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Omfg I need RFA reactions to Sick Rapper MC™ too pls

✿ Ask and you shall r e c e i v e. The request referred to is here.


  • This boy looks at you, eyes sparkling, and whispers… 
  • “oh my god you’re so cool.”
  • Yoosung is not cool. Yoosung is a nerd. But boy oh boy does he want to be for your sake, so he tries to learn to rap along with you.
  • Unfortunately, he’s bad, like - just horribly, hilariously bad. He can’t keep time. He can’t keep rhythm. He gets embarrassed and stutters every time he tries to swear. But he tries so hard so you’ll think he’s “rad”.
  • You do not think Yoosung is rad, but you just want to pinch his cute little cheeks.
  • He ends up writing you the lyrics of a LOLOL rap song that you make a video for, and it goes totally viral. You end up doing more, and become a Youtube sensation.
  • Yoosung is so proud, he brags about you to all of his internet friends. 
  • #1 in your fanclub.


  • ok so he wants to be in a production with you stat
  • can like, they make a Korean rap musical or something and make you the lead
  • you’ve got so much talent
  • Even though it’s not really what he does, he can admire what you do as a form of art. Pacing, rhythm, energy - you’ve got so much to you, so much life, and he’s in complete admiration of it.
  • He tries to get you a deal with his producer, pushing that this will be a hip new thing that the youth will like. Secretly, he just wants to work with you, but he says he wants to get you a good job where you can do what you like.
  • What clearly are good at.
  • You produce some duo songs with him, where he does the nice, pretty chorus and you do the quick, fast paced verses. You end up getting kind of a cult following, and the media stars making a buzz about you - the hip Korean rapper - and Zen, the beautiful Korean star.
  • Zen is so happy. Bless. He gets to share his creative success with you and he’s over the moon.


  • w-what is this
  • she doesn’t understand
  • she expected something as pretty as you to come out of your mouth and t-this is just
  • just
  • ……..hey this is actually pretty catchy and cathartic.
  • Much like death metal, rap is a great way to let out your feelings about the Man, and boy does JAEHEE NEED THAT
  • She can’t really bring herself to join you in your shenanigans but she kinda likes it.
  • One time, you do this, like… half-rap half-beat poetry thing for her, and it’s actually really romantic and she kind of melts.
  • Jaehee has some kinda weird tastes.


  • you introduced this man to so many new words that day.
  • He has no idea about any of this lingo means, but he’s… fascinated, and he watches you with the same intensity that he stares at a business partner during a deal.
  • He tries using some of the words he hears you say in the chatroom, and everyone BUSTS A GUT LAUGHING
  • do you want to be made famous, he’ll make you famous
  • he buys a bunch of rap albums and listens to them like he’s listening to foreign language tapes. he’s going to learn to speak like you if it kills him.


  • he thought you were perfect before but man
  • m a n
  • you form a tag-team where you diss people in verse
  • the both of you think really quickly and can drag people down to the dirt. think epic rap battles but it’s the two of you vs. the world and you always win.
  • you start doing your gig in the chatroom, where - not only do you rhyme - but you include puns, jokes, and complicated references to programming and/or statistical analysis
  • you are the nerdiest rappers on the planet.
  • Seven gets you a pair of glasses that match his, and he practices Cool Poses with you for your songs.
Jaebum X Reader; Pop Singer AU!

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@sweetlittlequeer​ thank you so much for requesting! Here’s your scenario!

A/N: mentions of alcohol??? idk if i need to mention this tbh?? but yeah??

“Make sure you talk to people.”

“Manager Lee, I will. Don’t worry. I’m a sociable person.”

“You sure? Last time you choked under pressure when talking to those boys before.”

“O-Oh…you mean Namjoon and his group? I don’t think they’ll be there tonight…”

“Well, there is one group going, so you best make a good impression.”

“For what?”

“You’ll have to make a good idea of who you’ll be competing against in the charts.”

A wink that made you shake in your boots. On stage you’re a confident tiger, using your training to the best of your ability to capture the audience’s happiness in a single show. But off stage you were like a small kitten, not that sociable and quite reserved. The last time you were at a party, you nearly made a fool of yourself when you were talking to Namjoon and his group, but you quickly gained your composure back to talk to them again. Never. Again. Your favourite dress was on you, along with a matching pair of shoes, along with a cute clutch bag that was slung on your shoulder. You wished the elevator ride lasted longer, but no. A ding to indicate that they were on the correct floor, and another part of you died inside. And of course, nobody will know who you are. You were prepared for the normal questions like “oh, who are you?” “whats your name?” and stuff like that. Walking along the corridor, the sound of the music drew closer, and with each step, the butterflies multiplied and multiplied. Just as you were about to enter the room, your manager, Lee, pulled you to the side.

“Lee? Whats up?”

“I can tell you’re nervous. Just, try and have a good time. It doesn’t matter who knows you at first, just make sure you talk to a music group at least once. If you need me to start talking, that’s fine. I’ll be walking in with you anyways.”

“Thank you…I think I might need a drink.”

“Save the fainting for after the party.”

“Lee I won’t faint.”

“Those wobbly knees tell me otherwise.”

“Leeeeeeeee I won’t, I promise.”

Walking into the room felt like you were walking into the modern version of the Gatsby party….well…without the jazz band. Or the noticeably large pool in the middle of it, No, it just looked like a really fancy hotel suite, just large enough to hold around 300 guests for a party. Even though it only looked like 100 were there so far. As soon as you step in, you had a man walk in and greet you. He looked to be about 40 and so, and was wearing the brightest pants that you had ever seen. He was also wearing sunglasses. Indoors. 

“Ah, Y/n, L/n! It’s so nice to finally meet you, and your manager too!”

He seemed so pleasant and kind, for someone who was wearing sunglasses indoors. Maybe it’s because of the amount of reflective surfaces in this place, that he didn’t want to blind himself with his trousers. 

“Ah, Y/n, I don’ think you have met Jyp yet, have you?”

“N-No, I haven’t, but it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”

You say, shaking his hand. Man, his hands were huge.

“Shes a good kid, a really good singer. If she wasn’t signed, I would have her signed to me straight away.”

“Ha ha, don’t push your luck, Park.”

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. That’s how tense it was between your manager and the mr. JYP. You needed to get out of that area straight away, and fast.

“Uh…Lee? Is it alright if I leave you two…friends…to have a friendly discussion….?”

“Yeah, go get yourself a drink, you earned it.”

A quick thank you and you were out of that situation faster than your record company releasing other music for musicians. A sigh was let out as you walked over to the bar, inspecting all the liquor, spirits and cocktails that were displayed on the shelves and taps.

“What will it be for you?”

“Just a Jack and Coke, please.”

“Coming up.”

You take a look around at the people attending the event, and wonder how the hell these people got famous in the first place? You shake it off, waiting for your drink. You really took into mind what Lee said, you’re there to have fun, so have fun! At the corner of your eye, you see a small group of boys, too glamorous to be here. Damn, You could feel your cheeks have a light dusting of blush on them, and it wasn’t the blusher you put on either. Not looking back, you felt someone trying to burn a hole in the back of your head. dammit.

“That’s Y/n, I know it!”

“BamBam calm down for god sake.”

You could see the guy practically jumping up and down in the mirror behind the bar. Maybe you’ll have a little bit of hope with this guy?

“But she’s so cool! See! She’s not taking notice of anyone at this place. She’s got this cold demeanour about her, she’s so cool! Should I go up and say hi?”

A firm hand from a leader to the rapper, Jaebum. He sighed, looking to the girl at the bar.

“You can, I’m not.”

“What? Why not?”

“I don’t know her, you know her. Why don’t you get Mark to go—”

“Mark is having fun with Jackson and Yugyeom while they Nae-Nae at the back, just this once, please?”


One tug of his shirt, and the leader was already being dragged along the room to the bar, where they stayed a couple feet away from you, separated by one person. 

“You stay here, I’ll go say hi.”

“Yeah, sure.”

A tap. A tap scared you. For gods sake. You turn around, trying not to let out a yelp of cowardness, but yet again, you regain composure- again. A sigh, and a smile before you faced the person you were talking to.

“Oh, sorry, am I in your space…or are these your drinks?”

“No, no, it’s just…I’m a big fan of your dancing, and your singing. I’m BamBam.”

“Oh, I– wait, did you say…fan?”

A wave of happiness just overcame you, making your slightly embarrassed smirk into a genuine smile. 

“Nice to meet you BamBam. I think I’ve heard of you before as well…you’re in that group…I’m sorry I forgot the name.”


“That’s it! My friend is actually a pretty big fan of yours.”

“Really? That’s great! Can we take a picture together?”

“That would be nice.”

You leaned closer to him to be in the picture, and smiled with him. You took quite a few, with different faces in there too. You were actually enjoying yourself, what a good relief. As soon as you stop, you see another guy at the bar. he seemed displeased with everything going on at the event, cringing at what JYP was doing with Jackson in the background. Seems like crazy hour. You kind of…get stuck in a trance. He’s pretty handsome, whoever he is. You happen to notice that he was staring too, the blush was coming back. And…his cheeks had a fair dusting of blush too. That may of been the alcohol though. A smile spread on his face, giving you a wave too. You wave back, with BamBam noticing who you were waving to.


BamBam called over, with you gazing at the guy again, He lifted his head up and started to walk over. Oh god, Y/n don’t make a fool of yourself. 

“This is JB, hes our leader.”

“Ah, nice to meet you, JB.”

“You can just call me Jaebum. BamBam and Mark have mentioned you before,  but they didn’t tell me you were pretty.”

“Oh, thank you.”

A smile spread across your face, hiding it in your hand. Oh my god, you were actually having fun. A tap on your shoulder, and your drink was ready. 

“Thank you.”

“Hey, why don’t we sit down somewhere? I heard the balcony is beautiful at night.”

“Oh, sure. It was really nice to meet you BamBam. I’ll find you again to talk to you!”

You said, as you were whisked away from the area. BamBam was left in the dust by Jaebum, as he turned back to wink to him. A sour look spread across his face, but he laughed it off anyways. Walking over back to his group, he kept on looking outside to the balcony, looking to the two. 

“Huh? BamBam? What are you looking at? Is….is that Jaebum?”

“Hey Jinyoung eah, he’s talking to Y/n.”

“Really? I thought he didn’t know her.”

“That’s what I thought!”

“Maybe it’s good for him.”


You and Jaebum seemed to talk about everything and anything while you enjoyed the scenery of the city. It was so peaceful and serene, like a movie. 

“I guess you were right.”

“Yeah…wait about what?”

“The view is amazing.”

“Mine is better.”

You turn to him, a light dusting on your cheeks suddenly appeared, as you smile to him again. Jaebum was sweet with his words, even though he didn’t know who you were an hour before. It was like a movie you had watched the day before; two people are singers, and they meet each other at a party while talking outside. Fiction was replaying in reality, magical.

“Oh, it looks like I have to go…my manager is calling me. It was really nice talking to you, Jaebum.”

The way you said his name made him have shivers roll up and down his spine, a smile appearing on his face again. Before you could go back inside to find your manager, he stood up, holding your hand quickly. It seemed like those dustings of blush were heavier each time.

“How long will you be staying here?”

“Maybe another month…?”

“We should meet up.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I really want to meet the other members of your–”

“On a date…?”

Yet another flurry of blush attacked your cheeks as you blinked, giving back one more smile. 

“That would be lovely.”

“Have you got a piece of paper?”

“Oh, no I don’t.”

“Then could I have your hand?”

“Huh? My–”

You could feel the ballpoint of the pen scribble across your hand, tickling each centimetre of your skin. Another smile creeped up on your face, with your eyes connecting with Jaebum’s. Bidding farewell on the way to the elevator, you also said goodbye to BamBam, which made him go ecstatic again with happiness. 

“Oh! Y/n! Come on, you have a radio interview in the morning, lets get you to your hotel.”


“Whats that on your hand?”

“Oh, its…nothing.”

A suspicious look came upon Lee’s face, with a sneaky smile coming out from yours. 

“So…did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“I…guess you could say that I did.”

Pamper You

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Simon Dominic request 

Genre: Fluff/lowkey soft smut idk

Word Count: 2,420 words 🍁🚬

According to the Google definition, to pamper is to indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; Synonyms of pampering can lead to connotations of being treated like royalty and being assisted with meeting your desires. There is not a primary meaning to any word as they say, a word is worth a thousand pictures. A sister phrase to a picture is with a thousand words. Pampering in your case could mean anything to getting a simple foot rub to being fulfilled in other ways.

The quite large apartment within Seoul that you had shared with Simon Dominic was perfect, it was catered for and maids were on hand. Although Kiseok did not need to go through such hassle trying to make you feel happy, you highly appreciated his effort. He would do anything to make you happy, but here’s the thing… He would try to make you happy through materialistic measures but the way that you were brought up was different. You didn’t like being scooped up into the material and economic world, you preferred the simple life, you preferred Kiseok when he didn’t try too hard to make you happy. It was almost as if he wanted to catch your attention instead of providing you with attention.

You were aware that Kiseok was a very busy man and being a second CEO to AOMG was hard, but if he wasn’t going to give it his all in a relationship or even acknowledge you in the way you wanted, it was going to be an even rocky future than past.

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Since when it equality become a concern? CL has been getting more lines recently? IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT SINCE THE START. Fire->CL has 27 lines, Bom - 17, Dara- 14, Minzy - 9| Follow me -> CL-11,Bom- 4, Dara- 4, Minzy- 4.| I dont care -> CL- 24, Bom- 26, Minzy- 25, Dara- 12 | I am the best-> CL- 29, Bom- 10, Dara- 10, Minzy- 15 | Ugly-> CL- 41, Bom- 12, Dara- 8, Minzy- 9. I could go on. 2NE1 is a hiphop group though they try out different genres And I feel people forget that often he always did talk about her.

Even during her trainee days. Even Lee Hyori talked about YG always talk about her. He definitely knows CL can do it. He is in a business for god sake. Great talent = More Income. Im not saying others are not talented. He picked the 4 because they are talented. Then for CL having 2 solos? Is it so wrong for the main rapper to have a solo? Her solo was a flop and is going to be one? Maybe because some of you all didnt show her enough support but just sit there and judge her, even before her solo comes out. I do remember how people judged when it was announced that Cl was to perform with GD, saying she is gonna ruin the song. But no she killed it. Since that didn’t go the way they planned, the ‘Lydia should have performed it’ came. CL did have lines, but she wasnt recognized much before. It was later when she became more popular. and with her Solo debut, companies finally started offering her opportunities. It’s not YG who shoves her down your throats. Its the freaking companies who like her does that. She screams? Its normal for rappers. Even other rappers does that. It’s their job to pump up the crowd. People dont go to a hip hop concert and just stand their to watch them sing all usual and follow the dance steps. Funny how CL stans always defend her,this way,that way?Well we wouldn’t have to if it isnt for your ridiculous shits. Even though I have said this much, there will always be a problem.