he's just got such a nice face

BTS reaction:Meeting you through text and finding out you are a very sweet person.

A/N: This was a bit of a challenge to do.I was trying my best to imagine their reactions.To be honest I did the MTL, but impossible things can become possible, so you know try before giving up.Sorry for any mistakes made and hope you like it. 😋

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Request: “  Anyeong my love 😘 Can I have BTS reaction when they decided to date a girl just through texting and not knowing her face. Assume she’s their fangirl and somehow got their phone number. But turns out she’s a nice person and they like her. A little more: can you put it in MTL order, please? I really want to know who will take the risk to date an unknown girl :)))) I love u so much, my No.1 😘 










  He will be a bit skeptical at first, but once he gets to know you better he will want to video chat and arrange a date.He won’t ever want to hang up the phone.”But I want to listen to your voice more.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

Yoongi will ask a lot of questions about how you got his number and stuff like that, but as you slowly change the subject he will start learning more things about you.He might open up slowly, but his heart will learn to love you fast.Yoongi will want to see you more after you talk for the first time.

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 Hobi is very loving and will accept you very fast.He will also ask you how you got his number, but will enjoy your conversations more.If you say you will delete his number if he wanted, Hoseok would freak out. “No don’t.If you do that I won’t be able to call you.”he would be a bit awkward the first time you video call.He will fall in love with you fast though. 

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 Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

 Nams will be also kind of chill with this situation.As someone who understand many things, he will find out about your nice and sweet nature fast and open up.At first you will be text friends and talk about many things.But soon his heart will wish to see you and like that with the first video chat you will steal his love.

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Park Jimin: 

 Jimin will ask his hyungs for advice on what to do in situations like this.When they tell him to block your number, he will tell you his intentions .As the nice person you are you will tell him that there is no need for him to do it.Once Jimin realizes you are honest and will delete his number immediately if asked, he will decide to start talking with you.Slowly he will get to know you and like you.

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

  He is an open person and loves ARMY a lot, so he will ask you to delete the number and not show it to anyone else. When you say you are sorry about that and start apologizing he might laugh out first, but then start wanting to get to know you.Your nice and sweet self will amaze him.

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  Kookie might be on the defensive side of things.He won’t want to chat because of all the things happening lately with fans.In one way or another a conversation will start between you, introducing your angelic self to him.He will take his time with opening up to you, but that doesn’t mean he won’t.

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah

Yuri on Ice is killing me, they basically got engaged just now holy crap that scene at the airport I can die happy now.

Also I’M SO PROUD OF YURIO MA BOY HE DID SO WELL :’):’):’):’) and he was nice to Yuri! 10/10 excellent loved it Kubo sensei, Yamamoto sensei, MAPPA well done all round you all deserve yuri hugs and celebratory katsu-don :’)

Today, I fucked up... by not sampling a new product.

I was having one of those pampering days and I was AMPED about it. It’s never usually planned, at least for me, when I decide to treat myself to a little extra beauty care. I was doing my teeth whitening routine (a usual thing) and got some new moisturizer I was applying, fresh out the shower, and I was just feeling myself? I was planning a trip that weekend to visit some friends a few states away so I needed to look my best.

I decide I’ll do a facial mask to top off the evening. Circa Summer 2016, my boss had these sample face masks he wanted to use and it was a very nice experience. My ONLY complaint was this was a peel-off mask that was VERY difficult to take off, so I knew right away I didn’t want to go through that again. 

I’m looking for a non-peel off mask through these sample packets and I come across this soothing banana mask. I read the warnings and directions as you should (seriously, always do this) and it says it’s a 7 minute mask, it’ll make your face feel cool and replenished, and if you feel irritation, wash off. These are pretty normal warnings.
So I slab this stuff on. Right away. WHILE I am doing this, I thought, very briefly to myself, “I should test this before just throwing every last bit on my face.” A sample test is a very crucial step that was probably on the back off the product in the warnings that I blatantly ignored. I am reckless, I thought. I am woman, and I will throw caution to the damn wind and I literally blasted this shit on every square inch of my face with a ring around my eyes, nostrils, eyebrows and lips. At first it feels like a dream. It’s cool and tingly, smells incredible. I am enjoying this ride. I’m three minutes in and feeling mild irritation, but my skin has been known to be a little sensitive, so I’m like aight whatever. 

Another 30 seconds goes by and NOW it feels like every bit of my skin that this mask was touching was being kiSSED BY A VOLCANO GOD. I am distressed, and instead of rushing right to the bathroom to wash it off, I go on a detour discovery mission to see if I can see anything unusual. By the way, don’t do that. If it’s burning, get it the FUCK off of you. I’m not sure what looking at my melting flesh would do to benefit me whatsoever, but clearly I thought this to be important. This mask is completely clear, and I can SEE A COMPLETELY CRISP LINE OF REDNESS WHEREVER THIS MASK IS MAKING CONTACT WITH MY SKIN.

Now I decide it to be pressing enough to wash this off. I rush to my upstairs bathroom and there’s only hand soap in there. It’s not a fully equipped bathroom like my downstairs bathroom. But I wanted to avoid downstairs as long as I could since my dad was down there and I knew he’d panic if he saw me in bad condition. So I wash it off with water, I look at my reflection and it looks like a legitimate sunburn. You could see defined, crisp, clean lines wherever the mask rested on my skin and my face feels like it is swelling to the size of a watermelon with elephantiasis.

I think the worst is over, but I’m really not thinking properly among the stress of the situation. I just sort of sat on the floor in the hallway, my hands pressed to my face trying to cool down, while it feels like my cheeks have a pulse. Me washing it off with water wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to completely wash my face of this residue with a face wash or soap (ANYTHING), but I needed the time to catch my brain up with what was happening. 

Once I did, I was like “Dude, I need to properly WASH my face.” It was mostly gone, but I could still feel it in the deeper parts of my skin. At this point, there’s no avoiding my father who, conveniently was stationed at the bottom of my stairs on a phone call. We went through the whole rigamarole of a worried father, conveniently chatting on the phone with my worried mother. He gave me a solid “What the complete fuck did you do to your face?” Classic pops.

Anyway, after briefing him on the situation, I shuffled embarrassed to the bathroom to wash it off and spent the next few hours applying aloe and waiting to make sure the swelling went down before I sought medical attention. I was grateful that it didn’t progress and my skin went completely back to normal by the morning, but the entire experience was a dark and regretful time in my life. So, I guess you can take this with you: sample, sample, sample. Don’t be like me.
TLDR; I used a Satan’s Semen facemask and burned the shit out of my skin
Let’s talk about Tendou for a bit

So we’re getting a bit more Tendou in S3 E2 and this is nice because Tendou is one of the more… interesting characters.
In the manga he was one of the first ones I truly managed to despise (at least for like ten chapters).
A lot of it has to do with the eyes, but also with the way he holds himself. His face is weird, he mocks his opponents at every turn, he’s got a Very Strange sense of humor and loyalty, and his posture always seems wrong, somehow. His neck is usually at an angle, he just feels… off.

And the anime takes that little factoid and runs with it.

Haikyuu’s animation is usually very, very smooth, you see. Tendou’s is not.

Dude is a twitchy bastard. He moves erratically when he’s not actually playing. And watching him this episode, combined with the voice, it took a while for me to put my finger on what it is that makes it so unnerving.

The swaying, the twitching… you usually see that sort of thing in zombie movies. His animation is basically that of a horror monster.

I mean, obviously he’s being set up as the antagonist for the next episode. He is the ‘guess monster’ after all, but I never realized you could put that level of detail into the way you make a character move.

Surprise Road Trip

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Filth Smut

Summary: Jungkook likes how your lips curl around that lollipop, but he’d like them better on him.

Word count: 5,536

A/N: You might want to have a fresh, clean pair of panties handy.

You chuckled as you got out of the car, but quickly stopped as strong chilly night wind blew across your face, sending a deep shiver through your body.

“Woah…” you shuddered, regretting your stubbornness about leaving without a coat.

Completely on a whim, you and your boyfriend decided to take a quick vacation just the two of you. After a nice warm bath together, you thought you both well deserved a private vacation, so without his managers and his group mates knowing, you packed a small bag and left in the middle of the night. Luckily, tomorrow (or today since it was about quarter past midnight) his schedule was empty and you planned to be back by the afternoon the next day, perfect time to escape to a resort on the country-side of Korea.

You shivered your way to Jungkook who was reading the instructions on the rest stop’s gas pump, a frozen red finger to his lips. You crashed onto the side of his body, wrapping your arms around his right arm. He smiled and looked down at you.

“Give me your coat.” you said, tugging at his sleeve.

He giggled devilishly.

“What did I tell you before we left huh?” he said, sliding the arm you weren’t clinging onto out of his coat. “But noooo! Noona won’t listen to me.”

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  • nico: I got absolutely, definitely rid of my crush on Percy Jackson. I'm not in love with him anymore. I mean, I know I basically almost died for him and put my life at risk and everything, but really. I have a boyfriend now. My life has changed. I'm a completely different man, who has no crushes on ideal heroes anymore. Jackson has never been nothing more than a pretty face, honestly. That's what is it. We're all overestimating him... that's the truth. He's just a random nice boy.
  • percy: *walks into same room* hey ya
  • nico: *sweats*

Just wanted to mention this for the hell of it but..

But the way he’s hugging her in this one..

Like the hand on her shoulder, slightly wary and reluctant.  Looking hurt and confused over why she left. And that look on his face conveying that too. That ‘why did you leave me?’ look is rather heartbreaking and a nice piece of acting there.  She’s got her arms tightly around his neck and he dosen’t know what to do or what to feel at the moment.  

He just knows he loves her and he’s hurt. Vulnerable. And she makes him feel that way. Because she is his everything and he just needs to know why she left him before he can fully let her back in. 

And then book end it with this glorious thing right here..

His hand is on her shoulder again but this time he’s  holding onto her without being wary. Like he dosen’t want to let go now. They are hugging each other the same way but that wariness is gone now and replaced by not wanting to let go.To wrap each other tight and nuzzle the others shoulders. 

I will repeat he dosen’t want to leave her and she dosen’t want him to leave..

They want to stay together a little longer, maybe a lot longer now.  And if she’d asked he would’ve.  It wasn’t quite the time yet but the want was there. 

These 2 hugs, in one epi, were just beautiful. Beautifully displayed and beautifully acted. Different themes and different nuance that were clearly shown.

One was a reunion loaded with pain and hesitation and the other a ‘goodbye for now’  loaded with intense feelings of wanting and needing to stay togetehr. 

And they will not be the last physical contact they. Of that I can virtually guarantee. 

And I literally can’t wait to see the next one cause oh man.

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Um, no it is not too early for Christmas headcanons what.

But can you imagine Lily and Remus’ face when they walk down to the kitchens together for some more tea and a study break and find James and Sirius already down there, brewing hot chocolate and singing Baby It’s Cold Outside at each other.

It starts out nice and soft like maybe James just kind of starts mumbling it to himself as he stirs the melting chocolate, “I really can’t stay…. I’ve got to go way… This evening has been-”

And then Sirius just kind of mumbles back a, “Been hoping that you’d drop in..”

And James doesn’t miss a beat, “So very nice,”

Sirius has his head in the cupboard, looking for marshmallows, and his voice is all echoey for the next line, “I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.”

And Lily and Remus walk in just as Sirius is singing, “I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell.”

James licks the spoon he was stirring with and then hands the mostly empty bowl to Sirius to have, “I ought to say no, no, no sir.”

And Sirius is trying to scrape the last bits of chocolate from the bowl and sings a little absentmindedly, “Mind if I move in closer?”

And Remus and Lily are just standing there open mouthed behind them like how have we not witnessed this before?

“I really can’t stay,”

“Baby don’t hold out,”

And then finally, when they sing together, not exactly on key, Remus and Lily just look at each other, rolling their eyes but each of them knows what the other’s thinking,

I’m in love with an idiot. 

“Baby it’s cooold oooutsiiide.”


#shit shit shit shit shit fUCK ok  #do you think she noticed  #ok wang so there’s still time to recover you got this  #come on tHINK you’re the woLF DOG  #omg what if i just pretend like im brushing dirt off my outfit?? perfect  #that’s a totally reasonable reason to be next to her face right  #nice  #oooOOO ill just lean back and look to the side  #bitches love it when you look to the side  #yES oh my god brilliant  #she’ll never suspect a thing  #wang so more like wang sMOOTH amirite  #4th prince of goryeo 1st prince of motherfucking stealth  #and they say wook is the smart one get on my fucking LEVEL  #ok can i look back at hae soo now  #hae soo is so pretty  #i love her so much 

He Doesn't Laugh, Huh?


Prince had been in the kitchen trying to make something for lunch when Anxiety had made his way down, looking more tired and grumpy than usual. He probably stayed up all night again. The Prince thought, shaking his head slightly. “Good morning, sunshine.” He called out, turning to watch the darker trait faceplant the couch. “Mmm. Hi.” Anxiety groaned, sitting up and glancing across the room to the kitchen. Prince thought for a moment, studying his face. “You should smile more, its nice.” He said after a moment. Where did that come from? Had he really thought it or did it just come out before he could? Either way, it was true. Whenever Anxiety smiled it was as if the room got a bit brighter. However, Anxiety just frowned at him. “And why should I listen to you? Besides, I don’t smile much or laugh anyway so don’t even bother.” He huffed, turning away to face the TV. Prince rushed out of the kitchen and over to the couch, standing behind him. “I will make you smile and laugh, just watch me.” He retorted, causing Anxiety to look up at him, one eyebrow raised. “And how will you do that, exactly?” He questioned, doubting his words. Prince smirked and leaned close to him, lowering his voice. “By tickling you.” As soon as he finished speaking, he attacked. He moved his hands down to tickle Anxiety’s sides, both at the same time. Anxiety nearly fell backwards off the couch as he tried to pull away, covering his mouth with his hands. “NoOOHOHO- PRIHIHINCEY-” he yelped, his voice muffled under his hands. The prince used a hand to pull his hands away from his face and grinned when he heard the laughter pouring out of the others’ mouth.
When he finally stopped tickling him, Anxiety collapsed onto the couch, trying to stifle any more giggles coming from his mouth. “Aww, you’re adorable when you try to hide your laughter.” Prince said, laughing at the blushing and actually happy Anxiety in front of him. Anxiety opened his mouth to tell him to shut up when Morality dashed down the stairs, holding something in his hands. He nearly tripped as he ran over to Prince and Anxiety, holding a mistletoe in the air. “I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but that was ADORABLE AND YOU GUYS SHOULD KISS.” He grinned, winking at them. Anxiety’s loud groan was suddenly cut off by Prince unexpectedly leaning down, pressing his lips to his, before running out of the room. Which left the already blushing Anxiety more flustered and blushing even more than before.

(This might not be great or anything but heck, I needed fluff so–)

Baby Liam Series - Part One


Got done early, fam.

Okay, So I guess this will be a series if you want?

Given by anon. Not gonna put it all cuz it’ll spoil it all ;) Just know, baby Liam and daddy Derek <3

This made me really happy while writing.

Rating: Do you really care? There’s cussing, that’s it =)

1710 Words 

You were out hanging with Scott and Stiles, eating at some restaurant near the high school. You were asking normal questions. How is school? Are your grades good? Any new werewolves? Y’know the normal stuff. You stuffed your face with some waffles. Breakfast just seemed like a good idea at the moment, even if it was six at night.

It was nice, until you got a call from the house phone, of course. If someone called from there, it was important. Stiles’ head shot up as he recognized the ringtone of Stewie’s voices yelling mom. Scott looked up slightly before continuing to eat.

“Momma Hale speaking.”

“Y/N, that’s how you answer the phone? Nevermind, you need to come over like right now. It’s like code fucking red.“

Scott’s eyebrows rose at the sound of Derek’s urgent voice.

"Uh, okay, I’ll be there in like five minutes.” You said before he hung up. You sighed and looked up at the boys. “Looks like I’m going to have to leave. Take forty, that should be enough for all this,” you said as you dropped two twenties on the table. “Um, Don’t do drugs, be safe, see you guys later.”

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I really love that Patrick is a bigger guy? Like yes, he is a smol bean- but he’s also really soft. Or at least he looks really soft. He’s got a nice (strike that- GORGEOUS) face, and that beautiful chin of his (goodness). His lips are so full and plump, and dare I say, plush. A neck that just begs for you to nuzzle into it and make him laugh. And don’t even get me started on his tummy. I could write sonnets about his cute, soft, gorgeous, round belly. And during Soul Punk, he was still super soft and beautiful and gorgeous.

I just have a thing for bigger Trick.

Okay so Last week friday after a meeting I had for work in town I met up with my friend that worked for 4x4 auto parts he just got done with his meeting as well so we went to eat lunch in Waipahu and of course after we both decided to go kick it at kaelaleloa So we got to kaelaleloa and the back side was open so we drove to the end of the road and parked with his end of the truck facing the ocean and my car parked in front of his so he put the tail gate down for me to sit on and we talked and looked out into the ocean I was wearing a jeans skirt and my nice blouse so while talking he got in front me and started kissing me then he spread my legs open to play with my pussy then he removed my panties and right there started eating my pussy… Licking it all over with his tongue making me moan and enjoying it so much he made me cum two times while doing that….then he came back up wiped his face with his shirt then told me to scoot into the bed of the truck his truck has a camper and a rug laid out in back…. Then he hoped on the truck then he pulled my skirt up I asked if he wanted me to go down and he said no I made him hard as a rock with my moaning and before I realize he slid his hard dick into my wet pussy Started to fuck me with my legs wrapped around his waste and feeling every inch of him in my pussy moaning and not wanting him to stop He fucked my pussy making me cum over n over again while kissing me and we fucked with no condom so I felt it all… Then he flipped me over and I started ridding him this time his dick deep into my pussy moaning and riding his hard dick making him moan and enjoy my wet pussy all over his dick then before we realized we both ended up hitting it just right were we both cummed at the same time…. I just kept still and he pulled me to him and kissed me then he rolled me to the side and we just laid there for a bit catching our breath then he got out grabbed the baby wipes and we cleaned up….then we got dressed finished watching the sunset and i headed home to back to waialua… I hope you like this real story..

Impulse. Chapter 1.

Hello everyone! So, as some of you may know, I write Joker and Harley fan fiction on FanFiction.net. But after numerous request, I have decided to upload my series of books onto Tumblr! I will be posting up to roughly 2 chapters a week and hopefully we’ll be caught up to my current story ‘Boss’ in not time! Hope you all enjoy it, a nice little recap for my old readers and a big hello to any new readers who want to follow the series!

The Joker was currently pacing his cell, with his hands behind his back muttering nonsense to himself. He’d been in Arkham Asylum for just over 3 months. Racking up a grand total of 4, tried and tested Doctors.

His first Doctor had only lasted a few weeks, the poor soul ended up beating the Joker to a pulp and as a result, got sacked. But who could blame him, especially since he was sitting face to face with the man who single handily killed his wife in a bomb explosion.

Then the second Doctor arrived… It only took 3 hours for him to get into a scuffle with the madman and ‘accidently’ fall onto a sharp object. Needless to say, he didn’t live to tell the tale.

The Joker’s third Doctor went insane and currently resides in their own cell at the Asylum. And finally the fourth Doctor was found laying in a murky, blood stained bath, After only being in a session with the Joker twice.
Things for the Arkham Asylum staff were not looking good.
Now finally, after weeks of suspended treatment, Doctor number 5 was about to make an appearance.

Normally the Joker would of asked some of the guards that were on his payroll to do a little digging on the newest recruit. But much to his disappointment, none of his ‘employees’ could find anything… Nothing at all. All he knew was that his new Doctor was a 'she’ and that this woman had only just recently graduated from Gotham University, coming top in her class and majoring in psychiatry.
But apart from that, there was nothing for him really to work with. Nothing for him to use to as leverage. He came to the firm conclusion that he would have to meet the girl first, and make his own assessments.

They say if you want a job doing properly…

He was abruptly pulled out of his thoughts when he heard two sets of heavy footsteps moving closer and closer to his cell. He pivoted on the balls of his feet to turn and greet his guests, who were now standing at the entrance of his glass cage.

“Good Morning gentlemen! to what do I owe this pleasure?” The Joker said, grinning from ear to ear at the two scruffy looking guards standing at his cell door. One of which was coincidently on his Payroll.

The ever reliable and dim witted Jerry. This man had been on the Joker’s payroll for years now and never once did he regret it. It was always useful having a man on the inside. He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the box, but he served a purpose and made reeking havoc that little bit more fun.  

The other man standing next to the Jerry however, wasn’t connected with the Joker. He wasn’t a very chatty but the J didn’t mind… He would get a reaction out of him eventually.

“Behave Clown, it’s session time.” Jerry spat, slowly approaching him. The other guy, who the Joker had dubbed 'Ginger’ because of his sickly bright red hair, had rushed towards him quickly, snapping cuffs around both of his wrists.
Jerry then grabbed the Joker by the scruff of the neck and began to drag him towards the cell door and then suddenly started pulling him down the corridor.

“Now Jerry is that anyway to treat an old friend?” The Joker laughed.
Finally, after being pulled about like some common criminal, until they finally reached the interview room.

It was a plain, dull grey colour, with only two chairs inside with a very long table separating them both. A small window sat in the corner of the room accompanied by a low hanging lamp which had a tendency to flicker from time to time.

Laughter escaped the Jokers mouth again as he sat himself down. My, my, my, this will be fun!

Jerry secured the Joker down into his chair and causally lent into his ear. “Your new Doctor will be with you shortly… Oh Boss, you’re really gunna like her.”

The Joker chuckled and gave Jerry a wink “Oh, I’m counting on it Jezzer.”

10 Minutes had passed and still no sign of his new Doc. He began to grow impatient, repeatedly tapping his foot against the concrete floor.

I may have to teach her a lesson about punctuality.

Pulling the Joker out of his thoughts, the door handle suddenly turned, and slowly creaked open. The mystery Doctor tip toed in, with silent footsteps.

The Joker smirked when he heard light heels snap along the concrete floor. He continued to listen but didn’t give her the satisfaction of looking up. He simply cleared his throat and gestured towards the chair opposite him.

“Nice of you to show up Doc, please take a seat.” He growled.

The Joker was still not looking at her, but he could smell her… But he didn’t smell the usual eau de parfum of fear, instead he smelt cherries.

“You know… I don’t like my time being wasted Doc, I’m a busy, busy man.”
After hearing a chair scrape against the floor, she finally sat down opposite the infamous clown prince of crime.

“I apologise Mr Joker, I was preoccupied.” She spoke softly but her voice was firm, Not an ounce of fear in her words.

With this statement the Joker lifted his head slightly, narrowing his eyes onto his next victim. But to his annoyance, he was immediately taken back by her beauty.
She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt, which sat just above the knee, he then swiftly moved his eyes down her tones legs and studied her black patent heels. Blinking his way back up her body, he noticed her red silk blouse which hugged her curves perfectly, but unfortunately it was shielded by her trademark, white lab coat.

Her face was quite simply perfect. Her plump red lips, big blue eyes had him captivated at the very first glance. Her light blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun, which exposed her beautifully creamy clear skin. He was truly astounded that someone so beautiful was working in a dump like Arkham.
Shaking out of his lustful thoughts, he repositioned himself on the chair.

But he couldn’t help but stare into her eyes, trying to search for that delicious fear… But it still wasn’t there.

“I’m glad my recovery is a top priority for you.” He chuckled, intensifying his gaze.

“As I said before Mr.. Joker. I apologise.” Suddenly, she cleared her throat. “My name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and I will be taking over your therapy sessions as your new Doctor from now on. All our sessions together will be loosely structured, but if there’s anything in particular that you would like to discuss with me, then I’m here to help.”

J scoffed at her ridiculous ‘Doctor’s speech’ and focused solely on the stiff name she had given him. “Harleen.. Har.. Harleeeeen…” He said, dragging out her name with a growl. “Harl.. Harley.. Harleeeeen.”

She rolled her eyes at the clown sitting in front of her. “For our sessions Mr Joker, I would like us to stay on a Surname basis. You may address me as Doctor Quinzel or Doc if you must. And in turn, I will address you as-.”

He cut her off with a wave of his finger. “Mr Joker.., No that won’t do Doll face, it’s too formal.. And I detest formality… You, Doc, can call me… Mr.. J.”
He grinned at her, waiting for a reaction.

She stared at his expression, she knew he was trying to frighten her, to test her ability. But she wasn’t going to give up. She was determined that he would be her success story… He would be the patient to give her the recognition that she deserved.

Harleen found her eyes wondering across his face, the 'Damaged’ tattooed on his forehead caught her attention immediately, would could posses a man to ink his own face? She inwardly laughed at herself, trying to justify the Joker’s actions. Her gaze soon fixed onto his facial features, his scars and of course the green hair. In truth, it wasn’t how she had imagined it, the mug shots form his file and even the years of media coverage didn’t do him any favours. This was the real Joker, sitting in front of her now, not some black and white printed picture.

Realising that she had been staring at his face for way too long. She cleared her throat. “So Mr Jok- Mr J, I would like to start this session, by discussing your tattoos.”

The Joker cackled at the notion. Mmm.. this is a different approach, they normally try and drag a sob story out of me before the personal appearance tactic.

“What’s to tell Doc, everyone gets ink done. I’ve got loads more if you’d like to see?” He gave her a quick wink and watched a small smile creep up onto her face.

“But you’re not like everyone else Mr J… I wouldn’t pick you to be a sheep, by following the crowd. There must be more to it than that.. Do they have meaning? Or it you just do it for… A laugh?”

“Careful who you’re calling a sheep toots.” He snapped in a hard tone. “I got them done because I like them. Some of them represent things I’ve done, some are meaningful.. And others were just impulses.”

Doctor Quinzel began scribbling down notes during his theatrical explanation… This was a good subject to start with.

“Do you always act on impulse?” Doctor Quinzel asked as her eyes shot back up to him. She was trying so desperately to read him, but she couldn’t see past those stone cold eyes.

“Mmm.. not always Doc, I’m a successful business man after all.. You need to find the perfect balance between impulse and strategy to survive in this day an age. Something’s I do for a reason, others I do just for a… Giggle.” He tapped his tongue against the roof of his mouth, studying her expressions closely.

Questions for you now doc.

“Do you have any tattoos Doc?” His eyes gently ran over her body. Leaning back, he began to imagine what she would look like under his hand, begging for death.

“These sessions are for me to question you Mr J, not the other way round.” She stated firmly.

“How do you expect me to open up to you sweetheart, if I don’t even know anything about you?” The Joker retorted.

“You know my first name, is that not enough?”

“No.” He snapped.

“Fine, a secret for a secret then?” Harleen said, trying to encourage him to play along.

The Joker lent forward slightly, his restraints moving underneath him. “Don’t make deals with the devil darling, it never ends well.”

“C’mon Mr J, Humour me.”

Oh how can I resist. He nodded in agreement. “Go on the Doc, tell me something… Tell me something about Doctor Harleen Quinzel..”  

Harleen bite her lip in thought. “I have a small tattoo on my wrist.” She gently tapped her left wrist and looked up at him for a response.

"Well c’mon Doc, don’t be shy.. Lets see!” He smiled, showing that oh so famous grill.

“I don’t think so Mr J.” She replied sternly.

“Oh come on Doc… I’ll be a good boy.” He fluttered his eyelashes flirtatiously. “I promise.”

Harleen rolled her eyes and got up from her seat. How could she deny such a request?

Approaching the Joker in his seat, she rolled up her lab coat sleeve to reveal a small crescent moon tattoo.

She cleared her throat waiting for his eyes to return to hers. They were now only a few feet apart. The scent of her perfume was now filling the gap between them.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the sweet cherry fragrance. His eyes slowly returned to hers after giving her body a quick scan up close.

“Why a Moon tatt doc?” The Joker asked, running his tongue over his metal capped teeth.

Harleen smiled down at him and shrugged. “Impulse.”

Ah, she’s a woman after my own heart.

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Chapter 2

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Peter would love you sticking your hand in his back pocket,
you’d walk up while he was talking with the squad and just slide your hand into his pocket making him freeze and look at you, who had a very cheeky grin on your face "What? all that running gives you a really nice ass" and give him a squeeze noting the extremely bright blush it got out of him.
it soon became a regular thing, instead of holding hands you’d slide your hand in his pocket with a grin and usually a comment on his firm butt

credit to @quiskcilver <3 for the idea!

Turbulence in Houston

GURL, I just finished my turbulence in Houston concert. I got the tea on got7. I was p1/p2 and the first for the hi touch… Jinyoung (flirted so fucking hard), jb, Jackson, bambam and yugyeom showed a sister all kinds of attention. It can be confirmed that they are definitely interested in international fans 🍫

And girl they played juju on the beat when I got on stage (video) and jinyoung was not shy about his flirting when I was waiting for the hi touch. I was shook. He like bit his lip and was waving his hand for me to come over and I just covered my face and started turning so red.

And then rather than being cool I started bopping to the music and they all looked at me. And I’m not a super hot or sexy kind of fan so I was really shocked how flirty and nice they were.

Omg my friend told me in the twitter video you can see jackson running in the beginning from the end to get behind jb to shake my hand. He looked at me when I was going to the line  and then try to be calm and cool in front of me. 💀💀💀 yugyeom my bias though but jinyoung and yugyeom got me shook

The Things We Do For Spite

Inspired by and dedicated to my lovely Jo, @selflessbellamy - may we get our heads out of our asses and start treating our crushes nicely. 

(or not; we can always just go get coffee and take pleasure in doing illogical shit)

AKA: Bellarke as the unofficial class couple in denial

Also on AO3

“Class Jeopardy?”

Jasper nods, a shit-eating grin splitting his face in half. Clarke should’ve expected this, honestly. It’s Jasper and no matter the fact that seventeen year old boys are generally ridiculous - he’s even more so.

I mean, just look at the damn goggles.

But she takes a deep breath because she’s got this, she’s Clarke fracking Griffin and she’s been through worse.

“And does Bellamy know about this?”

Bellamy. Of course Bellamy wouldn’t sanction this and Jasper knows it, hasn’t even asked, judging by how red his cheeks go suddenly.

“We were hoping you’d talk him into it.”

“Oh, Jas, you know I can’t do anything without his say-so. He’s my co-president. He’d probably sue me.”

She’s only half-joking. They’ve never really been friends, Clarke and Bellamy, but they haven’t become enemies either - until she challenged him for the title of the class president.

And then they had to share the position, which. Ridiculous. The guy is a stuck up, boring, tedious, preposterous, absolutely no good asshole with a chip on his shoulder. He wouldn’t know fun even if it bit him in the ass.

Which is why her plan is gonna work. There is no way in hell Bellamy will approve of something as foolish as pseudo Jeopardy while they could be watching documentaries on the last day before the Christmas break.

No way.



“Come on, Clarke, he’ll just -”

“Who will do just what?”

And there he is. Somehow he’d managed to skulk over and it should make Clarke furious, especially because of their heated exchange last afternoon over the next semester’s budget, but in this instance it just makes her happy and so she beams at him, knocks him back a bit.

“Jasper was wondering if we could play Jeopardy today and I knew that you would never approve of doing something so trivial so I -”

“Oh. That’s cool, yeah.”

Clarke’s breath catches in her throat. Jasper’s eyes widen. Bellamy just smiles.

“Excuse me?”

“We could all use a little fun, right? So go ahead, Jasper.” With that, he even claps the other boy on the back and gives him a smile that shows he’s been parenting his little sister for the last couple of years. “Good job, buddy.”

And that is why Clarke hates Bellamy Blake.

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The Magician

You’ve seen the pics people take of cats that just sort of appear in their houses mysteriously. This has happened to me. Twice. The first time I was 16. I came home late one autumn evening from shopping with my mother. As we carried in the groceries I saw a black cat sitting on the kitchen counter. I was so shocked I exclaimed, “Who the hell are you?!” My mother, seeing my reaction rounded the corner ready to fight someone. She stopped dead in her tracks and looking straight at the cat said, “Who the hell are you?!” The cat just gave us a slow blink. He licked his paw and washed his face, clearly not concerned with details humans find important. My mothered blamed me. Again. “Did you pray for a black cat?” I paused before responding, “Not specifically. I just sort of thought about how nice it would be if we had a black cat, that’s all.” This got me a scolding. As if I could help what I thought? We kept the cat though. I named him Merlin. To this day, we’ve never figured out how he got into the house. Cats are magical creatures. Literally.