he's jason's son

Okay so I’m only now realizing that in Injustice 2, Jasons guns have freaking spikes at the bottom. 


So not only will these guns SHOOT you and riddle you with bullets, they can also ELECTRIFY you on contact, AND they can also STAB you. 

This is the level of EXTRA™ we have been waiting for…..

Jason Todd is the type of dude to stop what he’s doing, full Red Hood get up, and help a gosh-darn old lady across the street and carry her groceries home. I don’t care if he’s angrily wielding an ak-47 in the faces of idiot goons, but he’s going to drop that shit like it’s hot and offer his arm like a gentleman while the half blind old lady tells him to put on some sunscreen because “sonny, your face is looking a little red”.

Reasons Why Jason Scott is a Cinnamon Bun:

 • ^^see above!! Loves his team!!! Loves sharing his feelings!! Very protective!!!!

• ^thrives on positive reinforcement!! Wants to hear what his friends have to say!! 

• He admits to googling action words so he can sound cooler during fight scenes!! 

• Takes crap from Zordon so the others don’t have to!! He won’t let the wall face diss his team!! 

• Owns up to his actions!! 

• Never once implies that he wants his old life back!! The Red boy is a good boy!!!

a conversation from my comic store job
  • me, talking comics with a coworker: yeah i just can't ship Batman and the Joker, he killed batman's son after all
  • bearded coworker: *confused look*
  • bearded coworker: the Joker didn't kill Damian
  • me: no, Jason
  • bearded coworker: Jason wasn't Batman's son, he was just another Robin
  • me: *in disbelief* I'm too far into this

Don’t I always?

Good morning! A list of things Damian has done this year:

  • Saturday, 9 January: Found an old photo album in one of the attics, re-hid it in the second downstairs study. (If Pennyworth keeps to his current cleaning schedule, he’ll discover it on June 26. Father will need something nice that day. It’s the anniversary of his parents’ death.)
  • Wednesday, 13 January: Heard Tim complaining that Bruce wasn’t spending enough time with him lately, provoked a fight, got both himself and Tim grounded, stayed in his room for the entire week so that Tim could spend time with Bruce alone. (Got to punch Drake in the face. Satisfactory day.)
  • Friday, 19 February: Ran into Jason during patrol, noticed he was acting strangely, exaggerated his death/resurrection struggle to make Jason talk through his feelings about his own experience. (Todd is only willing to talk about it when he thinks the conversation is for Damian’s benefit. Now he’s aired out those pent-up emotions. And Damian managed to slip some coping advice into the discussion of “their” problems. Todd never suspected he was being played. Idiot.)
  • Monday, 7 March: Found a workable method to make Tim sleep– wait until he’s is in his room and ask him to watch the cat. (The cat falls asleep in Drake’s lap, obviously preventing Drake from getting out of bed himself. He sleeps. It’s a miracle. Hallelujah.)
  • Thursday, 24 March: Noticed Dick was in a bad mood, asked him to make breakfast, drive Damian to the art store, and help him with a case. (Grayson is a disgusting do-gooder that’s happiest when he’s taking care of someone else. Damian can’t believe he fell for it. As if he has ever, in his entire life, needed help with anything.) Pretended to fall asleep on Grayson’s couch so he could stay the night.

jason has definitely held damian when he was a baby. talia would have left dami in jay’s care, and jay would cradle dami in his arms like he was the most fragile, precious thing in the world for hours until talia came back

I just want to tell you that when I was little girl and I played Power Rangers with my classmates in elementary school, I was always assigned to be the blue or black power ranger because they were the ones nobody wanted.

I always felt frustrated because I wanted to be the pink or yellow rangers but my classmates never let me because ‘you’re not pretty for be them’, so basically I grew up to love the blue and black power ranger (especially the blue, who was at which I played mostly)

And what I want to do with this is that I just watched the Power Rangers and cry all the time because at last my boy Billy had the love and recognition he deserves and this movie only served to validate my love for him.

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