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My favourite thing was how many people seemed to be confused… ‘cause this video blew up. A lot of people somehow stumbled across this video on my channel that maybe don’t watch all of my videos and they were like 'Wow, this guy’s audience is really mean. He looks really sad. Why is this big YouTuber just looking at the camera like he’s just waiting for death at any moment?’ And there was just so many kind of adorably concerned - there were even like edgy teenage boys, commenting like 'damn I feel bad for this guy’ - so well done. Well done me for having the sense of humour, well done you for having it too and joining in. We made lots of people on YouTube concerned for my well being, which kind of was the point of the whole thing, so well done us!

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 17th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (24/?)

Dan’s take on his The Top Dan Memes of 2016 video. Apparently, sharing a weird humour was worthy of an applause. 

// Im replaying Jumin’s route for the first time in so long and I forgot how cute he is when you laugh at or enjoy his jokes oh my goodness


- He doesn’t go on youtube too often, but he does have a channel that he’ll update sometimes. It’s not too big, around thirty thousand subscribers but still! Totally would have more if he uploaded more.

- Which is why he doesn’t recognize you at first, so you’ll need to show him a few of your videos.

- He thinks they’re really funny and it’s pretty amazing you have so many subscribers?? Damn he has some competition with all those fans.

- With video games hes not amazing, but he’s not bad either. He’d love to be in your videos with you if that’s okay!


- What is a ’ Lets-Player? ’

- You’ll need to tell him what that is, he doesn’t get how people find entertainment from it but he’s fine with it.

- Play Grand theft auto with him!! He likes that game.

- He doesn’t really like to be in your videos too often because he feels like he ruins them with his “monotone personality” but he’s adorable to watch, the little pout he gets on his lips when his character gets wasted is adorable and your fans think so as well. He enjoys playing with you too.

- Spoils you with really nice equipment and lighting.


- AAA!!


- He’s seen your videos before thats you?!

- A nervous wreck honestly, he loves video games but you’re a master at them! He’ll be too shy to go on your channel at first but eventually he’ll open up and come on sometimes, even starts his own channel doing LOLOL tips and tricks.

- It’s not as popular as yours but he fanboys over you a lot, even in the relationship. You’re basically a celebrity, he’s dating someone famous?! Never in a million years would have thought he would.

- He loves doing challenges with you!! Like the chubby bunny, drawing challenges, photobooths. They’re always really fun.


- He knew since he hardcore stalked you did a background check on you and binge watched your videos that night instead of working.

- Will LOVE making videos with you, especially playing horror games. When you squeal he thinks it’s the cutest and promises to protect you from the scary virtual monsters.

- He’s such a meme in your videos it’s highly requested that he makes his own channel.

- If he did it would be bullshit memes like we are number one but every single one is replaced by carl wheezer

- or the bee movie in 7 minutes because he thinks things like that are hilarious


- He mainly watches cooking tutorials on youtube so he doesn’t recognize you at first

- But he’ll watch some of your videos and comment on what a cutie pie you are, no wonder people love to watch you as much as he does.

- If you’re an american youtuber it’s hard for him to be in your videos because speaking english is hard for him.

- It’s not that he doesn’t know it, he can write it and everything it’s just his accents rather strong and when he speaks sometimes he’ll get his words jumbled up.

- And he’s not the best at video games but it’s fun to see him try his best!! He has a really nice time and he’s great around a camera so he doesn’t act stiff at all which your fans like to see.


- He’s watched people on youtube play horror games before but he’s never heard of you whoops

- He thinks your videos are rather cute, when you play horror games your reactions are funny and adorable.

- Prefers to not go in your videos often, but sometimes he will.

- If you’re American he’s a lot like V, his english speaking isn’t the greatest but he tries!!

- He doesn’t even jump at horror games more of less cringes at lines or graphics half the time.

- If it’s a really well made horror game he’ll be a little scared, says he’s not but you can tell in his reactions that he’s is a bit jumpy at everything but he’s pretty good at hiding it.

Larries who said stuff like “I want to believe Louis is a dad but he just never looked like a loving father,” first off we all know you’re damn liars… but even so, let me point out that Louis clearly has been the dad we see in that video all year, he just has not chosen to share too many of these moments with the public (altho it was obvious from the first pictures he posted but nevermind).

The rest of us didn’t need to see this to know that Louis would be a wonderful, loving dad. We respect him as a person and understand that we don’t have a right to see every intimate part of his life. We didn’t need him to prove his fatherhood for us.

But for those of you who pretended it was reasonable not to believe that a father loves his son until he performed it for you: here you are.

He’d meant to send it privately. Shit. Fuck. God damn it.

Tsukishima Kei stares at the many screenshots of the video he’d posted half an hour ago, captions added, and the many “OMG I DoWNLOADED IT IN CasE HE DELETS ITFHJ” that go with it. His phone is blowing up next to him, and he knows it’s Tadashi, but he can’t bring himself to answer the calls and texts. He’s too busy trying to figure out how he could be so fucking stupid.

He shouldn’t have hit record and said his feelings. He shouldn’t have posted the video privately on tumblr to send to Tadashi. He shouldn’t have accidentally hit “unprivate” while he was editing the posts caption.

Maybe confessing to Tadashi with a video was a bad idea.

With a groan, Tsukishima hits play on the video that just ruined his life. He doesn’t even want to watch it, he has no idea why he is. Maybe to rub it in his own face that his life is ruined?

“So…Uh…I don’t know how to start this. Uh…Yamaguchi. I’m bad with feelings, and talking, and talking about my feelings, and– You get it. But I knew from the first time….I saw you…that you were going to ruin my life. I knew from the moment I hit play on your videos. From your pretty face, to your…sweet, perfect attitude, never not smiling…I just knew. And…” Tsukishima in the video gulps, pushing up his glasses, and Tsukishima in real life wants to pound his head against his head against his desk until he dies, because honestly.

“I like you, Yamaguchi. I– I really do. Like, a lot. Embarrassingly so. I would never be able to tell you to your face, and I know you’re always on your tumblr, so…I made this. Please, uh– if you don’t return my feelings…just pretend this didn’t happen.

“I don’t want anything to change between us, I…I just enjoy our time together, and if we were to…go out…I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that….So…Bye.”

God, you’re so awkward, Kei!

Tsukishima groans, and lets his head fall to his desk. “Fucking kill me!..”

Tsukishima watches his dashboard with disdain through his skewed glasses. He feels sick. Tadashi is going to leave him forever, now, and it’s all his fault. Damn it.

His computer dings, and he groans. He lifts his head, and frowns at the message tab. He only has messaging open for friends.

Opening the window begrudgingly, Tsukishima feels his breath leave him. Tadashi’s url is highlighted, and Tsukishima can see the cursed “tadafries sent you a video!” flashing on the screen. He can’t escape him, can he? With a groan, Tsukishima clicks on the message, and sees a video clip. Trying not to cringe at being rejected in the same unconventional way he confessed, he presses play. 

The video goes full screen, and Tsukishima watches as Tadashi appears on screen. 

“Hi, uh…Tsukki… Ha– uh, this is weird…making a video just to one person. Ah… You’re not answering my calls…Or my texts…Or your door. I went and knocked on the door, and it was locked… So I figure you’re not getting the memo here. I like you too. So much it hurts sometimes. Really. 

“You’re sweet, and handsome, and your soft, and I can’t tell you enough how you’ve changed me. So, uh…I guess when you finally look.” 

“Shit.” Tsukishima slams his laptop shut, and pounds his head against the desk. “Stupid stupid stupid.” 

Lifting his phone, he peeks at the screen. Twenty text messages, fifteen calls. God, is he an idiot. He needs to fix this. 

Getting to Tadashi’s house takes less time than usual, and he fears he’s disturbed the neighbors by time Tadashi opens up. “Tsukki?..” 

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot.” 

“You’re not an idiot.” 

“I am! I posted a video about my feelings for you online. I didn’t mean to, I was just going to send it to you… The point is, I– I was so stupid–”



“Do you like me?” 

“Y…eah?..” Tsukishima frowns, brows furrowing. “I like you a lot.” 

“Then shut up and kiss me.” 

So he does. 


reasons i love jeonghan: debut big plan teaser

Hetalia as FaceBook users

Italy: likes everything
Germany: occasionally uses
Japan: likes pages more than people
America: literally posts everything
England: doesn’t know how to use it
France: love quotes and pictures of food
China: that “middle-aged-white-mom” stereotype
Russia: looks at everyone’s profile so he knows all of it but never comments or likes
Canada: the one who posts stuff occasionally but never gets any likes or comments
Romano: doesn’t accept friend requests, mostly just rants
Austria: shares musical YouTube videos
Hungary: way too many tagged photos
Spain: keeps sending those damn game requests
Prussia: goes on and brags about himself
Poland: selfie obsessed
Greece: keeps forgetting his password so it’s just there
Turkey: keeps figuring out Greece’s password and changing it
Belarus: stalks Russia’s profile, never posts anything. Her information isn’t even posted
Ukraine: shares old photographs and a long back story that eventually ends in tears
Estonia: runs Facebook
Latvia: fellow user
Lithuania: posts a joke, but only Poland likes it
Switzerland: made one but never uses it
Lichtenstein: the reason Switzerland has any photos
Denmark: group photos and stupid posts about Norway or Sweden
Sweden: threatening remarks at Denmark on every post
Finland: casual Facebook mom who posts photos of Sealand and him
Norway: grammar Nazi and reports Denmark a lot
Iceland: just goes on because Norway made him an account
Sealand: too young lol
Hong Kong: got a Facebook so he could play cute games
Vietnam: does cute photo edits
South Korea: shares K-Pop a lot and obnoxiously tags people in videos
Seychelles: tourists and adventurous photos
Holy Rome: RIP page created by Italy

Since writing the fic for this would probably consist of me screaming for 5 hours straight, here are some headcanons about college!Flashvibe: 

  • These two are roommates and they literally make this damn room (and eventually their apartment) into their cave. There are posters everywhere, they have a huge TV with a game console, and their room smells faintly of Barry’s Axe because college Barry definitely had that damn spray and Cisco hated it. 
  • They play just so many video games that it’s honestly ridiculous, and they’re so competitive that they had a scoreboard up to track whoever’s winning. 
    • Whoever has more wins at the end of the month gets to tell the other one what to do for a day, granted that it isn’t too much. They usually used this for chores, but once they got together, they had a lot more fun with this competition. 
  • Their partying consisted of Cisco grinding up on Barry while he giggled like a child. 
  • And then, their study sessions consisted of a lot of 5 Hour Energy, protein bars, and making out on their study breaks.
  • Barry was slow as shit before he became The Flash, and therefore Cisco had to drag him out of their room in order to get anywhere on time. He ended up telling Barry the wrong hours for events so that they could actually get there on time
  • These two also 100% joined an acapella group on campus at some point during their college career and serenaded each other while looking into each other’s eyes and nothing will convince me otherwise. 

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Hot damn those wyatt knights are total fags, this is like reminding me of TGWTG contributors and their spergy antics. Too many chemicals in the tap water man, this is why you should drink straight from the bottle.

I legitimately don’t know if TGWTG exists anymore.  Spoony’s off it and he doesn’t even make new videos not that they were any good anymore, linkara is a nobody in the grand scheme of existence and no one cares what he says about anything anymore, those guys who did Weekly Manga Recap just seem to operate off patreon now, Doug Walker’s old reviews were pretty faggy and full of dumb skits that helped ruin video reviews across the internet, SF Debris is independent, Red Letter Media is independent, blip.tv closed down, most people who want to do video reviews just do it independently on youtube.

TGWTG was a video review clique, it revolved around a lot of ingroup preference.  I know this from experience that this falls apart within a matter of a few years, because one or two popular members of the ingroup become outcast by an increasingly insular and hypersensitive clique, which is the nature of all cliques, the more they’re a group at all, the more they insulate themselves and become elitist, creating a hierarchy, a caste system among themselves of “old regulars” that they personally choose to approve of, and “newbies” who must earn their way by being appropriately sycophantic, while offering some level of value (”entertainment” value or any other kind they can manage) to the overall group, or at least to the audience, though usually that wouldn’t work either.

For example, if Red Letter Media, COMPLETELY THEORETICALLY, were to join the TGWTG group, they’d be welcomed as an extremely necessary and valued source of viewers, but within the first month easily, some of the other regulars (most likely girls, or thirsty white knight simps looking to score points with girls by acting outraged on their behalf) would begin voicing disapproval of RLM’s content.  A bunch of faggots in that general circle have already whined about RLM, talking about editing their reviews to get rid of all the “violence against women” (which never actually happens and the “skits” are less than a minute at best).  Compare this to TGWTG’s skits which have been known to go on for 4 minutes, derailing their own already generic and uninsightful reviews (do we really need another typical review from some fat weeb wearing a trilby telling us how Ghost in the Shell has “great atmosphere” while completely afraid to critically analyze the storytelling and characters?).

So after 6 months to a year, TGWTG would be divided against itself, those who enjoy RLM’s content or are indifferent to their offensive stuff, and those who virtue signal to the world and let everyone know what great people they are for disapproving of RLM’s reviews.  Then TGWTG users would turn against all of each other, and the virtue signalling people would want all others expelled.  The others would be expelled and left to only thrive alone, while the even more insulated ingroup would wither and die, which is pretty much what already did happen to TGWTG.

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Favorite YouTube videos?

Oh man, favorite YouTube video? I have a shit ton. Anything by Filthy Frank or H3H3, dude. Eva’s is anything by those toy channels with the Spider Man and Elsa bullshit. I have to restrict that shit from her. No one should watch that, not even fucking adults dude.

I don’t know what my favorite YouTube video is. There’s so many. I still get a laugh out of the oh long Johnson cat, it’s stupid but it’s cute. I don’t watch YouTube everyday like Cartman does but some of shit he’s shown me was pretty damn hilarious. He’s shown me some of Ethan and Hila’s content and I like them. Filthy Frank is great too. Oh, and Brandon Rogers.

I don’t know, anything by Markiplier I guess? Or JackSepticEye? I watch too many lets players.

Texts From Last Night Sentence Meme #1 (semi-nsfw)
  • he told me that he only likes small dogs. I should have known he was going to end up being a little bitch.
  • You grabbed my shirt and said, “hope you’re not attached” and ripped it off before I could answer you.
  • Damn it. If you ever throw me again, take video.
  • I feel like too many of my sentences start off with “Hey, fuckface!”
  • After the day I’ve had, I can’t decide if donuts or fireball would be the appropriate priority.
  • Just took acid. Wish me luck.
  • I wanna hang out. The cats don’t talk back.
  • What happened last night and why am I partially covered in queso?
  • My ex is having a baby and I’m over here planning my dogs birthday celebration…
  • I’m owning this being a social human being thing tonight!
  • Why is there never any toilet paper at his apartment? What does he wipe his ass with? WHAT DOES HE WIPE IT WITH?!?
  • Do you remember the guy that smelled like hot dogs?
  • No he reached for my hand at the beach. I pretended to be a seagull.
  • Holy shit last night was like the irresponsible Olympics for me
  • I solemnly swear to help bail you out of jail when you throw a dildo at a politician.
  • I would literally only have sex with a dinosaur right now.
  • I’m so bored I talked to the Bible guys for 30 minutes.
  • Can you repeat that, but with context?
  • What did the sign say that bob stapled to his ass?
  • I agree with that homeless guy though, you do need a haircut
  • It’s 7:30pm and we’ve already lost someone and had to run from the cops. What the fuck did you put in the punch?
  • I behisseth at your soul from the deepest darkest depths of the earth
  • The magician guy on probation is here at the bar. I’m gonna get him to show me a trick
  • Concept: I never actually flirt with anyone, I’m just a bitch and some people find it endearing
  • She forgot a bra so she just used saran wrap. The scary thing is, it worked.
  • I want to fling myself into the sun
  • I just need to get a little drunker before I realize I’m not straight
  • I’m alive. Mostly. Can’t quite control my arms.
  • He just brought a live lobster to the party.
  • They tried doing a backflip and ended up doing somersaults down the entire staircase.
  • The bird has been looking kind of ugly lately…gotta look nice to fly with the hawk ya know?
  • oh shit let me call u back there’s a hamburger in my pocket
  • I find it simply astounding you spelled drunken wrong but pterodactyl right
  • Dude, I just saw a bird vs. squirrel fight. A car won.
  • Someone changed my text signature to “Also, I think I might be gay” last night. Also, I think I might be gay

Who let Zac watch too many Harry Styles dancing videos? I am joking of course but damn he rubs himself. I am dead.

Never forget that one of my posts from this blog is in a fucking Jwittz video and comments were stiLL BEING MADE ABOUT HIS GOD DAMN TEETH IM GONNA KILL SOMEONE

Ok but I just watched a video that showed Clexa’s full love story and there was so many scenes from S2 in it and I haven’t watched those since S3 started because I haven’t had too and I literally lived off those scenes for a year and they made me so god damn happy because I believed in a straight white male to tell a story, that he promised he would get right and told us to have faith. Now when I watch these scenes I get so fucking sad. Everything Clarke and Lexa could’ve had went to shit. Everything Lexa has spent HER WHOLE LIFE trying to achieve is going to go to shit, and who gives a fuck right? Apparently Clarke won’t because Jason felt the need to make her morn for a whole 10 minutes and then make her, “suck it up and move on” as if Lexa is completely irrelevant and nothing she did even matter anymore. I’m just so tired. Lexa deserved so much better. Clarke deserved so much better. We deserved so much better.