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okay, so before that clip dropped and we all (understandable) lost our shits, i was thinking about deckerstar and what i see some (not all) of the fandom saying lately. this is gonna be long.

one of the things that i have seen a few times is that lucifer is selfish and chloe deserves better than him cause he left her. the thing is, one of my favorite aspects of this show is that things aren’t ever truly black or white. like, was it fucked up and unfair to chloe that he left (especially when he did) and didn’t say anything? yes. should she be pissed? yes. but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look at what lucifer has gone though (literally hell and back) and understand why he is doing what he’s doing. you know the biggest obstacle that lucifer and chloe are facing right now is that there is so much of the story that she just doesn’t know. if you look at it from her point of view, he just up and left, “married” someone else, because he’s an asshole. but we, as an audience, know that it isn’t that simple. i’m not even gonna address candy, because i think that is a smoke screen for their real issues.

earlier i found this post, an interview from wondercon where the showrunners basically say exactly what i feel. what joe said that really hit me in the feels bone was “in his mind, he’s in a protective mode of her because how he feels is that if god sent her, she has no choice in her feelings so they’re not real. and that’s not fair to her. so he’s like “how do i break this, how do i undo? how do i undo it for her sake?” she doesn’t deserve to have been put on a burden called lucifer. she was put on his path, she deserves to make her own choice but how do you do that when she is sort of chosen to love you but… it’s that ultimate conundrum. for somebody who is about free will, that’s his thing, that’s all he is.” and it just fucked. me. up. cause even though he hurt her, it’s not out of any place of malice (which doesn’t make it okay) it’s because he wants her to have a choice. he wants her to be free. he has the utmost respect for her and thinks she truly deserves the best. which he thinks is in no way him. and it’s not even just this, cause on the beach before she kissed him he made it clear that he feels unworthy or her, and now that was just confirmed to him, and he probably feels rather shameful that he ever though she could actually love him of her own free will. which she does! but he has so much self-loathing and so much anger towards his father that he just can’t see it. he doesn’t get it. why would she love him? and even though we know he is heartbroken and in pain, his real and only concern is her. it’s always her. so i see people saying luci is being selfish, it’s like the opposite is true.

but on the flip side, it’s not fair to her either cause she doesn’t have the full story and therefore how can she make her own choice? he doesn’t really see that he’s not giving her one.  shouldn’t he let her decide if she wants to be with him once she knows? and i think when she does find out the truth, if she is mad at him for anything it’d be that. cause chloe does love him, and her feelings are real (as the writers confirmed) but now she feels betrayed by this person that she trusted. but she doesn’t know the extent of what he has done for her. and that all comes down to his fear of her rejecting him if he shows her his true face. the thing is, i don’t think she will react the way he thinks she will. i don’t think she’ll drop him out of her life, run scared or any of those things. she wouldn’t be human if she weren’t shaken by it, and what it entails - but i do think that in her gut she knows who he really is already. i think she senses it, and i think she more or less understands who he is even if she can’t accept it as truth yet.

but someday she will, and i do think it’s hurtling towards that soon. then it’s like, if chloe was put in his path - i don’t actually think it’s that simple either - she’s gonna see the whole picture and that’s gonna change how she perceives his actions toward her. also, once she knows who he is, and once she knows what he has done for her, it’ll be so massively clear to her how much he loves her and maybe luci is afraid of that a bit too. like, “hey no big deal but i killed my brother to save you and it made me suicidal and i’m traumatized by it. not to mention i have also died and went to hell and back for you. twice.” he couldn’t possibly down play that. and that, really, i think is what would forever change their relationship.

basically i’m saying yeah, luci fucked up. but he fucked up for the right reasons. with the right intentions. and chloe is pissed, but she’s pissed cause she doesn’t know any of his intentions. he’s keeping this massive, massive part of his life from her and you cannot have a full relationship based on that, which is why people wanting them together now kinda confuses me? they have a long way to go, but i know it’s gonna be such a good journey, you guys. just think of chloe learning the extent of lucifer’s love for her, think of the relief lucifer will feel when he learns/accepts her feelings are real. they’re gonna truly come home to each other someday and all of this gonna have made that taste so much sweeter.

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cherry you're like so fucking talented I love you, I usually don't like poetic stuff (saturn in 3rd aka thick as a brick) but you make it so easy to understand and it resonates so well

hey thanks so much. hey saturn really appreciates the value of words, the meaning, and reverence, as long as it means something to a very deep place and a place thats offering a portal to your potential, saturn is satisfied, saturn opposes my 3rd house so he sits there judging and telling me how ‘dumb’ i am all the time, btu when i write something well, woah, its the best feeling. u have a brilliant mind darling


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Love how Elias helped Sana out of a possibly huge family argument. I love him in general; it's super obvious that he really loves his sister and wants to protect her and wants to make sure she's enjoying herself (I absolutely loved how he got her to go to the fy faen party in episode one - their entire text conversation was so great). Idk it's nice to see them together cause western society only ever tells you how muslim women are looked at as housewives and that's it. Clearly he doesn't. 👼🏼

Hellooooo anon!!!
Wow, you really read my mind. I agree on everything. And yeah, that’s literally what Skam does: breaking all the stereotypes. He really loves his sister and wants the best for her, let’s not forget “I don’t want people to hate on you”. He’s protective and caring. He really rushed to help her tiding up the house and getting those girls out. Even if Sana most of the time is like “there are many things I don’t tell you, Elias” or “how much do you think I’d gain if I sold Elias organs” she loves him so much. They love each other so much, it’s just brotherhood. The Bakkoush rulezzzz

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Hey Emma, got a weird question, I remember this fic vaguely, but I think it was a famous/non famous or both were famous, right? and this scene keeps popping into my mind and i can't exactly google it, haha. Anyways the scene is: "louis is driving somewhere in rain and he stops in a convenience/drug store in a gas station or something to buy LUBE? and he's extremely embarrassed either coz it's his first time or coz he'll get caught by media?" Idk that's all I remember? Can you help please? thanks

Mmm I’m not sure I know that one, bub, though it’s possible I’ve read the fic a while ago and just can’t remember. Anyone know what fic this anon is talking about?

ETA: From andd-all-his-little-things: I think your anon means untangle me by suicxne? its not famous/non-famous, but I’m re-reading it at the moment, and I very recently read through the scene they were reffing? louis stops to buy lube after he’s skyped lottie and had a bit of a realisation of his feelings for harry, and tries out some stuff with it & basically has a good old time of loving himself. basically h&l have fallen out of sync but reconnect whilst they’re in LA and fall in love.            

ETA 2: Two other people have said it’s Untangle Me!! Link here.

I could hear his footsteps over the water. I couldn’t help the smile that was on my face. I hadn’t seen my old man in almost two weeks and the kids were at school. Maybe we could have some alone time. I looked out from the shower and saw Jax standing there, in all his naked glory. I bit my lip at the thoughts that flooded my mind. He was about to make me scream. And I couldn’t wait.

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Update: he saw my last message asking about what this means, how he feels, and what he wants moving forward, but he still hasn’t replied, which I guess is telling enough :/ I’m trying to be more calm because I finished the bulk of my finals, and only have two more essays left, so at least school is less stressful. Tomorrow is our spring fling so hopefully that will be fun but idk in the back of my mind, all I can really think about is how much I’m losing him if I haven’t already lost him :( anyways, I guess more relevant to you all is that I finally have time to be more active and reply to all the messages in my inbox, so feel free to send something in! I hope you all are doing well at least, and thank you so much for putting up with me lately. I appreciate you listening, caring, and being here for me so much more than you know. You’re truly the best group of people ❤

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im glad u said u dont mind ppl comparing ur characters to other preexisting characters bc guy is precious and he has always reminded me a little of the most precious anime character of all time, kaiji itou from the anime kaiji, in the best possible way??? beautiful hair, beautiful cheekbones, beautiful anxiety

yeah its inevitable anyway that characters will look similar to others. im fine with people comparing my ocs to others, as long as they arent accusing me or ripping off designs or something, lmao. i just know a lot of other artists hate that tho

and that is one sharp boy omgg i can def see what u mean

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Hey, Wally! How did you get along with your coworkers back before all this happened?

I got along pretty well with Henry before he got outta here! But he sure made a mess in his office–always called him Hurricane Henry!

Norman was probably my best pal! He was a bit like a father to me out here! No idea where he is now, but if anyone got outta here in time, I sure hope it was him…

Susie and I… Eh, it was complicated. We never got to sort things out… Sure hope she’s ok.

Joey… Not so much. I felt more like his slave than an employee. Don’t care what’s with him, now.

Sammy was the same, honestly. Things were strained between me and the bosses…

(( Henry’s design by @cartoonifiedcartoonist, Sammy’s by @sxmmy-lxwrence! ))

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are there any videos of brandon singing that you'd recommend watching? (i listened to a live version of read my mind and i think i'm in love)

my time to shine!!

In this one he says “Dahlin” for like a whole minute and its so cute !!

umm hes just straight up really pretty in this and he sounds like an angel <3

this might be the read my mind one you were talking about but im linking it anyway bc its good


im not exggerating when I say i watch this vid every single night like…god. please watch this…

sometimes when i dont want to do my work in finance (aka every day) i watch this full concert vid its..very good

and honestly i spend a lot of time just scrolling thru @thekillersshows and watching all the vids on there 

ANYWAY i love brandon he’s so good live please…talk to me about my big love

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(the character anon) omg my mind has gone blank but ummm some questions off the top of my head for the rs 5 ahahaha, i'm just gonna use the fact you might fall asleep as a starting point :') what time do they all generally go to sleep? what are their fav foods/places to go? if they could all go anywhere in the world, where would they go and why?

Ooooo some good ones!!

What time do they all sleep:
Frances and Aled - always very late. They’re both extreme night owls!
Daniel is an early sleeper, early riser. He’s always fully asleep by 10:30pm at the latest.
Raine sleeps at around 11pm.
Carys is a night owl, she sleeps at around 2am!

Fave places to go:
Frances - it’s gotta be Disneyland
Aled - arcades and bowling alleys
Daniel - the Science Museum
Raine - swimming pools
Carys - cinema?

If they could travel anywhere:
Frances and Aled would choose Tokyo because it’s a cool exciting city!!
Daniel - New Zealand for the views
Raine - New York for the excitement
Carys - Melbourne for the arty chill


@sinners0prayer , okay but like, an AU where Negan works for RadioShack, and Rick is always coming in to get his phone fixed because he drops it all the time. Or he doesn’t know how to work any of the fancy phones, so Negan has to help him. And then eventually he just starts breaking his electronics because he wants an excuse to see Negan.

OK YES. Hope you don’t mind my blurb…

That’s how it starts and goes for a bit. After a while, they actually start to date. Turns out Negan works at radio shack because he got really depressed when Lucille passed and quit going to college (he never went as a young adult, he’s going back now for physical education). Rick is always breaking shit and bringing it to Radio Shack so he can see Negan. Negan’s always fed up (even though he loves seeing Rick at the store). He’s constantly going “I’ll buy you a new one” (and you won’t break it). But Rick always breaks his shit, because he’s in love and he’s terrible. Negan is always using his employee discount, cause, “I’ll buy you a new one”, really means that he’ll snag him whatever he wants because Negan doesn’t give a fuck. 

Anyway, Rick encourages him to go back to school, meanwhile, Radio Shack is doing bad. They’re gonna close. The customers suck. At the very end, Negan gets his degree, the radio shack closes, and Rick picks him up after his last shift in Rick’s modest convertible and makes Rick do a full turn so he can flip everyone off. The customers are appalled and it’s beautiful. 

The twist is Rick’s new phone from Radio Shack flies out and gets crushed under the tire as theyre doing donuts 

Negan looks at Rick with a smirk on his face. “I’ll buy you a new one.”

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I'm kinda in a weird situation... I really like my best friend, and I have for a while now. But he was so happy about this girl he liked so I encouraged him to ask her out, and so he did. He's really happy and I'm just trying not be jealous... But the thing is, his girlfriend is friends with all the potheads at my school, and gets into trouble at times. But he's really happy with her and I just ;;; How can I get my mind off of him? Sorry this is long and stupid ;-;

I’m sorry. That sounds really difficult.;;;

I’m not sure what you could do. It’s normal to worry about someone you care about, especially if they might not be in a good situation. Hopefully everything turns out okay. If you’re really concerned, you could try talking to him about it. As your best friend, he should be open to listening to you, at least.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.;;;

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kouen, or if he was requested already, hakuryuu

I love Ohtaka. She has given me my favorite manga of all time. I pined over Naruto for half of my life, but I didn’t love it like I love Magi, and for a good reason. Ohtaka and her brilliant mind is the reason.

But I’ll tell you what. Sometimes, she doesn’t treat certain characters with the respect they deserve because she focuses on a handful of main characters. Kouen is one of those characters who fell into the cracks and I feel that he didn’t get the respect he deserved.

I admire Kouen very much. The entire Kou family, actually.


Sherlock checking up on John (John checking up on Sherlock)


First Auror Potter I have ever painted was on his birthday, July 31st, in 2016, and it’s the first of this collection. I think that’s why I started to think of him as an +20 yo auror. Somehow, it’s like he’s growing with me in real time. My vision of Harry Potter has matured over the years. He’s no longer a young boy in my mind as I’m no longer a child or teenager. What motivates me is to think he’s got wiser and more serious and all shit he’s been through since he was a kid made him even more sarcastic then he was. “No need to call me sir, professor” would turn into something like “You need to call me sir”.

For more bearded/auror Harry, see this tag :)


keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance | Allura | Pidge

where adrien flirts
  • so adrien has a little problem: he likes marinette. like he really, honest-to-god likes her, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. his track record with girls isn’t so stellar. after he confessed his feelings to ladybug as chat noir, she calmly turned him down and admitted she liked someone else. so as nino would say, without a lady to tie him down, adrien agreste is single and ready to mingle
  • but he’s always been single?? and what does mingle even mean?? like, nino, what the hell, dude?? help a man out. 
  • so nino sits him down and explains how to get his crush. with his previous crush, nino tells him, adrien obviously didn’t do it right, and that’s why she turned him down (nino doesn’t know it was ladybug, and he just likes to think adrien was crushing on a supermodel who was totally out of even his league). 
  • nino: “you gotta flirt, man. the ladies love a dude who’s chill and cool and confident. you gotta rock it and own it. you got this.”
    adrien: “but how? every time I go to her, she looks at me, and I can’t… make my words work.”
    nino: “….you two are perfect for each other.”
    adrien: “what?”
    nino: “what?”
  • nino gives him an article with a few tips for flirting. this shouldn’t be too bad, and hey, it worked on alya, nino swears by it. so with 10 Flirting Techniques That Are Garunteed to Work on Women on his mind, adrien is determined to woo the ladies.
  • 1. set the stage with the “soft stare”: so all he had to do was stare at marinette as deeply as possible whenever they had a conversation while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression. marinette likes to stutter and stammer her ways through her words, and he couldn’t blame her, because he lost control when he tried to talk to her as well, and usually her antics made him smile and laugh. but according to the tips, he wasn’t allowed to.
  • it’s all good for a week or so, until nino pulls him aside and asks why he looks like he’s plotting how to murder marinette in her sleep like some type of serial killer every time he talks to her. 
  • he stops talking to her after that. alya tracks him down a few days later and whacks him upside the head for making her best friend cry by ignoring her. adrien goes back to talking to marinette as normally as possible after that because it’s better to talk to her as friends than invoke his “killer smile” while trying to flirt.
  • 2. be vague and leave her wanting more: adrien has this in the bag. he knows how to skirt around a topic, but that’s just because he has to make sure he kept his secret identity as a superhero of Paris a… secret. being vague is one of his best talents, it also helps with those stupid paparazzi who always follow him. the article offers some suggests: tell her you know a secret about her, tell her there’s something interesting about her and you can’t put your finger on it, tell her that’s she exactly your type but don’t tell her what you type actually is, etc. he spends most of the night plotting his exact words, and the next day, when he sees marinette, it just comes spilling out…
  • adrien: “i know your secret, marinette.”
    marinette: “…what?”
    well shit, adrien thought, the article didn’t tell him what happened after this.
    adrien: “…i know it. your secret… i knew there was something about you that i couldn’t put my finger on.”
    marinette: “…wait, so you know? ohmygodthiscan’tbehappening,ohmygod, how did you figure it out???”
  • adrien wasn’t sure what to do after this point, so like the article said, he leaves her wanting more and nopes the fuck outta there, cha-cha sliding out of the classroom and bolting down the hallway before she could catch him.
  • 3. the sensual look: once a girl is comfortable around you, give her a mischievous look that makes her think. the article (and nino) never really explain what the girl will think about, but adrien totally supports girl empowerment and helping those smart cookies get the best grades and brilliance recognition they deserve. if a mischievous smile is all it takes, then he’s more than happy to help.
  • he flashes her a quirky smirk in Madame Bustier’s lecture, marinette notices and freezes up. he thinks he did it wrong when nino just leans closer and says, “you broke marinette.”
  • adrien apologizes after class and swears he’ll never break her again. marinette just mumbles, “you can break me anytime.”
  • adrien thinks it’s counterproductive. 
  • 4. the surprise wink: whenever you pass her, just wink after you lock eyes, nino says, she won’t expect it and it’ll surprise her but give her the clear and distinct message that you are flirting with her. adrien wants marinette to know he likes her and wants to flirt with he rand wants to date her and just be with her, so he winks every time he gets. 
  • they see each other in class? wink he catches her eyes while they study for physics? wink they talk about madame bustier’s homework? wink she asks him for his opinion on her designs? wink 
  • at first, she giggles. after two weeks, she presents him with a bottle of over-the-counter artificial tears for his “eye twitch.” he stops winking after that and doesn’t talk to nino for the rest of the day.
  • 5. the playful bump: playful actions, like bumping, will definitely make a girl smile. 
  • adrien: “but nino, i could hurt her.”
    nino: “no, my dude, she knows you’re teasing.”
    adrien: “i don’t care if she knows. what if i knock her over?”
    nino: “no, you don’t do it hard, you just–”
    adrien: “what if she falls over and breaks her nose? i don’t wanna break her nose, nino. she has a cute nose.”
    nino: “adrien, you’re not gonna break her–”
    adrien: “niNO
  • 6. the understatement: understate the compliments you give her, okay, okay, adrien can do this. it’s simple.
  • adrien: “marinette, your eyes are blue… like avatar’s skin. just blue.. all over.. it’s great. not the brightest blue, but not the darkest. just blue. you have blue eyes, marinette.”
    marinette: *is speechless*
    nino: “…you nailed that, adrien.”
    adrien: “oh thanks, nino.”
  • 7. the double negative, “i don’t think you’re not beautiful”: 
    adrien: “but i do think she’s beautiful.”
    nino: “i know, you’re telling her that.”
    adrien: “but you just said i don’t think she’s beautiful?”
    nino: “no, no, you said you don’t think she’s not beautiful, so ergo you think she is beautiful.”
    adrien: “…grammar hurts my head, nino.”
    nino: “i know, my dude, i understand.”
  • 8. the sensual tease, tease her for liking you: okay, but adrien doesn’t know if marinette likes him like that? nino swears she does, and alya says so too, but it still makes him feel bad for teasing her. so he doesn’t tease her and just keeps doing stuff like he normally does, like walking her home from school and helping her study physics and giving her advice for her designs and keeping a stash of food for her on the mornings she runs late and he knows she didn’t have breakfast yet.
  • nino rolls his eyes, but adrien doesn’t care. his momma didn’t raise no hooligan. no, if he was going to flirt with marinette, at least he can be a gentleman about it.
  • 9. the moniker: giving her a cute nickname will let her know how special she is. adrien spends a week thinking about it, and nino gives him a few suggestions, but he doesn’t listen. if he’s giving marinette a nickname, it has to be something he does because it’ll let her know she’s special to him.
  • a few days later, he slips up and calls her “princess” because she’s pretty, sweet, smart, likes pink, and is a natural born leader just like a royal. marinette freezes when he calls her that, but she smiles and laughs eventually. she seems to like it, and he keeps doing it. it’s fitting, he supposes, for someone like her. marinette, his princess.
  • does that mean he gets to be her knight?
  • nino calls him a nerd.
  • 10. tell her how you feel: it’s the last step, and adrien agonizes over it for days. it can’t really be as simple as nino makes it out to be, but then again, his best friend has been dating a pretty sweet gal for months, so it obviously worked for him. adrien broods over it for a while, and alya warns him not to ignore marinette for days again, and he swears he isn’t. he’s just trying to find his courage. why oh why is it so much easier to face an akuma with certain death hanging over his head than tell a girl how he really feels?
  • marinette decides to take matters into her own hands, which he isn’t really surprised by because she usually is a head-strong, independent female. what he is surprised by is when ladybug swings into his bedroom window and transforms into marinette right before his very eyes.
  • marinette: “why are you ignoring me? did i do something wrong?”
    adrien: *adrien.exe has stopped working*
    marinette: “…adrien?”
    adrien: “…you’re… ladybug?!”
    marinette: “yeah, i know. you know. we’ve been over this–”
    adrien: “nononoNO, we most certainly haven’t.”
    marinette: *marinette.exe has stopped working*
    adrien: “…marinette?”
    marinette: “I… but you said you knew my secret.”
    adrien: “I WAS BEING VAGUE.”
    marinette: “WHY?!”
    marinette: “…you have?”
    adrien: “well, i was trying–”
  • plagg: *pops out of adrien’s pocket* “oh, are we trading secrets?”
    tikki: *pops out of marinette’s bag* “I think so?”
    plagg: *holds out paw to marinette* “fine. im plagg, i turn him into chat noir. nice to finally meet you. i’m glad you guys are finally telling each other, it’s been so tiring listening to him mooning over you. do you have any cheese?”
    marinette: “…you’re chat noir?”
    adrien: *dies*

so marinette and adrien are dating now, so in a way he thinks his plan worked? that doesn’t stop marinette from asking him how he thought he’d been flirting, so he tells her nino’s tips. she laughs for a week straight. that’s the last time he ever listens to nino.

an adrien version of this post. some people asked for an adrien version, it’s not directly a sequel, but still another au. just two nerds trying to flirt and failing spectacularly. 

zach dempsey: lucky charm

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader

Warning(s): Really freaking cute Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

A/N: I really love @joeck, please go follow them!

It was 5:46 and you just arrived at school. Your mom works early and you don’t drive, so you have to leave early too. Every morning you hear the dribble of a basketball in the gym. You usually just play your music and leave it be, but today, you were intrigued. Who was playing basketball at 6:00 in the morning?

You peeked through the door space. You couldn’t see much of the figure, other than sporatic flashes of the baby blue jersey. You crept into the gym, revealing the school basketball star Zach Dempsey. You closed the door behind you as quietly as possible. You stood by the bleachers, watching him dribble the ball. He jumped up and aimed the ball at the basket. He missed the basket entirely.

“Dammit!” He swore. He chased the ball to the gym wall. With the ball between him and the wall, he rested his head against it. He fist pounded against the mats.

He turned around and dribbled the ball across the court. He jumped up, threw the ball and it hit the backboard. Luckily, it bounced into the basket. You smiled to yourself and physically celebrated the shot. You were sure not to make a noise.

He continued playing, making all his shots. He jumped onto the basket, making a slam dunk. He let out a hearty laugh. You clapped you hands, which gained his attention.

You paused. “I hope you don’t mind,” you started. “I heard the dribbling. I just wanted to see who was up.”

He walked to the edge of the court with the ball against his side. Panting, he asked, “How long were you standing there?”

He wasn’t upset that you were there, not even bothered.

“Well,” you checked your phone for the time: 6:13. “Almost half an hour.”

He smiled. “Did you see me missing all my shots?”

You stepped out from beside the bleachers. “I saw one. Then you got back up and made the shots after.”

He walked over to the bleachers, sitting beside where you stood. He tapped the spot beside him, beckoning you to sit. You did so and he wiped his sweat from his forehead on the collar of his jersey.

“Y'know, before you got here,” he panted. “I couldn’t make any shots. Maybe one out of, lemme see, fifteen. Then the moment I was about to shower and give up, I felt completely at ease. Like, an extra rush of adrenaline.”

You nodded, not really looking at him. You always found him attractive. He was a sweet guy– dumb, but sweet.

“It’s like you’re my lucky charm,” Zach smiled.


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.

Study and Going Steady - Jeff Atkins Smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a smut on Jeff Atkins about y/n coming to his house while his parents are away and we want to “Study” but things go another certain way

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, cursing

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“I’m heading out now mom!” I scream as I head for the door.

“Okay hun, text me when you get to his house, love you!”

I say a quick love you too as I lock the door and jog to my car. I’m happy cause I’m staying the night at my boyfriend Jeff’s house. His first game can be next Friday if he passes his upcoming test so I promised him I will help him study before we binge watch cringy romance movies. As I pulled into his car, I noticed his parents car isn’t there. I forgot they went away on a business trip for the weekend. I knock on the door and as soon as it opens I’m welcomed by his lips.

“Hey beautiful” he smiles.

“Hello hunnybun” I joke as I walk into his living room.

“Oh gosh, let me stick to the cute names” he laughs as he jumps on the couch.

“Whatever you say boo bear” I smile as I sit down and put my legs on his lap. 

“Did you bring everything for the night?”

“Yep textbooks, pencils, pajamas, charger, hair ties, underw-”

“You don’t have to tell me everything babe” he laughs

“Yeah yeah when do you want to start studying?”

“Uh how about you go upstairs change into your pjs while I get us some food then we can start.”

 I nod my head and take my bag to his room. He has such a modest, but boyish room. I change into my clothes, purposely bringing the tight shorts and tank top Jeff loves so much. I throw my hair in a messy ponytail and get our books out.

“So I brought some classic chips and popco-”

He stopped and made no effort to hide the fact that he was staring right at my ass. That made me blush as I tried to pull down the already revealing shorts.

“And y-you expect us to study with you wearing that?”

“Wearing what?” I ask innocently as I turn away from him to put the rest of the books on the bed. I then felt his breath behind me as he grabbed my waist and pulled my back towards him. 

“This” He said and started kissing my neck and went from my waist to my breast, knowing I don’t wear a bra to bed. A light moan escaped my mouth as I put my hands over his. I felt him smirk on my neck and I almost forgot what we were suppose to do.

“Babe babe babe” I squirm from his grip as I turn to face him and peck his lip. 

“I love you, but we really need to study so I can cheer you on at Friday’s game”

he sighed, but he knew I was right. “Fine fine, but your missing out” he jokes as he slaps my butt. 


“Jeff pay attention!”

“I am babe I swear”

“Which president wrote the Declaration of Independence then?”

“Um.. Abraham Jefferson?”

“Yeah, no this studying is over, I hope your going to enjoy watching the game on the bleachers with me.” I start closing our books and Jeff grabbed my hands.

“I’m sorry babe, I just can’t stop looking at you that’s all, it’s easy for Jensen to tutor me because he isn’t my hot girlfriend.”

“Shall I dress up like Clay then?”

“No no no” he laughs.

“Then what do you want to do?”

he bits his lip and looks at me up and down as he climbs on top of me. he leans down to my ear and kisses it, “you” he whispers.

I can’t help but moan at how sexy that sounded and push him down onto the bed. I attack his mouth, not that he had a problem. He grab my thighs and squeeze them. I wrap my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. his hands travel to my butt as his slides his hands inside my shorts. I rub against his pants and start to feel his bulge coming on. He starts groaning and I smile against his lips. He stops kissing only to remove our shirts and turn me over. He starts to slowly kiss my neck, knowing I hate it.

“Jeff stop teasing” I wine.

“Sorry baby” he smirks.

He started to harshly suck on my sweet spot and I moan into his neck. He then goes to one of my breast and starts sucking on my nipple while massaging the other and then switching. I squirm under him, grabbing his brown hair just wanting to feel him already.

“Babe, I want you already” I wine

“In just a second” he smiles as his kisses travel to my thighs. he pulls my shorts down painfully slow, making me a groaning mess. he laughs at my reaction and comes back up to kiss me. I feel vulnerable being completely naked under him so I tug on his sweats so he gets the idea which he does. He pulls them down and went back to sweetly kissing me. I then feel his hands go in between my legs and I suck in my breathe. He circles his fingers around my clit and I try hard not to moan.

“Oh my go- Jeff!”

he bits his lip as he watches me come undone under him. I buckle my hips into his fingers and just need to feel him. 

“Jeff please..” I whimper with my eyes a shut. 

He doesn’t make me ask again as he grabs one of his condoms from inside his nightstand and slide it on. I can’t help but stare at his huge member and grab it in my hand, knowing he likes me to put it towards my entrance. He groans from my touch and kisses me passionately. He positions himself and stops kissing to look at me.

“Are you ready babe?”

I smile at him for always asking before he did anything. I nod my head and he slowly pushes himself into me. I moan and grab his arm as he stretches me. When he’s all the way in, he stops so I can adjust to him. He starts to slowly thrust into me and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“Fu-Jeff- my god” I moan. He takes my moans as his que to go faster. He takes my legs and wraps them around his waist as he starts quickly thrusting to me. I start to lose air from his speed. I dig my nails to his back and come close to almost screaming.

“Jeeeeeff! Fuck! my gosh!!” He puts one off my legs on his shoulder to deepen himself and goes faster. I moan with every pound he gives me. He’s a groaning mess as he whispers curse words with sweat coming down his forehead. His grip on my waist tightens as his thrust become more sloppy. 

“Babe I-I’m about to-”

I moan over his words as his thrust still didn’t slow down, but only got faster. I felt my stomach tighten as now both of my legs are over Jeff’s shoulders, feeling all of him. 

“Je- I c-can’t” before I can finish I came undone under him.

“Fuck y/n” his thrusts got sloppier as he rode out his high, putting my legs down and kissing my forehead. he slid out of me and collapsed onto the bed next to me. Both of us breathing hard, he turned over so that he was facing towards me and wrapped his arms around my bare torso. He started tracing small circles on my side and pecked my lips.

“If this is whats gonna happen every time we study, I don’t mind sitting on the bleachers” he lazily smiles.

“Well I’m not, your playing next game so text Clay”

“Fine, later” he sighs. 

He looks in my eyes and smiles “I love you babe”

“I love you too munchkin” I smile

“What did I say with the names!”