he's just giving him gold

We talk a lot about Yuuri having to reconcile his idea of Viktor with the real Viktor–that is, Yuuri has this flawless, wonderful ideal of Viktor in his head which has to sort of be cut down to fit the person that Viktor really is. Which is a healthy part of their relationship, and which I completely agree is something Yuuri has to face at some point during that first summer.

But I think there’s also something to be said about Yuuri realizing that some of the horrible things he’s heard about Viktor through the skating community grapevine are not so true.

Yuuri, despite what he says, is much closer to is idol than most people ever get. If Viktor is a movie star, Yuuri is the secondary character–he’s there, and a lot of people definitely know he’s there, and he knows enough people who also know Viktor for the gossip mill to really get churnin sometimes.

I also think that at the back of every person who has ever had a celebrity crush’s mind is a little voice saying, “Never meet your heroes,” and Yuuri Katsuki is terrified of that little voice, and it contributes to the distance he keeps from Viktor–because at some point, that much distance from someone you’re facing off against in international competitions has got to be just a little bit purposeful.

So cue Viktor coming into his life all of a sudden one day, and all Yuuri can think about are the terrible awful no good very bad things people have told him about Viktor and the kind of person Viktor is.

“Fuck Viktor Nikiforov,” an older skater had told him after Skate America, six glasses into a box of wine and bitter as hell about missing the podium. “No, really, fuck him. The Russians are paying off the ISU to keep him at the top. He isn’t even that talented. I hear–I hear he doesn’t even train. I hear he just shows up and fucking does whatever and they give him gold because he’s Viktor Nikiforov.”

“I…don’t think…” Yuuri frowned at his own glass of wine. “I mean…that couldn’t be true.” He glances at Phichit next to him. “Could it?”

“Sour grapes,” Phichit advises, and Yuuri isn’t as familiar with English idioms at that point, so he thinks Phichit is talking about the wine.

Yuuri mostly forgets about it, but somewhere in the back of his mind–he can’t stop thinking about it. He watches and rewatches Viktor’s old programs and wonders to himself if the reason he thinks they’re so good is because he’s watching them through rose-tinted glasses.

Yuuri and Phichit are suffering through finals and trying to survive through twenty-hour days of nothing but studying and skating. They lay themselves on the bleachers one afternoon while they’re supposed to be doing warm ups.

“What if I just quit school and became and underwater basket weaver,” Yuuri mumbles directly into the metal seat of the bleacher. “That would be fine, right?”

“WWVND,” Phichit replies. “What Would Viktor Nikiforov Do.”

“You’re right,” Yuuri sighs.

“Viktor Nikiforov is dumber than a box of rocks,” says of the other members of the club as she skates by. “You know he never even finished high school? I mean, what counts as high school in a country like Russia. The guy probably thinks two plus two equals borscht.”

“That’s not…” Yuuri smushes his nose against the bleacher. “Hey, that’s not…”

“FUCK OFF OLIVIA,” Phichit shrieks across the rink, and Celestino definitely hears. They have to do twenty minutes of line drills. 

“What Would Viktor Nikiforov Do, right boys?” asks Olivia as she watches Yuuri try not to heave after Celestino finally releases them from their Sisyphean torture.

“I’m gonna fucking kill her,” Phichit says, and he sounds so deeply serious that Yuuri is sincerely worried.

Several weeks later, someone mentions Viktor within earshot of Phichit and he jokingly says, “Watch what you say, that’s Yuuri’s future husband you’re talking about,” and it sort of makes Yuuri want to hit him but mostly makes Yuuri blush.

“Really?” replies that someone. “I don’t know about that, Yuuri. I wouldn’t touch that guy with a thirty foot pole. He sleeps around. Probably has all kinds of nasty stuff going on down there.”

“Oh, whatever,” Phichit says, rolling his eyes. “Like you would know.”

Yuuri ducks his head back into his book and tries not to think about it.

These are the things that Yuuri holds in the back of his mind about Viktor, the worries that travel with him anywhere he has even the chance of encountering Viktor Nikiforov. 

‘Never meet your heroes’ becomes something of the unspoken mantra of Yuuri’s life. 

Then Viktor Nikiforov catapults himself straight into Yuuri’s lap, and Yuuri learns a few things.

Viktor trains. Viktor trains hard. Viktor has neglected everything but training and skating and satisfying his own frantic need to be the best for twenty years. Viktor Nikiforov is a lonely, sad bookworm with one friend and a gaping, yearning need to be touched–and he did not get to be where he is without making sacrifices. 

Yuuri has never met anyone who made more sacrifices for this sport and this art than Viktor Nikiforov. It opens something up inside of him, throbbing and raw. It makes Yuuri want to take Viktor’s heart and shove it inside his own chest so that it never feels cold or lonely again. It makes him want to stand on the top of a tall building somewhere and scream fuck you to every person he’s encountered whose jealousy tried to convince him that this man was less than what he is.

And yes, Yuuri knows now that Viktor is forgetful and brutally honest and often doesn’t say the right thing at the right time.

He knows that Viktor is only ambidextrous in that he can use a fork with both hands and that it takes him twenty minutes in the morning to decide on a shirt to wear. He knows that Viktor Nikiforov is a blanket hog and that if Yuuri wants to wake up still covered in the morning, they have to have no less than three blankets on the bed at all times.

He knows that Viktor sometimes descends into these loops of manic energy where he wants to do everything and can’t sit still and in those moments, Yuuri wants to lock him in a room and leave him there until he starts making sense again.

He also knows that Viktor Nikiforov has the most genuinely beautiful soul that Yuuri has ever had the opportunity to touch. He knows that very few people in his life will ever love him like Viktor, and that he himself has never felt for anyone quite what he feels for this man. His man. 

He knows these things and he thinks that maybe Viktor is perfect after all, perfect in his imperfection. Every jagged edge of his fits into one of Yuuri’s, and every curve of Yuuri’s lovingly presses flush with Viktor’s until they fit together seamlessly, like a pair of puzzle pieces.

Yuuri is also still a very petty person on the inside, though–which is why he makes posts on Instagram that read things like Viktor received his sixth well-deserved Russian National gold today! Congratulations to my amazing fiance.

And also:

So proud of my husband for all of his hard work commentating at the #Olympics. Some people go to school for half their lives and aren’t half as articulate as my Vitya. #Proudhubby

After that last one, Phichit leaves a voicemail on Yuuri’s phone that is literally just two whole minutes of him laughing hysterically and then wheezing, “THE SALT!” before hanging up.

“Yuuri, why did Phichit just sent me…sixteen crying laughing emojis and a text that says ‘your husband I can’t,’ in all caps?”

“Because a lot of people tried telling me you weren’t perfect and I’m proving them wrong,” Yuuri replies, not even looking up from his phone.

“Oh,” Viktor says, and literally crawls on top of him.

Yuuri supposes that the moral of the story is that the heart wants what the heart wants, and you have to find perfection in the imperfections–Viktor is loud and ditzy and forgets the English word for tomato on an almost daily basis, but he’s Yuuri’s husband. And because he’s Yuuri’s husband, he’s perfect.


if you thought this wasn’t one of my fave shots in ‘the spoils of war’ along with one with the dragon flyin over him then u thought wrong

Pentagon’s Hogwarts Houses + Personalities

A/N: An anon asked me to sort Pentagon into Hogwarts Houses and also describe their personalities as help to make them choose a bias. Therefore I took to my trusful potterhead friend @interstxllr for some help. Hope you enjoy!



Okay, so the reason why Jinho was put in Gryffindor is the intense amount of passion that lies in this house. Jinho was a trainee for 8 years before he debuted, but never gave up – which is a confirmation on the fact that he’s extremely passionate. Other than this, Jinho is the oldest member, he’s very calm and has a lot of self-irony (especially about his height). All the members are very fond of him and his talents and he is never looked down on despite that everyone are literally taller than him.

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PASSION. HE HAS THE GRYFFINDOR PASSION. He pours his heart and soul into performance. It is his cause. It’s honestly like that boy was meant to be on stage, or even that the stage was made meant for him. He loves performing so much, especially dancing. He makes choreographies for Pentagon. He’s honestly such a little kid, he’s so lovely and smiley and everyone likes him so much. Hyunggu manages to keep positive even though he is running on one hour of sleep just because he wants to perform well.

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Honestly, he just looks like a Gryffindor. Give him a red and gold scarf and some extra long robes and he’s good to go. He is just an all around good guy who has that drive and passion that Gryffindors need. Wooseok is also very calm and I guess you could say: soft. He’s a very heart warming person who is impossible not to like.

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Hui is kind and thoughtful and always has a bright, positive energy to him. He has a very rounded personality with traits from all houses, but just because he has such a pure soul and wants everyone well, Hufflepuff is the best house for him. Other than this, Hui is extremealy charismatic on stage and has an amazing sense of humour. He’s always around to cheer people on and make them feel well. A very typical optimist honestly.

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Yeo One

This one is a textbook Hufflepuff. Kind, caring, making sure EVERYONE is okay and happy. He is a pure soul, plain and simple. He might have undertones from other houses because he is very cheeky sometimes. Changgu’s eyes shine so bright when he smiles that you get lost in them like the stars in a ngiht sky. He cares so much about the other members and the fans and just cheers everyone up and is positive and present at all times.

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Hongseok very meticulous (precise) and organized. He has the Ravenclaw need for planning and routine. He’s also extremely intellectual, full of knowledge and speaking several languages. Hongseok is the mom of Pentagon and he is apparently the only one who cleans in the dorms. He is also really charming and witty off stage in their backstage videos.

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He is a very honest person which lands him a Ravenclaw. Not to mention that he’s really smart. Pentagon members have stated that he’s one of the most diligent out of all of them, which is very typical Ravenclaw. Moving on, he’s somewhat quiet and shy at times, but can also be very comfortable and even flirty at times. His stage presence is insane where he can end up looking scary as hell, but when he gets off, he becomes a lil cutie again.

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One major Slytherin trait is the ability to manipulate your actions and your persona in order to fit in or get what you want. Hyojung and E’Dawn are like two different people, where Hyojung is a laid back and weird composer who does what he wants and stays true to himself – and E’Dawn on stage is different, where he acts towards getting the reaction he wants. Moving on, he’s a freaking dork, and he’s very well known for screaming in a high pitched voice and having cringey aegyo. Despite this he has the cutest smile and is a very soft and kind person.

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Shinwon was very hard to place into a house and it came down to Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff (they actually share a lot of traits). Shinwon is more of a Slytherin though, as he has more traits like ambition and loyalty vs. Hufflepuff traits. Personality wise, He might be one of the most awkward AND sweetest members. Very much tol noodle and boyfriend material (have you seen him in big coats wow).

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A lot of people would put him into Hufflepuff, but Slytherins have that extreme loyalty to their specific group, just like him. He is the purest cinnamon roll of all Slytherins and very clever and silly. He speaks of China a lot and is very hard working and strong.

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I’m willing to bet that Regina once got so angry with Rumple she just spat out “Motherfucker!” 

And then realized that is in fact true and started to chuckle. 

And then realized it applied to her mother and got even more angry.

Barry Allen + Pirate AU

When Barry had heard your name it’d been whispered by fellow pirates. Some called you a goddess because you could turn broken shells into golden coins with a touch. Others called you a Sea Witch because you could brew storms and over turn ships when you felt like it. He of course, hadn’t believed any of it. “Stories,” he told his first make Cisco, “Old wives tales.” But after a while of whispers seemingly following him, curiosity had gotten the better of the young pirate captain.

“Cisco,” he’d said one day, “Set sail for Tortuga.” This caused the first mate to pale.

Tourgua?-“Captain you don’t mean…?” He’d asked nervously, to which Barry nodded.

“Set sail for the Sea Witch.” And they had. Despite being the fastest ship in the world it had taken three weeks for the crew of the Flash to reach port. When Barry had stepped off the boat he’d been greeted by a smiling young boy.

“Are you Captain Allen, sir?” He asked, Barry nodded proudly.

“The Sea Witch has sent me to fetch ye Captain,” the child said. Barry raised an eyebrow.

“Has she?“ The boy nodded, not realising that it’d been a rhetorical question. "Can my crew come along or am I to go alone?” The snide comment made the boy frown,

“This isn’t a joke sir,” the boy said, “She has powers, all the stories ye’ve about turning shells to gold and sinking ships are true.” And to prove a point the boy produced a solid gold shell from his pocket.  

“She gave me this to fetch ye, and fetch ye I shall.”

Barry looked at the shell before taking it in his own hands to examine it, a frown marring his face. “Alright,” he murmured, “Fetch me.” The boy nodded and spun on his heel, Barry following him closely. It took fifteen minutes to get to the witches building-it was a small two story building with a worn out sign that simply said MAGIC above a cast iron door. The boy knocked on the door loudly, causing the birds that’d settled on the building roof to fly way, disgruntled caws echoing the night sky.

It took a few minutes before the door opened, and when it was opened Barry’s eyes widened. Because standing there with strands of gold and shells in her hair was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. “Captain Barry Allen.” Barry could die a happy man knowing the most beautiful woman in the world had spoken his name.

You turned to the young boy and took a handful of golden strands from your hair, “Here you go Richard, and I’ll have that potion for your mother ready by noon. Now run on home and-STAY SAFE!” You called out to the boy who had already started home.

Barry turned to you curiously. When the boy was out of earshot he asked,  "You give him gold he’ll just hand back to you?“ This caused you to let out the most beautiful sound in all the seven seas-a melodic giggle.

"Children in need not pay here Captain.” Barry smiled at that. Maybe you were more goddess than Sea Witch.

“Now,” you said with your arms crossed over your chest, “Why don’t you come in and talk, I’m sure I can answer all of your questions.” And with a small smile you lead the pirate Captain into your home, leaving the heavy door to echo shut after them.


//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.

anonymous asked:

okay but hook has constantly lied to Emma, he's assaulted people, he's blackmailed people, he's refused to share important information with people who can help with terrible results, and that's from this season. Why do you still ship Captain Swan?

Alright, if you want to go there, Anon… let’s go there. 

hook has constantly lied to Emma

When? Seriously, when did he ever deliberately lie to Emma? This season - or ever, really? From 4x08 on, Rumple had his heart, so he simply couldn’t tell Emma about the hat or whatever else he knew. And even though he couldn’t, he still tried to, which must have taken an awful lot of strength. 

Before that, he didn’t tell her the whole truth about his hand or that he’d punched Will, yes - but he didn’t lie to her face either. And why didn’t he tell her? Because he was ashamed, that’s why. He didn’t want to jeopardize what was growing between them, but at the same time he’d only tried to get his hand back for her, and then slipped into that spiral of blackmail and half-truths. But, guess what? Most of that was entirely Rumple’s fault. Killian had every right to demand his hand back. And he wanted it back for love. Rumple used that against him. Rumple forced him to do terrible things he didn’t want to do and he was - and still is - devastated because of that! Hook was the victim in this storyline. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.

(And let’s not forget that he actually did tell her, but Rumple deleted got rid of his heart-wrenching speech before it could reach her.)

As for the last episode, we have the same reason: He is ashamed of his past and hence is reluctant when Emma asks him about it. But Emma calls him out on that and it’s fine. That’s how it is supposed to be in a relationship.

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