he's in leather pants help

Keith sighed as he walked over to his friends in his new Garrison uniform. They were all laughing and pointing at him.
“Keith Kogane going to college never thought I’d see the day.” Pidge smirked up at him.
“It’s a joke right? I mean no way you won’t pick a fight and get kicked out.” Hunk added.
“No im serious about this. In a changed man.” Keith shrugged as his friends opened their mouth to say something only to stare over his shoulder, mouths hanging open.
Keith glanced to see what was going on.
Then he turned around entirely his mouth now joining the others on the ground. “L-Lance?”
Lance walked over to him taking a long drag of his cigarette.
Keith couldn’t get over how amazing he looked, the red heals making his already long legs look all the better which only helped the sinfully tight leather pants he was wearing, with Keith’s own red jacket draped over his shoulder.
Lance winked at him putting a hand on his hip.
“Tell me about it, stud”

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 1

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowly falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

A/N: Trying to work out the complicated feelings my poor noona heart has about Jungkook. Story begins in March 2014. Title comes from Big Bang’s “If You”.


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Chapter 1 - Trouble

It’s your first day of work at BigHit.

Word Count: 1649 (out of 72622)

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Chairs Preview...

Originally posted by sexykoreanman

Pairing: T.O.P x Reader

Rating: NSFW

Word Count: 88

Warnings: This is gonna be smutty. Eventually. 

Author’s Note: I’m gonna try to hit as many of you as possible with this. Obviously I am specifically going for @loveandturmoil87. We’re at war. But I’m gonna include @dresdenseven87, @tabi-ears, @tabis-eyebrows, and anyone else who is susceptible to this particular weirdo. Oh, and I’m a tease.

Listening to Truth or Dare by Marianas Trench

(I have been cursed with my music soul mate @hunters-hiraeth​. She is throwing music at me and it’s wonderful.) 

Here’s my masterlist.. but it’s mostly Supernatural

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anonymous asked:

Based on your last post, 73 & 99 please??? I love your writing!

A/N: This one could not make up its mind on whether or not it wanted to be smutty. There’s smut mentioned but not described, is where it ended up.

73 & 99: We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here…. We shouldn’t be doing this. 

“Why did I let you drag me here?” If Emma’s a little grumbly, it’s probably because, in Killian’s desire for thrills, he’s dragged her along to a haunted lodge to spend the night. Well, supposedly haunted. Emma doesn’t really believe in any of that shit, and no, she did not just jump when a curtain blowing in the light breeze brushed against her arm.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Swan?”

“Killian, you dragged us to this abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. They make movies about these kinds of stories, and they don’t exactly have happy endings.”

He gives her a look at that, raising an eyebrow as if to tell her she’s being ridiculous before moving on through to the next room.

Killian is in his glory. He’s practically sprinting through each room, inspecting every nook and cranny that he can in hopes of, she doesn’t know, finding a ghost lurking in a corner looking for a chat? She honestly has no idea anymore. She just wants him to stand still or slow down a little so she can catch up, and if that means that she wants him within arm’s reach, then that’s her business.

“Nothing can happen to us here. It’s just an old building with dusty shelves.”

“Sure. You’re right, nothing bad could ever happen here,” she deadpans, sighing and following as they traipse upstairs.

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I spent my entire morning think about a Dickbabs Grease AU, but where Barbara is a greaser girl and Dick is a jock. 

Barbara is a member of the Birds of Prey gang, with Helena, Zinda and Dinah, and Dick becomes friends with the Teen Titans, Wally, Roy and Donna. 

I really just want this, because just imagine the carnival scene where Barbara wears more subtle make-up and puts on a floral dress, just to try and make it up to Dick for everything she did. But instead gets Dick smoking a cigarette in really tight leather pants, because he went to Donna for help and she gave him a greaser make-over.


“Tell me about it, doll”

Really, just imagine Dick Grayson in tight leather pants. That makes this AU all the better. 

Could you imagine that instead of the points system every year Hogwarts had a talent show for which house wins and it's something that goes on for a week because so many people want to participate. And everyone spends months working on their talents. And during their Eighth year Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and Theo participate. They have a band and they're REALLY good. Blaise is back up vocals and guitar. Theo is bass. Pansy is on drums. And Draco, he's the singer. And after they preform everyone's going wild and suddenly Draco's in front of Harry in leather pants and he's smirking and looks so happy. Harry can't help but kiss him. And that's how they revealed that they've been in a relationship since like 6th year tbh.
House of Cards (I)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories.

Hello Everyone! I hope that this chapter has been okay? I promise only the beginning will be a little slow paced, but I hope you guys all enjoyed it? :) Remember to share, like and reblog :) The other chapters will be coming real soon~

(credits to the photo goes back to the owner) 

“Sorry” you guys both said at the same time.

Confused, you looked at him and said,

“You don’t have to say sorry. I was the one who was blocking the entrance..”

With a slight smile on his face he said,

“No. I should have looked where I was going. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

With his warm gestures and handsome features, you were sucked in. You were so mesmerized by his everything. Before you could say anything more, you heard your best friend telling you to hurry up and order your drink.

“One iced Americano please.” You ordered.

After ordering, you stood with Crystal waiting for your drinks.

“Who is he?” She silently asked you while pointing to the stranger.

“I don’t know. He accidentally bumped into me while I was standing at the door.” You answered

“He’s kind of cute.. but sadly not my style. He seems more like your style.” She teased.

Before you could protest, he also accompanied you two waiting for his drink. Crystal’s drink came first. A green tea latte. You smirked as you knew that was totally her type of drink. She loves sweet drinks. Next the barista called out for the customer who ordered an iced americano.

“Here please.” You heard you and the stranger both say.

“Oh sorry. It didn’t know you also ordered an iced americano.. you go. You ordered first.” He said while looking stunned.

With a questioning face, you slightly smiled at him before taking the drink and headed towards the second floor of the cafe.

“Wow. Congratulations for finally finding someone who would also drink this stuff.” Crystal said pointing to your drink.

You nudged her slightly, but said nothing else. The image of the man you met at the cafe still felt so vivid in your mind. You had to admit to yourself that he was really the type of guy you would go for. Before you could let your mind drift off to him anymore, you reminded yourself that you were still not ready for any type of relationship. Especially not with someone who you don’t even know. With a sigh, you shook your head and forced yourself to think about anything but him. As the day passed, you and Crystal continued to catch up with one another until around the afternoon, when you told her that you wanted to go back to your dorm and rest.

“No.. You can’t. Spring break just started. You need to let loose. Have some fun. Meet some boys.” Crystal whined.

“I’m tired. I want to sleep. And you know I can’t deal with any type of relationship right now.. not after Alfred..” You said

“Well… I’m not saying you need to date someone.. just have a little fun…” She smirked at you.

You gasped and glared at her.

“Yeah what do I say. Hello my name is Y/N, nice to meet you. Want to fuck?” You said sarcastically.

Your best friend laughed at you and said that she heard there’s going to be a party around her university and she told you to go with her.

“Do I have a choice?” You asked

“NOPE! Come on. Let’s go to your dorm, get you dressed up and then we can bus to my university and go to the party. It’ll be fun, I promise.” She exclaimed

Sighing you agreed and started walking back towards your dorm.

After scrubbing your body clean, Crystal chose a short black dress and black heels from your closet, and quickly made you change. You also got a makeover from your best friend who gave you a nice winged eyeliner and paired it with a bright red lip stick.

“Really? Red?” You asked her.

“Yes. Really. Red makes you look sexy in that dress.” She answered.

Sighing you agreed to let her continue on with applying the lipstick. Once your best friend was done playing make over with you, the two of you hurried to catch the bus to her university. Although her school was only a half hour away from yours, you couldn’t help but be bothered by the amount of stares you were getting for your attire. Silently moaning you reminded yourself to just take the taxi when you’re going home tonight just to avoid the stares again. Once the two of you got to Crystal’s university, she quickly showered and pulled on a tight fitting short red dress and accompanied her outfit with a pair of nude heels. She quickly did her makeup, and before you knew it, she was already dragging you out of her room.

On your way to the party, Crystal informed you that the party was being held at a house off campus by a couple of seniors. As you arrived, you saw that there weren’t many people going inside. So you asked,

“Do you think we’re too early?”

“I don’t know.. I thought we could come whenever…” She answered.

“There’s barely anyone here…. let’s go a little later when there’s more people.” You said

“No.. let’s just go in now. There has to be some people inside already.” She said while dragging your arm.

To your surprise, as you entered the house, you realized that there were quite some people inside. Maybe 50? Not much, but at least it wasn’t just the two of you.

As you were looking around, Crystal said that she would go and get you guys some drinks.

Before you could continue scanning the room, you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around only to see that it was the stranger that you met in the cafe.

“We meet again.” He said with a playful smile on his face.

You couldn’t say anything. You didn’t know what you could say. All you could do was look at him. As compared to this morning, he was now wearing a black shirt that was covered by a black and white jacket and accompanied with black leather pants.  He looked so good that you couldn’t help but stare.

Shit. Was all you could say to yourself. You didn’t know what the night would bring to you, but you knew that no matter what happened, you wanted nothing more than him tonight. 

i’ve seen the “emma somehow goes back in time and meets lieutenant jones” thing going around and i started thinking “what if we had ‘emma somehow goes back in time and meets pre-milah captain jones’?” and this happened

idk, i don’t even remember where it started or why, i wrote the first part of this a few weeks back (before 3x08, i think) and came back around to it because why not and it’s not a long thing, probably just like two parts

currently-untitled because i have to get to cleaning like now



She didn’t remember falling asleep (or at least, not in any kind of detail), she didn’t remember falling through a portal or casting any magic spell or being struck by any curse; all she knew was a distant haze, something about hearts and Skull Rock and needing to get to Henry – rest first, someone had said, we’ll move in the morning – and then she was falling.

The ground was hard and cold and knocked the breath clean out of her when she hit it like a freight train and sat up onto her elbow, wincing and shivering when she looked around.

She was in a snowy market square in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by a bustling crowd that had all stopped to look when she’d apparently fallen out of the sky. For a long, tense moment she just lay there, blinking rapidly in a sad attempt to clear her head, dizzy from the landing and the hazy memories, tongue heavy in her mouth like she’d been drugged.

Had she been drugged? But she’d been to her fair share of wild parties in her youth, and this sure as hell didn’t look like a hallucination.

“All right there, love?” a familiar voice said, as a coat fell over her shoulders.

She jumped and glanced to the side, sighing in relief at the black leather pants. “Hook, thank God,” she murmured, but he didn’t respond, only helped her to her feet, where she staggered against him.

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CS AU: 1/? Love is an open door

A/N: After all the FT3 pics this weekend I started to miss the Emma/Elsa/Anna friendship so I started a new Mini –MC, I think this will be 3 parts. Emma’s always being dragged to happy hours, office parties and music gigs by her friends, the Arendelle sisters. So far she’s been a bit unlucky when it comes to meeting people at these events but the girls are more like sisters to her and if they didn’t drag her out she might never go anywhere. On this particular night Elsa finally gets an invite from Liam, a man she talks to the train daily to come see his band play. Of course she enlists Emma to be her wingman and what happens after that is all up to fate.

Emma Swan, Elsa Arendelle, Anna Arendelle, Killian Jones, Liam Jones, Kristoff 


She pressed the gas pedal and her car roared down the road as fast as she could without being noticed by the police. She was rushing yet again to meet the Arendelle sisters who seemed to continually rope her into these Happy Hours, Office Parties and band gigs for friends. She shouldn’t complain because if it weren’t for them she would probably never get out.

She was still feeling a bit angry about the last one though, not that it was Anna’s fault but it was her office party. Anna introduced her to the guy who brought about her latest bought of what the hell was I thinking, which lead her to swearing off guys entirely for the last three months.

She could still feel the anger rising within after what Walsh did to her. She spent most of her days tracing skips and slumming it with the dregs of humanity to find such skips so when she met this clean cut guy she thought she’d give him a chance. He wasn’t the usual type she’d be interested but she hadn’t had any luck with those guys so when he’d asked her for her number she gave it to him rather than brush him off like she’d normally do.

In hindsight, she should have known something was up with him. He’d invited her to a formal cocktail party. She’d worn the most scandalously beautiful dress she could find, completely backless and showed her curves in the most flattering way. She felt gorgeous and knew she would be the envy of the room for sure because her confidence was in high gear after catching a high priced skip earlier that day.

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