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We’re Not All Bad - Sweet Pea

Prompt - after finding out Reggie cheated on you with Josie you leave a party meeting a handsome South side serpent
A/n this kind of came from a dream the start and end was a dream the middle kind of just happened when I stared writing hope you all enjoy :)
Warnings - anguish, cheating, swearing under age drinking and drug use
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader

It was the party nick st Claire was throwing, everyone expect for Betty was having a good time especially when nick started passing round straws of jj. You was already really drunk and the added drugs didn’t help.
Dancing with Veronica it had been one of the best nights you had in ages, but quickly became one of the worst. You went to find your boyfriend Reggie Mantle not seeing him on the couch where he was before. You walked out of the living room and heard his voice come from the bedroom. When you open the door your saw Reggie sleeping with Josie. Your ran out of the hotel room crying wanting to be anywhere but here and to get the image of them out of your head.
You had cried and ran the far you didn’t really know where you was, somewhere on the south side was about all you knew. You also didn’t realise how drunk you was until the fresh air hit you, sitting down on a bench before you fell , you tried to calm down and sober up.

A wolf whistle made you look up to see a tall dark haired boy in a leather jacket walking towards you. “save the whistles and comments I’m not in the mood for dickheads” you say looking back at the ground, tears filling your eyes again at the thought of Reggie.

The boy sat next to you “good job I’m not a dickhead then” he said mimicking the nasty way you had said it. You turn and look at him annoyed, the alcohol fuelling your anger. “look I’ve had a bad night who are you and what do you want” you snap hoping he’d leave you alone on the bench to cry in peace.

“my name is sweet pea but everyone calls me sweets or pea, and I live round here I was going home until I saw a beautiful girl crying” he said giving you a kind smile.
“oh scary gang name” you mocked at him, “don’t let the name fool you, I’m not always sweet” he laughed. You roll your eyes standing up to leave, sweet pea stood up following you. you turned round almost falling, “why are you following me” you scream at him. “I’m not following you princess, I’m going home, its not my fault I live the same way your walking” he says. you wasn’t listening to him, you felt dizzy since standing and now you had spots in your vision. Blinking you try a few deep breaths, although you wasn’t moving you could feel you body swaying. the last thing you remember was saying “I don’t feel to good” and seeing sweet pea run to you.

Sweet saw you swaying and ran forward, being part of south side he’d seen people on jingle jangle before and knew she was about to collapse. he managed to catch you before you hit the ground picking you up bridle style thinking what should he do. 

You woke in a room and a bed you’d never seen before. your head was hurting thanks to the drinks from the party but right now you need to work out where you was and how you got here. getting out the bed you see your shoes on the floor, you see your still fully dressed you get you heels putting them on before working the courage to walk out the room.

On the other side for the door you see sweet sat watching telly. “hello princess, how was the beauty sleep” he greats you with a smile. “What happened? how did I get here? where is here?” you demand. sweets stood giving a chuckle “calm down” he said going into the room you had just left. “your at my house, you passed out in the middle of the street, drunk and upset” he shouted from the room. he came out holding a pair of thick sweat pants and a tee-shirt. “I didn’t know where you lived princess, and I wasn’t leaving you in the street all night so I brought you here thinking you could safely sleep off the alcohol” he finished.

“oh” you said not knowing what to say, feeling embarrassed sweets handed you the clothes, “you must be cold, you can put these on if you want.” he told you. Taking the clothes from him, you didn’t notice how cold you really was until sweet pea said it. after putting sweets clothes on you can back out the bathroom, “thanks” you mumble to him. Sweet Pea stood up pointing for you sit “its still late so you can stay here I’ll take you home in the morning” he said, “why what time is it how long have i been asleep” you say holding your head the pain coming back. “not long 3 hours tops its only 4am” he said walking into the kitchen quickly returning with water and a painkiller. “here for your head” he said.
you sat for the next 20 minuets in silence, fiddling with the hem of the top you was wearing as sweets watched a movie playing on the telly, looking at you every now and then. “so you going to tell me why you was so upset last night” he asked, you felt your heart break as you remembered what Reggie had done. “nothing” you said trying not to let yourself cry.

“well whoever he is, he’s stupid letting you go” sweets said without looking away from the telly. your turned to face him “excuse me what” you say. Pea smirks at you “well it has to be a boy, to make a girl like you cry, and I’m guessing he’s one of those footballers” he said rolling his eyes at the last part. you looked at him sad “okay your right his name is Reggie was have been dating for six months and I found his sleeping with some other girl” you say as you try but fail to stop your voice braking “and yes he’s a bulldog” you finish.

sweet turns to face you, “that’s the problem princess, he’s a dog! You could do better” he said flirty. “what, with a snake like you, you mean” you laughed meaning it as a joke “and stop calling me princess” you add. “Serpent” he corrected you “but yes a serpent is better then a dog we live by loyalty, where as your bulldogs just look for the next best thing, something bigger, better. They can be holding a diamond and give it up for cheap gold all because its shiny and new” he said gently touching your hand “and I’m calling you princess because you haven’t told me your name” he said back making you blush,  “my name is y/n”. For the next 5 hours you both laughed and talked getting alone like you had been friends for years.

it was 10am and the hours flew with sweet pea, sweets offered you a ride home you felt a bit nervous at first getting on his bike but soon loved it once he started going. As you got to the top of your road you saw Reggie’s car outside your house. Sweets pulled over at the top of the road when he felt you grab him tighter, as you saw you ex boyfriend knocking on your door. you didn’t realize how tight your grip on sweet pea was until he turned to you “hey y/n its okay we can get out of here if you don’t want to see him” he says, you nod yes loosening your grip a little as he started the bike up again.

you wasn’t sure where he was taking you but it was back on the south side. you pulled up back other motorbikes and a few cars. “where are we?” you asked nervous. sweet smiled “the quarry, see my friends I want to show you we’re not all bad! or at least not in the way most of the north siders think we are” he smirked helping you get off.

he walked over to his friends a massive smile on his face, you noticed how it made you smile too, he then introduced you to a few people “y/n this is Topaz, Fangs, Fogarty and the girl over their is Lesley” he told you. You and Toni became friends fast both having a mutual friend in Jughead, you sat at the quarry with them all day enjoying the sun watching Sweet Pea and the other boys play fight, race bikes and just genuinely having fun. you laughed and joked with the girls joining in with some of the boys games and fights.

at one point you found yourself stirring at SP, biting your lip admiring hot and sexy he looked. how his dark eyes sparkled in the light or how full and soft his lips looked, you found yourself bushing when he looked at you giving you a cheek wink. finally you had butterflies when he came over to you and the other serpent’s you was sat with and put his arm around your shoulder and stayed like that as you all chatted about randomness.

Sweet and the boys left to get some food, Toni and another two girls all looked at you, “so you and sweets how long has that been going on for” one of them asked making you go a bright shade of red. “no! no no the is no me and sweet pea” you tell them. “well he likes you, he’s never this happy” Toni says smiling, “okay well if not together how did you meet, why have we never seen you before” a different girl asked. “well we only met last night” you say a little embarrassed “I was drunk and couldn’t stand never mind walk home so he” you didn’t finish as you heard sweets voice “she was literally falling for me the second she saw me” he joked looking at his friends, only saying it to keep his reputation. “falling in laughter at you” you tease back but the look in both your eyes told everyone there the was something between you and the serpent, even if nether of you saw it yourselves yet.

after it started to get dark sweet pea took you home, you both stood on your doorstep neither of you wanting to part ways from each other yet. “thank you” you said, he frowned his brows “what for?” he asked back. “everything, looking after me last night ,taking me out today it’s been amazing and your friends are not the monsters the papers say” you laugh sweet looking smug. “I told you we’re not all bad” he says as you kiss him. you didn’t know where the kiss came from but you knew if you didn’t do it, you’d would regret it later.

sweets kissed you back wrapping his arm around you bringing you closer, when you stopped “well that’s something I can get used to” he said kissing you again. As he finally left you arranged to meet him the next day, going to bed daydreaming of sweet pea, feeling happier then anytime you had during your relationship with Reggie.

You and sweets spent the whole Sunday and everyday for the next week together, mainly chilling in his trailer watching movies or hanging with the serpent’s, during the school break. On the last day before you both went back to different schools, sweets got up the courage to tell you he liked you and asked if you wanted to ditch your dog for snake. you liked sweet pea and told him you would, spending the rest of the night kissing and cuddling up.

Monday morning after the holidays finished, sweets dropped you off at school. “cant you transfer to south side” he asked with puppy dog eyes. Hearing Jodie’s voice “I wish I could” you smile at sweets kissing him. the day had been boring Kevin and veronica constantly asking where you had been during the half term break, you told them you’d met a guy being chilling with his friends, and he’s amazing before changing the subject to what they did, so they didn’t ask who your new friend was. 

Josie came in the common room her eyes went wide when she saw you. “y/n look I’m sorry I don’t know what made me do it the Al…” she stopped talking as you stood up holding put your hand for her to shut up. “don’t insult me and blame the drink we both know the was flirting with you and Reggie before the party” you tell her. Josie looked down feeling ashamed “but anyway you can keep him I’ve found someone better then him, someone who knows the meaning of loyalty” you tell them walking out the room.

During last lesson sweet pea texted you saying he’d finished school early did you want him to pick you up when you was finished. You quickly replied yes then sent the next dew minutes texting back and forth with him, a cheeky smile on you face as you did. You felt a tap on your shoulder turning to see Betty “Reggie keeps stirring at you” she says as you looked over to the other side of the classroom Reggie had a face like thunder. 

Sweet pea pulled up outside Riverdale high getting off his bike but leaned against it, he had his jacket over his shoulder hanging down his back as he watched you walk down the steps typing away on your phone not even seeing him yet. Sweets was about to shout her when he saw Reggie one of the bulldogs he’d fought with before run after her.

Reggie grabbed your shoulder “y/n wait” he said his voice leased with anger “so you going to tell me where you’ve been and why half of the school are saying your seeing some other guy” his arms folded over his chest as he spoke. You looked at him dead in the eye speaking slightly slower so he got the message “Reggie where over, we was the second you slept with Josie and yes the rumours are true” at the point out the corner of your eye, you saw sweet pea walking toward you. now Cheryl, Veronica, Kevin and the others all stood round listening to you and Reggie arguing.

you feel sweet pea put his serpent jacket round your shoulders hugging and kissing your cheek from behind, everything okay princess" sweets asks you, smirking at Reggie, “yes I was just telling Reggie that I traded an old dog for someone better” you answer. Reggie and the rest if the Riverdale high students all looked in shock gasping and gossiping. Reggie looked at you “really y/n your revenge plan was good but we both know you belong to me” he said grabbing your arm. Sweet pea knocked his arm from you “touch her like that again and watch what I do to you” sweet pea started in a chillingly calm voice “y/n doesn’t belong to you, you lost her when you when you made her feel like shit, don’t get mad when someone else shows her she’s a princess she is” he says gripping your hand bringing it to his lips for a light kiss, smiling at you.

You smile and blush back at sweet “let’s get out of here” you say as you walked with sweet pea back to his motorcycle. “y/n, stop you can’t just leave me” you heard Reggie shouting but ignored it driving off with your serpent prince.

sick days.

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steve harrington x reader

warnings: none?

prompt: you’re sick so your brother dustin lets steve know - feelings are exposed and promises are made.

A/N: if you follow me, you know i rarely do fluff! so i don’t love this but hell, i’m steve trash!! so take it!!

outside the rain was coming down hard, it was foggy and daunting to look out of the window but the sounds of the raindrops hitting against the glass was soothing you as you lay wrapped in your thick blanket.

tissues were discarded in the near by trash can and your nose was shining red as you snuggled further into the warmth. the quiet sounds of bowie playing on your record player was lulling your weak mind in and out of sleep like it had been all night.

you didn’t want to be a wimp, you weren’t a wimp, hell you’d faced - as your brother, dustin named them - demodogs and a damned demogorgan with him and his pubescent friends. but right now, you thought it was safe to safe, you felt like you were dying.

people at school had been coming down with a cold and somehow, you’d managed to catch it. probably thanks to fiona, the girl you had been partnered with in science. you were suppose to be studying but at last minute, you decided to cancel. if you were both sick, it would be a waste of time.

al though the thought of being snuggled with someone was more than inviting, you didn’t think fiona would be into spooning you.

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taehyung scenario | heart-eyes

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prompt: I accidentally grabbed your sketchbook in art class, and it’s filled with amazing doodles… wait is that supposed to be you and me… and are we…???

pairing: taehyung x reader

requested by anon | 1.3k words | fluff

Students at art school are weird. Not a bad kind of weird, just a wearing-designer-clothes-only-to-get-paint-splashed-on-them, stopping-in-the-corridor-to-stare-out-the-window-and-mutter-some-poetry-on-a-sigh kind of weird. Maybe weird is the wrong word. Quirky. Charismatic. Artistic.

By far the weirdest (or should you say most artistic) student is Kim Taehyung. He’s the type to wear glasses just for aesthetic. He’s the type to daze off into space during lessons, staring open mouthed at the ceiling. He’s the type to brainstorm unique ideas that would never come together in other people’s heads. And he’s your type.

Which is why you get so excited when you find out he’s your partner for the group art project.

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Two days TWO DAYS and we’ll see Louis on the Royal Variety!

WHAT WILL HE WEAR?! Will he wear a black suit? A blue one? Will he wear a suit vest? A double-breasted? A more casual but slaying outifit? WHAT WILL HE SING?! Will he play a piano version of Just Hold On and make the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cry for ages? Will he play an acoustic version of Back To You and Just Like You? Will he make them forget about the royal etiquette and dance on Miss You?


Dating Do Kyungsoo would be like...

the beginning 

  • him being a little shy at first in the relationship 
  • maybe a bit too quiet 
  • a bit unsure about everything he does
  • like
  • do you like flowers 
  • or chocolate 
  • or wrestling
  • he doesn’t knoooow 
  • but after a while he would turn more confident whenever he’s seeing you smile or getting shy or blushing 
  • he loves all of it 

skin ship 

  • he loves it in private and maybe when you two are alone 
  • kisses, cuddling and make out session 
  • no problem when you’re alone
  • i front of the boys i see him as a little bit shyer, maybe holding your hand or a kiss on the cheek but not more
  • i public just holding hands but everyone could see how much he loves you by just the way he looks at you 

daily life

  • cute morning cuddles and kisses when you live together
  • cute texts when you don’t live together 
  • “Good morning Jagi, I hope you slept well…” 
  • him telling you about his day with short texts, random pics or snaps or calling you just to hear your voice
  • cute coffee dates or long walks in a park
  • trust is very important in you relationship, so no secrets 
  • you would be very honest with each other
  • during tours he would like to facetime you every evening telling you how much chanyeol or baek annoyed him today
  • “I will kill them, I swear to god one day I’ll kill them and..”
  • “Please don’t Soo”
  • *sighing* “Okay, everything for you, babe”


  • would never yell at you, maybe getting a little bit louder when it’s a really intense fight 
  • no swear words or mean things from his side 
  • “You’re an idiot, Kyungsoo!” 
  • “Stop swearing” 
  • “I can swear as much as I want!”
  • “Don’t talk to me like that, stop yelling” 
  • “Make me” 
  • lol you’re dead
  • such fights would lead to 

le sexy time

  • after or during fights it would be rough 
  • heavy make out sessions, kiss with too much teeth and lip biting
  • but thats okay
  • he just put you in place 
  • a rough but sensual lover like
  • slow but harsh thrusts, one of your legs on his shoulder his hands on your hips or holding the other leg wide open 
  • god help me
  • but he’s not calling it fucking he’s calling it love making
  • but tbh sometimes he would just fuck the shit out of you
  • and on other days there’s just lazy morning sex or slow passionate 
  • grunts and heavy panting 
  • when he cums he has this deep ass moan, his eyes shut slowly pushing in and out of you to extend your orgasms 
  • or his face nestled in your neck, deep moaning 
  • praises afterwards 
  • “I love you so much… you’re amazing baby” 

all in all 

  • it would be cute, full of fluff but also funny and a lot of humor 
  • when Do Kyungsoo loves, he loves with his whole heart and deeply
  • he wouldn’t say “I love you” that fast, this needs time 
  • but when he’s saying it, you could be sure that he’s 100% sure and honest
  • he would be a great boyfriend
  • and husband
  • and father 
  • let’s be real, this man is perfect for a family 
  • loves nothing more than you and the kids (or dogs if u don’t like kids) 
  • his precious little family 
  • probably sunday trips or the boys gathering together in your house 
  • because he can cook very well 
  • speaking of cooking
  • be prepared for breakfast in bed every weekend 
  • this man is a gift from above 
  • bless him 

wellhellobeautifulyoureverycute  asked:

Random and off-topic but when I think of danti all I can think of is dark manipulating anti into having a crush on him and it works but like the day after anti thinks him 'n dark are dating dark just comes in with wilford holding hands and smooches him while he watches every happy emotion drain out of antis eyes. I dunno.

aw fuck why you gotta break my heart like that

alternatively: dark takes anti’s hand and pulls him in for a kiss as well and wilford just beams. boom, they’re all happy together the end 


Wincest Writing Challenge ( @wincestwritingchallenge) : (November) | @ilostmyshoe-79 vs @dreamcas

Prompt: Tarot cards- Judgment

Word Count: 900

Tags/Triggers: non-au J2, mention of the wives as beards (but no wife hate), mentions of the end of the show

A/N: The meaning of this tarot card is “transition, born from reason, like long-term plans coming to fruition”. I hope you all enjoy! XOXO

Jared’s hands shake a little bit as he unlocks the door and walks through the front entrance, pulling his largest suitcase behind him. He knows it’s just Jensen waiting for him, and there’s no need to be nervous. They stopped being nervous lifetimes ago.

And yet, here he is, heart pounding in his ears.

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Christian Yu - Worth It

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Request: Can i request a Christian Yu scenario where he flies back to Australia for your birthday surprise but you guys are not on speaking terms? Fluffy ending please! 

You had been on the phone with Christian for over two hours now and there was still so much to talk about and too many stories that haven’t been shared yet. Whenever you were talking to him, time would fly by in a blink of an eye. You’d listen carefully when he was retelling things that had happened to him and he’d always make you laugh with his stupid and random remarks.

You felt your eyelids growing heavier with every minute, but you didn’t want to hang up the phone. You missed him too much. And even though speaking to him on the phone couldn’t make up for his physical absence, it was the only thing you could get. Hearing his deep and soothing voice made it a little bit easier for you. Long-distance relationships sucked and you wanted to give up a long time ago. It was too hard for you, constantly missing him and not being able to see him. It would have been a lie to say you haven’t fought because of it. His lack of time, his lack of presence, his job that made him be so far away from you in the first place. Furthermore the Wi-Fi didn’t always work properly, making it hard for you to communicate without lag. It added to your frustration and he got fed up with it as well. He just wanted to hold you in his arms and spend time with you like every other couple.
Yes, you fought a lot for that reason. However, the moment you saw him, all those doubts and fears vanished into thin air.

It was worth it. He was worth it. 

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Roman x Reader

Requested by @sweetest-bug

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“We’re snowed in…” you trailed off when you found Roman sat on the floor shushing your child to sleep.

“I know Peter called to say he didn’t think we’d make it.” He murmured quietly.

“You’re very calm considering all the effort you went to for the first christmas.” You motioned to the baby and Roman hummed in response.

“I like holding her it’s relaxing. Besides, we have food, i’ve almost got the baby to sleep and we have the gifts for each other, we can just have a nice time with each other.” He hummed, clearly not wanting to let the baby go as he stroked the soft face.

“Ok. That sounds great.” You murmured and kissed your child before doing the same to Roman’s forehead and left the two.

Dating Yoongi

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  • Low-key into couple clothes and couple jewelry
  • Your greatest supporter in everything you do 
  • Always so proud of every little thing
  • Like you just started getting into painting ? He will take pics of your paintings and show it to his friends , saying how proud he is and” look the talent “
  • But if you are not good at something , he would tell you without hesitation .Because honesty is above all things
  • Loves skinship , especially holding hands and kissing .
  • Although he gets all shy when you suddenly kiss him in public.
  • Sucker for cuddling , anywhere , anytime *but he wouldn`t admit that in public *.
  • Absolutely loves taking photos of you , especially when you aren`t paying attention.
  • Acts like a lost kitten , when he is gone on tour , and he misses you .
  • Likes to tease you , and sometimes annoys you on purpose just so he can make it up to you later.
  • That tongue technology *you know what i mean *.
  • Loves receiving massages and giving them back
  • You are one of the only persons that are able to wake him up without him getting mad at you.
  • Yoongi would be nervous when you meet his parents , but even more when he meets your parents.
  • The fights are pretty rare , but if a more serious one happens you two keep the distance for like a few hours.After that , you two always end up discussing about it and making it work .
  • Again , honesty in everything.If something bothers you , you would tell him and vice versa.
  • All in all he would be a great boyfriend , loyal , respectful, attentive,  and   more importantly he would love you with all his heart .

🦄Feedback is always welcomed . If you liked this and have something in mind that I can write, feel free to send me requests .Help me start-up this blog .Thankies ❤


”They were gunning the motorcycles. There were these little backfires. There was one noise like that. I thought it was a backfire. Then next I saw Connally grabbing his arms and saying “no, no, no, no, no,” with his fist beating. Then Jack turned and I turned. All I remember was a blue-gray building up ahead. Then Jack turned back so neatly, his last expression was so neat… you know that wonderful expression he had when they’d ask him a question about one of the ten million pieces they have in a rocket, just before he’d answer. He looked puzzled, then he slumped forward. He was holding out his hand … I could see a piece of his skull coming off. It was flesh-colored, not white — he was holding out his hand … I can see this perfectly clean piece detaching itself from his head. Then he slumped in my lap, his blood and his brains were in my lap … Then Clint Hill [the Secret Service agent], he loved us, he made my life so easy, he was the first man in the car … We all lay down in the car … And I kept saying, Jack, Jack, Jack, and someone was yelling “he’s dead, he’s dead.” All the ride to the hospital I kept bending over him, saying “Jack, Jack, can you hear me? I love you, Jack.”

—Jackie Kennedy recalls November 22, 1963 in the “Camelot” interview with Theodore H. White for Life Magazine, November 29, 1963.
headcanons || billy saying “i love you”

requested by: anon

  • billy is not the type to make himself vulnerable, so it takes him a while to finally say he loves you
    • not like he hasn’t thought about it
    • he thinks about it all the time
  • he’s never loved a girl before, i mean he usually just uses girls for sex
    • so it’s really new for him
  • you’re probably just sat in his car listening to metallica or somethin
  • and you’re talking about something that happened at school
    • you probably saw some kids screwing in the bathroom
    • and you thought it was a really good story
  • and billy’s just sitting there, taking a drag on his cigarette, laughing at your story
  • and he slides his hand in yours, like normal; his hold being loose
    • well, loose for him
  • so you finish up your story, and some slow song comes on that you love
    • you start tapping your foot to the beat
  • he just looks over at you and smiles with his tongue between his teeth
  • and he starts saying all this stuff
  • “hey y/n?”
  • “yes?”
    • you’re still humming along to the song
  • “you know i’m shit at romance, right?”
    • you laugh and nod
  • “uh-huh, i mean, you’re kinda just shit in general” you’d tease
    • he’d laugh before smoking again
  • “you know, you do something to me. i go home from seeing you, and i’m still smiling. how do you do that?”
  • “ya know, i’m irresistible. you were like, i dunno, my fourth choice, so”
  • he chuckles again, opening his mouth as if he were to say something
  • but instead, he just leans over and kisses you
  • and this time it’s different
    • it’s not rough or filled with love
    • it’s filled with heart and care
  • and he pulls away for a second, just to murmur “i love you”, before returning to your lips
  • and that kiss felt like it went on for eternity
personal trainer!seokjin

- if u want to hire a personal dietitian, you can totally get your money’s worth with jin

- makes you special diet meals that are low in calories and taste bomb?? like he conjures up that food magic it’s great

- doesn’t make you do too much strenuous exercise and when you get tired, he offers to hold you up so it’s less work (and of course, who wouldn’t want to be held by seokjin)

- everyone in the gym mistakes him as your boyfriend because he’s such a chill trainer, which is good because it warns off all the creepy gym dudes that wanna hit on you

- always ending a workout day with him carrying you back to the car because it’s just so tiring (right ;)

Hiraeth - Part (14)

A/N: This is the last chapter, y’alls! Tell me what you think.

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2807

Warnings: none.

[Hiraeth Masterlist] [Epilogue]

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anonymous asked:

Um hello! I was wondering on how you think yamdere Naga dark (getting specific up in here) would react to a how do you say... Obedient, human S/O? Like um ya know doesn't want to fight back. Does what there told, acts nice still etc etc. Sounds wonky I know but tbh I feel like I'd do the same... Hehe.... 😅 (Also hello 'Yandere queen'! How's your evening?)

!! Why hello! And i dont mind at all! Yandere queen shall provide her subjects with that good yandere content! And i have been doing good dear! I hope you have been as well!

It is better that you willingly submit, Dark not having to constantly hold you down and feed nightmares onto you just to keep you submissive. He treats you with a bit more care, still locking you away in his cave and refusing to let you out but he treats you with a little more care, his touches more gentle, his words without any hidden meaning. He dosnt need to use his tricks on you! Of course any time you point out this sweetness he will either deny it or purr a “Well… my pet does need a reward for being so obedient~”

Of course… sadly he may give you small nightmares that are so terrifying that it leaves you waking up with a start, crying as you cling to him. Dark needs to make sure you wont leave after all… you may be trying to fool him… if not, then the extra affection ans begging wouldnt hurt. … wouldnt hurt him.

Like that-E.D. Imagine (smut)

The sigh in the otherwise silent room was what brought me out of a light sleep, something that usually only happened when the person who was sitting on the end of my bed wasn’t here.

“Babe?” I stretched my aching limbs, and let out a groan. “You’re back, why didn’t you call me? I would’ve picked you up from the airport.” Silence.

I tilted my head in confusion, only then realizing how tense he was. His shoulders shook slightly, and it looked as if he was holding his breath. I wrapped my arms around him, but he didn’t reciprocate anything.

“Talk to me.” I asked gently.

He let out a breath he most likely didn’t know he was holding. “I’m just frustrated from all this traveling.” He tugged at the babyhairs framing his hairline, and rubbed his face repeatedly.

“It’s alright, Ethan.” I began to rub his leg soothingly, seeing as it was the closest thing to me. Traveling from LA to NY every week was putting a role in him, I had noticed it, but he never wanted to talk about it. As soon as he got him he slept, ate, and secluded himself in the warehouse with his brother to make a video. The rest of the week before Thursday was spent on my couch watching movies, or cuddling. There was no talking between those days, and I never wanted to press him.

Just as I was about to remove my hand, Ethan grabbed it with his, looking at me with eyes that I couldn’t see in the dark, but knew were pleading. He directed it towards his crotch, motioning for me rub him off.

“Please,” He whispered into the dark. A voice in the back of my head told me that this wasn’t how he should be dealing with his problems. But I began to ignore it as my eyes adjusted to the dark, and they met his unwavering gaze.

I began to rub against his clothed member, feeling him get hard under my hands. He layed back against the bed, with his eyelids fluttering Shut. Very slowly, I reached into the waistband of his pants, knowing that he wanted to feel the real thing. My thumb circled around his head, gaining a slight gasp from his parted lips.

My hand started to move up and down his shaft at various speeds, squeezing it in different places, until he came with a muffled moan that I would’ve sold my right foot to hear.

“C’mere”. He motioned me towards him with his index finger, pulling me forward by my hips and placing me on top of him. My hands found his shoulders, digging into the soft material of his sweatshirt, as his lips met mine bringing me into a passionately heated kiss that I didn’t even know I needed until I was well into it.

He brought his knees up for me to lean against as he removed his sweatshirt, throwing it carelessly to the floor. His hands, interlacing with mine, guided them to his pecks, where I could feel his heart beating rapidly. “Be rough. Squeeze, scratch, I don’t care, do whatever. I just need…” he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

Ethan smirked, as he began to unbutton my flannel pj top, but told me to keep it on becuase, “You look fucking sexy, babe.” We shed ourselves of our pants and underwear, looks of lust pointed towards each other, as we hadn’t been this exposed to the the other in what felt like forever.

Ethan had told me to be though, something I had never done with him before. My guess is he’s feeling lost at the moment, looking for reassurance and something to grasp onto, and I was all too willing to show him what he has in front of him. So with that though in mind, I pushed against his chest until he was leaning against the head board, with both arms spread acorss the various throw pillows I forgot to take off the bed.

I aligned myself up with him, not breaking eye contact as I slowly sneak down onto him. His hands gripped my waist so tightly, my breath caught. Or maybe it was just becuase I had begun to move, circling around his length, and making small figure eights with my hips, lifting myself up only to bring myself down at an excruciatingly slow pace, according to the moan that spilled last his lips.

He began to sit up from his relaxed position, but I pushed him back hard, my small hand pushing against his neck, not enough to cut off the air, but enough to make his eyes roll back with pleasure.

My other hand reached down to scratch up and down his abs, feeling him flex underneath me as my fingers went lower and lower until they were pressing on his lower abdomen.

“Fuck,” he groaned, his hands grasping anything he could reach, including sheets, his hair, my hips and breasts, anything that he could take into his hands and give a firm squeeze to.

He began to thrust up into me, giving me a whole new set of sensations. My thighs clamped around his hips as my pace began to get faster, and less rhythmic. Without a warning, a flipped us over, so that he was on top, his hips pinning mine down to the matters, his hands pulling hair back to expose my neck, where he left various bruises I’m sure.

My hands raked down his back, leaving scratch makes, gaining a low groan from him, that my ears just loved to hear. His hands brought mine up, pinning them against the mattress by the wrists, leaving me a squirming mess underneath him, as he began to pound into me at a slow and hard pace.

It was excruciating, and left me wanting more. Karma really is a bitch.

“God, say my name, baby.” He moaned from above me, little grunts and gasps leaving his lips as he grinded against me.

“Ethan,” my breathing was erratic, as I pushed my chest against him, trying to feel him. My hands were still against the mattress, and I wanted nothing more than to twist out of his grasp. I grunted in annoyance, finally gaining his attention. He smirked, knowing that he had the upper hand but let me go, knowing exactly how much I wanted to run my hands all over his body.

And that’s exactly what I did. From his shoulders to his arms, to his hips, my hands were everywhere. My lips sucked at his neck, traveling down to his chest.

I gasped in surprise and pleasure as Ethan began to rub against my clit, this newfound pleasure making my head top back, and a squeal fall from my lips.

“You like that?” He asked in a low voice, dragging his finger up and down my clit at varying speeds and pressures, leaving me speechless.

He spread my legs even wider then, thrusting faster than I could handle. The moans spilling past my lips egged him on, as he drilled into me, his hips moving in a delicious way.

“Yes, baby, right there!” I shouted, my fingers digging into his skin, teeth biting his shoulder, chest heaving widely as if I had just ran a marathon.

“Keep going,” I pleaded. He caught my lips with his, literally taking my breath away, and making me smile against his lips. He moved my hair out of my face, and rested his forehead against mine.

His lips trailed from mine, to my jaw, to my breasts, where he stopped, and began to twirl his thumb around my nipple. I arched my back, and fisted my hands into the light pink sheets.

I felt like I was losing my mind, at the sight of him; all sweaty above me, with his bottom lip between his teeth, and the veins in his neck and arms protruding.

Everything was hot and heavy, as the air began to whoosh in my ears. The feeling in the pit of my stomach began to disspear as I reached my release, with my legs clenching tightly around Ethan’s hips, and my nails digging into his shoulder blades so deeply, I was afraid I would draw blood.

“Fuck!” He chanted, clenching his eyes shut, and reaching his high. The arms that held him up began to shake, as he tried not to crush me with his weight.

“Shit,” I said in a shaky voice, as Ethan collapsed beside me. We both lay with our chests heaving, the only sounds were our heavy breaths and the occasional curse word in astonishment at what we had just done.

Without even knowing, I knew that Ethan was sporting a shit eating grin, much like the one I had right now. My hand found his, and after a few seconds, he pulled me into his chest.

“God,” he waited a few seconds but couldn’t finish his sentence due to the lack of words.

“Yeah.” I nodded my head in understanding.


OH MY LORD 🙈🙈 I KNOW ITS SUCKY BUT I’VE NEVER WRITTEN ROUGH SEX BEFORE! It was kinda exciting, if I’m being honest 😂 please let me know what you guys think! Also this is unedited so if there are typos it’s becuase it’s late and I’m tired and too lazy to fix them.

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the thing is that harry actually dances... a lot lol. he loves to dance and he /does/ dance a lot. he doesn't just flail around aimlessly like jagger does i mean the little dance at the vsfs was definitely more a freddie thing than jagger. the kiwi pose, the little yapping hands during woman, the prancing, the strutting, the shaking his hips, etc. and when he goes femme he definitely doesn't hold back at all.

he’s oozing personality onstage and 0.01% of it is masculine if that it’s interesting to hear about them getting worked up over that comment 🤔

Lmao I saw het harries claim that he has never mentioned Freddie mercury before like he did literally in earlier promo and has said he loves the music video for I want to break free and work queen shirts but okay Susan

i don’t get that either like even if he didn’t mention it until now it wouldn’t make a difference

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What annoys me the most about these "Kylo Ren is still a muderer/fascist/nazi " is not only seeing being disregard Snoke's influence/abuse towards Ben Solo, but how in spite of everything they learned THEY STILL put all the blame on him or don't even try to sympathize with him. I don't mean just hold in him accountable I mean just straight up victim-blaming. Like so much for caring about abuse victims.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I absolutely think Kylo has SOME accountability in his actions… I mean, yes, technically he made a choice that resulted in someone dying. But – that choice has context. The context is manipulation from an EXTREMELY manipulative and powerful abuser who has the LITERAL ability to tap into Kylo’s mind and warp his reality and sense of understanding. Like, Kylo has been as literally brainwashed as you can get in a story. He’s been manipulated from BEFORE BIRTH. That’s not even SUBTLE. That’s like, the most obvious thing I’ve ever seen for excusing the horrific actions of a villain. Coding someone as a victim of lifelong abuse and manipulation by calling his evil overlord a predator who preys on young people is like… it even made me feel bad for fucking HUX. ARMITAGE FUCKING HUX. And I hate that character – but like… I feel BAD for him because he is the foil to Kylo to show how that manipulation works on someone who ends up feeling zero remorse as a result of it.

So like, yeah. Kylo/Ben is meant to be seen as a victim because HE IS ONE. He is as much a victim as Han – like it or not. That doesn’t mean he has zero culpability, but when you put it in context, I think that does mean his punishment should not be so severe in the story that he has no hope. When Ben Solo is finally given his own autonomy and is free from the grasps of his abuser – should his choices independent of that enslavement not be taken into account and weighed against that? I think it’s going to be so significant when he starts making his own choices apart from Snoke’s manipulation, that most of the audience will greatly sympathize with him. I think the antis will end up being a GROSS minority by the end of the story. I even think a lot of antis who aren’t extreme assholes will flip on their opinions over Kylo after TLJ.

The Red Winged beauty

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Description- You haven’t had a good day at all Today, and you are modelling Dresses and under garments but Bill your lovely beautiful Photographer Boyfriend brightens your day as soon as you walk out

Warnings- Fluff, pure Romance, and A bit of cussing

.. awful and dull nights without coffee forcing myself into skin tight under garments and then being told by your MALE boss your ass looks nice in the bottoms just makes my night..all so well..Amazing (Sarcasm is also a Warning)

Truthfully right now, I wish I was at home snuggled up under our covers by my boyfriend reading a book while he watches the Telly would be amazing but I wrote on my contract ‘I can’t miss a performance day unless sick or Leading to Pregnant’ but does it look like I am…no, I wish I had kids but I really want to be married before I do so, to know if the man who I am with holding his child will stay with me, Butttttt let’s not talk about this while trying to slip on these, as Rochelle calls them, skin tight baby silk leathery sex goddess stripper boots that are velvet Red, but the hard part will be putting on these silly Red angel Wings that apparently “We have to wear” Who woman in there right mind would wear these? Well no one! Except cosplayers but I don’t know about everyday people, but like always I pull on the Wings and step near the door way and wait for my call to go out…the bell and the light flashes, my music goes off and I step out walking down the run way to the beat smiling (what a fake smile that was) but when I turn around I am face to face with the man of my dreams Bill Skarsgård my beautiful Boyfriend that is so tall, he can barely go through the door of my tiny ass apartment in England (Where we live) and then I can feel his soft butterfly like lips on mine and I smile and close my eyes and kiss back then he pulls back and smiles “I love you!” He runs back to his chair and continues to take pictures like he always does (for the modelling magazine he works for) and I just smile (a REAL smile) laugh a bit and walk down the stage to the back to change again, I love him so much..he knows just how to make me feel better