he's just gorgeous okay

So this is a totally useless rant, but as a skinny girl, I’m getting extra, extra tired of fat-shaming.

I work for a corsetier at a Renaissance Faire. We sell corsets. Not flimsy bullshit costume corsets; like real, durable, waist-training corsets. Today a woman came in with her boyfriend, so I helped her pick out a corset and try it on. While her boyfriend—who was decidedly enthused about the whole corset thing—sat watching me lace her in, he told me, grinning, “Of all the good jobs at the Renaissance Faire, I think you have the best.”

I shrugged in agreement. “I touch butts and reach down cleavage all day; I mean…” Because we like to be a bit rakish at the Faire, and, y’know, it’s true. Tying people into corsets pretty much invariably requires getting handsy.

The couple laughed at that, and the boyfriend said, “That’s the job I would want!” But then he chuckled again and said, offhand, “Or maybe not; while we were looking at the racks, there were some pretty big sizes on there!”

Our sizes are all done in inches, and the biggest we make is a 46. And you’d better believe our large sizes sell. For a second I wasn’t sure what to say to the guy’s comment, but I answered him casually. “We get a lot of beautiful big ladies in here.” Because we do. “We make corsets for real women, not Barbie dolls,” I added. Wasn’t trying to be smart, just kind of tossed it out there because that’s the line we like to use when people ask about larger sizes, and because, again, we do.

The boyfriend went quiet at that; I didn’t think anything of it, I just kept on lacing. A moment later, he said, a little awkwardly (but sincerely enough), “Didn’t mean to be offensive.”

I quickly smiled and brushed it off, said he wasn’t, said I was just saying. (Don’t want to make the customers uncomfortable, you know?) And that was the end of it. His comment had rubbed me the wrong way, but it wasn’t a big deal. Now, I wear a 20-inch corset. I’m a few cup sizes short of being one of the Barbie dolls. Like his girlfriend, I’m one of the “hot chicks”; he doesn’t have to worry about offending me by implying that I wouldn’t be fun to poke and pull at.

Honestly though, of all the people I fit sexy technically-undergarments to in a day, fat girls are maybe my favorite people to lace up. Because they are just so damn happy that we have stuff that fits them. They are so damn happy that the corsets we make in their sizes are all the same pretty, shiny colors and cool flower/dragon/skull/etc. prints that the smaller corsets are, not ugly beige and boring “granny” colors. They are so goddamn happy that at least one (of several on the grounds) corset shop carries things that they can wear, that they actually want to wear, and that they look fucking awesome in. This is only my second season working, and we’ve fit 60+ inch waists and double-K busts. The only people we’ve ever had to tell sorry, we don’t have anything that fits them, are twelve-year-old kids.

It’s half-wonderful, half-heartbreaking how excited those women get. Women who say with sad smiles, when we ask if they want to get fitted, “Oh, no, you don’t have anything that fits me,” and then are stunned when we’re 300% confident that yes we do, and we have options. Women who can’t stop smiling and looking at themselves in the mirror after we’ve got them laced in.

I had a lady last week whose waist I measured (cinching the tape tight, as per procedure) at 41 inches—honestly not all that big. So she picked out a 41-inch corset to try on. I could tell halfway through getting her laced that it was going to be a bit big for her, so I mentioned it and said she might do better to try a smaller size. She started crying on the spot. She was so overwhelmed; she couldn’t believe someone had just told her that a 41 was too big. She told me about how hard clothes shopping was for her, how her mother would tell her she needed an XXXL instead of an XXL, how she had recently lost weight but still couldn’t wear certain colors because they didn’t fit or she wasn’t confident enough.

She did end up getting her corset, and after I checked her out she asked if she could give me a hug, so we ended up standing there hugging each other for a minute. While we did, I told her, “Do not ever let anyone tell you any bullshit. You are gorgeous.” She said, “I have a new boyfriend and he keeps telling me that.” I told her he was right, and to just keep telling herself she’s gorgeous; it was okay if she didn’t always believe it, but to keep telling herself anyway. (That’s how I talked myself through shit when I had bad anxiety.)

We all know fat-shaming is bad. The stupidity, fatphobia, and misogyny of it has pissed me off since I first became aware of it. But working with clothing, especially as figure-hugging and precise as corsets, has given me a new perspective on it—how much it affects people and just how shitty it is. Like, what does it say that I had a grown, only average-big woman crying into my shoulder because she was so overjoyed not to be the uppermost extremity of what a manufacturer can clothe?

My job rocks and it’s really rewarding, but sometimes it highlights some of the ugliest shit about society. I’m so glad I work at a shop that’s not bullshit about body types and operates with more people in mind than just scrawny white chicks like me. The fat women I work with are a ton of fun to lace up, and they’re so much more than their size—they’re cool, they’re smart, they’re funny, they’re sweet, they’re great to talk to, and yes, they’re hot. I’m so damn done with them getting short-changed and shamed by petty fucks who refuse to make them nice clothes, who refuse to even try to work for them, who refuse to consider them pretty. This whole rant was useless and won’t get read, but I had to vent because it’s been driving me nuts.

So actually, screw you, random dude. Fat girls are the highlight of my job.

Tony is Peter's Dad

Watched Spiderman homecoming and uh not really trying to prove anything to anyone idc if it’s confusing or not just as long as i get to post this cause like bruh

Ok but like that moment when Peter starts yelling at Tony at the end of the boat scene and he says, “If you actually cared you’d be here-!” And Tony just walks out of his Iron Man suit like not even flinching at the comment like did he just indirectly just say he cares about Peter cause that’s what I got out of it.

Also when he starts scolding Peter then stops mid way to say, “Great, I sound like my dad,” liike?? Um I’m sorry whaat??

Then at the end when Peter proves himself to Tony and he just throws an arm over his shoulder then just goes, “All you need was some tough love,” i’m soRRY WHAT I JUST OKYS AND HIS FACE WHEN PETER REJECTED HIS OFFER HE LOOKED HURT MAN

Tony is Peter’s dad and no one can say anything otherwise.

The Girl from Around the Block-Lip Gallagher Imagine

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Warnings: some sensuality and language (Shameless imagine, don’t be surprised)

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  Lip didn’t have many strictly platonic friendships with other girls. In fact, he never considered he was capable of having a relationship with a female that didn’t involve them screwing into oblivion. But Y/N Y/L/N was different. For one thing, they’ve known each other since they were two years old, when Fiona and Hailey, Y/N’s older sister, arranged a play date for the two of them. They bonded over a love of Legos and had been friends ever since. He helped her with homework and she helped him get out of trouble when trying to persuade him from getting into it failed. He taught her how to smoke and she taught him how to play the piano. They were perfect for each other but neither of them would admit it.

  “Come on, Lip, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought of asking Y/N out?” Ian asked.

  They were smoking on their porch in the hot Chicago summer. Ian had the day off from work and Lip was still thinking up his latest scheme to make money fast.

   “Y/N’s like a sister to me, you know. You don’t f—k your sister,” Lip said. “We aren’t royalty or anything.”

   Ian laughed. “Well, I’m pretty sure Y/N’s thought of f—cking you, you can see it in her eyes.”

   “Shut up.” Lip smacked Ian in the chest, making the ginger laugh.

   “Oh, that hurt so bad. Can’t you hit harder, pussy?”

   And that led to them wrestling jokingly, making Debbie roll her eyes inside and Carl begin cheering them on. Once they stopped (ie: when Ian pinned Lip down in their front yard), Lip sighed.

   “For the record, I let you win.”

   “Yeah, whatever.” Ian’s smile disappeared and he looked serious. “So, you’d really never consider getting with Y/N?”

   Lip rolled his eyes and shoved Ian off of him. “If you’re so into her, why don’t you date her?”
  “Because I’m gay.”

   “Oh yeah, use that excuse.” Lip took another long drag of his cigarette as he stood. “Look, Y/N’s a cool girl and stuff but I can’t see us being serious. I mean, we used to take baths together and I had the pleasure of being the only person with her when she first got her period. There’s too much history.”

   As the words left his mouth, Lip knew he was lying to himself. He knew that he was madly in love with his best friend who somehow managed to be sweet but scrappy when it came to defending herself or any of the Gallaghers. Plus, there was the way she threw her head back when she laughed really hard, making her gorgeous y/h/c locks flow around her. Then, there was the way she’d scrunch up her nose whenever she was confused about a homework question. Plus, she was the one who first confronted him about Karen, telling him that he shouldn’t take her kind of bullsh-t anymore. Also, her y/e/c eyes would light up whenever she was staring out at Lake Michigan and she would jump whenever someone/something freaked her out.

   Ian glanced behind Lip. “Too much history, huh?”


   “Then you wouldn’t be too upset at the view behind you right now.”

   Lip turned around and what he saw nearly made him drop his cigarette. Across the street, standing on the corner, was none other than Y/N smiling widely as she kissed Will Brooks. 

    “What’s she doing with him?” Lip asked.

    “Well, Lip, it appears as though they’re making out. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had a crush on him since second semester,” Ian said.

   “How the f–k do you know all that?”

   “Because I’m the gay friend she tells all this to,” Ian said. “And I can’t blame her. Will is the star of the basketball team, has muscles for days, and is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome.”

   “He’s an idiot. He thought that a square should count as a rhombus in geometry,” Lip muttered.

   “Someone sounds jealous,” Ian sang.

   “Shut up,” he hissed.

   But the green monster was making his blood boil as he watched Y/N laugh at something Will said before hitting his arm playfully. Her smile was beautiful and genuine, if only she was smiling that way for Lip. She kissed Will one last time before circling around him and heading down the street. However, Will didn’t let her get by before swatting her butt and making her jump. Lip could’ve strangled him right then and there.

   “Lip, Ian, you are not going to believe what just happened!” Y/N said when she got up to them.

   “You got syphilis from that idiot?” Lip asked.

   Y/N frowned. “No, but Will did just take me out.”

   “Where?” Ian smiled widely and crossed his arms just to spite Lip.

   “He took me to lunch and then we walked along Navy Pier, just talking. Your advice worked, Ian!” Y/N squealed as she hugged him.

    “Wait, you gave her advice on this?” Lip asked.

    “It’s what the gay best friend does,” Ian said.

    Y/N turned to Lip and frowned. “Why are you getting so upset about this?”

    “Because you didn’t tell me about it.”

    “I didn’t think you’d care if I went out with Will. It’s nothing serious.”

    “But it might be. The Bulls are looking at Will to draft him. I hear he’s going to be Chicago’s Kobe Bryant.”

    “This is the Bulls were talking about, Ian,” Lip said. “Besides, Will get a new girl every week, you should probably just forget about him.”

   “For your information, Mr. Negative, we’re actually going out again tomorrow night. He got us Bulls tickets!”
   “Nosebleeds?” Lip asked.

   “Nope, near the floor, center court!” Y/N grinned. “I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that Will would ever notice me.”

    “How could he not? You’re gorgeous,” Ian said.

    “Just be careful, okay. I don’t like the guy.”

    “You don’t like many guys, Lip. Besides, you should be happy for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get you court-side seats to see the Bulls.”

   “No thanks, I’m good.” Lip threw his cigarette down and snuffed it out with his boot. “I’m gonna go take care of some business.”

    “What business?” Y/N asked as she began following him down the sidewalk.

    “My usual business with Kev,” Lip said.

    Y/N’s eyes widened. “Lip, you can’t do that. You’re already high up on the cop’s radar, right behind Carl.”

   “I’ve been doing this since we were fourteen, Y/N, I know what I’m doing.”

    “But you getting arrested could f—k up your chances with MIT or U of Chicago or any other fancy school,” Y/N argued.

   “Hey, why don’t you worry about what dress you’re gonna wear to see Will again and I’ll worry about my future, alright?” Lip snapped.

   Y/N flinched at his words. They had had arguments before, but he never got this mean with her. “What’s your problem, Lip? Are you on the rag?”

   “No, just leave me alone.”

   “Fine, come around the block when you decide to stop being such a jackass,” Y/N said.

   Though her words were sharp, she sounded hurt and it hurt Lip that he had hurt his best friend. As much as he wanted to admit why he was really angry with Y/N, he was too prideful and scared of her reaction to say anything.

   For two weeks, Y/N didn’t come by to see the Gallaghers nor did Lip try to go up around the block to see her. Fiona, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kev, and V did their best not to mention her name whenever Lip was around. But ever since their fight, Lip had begun drinking and smoking more. He was miserable. However, everything came to a head when Fiona confronted him one day.

   “Alright, Lip, go talk to her,” Fiona said.


   Lip was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while Fiona and Debbie were making breakfast.

   “You heard her, we’re sick of seeing you moping around all the time and drunk you is only so entertaining,” Debbie said.

   “I don’t want to talk to her. Besides, the only person she’s interested in talking to is Will.” Lip spat out the boy’s name.

   “That’s not true,” Ian said as he walked into the kitchen with Liam in his arms, “she talks to me all the time.”

   “If I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her, alright? Can we stop f—king talking about her?” Lip snapped.

   Fiona set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Lip and bent down to his level. “Lip, I know you’ve been in love with Y/N pretty much since the day you met and it must be killing you that you fought and that she’s with Will—”

   “Will Brooks? He’s a babe,” Debbie said.

   Fiona, Ian, and Lip collectively shot her a look that made her instantly regret her words.


   Fiona sighed. “But you need to man up and talk to her. I know this is gonna be hard comin’ from me but I know love when I see it.”

   Lip groaned. “She’s not gonna forgive me.”

  “She will, we’ve all had to,” Ian said.

  Lip playfully shoved him before taking a long swig of coffee. “I’ll be right back.”

  “That’s my boy,” V said as she entered the kitchen from the rear entrance.

   “Did you hear all of that?” Ian asked.

   “For the most part. Please go talk to that girl, I’m sick of seeing you look more pissed off than usual.”

   Lip laughed. “I will, see ya, V.”

   As he left the house, Lip began going over everything he could possibly say to make everything up to Y/N. 

   “Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and getting pissed about you and Will. I’m sure the NBA accepts idiots too—no, can’t say that, she’ll get pissed that I insulted him. Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and I’m really happy for you and Will. Maybe the Bulls will start winning if he joins. Yeah, that’s better.” Lip paused. “Y/N, you probably hate me, but we have to talk…”

   “I thought that only crazy people talked to themselves,” Mandy said as she strolled up to Lip.

   “Oh, hey, Mandy,” he said.

    She was wearing a tight black tank top and short denim cut offs. They had a short-lived fling but decided that they were better off as friends. Besides Ian and Lip, Mandy was Y/N’s closest friend.

   “I’m guessing that you’re off to talk to Y/N,” Mandy said.

   “Yeah, I said some real sh-tty stuff to her and she didn’t deserve it.” 

   “She never does,” Mandy said. “It’s just too bad about her and Will.”

   Lip frowned. “What happened?”

   “You didn’t hear? She found out that he’s been cheating on her ever since they got together. I offered to have my brothers beat him up for her, but she said it wasn’t worth it. I haven’t seen her around in a long time.”


    “Yeah, so whatever you have to say to her, don’t f-ck up.”

   “Thanks, Mandy.”

    As Lip walked away from Mandy, he was both elated and furious. He could beat Will’s face in for what he did to Y/N but at the same time, he was ecstatic that she was single again. Now he really had to perfect what he was gonna say.

   “Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened between us. You didn’t deserve it and I was just being a dick. I’m also sorry about what happened between you and Will. He deserves to get the sh-t beat out of him.” Lip sighed. “And…and I got so mad about the whole Will thing because, you’re like a sister to me and I didn’t want to lose my sister or my friend…the friend I’ve been in love with since we were two.”

   At this point, Lip was standing in front of the Y/L/N’s house. Mr. Y/L/N was most likely back at work in the loan office and Mrs. Y/L/N was off being a maid in the W Hotel. Whether or not Hailey was home was a bit of a toss up since she would skip class more than Lip did. The navy, two-story house seemed a lot bigger than it usually did and part of Lip wanted to turn around and run away.

   “Don’t be a pussy,” he muttered. 

   He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.

   Seconds later, a dog was barking and Hailey was yelling at it.

   “Geez!” she blew a piece of dark hair out of her eyes and narrowed them once she saw Lip. “Lip.”

   “Hi, Hailey.”

   The barking Rottweiler stopped when he saw Lip and began licking all over his face.

   “Hi, Buster,” Lip said as he scratched the dog. “I’ve missed you.”

   “Well, he’s missed you too, I don’t know if I can say the same for Y/N,” Hailey said.

   Lip sighed as he straightened up. “Look, I know I f-cked up majorly with Y/N and I’m sorry. I just want to apologize and if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that’s fine, I’ll understand. Is she okay?”

   Hailey’s e/c eyes softened slightly at Lip’s words but she kept a tense body language. “She’d be better off if that idiot hadn’t cheated on her weeks after she lost her best friend. But she’ll get through it, she’s tough.”

   “I know, is she here?”

   Hailey pursed her lips. “That Will guy might’ve hurt her but you really broke her heart, you know that, Gallagher?”


   “I could kill you for how much you made her cry and then Will on top of that—” Hailey breathed.

   “And I’ll do my best to never make her cry again. Believe me, the last thing I want is to hurt her.”

   Lip hoped his sincerity showed through since Hailey was one of the most stubborn people when it came to protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.

   “She went to the Symphony. They let her listen to the music from the entry way as long as she doesn’t disturb anyone.”

   “Thanks, Hailey, I really appreciate it.”

   The L couldn’t have operated any slower that day, which made Lip even more anxious. He began chain smoking, hoping it would help him think more, but it didn’t. It calmed him down a little, but he still had no idea what he was going to say to her. Fortunately, downtown wasn’t very crowded and it was easy for him to find his way to the Symphony. Sure enough, Y/N was sitting near one of the door, cross-legged, listening intently to the passionate music. She looked gorgeous though she was wearing a simple white summer dress that went off the shoulders. Her hair was twisted up into a pretty bun on top of her head and her back was facing Lip.

   He carefully walked up to her, his mind racing with words.

   “Mind if I join you?”
    Y/N gestured for him to sit without turning away from the door. Her eyes were puffy and he could tell that she had been crying.

    “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

    “Sh, it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9,” Y/N hissed.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” Lip managed to say quiet for five more seconds before saying, “no, you know what, f-ck the music, you can get this sh–t on YouTube or iTunes. We need to talk.”

   “Keep your voice down or we’ll get kicked out,” Y/N said quietly. 

   “Fine, but at least look at me when I talk?”
   Y/N hesitated before turning to Lip. “Talk.”

   Lip paused. Everything he had rehearsed seem to leave his mind. “You’re beautiful.”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Go away, Lip.”

   “No, I’m serious. Even though that a—hole made you cry and did all that to you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Always have been.”

   There was a long pause between them but Y/N looked stunned.

   “Is that all you have to say to me?”

    “No, I’m sorry about what happened between us. I shouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about you and that jerk.”

    “You were a real jackass,” Y/N muttered.

    “I know, and you didn’t deserve that. And I’m sorry about what happened—-no, you know what, f-ck that, I’m not sorry. He didn’t deserve to be with you because you are amazing and sweet and talented and tough and strong. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and neither do I.”

    Y/N looked stunned but suddenly looked dejected. “If I’m all those things, why did he cheat on me with Ashley Opperman, Jane Henkins, Mariah Little, Penny Gilbert, Vanessa Langley, and Iman Ashton?”

    “Because he’s an idiot who’s probably trying to get the clap if he got anywhere near Vanessa Langley,” Lip said.

    Y/N smiled. “I think she’s had ever STD under the sun besides AIDs.”

   Lip smiled. “I’m so sorry about everything that happened between us, Y/N. Is there any way you could forgive me?”
   Y/N jokingly tapped her finger against her chin. “If you teach me how make things explode using that fancy technical vocabulary, maybe.”

   “Of course.”

   “And you help me pass my ACT.”


   “And you come to my piano concerts.”

   “I already do.”

   “Sober, though.”

   “Then you’ll have to play something less boring.”


   They jokingly shook hands before Y/N wrapped her arms around Lip and basically fell into his lap. He immediately pulled her close, inhaling her sweet scent.

    “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

    “I love you.”

    They both froze. Lip couldn’t have said that any less smoothly if he tried. He couldn’t believe that he had blurted it out like that.

    Y/N pulled away slowly and looked at him with wide eyes. “Lip?”

    “I’ve loved you since we first met and I fell in love with you around the same time, I think. It drove me crazy seeing you with Will and I’m sorry I was so mean to you. If you don’t feel the same way then—”

    Lip was cut off as Y/N pressed her lips against his. He immediately pulled her closer as he kissed back. All those emotions they had for the past sixteen years came out in that exchange. They were so caught up they not only forgot where they were but also that they would need to pull away for air.

     “Eh hem.” An elderly security guard looked at them with distaste.

    “What’s your problem?” Lip asked.

    “Sorry, Ivan, we’ll be leaving now.”

    “No, that’s fine, Y/N, just try to ease up on all of that.” Ivan gestured to their current position.

   “You got it, Ivan.”

   He wandered away and Lip pulled Y/N into him again.

   “So, I’m guessing you like me too?”

   “No, I love you, I thought as smart as you are, you would’ve caught onto that when we were at least four,” Y/N teased.

   “Well, I’m smart enough to never let you go again.”


    And that was how after many years, Lip Gallagher ended up with the girl from around the block.

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Stenbrough HS!Stan is very beautiful jealous Bill because everyone wants to go out with Stan

I love this so much, you don’t even understand
I hope you like it because I loved writing these

- don’t even get Bill started on this, oh my god

- he’s not protective okay, he’s just taking precautions

- Stan is fucking gorgeous, puberty hit him hard and did a great fucking job

- He’s got them good cheekbones

- To say like half the school hit on him constantly is an understatement

- So Bill may or may not become an protective boyfriend in fear of Stan leaving him for someone who can say ‘I love you’ without stuttering

- it’s not just girls either! No, boy also flirt with him too

- it’s the boys that really grind Bill’s gears as well (the girls don’t bother him as in their later teenage years they found out Stan is a bottom™)

- for example, one day a boy was leaning again the lockers and talking to Stan as he held his books close

- Richie knows shits about to hit the damn fan as soon as they round the corner to the scene

- both him and Eddie (Richie dragging Eddie) quickly case Bill as he pretty much storms down the corridor towards his boyfriend

- Bill stands behind Stan, pretty much towering over him, as he glares at the other boy

- Stan sees the boy in front of him look up, in slight fear

- He knows it’s Bill right away and without even turning around he starts to talk to him

- ‘Hey babe. why’re you looming, you know that’s not attractive’

- Bill’s angry glare turns into a glinting smirk as he watches the boy’s face drop

- Bill puts his chin on Stan’s head and says 'don’t mind me, carry on with your conversation’ without even stuttering

- Stan tips his head back too look at Bill (he’s low-key proud of him for not stuttering) , Bill taking the opportunity to kiss Stan quickly

- So pretty much any boy who has even tried to flirt with Stan has suffered the passive aggressive wrath of Bill

- Bill doesn’t stop there, oh no not at all

- You’ve heard of count Richie? Now get ready for count Bill

- After they turn 16, Stan can often be found wearing large marks on and around his neck

- The rest of the losers joke about Richie and Bill being pretty much vampires at this point

- One day Stan gets annoyed and gives Bill one day (he’s perfect height for this shit)

- he even writes 'Property of Bill, don’t touch’ in permanent marker on Stan’s arm one day

- Stan doesn’t mind at all


- one day a group of girls start flirting with Bill

- Stan is fuckin M A D

- Richie and Eddie start tapping each other violently and telling the other to shut the fuck up whilst they watch it play out

- Stan pushes past the girls, wraps his arms around Bill’s waist and pushes his face against Bills neck

- The girls squeal, tell them they’re cute and leave

Add more because I want you to add more - xo

Taehyung (M)

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“Jagi..” Your boyfriend cooed through the voice, his smooth low tone sent butterflies wild in your tummy. “I miss you so much, babygirl.” 

Your plush lips curled up in a sweet grin as you listen to Tae go on and on about how America has been,
“I’m so glad you’re having an amazing time, babe.” You giggled, squirming around under your covers. “When will you be home?” 

Tae hummed through the phone, “Hmm..” He practically purred, “We’re going to Hawaii for a bit, then after that I’ll be home.” 

Nodding through the phone, you silently agreed. 
“Babe…” He suddenly uttered, his voice somehow had gotten deeper and turned into an enticing purr. 

Biting you lower lip, you replied with a soft, “Yes, my love?” 

“I’m so horny right now..” He quietly hissed, you could hear him licking those pillow-y lips of his as his breathing became heavy. “I really want you, y/n.. I miss how tight you feel around me- how wet I can make you.. the way you work that gorgeous mouth of yours..” 

His erotic words flooded your mind, repeating themselves over and over again- that flame in your core suddenly lit with pure desire. “Fuck..” You whimpered, nibbling on your lower lip as your thighs rubbed together, “Aren’t the others around? Is it okay for you to be talking like that, Tae?”

Your concern drew out a soft chuckle from him, “I’m in my room, jagi..” He replied, calming your worries, “Don’t worry about anything else, okay Kitten?” He cooed, his voice becoming smoother than honey once more, “Just do as I tell you okay?” 

“Okay..” You replied, nodding through the phone as your free hand inched it’s way down your torso. 

“Not uh..” He spoke in a stern tone as you heard the sound of his zipper coming undone in the background. “Address me correctly, babygirl- or else I’ll won’t let you cum, do you want that?” 

Shaking your head, “No Daddy- I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl I promise.” You purred in reply, your fingers toyed with the waistband of your panties. 

You could practically see the smug grin slowly painting across his face as his airy laugh flowed through the phone, “That’s my good little girl.” He cooed, smacking his lips slightly, “Now.. I want you to slowly run a finger over your slit, babygirl..” 

Of course, you obeyed his lewd instruction, “Yes, Daddy..” You airily whined, moving your hand into your panties- your delicate finger gently traced along your already sopping slit, drawing out your needy little whimpers. 

“God you sound so beautiful, babygirl..” Tae sweetly sung as his on soft groans flowed out of him, “I want you to rub your clit now kitten.” 

Again, you obeyed- your fingers quickly found your throbbing clit, the moment you lightly grazed it a shaky whine escaped your parted lips as you began your teasing attack. “Fu- Fuck, Daddy.. I wish you were here; I want you so badly..” 

A elongated groan flowed out of him, intensifying your pure lust for him, “Put two fingers inside you Kitten, fuck yourself the way Daddy would if he was there.” 

His enticing words practically drove you nuts, your breathing became heavier as two of your small fingers pressed against your wanting entrance, sinking deeper into you. “Oh god..” You loudly whined, biting your lower lip as you hissed at the slight stretch you felt as you began to pump your digits in and out of your velvet walls. “Daddy.. Fuck..” 

“Shh..” He responded, calmly shushing you as he relished hearing the gorgeous sounds you made, 
“Just listen to Daddy’s voice, okay? Listen to how much Daddy wishes he was inside your pretty little pussy,” 

“Fuck, kitten, you sound so pretty moaning for Daddy like that.” 

“That’s it babygirl- That’s my good girl, cum all over your fingers just like you’d cum all over my cock.” 

EXO Reaction when their younger teen sister goes out all dressed up to impress her crush

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*Ready to go kill someone* “I’m not letting anyone near my sister! Even if it’s the last thing I do!”


“You might like him very much and everything… but you are not leaving this house dressed like this. Unless I come with you”


*He’ll just be there, everywhere you go. He’ll wait outside if needed, but he ain’t leaving you alone looking so fine*


“AIsh this girl… she seriously thinks I’m not doing anything about this… she just gained a personal bodyguard”


*This is him at the door* “You. Are. Not. Going. No.”


“Please no… tell me she hasn’t reached that age… I don’t want to be a protective brother… but… I can’t help it”


*Giving real advice*


“Oh no no no… unless he’s a real man.. I’m not letting you go looking like this…”


“Uh no. If he is going to like you, he’ll like you without make up and short dresses. Go back to your room and wear some jeans!” *There’s always some wisdom in his words*


*Someone. Should. Run. Away.* “Not… with my sister!”


“See sis… as much as I don’t like this… I know I can’t stop it. You are gorgeous.. just be sure he treats you right okay? If not all you need is call”


*He’ll try to look cool about it but in reality he has his people investigating this boy and making sure his sis is safe*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Steal My Girl || Joe Sugg Imagine

“You’re so beautiful,” a voice appears behind me, “What have i done to deserve you?”

I look into the mirror thats sitting in front of me as i do my make up and see Joe leaning against the doorframe smirking over at me.

“What makes you say that?” i spin around to look at him smiling. Joe was my first real relationship, we’ve been together since we were sixteen, and moved out of home and into a place of our own at nineteen. He’s my other half.

“Nothing, just admiring my gorgeous girlfriend, is that okay?” He chuckles.

“No its not,” i giggle, but his comment from before begging to bother me, “But really whats brought this on babe?”

“Nothing, just the thought of the guys that are going to be at the club tonight.” he trails off, i know he can see the confusion that crosses my face.

“I see the way other guys look at you,” He sighs and comes towards me stopping about an arms length before me and runs his fingers through his hair. “I feel like at anytime you could leave me, that one of them will steal my girl.”

“Why so poetic, Sugg?” I roll my eyes at him, “I love you, have done since we were sixteen, why would i leave you?” i stand up and take a step towards him and run my hands down his arms to his hands, i hold them in mine and smile shyly.

“We’ve always wanted to do the same things, get married, have kids, fall hopelessly in love, we’ve always wanted to do the same things, with each other.” i gaze up at him, admiring his gorgeous features.

“You’re the one for me, love.” he pulls me into him I gladly melt into his embrace, “But everybody is going to try to steal my girl, everyone wants you, but they’re going to have to deal with the fact that you’re mine and I’m never, ever, letting you go, you’re all mine.”

It takes all of my strength not to cry at his loving words, so instead i pull back and press my lips to his. My fingers tangled in his hair, his arms tightly wrapped around my waist, drawing us as close to one another as we possibly can. I pull away and whisper, “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much, are you ready to go?” He whispers into my ear, sending shivers down my back. I nod into his chest and walk into the main room and greet the others that are deciding to join us for our night out.

As we walk in to the club, i take a minute to watch Joe as he steps around the drunk and happy people dancing on the dance floor and as he looks back at me and grabs my hand to take me over to where the other boys are. i watch the way he keeps his hand tucked tightly in mine and as he glances over all of the faces that are watching us as we walk. i begin to understand what Joe was talking about earlier, all of the men watch me as i move around, making me regret my outfit choice. I suddenly stop about a meter away from where the boys are making joe spin around and look at me with a confused expression on his face. I pull him into me and raise my face to his hight and kiss him deeply. When we pull apart i glance over the many gobsmacked faces and smile brightly up at my gorgeous boyfriend, and continue towards where the boys are, but joe pulls me into a quiet corner.

“What was that for babe?” he questions, smiling down at me softly.

“Just letting all of the wandering eyes know that Im taken, and proud of it,” i smirk up at him and push my lips against his yet again, “ And that all of the girls out there looking to pull tonight that you’re all mine.”

Joe laughs and pulls me around to the booth that the boys are all sat at. He sits down, pulls me onto his lap and kisses the back of my neck softly. He whispers into my ear, “Just making sure all the guys know that they cant steal my girl.”

I Need Your Help-- Part Three

Word Count: 4800

Summary: your sister is getting married in two weeks, and your mother demands that you bring a date. Who better than broadway star, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Notes: thanks SO much to @timesarehardfornewsies for proofreading and making sure this didn’t suck. ❤️

Tags: @secretschuylersister @anthonyramosobc @withthatbitch @imwritingmywayout @tinyturrtle @chloehamiltonn

Warnings: swearing, alcohol, self esteem issues, a terrible mom

“Lin, wake up,” you shook him lightly, and his eyes fluttered open. Goddammit, his eyes are pretty. “Do you realize what we did?” His eyes widened a little bit, and a startling presence of mind seemed to grab him full force.

“Oh shit,” he sat up, beginning to scramble around the room to find his clothes. You followed suit, pulling on a pair of underwear and a shirt.

You turned around, running square into an extremely shirtless Lin. You’d seen him shirtless countless of times–you practically lived in his dressing room, it was bound to happen–but you’d never been pressed against him like this. He smelled good, you couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, but it was good nonetheless. He had a mole on his side, why it took you a year in Broadway with him to notice, you had no clue. You were so in love with him that it was stupid.

“We should probably– um– get dressed,” Lin said, rubbing the back of his neck after taking a step away from you.

“Good idea.” You took several steps backwards, and grabbed a pair of jeans from your duffel bag. “Mom and Kalena are expecting us for breakfast, anyway.”

“Wait, they are?” He asked, the colour draining out of his cheeks. Why was he so bothered at the news?  

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” you said, waving your hand. “Mom’ll probably just make comments on how much I’m eating, but nothing worse than that… in case you wanted to know.”

Lin said nothing in reply, choosing to remain silent.

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Why I Love - [Chpt. 11]

An Old Friend

Negan x Addison 

A/N: eventual smut ( ̄ω ̄), woot I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. xoxo I’ve mapped out a few ideas for the next few chapters, but I could always inspiration! <3 Love you beautiful peeps 

Chapter 10 || Masterlist 

(gif by @mypapawinchester



Stop thinking about him, stop thinking about him 


Seriously, this is getting ridiculous

The medical supplies were spread all over the counter. I had offered to help out Carson as a thank you for what he did for Toby. 

Right now, as I’m taking inventory, all I can think about is Negan.

Tapping the back of the pencil on the counter, I bit my bottom lip to shake the arousing thoughts that ran rampant through my mind. 

Why am I constantly so back and forth about this? 

One minute I’m throwing myself at him in a random cabin in the middle of nowhere, and the next I’m shying away.    

I’m not going to lie, hearing Naomi and Jade both talk about Negan made me feel intimidated. I’m nowhere near as experienced as they are or as he is, and realize now that I can easily make a fool of myself. 

He’s become an itch that I can’t seem to scratch, turning me into pent up ball of frustration.

I need to get a grip of myself. 

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everyone's reactions to being called "cute" by the mc?

There was another ask very similar to this one, so in order to clear some space in the inbox I have merged the two😊

- Asra: This guy is a cheeky boy, and would laugh at you for using that word on him. Sure, he’s confident, but you calling him cute is cute too. He would return the endearment (the way he says it is more teasing and leaves you red). He’ll remember it fondly at random moments of the day and he’d have a huge smile on his face.

- Julian: His face would go red, you know the face. He can handle flirty conversation, but you used the word in such an innocent context that he doesn’t know how to react. Any genuine compliment is not sometime he is used to, so be prepared for some flustered Dr. Jules 😉

- Nadia: “Cute” isn’t the usual compliment she receives on a daily basis. She might think you are looking down at her, and her immediate rebuttal would be to call you cute as well. After realizing this was meant to be praise, she would be slightly embarrassed at calling you cute. But she will say she meant what she said, with a slight blush on her cheeks and a smirk painted on her lips.

- Portia: She will literally gush over the word, showering you with affectionate names. A few would be “sweet pea”, “sugar”, and the occasional “cupcake”. If not at work, she would make sure to cuddle you, whispering about how adorable you are every few seconds.

- Muriel: One usually doesn’t say that Muriel is cute. One usually says nothing to him, in fear of conflict. However, he likes you. He doesn’t quite understand the term or the way you used it. So, you would have to explain. Tread carefully. His heart might explode after realizing what you just said.

- Lucio: Cute? No, he gets drop dead gorgeous. Okay, but he might be a bit peeved at your word choice. Though he would accept the compliment, and than return it loudly for all to hear. He will make you regret calling him cute, and tease you until nightfall (to really punish you lol)

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bi culture is almost getting into a car accident bc you see a pretty girl walking down the street and then actually getting into a car accident when you realize it’s a boy