he's just kinda precious

please take a moment to consider: Horace in skirts

you’re wrong if you don’t think Horace Somnusson would LOVE skirts.

They’re flowy and pretty and colourful and shimmery and he loves them. They make him feel beautiful and smiley and he dances and spins and his skirt twirls and fans out around him. He loves the way skirts feel as they brush against his knees and spead out on the grass as he sits. They enable him to move around so much and he’s just so so happy!! The Bird’s a little unsure at first, but she noitces how happy wearing skirts and dresses makes him, and she doesn’t really see any harm in it, so she lets him dress how he wants. And Horace is so over the moon when Jake shows his magazines and pictures from the modern world and he sees boys like him. Boys wearing skirts and dresses and makeup and being feminine and being accepted for it! Honestly it makes him so happy that he tears up a little.

honestly I can’t draw but Horace in a skirt would be the purest thing ever.


No matter what, I will never stop laughing at this scene

O really wanted to draw Viktor again, he is so cute and precious how can I not? So I decided to draw him in all of his anime glory! Him being cute and shocked and blushing. What an adorable baby

He is from the game Beauty and the war which is owned by @poisonappletales Enjoy!


I think it’s a lot like faith. To keep believing, trying, and enduring until you finally become able. Because people entrust us their hopes and rely on us to carry on…perhaps that is what makes us ninjas.

Fun fact: You love Kelas Parmak. You might not know it yet, but it’s true. There is no way to undo this.  Nor would you ever want to I mean look at him

Garak does not deserve this beautiful soul 

Some days  late into the early morning hours you just need to draw quick sketches of cardassian babes


The New Quinx Squad


michael lomenda nick massi face appreciation (pt. 1/?)

for @nickymacioci

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Hmm, I am not sure if I asked you stuff before. Anyway, I have come attacking your inbox. Why do you like Ren?

That is a loaded question. lmao, But i shall answer! some people know, some people may not, but when i entered the dmmd fandom, i knew nothing about it. actually i wasnt really into the fandom untill i had pretty much completed the game. so when i played the game, i was in total shock over litterally everyything that happend. First of all im pretty sure you can estimate how tripped up i was at this tiny little dog having this deep ass voice. and his tone of voice was something that really attracted me, and i was pretty smitten with this little dog named Ren. When i first saw his Rhyme sprite, i was like “woah thats really cool” and i was just intruiged with him.. he really stood out to me even though i knew very little about what or who he was. my first route was actually Noiz, and at the time i was lowkey swooning over him, but i was a little dissapointd on how litle he actually had part in the route, he might as well have been Aobas shoes. theyre there all the time, and kinda important, but arent given attention? idk my brains a little scattered rn whoops. 

anywho, after all the routes from what i remember (i actually just started replaying so if my details are a little off, i litterally just started haha) i thought Ren was really important, but wasnt given a big role because well he just wasnt a love intrest, so it was just common sence that Ren wouldnt have much to show. imagine me finnishing up Minks route, and then notice Ren wasnt there next to Aoba. my first thought was “No way! he gets a route??!!” so bOOM there i go. i was really happy to see more of this tiny deep voice dog, and he just warmed my heart and i just had this liking for him. my heart had a dull ache when Ren first refused Aoba’s forehead touch, idk how to explain it, i thought the same thing Aoba did “is Ren rejecting me?” and that just didnt sit well with me, Ren is someone i reallly liked, even if he wasnt really real (at the time) and to see him push away like that kinda hurt. i knew something was up, and something was eating at him, but i just couldnt tell what. 

When Ren ran away from Aoba because Aoba was looking at the new allmates, it struck me as a little childish, but deep down i felt that i understood why he acted that way, the fear of being replaced, jelousy, i knew what it was, and at first i thought it was simply because Ren was with Aoba for so long, he had grown attatched to him. Never did i ever think that it was so deep. actuallyy, Rens entire route kept hittiing me with dull aches, and more and more i wanted to draw him close because something was bothering him, and i wanted him to not feel whatever he was feeling. i remember being nervous and anxious as hell when Ren had that bug, and him being so vauge and dodgy with everything he said, it just didnt seem like Ren.  and then ran away from Aoba once again. only to get into more trouble, and getting hurt. i was so fucking worried you dont understand omfg. then after some doodahs, and Aoba was saved from ViTri, and when Aoba searched for Ren, i was i guess you could say startled with the sudden change in Ren, he was agressive, and i think i even flinched when Ren bit Aoba. note, i read and understood everything, but i was confused as hell as to what it all ment, Ren was part of Aoba?? His consciousnesses in the dog?? wait huh?? i remember taking it super slow from that point on because i wanted to know what exactly was going on. I remember feeling the ache when Aoba Scrapped himself to get to Ren, and seeing Ren try to attack Aoba. it hurt. and the thing that i thought of was an animal who had been negleted so long, that id decided to retaliate, and that thought in itself was really painful to me. when i finally got down to it, and i saw Ren’s Real body i had to take a moment to collect myself because HOT DOG.  

I heard him out and i ached even further, realizing that all Ren wanted to do was protect Aoba, and that he realized that by his own presence, not only was he burdening him, but could be the one to cause him of his pain as well because he had developed more than just “protective feelings” for Aoba. and when he thought these things, he thought that dispite his own feelings and desires, he put Aoba on top of it all, and decided that he would be better off just not exsisting because he would just be a burden. “I was stuck between my emotions and my duty, I wasnt able to pick only one So i accepted the route where you would remove me from yourself. If you were to strongly reject me, i would dissapear ” man how fucking sad is that i just. omg. “so there wont be any drawbacks for you” ASDFLKJFSD Ren was so prepared to fucking kill himself for Aoba to live a peaceful life, i just. I dont understand how he could be so selfless, and then i just know hes fucking dying on the inside, i reacted so painfully, Ren didnt need to think that way, hes so precious, i cannot.

I WAS SO GLAD THEY DID THE DIDDLY DO TBH. and i just felt so good for things to actually line up and it was just so great omg “It cannot be helped. its because ive been a dog for so many years” omfg how much cuter can you possibly get, Ren plEASE. 

and then he fuckin DISSAPEARS. GONE. POOF, AU REVIOR, FUCK THAT. i was so broken when i thought Ren had seriously disapeared, it was like 3am and i was so distraught and hollow on the inside, all of that for him to still fucking leave?? i wasnt mad i guess, it was more hurt i suppose. and then at the end when its him in Sei’s body i was like YEESS YESS ITS A LITTLE WEIRD, BUT HES STILL REN FUCK YEAHH. but then thats where the route ended and i was like aUUGHH??

Then reconnect Ren. i just. he is so fucking precious to me, hes kind and polite, considerate, wants to bang Aoba in an alley, has fucking dog habbits omfg, and his little expressions are so cute and priceless i just do not understand how someone could not like this selfless creature, i have never in my life met anyone like him, and i just, he is too precious for this world. i think i kinda took this ask and took off with it. whoops. 

Thank you so much for asking and this was a lot longer than i intended?? i just. theres so much ren to talk about i tried really hard to keep this like a paragraph. i failed. oh well, thanks for stopping by!!

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What did phil say abt the text post that was like i appreciate phil's existence

he giggled and said aw like the cute lil muffin he is