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can you give me some examples of pine being an intelligent guy? it just really gets me going that he is like that sometimes lmao

Oh man, there’s a plethora of examples to choose from here! I personally find his intellect quite obvious; he’s very self-deprecating and funny, which is a sign of intelligence in my book, and overall just has some insightful and (for want of a better word) deep stuff to say about a number of topics. Some ‘evidence’:

There’s heaps more though. Just read, watch, or listen to any decent interview with him, and you’ll notice. Some particular favourites that spring to mind are his Off Camera conversation with Sam Jones, the way he turns a derogatory, stupid question into a really interesting point about our culture’s obsession with tropes and romance:

…. and how super pleased he is about being the Mr. Wonder Woman with 0 powers, and how basically women > men:

And finally, let’s hear it from Zachary Quinto:

“I remember feeling, as I got to know Chris more, so impressed by his intelligence, which isn’t always the case with such a traditional leading man,” Quinto said. “I remember being pleasantly, not surprised, but …”

“You thought I was just a dumb blond,” Pine interrupted. “Actually, I have many more Spockian qualities than I do Kirkian qualities. We were two peas in a pod,” he said of Quinto, “in that we think about things way more than we should. We analyze.”


Hi I was wondering if you could write one about how I’m a lot younger than Daryl (aka I’m like 18), but I’m a complete badass and he just can’t resist me. Thank you baby doll😘


I woke up to another day of fence duty, and today was scorching. I put on short jean shots and a tight black tank top and made my way out to the fence. Daryl was out already, shirtless and stabbing walkers through the fence. His broad shoulders glistened with sweat as his muscles flexed, I will admit I think he’s insanely attractive and I’ve seen him look at me too but I think the age difference freaks him out.

“Hey Daryl” I yell from the barrel of sharp sticks. He nods at me, I can practically hear his grunt of greeting and I see his eyes flick down me from my eyes to my toes then up again to my eyes before turning back to the task at hand. Walker blood and brains and blood splatter our clothing by the time we’ve cleared one part of the fence. We load the bodies on the back of one of the pickups and drive over to the burning area. As we were piling the corpses a loan walker stumbled towards us.

“I got it.” I said approaching the walker, it groaned and reached for me as I grabbed it’s collar and stabbed it in the head. I turn and see Daryl staring at me.

“Take a picture Dixon.” I say and walk back to him, he advances me.

“You otta have more respect little girl.” He says with a smirk and stepping within inches of me.

“What would you do about it, old man?” I challenge and he groans.

“Fuck it.” He growls out, roughly grabs my face and smashes his lips on mine. The kiss was hot and set my entire body on fire. He backed me up against the truck and put his hands on my hips.

“God this is so wrong.” he grumbles against my lips before he continues. His tongue begs for entry and I comply. He slips his hands down to cup my ass and lifts me to wrap my legs around his waist as the kiss gets hotter. Suddenly the car’s side is off my back and within seconds the door is opened and I’m laid in the back seat with Daryl hovering over me.

“We should stop.” He says dragging his hands up to my ribs right under my boobs. He makes no move to stop.

“Stop psyching yourself out and kiss me Dixon.” I reassure him and push his into me. He gives in and his lips move frantically and then make their way down my neck.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the day I accidentally shot you. I just can’t resist you.” He says kissing the scar his bolt left. He pulls back and looks down at me smiling. “You’re fucking beautiful Y/N. This isn’t weird right? I mean God were so many years apart. Do you n-” I cut him off by pulling him back down and giving him a soft kiss.

“I never do anything I don’t want to do. The feeling is mutual you poop head.”

“Did you just call me a-”

“Y/N? Daryl? Where are you?” Ricks voice appears and we scramble out and onto the dirt floor.

“Everything okay?” He questions eyeing us.

“Huh oh yea, I dropped my knife in the backseat and couldn’t find it so Daryl was helping me and when you called I went to open the door across Daryl and I ended up falling into him and we both fell out.” I lie smoothly.

“Oh okay, we were all getting worried with you two taking so long!” He smiles and adds “I’ll leave you two to it then, I have to go take care of the horses.” With that Rick turns and stalks off back to the fences.

“So you are unsure about this huh!” Daryl spits out.

“What Daryl? No! I just know how much you value privacy! I didn’t want to overstep boundaries and I’m pretty sure Rick doesn’t wanna hear about us making out in the backseat!” I say stepping closer.

“Oh fuck, I’m an idiot. I just-I worried you’ll actually care about th-”

“I told you, I don’t care. You have my word. I’ll be with you as long as you can tolerate me.” I cut him off and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Oh boy I think I’ve given up already, you’re a handful.” He says smiling and moving his face closer to mine, hands placed gently on my sides.

“Mm you’re lucky you’re handsome or that cute little face would be a bloody mess by now.” I say and press my lips to his. It’s true what they say, love knows no age.

I hope you liked it :)x


SPN Writing Challenge | deans-colette vs. casinthongs

prompt: detention
pairings: punk!reader x jock!Dean
word count: 
tags: highschool AU, past-self harm, bullying

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Rich Youth | Chapter 2

chapters: 1 | 23 | 4 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point

warnings: language

word count: 3K

Be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing, Y/N.

Be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Be careful of wolves.

Be careful.

These words had not left my brain in the last three days. I hadn’t spoken to Ten since that night although I did occasionally catch glimpses of him and Johnny walking around the club. To my relief, neither of them even bothered to acknowledge my existence. I was still incredibly upset at the fact that Ten had essentially told me I had severe daddy issues which made me crave male attention. No wonder I’d never seen him or heard of him dating anyone; despite being insanely attractive, he wasn’t exactly a charmer.

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"Can I help you with something?" The Seelie asked, looking up as the bell rung and the young man walked into her shop.

“Hi!” He spoke softly but with alot of enthusiasm. It was very obvious he was nervous but the reason as to why wasn’t quite as obvious. He wasnt very knowledgeable when it came to potions, nor was he very good at speaking to those he found insanely attractive. “So… I was walking down town and I saw your shop and I was reminded that it’s probably for the best I get advice on a potion I’d like to concoct.” He smiled placing his hand behind his head and rubbing it slowly. “If hate to burn my house down.” He said laughing quietly before returning his hands to their favorite place to be; his pockets.

college/roommate!luke blurb for @blesshemmings @angeliclukey and @calumhods this might be a little nsfw ?1?1

Word count: 1,902

The fact that your new roommate was a boy wasn’t a problem, it was just that you had a roommate that bothered you. Your parents were going to be paying half of your rent any longer, forcing you into getting one. You probably could have handled the rent alone if you did more shows. You would have to adjust your schedule so that the boy wouldn’t be a problem.

The best thing about him was that he was insanely attractive, and had a habit of walking around nearly nude. Great masturbation footage for the show. You just prayed your parents and roommate didn’t find out. There had previously been a few creeps who traced your IP and found you, asking for a private show. Even a few students who tried to blackmail you into doing their work for them not to tattle. There weren’t any rules against being a cam girl in college, so it didn’t matter if the school find out. Just the parents, and maybe the really hot roommate. You prayed each time he was gone that he wouldn’t come home during one of your shows.

However, luck was always on your side and Luke never came home while you were thinking about him being balls deep in you and you moaned out obscene words. The thing about Luke was that he went home on the weekends and to his friends on Wednesdays. He didn’t have school Thursday. That left you three days, four if you were lucky. Five if his early Friday classes were cancelled.

It was going smoothly until Luke was at his friend, Calum’s, house, as usual and Calum just had to bring you up. You had met Calum once when Luke invited you to the beach. A tiny tattoo gracing the skin of your hip was visible above the waistband of your suit. Calum was so sure it was the same tattoo that the cam-girl had when he watched the little shows you put on Saturday nights. The same nights Calum knew Luke was out There were shows Wednesdays too, but he never watched them because of his friends being over.

It made almost perfect sense to him, you were a secret cam girl who did her shows when no one else was home. “Hey, Luke, we gotta talk about your roommate.” Calum figured pulling Luke from the crowd was the best idea, especially if Luke wanted proof.

Luke stumbled behind Calum as he led him into his room. “What’s up? Did something happen? Oh god, is Molly okay, did she run off again? Let me find my keys,” the panicked look and rambling almost made Calum decide not to tell. But he had to.

Calum was still iffy about the ordeal, and maybe telling Luke as he’s half drunk wasn’t the best idea. He opened his mouth and settled with, ‘No, your dog is fine. It’s about your roommate, (Y/N).”

“God, she’s a fucking babe isn’t she? Fuck. Sorry, what is it?”

“I think it’s better if I show you, easier to explain I guess. Give me a minute to find it,” Calum shoved his hand under his bed and pulled out his laptop. withing a minute he was on her page and the stream was ready to resume. alum handed Luke the laptop and pressed the pink play button at the bottom of the video. Her moans instantly filled the room, Calum’s sound was low but you could hear it enough to know what was happening if you couldn’t see the screen. “Look at the tattoo on her hip, doesn’t (Y/N) have the same one?”

Luke stared at the screen in bewilderment, this couldn’t be you. You were so innocent, and pure and fuck this was not helping with the fact he was already so into you. When he glanced to the side he saw the comments, the chat was constantly refreshing and he saw multiple mentions of money. So this was how you made enough money for the apartment and food and tuition and anything else you wanted. Your face wasn’t in the camera but Luke could tell just from the audio that it was you.

The room explained what was at the end of the hallway in your apartment. He always assumed it was a storage closet of some sort but now he realized that it was so much more than that. It was your little play room. “Calum, uh, I gotta go. I’ll see you next week. Or class, yeah, class. Bye,” Luke’s voice could hrdly be heard when he said ‘bye’ but it didn’t matter, he was long gone by the time Calum had time to say goodbye.

When he got back to your shared apartment, Luke slowly opened the door and shut it as quietly as he could. He had taken his boots off in the ball to prevent the sound of them against the floor. HE set them on the fuzzy rug by the couch and made his way down the hall. It was almost silent, except he could hear your gaps and whines. The occasional moan floated through the air and his pants tightened more every time. Instead of opening the door, he sat across from it and waited. He didn’t want to open the door and ruin the show, his mother had taught him to be a nice, considerate man.

He was there for what felt like hours, but was probably only half an hour. When you opened the door in nothing but an opened robe, he almost busted in his pants, you almost screamed. Your mouth opened and closed, there was nothing you could say to make this less mortifying. The one thing you didn’t want to happen, happened.

“Princess…” Luke’s voice when he said the pet name was strained and it sent shivers down your spine. Pet names weren’t unusual with Luke, especially not this one, but the tone was so far from usual. Before he could say any more you were rushing to your room, you were locked in your room before he could even reach your door. There was a knock against the wood, ad a soft murmur of your name but you only ignored him.Taking a shower seemed to be the best option at this point, and the hot water calmed your nerves easily. You stayed in until the water cooled and soothed your red skin.

Without even bothering to get dressed, you slid under your duvet and turned off your lamp. Thankfully, sleep took over before you could overthink what had happened.

You woke up later than you though you would, and you could hear Luke moving about in the kitchen. Oh, what you would do to have him be at Calum’s right now. Your stomach was starting to growl and you desperately needed something to drink. It was either face Luke or starve. As much as you wanted to avoid Luke, your stomach didn’t want to avoid Luke and you could smell food. He was trying to lure you out.

It took quite awhile for you to work up the courage to leave your room, and when you finally got dressed and left, Luke was sitting in his usual spot and the table was set with a variety of foods. When you met Luke he had warned you that when things happen he has a tendency to cook it away. This was one of those things you assumed.

Luke was the first to speak, “It doesn’t have to be awkward, you know that right?” He went back to being quiet when you didn’t say anything. The silence was short lived. “We can go back to our schedule, I pretend I don’t know about the shows, I’ll keep going to my parents and Calum’s. You’ll go on with the shows, it’ll be just like it was before last night. Or…”

You waited for him to continue, but it seemed like he was waiting for your approval to continue talking. You looked up at him and his hair was flat, curled at the ends, but it somehow still looked perfect. With a nod from you he continued, “Or, I could ask you a few things and we could try something… new. If you want I can ask the questions and then we’ll decide, or you could just back out now.”

One of your worst traits was that you were always curious. “You know, curiosity killed the cat,” your voice was so soft, it surprised you both.

“Satisfaction brought it back,” Luke countered. 

Neither of you expected the answer that you gave him. “Ask away, but first, how did you find out?” That was the one things that confused you, he couldn’t have found out before last night and it was sometime during your show. You were almost certain he wasn’t looking up something to get off to during a party.

“Calum, uh, he watched it.” Luke scratched the back of his neck and his face heated up. “He recognized the little tattoo on your hip and showed me your little show.” It was Luke’s turn to be embarrassed, he just admitted that he watched his roommate fuck herself. To his roommate. He avoided your gaze and started drinking his tea. He wasn’t even a huge fan of this specific type, but he knew the scent would pull you from your room.

When he did finally look at you you smile slightly and gave him a nod to continue. “I was wondering how much you make during each session? Sorry if that’s too personal or whatever- but yeah.” He kept pulling his lip ring into his mouth and letting it go and doing it again.

“It depends, sometimes I get requests to do certain things or say something and I get more money on those nights. The most I’ve gotten was four I think,” you tried to act nonchalant while replying, but your heart felt like it would beat out of your chest any second.

Luke’s mouth opened a few times, and he blinked a few times, like he was trying to process the information. “You mean four thousand?” His mouth fell open when you nodded and he seemed to get lost in thought for a moment before he nodded slowly. “Do you think you would make more with a partner?”

This question had your heart skipping a beat. Of course you had a few suggestions of you getting someone to play with, if you could call it that. There had been a time or two when you had a one night stand and they let you record some things to post later to the blog, and that made the donations skyrocket for a few days.

“There would definitely be more donations made, yeah,” You nodded as you replied, and you could easily predict his next question.

“You wanna try something new, baby girl?” Luke’s voice sounded almost the same way it did last night when he called you princess and you almost moaned at the way he sounded saying baby girl. You shook your head and bit your lip as he got up from his chair and moved to your side of the table. He pressed light kisses to your neck, slowly traveling up and when he reached your ear he whispered, “Yes or no, wanna hear you say it baby.”

Girl Next Door (Suga x Reader)

Requested by rosette93: hello fab admins!!!how’s you day/night/evening/morning??[don’t know where you’re from ;p]^^ it’s open so..: pls for suga in love with the girl next door or from his university[choose any] but he first time feeling too shy to confess to her. they didn’t have a conversation that many times. she see what happens and think it’s cute becouse she likes him to but she didn’t done anything to not embarrass him. thx ;33 


It had been 3 years since you had moved into your new house, the neighbourhood you moved in was generally calm and everyone seemed quite reserved … Especially this one guy, you had seen him many times but never truly spoke to him or got to know him. The first time you saw him, you thought that he was insanely attractive … There was something about him that you found beautiful, yet, it seemed as though his indescribable beauty threatened you. Whenever you saw him you felt very intimidated as you believed that he didn’t really like you or care about you. Even though, he was you’re next door neighbour you didn’t really know his name although your friends did mention that he was known as ‘Suga’, as his skin is of a pale creamy complexion and also because once you get to know him he is sweet like sugar. The only times you really got to speak to him was when you got the wrong letters through your mailbox or when the both of you unexpectedly see each other outside. 

The few times you got to talk to him made you grow appreciative of him, you genuinely found him interesting. The reason you thought he disliked you was due to the way he was around you, whenever you tried to talk to him he wouldn’t even try to maintain a conversation, it was as if he would do everything he can to get away from you whereas when he spoke to your friends, he would look at them and listen to them. At first, you thought he was shy but when you realised that he only reacted this way with you, it hurt you a little bit but it didn’t mean that you gave up on attempting to befriend him.

One day, your friend came over to sleep at your house for the night, she was super close to Suga - well, you assumed she was as you always saw them talking to each other and even suspected them of being in a relationship together.

She put on a movie and sat next to you, slightly nudging you intentionally “Yunseo~ah hajima, I’m trying to watch the movie.” you whined “_____~ah” she mimicked your voice “I don’t even sound like that” Yunseo’s way of showing her affection towards you was by annoying you “Anyways _____. I feel like I haven’t talked to you in so long yet, there’s so much to talk about … So have you been dating anyone lately” you took a long time to reply while your eyes stayed fixated on the screen “Aniyo … Have you?” She cleared her throat loudly “Uh sort of … It’s complicated. Is there anyone you have your eyes on?” You dropped your gaze, now looking at the floor “I like this guy” Her eyes widened “WHO?” You hid your smile behind your hand “Suga but I have a feeling that he doesn’t like me. In fact he doesn’t seem interested in me at all” she rolled her eyes “Are you crazy?! Whenever he talks to me or approaches me it’s to talk about you, to get to know more about you. Ever since you moved here you’re all he seems to talk about … It’s a bit annoying really, but he loves you.” You didn’t believe her at all “If he loves me then he’s got a funny way of showing it” she furrowed her eyebrows disagreeing with what you said “Aniyo, he’s just really shy. You need to give him a bit of space, eventually he’ll come to you when he feels comfortable.” You doubted it, the only way you would believe that he liked you was if he confirmed it, if he really 'loved’ you then why has nothing progressed over 3 years or could it be that Yuseo was right and he could just be really shy.

The morning after you decided to go to a basketball court far from your area to go play some basketball. You used to drive there every morning and usually played basketball when something worried you, you weren’t really that good at it but it didn’t stop you from trying to play. Playing this sport really helped you ease your mind, when you played you were able to forget about everything. Your music blasted through your earphones completely isolating you from the world. You attempt to shoot the ball in the hoop but fail miserably. Two, three, four … On the fifth shot the ball hit the backboard with such force that the ball flew in the opposite direction. The ball travelled further than you had expected, you jogged to the other end of the court without realising that someone had already caught your ball. You were jogging too fast. No matter how hard you tried to decelerate, you couldn’t stop. Everything happened so quickly, the last thing you remembered was falling on top of the person “Oh mianhaeyo” you got off of him and handed a hand for him to get up - completely oblivious to who you had fallen on top of. His voice was shaky “Here’s your ball” it’s only then that you realised it was Suga “Thank you” he handed you the ball as your hand accidentally brushed against his, he instantly let go of the ball causing it to drop on his foot “Are you okay?” He nodded unable to maintain eye contact “I’ll be going” you grabbed on to his wrist restraining him to go “Jebal, don’t leave.” A deep blush rushed to his cheeks at your touch, you didn’t know what was wrong with you today. You seemed unable to keep your hands off him “I’m really sorry. I mean, I never knew you came here - please play basketball with me?” He ended up agreeing. 

During the game there was lots of smiles, giggling and genuine laughter along with unintentional skinship that made you internally scream and caused your breathing to intensify. All of a sudden he came to tackle you, his face was dangerously close to yours and for the first time ever his eyes directly pierced into yours causing the both of you to become almost motionless, scared by how the other would react. He cleared his throat in discomfort “I’ll be going first.” You felt an outbreak of rain pattering on your face, seeing this as an excuse to head home you rushed to your car.

On your drive home, you saw Suga trembling in the rain clutching on to his own arms to keep himself warm. Rolling your window down you called out to him “Yah, Oppa. Get in” he shook his head but you insisted. You let him sit in the front seat beside you even though he was wet which could damage your leather but you didn’t care. He took off his snapback running his fingers through his hair only to rearrange it. You glanced at his hair and noticed there was something different about him, whatever it was it complimented his appearance even more than before. You glanced back at his hair realising it wasn’t black, it was of a vibrant red colour. He simpered “Yah, keep your eyes on the road.” You didn’t realise you’ve been staring at him for a long time “Mianhae, I just really like what you did with your hair. It suits you really well.” His mouth transforms into half a smirk “Komawoyo. ______, can I put a song on?” You were glad that he was in your car as it forced him to speak with you “Of course” he got a CD out from his bag “I actually made this song” a soft beat was introduced followed by a chilled melody then out of nowhere a wild satoori rap broke out, you recognised his voice. His rap was somewhat violent, you felt attacked but you loved it. “I really like it. It sounds amazing.” You weren’t used to seeing or hearing Suga being confident. Now you began to find his shy attitude towards you really adorable “_____, I want to talk to you about something” you parked somewhere near your house to ensure you were giving him your full and utmost attention “Ne?” He felt so much pressure on himself building up however, it wasn’t an excuse. He had to tell you how he felt even if you were to reject him “I heard that you felt bad all the times I wouldn’t talk to you” you slightly raised your eyebrows “It’s cool, I get it if you don’t want to talk to me.” He shook his head vigorously “I did want to talk to you but I didn’t know what to do. I-I thought that you didn’t like me.” You narrowed your eyes “No I do li- you’re an amaz- I think your … Never mind” it was you’re turn to stutter as you struggled to find the right words to say “_____, I couldn’t confess to you before because I was so scared that you would reject me. You’re a good friend and I would love to get to know you more.” He got out of the car leaving you to think about what he said. 

Finally, you understood everything. Suga was only talking to Yuseo to ask about you, this was a clear indication that he wanted to know more about you but wasn’t really sure of how to approach you. All the times he avoided your eyes was because he was intimidated by them and nervous towards his feelings for you, attempting to convey his feelings only made him appear as a clumsy person. You remembered catching a glimpse of him smiling at you while you were playing basketball but it seemed to happen more often than you thought. It finally made sense as to why he stuttered whenever he directly spoke to you or how he used to get nervous only around you but not other girls - Suga didn’t only like you, he loved you. As soon as you acknowledged his feelings you knew you felt the same way but you didn’t feel as strongly as him. You phoned Yuseo to tell her everything that happened “He didn’t really confess to you then … He only said he wanted to get to know you.” She sounded really cold and distant “I understand him very well because I can kind of relate my personality to his” Yuseo started getting really defensive “You’ve known him for 3 years and that’s it your best friends now, huh?” You couldn’t understand why she was being like that “What is that even supposed to mean? Yuseo~ah you know how I feel about him.” She sounded rather irritated “So go date him! I don’t know?! You guys are so annoying, keep me out of your problems.” You were beyond shocked, you saw no reason for Yuseo to talk like that … Unless? No, she couldn’t possibly like him, could she? “Are you jealous?” You became very tense hoping that you weren’t right, hoping that you had made a false judgement “Why would I be jealous?! I liked him before you even knew he existed.” She hung up on you straight after. Everything was so confusing. You really wanted to confess to Suga but you couldn’t. Being romantically involved with him would just cause more problems between your 'friendships’ and you were afraid that in being in a relationship with him could embarrass him.

You looked outside your window, hearing the screeching of a car and seeing Yuseo making her way to Suga’s house. She had brought him a really expensive camera … You had totally forgotten that it was Valentine’s Day. She knocked at his door several times before he answered. “Happy Valentine’s Day Oppa” she sang “Komawo” he took the gift and let her in. He didn’t appear to be going anywhere, his hair was messy and he was in pyjamas. “Yoongi?” she stood very close to him “Hm?” He hummed slightly backing away from her, but Yuseo kept coming closer. She was so close to him that she pushed her chest against his “What is this? What are you doing” she grabbed on to the nape of his neck “I want you” he managed to get out of her reach “No, stop. Why are you being like this?” She looked down at her feet “I love you … You should love me back” he looked directly into her eyes “I don’t though. I love _____ and if you were a good friend to her you wouldn’t be standing here trying to get with me.” She tried touching him but he took so many steps backwards that if he wasn’t careful, he could of been crashing into the wall “What is it about her that so special? Why do you 'love’ her” he started smiling to himself just thinking about it “The first time I saw her, I was blown away by her beauty but then I got to know her and her personality blew me away even more - she’s so kind and understanding towards me even when I couldn’t maintain a conversation. She’s always been there for me when I need her.” Yuseo rolled her eyes “What about me!?” Suga shrugged “What about you?” She tried hard to restrain her tears “Why don’t you love me? I could make you feel so much more better.” He gave her a blank and extremely cold stare “It’s not the same. I only love you as a friend. Your just a friend … That’s all you’ll ever be.” Yuseo was infuriated and could not accept the truth once it was given to her. “Fine. I wish you and _____ the worst” she grabbed the camera on her way out.

Suga got dressed before making his way to your house. He knocked and you answered “Annyeong” you bowed but he didn’t speak back, he couldn’t. He looked at his feet, fiddling with his fingers. His mouth went so dry that he couldn’t even project his voice the only thing that could be heard from him were soft whimpers “Are you okay?” You lifted up his chin so that he could look at you, he became really flustered at your touch “I … I-I” you smiled at his shyness “Suga, you don’t have to be shy with me. I would never do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.” He mumbled under his breath “This is so embarrassing” you looked around as the atmosphere was awkward “It’s cold outside, you should come in." 

-admin blxnktae

Austin literally thinks he is this insanely attractive wrestler jock that was carved and crafted by God and that every woman/gay man thirsts after him like you have a ponytail beard boo u ain’t shit

Now What? Caleb + Etienne


Caleb stood at the closed door to Etienne’s home, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. There was so much going on in his head, that he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to speak at all. Why was he so nervous? He was never this nervous about dating, but then again, he hadn’t really dated since Susan.

But this wasn’t a date, right? He was just getting to know someone. Getting to know a student at his university. A student at his university who he was insanely attracted to, who he now knew was attracted to him. 

Okay, he could totally do this,  he thought to himself while he knocked. WAIT, this was a bad idea. He should just bail. He should just leave right then and there. 

But it was too late, as the door opened. Smiling weakly, Caleb held up a bag of chips. “I brought snacks,” he said lamely. 


‘David’ JR Bourne, the guy who did indeed grow up to be really good looking (his mum was right). He literally never stops laughing. It’s insanely attractive.

He also suggested I ‘suck it’ when looking me in the eye and offering me a Malteser at Friday night’s M&G. I’m frankly not sure I’ll ever recover.

Wolfs Bane 3, Birmingham - Sunday 19 July 2015