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Playing With Winchester

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Request: Hi! Congrats on your Writing Anniversary! I had this idea that maybe the reader asks Dean to help he train but he notices she’s doing it to help her insecurities? If that even makes sense. Thanks so much if you do!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This one got away from me in a good way…

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That final bit with Robert and Aaron was so important to me. It’s not that I think Aaron needs to comfort Robert, considering Robert is the one who messed up, but we never see Robert at his most vulnerable, raw state. It was important to watch him curled up on Aaron’s arm, head on his shoulder, looking so lost and so found all at once. There’s so much buried underneath the surface for Robert, and I think that scene, more than anything else, showed his true self. I want more moments of Robert being so human, with no walls up and no cover, because I want them to finally show that Robert isn’t the villain he once was, if he ever truly was a villain. He makes mistakes, big ones, but he isn’t immune to pain; he’s just good at hiding it. But this scene proved that sometimes he can’t fight it anymore.

Mine Once

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“You can’t be serious.” You gasped as your mother dragged the air mattress from the attic and dumped it in your room..

“His parents are going away for the week and Liam’s parents asked if we could look after him … I wouldn’t want you alone for so long.” She sighed and smiled when you shook your head and refused to look at her. “I’m sorry that it will be awkward but… you know what it’s like here if something happened while they were away they’d never forgive themselves.”

“Why can’t he go with them!” You offered hopefully but she shook her head as the Dunbar’s pulled into the drive..

“I’m sorry ok, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She insisted as you reluctantly headed down with her to greet everyone looked down at your feet when Liam heaved his bags inside, offering your mother his help for dinner once his parents had left. “Thank you Liam.”

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1/4 David was sat up in bed fully engrossed in his phone yet every once in while he noticed the sound of Gillian tossing and turning beside him. After some time, he felt a light tap on his shoulder and peeled his eyes away from his phone to see Gillian's big blue eyes staring up at him, “I can't sleep. Will you read to me?”, “Of course, what would you like me to read?”, “Whatever it is your reading on your phone." David looked to his phone, then back to Gillian and back to his phone again,

2/4 “You sure?”, “Yeah I just wanna hear your voice. It’s soothing.”, “Okay.” With that David took a minute to figure out where he had left off before he began reading out loud, “We make it to Chili’s with no further interruptions. Scully picks a booth behind the retaining wall, which is, incidentally, not the one the waiter wants us to sit in. That’s my Scully.” Gillian suddenly sat up in bed with a look of confusion on her face, "David what the hell are you reading?”, “Uhhh…”

¾ He knew Gillian would be surprised by his choice of a bedtime story but was hoping she would find it funny or cute and not completely strange and inappropriate. “It’s this really famous story in the x files community.”, “About a Chili’s?”, “Well I haven’t gotten to the best part, we…I mean… Mulder and Scully do it in the booth of the Chili’s.” Gillian laughed both at David’s slipup but also at hearing about where the story was headed, “Every time I think x files fans can’t surprise me..”

4/4 David was starting to feel ashamed and like he had made a terrible mistake, “It’s silly, I know.” Gillian turned to look David right in the eyes and she suddenly seemed incredibly intense and serious, “Silly? It sounds so hot, keep reading!”. And so, David continued.


OMG! Why did you stop there? You need to send me the rest of it, you know that, right?

oh boy

SO otabek

like i go on the otayuri tag (because im trash and who cares about deadlines and theses when WTTM)


and like Im so not into that bc a) im not into the daddy calling thing in general vm and b) I can not look past the fact that Otabek is like 8 years younger than me so I dont wanna go daddy otabek but like








When I was a kid, I used to get bullied. See, I went to a school where there weren’t a lot of people who looked like me. And then when my dad died, it just got a lot worse. See, he was my guardian. He was the guy that made me feel safe. So, after he was gone, I just… I put up this wall. And I didn’t let anybody in. Until I moved to Metropolis, and then I made a new friend. And this guy was different, too. I didn’t realize how different he was, I just knew that he understood something that most people didn’t. And because of that, I trusted him. And eventually, I let him in.

i’m sorry, but what is the point of ota.bek being on the ice with yurio???

i can sort of see the ending moment, but he was just standing there for 95% of the performance, and having him bite off yurio’s glove is just shippy fanservice. 

ota.bek’s inclusion was obviously meant to be tacked on in-canon, but it seriously detracts from the performance. (and whatever else yurio might be, i see him very much as taking pride in the quality of his performances.) is the audience just supposed to not notice that there is another person on the ice the whole time? he doesn’t even skate, he’s leaning against the wall.

tbh i preferred the idea that yurio was skating to ota.bek in the audience much more than the flagrant ship fanservice that this was. 

the animation looks to be much better quality than the main season originally was, and it’s very dynamic and energetic. i’m actually quite happy about that and looking forward to seeing the program in HD (…i’m still not pleased with the excessive shirt-flapping to show off skin, but it matches the tone of the rest of the performance, regardless of what i think about whether it matches yurio’s personality, so i can accept it.)

but i really don’t think ota.bek’s inclusion in the program enhances it in any way beyond the two moments of ship fanservice. i don’t think he positively contributes to the experience of yurio’s performance because he’s apparently just standing there the whole time

John stares at his bloody knuckles and swallows.
He barely feels pain. Just a numb throbbing.
He lost control. Yet again.
He looks to the ambulance, where the culprit they had chased is loaded in on a stretcher. The face of the man is distorted in resignation and pain. His nose, where John’s fist had hit him, is a bloody mess.
John’s look gets grim.
This is what you get for touching my husband, he thinks coldly. For hurting him.
“John?” Sherlock’s voice adresses him right at this moment from the side. “Are you ok?”
John turns to look at Sherlock and frowns, when he sees the bandage around his husband’s head.
Sherlock immediately says, “It’s nothing. I’m fine. It’s just a …”
“He pushed you against a bloody wall,” John interrupts him in an angry voice and absently rubs his hurt knuckles. “He deserves much more than a broken nose for this. And for the woman he murdered …”
“He will be sentenced, John. They have enough prove,” Sherlock says quietly and shrugs. “Such things happen in our business. You know that.”
John sighs. He knows that Sherlock is right. But since they are married, it’s even more difficult for him to deal with the dangers of their job. His head is full of horrible images. Sherlock, getting hit by a bullet. Sherlock, getting stabbed with a knife. Sherlock, bleeding to death under his helpless hands …
Sherlock looks at him frowning, like he can read his thoughts.
“John,” he says slowly. “I’m okay.”
“Yes. You’re okay. You are,” John answers and takes a deep breath. He pulls Sherlock into a hug and closes his eyes, when he can feel his husband’s familiar warmth around him. Sherlock lays his head on his shoulder and whispers into his ear, “I’m safe. We are safe. And as long as we are together, nothing will happen to us. Because we are each other’s sword and shield.”
“Do you have this from a book?” John asks with a snort and a grin.
“Maybe,” Sherlock answers and smiles.

Just a little something I wrote spontaneously.

Suspicious Partner Episode 10

That small smile from Ji-wook right before Bong-hee put her glasses on, that moment he knew she would recognize him, and I’m a goner. Also, how telling it is that the first person he choose to scout once his new firm was all set was Bong-hee. Gah! These two are going to kill me, especially now that he’s actively looking for her. Those, to me, are the best moments between them because it’s when I get to see the real Ji-wook, no walls or defense mechanism, just a new layer of vulnerability that so far he has allowed around Bong-hee.

Which is why I’m also happy we finally got the story behind the conflict between Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook. It was something sad brewing deep down and that Eun-hyuk never properly dealt with that ultimately ended their bromance. It adds another layer to both characters and a better set up for them to start over again, not as the childhood friends they once were but as the adults they are today.

I want them to make peace with Yoo-jung too, in some way at least, since whatever we like it or not she’s also part of this equation in the story. Maybe they can find a way to coexist in peace and let bygones be bygones?

It makes sense that Ji-wook would set his own firm since he’s incapable of defending criminals and working for someone who won’t support his values. It also makes sense that Lawyer Byeon and Lawyer Bang (his former assistant at the DA’s office) would come to work for him; they can’t live of dreams, they need to make money too. Especially if they are looking to represent the kind of people I imagine they will: lost causes. Those people others have already given up on, and those who might be innocent and they just need someone to believe in them.

As for the DA’s office, I’m guessing we will have Yoo-jung going against the Genius Law Firm team. Whatever she will play by DA Jang’s rules is yet to be seen, although I don’t see her as someone who would sell out or represent the Devil. But her character has already proven to have many layers, so I will watch out for her and what she does next, both in her professional and personal life.

The story is really starting now!

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sometimes I wanna beat the shit out of Fake Frank but I feel like he'd like it and it would lead to a nasty and bloody make out sesh. I like my boys pathetic!!!

You do, do you? You want him on his knees, with a bloody nose and split lips? You want him panting, grabbing at your thighs and spitting some of that blood off to the side? Ha, I bet you even want him nosing at your crotch, all desperate right? 

Or maybe, you want him pinned against a wall, to pin him against a wall? I mean he’d look pretty with his hair flopping in his face, all sweat soaked and black as ink against his face. Oh and his shades sliding off, just barely perched on the bridge of his nose. He wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut, his lips would be parted and you’d hear every single, shuddering breath he took, wouldn’t you? 

You’d see the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed, you’d see the sluggish creep of blood from a cut on his cheek. You’d watch him flinch as you brought your hand up, but not away, he’d flinch into your touch. He’d turn his head into your hand, he’d whine when you tangle your fingers in his hair and yank hard. 

He’d whimper into your mouth as you kissed him, gasp and choke when you brace your forearm against his throat. He’d moan when you pressed harder, when you made it harder for him to breathe and he’d shudder when you yanked on his hair again to make him tilt his head into the kiss. 

He’d maybe even yelp when you force your thigh between his legs, force him to spread his legs just a little wider for you to fit between them. He’d definitely yelp when you pressed your leg against his crotch, when you rubbed slow and teasing because oh yeah, baby boy’s definitely half hard. At the least he’s half hard and he’s desperate for more, but only what you want to give him. 


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WARNING: Contains spoilers of season 2, broken heart and tears.

You starred up looking at the thing, the thing that killed you, ruined you, broke you, and most of all loved you. Colossus, a towering titan stood higher than the wall, looked down at you and your comrades. Then there was the armored the titan grabbing hold of Eren, you had no time to react as the huge hand grabbed you and Ymir.

You didn’t scream, you just looked up into those eyes you were so familiar with and in love with. Bertolt eyes looked into yours emotions unable to be seen in his eyes as tears poured from your eyes.

“He has Y/N and Ymir!”



You couldn’t hear their screams, you were so were so broken and have given up completely as the large titan placed the two of you in his mouth. You held Ymir close too you as the both of you sat in the giants mouth. Heat surrounded the two of you causing you to faint and fall into a black sleep.

“Bertolt, when this is over I want to travel the world, I want to go beyond that huge body of water and see everything the world has to offer” You said looking up at the sky. Bertolt looked at you lovingly as you rested your head on his shoulder. You looked up at him meeting his gaze.

“Won’t you come with me?” You asked.


With love Admin-J

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Hi. I like reading your stories there really good. Can you do #1 with Renji please? If it's not too much trouble of course.

Hello Anon! Thank you so much for the compliment, I’m so happy you think my writing is good, what a nice praise. And of course, it’s not too much trouble to write more of my favorite red head! I hope you like it!

Renji Abarai – Prompt #1 – “Do you want me to leave?”

You’re not sure how you got here, Renji pressed against you, your back to the wall and your breaths mingling. Despite his eyes being hooded his gaze is intense, hands clenching your arms tightly, his head slanted. He looks at your lips, then back to your eyes; the question is clear.

You can’t speak, this whole situation is just crazy. He reads the doubt in your eyes, feels the hesitation and tenseness in your body under his fingers and it gives him pause. Drawing back a fraction of an inch he whispers, “Do you want me to leave?”

“No,” you answer honestly but as he moves forward again you turn your head adding, “but I think it would be a good idea if you did.”

His eyes close, shoulders slumping down as he lets out a long breath. Releasing you, he turns away, grabbing his beer and chugging it down while you stand in silence trying to get your pulse under control. When he sets the bottle down with a clink he looks at you over his shoulder, then shakes his head looking away.

“Renji…I…I’m sorry, but…I just can’t do this to him,” you say, voice shaking slightly.

An odd chuckle leaves his mouth while frustrated hands trail through his hair. Looking at you again he says, “It’s ok, you…you’re a good woman. It’s my own damn fault, I took too long to get here.” He can’t stop himself from caressing your cheek with the back of his fingers, the softness of your skin a feeling he’ll never forget. “I’m gonna go now, I’ll see you later, Y/N,” he says. Giving action to his words, he walks out your door.

As the latch hits home, you slide to the ground, hugging your knees to your chest. Why did feelings have to be so complicated?

An hour later, your boyfriend arrives home all smiles and hugs because he’s missed you so much. But even as happy as you are to see him back safe, as much as you care and want to be with him, the memory of Renji’s lips almost touching yours won’t leave easily. Damn him and his piss poor timing.

whoops i coloured it

now if only i could write the damn fic

UPDATE: i wrote the damn fic

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Three

-At precisely eight o'clock, just as we were opening, a man darted into the store, decked out in board shorts, a worn graphic tee, and pristine latex gloves. After a few minutes walking the store, he brought forward an armful of household essentials and asked me to wait as he quickly picked up one last item from the front end. I looked on as he walked to the card wall, scooped an entire rack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards up in his arm, and purchased the twenty dollars of cleaning supplies and over one hundred dollars of trading cards with infallible glee.

-A woman purchased a large gift bag with an equally-large package of toilet paper. This is the type of ally I need in my life.

-A dog in a cart looked me dead in the eye and bared their teeth. This intimidation tactic would have struck terror into my very core, were it not for the pup’s ferocity being undermined by its fun-sized nature.

-A fact I have always presumed to be true has been proven as such today. No sight is more fear-inspiring than a ragtag team of twenty teenage jocks storming your storefront with neither care nor supervision.

-I heard a toddler shouting the French word, “Merde!” repeatedly as he was pushed through the store. His parents did not know, but I knew, and he knew that I knew, and I knew that he knew that I knew, and that was enough for him.

-A woman complained to me at great length about her disappointment in a local hotel’s policy. After she was pressed for more details by means of a polite and silent nod from me, she explained that she and her family had been having a picnic and photoshoot on their front lawn and were asked to leave once it was determined that they were not actually staying at the hotel. A pay-to-stay establishment not allowing free use of their premises made little sense to this woman, as this situation as a whole did to me.

Because he was the youngest of three, Liam inherited the bed that his big sisters had slept in at home in Wolverhampton, he tried to paint a wall blue to put his own stamp on the room, still shaded by bunny rabbit curtain into his teenage years, and ran out of paint before finishing. “It was a total tip,” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this. ”  I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says, interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my parents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time, I’d like to.
—  Liam - Rollacoaster magazine

(This started as a response to this post of @rcmclachlan‘s but immediately took on a life of its own and got so long that I think it would be rude/derailing as a response, so here it is as its own post, sorry about whatever this is.)

I’ve just decided that Yuuri Katsuki is the Hugh Dancy of photoshoots, in that every photographer meets him, goes slightly cross-eyed, panics, and starts throwing questionable props at him and putting him in ridiculous situations.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy drinking a mojito on a ladder in a pool for no reason.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy Not Knowing How Chairs Work

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy In Eyeliner And A Collar

Yuuri thinks this is just how photoshoots work, don’t they?  It’s how his have always worked, anyway, he sort of assumes his photos always seem so weird because it’s just some flaw in him, that he’s so unattractive photographers have to distract from his terrible face and katsudon body with weird settings and poses and props. 

At some point Phichit tries to sit him down for a conversation about how he has to stop doing That Look at his photographers because it incapacitates them and that’s what leads to things like that photoshoot where he’s balancing a pumpkin on his head while a chicken stares at him.  And Yuuri is just all; what look, I am trying not to make eye contact at all, it’s the only way I can survive having so many people looking at me, why are there so many makeup people.  And Phichit has to explain that it comes off as gazing coyly up through your eyelashes, Yuuri, you were practically batting them at the poor man and Yuuri just wails I COULDN’T SEE HIM, YOU TOOK MY GLASSES AWAY, I WAS SQUINTING.  

Phichit just: that poor man, he thinks you’re practically engaged, please wear your contacts and stop accidentally making people fall in love with you, I am running out of space on my wall for photos of you not knowing how different kinds of furniture work.

What I’m saying is that when Yuuri eventually stammers out to Phichit that he’s thinking of having some, you know, *lowered voices*, boudoir photos taken for Viktor’s birthday, Phichit’s response is twofold.  

First: get him, Tiger.  Second: hire a lesbian who will not give two fucks about your Eros but actually understands photography. It’s the only way they will turn out actually-sexy and not you naked-but-strategically-draped-in-goldfish, standing en pointe in a Home Depot, for some reason, waving a box of crackers.

Phichit assumes his advice was followed when Viktor’s one and only social media post on his birthday is I AM DEAD. I AM DEAD AND MY PERFECT AND PRECIOUS HUSBAND HAS KILLED ME, RIP ME, MY SOUL HAS LEFT MY BODY, I AM ASCENDING TO A HIGHER PLANE NOW.

Then again, who knows.  That’s also the sort of thing Viktor posts on any random Tuesday if he caught a glimpse of Yuuri’s ankle during dinner or something.

Phichit sends Yuuri a thumbs-up emoji anyway, because he’s an idiot and needs all the encouragement he can get.

so i was talking with @turianmailman about what if the kids in class 1A had to do that thing where they have to take care of a fake baby and

  • Izuku accidentally names his Deku. he can’t change it. is somewhat ok at taking care of the baby but it comes back a little worse for wear
  • Aoyama is just. bad at this. the baby hates his room. he tries to fix it by adding more sparkles. it makes things worse
  • Mina accidentally melts part of her baby. also part of Aoyama’s baby
  • Tokoyami gets a giant egg instead of a baby. it hatches by the end of the project and inside there’s a little Present Mic plush. he doesn’t know how to feel about this
  • Sero is actually?? really good at this??? he swaddles the baby in his tape and tapes it to his chest like a proud papa and gets weirdly over protective of his child
  • Tsuyu is great at this b/c she’s had to take care of her younger siblings since forever
  • Tooru loves dressing her baby up all the time
  • Shouji is also really really good at this and has absolutely no trouble with the baby b/c of his extra hands
  • Iida is really good at the technical stuff but the emotional stuff still kinda stumps him. he’s the fastest diaper changer in the entire class. 
  • Momo is the most loving mother in the whole class and treats the baby like her own and the class has never seen her look so happy and content and cute it’s so heartwarming to see. the only thing she struggles with is making the baby laugh/entertaining it
  • Mineta stuck his to a wall on the first day and forgot about it
  • Satou is also really really good at this????? he never had any problems at all he’s just very good with the baby
  • Kirishima gets one of the best grades in the class b/c he’s also just. really good with babies apparently??? 
  • Jirou suffers because she can hear it’s cries louder than anyone else thanks to her quirk and desperately tries not to destroy it with a sound wave and does a fairly good job of taking care of it otherwise
  • Ochako is fairly decent at taking care of her’s too, but she can be clumsy and forgetful at times so the baby comes back a little roughed up, but fine overall
  • everything Todoroki does is unintentionally funny to the baby and he has absolutely no clue why
  • Ojirou uses his tail to hold the baby most of the time and he’s also a really good papa to it. a very loving and sweet papa
  • Denki accidentally destroyed his during the first week
  • Kouda is very kind and patient with his baby b/c to him it’s just like caring for baby animals
  • Bakugou was the only person not allowed to do his project alone because without supervision there’s a 98% chance that when it cried he’d throw the baby at the wall repeatedly until it broke or blow it up out of anger and he’d fail the entire project, so he’s forced to partner up with someone. (the idea we had is Ochako b/c she’s 13th in the class and really really really needs a good grade and isn’t afraid to work with Bakugou)