’ He stood up and kicked the chair with his leg, making it break. 'It’s eating me alive and I can’t change it! I can’t even explain how sorry I am. I’ll do anything, anything I can to fix this.’ He knelt down in front of you, taking your hands in his but you jerked them away and placed them behind your back. He looked at you wide eyed, knowing this wasn’t going in a right direction.

'Please…’ He begged, placing his finger under your chin as he lifted your head up, locking his eyes with your eyes.

'There’s nothing here you can fix, Kai.’ You said it, a little too calmly, making tears fall down Kai’s cheeks again. He started crying, placing his hands on his face.

'How could you do this to me? I thought we were ok, I thought… we can get through this like we always do.’ You mutter, your voice shaking as you started crying really hard, your cheeks stained with tears. Kai cupped your face and kissed your tear stained lips, but you weren’t returning the kiss. He pulled away and looked at your face, calm and it was unable to read your face expression, but deep down he knew you were breaking from the inside. He knew he just broke your heart and that he was going to lose you.

'Please, I can’t lose you. You’re everything I have. I need you, baby. Please.’ At those words, you stood up and looked down at Kai, still on his knees.

'It’s over, Kai. I guess you’re gonna have to find someone else because we, we don’t exist anymore. It’s just you. And there it’s just me. And there’s no going back.’ You said as you turned around and walked away, straight to your room, closing the doors behind you. As soon as you closed the doors, you threw the lamp across the room and dropped down to your knees.

'No!’ You screamed out, tears falling down your cheeks and onto your shirt. You felt like you were gonna pass out, like a part of you was just ripped out of your heart and your body and it hurt as hell. You’ve never felt more alone and the thought of never being able to be in Kai’s arms again, made your heart ache.

pro-snape  asked:

How would the ut, uf, us, and sf sans react to a s/o who loves to walk around and draw, but never looks up until they run into so ething, or someone, and gets all upset and apologetic and starts saying sorry alot (even if it's a rock) p.s. love your blog!🙆


UT!Sans: He teases you relentlessly about it. But he thinks it’s adorable. And sometimes when he sees that you’re about to walk into something ( a couch or a chair, something where you wouldn’t hurt yourself) he watches in anticipation for the moment where you bump into it. And then he laughs at your rushed apologies. You’re too cute. 

UF!Sans: He’s torn between thinking it’s cute and thinking that it’s stupid. On one hand, you look really adorable when you walk around concentrated like that, but you’re completely oblivious to everything around you. There could be a fight happening right next to you and you probably wouldn’t even notice. 

US!Sans: He’s a little concerned to be honest. You could get seriously hurt if you tripped over something instead of just run into it. He tries to discreetly lead you away from dangers by pulling on you every now and then. But thing is, he does the same thing. He’ll be thinking too hard about something and bump into it and apologize profusely, even if it’s a chair.  

SF!Sans: He’s amazed at how many times you can repeat the same action without learning to not do it. He’s seen you walk into the same pieces of furniture more times than he’s cared to count. And you’re still apologizing to them, even though they’re non sentient pieces of wood. He used to yell at you for it and tell you to be more careful but he’s beyond that now. He just silently moves everything out of your way and sends glares to make people move.

Theory on “The Host”

This is my theory and headcanon on Markiplier’s “The Host” alter ego, so bear with me here.

Everybody is saying that “The Host” is the author, and it’s been said by Mark himself that The Host is The Author, but he changed his name when he realized he wasn’t in control of the story that was happening before him, he was just a mere host that was leading the characters along their quest or whatever. And I totally agree with that. I’m okay with keeping that in my brain in terms of The Host’s backstory.

But what’s bothering me is what makes him so special to make him Dark’s right hand man. He is to the right of Dark, who himself is at the head of the table. But there’s that bloody cloth around his eyes. I’ve got no explanation about the gold in his hair, so sorry.

Each person theorizing in the Markiplier fandom right now, from what I’ve seen, is saying that he has seen what was going to happen for the rest of time and he knows it word for word, action by action, movement by movement. That’s why the cloth is over his eyes, right? His eyes couldn’t take seeing everything that was happening that wasn’t actually happening and they just kinda melted out of his eyes or exploded.

I think not.

What I think is when Daniel and Ryan beat him in the wood shed in the forest and left him there, he was already starting to see things. He knew what was going to happen, some of the time, and he wanted to prevent it. That’s what caused him to go after Ryan in the first place. He was trying to prevent something from happening, but we as the audience have no idea that he actually prevented it from happening, or if he made it happen himself. We just know that he wasn’t happy at all when Daniel and Ryan left him to die. But what’s this got to do with his backstory, I hear you ask.

Well, after this happened, he started to see more and more of what was going to happen. Basically what I’m saying is he’s a seer that has some control over what was going to happen. He sees what’s going to happen, if it’s bad he tries to prevent it and he rarely succeeds. But he can succeed, it’s just not easy in any regard.

I don’t think The Host’s eyes melted/exploded from his eye sockets. I think he ripped them out himself and the cloth was just a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding.

Here, let me explain.

In the small <30 second video that was to be the start of “Danger in Fiction: Chapter III,” we see the host with the cloth over his eyes and only moving his head. He’s not moving his hands. We only see him move his hands when he puts headphones on at the end of the video. But it doesn’t show whether or not he is feeling around for the headphones. And if you look closely in the shot the audience gets of his face, we see red streaks running down his face. Looks a lot like blood, does it not?

But why did he tear his eyes out in the first place?

He pulled his eyes from his own skull because what he was seeing was starting to happen earlier and earlier to real time. Pretty soon, he saw it happen, then it happened 1-2 seconds later, and it was driving him crazy. Everything was repeating, and his brain couldn’t take it. It slowly drove him insane and drove him to pull his eyes out with his bare hands; or with whatever tools he had around him. Now he sees what’s happening, but he doesn’t need to see it repeat over and over again. He can hear it repeating, but it’s turned into white noise to him. He ignores it completely.

Now he always wears the cloth around his eyes, solely because he is trying to hide his eyes. But he has supernatural powers as well.

Dark, Wilford, and Google all have supernatural powers, along with the superhero ego (I can’t remember his name but he’s a hero so he has powers I’m assuming). That doesn’t exclude The Host from the ability to have his own form of supernatural powers.

I think that, since he is always describing what is happening, he can say that someone is slowly starting to feel pain, and then the person does actually feel pain. And if he feels necessary, he could kill them slowly and torturously, or he could just give them a heart attack Death Note style. At times, he could actually force a person to move, but that takes a lot of energy out of him so he doesn’t do it often.

He is Dark’s right hand man because, since Dark doesn’t like to kill people himself or to make a mess, he can get The Host to do it for him. And if The Host is going too far, Dark can tell him to stop.

The Host is blind. But he sees what happens, so he can still see everything that’s happening around him, he’s just ahead of everybody around him. He is a valuable asset, not only because he can kill people for Dark, but because he knows if danger is about to come around the corner. It may only give them half-a-second to respond, but they probably have a quick reaction.

Jesus that was long, but I needed to get this outta mah brain. Hope you all enjoyed reading!

I want us to be in the car and look at each other and not feel awkward. I want us to go deep into the woods with the windows down hearing our favorite tracks and have my head out the window with my hands out in the air and feel the fresh, pure air hit my face and turn around and see you smiling jamming to the music. And I’ll think ‘dame isn’t he just perfect, I couldn’t be happier with anyone else’ and give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. And then we’ll find our favorite spot in the woods and get to see what we don’t get to see in the big city (tall pine trees, the sound of crunchy leaves, fresh air). We’ll get to the small water creek, jump in, wash up and laugh and forget about everything and it just be you & i, for now and ever. I’ll always watch you, everyday and never get bored of you. I know your out there. 💛
Acquainted with the Night (5/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~6300

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: As always, love and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein​​ and @unfolded73​​ for their help with this story.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld​​ for the gorgeous banner.  

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin​​, @the-captains-ayebrows​​, @maryvmassakre​​, @katealexandra26​​, @superchocovian​​, @vanyali07​​, @imhookedonaswan​​, @captain–kitten​​, @dreadpirateemma​​, @like-waves-on-the-beach​​, @fairytalesandtimetravel

Also on ff and ao3

Chapter Four

Dawn broke, gentle and quiet, before Emma was convinced that Mordred no longer followed close behind.  Whatever curse he had cast, the magic strange and unknowable to her, it did not seem to be able to follow them on foot.  From her perch on a fallen log – the dew, gathered on tufts of moss, seeping into her trousers – she listened.  The sounds of the forest echoed brightly in her ears, no longer quite so intrusive.  Droplets of water coalesced at the crests of leaves, falling to the ground with a soft thud.  Birds all around began a tentative song, ruffling their feathers, and picking away at the soggy bark of the mighty oaks.  The breeze was gentle, but steady, and the gnarled branches creaked as they swayed back and forth.  Water living deep in the earth wound patiently through the soil, rising to feed the stream below her feet.  Smooth pebbles and boulders tumbled easily through the water, slicked over with algae.  It was a pleasant chorus, atonal but synchronized, growing louder as the sun angled higher.

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anonymous asked:

Do u not like your joker?

I do and I don’t!  

I like him in the way that I first did; all the passion, energy, and making a fun, sanguine and discordant clown in terms of the dissonance between true, almost heartfelt and benevolent optimism and truly the worst crimes you can think of in the body horror department.  That balance is a fun one to think about, and his outlook on life is… cathartic at times?  Sure, lets go with that.  Someone who finds knee-crumpling awe inspiring beauty in everything–and I mean everythingis kind of… really special to me.

But he is also just… very bad for people.  And I don’t mean remotely in an abusive way necessarily, just… bad.  He brings things out in people that makes them worse than who they were before he was around.  He encourages and teases out splinters like picking at the wood of someone, and really only for the sole reason that these are usually people he likes, and if he likes them, he wants his time with them enjoyable, so he wants to bring these traits out as much as possible that react strongly to him.  His feedback loop with people just makes me feel…. cagey I guess would be the right word.  He plays up Jervis’s delusions and mania, straight up encourages Garfield to become a self destructive Icarus one hit wonder, pleads and teases with Ozzie to get him to be a little more blood seeking hands-on with him around, and with Bruce it’s just straight up unintentional psychological warfare that makes Joker wistful and heartfelt as fuck and Bruce sick to his stomach.  

It’s just an odd combination I guess.  I enjoy making him and there’s a certain deftness of hand to craft him that I appreciate focusing on, but it’s also very strange to hear people like him sometimes and realize how much his shallow qualities–which, unnervingly really, extend so far into his personality in spite of seeming superficial–have made people see him as one thing or the other. 


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (coming soon)

  • So Jooheon is hella protective of you, even though you’re not dating (he claims he’s just being friendly but he wants you to see him as a man)
  • So he OBVIOUSLY had no idea of the dare they sent you on because he was grabbing you a drink and got caught up in conversation with someone in the kitchen
  • When he gets back ??? Where the frick did you go, you were literally just there ??
  • Asks one of your friends if you left already
  • “No, she picked dare so those idiots sent her to get a picture of the beast”
  • “WHAT??” Cue an angry frantic Jooheon yelling to Shownu and Wonho to come with him to look for you
  • You’d been gone for like an hour and he knew you didn’t have your jacket, so you’d either be murdered by a ‘beast’ or dying of hypothermia soon (he exaggerates when he’s scared)
  • Puts aside his fear of what’s in there to go find you
  • The three of them head out to the forest and start calling your name, not seeing any move by they start to slowly go into the trees
  • It takes them all of five minutes to find you, after that little exchange with the forest boy you sat for a minute to recollect yourself before heading back out
  • You hear your name being called out and head towards the voices (super helpful because you actually had no idea which direction you needed to go to get out)
  • The first person you see is Shownu and he calls out to the other boys he found you before coming over to meet you and lead you back out
  • Jooheon runs to you to make sure you’re okay and wraps his jacket around you
  • They take you back inside and conveniently the girls that dared you had left
  • Everyone gathers around you wanting to know what you saw/what happened but Jooheon tells them to back off
  • Once everyone goes back to what they’re doing he asks you what happened, and calls you an idiot for falling for such a stupid trick (if anyone asked him he would strongly deny the fact that he was 0.1 seconds away from leaning in to kiss you when he realized how cute you look in his jacket)
  • You tell him you didn’t see anything, it was just really confusing in the dark and you couldn’t find your way back out and that’s why you took so long to come out
  • he lets it go for now and, though he still has a feeling thats not the full story, drives you home to make sure you get there okay
  • After that night you can’t get the forest boy out of you mind, this is the beast that everyone told you stories of? Was that even him? Or was it just some guy that happened to be in the woods at the same time
  • But after a day of thinking about it you realized, he covered you when that moose came charging… but he didn’t seem to have gotten hurt by it
  • also after the shock of everything, it takes you until the next day to realize you left you phone out there in the woods so you have to go back and get it
  • Taking it as a chance from the universe to see him again, you wrap up warm and head into the woods to look
  • luckily you live p close to Jooheon so it didn’t take long
  • heading back there was a lot less daunting with the daylight
  • you spent like 30 minutes trying to retrace your steps from the night before and almost gave up because wow theres leaves everywhere, it’s autumn (fall for North Americans, whatever floats your boat)
  • that phone was expensive as all heck so you carry on looking because there’s no way your mom can afford another one and you’ll probably never see the light of day again if she found out you lost it
  • i’m making his seem like such a creep but yes he was watching you again, curious as to how you had the nerve to come back into the woods after almost being trampled to death not even twelve hours ago
  • sassy little forest prince steps out from his hiding place (he was hiding behind a tree…in the forest… not exactly original but hey) hair swooshing around with the light breeze, and the sun just made him !!! wow breathtaking angel, is he even real ?? who knows
  • cue a sassy little hair flip, smirk and a scoff, arms crossed, you know the look
  • “You must really not care about your safety, didn’t I tell you to stay out of the forest?”
  • “You said it’s dangerous at night, I don’t recall anything about coming here during the day”
  • considering he literally took your breath away with that look, you quipped back pretty fast, you even took him by surprise
  • you made him laugh a little and god damn it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen
  • he dangled your phone between his fingers and asked if that was what you came back for
  • you were so relieved, after the mess of last night you weren’t even sure it would be in one piece
  • you tried to grab it from him but he snatched it away and made you promise not to come back to the forest again, you agree but with your fingers crossed behind your back (wow so sneaky, apparently you’re 10) and when you ask why, his face suddenly turns serious when he says “It’s not safe”
  • you leave feeling satisfied because you got everything you wanted
  • your phone
  • you saw him again
  • and you know he’s real
  • but the look in his eyes before you left worried you, like there was something he wasn’t telling you
  • due to the nagging feeling in the back of your mind as you’re walking back home, you make a detour and the rest of your Saturday was spent at the library, looking up the town history, attempting to find anything on the legend of ‘The Beast’ or other creatures that lived in the woods
  • All you could really find was a story of the spirits that protected the balance between humans and the natural world 
  • Monday comes around and you quickly realize that people still aren’t over what happened at the party, they kept coming and bothering you, asking what you saw that night
  • You couldn’t understand why but you kept up the lie that you didn’t see anything

A/N: I don’t want the parts to be too long, and I want to work on other scenarios in between so I’ll be doing a few parts, not sure if it’s going to be 3 or 4 but I’ll try to update more over the next couple of days. Work was a little crazy so I didn’t have time until today so sorry if it seems rushed. I may come back and edit this.. if I do, I’ll leave a little note so you guys know

Please enjoy! (also if you have any au requests similar to this or just au requests in general, drop them in my ask! I don’t exclusively take requests for reactions)


Request: Could you do an Imagine where the reader is Rick’s sister and she starts dating Daryl, secretly, but he find out and gives Daryl the brother speech. And it’s when they were living on the farm.

I hope you like it :)

Being Rick’s little sister isn’t always as easy as it seems.
Yes, you’re badass and everyone can see you’re related to him but being his sister comes with some kind of burden.

No matter what happens you always try to be on Rick’s side and to do what he want’s you to do.

So secretly dating Daryl Dixon isn’t something, anyone would expect you do to.

First of all, there is an age gap between the two of you that can not be denied, even though the two of you really give a damn about it. Mostly because you’re more mature than anyone else in your age.

And second of all, with Rick still trying to get along with Daryl a hundred percent and trying to figure everything out with the people in your group, it’s not a good idea to break the news to him.

But living on the farm now, with Hershel and his family around, it feels like all of you have settled for now.
Maybe it’s not permanent but it’s a safe place for now.

Luckily Carl’s back on his feet again and is recovering just fine from his gun shot wound, even though Otis still blames himself and tries to make right with Rick, Lori and you.

You let out a silent sigh as you sit on the porch of the house and watch over the field while everyone is busy doing stuff to help Maggie and Beth.
Daryl’s out on a run again, looking for Sophia and you can’t help it but smile a little bit while thinking about him.

Ever since she got missing he did everything he could to find her, just as today when he took one of the horses and left right after breakfast.

Now that you think about it, he has been out there for a while and you start to wonder if something may have gone wrong.
“Hey Maggie? Tell the others I’m on a quick run. Will be back soon.”, you look inside and she nods before you pick up your knife and start to walk into the woods, taking the direction Daryl went.

“Where the hell are you Dixon?”, you let out a sigh and walk around to find him in here.
“He really has to teach me to track.”, you look around and walk deeper into the woods.

Some walkers approach you and you’re able to take them out without hesitation but suddenly three walkers at once come near you and you’re able to take out one when another tries to get a bite from you.
Shocked you take a step back and realize you were standing on the edge of a hill because you loose your grip and fall down backwards.

“Shit!”, is the last thing escaping your mouth before you crash down on the ground and feel a sharp pain in your thigh.
As you look down you can see your knife being stuck inside of it and you gasp in pain before laying back down because your head hurts like hell as well.

Desperate and in pain you try to see where you are but all you can see is a small river and hills around you.
“Damn it.”, you punch the ground and think about pulling the knife out of your leg so you can at least try to walk.
But then you remember what you were told in med-school and decide to let it in, just in case you cut some arteries or something like that.

Annoyed you crawl over to a big rock and rest against it while trying to figure out a way to get back to the farm.
“I shouldn’t have walked away.”, you talk to yourself when you suddenly hear wood cracking behind you and look around in panic to find something to kill the walker.

“Y/N?”, a familiar voice comes up and you’re heart skips a beat when Daryl walks around the rock to look at you.
“The fuck happened? Heard you scream.”, he raises an eyebrow before he kneels down in front of you and checks out your leg.
“I was trying to find you, asshole. What do you think you’re doing being away the whole day? I was worried like shit about you.”, you snap at him now that your situation isn’t as miserable as before and you’re finally able to let out your anger towards him.

“Was trying to find the damn girl and the stupid horse threw me down. Went by foot when I heard you.”, he mumbles before he rips a piece of his shirt and wraps it around your leg to stabilize it.

“So what now? Can’t walk up there.”, you gasp out in pain when he tightens the bandage.
Without another word he picks you up and gives you a piggyback ride up the hill.
“Sorry I scared you, though.”, he suddenly says and you shrug your shoulders before you reach the end of the hill and he carefully puts you down again.

“I was just worried, Dixon. Like you too much to not worry.”, he shoots a walker and turns back to you while looking at you.
“No worries girl, not going anywhere.”, he gives you a kiss and you smile a little before he carefully gives you a piggyback ride back to the farm.
As soon as you reach it Daryl starts out yelling for Rick and he storms out of the house, right at you.

“Y/N? What happened? Are you okay? What…?”, he approaches you and Daryl carefully lets you down so Rick can pull you into a hug.
“I’m fine. Fell down a hill and Daryl found me. Need to see Hershel though.”, you point at your leg and Rick nods before helping you get inside while Daryl makes his way over to his tend.

A couple of hours later you lay in bed with a huge bandage around your thigh and some tea between your palms.
“You should take a couple of antibiotics, though. We don’t want you to get an infection.”, Hershel smiles at you and you nod before he leaves you alone.
But not for long because suddenly the door is opened again and Daryl walks in with a book in his hands.
“You doing?”, he sits down on the chair next to you and you smile a little before wiping some hair out of you face.
“Okay I guess. Hurts like shit, but I’m okay.”, you shrug your shoulders and he nods before taking one of your hands between his.
It’s a small gesture but for you it means everything.

“Y/N?”, Rick walks into your room and raises an eyebrow as he sees you and Daryl holing hands.
He coughs and sits down on your bed while looking at Daryl with crossed arms.
“Sorry she got hurt, man. Never meant for that to happen.”, he starts to explain and Rick shakes his head to make him stop talking.

“It’s not on you, Daryl. Hey. It’s not on you.
Her being back with us here, now, that’s everything.
If she’s happy with you, then let it be.
You’re my brother.”

College Fun || Spencer Reid x Reader {NSFW}

Originally posted by gif-ts

Summary: Sub!Reid requested by @mrsgublergram through @sunshinemgg ! Spencer gets down about not having all the college experiences he wanted because he was a prodigy, and the reader decides to help aid him in receiving those experiences ;)

Length: Long, 2571 words

Warnings: NSFW, public sex (hand action), oral sex, light dom/sub, swearing

A/N: Collab with the amazing @sunshinemgg ! I wrote the first part up until the apartment, and Caitlyn wrote the rest! Please give us feedback - we always love it! And don’t forget to request imagines here! Thank you guys so much and enjoy!

You and Spencer had always been friends, from late night talks to the occasional fling. You had this platonic love, but being good friends with a hot boy came with many, many benefits.

Spencer and you had been out with the team for their weekly Friday night drinks - something the group loved doing together, and with you by his side, Spencer could let loose too.

After a few shots and a good drink of scotch later, the group was feeling a bit tipsy. Garcia, your personal favorite, was laughing so hard she had to use the restroom, and Prentiss was giving a sad lap dance to some man who just wanted to win at pool. Morgan and Rossi however, could hold their liquor and were pretty sober, the occasional laugh and joke spilling from their lips.

Spencer, however, cannot hold his liquor. He is a giggly drunk, but also gets upset pretty quickly. That was okay with you, because that’s what you would do for him - cheer him up when he was down.

As talks settled down to the occasional phrase, Spencer had glanced around the room, letting his profiler tendencies take over. His eyes settled on a group of even more drunk college kids - the young group of people be very openly sexual - from  some not so innocent groping to some pretty heated make out sessions.

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“Show me what’s behind your back” Daryl Drabble


A/N: I’m so happy with how this came out :-)


Pairing: Reader x Daryl

Type: Fluff/Drabble

Setting: Prison-Era

Warnings: lots of shy, bashful daryl. read at your own risk.

Prompts Used

53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

84. “Show me what’s behind your back.”

“Do you think I’m scared of a damn woman?” Daryl said, frustrated with your actions. He wanted to go leave the prison and into the woods to take a walk, and you (his closest companion) weren’t having it. 

“First off, you should be scared of women. We’re vicious mother fuckers. And second: do you realize what could happen?” You said back to him, exasperated. 

“I can take care of myself,” He said finally before pushing past you and leaving. 

“Then I’m going with you,” you confidently stated, grabbing your gun.

“Suit yourself.”


After a while of walking in the woods and just talking to eachother and enjoying eachothers presence, you began to think. You always had feelings for Daryl, but hell if you would ever do anything about it. When you first met him, he scared the piss out of you. But as long nights of talking turned into weeks and the weeks turned into years, you slowly became close enough the the redneck to break through his thick skin. You had fallen for the way he talks, walks, stares into your eyes… everything about him was perfect. Through the years, you were sure he felt the same way sometimes, but other times, you were sure of the opposite.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked. You realized you were staring at Daryl the whole time. You snapped out of your trance.

“Nothing,” you looked at the ground as you walked. He scoffed and muttered an ‘okay’ before walking on.

Back at the prison, you were sitting in your cell, carving things with your knife into the walls out of boredom. You heard an awkward cough at the entrance and saw it was Daryl.

“Hey, come in,” you softly smiled.

He came and sat by you and you saw he was really stiff and looked awkward. He seemed to be concealing something behind his back. You gave him a strange look before slowly saying, “Daryl, what do you have behind your back.”

He darted his eyes around, as if making sure no one was around, then he presented you with what was in his large hand. A slightly wilted and tiny, but beautiful, red wildflower.

“Look- I’m not good at this kind of stuff and I know you like flowers, so I saw this in the woods and thought you might want it. I also want to go on another walk with you sometime,” he muttered, turning red and looking you dead in the eye. You smiled and took the flower from his hand and set it beside you. 

“Daryl Dixon, are you asking me on a date?” you giggled.

“Maybe, I don’t know if you want to call it a date but Rick said-” you shut off his rambling by putting your lips to his. They fit perfectly, and the second they touched you felt so right.

“Well I hope you are asking me on a date, because the answer is a hell yes,”


I thought this was so cute omg