he's just like holding it all in

He does this thing with people he loves. The way he lets you in, just a little bit at a time, and you don’t even really notice it until suddenly you know everything about him, every scar on his body and mind. It stops being a question of whether or not you’d follow him off a cliff and it becomes just a fact of life, that you’d hold his hand on the way down. All of a sudden, you’re a part of him, like another limb, and you don’t think to question it until you realize that you treat him the same way, like he’s your heart and your lungs and your blood would freeze in your veins without him. You stop being two distinct beings with two separate minds. You’re still different people, but it stops being a ‘you-and-him’ and it becomes a 'we’. And then he’s gone, and you’ve heard of phantom limbs, when amputees feel agonizing pain in limbs that aren’t there anymore, and maybe that’s what this is, but you’re walking around like a zombie and you can’t think and you can’t even fucking breathe, because he isn’t here and you’ve forgotten how to live without him.
—  from an unfinished story #818

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ok as someone who's never watched the show and knows nothing about it, what did mineta do that caused him to be so absolutely hated? Like im just really curious omg

I was gonna go through and collect screenshots but Mineta isn’t worth that amount of time and energy he’s trash just trash.

Mineta has one single personality trait and thats being a shameless crass disgusting pervert. He exists only to walk around like “hey audience, these girls sure do have butts and boobs dont they?” That’s all he does is openly and shamelessly try to perve on the girls in the series.

Notable examples include:

  • Groping Tsu’s breast when she saved him from drowning (Tsu promptly holds his head beneath water while talking to Deku like nothing happened)
  • Standing beside Yaoyorozu and checking out her ass while she set up a barricade during their team-building exercise
  • Shouting at Aoyama to blast Mina’s clothes off during their sports festival battle (only to end up grossed out when it was actually Aoyama’s pants that fell down, then lamenting about “why couldnt they have switched quirks” so the opposite would happen)
  • Freaking out that hes too young to die because he “hasnt seen Yaoyorozu naked yet”
  • Clinging to Yaoyorozu’s back during the race portion of the festival 
  • (btw every offense against Yaoyorozu counts double because Yaoyorozu is my daughter who deserves to not be constantly harassed by this purple nightmare)
  • Attempting to spy on the girl’s hotspring side and, as far as i recall, attempting to get the other boys to join him
  • Perving on Mt. Lady i dont remember the whole context
  • Asserting that Bakugou must have a sadism kink because Bakugou was giving it his all in his fight against Uraraka
  • Countless others that I’m probably forgetting.

On the bright side, I have this theory that Mineta exists as some kind of vulgarity filter for literally everyone else in BNHA. Because there is practically zero perversion in the series outside Mineta and my theory is that he’s absorbing it all.

Like most anime will do the kind of “Main character looks at his crush and his eyes shift to her breasts and he gets all flustered because he remembers Girls Have Breasts Oh Boy.” That DOESNT happen in BNHA. The girls dont received comments on how sexualized their outfits may or may not be. The boys and girls are allowed to just coexist as classmates and rivals and equals.

Except for Mineta. Fuck Mineta.


“As always, I’m flattered, and of course we do! Tbh i’m partial to kids, and i don’t  know when the kidnappings turned into babysittings but he’s a ton of fun! Like the son i never had! A bit of a goody-two shoes (like all superhero types) but at least he knows how to smile, plus he’s great for getting cute little tidbits about Bats.

We didn’t always get along though and when lover boy brought him to a fight the first time i just wanted him out of the way”

“Good thing kid doesn’t hold grudges amirite?”

Kissing Would Include

Alex Standall

It’s usually just really soft and loving. He’s not big on PDA but whenever you’re sad or need reassuring he’ll give you a soft sweet kiss. In private when your cuddling he likes to hold you close and randomly kiss you.

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Clay Jensen

He’s not a big fan of PDA either so lots of forehead/head kisses. But even when it’s just you two most of his kisses are on your head. (don’t get me wrong you still have heavy makeout sessions)

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Jeff Atkins

He’s really passionate and touchy. Like his hands will be on your waist, in your hair, he just wants to feel as close to you as possible. He’s highkey an amazing kisser.

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Justin Foley

With him it’s almost always super passionate. Like all of your kisses usually lead to sex. He doesn’t matter where you are he will 100% get into it. Includes lots of tongue and grinding.

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Montgomery De La Cruz

He is so passionate omg. Literally every kiss leads to sex (or athleast wanting to). It doesn’t matter where you are he’ll pin you against a wall (or bed) to makeout with you and it is his goal to turn you on because he is such a tease.

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Tony Padilla

His kisses are slow and passionate. His hands usually go to your face/ neck to be able to pull you closer and he’s usually really sweet about it. 

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Zach Dempsey

Because of how tall he is he’ll usually either pick you up or set you on a counter. It gets so intense quickly (especially when you wrap your legs around him). He can go either way with sweet or really passionate and intense.

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Ahh, you saying the library house thing about the host makes me think of the Great Gatsby and now I can't help but think the host holds neighborhood get togethers for the rest of them, but never shows himself

And the host would have the money (like Gatsby had) from when he was the author

i actually really love this holy shit. great gatsby is one of my all time favorite books for some odd reason. but that would be really cool??? like he invites all the egos (jack’s included) and whoever else wants to come, but he’s nowhere to be seen at his parties? he just stays in his library during them 💛

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AU ~ Izuku has had a crush on Shouto for a while and finally gains the courage to ask him out. Shouto agrees thinking nothing of it until he realizes how much he likes Izuku. They go on more dates and Shouto starts developing deeper feelings. Soon they have each other's house keys as well causing Shouto to come over often and sleep Izuku's bed loving that it smells like him. Izuku helps Shouto with the nightmares too whenever he is over.

i feel like shouto would agree because he genuinely likes izuku back? he wouldn’t date someone if he isn’t certain that he likes them back, because shouto is v blunt, and would be just as blunt in regards to his feelings. 

they get more and more smitten with each other as each date passes. i’m 1000% for them trading house keys, but they would probably go to izuku’s house more than they would shouto’s (cuz of enji and all). shouto experiences nightmares v often, and izuku holds him during every instance, not letting go until he knows for certain that shouto is sleeping blissfully.

just. shouto taking refuge at izuku’s home whenever enji is too much for shouto to handle. i need it.

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Did Isak and Even..... have a couples photoshoot on Isak's birthday....... I'm going to sue them

If you look, they’re actually not wearing the same thing? I love even more that this was a couples’ photoshoot… just on some random Thursday we’ve never seen?

We’ve seen Gutten som ikke klarte å holde pusten under vann. We know Even pulls out his camera at random. When he likes the light. When Isak is doing something particularly great. When Isak is just sitting there, being beautiful. When he’s in love. So, y’know, all the time. ;)

BTS reaction to them getting emotional at a fansign

Anon said:  Hiiii, I’d like to request a reaction with both BTS & GOT7 please, where they were at fansign and a fan came up to them, holding their hands with tons of gifts and letters and sincerely asking them to take care of themselves because they deserve the world and all that which got them seriously emotional or something like that. Thanks love

Jungkook: “I love you” *gif*

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Jimin: Looks at the crowd and every each one of ARMY’s who are there. He is emotional but he doesn’t cry, he just smiles and admires every single one of you/us.

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Taehyung:  He would feels so emotional but wouldn’t show it that much. He would have a big smile on his face and just grab the mic “I love you ALL, you are so beautiful, thank you” 

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J-Hope: Would say so many kind words and even shead a tear how emotional and happy he is.

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Rap Monster: Would want to hug each one of ARMY’s. Would give them compliments 

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Suga: He is not the type to cry and get emotional in front everyone but he would just stop and be in his world and appreaciate every and each one of ARMY’s. He wouldn’ be able to express how much he love you/us. Can’t form his feelings into words.

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Jin: He would start crying same as Jungkook. ARMY’s would shout “don’t cry, don’t cry” which would warm his heart even more and he would smile and be so thankful for every each one of you/us.

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hylink headcanon that link is often touching hylia in some way, whether it’s holding her hand, interlocking their arms together or even just that super slight brush against her arm while they walk. it’s not only because she’s warm and soft, but also because deep down he fears that this is all just a dream and he’ll wake up back in his cold cell and her touch reassures him that no, he’s awake and it’s all over now.

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Peter tried to sing Hey There Delilah at his and Johnny's wedding while drunk and Johnny will sometimes pull out the video footage when he's feeling down, then promptly get webbed in the face as he does

Peter walked in just in time to hear Johnny laughing at the part of their wedding video where Peter was clearly confused as to why, when Delilah had the same number of syllables as Jonathan, he couldn’t seem to make the song work. 

“Take it off,” Peter said, groaning, sagging against the doorway. “Please, please take it off.”

“Yeah,” Johnny said, curled up against the arm of the couch and smiling fondly at the screen. “That’s the way I like to hear that.”

On the screen, Peter’s practically falling all over Johnny, holding one of Johnny’s hands in both his own and stumbling over but boy tonight you look so pretty.

“You ARE a thousand miles away right now,” Johnny-on-video interrupts, laughing right in Peter’s face. “Should I start rethinking the wedding night?”

The wedding party burst into laughter. Peter slunk along behind the couch.

“I don’t remember you criticizing my performance after,” he said and Johnny hummed, reaching up to take Peter’s hand. Peter thumbed over his ring. “What’re you thinking? You only love watching me humiliate myself when you’re sad.”

“I love watching you humiliate yourself all the time, what are you talking about? Why do you think I married you,” Johnny said, glancing up at him with a fond little eyeroll.

“This is special,” Peter said, gesturing to the screen, where he was – ouch – seguing hard into some Bette Middler. “This is manslaughter. My fraying dignity can’t take this kind of treatment.”

“Suck it up,” Johnny told him, tilting his head until Peter got the message and kissed him. “Join me? You’re about to hit Meatloaf.” 

Peter thought settling down on the couch said a lot about how he would do anything for love, actually.

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Oh man,I really wanna wake up from a nap,and being able to see Harry sleeping by my side,can you imagine,like,you guys are in a really small sofa,and he is holding you so tight so you don't fall,and than wake up and see his pretty face all relaxed and calm,and see his little freckles and jUST HAVING THE PLEASURE TO SEE HIS FACE REALLY FUCKING CLOSE TO YOUR

Mm this is all I could ever want. Warm and cozy and safe.

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How would the daddies react to the reader being mad at them? How would they make up? Thank you, have a nice evening/ day! ❤️

I hope your evening was well~

Newt-He’d hate whenever Reader is angry with him. And he’d just try hard to warm things back up. Maybe make a tiny joke, only to frown when she gave him ‘the look’. Eventually, his awkward charm would be hard to deny.

Stephen-He’s a bit stubborn at times, but he’d be the one to approach Reader to kiss and make up. He doesn’t see the point of being mad at one another, and as someone who’s direct he’d try to resolve the issue then.

Marius-He’s like a kicked puppy when Reader is mad at him. He hates it, and all he wants is to hold her and make it all go away. Which is exactly what would work every time.

Jack-Leaves reader alone for the most part. As soon as he found out she is angry he’d try to ask why, but her denial would only make him back off and let her ease up. If she snapped back, he’d probably say something back though. He hates arguing, but he always sticks up for himself. Time is what would make them make up, as he waits till she cools off.

Eddie-He doesn’t, or at least acts, like he doesn’t care. He just rolls his eyes and comments on ‘what you on about now’ or 'settle the fuck down’. It only makes he argument worse, but he ain’t one to back down. He’d either laugh it off or snap back. But, deep down he feels bad, and would eventually apologize.

Balem-…..if Reader is looking for an apology, good luck. He ain’t about to admit his wrong doing. During an argument he’d either yell back, or stay quiet and leave, not thinking it’s worth his time. But, if he loved her enough, after hours apart, he’d come back, pretending nothing happened, but he’d be affectionate enough. His way of saying 'sorry’.

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Basically Prince wasnt shit as a person and his head got really big. Yeah he was a genuis w music but a real asshole as anyone could tell. I think everyone is always like "he was human too" and then in the same breath "he's a complicated genuis" like no lol. I hold everyone to the same respect. In my eyes no one is better than anyone else because we are all here, breathing, living. Prince obv never learned how to treat people well--long term. Guess it was a demon of his. Love him tho.

I mean to me he was just human. It bothers me when people elevate him and hold him to higher standards just because he was so talented. He wasn’t born with an instrument in his hand automatically knowing how to play, this is a human man who almost obsessively STUDIED and PRACTICED his craft pretty much every day for almost 50 years. If you spend that much time doing something, of course you’re going to be amazing at it!

Same for the writing to some degree…it wasn’t always so “telepathic” as it were…it was something he grew into. Lots of stories of him just studying people…or going to clubs by himself and just watching…or even stories of him being super fascinated by people asking them lots of questions and stuff. After a while you notice patterns and can write to common themes everyone goes through in an honest way…

And then all the stress of legitly being responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds of people at age what 19? 20? 21 and older? That’s an incredible amount of stress for anyone to carry, much less someone who had a tough time coming up with building relationships due to his family situation.

Coping skills probably shot, but yeah….he’s going to react to stress in human ways. Can’t fault him for that and I honestly love him more for always keeping it real without restraint…while the rest of us walk on eggshells to not offend others by being true to ourselves.

ETA :  Not to discount his amazingness, lol of course he is The Professor and Fairy God Boyfriend, but for me I admire him for his tenacity and complete focus on his craft and everything around it. He was singularly dedicated to it, and an example again of what happens when you find your purpose and walk in it fully, completely, and confidently. THAT in of itself is difficult for most people and to me, that was the actual gift he was born with that fueled all that he was able to do.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

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Wait what con artist from 2014

I’d like to title this story “Swing And A Miss

Okay, so my high school had this program where seniors could leave school like a month and a half early and opt out of exams if they took on internships around the neighborhood, but not everyone wanted to/was eligible to do it. Back in like 2013, they had like 15 bored seniors stuck in the school, so the administration brought in this Professional Life Coach, left him in alone in a room with them for two hours to talk to them about like, self-esteem or some shit. All the kids were pulled out of their classes for this*, and later told the administration that they loved him, they really enjoyed the talk.

So, about a year later, we have a new principal. He’s supposed to set up an assembly for all the 11th and 12th graders, but he doesn’t know what to do. One of his coworkers mentions that there was a life coach that was a huge hit with the kids that didn’t do community study last year, so maybe he’d also be great for a larger audience. The principal basically thinks “okay, what the hell” and calls up and hires Jason C. Jean to come talk to the kids.

Now, it’s like, 10:30, maybe 11:00 in the morning, and two entire grades are getting shepherded to the main gymnasium, and no one wants to God damn be there. We ain’t got time for self esteem talks. We want to sleep. And this guy, watching us all drag our feet in and collapse into the bleachers was just like…offensively peppy. There’s a couple faculty members sitting behind him, the woman who suggested he be hired for this, the vice principals for the grades- but the principal himself kept getting calls so he was in and out the whole time.

Now, Mr. Jean was like…the chill “Just call me by my first name dude” history professor at college times 30. He was trying so fucking hard. I’m referring to him as ‘Mr. Jean’ in this story just to be disrespectful. So anyway, we all get in there, and he tells us right off the bat “You guys are totally allowed to be on your phones and laptops during this! I get it! It’s no problem, like really, I insist!” so while the faculty members are exchanging smiles that read ‘how do we kill that while respecting him’, all the kids are immediately pulling out their electronics and he’s starts his speech.

Now, again, I really wanna reiterate that he told us we could be on our phones- because when the news articles started coming out about this, I remember all these angry, annoying comments from old people like “Why the hell were the students on their phones in the first place! So disrespectful! These damn millennials and their social media!” like, they were completely ignoring the entire story and just focusing in on kids using the internet, and it Really Super Pissed Me Off, so. Again, we had permission for this (which also ended up being Mr. Jean’s fatal mistake).

So, he starts off this speech fairly normally, like ‘hi, I’m Jason, I’m a professional life coach and I wanna teach you kids about how to be The Best You!’ and like people were tuning him out and listening to varying degrees. Some kids (like myself) were kinda dozing off, and everyone was on twitter or facebook.

His approach to a self esteem speech seemed to be ‘let me tell you my entire life story for hours’ and like, at first I was like “I’m not really hearing this, I’m half dreaming right now” but the more I started making myself pay attention the more…bizarre and rambling his story got.

So like, for instance, he told us he drank a lot in high school. Like, a lot. But he didn’t use that as a ‘don’t drink or party too hard’ lesson, instead he was like “I was fourteen so I always called my parents to pick me up, and they weren’t mad because they knew it meant I could trust them. So remember, always tell your parents when you’re drinking!” and then it kinda got to a point where it sounded like he was encouraging partying and drinking and the like to the group of underage kids.

And then, he told us how he used to play baseball all the time when he was a kid, and at 16 reached a crossroads in his life where the Phillies wanted to draft him or he could go play football for Penn State. And he said he went with Penn State but later lost the scholarship for some reason and we’re like…really.

There was absolutely nothing coherent about anything he was saying- nothing that tied anything together, made a point, seemed like it had anything to do with an assembly on self esteem. He told us at one point he was making upwards of 7 million a year. He told us one time before college he was homeless. He told us he used to own a construction company and built his own branch of nightclubs himself, that he and his friend then ran. He told us he fought a shark and came out with no scars. He told us that he had less money now, because after surviving a work related accident- direct quote- “I fell almost 30 feet and I broke in half” - he decided to leave that industry and spend more time with his family.

So, yeah, I was pretty positive this was bullshit, but there were clearly kids in the room that were falling for it. But then he said something like…he and his friend got bored one day and started jarring up their own pasta sauce, and made a deal with wegmans or some store like that to start selling it, and now he has a pasta sauce empire. Like he spent 15 fucking minutes on this. The way he kept saying ‘pasta sauce’ was so annoying I was about to claw my ears out. But anyway, two girls in my grade wanted to find out what brand he was talking about, so they googled his name.

And then quietly gasped.

And then furiously started typing into their phones.

And remember- everyone, even though they were paying attention- was on twitter and facebook. All the sudden I see heads flying up and wide eyes and people whispering to each other. Mr. Jean doesn’t seem to notice the change and keeps rambling on, but I know something happened so I google him too and-

Okay so basically he’s 1) been arrested, 2) filed for bankruptcy like three times and 3) has been hailed as a ‘Swinger Guru’ by playboy.


So by now, this is a fucking game- he still doesn’t notice anything wrong amongst the kids, so we’re all silently texting each other to fill each other in. Pulling up receipts. But still playing the part of politely intrigued audience members. The school faculty have no fucking idea what’s going on, until one of the students texts her mom, who happens to be the woman that convinced the principal to hire this guy. We see her check her phone, go wide-eyed, and she runs out of the fucking room presumably to either find the principal or hide in terror.

So Mr. Jean had been talking to random people intermittently throughout this speech, but we reach the ‘questions’ part of it. Everyone seems to silently agree that instead of just asking him anything outright, we should just see how good of a liar he was. So they’d be asking him stuff like ‘how much money did you make with ____ company’ and he’d give a ridiculously high number as people were sending each other reports of him filing for bankruptcy during that time. Or they asked him about his construction business which he said was great, and while he was talking about how great it was we were all reading his arrest report, from when a woman hired him to build her house, and he took her money and then like…just didn’t build anything. Wild. Someone asked him about his family and he’s extolling Christian virtues while we’re all on the website for his annual Swing Fest. People would ask him how he got certain jobs and he was making promises to hook kids up in interviews and shit. Everyone was loosing their God damn minds online and just barely holding it together in person. This man was so beyond full of shit- like, he was a God awful life coach but his dedication to lying was inspirational.

We eventually get to leave and everyone is yelling and cracking up and freaking out, all running to our classes to tell the teachers and the underclassmen everything, and the teachers are freaking out, alternating between horrified confusion and laughing hysterically. Before the school day even ended, someone had called a bunch of news stations. The principal was freaking out and denying he had anything to do with it, before calling some students to his office to see what exactly the kids had searched up on the guy…Because apparently teenagers can perform better background checks than school officials. It was all anyone could talk about for weeks.

A couple months after this, for my theater class’ showcase, I wrote and directed a skit called ‘Mason B. Mean’. It was a huge hit. The principal was in the audience. I’ve never seen a grown man look so dead inside. I made sure I was out of the room before he came up to congratulate the cast and everything. The next day, my theater teacher told me his only comment about the skit was a quiet, long-suffering “Why.” 😂😂

Annnnnnnnd that’s the time a Swinger Entrepreneur rambled on about pasta sauce and money in front of teenagers who knew how to use google for almost two hours.  


happy && in love !!

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.

Ok like we have Yuri being seen as cute by Otabek but like… what if Yuri found subtle things that Otabek does as sorta cute?

For example Otabek in practice successfully does a jump and does that little baby fist bump. Otabek is so stoic but Yuri can see his happiness and think it’s pure.

Or Otabek gets super excited about something but doesn’t want to show too much of it. Though Yuri can see right through and just sees how endearing it is. He loves that sorta childish excitement from Otabek.

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so, um. if you have any particular feelings about labyrinth--specifically Sarah--uh, go wild.



The morning after Sarah Williams defeats the Goblin King, she gets up and makes toast. She has to brush some glitter off the toaster—it withers and vanishes at the brush of her fingertips, and she stares at her hand for a long time. 

It mostly just looks like her hand. Even when she turns it over, and sees where she scraped her knuckles against the oubliette, where the shattered mirror cut the back of her wrist. It looks like she fell, or was playing in the street. That’s all.

The toast comes out burned, and Sarah stares at that too. Eventually, she slumps down against the cabinets and cries, wracking sobs that send her dad and Karen rushing into kitchen. They check her forehead for a fever, put their hands on her, and keep asking, “Are you okay? Sarah, please, tell us what’s wrong…”

Eventually, her dad drags her into his lap and cradles her against his chest, like he did when she was little. Her legs are too long to really fit anymore, but Sarah hugs him around the neck anyway. “It’ll be okay,” he says, keeps saying. “You’ll be okay.” And Sarah—doesn’t laugh, because she can’t, and doesn’t have the words to express what—how—

(None of her stories ever talked about this. What did Sir George do, the morning after he slayed the last dragon in England? Did Tam Lin eat breakfast, or did he sit there, shivering, wondering if his hands were different, having been claws and wings and scales?)

Afterwards, she leaves the burnt toast outside on the back porch. Not an offering. Maybe a reminder.


It’s Didymus she sees the most often, mostly because he’s the one who invites himself rather than waiting for an invitation. He comes for tea, but even if there’s no tea—which there isn’t, usually—he comes to tell Sarah stories. She learns to love poetry because there’s no escaping it with him. (She won’t read Idylls of the King until Brit Lit in college, but she ends up scrawling a lot in the margins; Didymus’ telling of events had been much more interesting.)

Once, she falls asleep like that, her hands tucked behind her head with Didymus curled up and sleepily reciting from the crook of her elbow. “So tender was her voice, so fair her face—though I don’t think he was looking at her face, my lady, pardon me for saying so—”

Sarah buries her nose in his fur. Didymus always smells of rosewater, and a crispness she thinks is just…the Labyrinth. She falls asleep trying to place it.

She wakes up with a wild fox in her bed, animal-black eyes frightened and flat, teeth bared. The fox is whining, and she’s tempted to throw herself across the room, to get away from this wild thing and its teeth. It takes a monumental will to keep herself still and her breathing slow, even; like she’s still asleep and unafraid. 

It takes her longer to swallow, and start humming one of the songs he taught her—a knight’s round, he’d said. She’s shaky at first, but the fox’s ears flick forward. It cocks its head, and slowly, the teeth disappear behind its lips. 

She almost laughs when noses at her throat curiously, butting its head against her jaw like a cat might.

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