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gon cry cuz the fandom doesnt give me any sebastianxagni to work with

I know right? and it’s like… they’re so amazing together. 

Agni is one of the few persons Sebastian truly respects. Remember all the wank about Sebastian not being a bottom because he wouldn’t give in the control? He would for Agni, like I can cut an arm and a leg that he completely adores that such a well-behaved man completely breaks him. 

And it’s fun because Agni used to have a pretty wild live. I can bet that he was a perverted little shit before getting into Soma’s care. He knows stuff okay. And Sebastian likes the juxtaposition of a man who has redeemed his sin but who still remembers his last live. 

And they are just so adorable together. I was just reading the first two chapter of vol. 4, the beginning of the Curry arc, and they look amazing together. (cofcof Ciel and Soma too cofcof). 

I just… Sebastian and Agni is a relationship built in mutual respect, with many many dark undertones because of who they are and who they were and what they’re willing to do to keep their masters alive, and hence, keep the lives they enjoy so much. 

And they also look super fluffy and cute. 

I just… I have so much feelings about sebagni, why you do this to me nony.

Ciel & Sebastian speak French
  • Ciel & Sebastian speak French

Thought you guys might like this.

Ciel: So once that solemn man gets some alcohol into him, this is how he becomes? From the looks of it, he’s a repeat offender.
Sebastian: Even so, showing little self-constraint one has… I wonder whether he’s just an immense fool or whether he knows no shame at all.
Ciel: Seems like the incurable type of guy that’d make a doctor hopeless.

okay look i know i basically never shut up about the campania arc and how absolutely fucking amazing it is in ever single way but i just really need to talk again about how perfect it is, about one thing in particular, which is the complete 180 ciel pulls personality-wise when sebastian gets hurt

like seriously it comes out of this extended flashback which is basically the two of them being little bitches to each other in the early days of their partnership

but as soon as ciel notices that oh shit that death scythe actually did a number on sebastian he starts to flip pretty much immediately

and then he not only proceeds to try and physically block the undertaker from getting at sebastian when he tries to finish him off (I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THESE PANELS IN PARTICULAR OKAY THEY ARE SO FUCKING IMPORTANT) 

but he also talks him up to ronald and just generally starts acting like way less of a little shit towards him than usual

(okay this next one might not count cause he couldn’t very well fight the zombies off from in the water but fuck it i’m putting it in anyways) telling him to come in the lifeboat when all the zombies show up

and, knowing that even though he’s been doing pretty okay so far despite his injury, he’s still a lot weaker than normal, asks him if he’s able to take on all those zombies before actually giving the order (cause really it’s a dumb question to ask otherwise, as he’s seen his butler do more than this before under normal circumstances and never bothered asking if he was up for it)

and then of course the genuine concern/actual niceness ciel shows towards sebastian after everything’s settled down and the poor demon starts really feeling the toll the wound’s taken on him


even if you’re not looking at it from a sebaciel-y standpoint you can’t deny this is the best example of the two of them actually looking out for each other in the whole entire series and just

aw man god bless the campania arc it was such a gift~

“I am the daughter of the leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Midford: Elizabeth! The Wife of the Queen’s Watchdog!

Some fluff

What if Ciel made stupid childish orders when he is tired or frustrated and forgot about them.

Like ordering Sebastian to shut up and wondering why he hasn’t spoken to him all day but being too proud to ask him. Maybe even thinking that he did something to actually make Sebastian really mad at him.

All day Sebastian would just respond with shrugs, nods or shaking his head to most things. Even leaving notes and walking away if any specific communication had to happen.

Finally Ciel would get feed up and shout at him with his little face all red and -I’m not crying you’re crying and it’s allergies and I HATE YOU-

And Sebastian would frown and walk over and kiss him in and unusual soft way, leaving Ciel speechless as well for a moment then finally when his senses came back he would ask what the hell was wrong with and order him to answer directly.

Sebastian would calmly explain that Ciel had ordered him not to speak and he was simply following the order and ‘could it be that you missed talking to me young master?’

Ciel would just huff and say no, it’s simply an inconvenience but if he wanted to sit and play a game of chess with him he wouldn’t stop him or anything.

Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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Imagine Sebastian is dressing Ciel in the morning like he does every day and when he takes his ribbon in his hands to make a bow instead he just pulls Ciel forward slightly by the ribbon and kisses him quickly on the lips and Ciel’s face just heats up and his little cheeks tint pink and he averts his eye and pouts because he hadn’t been expecting that and Sebastian just smirks at his sulking little young master

I am searching something in this current arc, and even if I will bring you guys later, let`s take a moment to see how ass is Sebastian.

Sebastian knew he wouldn’t be able to talk with the people. He knew it, because he is Sebastian.

So he, even if he always like to take the most quick way to do things, teach him pure German, in order to see his angry face when Ciel realize that he couldn’t talk with the people.

Really, Sebastian, you could just push him into the sand, what are you, a little boy? C'mon, if you like him so much, do something about it and act like a grown up demon, you +1000 dinosaur. 

I rest my case.

Do you people not realize the pain Tanaka had to have felt when Ciel what taken by the cult. Tanaka was at the Manor defending Ciel’s life. I see all of these fanfictions where Ciel goes to Sebastian for help with emotional struggles. Do you people not realize that Tanaka probably all but raised Ciel while Vincent and Rachel were working. I need fanfictions where Ciel goes to Tanaka when he is feeling vulnerable. I need fanfictions where when Ciel was first rescued by Sebastian - the only person who he would allow touch him was Tanaka. Do you really think a freshly tortured little boy would allow a stranger to bathe him? Tanaka has always been there - yes I feel like he is ignored and his role is labeled as “just an old man”.

Just a little drabble~

“Perhaps I could run us a bath then?” Ciel laced his fingers through the blonde boys hair.
Alois shivered at his touch, resting his head back on Ciel’s shoulder. “I…I don’t know, Ciel.” He loved the thought, it was like something from a book; but, there were things Ciel hadn’t seen, stories Ciel hadn’t heard. And this terrified Alois.
“You don’t know?” Ciel peeked down, trying to read Alois face, “We’ve both had exhausting days, it could be relaxing. Wouldn’t you like that?”
Alois shut his eyes to think for a moment: Could he handle all the would come with it? Would he be able to handle showing his deepest, darkest secrets? “Alright,” The blonde nodded, “Let’s have a bath.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *    

Steam rose from the oil-soaked water, Ciel hated to admit it, but he cared for Alois. A lot. And he saw this moment as an opportunity to show his care for him. The bluenette was undressed in no time and slipped his body into the bath. Alois, however, was still at the vanity, peering into the mirror.
“Coming in?”
“Mhmm,” Alois turned to face Ciel in the bath. He was a bit taken off-guard seeing the other boy so exposed, so beautiful. Nevertheless, he pulled himself together and kept a straight face. “Ciel…” his voice was small, just loud enough for Ciel to hear, “You love me, right? No matter what?”

The question had been so straightforward and it sent a jolt of fear through Ciel. “I have no reason to ever doubt my love for you.”

“O-Okay,” looking down at the floor, Alois twiddled his thumbs, “Ciel, there’s something I need to tell you.” He took a deep breath, “I’m not a perfect person, you should know that. I’ve been wounded in my past, I don’t trust easily, I constantly evaluate my self worth. These things haven’t left me, Ciel and I don’t know what you’ll think of them-”

“Alois,” His porcelain fingers reached out for Alois. After a moment of hesitation the blonde stepped closer, placing his hands in the others. “Alois, look at me.” His eyes looked up just enough to meet Ciel’s eye, Alois mind already thinking worse-case scenario. “I told you I care for you, did I not?” Ciel paused, waiting for a response. Alois nodded once, the rest of his body frozen in place. “And that means all of you, your past, your present and everything from this point on. You’ve accepted me for who I am, who am I to not accept you for who you are? Alois, whatever your worries are, cast them aside. Whatever you’re afraid I may dislike, I’ll love a thousand times more than you could ever imagine.”

He truly cares that much? Alois thought as he raised his head to more clearly see Ciel. Whether what he said was entirely true or not, Alois felt a comfort in his words. Taking his time, he peeled back each layer of clothing, stopping finally at his undergarments. “Shut your eyes, please?”

Ciel placed his hands over both his eyes, ensuring Alois would feel comfortable with the entire situation. Alois breathed a small sigh of relief and took of his last layer. Towel wrapped around him, the blond dipped one toe, then his entire foot in before dropping the towel to emerge himself into the water. “You can look now, Ciel. I’m in the bath,” outstretching his arm, Alois set his hand on Ciel’s knee hoping it may calm his nerves.

The bluenette removed his hands, letting his eyes wander over Alois’ body. To him, it was perfect. Every inch of his body. “Alois…” The blonde prepared once more for the worse, squeezing his eyes shut, “N-No, Alois, you’re beautiful.” Beautiful? He couldn’t be serious, could he? He was covered in scars! Alois opened his eyes in disbelief, searching Ciel’s eyes for why he might play such a cruel joke as this on him.

Before he could open his mouth to protest, Alois found Ciel pressing his lips tenderly to the blondes. It was a simple kiss, nothing phenomenal, but Alois found comfort in it; acceptance.

When their lips parted, Ciel ran his fingers over a particular scar on Alois shoulder. Without much thought, he knelt over to press another kiss to the prominent scar. Alois watched in disbelief at how wonderful Ciel was being to him and the kiss to what he saw as vermin and a constant reminder of his past only brought him more relief.

“Ciel…you’re too good to me. Kissing my scar, you make it feel as if it need existed, the pain behind has grown more faint.”

“Come here then, let me kiss every one.”

(Because everyone needs their feels tugged on every now and then c:)

Imagine Ciel had an open schedule so Sebastian didn’t wake him up or disturb him and he woke up from having a nice dream about him and his parents. So, he walks downstairs so he can eat breakfast and as soon as he sees Sebastian he just bursts out into tears because his butler looks so much like Vincent and the poor boy can’t take it any more and falls to his knees sobbing. Sebastian just stares at him in a bit of shock at first to see his young master so weak and child-like for once before just sweeping him into his arms and holding him against his chest and lets Ciel cry into his shoulder while he clings onto him like a little koala.


This part was my favorite. Look how Ciel clings to him, and how comfortable he is in Sebastian’s arms. Their faces are freaking touching and he’s asleep and he’s being carried like a little baby and his face is so relaxed and he looks so tiny I really caannot jusT lik e my life is???

Have you ever just taken a moment to appreciate this page??

Sebastian has had such a hard day with the worlds derpiest staff, stacked up with his own butler duties, and to top it all off he only got to see his baby for like 2 minutes.

At the end of the day, he has this almost amused look on his face. Serene. Happy. his face literally says “you lil piece of crap I love your stupid little face” his face radiates this sort of love. and we can assume it isn’t an act because there is no one there for him to act for. its just him and his sleeping master.

and I find it sooooo cute when he says “But I do not think this lifestyle is all bad"  and it cuts to what we can assume are his favorite things (the things that make his lifestyle not terrible.) a cute kitten, and an even cuter sleeping Ciel.

and I cracked up when Sebastian started yelling at him to wake up and stealing food is bad. it made me think "OKAY, MOM”

I really don’t understand why so many people dislike the 2CT! Ciel is still Ciel, he’s still a noble, Vincent and Rachel are still his parents; he just has a different (real) name and grew up with a tiny cute brother just like him. Imagine all the cute things they probably did together!!

The reveal would be towards the end of the manga anyway, so it’s not like we would all stop referring to our Ciel as Ciel.

He’s always going to be Ciel Phantomhive to us.