he's in doc's house

A combination of ENBs and brightness mods  has rendered it impossible to see a fucking thing in Doc Mitchell’s house because he doesn’t have a single fucking candle or lighting fixture in the whole place.

The Weekend

Wow, honestly…. What a weekend!! I didn’t expect this.

I will start from the beginning. I went down to LI (long Island) to visit my Doctor. We met 1,5 years ago and we been “dating”, he is not my sugar daddy, but for any means he is not poor. He is athletic and handsome. I know him very well, we went on vacations and I have met his family, and best friends. He never been married and don’t have kids. He is totally ok with us dating and our age difference. He is in his early 50s. He has beautiful house and lovely dog. I care for this men and have fun every time I come down to visit him. So we been on and off for a year ad half, but we never been official, just we know we are dating and there is no drama or stress. He takes care of me and we enjoy each others company.

So I haven’t seen him for 2 months now, and I texted his Wednesday to check up on his, see what is up and how is things going. Well, I always knew that he is successful doctor with his own practice and special treatment he has so things been great for past year or so. But this blew mine and his mind as well. 

His living room. 

So his best friend, let’s call him “musician”, have been in music industry for ages, I mean he knows whole Hollywood and all music crew, big names. He told me stories how Kim become popular and etc. So he is living between LA, Florida, NY and Canada now. So, more about Canada, Musician have a project in Canada with one Billionaire (WITH A B) in Canada, its ongoing project and will take some time to get it done. About two months ago this billionaire talked about special treatment he wants to do in Canada, Florida and Bahamas, open a wellness centers with it and run it. So my Doctor actually the best in USA for it, so musician told billionaire that Doctor is specialized on it and so now Doc is on it. This Billionaire is so interested in this project and so excited. So Doc went up there to Canada to see him and talk. It was rare that this guy would give 5 min to someone as much as busy he is. He spends whole day with Doc, that was unusual already. This Billionaire, lets call him “Mr. Sir”. He has hones all over the world. Have 7 private jets and 400 cars, I am not shitting you guys. When doc went up there, Mr. Sir gave his Lambo with top down for the weekend. He lives in huge place in Canada, like sizes of the area is HUGE.

So now, I am flying in Friday, don’t know anything about it. Doc sends his driver to pick me up in JFK, while Doc is taking pilot lessons, he is thinking get small jet too now as he could fly himself.
I’m getting there, starving, so we go to nice Italian place. And he starts telling me about this Mr. Sir and whole project. So I am like wow, that is great. But then he is like: “oh Mr. Sir and his buddy flying in tomorrow for the procedure” (the one all this project is about) , I am like okaaaay , he goes: “they are flying in on his private jet in the morning and leaving around 4-5 pm the same day”, I am like wow, this guy will just casually fly down to NY to visit DOC and get procedure. Ok, so Doc asked if I wanted to come in the morning but it was too early so I decided to sleep in, so around 12-1 pm he called me and said that they coming to house and will go to the lunch to the yacht club doc belongs to. So I just got out of shower, really quick making my face a piece of gold and putting on DVF dress on and some pumps, casual but with class. 

 He especially told me to be casual, knowing me and my dress code where I dress up all the time haha. So they got here and GUYS, like seriously never in the world by meeting him on the street I would think he is Billionaire, like this guy is so humble, and down to earth its crazy. So we went on lunch, it was nice, talked about this and that, said that his son got married in Bahamas and it was amazing, spend $1MM on wedding. Then we just talked about how if something supposed to be, it will happen. So Mr. Sir was like: I was looking for house in Bahamas for years, and it couldn’t fit my desires, no deck for yacht, too small yard, etc. And here it is, this year he found perfect house that cost his about 20 $MM. And he casually invites me and Doc to his house, I am in my head like fuck yeah I will go! So we ate, great guys, very funny, and very simple, no idea that Mr. Would be billionaire. He is going to smoke cigars with PUTIN (I don’t like the guy) but fucking Putin?  Crazy. So we drove them back to their private jet that they flew in to this small private airport in long island, so it was very convenient. Guys, the jet, I mean I have never seen private jets in my life and been able to come close and meet pilots and just experience all this is amazing. Never in my life I thought I would be able to meet people like this. I am always will be humble with sugaring just because of this experience. I am so hoping go to Mr. Sir’s house in Bahamas with Doc, that would be amazing, meet his family, get closer, and you never know what I can get out of there. Job, career, good connections and etc. I just hope so. This meeting and experience just made my weekend, already.  

So we get back with Doc to his house and then I dress up and we took his new baby Lamborghini 2015 avendator to the restaurant, and I got to drive it. This is second “boyfriend” I have that own Lamborghini and I just love to ride in it, and Doc like to speed so its super fun! Came back from dinner home, watched some TV and then I gave him a full body massage and he passed out. Today, We got up, I made breakfast for both of us, this is only men I would make breakfast for, just because. Then he went to the gym downstairs, yeah he has his own spacy gym in the house. Then he came up, I already showered and he hop on and then we had first sex for the whole weekend, other two days we were too tired. So right after that I asked him if he wanted to go shopping. So we went got him IPad, then all me haha got wireless headphones for the gym, cloth for the fall for work and casual from J. Crew and got fall boots from Coach, they are babies for everyday and new perfume from Burberry, amazing smell. So, it was already late, I had to pack and get ready to fly back home. So we got back and I few out. Typing this text in the plane actually.   

So that was my amazing weekend! It was fun and so eventful! Doc is flying there next Sunday, so hopefully I keep in touch with Doc and it will work out just perfect and will benefit me  

Continuity Confusion #8: Doc Ock and Parallel Lives

I know it’s been awhile but here is another instalment of Continuity Confusion. Appropriately since it’s the eighth instalment we’re taking a look at Doc Ock.

Specifically we’re tackling a seeming contradiction presented about Doc Ock in Parallel Lives.

So here’s a conundrum.

In Web of Spider-Man #4-5, set before Peter and MJ’s wedding, Doc Ock was placed in a psychiatric facility.

Though in the prior story he escaped custody he relapsed by the end of the story.

In ASM #296-297  set after the wedding he was still suffering from these problems.

However Parallel Lives contradicts this.

As you can see the implication is that Doc Ock was perfectly active prior to the wedding and not too long thereafter he was actually monitoring the Parker’s at their wedding. He also created for himself some new armour and began rebuilding his old Master Planner hideout. We see the fruits of his labour in the last third of Parallel Lives set several months after the wedding and Doc Ock’s recovery.

The latter of course seems questionable since Doc Ock did not have this armour when we picked back up with him after the wedding and he also didn’t seem to have this facility on the go either.

Now look, in reality all these contradictions were a mistake on Conway’s part. And it has gone on to be used by detractors of PL *coughMisterMetscough* to invalidate the whole story.

I’ve already proposed one explanation for this, but I’ve come up with another one.

In Web of Spider-Man #4-5 Doc Ock freed himself from the psychiatric facility he was housed in and for awhile was active as a villain although he avoided Spider-Man.

He went on to rebuild his criminal organization.

As you can see he’s got quite the organization going hasn’t he, and a new outfit to boot.

So here’s my theory.

Otto created his new armour during his first escape from the psychiatric facility in Web of Spider-Man. He similarly robbed  the atomic research centre during this time period too.

Why didn’t he use the armour in other parts of the Web story?

Well arguably the armour existed as anti-radiation armour than outright battle armour. This is supported by the fact that if you look closely at the scene of him robbing the research centre there are no spikes on his boots the way there are when he later confronts Spider-Man.

In Parallel lives the armour didn’t even serve much practical purpose beyond allowing him to breath under water. It didn’t even seem to offer that much protection from Spider-Man’s attacks. In fact given the lack of details in the scene where he robs the facility you culd just say that he was wearing an anti-radiation suit not an outright suit of armour.

On the other hand he might have just been experimenting with the armour so it was still a prototype when he used it to rob the research facility but wasn’t prepared to use it in battle.

Or perhaps there was a deeper psychological reason.

Check out the scene above where he’s showing off how he’s not afraid of Spider-Man to his goons. He doesn’t need to do that, it’s ultimately just to make himself feel better.

With that in mind then perhaps he avoided using his battle armour against Spider-Man because to do so would be to admit or remind himself of his fear regarding the wall-crawler and/or in not using it he’d pretend there was nothing wrong, projecting that image to outside observers.

As for his Master Planner facility, he could have robbed the atomic research centre and begun construction on his old hideout during the Web story but not completed construction of it until after ASM #296-297 when he was cured of his problems and on the run.

This still leaves the big dilemma of how could Doc Ock have been observing Peter and MJ’s wedding when he was definitely in the psychiatric facility during that time period?

Well the implication of Parallel Lives as it was written is that Otto is somehow keeping tabs on Peter and Aunt May, presumably this is how the learned of the wedding in the first place.

With that in mind I propose this explanation.

At some point before the wedding (like during the Web story) Otto programmed his flying drones to monitor Peter.

They never caught wind of him becoming Spider-Man because his Spider Sense would always alert him. But on his wedding day he was caught up in the moment he ignored it, and the tingle probably wasn’t anything major. I imagine the Spider Sense would give him a stronger buzz if he was in danger of exposing his identity rather than if he was just being generally watched in his regular life. Furthermore they weren’t so sophisticated that they’d like search his apartment or anything.

So the drones were obediently following their programming and monitoring Peter during his and MJ’s wedding, but when we see Otto watching the footage, that’s not actually him watching the wedding AS it is happening. Rather it’s him watching the recorded footage of it at a later time.

I know the thought captions imply Peter is thinking his thoughts at the same time Otto is watching him, but that’s fairly easy to dismiss as hard evidence in light of the fact that it doesn’t make sense with Otto’s continuity.

What do you think?

TDBM Drabble: Stuck - 100 words

Bill looked up from the papers on his desk and scowled. The Doc, Lawson and Davis were at it again. One of those secret conversations where if he walked over to the file cabinet they would suddenly stop talking. Like nothing was going on. Once he even heard one of them attempt to nonchalantly whistle - as if that wasn’t suspicious!

But he knew better. How could he not? Lawson was always over at the Docs house. Davis even lived there now! But did anyone ever invite ol’ Bill Hobart? Noooooooooo. He just sat there… forgotten… stuck at his desk.

limping-twerp  asked:

Hi! How much of House's vicoden addiction do you think is physical/ and how much is not physical. We see many pieces of evidence showing that his need for vicoden is not entirely driven by his leg (He stops using it when he's with Cuddy, he pops more when he's emotionally hurting, he had drug use issues before his leg) and plenty that it's physical ( The massive leg pain when he detoxes). What do you think?

What an interesting question!

I am forcing myself to answer it numerically to be more precise - 35 percent physical and 65 percent emotional/behavioral/cognitive…

The main rationale for my rating is that Wilson thinks that it is less physical and more other things. There are many examples of Wilson challenging House about his Vicodin use by asserting this. I believe Wilson, as he knows House better than anyone (plus he is a doc who sees/closely interacts with House on a daily basis.) Like you said, House swallows more pills when he is under emotional stress, validating our point.

Vicodin buys House relief from his pain, physical and emotional. It brings him a chemical forgetfulness, if you will. As he became an addict overtime, he has lost control over his chemical dependency. I believe that he minimizes his cognitive dissonance about this by rationalizing that the drug use is almost ALL due to his physical pain and he needs chemicals for daily functioning.

I appreciate your question. Now, I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue, if you don’t mind.

Regards! :-)

Yo wynonna earp peeps

Help me sort character into their Hogwarts House

Jeremy (he’s a precious bean and I want him in the fic)

I want to put Boo Boo in it and I know he would be a Slytherin as well as The stone witch (struggling spelling her name via moblie) but I would like some assistance of sorting everyone else

I think it is very important to note that after everyone found the director, Donut SPECIFICALLY asked to go back to Valhalla. (Stated in season 11 when asking Red Team wtf happened and why they weren’t back at Blood Gulch)
He wanted to go back to his little house with Doc ;u;
How the fuck has it not been directly stated that they’re practically married yet. What is this bullshit.

  • bye kappa

the majority of season one took place at wallace university’s kappa kappa tau sorority house, but season two is expected to feature scrubs in favour of designer duds. season two will be set in a hospital where some of the most fascinating and bizarre medical cases are under observation. and thanks to california’s newly expanded film and tv credit program, the series will also be moving its production from new orleans to california.

  • there will be a time jump

zayday (now a few years older than when viewers saw her last) will fit right into the new setting as a medical school graduate working with dean munsch, who, co-creator brad falchuk says, has “purchased a hospital.” “all of the girls will be medical students under the rule of munsch and three hunky doctors,” he added.

  • testosterone time

speaking of hunky docs, john stamos (full house) taylor lautner (twilight) have been added to the season two cast as medical professionals. stamos is slated to play dr. brock holt, the hospital’s “brilliant but secretive head surgeon”, while lautner will portray cassidy cascade, “a doctor at the hospital who suffers from a strange medical condition and becomes a suspect when a series of tragic events plagues the institution.” meanwhile, glee grad james earl is set to play a character named candy striper.

  • hester is (probably) not the killer

since the bathtub baby hacked people into bits in season one, she probably won’t be on a homicidal rampage again in the second season. “i know that ryan has mentioned that there will be a new killer next year — and it’ll be really funny if everyone thinks it’s hester, and she’s like, ‘um, no, actually it’s not me this time.’ and then I think she could be in the position of someone coming after her, which would be really fun to play,” michele told thr. 

  • more horror movie references

as the aforementioned cast of characters tries to figure out who the killer is this time, expect to see some classic horror movie references on the small screen. season one paid homage to psycho’s famous shower scene starring curtis’ mother, the late janet leigh, and apparently there’s much more where that came from. “we definitely will have more,” falchuk teased. “it’s some of the best moments on the show.”