he's just giving him gold


ways that silver and gladion are the same

  • edgy nasty boys
  • both homeless / living alone
  • sad childhood
  • want to be strong
  • zubat on team
  • both angry that youre stronger than them
  • poses before battling
    • silver points and gladion goes full dio (glaDIOn) 
  • relations to the bad guys
  • pointy
  • probably like really big self esteem issues
  • dark clothes
  • just real nasty
  • this

“Humne jitna chillaaya, na, utne mein toh parbat bhi apne jageh se sadak jaata! Par aap? Aise aalsi chirote ho, wahin ki wahin khade rahe! Waise, chalti train ke darwaaze pe kaun khada rehta hai?”
“Chalti train se dhakka kaun maarta hai?”
“Toh kaa karte?! Humare paas bas wohi raasta tha.”
“Toh aise kaam karti kyun ho?”
Ek jhaap pe deewar pe…sat jaaibe.”
“Mujhe bas itna pata hai ki mujhe iss waqt Dilli mein hona chahiye tha, aur main iss jungle mein phans chuka hoon! Pata nahi kahan hoon main!”
“You –!”
“Aap hi ne toh – Arrey! Ab kahan chale?!”
“Jahannum mein jaa raha hoon! Chalogi saath mein?”
“Yehi hai kya, aas paas? Aye, Hippie! Aye, Jatadhari Hippie!”

I’m willing to bet that Regina once got so angry with Rumple she just spat out “Motherfucker!” 

And then realized that is in fact true and started to chuckle. 

And then realized it applied to her mother and got even more angry.

//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.