he's is so asdfghjkl in every way

Dance (M)

You often walk past him and his group of friends dancing in a basketball court. With his edgy appearance and exuding charisma, he catches your attention every time. What you didn’t know was that he has his eyes on you as well.
A/N bc we can never have too much of pierced!jb. this is the rougher i wish better version of pierced.
Warnings squirting, orgasm denial, dirty talk but it’s relatively mild asdfghjkl

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Dating Baekhyun Would Be  Like?~

Originally posted by wooyoung

  • asdfghjkl like this boy would be like perfect like aww.
  • like i can see him fawning over how pretty his crush like constant whining to every person he could see
  • “oohhh myy good hyung, look at them, they looks so cute just breathing like that, like oh my god what a pretty way to breathe, i should tell them it looks amazing, i needs classes on how to breathe like them” 
  • and then like soo telling baek that if he continued to blabber into his ear he would stop breathing all together so he like shuts up for like 0.00001 seconds before you do something and fangirl baek is back
  • finally mustering up enough courage to walk over to his crush and stutter like a “hi” before asking them some random question and making them laugh
  • almost jumps off cliff when he makes them laugh
  • befriends crush very quickly
  • still sort of awkward, but likes to flirt cheekily
  • constant hinting until they are like jissus bacon i get it 
  • randomly asking them out on a date like
  • “Baek, pass the salt here would u”
  • “Go on a date with me”
  • “Wat”
  • “Date with me”
  • “Right, now pass the fricking salt”
  • “yay”
  • takes them out on date to like best pizza restaurant and like a harry potter marathon because aesthetic
  • orders like five different types of large pizzas because he forgot to ask which one you liked and didn’t want to seem inconsiderate
  • and you walk in to the rooms and you see like five pizzas surrounding baek as he closes the door of the kitchen and locks it before walking over to you
  • and you can hear three exasperated voices screaming for pizza from the locked kitchen a.k.a chanyeol, jongdae and sehun.
  • he hugs you and pulls you onto the couch and increases the volume to like extra extra full so that no-one can hear the whining from the kitchen
  • halfway across like half-blood prince minseok swoops in and takes two pizzas before zooming off and distant cheering can be heard.
  • you end up finishing three pizzas and two boxes of nachos that you ordered at some point
  • midnight sobbing together over deathly hallows with like chanyeol in the corner rocking back and forth over like dobby and fred
  • you end up sleeping on the couch with like half the boys lying all around you
  • you wake up at like 12 o’clock with all the people in the rooms gone and a cold coffee with a post-it-note on the table near you 
  • the note is basically him apologizing for leaving but their manager took them for practice because y’know jobs
  • you end up going home, with like a massive ass grin
  • goes on like eleven other dates 
  • gets really bloody ass jealous when a barista flirts with you so ends up throwing his cold coffee on him before dragging you out after screaming the fact that you were his and that no-one was to flirt with you
  • you being extremely confused to how he went from squishy little dork to coffee-throwing crazy guy in like 0.00000001 secs.
  • apologizes profusely for his actions to you, all flustered so you kiss him to shut him up
  • freezes for like 10 seconds of awkward kissing and just as you are about to awkwardly shift away pulls you into another
  • boom, relationship solidified.
  • from then on, constant whining and cuddling
  • seriously
  • “buttttt yyy///nnn”
  • so many times
  • beagle line and sehun basically live in ur house like bish
  • like coming home to see like four lazy ass boys on the couch with like your month’s chips packets lying everywhere
  • u forcing them to buy all the treats for u again
  • them eating them the very next day
  • constant screaming at some end of the house because u random shits
  • singing battles and trying to rap without dying
  • dance-offs which end in two ways
  • either cuddles and laughing at each other because like how did i end up dating someone with no jams (sneaky reference up in here)
  • or like intense grinding which often leads to the frickity frackity frickle which i am not going to write about because i am not ready for hell just yet
  • likes to kiss on the neck a lot, like srsly you be stuck with like thousands of bottles of foundation and scarves because damn
  • never being able to sleep at night before 12 because either you are waiting for him or if he is there then constant movie marathons and showing each other lame vines and memes [ rip vine ]
  • his favourite thing to do when you are upset is to blow raspberries onto your stomach because he is dumb and it makes you happy so he will continue being dumb 
  • wondering how you got stuck with such a dumb ass
  • but then you know that this is your dumbass so no problem
  • because he loves you very much

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