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I rewatched Jungkook's little serenade for Jimin in the car at least ten times and it nearly got me to tears how sweet and gentle he was and I just.. (with Sajeon's explanation of the song) imagine Jungkook, after completely having lost touch with Jimin after high school, slowly growing apart during college, they meet again. And he isn't sure if they can get back to how they were before, if it can be that easy with someone again. But surprisingly it feels normal, like they'd only spent a week(1)

apart instead of years. They meet nearly weekly, always during the day and Jungkook is unsure how to tell Jimin his story of how he has a daughter, and how her mother wasn’t able to take care of her so he now has full custody. But he does. The one time they’re able to meet in the evening, when the babysitter’s at home, he tells Jimin everything. He tells him how much they love their daughter, how the mother fell ill, but despite that still tries to make an effort and stay in touch, even for (2)

a tiny bit. How they fell in love, and out of love all the same. How he feels like it’s unfair to his daughter who deserves the entire world, because he’s unfit, because he can’t spend time with her like a good dad should. How often he comes home, greeted by the babysitter and with his daughter already asleep. How it hurts him, and he’s sure it hurts her too. Revealing a part of himself he preferred to keep hidden. But Jimin is as kind and understanding as he had been when they were still (3)

inseparable high school kids. Knows just the right words to say to make Jungkook feel at ease again. To make him feel like he IS doing doing a good job. “You work so hard Jungkook, it’s okay. You sound like you’d carry the whole world on your back if that meant that she’s happy. Aren’t you doing your best? You’re only one person Jungkook-ah, she knows you love her.” Jimin squeezes his hand he hadn’t known he grabbed. “You know what.. I’m actually.. not a busy person. Let me help you take (4)

care of her, okay?” and that isn’t really as much of a question as it is a statement. [idk where I was going with this but I had this one scene in my mind when I watched that serenade->] With Jimin’s help, Jungkook finally feels like he’s doing well. For once he’s able to properly spend a whole day with his daughter (together with Jimin). They went to the park and played all day, running around, laughing a lot, actually have a beautiful picknick lunch they prepared together. After dinner (5)

Jimin offers to clean up the dishes, so Jungkook can spend some more time with his daughter. And the sweet child is already yawning as the toddles towards the living room, the aftermath of an energetic and fun day. When Jimin gets back to join them in the, he’s stunned and awed. In the warm light of the setting sun Jungkook is holding his daughter in his arms, who’s on the verge of sleeping, her head nicely tucked underneath her father’s chin. They’re lightly swaying around, both of their (6)

their eyes closed. Jimin doesn’t dare to speak, to make any sound, as Jungkook sings, “After taking of my uniform.. I met you for the first time~” they both smile, Jungkook and Jimin. One happy that he feels so much at home in someone else’s house, the other happy that he finally feels like he’s forming a wholesome family. [guess who tried to put this in max. 2 asks.. I was especially thinking about that last scene :) get well soon Sam! ilu]

well set me on fire and step on my face, it will hurt less :)

this is so pure and beautiful and I need a long ass one shot of this AU bc i wanna see them fall in love, share intimate moments and enjoy life as it goes and comes….

 thanks for this Liza, you always know what to do to make me smile again. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

I s2g I can’t with this fandom sometimes…people are unhappy because Barry and Iris are engaged again…they’re unhappy with Barry serenading Iris….they’re saying Barry singing to Iris is unrealistic and cringeworthy????…like Barry Allen doesn’t have super powers???…like he’s not a freaking superhero???…I don’t get it…you guys confuse me because if you want a relationship where both halves constantly fight and the angst is turnt to a 1000 then maybe westallen is not for you. If you’re constantly unhappy with their happiness maybe they are not for you. Try…idk…arrow or vampire diaries or even supergirl…they have very toxic and angst relationships…you will love it if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, please stop complaining about how Barry Allen serenading Iris west is a problem and far fetched. It’s really not….especially with the genre of the show. I just don’t get it.

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Dating Kim Yugyeom

  • First things first
  • when he realises that he likes you he would ask his members
  • and the advice would start with
  • “Woo her with words, write her a song and serenade to her!”
  • “Be lowkey and cool about it. Buy her a burger and then just casually drop it”
  • “Just be straight forward about it. Tell her you like her and if she likes you back take her out”
  • he would probably go with Mark’s being cool and lowkey way
  • but he would fail bc damn I just don’t see him succeeding
  • so he would want to buy you a burger but then forget
  • and then he would try the convenience store
  • and think to himself that a cream cheese Sandwich would do the jb right?
  • wrong
  • so he meets you and is like
  • “Yeah I got that for me- no wait for you. I bought this for you”
  • and you would take it and be like
  • “Aw thank you but I’m lactose intolerant”
  • And he’ll just malfunction a little
  • “Mark told me that would work and I should just be lowkey and cool about liking you! And now I forgot you are lactose intolerant!”
  • and you just looked at him while biting your lip and he kept complaining so you just shushed him
  • “I like you too Yugyeom”
  • And his eyes were suddenly as big as his fake confidence
  • and there was this awkward silence for a second and then he was like
  • “Can I hug you?”
  • and you nodded and laghed at how cute that was like awwwwwwwww
  • and then he excuses himself because he needs to use the toilet
  • he actually texts into the 97′liner group chat and probably calls Bambam or something
  • the other members have two moods
  • either it’s
  • Jinyoung and JB in the living room with you while Yugyeom was on the toilet or smth
  • and it was dead silent while they looked at you judgingly
  • the clock on the wall made the only sound
  • and you’d just sit there and look at your knees
  • and then JB would be protective as he is
  • “Bring him back by 10″
  • “Yes ma’- sir. Yes sir!”
  • silence
  • and then Yugyeom would finally come in and be like
  • “Whut’s goin on”
  • you had no idea tbh
  • “Before you go. I don’t want to be a grandfather so protect”
  • “Don’t have sex at all. Jaebum what kind of values do you try to teach our children?”
  • And then the two start bickering and Yugyeom just slowly pulls you away
  • but the two don’t want to be mean they just want to protect their youngest
  • but then on the other hand you would have Bamba who’s just like
  • “Get fucked!”
  • He would put a lot of thought into dates but don’t mention it
  • like not bc he is humble but because he will deny it
  • so hard
  • let’s say he took you out to a restaurant
  • he would request the flowers on the table to be your favourite
  • but if you asked he would go
  • “What??? Don’t be delusional!!”
  • but you know
  • One time you took him ice skating
  • turns out he can’t ice skate but felt too daMN COOL TO ADMIT
  • so now he stand stiff on the ice while you push him
  • but if you speed up even a bit
  • he will be full o panting and fearing for his life
  • “Stop Y/N or I will just sit down and pull you down with me!”
  • he is just bluffing
  • you thought and didn’t slow down
  • and then suddendly it’s like a tower fell
  • and inevitably you fell too and now everyone is staring at the human mass on the floor  
  • quietly swearing at each other
  • you decide it would be good to just go for a coffee too
  • sometimes you two would just lay around and suddenly he goes
  • “how many chilis do you think I can fit in my mouth?”
  • and you are just like
  • “Yugyeom don’t you will regret that so much!”
  • and he is just like
  • “ok.ok.ok”
  • the next day bambam facetimes you to show you Yugyeom crying while drinking milk
  • “I don’t even feel sorry for you I told you!”
  • out of pure interesst you would want to know how many he could put in though
  • “3″
  • He would be super caring for you though
  • always making sure you ate and drank and slept enough
  • if you were out together and a breeze hit he would immediatly throw a piece of his clothing around you
  • “i’m not even cold!”
  • “yes but I don’t want you to get sick!”
  • If you ever got sick though
  • even if it was just the slightest stuffed nose
  • he get’s you enough medicine to cure the entire nation
  • and a preach about that one time four months ago you went out with slightly damp hair and how he told you it will get you sick
  • For skinship
  • he would love holding you
  • like
  • he would bury you in his body
  • would love leaving little kisses in your face randomly
  • he would bite you too
  • but god if his members would be even Close
  • he is two meters away from you
  • you better know he would not see the end of it if the members would see him even just brushing a body part of yours
  • I think he would also like to be the small spoon every now and then
  • with his head on your chest and his arms around your waist while talking to you
  • about his dreams and hopes
  • and also his worries
  • and you would need to reassure and soothe him
  • he would be there for you
  • always
  • and while he wouldn’t want to come across sappy 22/7
  • there would be those moments he would get serious and tell you things like
  • “I’m always there for you!”
  • “No matter what it is you can come to me and I will help you with it!”
  • “You mean the world to me!”
  • “I love you”
  • But especially saying “I love you” would be special to him and he wouldn’t want to say it too often
  • you knew when he did he really meant it
  • more often then not you would be teasing each other
  • “Hey dumbfuck pass me the salt”
  • “Why you need salt you have enough in your soul”
  • “Sweet how you think you can diss me”
  • “Sweet how you think I can’t”
  • and if anyone doesn’t know it’s just your basic way of communication they’ll be like
  • “Are they fine?”
  • and Jinyoung is just standing there like
  • “Susan wht do you mean that’s young love on it’s peak. Look at them bickering. Love birds”
  • I feel like fights would happen quite regularly
  • but they are more just petty, stubborn, heated convos
  • and they don’t last long
  • 10 minutes max
  • he would show you dances he is working on
  • and sometimes bc he is a little fucker™
  • he would show you dances that are waaaaaay too sexy
  • and then you sit there like
  • “what is that?”
  • “just a choreo what do you mean?”
  • sometimes you would see him Play with Coco and giggle like a small Boy
  • or curl up while sleeping while his mouth slightly open
  • and you think about how cute and adorbly he is
  • and other times you remember that one If You Do Performance
  • and yeah uhm so much about cute Yugyeom
  • Overall: Dating Yugyeom would be full of fun an laughter. While he would often want to seem all tough and cool he would have the weakest, softest spot for you, caring for you crazily much and showing you so too.
Save The First Dance For Me

Who knew Kurt would find someone to slow-dance with so soon - and at his dad’s wedding no less? Klaine alternate meeting that sets off right after “Just The Way You Are”.

Had this in my drafts ever since the Klaine Valentine’s Challenge for “Just the Way You Are” but I never really finished it - I just couldn’t have that so I kinda polished it today. I’m not all that satisfied with it but it’s been sitting here unfinished for soooo long that I’m just gonna publish it now, hoping you’ll enjoy it anyway. :)

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Kurt has never been serenaded like this before but as embarrassed as he was in the beginning, he can’t help but smile brightly at his brother by the time the song comes to a close, and Finn looks right at him when he sings the last, “When I see your face…

He’s long gotten over his crush on his step brother (living together hadn’t been the appeal he thought it would have, and he refuses to crush on boys who keep their dirty socks lying around everywhere, anyway) but it feels great getting over the issues they’ve had with one another, too.

The girls take over with an upbeat dance song now, and Kurt grins at Mercedes when she throws him a wink. He looks around briefly, watching his dad and Carole retreat to their seats with linked hands, Finn trailing behind them, and even though more and more people are coming up to dance now, Kurt figures he should probably leave the dance floor - it’s not like he’s going to awkwardly dance all by himself.

Still smiling like an idiot, Kurt turns around to go back to join his family at the table, and almost crashes into someone who seems to have stood just behind him.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry,” the guy says when Kurt lets out a little yelp, and holds out a hand to steady Kurt by the arm. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

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How He Is Around You: (Marauders Preferences)

James Potter:

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James is full of confidence, easily making you laugh. He tends to smirk a lot, the flirty comments rolling off of his tongue. He has not shame and will do anything to let you know that he is interested. It’s kind of cute and his determination can be endearing. He’s the type of person that would serenade you in the middle of the great hall, just to get you to agree to going on a date with him.

Sirius Black:

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Sirius tends to fidit a lot, messing around with his hair, shirt or anything around him. Around anyone else he is composed, witty and confident, but around you it’s like he doesn’t know what to do. He flirts A LOT, but it’s always filtered with a lot of adorable moments. It’s impossible not to fall in love with him. He is the type of person to confess all of his feelings alone with you up in the Astronomy tower, where you really get to see the romantic side of him.

Remus Lupin:

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Remus is just the type of person to always make you laugh with how adorable he is. He tends to fumble over his words and say the wrong thing. He knows how he feels about you, but can’t seem to form coherent sentences. It is absolutely precious how nervous and shy he gets. It comes to the point where he tends to avoid you in public, hoping to get past future embarrassing moments. He is the type of person to juts get fed up one day and kiss you blatantly in the middle of the hall way, no words necessary.

Peter Pettigrew: 

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He never quite knows how to act, and tends to mess everything up. He gets too excited and laughs at inappropriate times, or enthusiastically declares things. He is extremely shy and confrontations like this just bring out the nerves in it, not matter how hard the boys try and couch him through it. 

If you think that Magnus Bane does not serenade Alec Lightwood with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole songs (preferably “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “The Way You Look Tonight” and “L-O-V-E”) then you are lying to yourself

Sweet Valentine

Suho X OC

Summary:How a valentines Day with Suho would be like .


You let out a small giggle.How couldn’t you?There you were standing in front of Suho’s apartment door,with your doting boyfriend singing to you-and you know really well how contorted his face gets when he’s trying really hard.

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Taron Tidbits - Just A Dance

It’s a lazy evening. Taron hasn’t been home but an hour and as you return to the living room from the kitchen you pause in front of a large window and peer out over the Marina. Looking down you notice tiny droplets of rain beginning to disturb the pale blue water below.

A flash of lightening reflects in the earth’s mirror, drawing your eyes up onto the sky. “One alligator…two alligator…three-”. Thunder crashes in the distance and as it fades you hear Otis Redding serenading you from the stereo. “Darling yoooouuu send me.” The music is soft and low, you can only make out the words because Taron has played it so many times before.

The sky lights up again as his fingers sweep across the skin of your hip just underneath the hem of your t shirt. Soon you are enveloped in his arms and a comforting warmth stretches itself down your back as he presses his body against you from behind. Your curves fitting together like perfectly aligned puzzle pieces. He lays a single sweet kiss on your neck, the skin of his lips sticking just a bit as he slowly pulls away.

Grabbing your waist he turns you to face him, pulling you close with a slight pressure on the small of your back. He wraps his free hand around yours. You lay your palm down on his shirt, feeling the strength of his chest before slowly running it up over his shoulder, resting it’s side into the crook of his neck and stroking the fuzzy little hairs on his nape with your fingertips.

Taron is not subtle about his intentions as he sways from side to side. His movements are inviting and you easily follow, resting your cheek on his shoulder. The cotton of his shirt is soft, almost fighting against the hard, muscular frame beneath it. Adjusting your head, the tip of your nose brushes against his jaw and you inhale deeply before setting your cheek down again. The scent of his cologne invades your body, not the crispness of a fresh spritz, but the worn scent that comes when the bottom notes have engrained themselves into a man after a long day.

He begins to sing softly in your ear and your eyes slip shut. His voice is low and growls just enough to tell you he is tired, that he has been talking all day. A tiny smile breaks across your face as you listen because despite this, he still sings to you.

The sound of the rain takes over as Otis and Taron finish their song. It’s pounding on the roof now, and you continue to dance as the storm creates a rhythm of it’s own. Taron hums, stopping every so often to lay a kiss on the crown of your head and the two of you stay in front of the window as the sun sets, moving together in a steady calm while the winds rage outside.

hc; woozi

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

jihoon headcanons-

- softest fuckin hands you’ll ever touch

- will serenade you to get what he wants. works 100% of the time

- smells like roses and fresh towels

- the most genuine smiles you see from him are when you wake up and see him just looking at you and smiling

- will fight you if you call him small

- his favorite sound is the crunch of sneakers on gravel

- which also pairs with his favorite smell, which is pine and wet wood

- he really likes flannels and wears them around the house

- likes horses a lot. no one knows why

- very much a nature guy. may not seem like it, but is totally down to sit on a beach with you for hours to watch the sunset and eventually see the stars

- likes ice cream in a cup more than in a cone

- his favorite person is the guy who created ad block

- jihoon HATES ads and commercials. he will RANT

- lowkey girl group stan

- always forgets to tie his shoes

- secretly likes cute nicknames

- every song he writes reminds him of a different person

- really appreciates the color blue. not his fav, but it gives him a good feeling

- he thinks baseball tees are rlly attractive on people and he’s drawn to them

- his lucky number is 5

Dating Profile: Joshua Hong

Ahh Joshua…

He’d be a great bf tbh

  • Lots and lots of dates
  • He’d love taking you out just to go on adventures n stuff
  • He’d love finding things in common and if you guys both really like something that’d be like your thing
  • He’d write songs about you on the fly (cause you know he’s good at free-styling)
  • Playing songs for you on his guitar
  • I mean he would literally serenade you
  • Eating ice cream at midnight (or pizza)
  • Watching moves and listening to music together
  • Him making lame puns
  • You laughing cause they’re actually kinda funny
  • I feel like he would want to cuddle you a lot
  • Playing with your hair while cuddling
  • Him loving when you fall asleep on him
  • If he had to get up to go to the bathroom or something he would try to gently move you off of him but fails anyway
  • “I’m so sorry y/n! I didn’t mean to wake you.”
  • “It’s okay Josh..”
  • I don’t think he’d be into PDA like, hand holding is cool but kissing in public isn’t
  • If you kissed him in public or in front of his friends he would turn red and be embarrassed but it’d be really cute
  • Behind closed doors tho, he’d give you a million kisses
  • I think he’d be very affectionate
  • kisses on your forehead and pecks on your cheek

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Dating Tyler Joseph would include
  • a LOT of late night texts from him
  • even after you went to bed, he’d blow up your phone with nice texts for you to wake up to
  • emoji wars
  • incredibly clingy hugs and cuddles (but in a good way)
  • the option to dominate him a lot
  • him randomly bring you a coffee or something to work to make your day a little better
  • hanging out with him and josh!
  • helping him through sundays
  • cheering him up when he’s having a very existential, depressed time
  • him being like a little lost puppy when you guys were separated
  • serenading you with ‘can’t help falling in love’ just because he can
  • mini drunken serenades dedicated to you
  • lots of karaoke sessions where he encouraged you whether you were really confident or really shy about your voice
  • making him giggle a lot
  • late night parties where he holds you on his lap and sings softly next to your ear
Seventeen’s Reaction to: “We Got Married”

S.Coups: Be prepared for cheesy jokes and bad pickup lines. Maybe a flirty wink or two? Or ten. That was just a front for the cameras though. When they were off and it was just you two, he was charming and sweet; a true gentleman.

Jeonghan: Sings while you both cook. Likes to brush stray hair behind your ear or wipe away a fallen eyelash that landed on your cheek. Low-key couple outfits and matching jewelry.

Joshua: A real gentleman. He was shy when you first met but when he got more comfortable, he would bring you flowers or serenade you with his guitar.

Jun: Teaches you some Chinese phrases. Laughs if you mess up horribly. Also, bad puns where he’s the only one laughing. You tried teaching him how to whistle but still no progress. Speaks in Chinese to confuse and annoy you but when you understand him, he’s internally really happy because you’re actually learning and that makes his heart melt.

Hoshi: is a massive fanboy of your gg so starts screaming when you sit across the table from him. Then he takes deep breaths, hands flailing wildly – “Can I have your autograph?” and not so subtly spends the rest of WGM trying to impress you; showing off his expert dancing, “I choreographed that!” and “No, let me get that for you!”.

Wonwoo: Towers over you. Bends his knees to make the height difference less obvious during selca taking. Sometimes, just stares at you in awe of how funny or kind you are so it becomes a massive meme; “Find someone who looks at you like Wonwoo looks at _____.”

Woozi: He was reluctant to even be on the show, obvious from his half assed greeting you. Until you mentioned that you admired his lyric writing, how hard he worked and his amazing singing. Then, as the show went on, he came to find out about your talent and dedication. And then his demeanour changed. He pulled out chairs for you, complimented your hairstyle, blushed if you held his hand. By the end of the show, 17’s concerts had banners streaming with your ship name and it made him so happy to see fans supporting his feelings for you.

DK: this puppy brought nothing but fun times and laughter. With his sunshine smile and energy, you couldn’t help but get along with him. The staged tv relationship turned into a real relationship quickly, with the entire public backing it. It brought a lot of publicity to yours and 17’s careers.

Mingyu: Likes to tease you about the height difference (asshole). At first the relationship was purely a friendly one filled with playful banter but half way through the show, you started to look at each in a different light. Then the atmosphere turned from joking to romantic, with him pulling out chairs for you or opening doors.

The8: was really quite at first, mostly due to language difficulties and shyness. But when he warmed up to you, he started to crack jokes and act playfully. You were nicknamed the “puppy couple” because of your cuteness.

Seungkwan: tbh, he had a slight complex about feeling less important than the others in 17 and you helped him overcome that, always saying he was cute or complimenting his singing. Now he wants to hold your hand 24/7 and falls for every prank you throw at him, never actually exacting revenge like he always promises because he’s afraid of ever actually upsetting you.

Vernon: Meme boy met his perfect meme girl and you both became the meme couple; dabbing every day, rapping “Hotline Bling,” getting matching onesies.

Dino: Stuttering and awkward, he had no actual experience with girls before. So sometimes his teasing goes too far or he freaks out and runs if you start crying. One episode featured him frantically ringing his father for advice, then showing up later with a bouquet of flowers. He’s young but he’s trying at least.

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Dating park jimin would include:

  • At first he would be shy around you
  • But after a while he’ll show his crazy side
  • Tickle fights
  • Cuddle marathons
  • Late night dancing and singing
  • In your underwear
  • Which would turn into great sex
  • Backhugs
  • Forehead kisses
  • Owh yeah the never ending forehead kisses
  • Him serenading you taeyang songs
  • And you ending up singing along
  • Deep late night talks
  • Him calling you beautiful
  • A lot of staring at you
  • A lot
  • He would be adoring you 24/7
  • Calling you 3x a day when he is on tour to make sure you’re doing okay
  • Just a lot of affection
  • And cheesy romance
  • But you love it
  • Just like you love him

Pls tell me this is cute as f @imnotangry-itsjustmyface

Dating Mikey would include…

Neck nuzzels, because he likes hearing you laugh. He’d bury his face in your neck and nuzzel softly with little kisses here and there.

Constant cuddles and kisses. If it were up to Mikey, you would never, ever leave his arms. He likes to hold his s.o. and is a very affectionate guy.

Making out EVERYWHERE. The couch, the kitchen, his room, your room, rooftops. Every moment is a make out moment with Mikey.

Compliments 24/7. Money thinks that his s.o. is the best s.o. and he’ll tell you all the time.

Corny jokes. Mikey loves to make your smile and laugh. He saves the best, most front jokes for emergencies.

Random dance parties. I don’t imagine that Mikey is the best dancer, but that ain’t gonna stop him! He’ll dance all night if he can.

Surprises. I don’t just mean cute, silly Mikey type things like midnight pizza runs and serenading you. There’s more then that. Mikey would surprise you with his love and loyalty. He can read people like a book and he knows his s.o. inside and out.
Mikey would surprise you with his creative skills. He has black notebooks filled with his art and poetry. He’s incredibly talented but often doesn’t show it.

Speaking of his art/poetry, Master Splinter and his s.o. are the only ones who he’s shown it to.

Sleepovers all the time. You always fall asleep before him and he’ll just lay awake and spoon with you, thinking about how lucky he is.

Play fighting and wrestling. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it always ends in kisses and giggles.

Silly pet names. He normally uses baby, babe, and angelcakes but there’s a few others he’ll throw in as well.

Him being really happy and grateful.
Mikey isn’t the strongest or the smartest of his brothers. He’s a giant turtle who hangs around in the sewers and can’t give you the entire world (which he believes you deserve).
So he would try to show you how important you are everyday. He would always call you beautiful and perfect and tell you how much he loves you. And he would mean it every time.

Headcannons for McCree/Reaper/Reader poly relationship

(Tumblr kept screwing up the text and I ended up deleting the question [I’m really sorry :( ] but here’s the answer, anon!)

Thank you so much! I’m so honored that you like this blog! And of course I do hc for poly relationships


- McCree is the one that hugs both of you good morning, you love it, but Reaper looks mildly annoyed (he loves it, he just had to keep his edge lord image)
- Sometimes Reaper says something in Spanish and McCree will answer and then they both start speaking really fast just to be annoying
- You all spoon when watching TV
- McCree will play the guitar and Reaper sings (vice versa too) and they’ll serenade you or each other
- And when it’s time to go to bed you either sleep between them or in a dog pile
- Sometimes they both snore like bulldogs and you want to cry cause they are SO LOUD
- You two watch Mexican soap operas with Reaper yelling at the TV and McCree yells in support
- They’re super protective of you, like if someone looks at you in the wrong way they’re dead
- They are always arguing, sometimes joking and sometimes it’s serious
- “I bet I can drink five gallons of whisky in five minutes”
“No Jesse, you will not do that because you’ll die if you do”
“Wanna bet?”
“If I do it you’ll have to give me 30 bucks”
“What? No”
“Put that down you hijo de puta”
- They both kiss you in the morning and compete to see who kisses you first
- You cook together all the time
- You sit on the floor against the couch and it goes like this: Reaper against the wall, McCree between his legs and you sit between McCree’s legs
- Sometimes when you sit on Reaper’s legs McCree will sit on his other knee (The first time he did it he took Gabriel by surpise and you all fell face first to the floor)
- “How do you write this in Spanish?“
"You speak Spanish”
“I know how to say it, I just want the correct grammar”
“Look it up in a dictionary”
“Stop being such a dick”
- If you’re okay with it, when you’re bending over or picking something up they’ll slap your butt at the same time

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Bohemian Rhapsody 9 and 15 <33333

9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Oh my god, so many. It started out as a drummer!Kylo/sound engineer!Hux AU with the same scenario, that they meet on the street while Kylo is performing and he starts sorta serenading Hux, but I’ve abandoned the idea. Then I got a pianist!Kylo/violinist!Hux prompt in the verymerrykylux exchange and it felt like a sign to return to the abandoned AU (and it works so much better with classical music!)

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

That I can actually write fics in English! :D This was my first published work which was not a translation of my own fic, but written entirely in English, and honestly, I didn’t expect that anyone would care about it, I just hoped that my giftee would like it. So I’m very humbled and happy that so many people ended up enjoying it! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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BTS Reaction To Hearing You Singing In The Shower


“Y/N!” he’d exclaim, standing outside the bathroom door. “How come I don’t hear you singing to me everyday? I want to be serenaded”


He’d probably just listen to you, loving your voice and he way you sing but when you walk out and catch him standing just outside, he’d smile and say, “you sound like a drowning cat but not in a bad way” and would just walk off smirking.


He’d most likely record it so that he could listen to it again and again. It would make him love you even more but I don’t think he’d mention it to you, just so that he could hear you sing again.

Rap Monster

Once you’d walk out of the bathroom he’d wait for you on the bed and grin. “I really like your singing Y/N”.
“You heard-“
“Yeah! I think you should audition! I want to- actually no. I want to be the only one to hear you sing. Promise me you’ll sing everyday”


You’d walk out, only to find Jimin with a smirk on his face and a phone in his hand. You’d catch on straight away and start chasing him around whilst struggling to keep your towel wrapped around you.
“You know if you keep on running, you’re towel’s going to fall down” he’d wink
“And wouldn’t you love that to happen” you’d deadpan, giving up and walking away.


“Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N” he’d repeat over and over until you came out of the bathroom.
“Sing for me! I wanna hear you sing again” he’d exclaim, giving you puppy dog eyes.
“No. Oh my god Taehyung you heard me sing?” you’d huff, walking away.
“Well you were the one singing. I didn’t have to listen- but I did because you’re voice is pretty! So sing to me please please please”


He’d probably awkwardly listen to you sing. He’d enjoy it but I don’t think that he would mention it to you so that you don’t get embarrassed. You’d walk out and see him standing beside the door and once he saw that you caught him, he’d get all flustered and when you ask what he’s doing he’d run away squealing.

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