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@low-functioning-witch asked for some elaboration on one of the headcanons in this post, so here’s my take on it! Contains fluffy Darkstache that can be read as either platonic or romantic.

TW: Guns, blood, and mention of panic attacks.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, Dark knows this is a bad idea.

Aside from how foolish it was, he knows it’s dangerous too. Him and Wilford are grown men with supernatural powers and unstable psyches, not children play fighting at a sleepover. It was very likely that any situation involving violence – even of the harmless kind – could escalate and end with someone getting hurt.

But even knowing that, Dark couldn’t help himself. Because Wilford just had to pluck the last piece of popcorn from Dark’s fingers and eat it. Because Wilford had this shit-eating grin on his face that Dark hated and loved. And because the smug bastard said, “Ah, victory tastes so sweet~”

Dark has no choice; he had to get payback.

Wilford’s only warning was his friend’s smirk before the man hit him in the face with a soft black pillow. 

Dark heard Wilford’s muffled yelp and grinned. “Revenge tastes even sweeter,” he shot back.

Wilford shoved the pillow away, scowling at Dark before grinning too. “Well, two can play at that puzzle.”

“It’s game, Wil –” Dark cut himself off when Wilford grabbed two pillows and launched them in his direction. Dark ducked and both hit the wall, but there was no time to pause. Immediately, more pink pillows appeared (damn Wilford’s weird powers) and Wilford grabbed them. Dark slid off the bed for cover, gathering an arsenal of his own.

The next few minutes were chaos. Dark and Wilford kept chucking pillows at each other, not even caring if they hit their mark. Both men were laughing and trading witty comebacks.

“Feel the power of Wilford Warfstache!” Wilford yelled, tossing a bunch of pillows in Dark’s direction. Dark laughed and blocked them with his arms, quickly flinging a pillow Wilford’s way and laughing even more when it hit his face. He was so busy laughing he got a pillow to the face in return.

“You can’t hide forever, Darky!” Wilford chimed, now holding a huge pillow in his hands. 

Dark snickered from below. 

There was just enough room under the bed for him to fit. He planned to launch a sneak attack, eager to catch his friend off guard and win their unofficial fight.

Wilford frowned. Dark’s silence meant he was planning something and, sure enough, he heard someone jostle his things under the bed. Wilford grinned maniacally. 

Oh, this would be good.

Wilford grabbed a random pillow, ready to whip Dark in the face with it. In his excitement, he didn’t notice the sudden weight in his hands. And the distinct shape of a gun poking through the pillow case.

As Dark sprang up to surprise him, Wilford struck.


Wait…that didn’t sound right.

“Fuck!” Dark hissed, grabbing his nose. Wilford stopped. When he saw the blood, he dropped the gun-hiding pillow on the bed.

“Oh, shit,” he stammered, “Dark, I’m sorry! Are you – “ Wilford saw the blood streaming down from Dark’s nose. Dark was trying to use his shirt to stop the bleeding, but it wasn’t much help. His nose was clearly broken.

Panic pierced Wilford like a bullet.

“Dark, I’m sorry, it was an accident, it was – “ Dark held up a finger. Quiet. Wilford shut up, still hovering over Dark on the bed.

“It’s fine, Wil,” Dark told him. “I can easily fix it.” He paused uncertainly. “You might want to look away though.” Wilford wasn’t sure what that meant, but closed his eyes anyways.

He heard another sharp crack and a tiny pained groan. Wilford kept his eyes closed. “Okay, you can look now,” Dark said.

When Wilford looked, his jaw dropped. The blood was still on Dark’s shirt and smeared on his face, but his nose looked fine. It was impressive, if not very disturbing.

No, impressive, Wilford told himself. There was no reason to be disturbed. “Wow,” he said aloud, “it’s like it never happened at all!”

Dark’s smile was bittersweet. “Exactly,” he agreed, “but the pain is still there…among other things.” He looked down at his shirt and grimaced. “I’m going to go change and wash up – “

“Are you coming back,” Wilford cut in.

Dark nodded to his relief. “Just remind me to check your pillows before we do this again.” He sounded like a parent scolding their child, but Wilford didn’t comment on it.

‘Before we do this again.’ So he didn’t mess up horribly and Dark wasn’t mad at him. That’s good. He’d hate to be banned from another fun activity because of his own carelessness.


Later that night, Wilford retold the story to the other egos. But this time, it was more like a funny story than a terrible accident that almost gave him a panic attack. Dark was chuckling as he spoke, so Wilford took that to be a good sign.

“So there I am thinking ‘Well, if good ol’ Darky thinks he’s gonna get the drop on me, he’s got another thing comin’!’” Wilford waves his hands for emphasis.

“And so I grab another pillow and just as he pops up –” here he mimics the action, “I whip that weasel in the face!”

Most of the egos laughed at that. It wasn’t often Dark was caught off guard, so even imagining it was just funny. Dark cleared his throat and added, “Except he ended up pistol whipping me since there was a gun in that pillow.”

Dr. Iplier was the first to react. His eyebrows shot up as he asked, “And you didn’t receive any injuries?”

“Oh, he did,” Wilford chimed in, “I broke his nose, but he fixed it by himself! Darky’s got some incredible powers.”

The doctor ego didn’t seem reassured, but said nothing else. One of the Jims spoke up too and said, “But that’s dangerous! Willy, your shooty shouldn’t be where you sleep.”

Wilford huffed. “It has to be! Otherwise what’ll I do when an intruder breaks in and tries to steal my precious guns?”

Bing looked confused. “But then couldn’t they just steal the one in your –”

“Intruders aren’t the issue,” Dark cut in, raising his voice. “The problem is that it’s hard to sleep when feeling unprotected, hence the guns.” Wilford nodded, glad that someone else understood.

Jim still looked concerned. “That’s still bad.”

Wilford huffed. “Well, we’re not exactly pure little angels like you, Jim.”

Jim smiled at the compliment, totally missing the sarcasm.


It was only early in the morning, after waking from another nightmare, that Wilford noticed it. On the pillow with his gun in it there was the word “Shooty” written in black Sharpie. Every other pillow said “Not Shooty” in the same black ink.

Wilford blinked. He figured it was Jim who did it – no one else called guns ‘shooty’ – and was more flattered than offended. If anything, it was kind of cute.

When Dark woke up next to him, Wilford pointed it out. “Look, Dark, Jim cares about you!” He figured Dark might complain about how ugly the pillows looked now, or maybe he’d just sigh and accept it.

But Dark’s jaw just dropped.

“How the hell did he get in here?!”

Can’t Say No ~ Sirius Black

hello loves :) this is the first fic I have posted and I am quite nervous but also very excited! I hope you all enjoy :) this was not requested, just something I wrote after being inspired by the song “Can’t Say No” by Dan + Shay!

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Y/N: your name

Y/H: your house

Y/H/C: your hair color

Word Count: 1530

Sirius woke suddenly to someone crawling into his bed. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know who it was; the familiarity of Y/N’s presence was enough. He felt her hands on his chest as she whispered over and over again for him to wake up, afraid that if she spoke too loud she might wake up the morning troll that was James Potter.

Sirius felt her snuggle into his side and wrap herself around him while still whispering at him to wake up. His free arm flopped over dramatically to his bedside table where he felt around for his watch. His tired eyes opened slightly, only just enough to make out the time on the face of the watch Remus had given him for Christmas the year before.

Sirius groaned, opened his eyes fully, and turned to face the beautiful Y/H girl that had invaded his bed so early on a Saturday.

“Darling, as much as I adore you, why the bloody hell are you waking me up at seven in the morning?”

“I heard from Remus yesterday, who heard from Lily, who heard from Dorcas, who heard from Frank, who heard from Professor Sinistra, that the sunrise this morning is supposed to absolutely spectacular and I want you, my wonderful boyfriend, to wake up and go watch it with me before breakfast.”

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I know this shit is old as fuck but I’m gonna write it anyway. So, I just logged onto tumblr and saw that Johnny Depp was trending and decided to write this to get it off my chest.

So, y'all remember the incident where Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence in 2016. She had a video of him slamming cabinets and throwing shit around, obviously angry as fuck, witnesses and pictures of her face after Depp hit her. They are divorced now. And let me tell you, it still baffles me how quick people are to forget. Not only that, but people still shame her, because she settled for an agreement where she received money from Depp instead of suing him. And you know why she did that? Because he fucking admitted to hitting her. So you got multiple evidence supporting her claim as well as a statement from the abuser who confirms it true. And y'all still defending his sorry ass.

What are they defending him with? Well, I’ve read multiple posts and comments online saying that she’s allegedly a “psycho” and an abuser as well. Oh and that she provoked him on purpose so she could collect his money. that doesn’t excuse shit.

You. Don’t. Hit. People.

I don’t know if the whole “she beat up her ex-girlfriend” is true or not. But if it is, than damn she just as a fucked up person as Depp it. Still doesn’t excuse his actions.
Even if she cheated, even if he found her in bed with someone else you don’t get to beat your fucking wife up. The fact that she took his money doesn’t change the fact that he raised his fist. If you’re in a relationship with someone who makes you so fucking angry that you get the urge to hit them or throw bottles across the room you either break up and/or walk the fuck away. (Unless she attacked him too and it was in self defense.)

I don’t care for your gender or sexual preference or status. When you abuse your significant other in a relationship by throwing things around and scaring them, by beating or mentally abusing them, the result is the same.

A concept: Lup being up in the middle of the night a few days after the finale, because liches don’t sleep, and coming across Angus McDonald similarly not sleeping. Which is unacceptable. She is a grownup undead being who’s allowed to be up at three am, he’s a little boy and he needs to nap. However he proves remarkably resilient against being bullied into bed by someone who can, at best, make his hair kind of static-y and push stuff around on his desk, and saves his check against her Sleep spell, so she has to go on an epic quest for a Corporeal Person to put this child down for the night. Who will she wake up in the process? Probably everyone. 

Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

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Sometimes I Swear Min Yoongi Will Be the Death of Me

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GOT7 - You sneaking in their bed at night.

Request:  Hello 💕💕 ( I hope you are well btw 😍😍😘😘) can I request a got7 reaction to you sneaking in their bed at night because you had a bad dream?? Thank you love 💕💕💗💗😘😘  


He felt someone lying on the bed next to him, he turned around and saw you. “Hey … what are you doing here?” “I had a nightmare, can I stay?” “Of course you can.” He smiled. He was dying inside, he was in love with you, sleeping with you was a dream. “Thank you, Jae.” “Anything for you.” He smiled shy.


He wouldn’t mind too much, he’d be too sleepy. “Hmm, can I sleep with you?” You said, already lying down. “Of course.” He said and gave a little smile. When you woke up, he was holding you close to him.


You were dating, but no one knew. It was a secret. You were sleeping in the dorm with the boys, but you were in the guest room. In the middle of the night, you decided to go to bed with Mark because you couldn’t sleep alone. “Hey ….” He said when he saw you. “Hi. Can I sleep here with you?” “Yes! Of course you can, my love.”


He would be so happy. “Jackson … I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?” “Yes, please. Lie down here, I’ll make you sleep.” You lay down next to him and he hugged you. “You know … My bed is pretty big, you can come sleep here whenever you want.” “Oh, really? I’ll always come to sleep with you.” You laughed. “Feel free.” He smiled and kissed your cheek.


“Hey …” You woke him up. “Hey, is everything okay?” He said sleepy. “I had a nightmare and I can’t sleep …” “Come here with me.Let’s sleep together.” He smiled. “But what if the boys ..” “No! They will not mind. Don’t worry.” He smiled and pulled you into bed with him.


You went to his bed and slept instantly without saying anything. In the morning, when you woke up, he was looking at you. “Good Morning.” He laughed. “May I ask when you came here?” “Well … I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep. So I came to sleep with you, sorry.” “No need to apologize.Why didn’t you wake me up? I could cuddle you.” He laughed. “Oh, stop!”


You woke him up, and he was worry instantly. “Are you okay? What happened?” “Nothing … Can I sleep here?” “Of course, baby.” He hugged you. “Is really everthing fine?” “Yeah … I just had a bad dream.” “Okay, wake me up if you need anything.” “Okay.”

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When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

A cat person - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: DAMN I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS! Can I request a Sirius x reader where he finds her as animagus (cat) and become super close and always tries to take her to his room and class and everywhere but like.. she can’t and one day decides to tell him?❤️❤️ 

Warnings: Um, I don’t really know. My English, not that great?
Image and Gif aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.

You had finally achieved the transformation.

You had tried for months, followed every step. Of course, nobody knew. You, however,  had guessed that McGonagall was an exception.
You had to keep a leaf of a Mandrake in your mouth for an entire month and you could honestly say that it sucked. You weren’t able to speak or eat properly and even the last person that you talked to was worried that something was wrong. Lily had even insisted for you to visit Madam Pomfrey. But you managed to escape that. She would know instantly.
Another bummer was that you couldn’t choose your animagus form. If you could, you would very much like to be a lion or a tiger or even a cat. You knew that your form would represent your personality and you liked to think that you, just like a cat, can show all the affection in the world if someone had earned it but was independent and very well self-sufficient. And it was cute.
You had read that your animagus form and your Patronus could be the same. There was an exception, though. Your Patronus could change- so it would represent the soul of your significant other. You didn’t know your Patronus yet but you were quite positive that it would reveal your long-time crush on a certain raven-haired, gray-eyed boy. The crush was formed the very moment you laid eyes on him. But you were not that great when it came to actions. You just sat back while he slept with everyone. Literally everyone. But you didn’t do anything. What could you do anyways?
 So, here you were. Your first transformation.
You felt dizzy-like you had been drinking for a while. Kind of light headed. You looked down. Paws? Small paws? You wanted to squeal in happiness and excitement but all you managed to do was meow.
“Aren’t you adorable?”. Wait. What? You stopped walking because two strong hands picked you up, gently. You wanted to tell them to put you back down that instant but again, you just meowed.
He laughed. Oh, no. You knew that sound. You knew that laugh. Just your luck.
“Fiesty. But adorable” he continued, slightly petting your head, his slender fingers going through your fur. You purred before you could stop yourself. You must have been tiny for him to carry you in his palms.
“How did you end up here, alone?” he asked you and you felt the urge to facepalm. You moved your paws in a way that revealed your annoyance. He smiled and you felt yourself melting under his touch. But why was he outside that late?
“You need a name, don’t you?” he said softly. Not that you didn’t like him being there or that you were complaining. You leaned your head to his fingers. That was all it took. His smile dropped.
“Care to listen?” he simply asked you, his voice strained of happiness. You meowed. He remained still for a moment. You nudged him with your head.
“I have to be in my dorm and you are coming with me”. Was he insane? He was talking to a cat. Did he expect an answer? He chuckled.

His friends were fast asleep and you felt really bad for him. He truly needed someone to listen. He plopped down onto his bed, softly placing you onto his lap. You nuzzled him and purred, rubbing your head against his stomach. He was petting you like it was calming him down.
“Alright, tiger. Here is the deal…”Tiger? Really, tiger? He started telling you about his life and his family and even you wouldn’t call those people family; how he was treated and how he reacted. Eventually, he admitted that he wasn’t carefree and that it hurt him when he was disowned because after all, he was their son, their blood and you saw how hard it was for him. He tried to play it off but you just gave him a sympathetic look and bit his fingers playfully. What did I just do?
You spent all night with him-in your animagus form, of course. At some point he fell asleep, his hands still petting you. You felt torn. You wanted to stay but you had to -
To hell with it.
You carefully moved near his head, curled up in a furry ball and fell asleep. You wanted to show him that someone did care.

That had been going on about a month now. You were staying all night with him and once he got out of the room for breakfast you’d run like hellfire was coming your way. Just to make it in time. The last couple of days though, he had tried to carry you to class with him. Something that was impossible. You would miss the class and all of the professors would know that you were an illegal animagus. Neither were things you were looking forward to.
He, however, had managed to do it yesterday.

You were extremely uncomfortable. You hadn’t managed to stop him from carrying you to McGonagall’s class.Out of all of your professors, it had to be the other cat animagus. You knew she knew the moment she saw you. She smiled to herself.
“Mr. Black what on earth are you carrying?” she questioned him but her voice wasn’t stiff. She actually enjoyed it.
“My cat. Meet Tiger. Tiger, meet Minnie” he proudly introduced you. You were thankful that animals don’t blush.
“Your..cat?” she raised an eyebrow in question. Sirius grinned like a mad man.
“I adopted her” he answered, thinking that Minnie would be proud. And she was. But for a different reason. She just gave him a pointed look and walked away.
“I am not sure you want that kind of relationship with her” she whispered under her breath but you heard it.

You walked into his room. A cat. A cat walked into his room. You had to remind yourself a couple of times that all he ever saw was a cat.
You had learned that he was an animagus too- a black dog, which was the biggest irony in the world- as well as Remus’ secret. Not that you didn’t suspect it earlier. His words came as a confirmation.
He was already inside, looking kind of mad.
“You sneaky little Tiger” he said in a mocking way, pointing you-the cat. You furrowed your eyebrows, wait-not yours per say. You waltzed all the way to him, jumped on his bed and made yourself comfortable on his lap. You gave him a puzzled look or at least that was what you were aiming for. You meowed in protest when he removed you from his lap and almost scratched him.
“You haven’t let me impress her! She is never around when you are. Let me take you to her. PLEASE” he exclaimed with a funny look on his face. Oh, no. He wanted to use you to impress a girl?
You abruptly yet gracefully landed on the floor, making your way out. You really wanted to be alone for a second.
“Wait. No! Don’t go, Tiger” he said and a moment later you found yourself halting. He sounded… broken.
“She is never gonna like me. I mean-ugh!”. You weren’t sure if you should scream because ‘she’ wasn’t you or because he was hurt. But you did value his happiness a bit more than yours, so when he picked you up and petted you, you let him.
“Sure-most girls just throw themselves at me but she is not like that. She is this angelic-like creature; she is radiating. The sun doesn’t stand a chance. Her smile… oh, Tiger… her smile” he trailed off. He had that stupid grin on his face.        He looked cute. You would never have guessed that he could fall so much in love. She was one of the luckiest people on earth to have him swept off his feet- and she didn’t even know. He caressed your small head with affection. Something that you could only gain while in this form.
“I wish I could ask her on a date. Even her name is perfect. Have you ever heard a name so… Y/N. I mean it’s flowing like water- Tiger? Tiger!?”. You had lost your balance and fell down to the floor. Then, before you could think what had just happened, three idiots walked in.
“Still in love with Tiger?” James teased him but petted you while giving you a sweet smile. You, however, could only think of his previous words. Did he really say your name? Like you were that ‘she’?
“No, Prongs. That’s Y/N” Peter said, laughing and you knew that if you weren’t already on the floor you would have fallen.
“Man up and ask her out, Pads” Remus advised him. Bless your soul, Moony!
You run out of their room and made a beeline to yours. You could really use a moment.
 Once you were safely inside your dorm, you changed back to your human self! Finally.
You decided to skip tonight’s meeting and actually leave him a bit alone.
He actually liked you. He liked you. You kept repeating that to yourself but it didn’t seem any less impressive. You thought that you must have done something really good to deserve it.

 You were sitting in the Great Hall, eating breakfast and cheerfully participating in the conversation that your friends had started. Something about boys. Oh, you thought about boys, alright. One in particular.
 You noticed the group walking in and sitting down next to you. James, of course, sat next to his Lily-flower. You chuckled.
 You could tell that he was staring at you and you felt your heart skip several beats. With all the courage you had muster to find for a second, you turned towards him, smiled brightly. He was taken aback. Your smile only grew bigger.
“Good morning Sirius” you said kindly and very amused.
“H-Hi!” he stuttered out. You held back the urge to chuckle. The great Sirius Black. Everyone’s attention was on you.
“I would love to go out with you” you said nonchalantly while you poured some milk into your coffee. You could hear the gasps coming from everyone. Literally everyone. You looked at him like nothing had happened. He was choking on his breath.
“How- Wha-Uh?” he breathed out completely bewildered.
“A little cat told me” you said, sending him a wink. His eyes almost popped out. You laughed. He was so dense.
“You’re an animagus!” he whispered-yelled, causing you to shush him.
“What can I say.? For a dog, you are quite the cat person” you mocked him, continuing your breakfast, but not before you reached and pecked his cheek.
Little did you know, he was left breathless, bright red and smiling like he had won the lottery. Because in his mind, he had.

princevolker2788  asked:

Dragon Age: Inquisition companions reacting to a young inquisitor (3 to 9) asking if they can sleep next to them after a nightmare concerning Redcliffe Castle. Especially if said companions were the ones who died protecting them as Dorian brought them back to the present.

Cassandra: She blinks at them through the darkness of night, and after a moment’s hesitation, consents and allows it. She’s awkward, but they go to sleep quickly, feeling safe near her. She eventually drifts off as well, feeling pity for the young one.

Iron Bull: He’s a little worried he’ll roll over on them, so he lays there motionlessly as they cuddle up against him and quietly go to sleep. He eventually drifts off, frozen in place, minding the spot the child chose to sleep in against him.

Blackwall: Awkwardly, he shrugs and allows it, unsure of himself as the child curls up against him and goes to sleep. He had heard about what happened in Redcliffe, and he understands their wanting to be with someone, but… him? He feels peace settle over him as the child begins to snore, quiet pride and quiet duty, and he follows suit.

Sera: She wordlessly pulls open the cover and lets them crawl in, and the two sleep soundly as she gently puts an arm over them to reassure them that she is real and they are safe.

Varric: He allows it, for once quiet as slumber threatens to take him back. He grunts as they push against him, and he relinquishes a sigh. “You’re safe, kid. We’re all okay.” The words settle them as much as he wishes it would settle his nerves, and he drifts off as they do.

Cole: He doesn’t sleep, but he lies down and lets the child cuddle up against him. “Warm and comforting, arms of love pulling me close, warding demons off, you feel safe. You are safe. I’ll do my best.” He lies there as long as they sleep, and feels happy for doing so– he helped.

Dorian: He’s a little worried and unsure of how exactly to comfort them. “Are you sure you want to sleep in my bed? Not with Cassandra or… someone else?” he asks warily. The child insists and crawls under the sheets. Dorian sits there for a moment, a bit befuddled, but the child starts drawing quiet little breaths as they fall to sleep, and he follows suit quietly.

Solas: He quietly allows it. “Come, da’len; I will ensure no demons serve you nightmares. The majesty of the Fade will guide us to peaceful slumber.” His words soothe them, and both drift off in peace.

Vivienne: Normally, she would adamantly refuse, but the child is teary and shaking, so she sighs and lifts the sheet up. “Don’t plan on making a habit of this.” she warns. At the same time, she feels something bubbling in her chest, something like warmth and quiet pride, and she drifts off to sleep peacefully.

Josephine: Like Sera, she quietly holds the sheets open, remembering times she had to do this with Yvette or any of her younger siblings. She has performed this duty many times, one of comfort and love, and she feels their panic fading away as they curl up against her. Both drift off quickly.

Leliana: Without so much as a word or a glance up, she holds the sheet up and allows them in before drifting off to sleep, her arm settling over them quietly. They feel extra safe– nothing can hurt them when the Spymaster is there.

Cullen: He’s half-asleep, and a bit too incoherent to process what’s going on, but he gives in. He finds the next morning that his own nightmares were fewer and of less intensity, and he only prays the poor child felt safer, too.

Here’s a representative gif for all of them:

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Sugar Sweet  | 1 | (M)

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 


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