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Patater Week - Day 3

Feb. 8 - Fake Dating/Secret (?) Relationship - (2K)

“I don’t care, it’s not weird, I’m going to sit on you,” Jeff says, shifting all 200 pounds of his body onto Kent’s lap.

“I wish you wouldn’t,” Kent tells him.

“That’s pretty gay,” an Aces teammate says from where he is sitting on the ground, demolishing his bowl of popcorn that he stole from Kent’s cabinets, even though Kent had specifically told him to not touch his cabinets. “And I have a boyfriend.”

“Shut up, I’m so scared, I’m so fucking scared,” Jeff says, burying his face in Kent’s neck. “Did they make it out of the hallway?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you watch the movie?” Kent says through his teeth as he shoves Jeff off to the side, which is rather difficult considering that Jeff is insistent that he turn into a human-sized suction cup for the occasion. “Seriously, could you let go? I can’t breathe.”

“Why did you pick a scary movie if you’re afraid of them, Jeff?” a rookie asks. He’s lounging on the carpet, his head using Patrick’s lap as a pillow as he scrolls down his phone.

“I’m not scared,” Jeff says, then curses as the woman in the TV screen turns a corner in her hallway and the music grows more ominous. “This is for a team bonding exercise for the rookies.”

“Which you hosted. At my place,” Kent says flatly. “Without consulting me.”

“You’re the captain,” Jeff says. “It should be at your place.”

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Me and @talortut were talking about something that made me realize something.

Back in grade school literally everyone reads the outsiders. But you know that moment. That one moment where all the talk of Ponyboy having a headache, tacking aspirin, telling Twobit not to tell anyone. When he gets home and it compares him to a “scared animal. When shit goes down and Ponyboy just collapses.

This is the stuff that started it all. Sure kids shows and movies will have sick episodes and injury, but it’s so mild. This shit was realistic. This is what started it. Do you know how many times I’ve reread the middle chapters because of Ponyboy getting sick? So many

I watched Beauty and The Beast last night and I’m on a Tale As Old As Time high

I loved it so much! It was so worth the wait. Loved all the actors, the music, the soundtrack, the characters’ backstory, everything♥

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And holy Broadway musical, Batman! So many references!

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The Beast is a bookworm tooooooo! He finishes a quote Belle is saying in the movie. COME ON! They’re so cute♥

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Needless to say, I want to watch it again :)

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Oh and I want a spinoff with Lefou, please Disney. Josh Gad is life.

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Tale as old as time song as old as rhyme beauty and the beast

Yes, I’m still singing. Shut up. LOL

I remain very bitter that there’s never an option to like…. defend Scourge.

Master Kaiden pulls a lightsaber on Scourge when you take him to meet the Jedi Council, where’s my option to yell at him to PUT THAT THING AWAY he’s here to help????

Satele tells him “Well you only helped for selfish reasons (wanting?? to LIVE??? is selfish apparently???) but I guess even you deserve this mandatory End of Star Wars Movie medal…” 

and all I can say is “No, he doesn’t :/”, ask some completely off the cuff question that has no place here???, and then derisively laugh that he’ll be a Jedi before we know it

when I just want to tell her “Oh my god, shut up, we literally never would have gotten any of this accomplished without him.”

Idk, just, there are so few dialogue options that let you be respectful toward him it really bothers me.

Everything you can say to/about him is either pedantic and condescending af or “muahaha darkside”, why can’t there just be an actually… accepting?? option??

like, Scourge tells you he’ll teach your kids in “the proper ways of the force” bcs u surprised him and all you can do is clutch your pearls in terror, tell him to ensure they dominate the galaxy or go “ew.” 

Where’s my “….. I’m learning to translate from the Sith Speech Impediment you suffer from and get that you mean you’ll always be there for me and mine and I appreciate that, thanks.”

There’s some really good dialogue between Scourge and the Knight but god so much of it really is just bogged down in preachy LS drabble or cliche DS nattering :////////

Dating Byun Baekhyun Would Include

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

In The Daytime

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  • Him being playful and pranking you a lot of the time. He likes telling bad jokes and making you laugh even at the stupidest things.
  • But he also likes having down time with you, like watching movies and simply cuddling on the sofa where he can hold you close.
  • Cuddling is essential
  • Even when you’re playing video games. (No, you don’t have a say in this. He will get you to like gaming.)
  • Singing competitions
  • Dance battles
  • Sometimes the neighbours come over to check on you (tell you to shut the hell up) because you’re so loud.
  • Constant touching
  • PDA all the way
  • Probably to the point where people are going to start telling you to ‘get a room’ because Baekhyun loves to have his hands on you even if it’s something as simple as holding hands.
  • Have fun third wheeling when either Kyungsoo or Chanyeol come over.
  • Also have fun getting your own revenge when Baekhyun has to third wheel you and one of the other members.
  • But be careful, because making Baekhyun too jealous might make you unable to walk the next morning.
  • When he’s away he’ll call, text and skype in every free moment he has.
  • He’ll wish you a sweet dreams every night even when he’s away and will talk to you until you fall asleep because he likes to make sure you’re okay.
  • “Jagi I want to tuck you in every night on the phone while I’m away.”
  • Sooo much skinship
  • Him constantly teasing you because he loves seeing you blush or get annoyed
  • He thinks it’s cute how your nose scrunches up and your voice becomes more fiery
  • But he always gets away with it because he’s Baekhyun and he has his ways to make you forgive him
  • Dates
  • Lots of selcas
  • His lock screen is a selca of you and him
  • As we all know, Baekhyun is quite the blabbering type, so you’re going to have to shut him up with kisses (even though sometimes that is the purpose.)
  • Honestly, this guy is going to give you a lot of work, but it will all be worth it especially when he loves you wholeheartedly.

At Nighttime

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  • And holding you close until you finally fall asleep.
  • So much teasing
  • You’re going to be able to have a lot of fun when he’s in the mood
  • Playing hard to get is only going to make him more encouraged.
  • Him moaning when you’re teasing him and he’s desperate.
  • Dirty talking because it really makes him feel dominant.
  • Sometimes he’ll be submissive, but he’s the kind of guy that would really love to see you as a moaning mess underneath him.
  • Neck kisses
  • Have fun hiding those love bites.
  • But when he’s not in the mood, he’s going to be a literal huggable bear
  • Lots of cuddles
waking you up from a nightmare: kihyun
  •  mom kihyun, oh boy
  •  he would be so worried 
  •  waking up in the middle of the night hearing you cry and whimper would terrify him 
  •  he would sit up fast and turn the bedside lamp on 
  •  and gently shake your shoulders until you woke up 
  •  he would wipe your tears away
  •  “it was just a dream baby, that’s all” 
  •  you would be shaking and he would feel so awful 
  •  he would kiss your forehead and run to get you a glass of water 
  •  when he got back he would scoop you up and make you lay across his chest 
  •  “no more scary movies for you”
  •  he would just stare at you until your eyes started to shut 
  •  gently stroking your hair until you fell back to sleep 
  •  and he wouldn’t go back to sleep until he made sure you were safe and sound

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If You Love Someone...

… Let him go. Or alternately, we took too long growing up.

Summary: Nico Rosberg fills his innocent moments with smiles he has memorized and a laughter he has loved since they’d met actual decades ago.

Pairing: Brocedes


It’s the innocent moments that he misses. It’s the innocent moments that he feels the loss of another cadence of breath, another source of warmth, another burst of laughter that used to pervade his mundane days. When he feels the loss of another heartbeat beneath his fingers so vividly it’s enough for him to gasp for breath like his lungs are filling up with his grief and regret and are pushing all the air out of him.

It’s the innocent moments – a flash of blonde behind pillows thrown in his face, yelling after losing a game of Mario Kart, curling up on the couch while watching old animated movies past their prime – that Lewis Hamilton has to screw his eyes shut to stop seeing phantom images of what his life would have been had he not let go of the only person who could have ever loved him.

Nico Rosberg fills his innocent moments with smiles he has memorized and a laughter he has loved since they’d met actual decades ago.

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Dating Isaac Lahey Would Involve:

- him being SuPeR over protective of you

- him hating it when you’re involved in anything dangerous bc dear god he can’t loose the one person he truly loves

- holding him close to you when he wakes up from a nightmare involving his father

- always spending the night with him whenever possible even if its not for sex just so you can be close to each other

- all night movie marathons though

- him loving to spoon you bc he knows he can protect you

- kitchen counter sex

- his always kissing your temple and right under your ear

- understanding him like no one else

- his goddamn smirk though

- him rambling like an idiot when he tries to ask you out for the first time

- “Isaac, shut the hell up and kiss me already,” 

- telling each other everything

- always kissing the top of his hand whenever you hold hands bc his skin is so soft and you know its comforting to him, like a reminder you’re by his side

- making fun of him bc he loves it when you run your fingers across his scalp bc he’s literally a puppy

- trusting him with your life

- loosing your virginity to each other

- lots of shower sex

- basically lots of really great and passionate sex

- jealous and kinky sex when he’s mad or jealous 

- falling in love with your best friend like a teenage cliche

- being utterly and hopelessly in love with each other 

jason is so delighted to realize just how much nico can talk tho

like he got a glimpse of it in all nico’s memories during the cupid incident and percy mentioned that he was a chatterbox as a kid and all, but that really didn’t prepare him for hearing nico’s babble about something he really liked for the first time. and after nico loses his steam after talking about some movie he snuck into or whatever he gets a bit flustered and immediately apologizes for talking jason’s ear off and says jason should have told him to shut up sooner

but jason is just sitting there with the biggest grin ever

Glacial Love | Do Kyungsoo (IV)

Genre – Fluff, Angst

Word Count – 2k

Summary – In which you and Kyungsoo are lead actors for a drama with an audience who are desperate to see their favourite couple take their romance to the real world. But little do they know, your relationship off screen is the farthest thing from love

<< Part 3 Part 4

Kyungsoo stood in front of the entrance until you drove off, just so he could have a mini freak out about how you two finally had a nice conversation. Oh he knew his feelings were coming back and he needed to talk to someone about it. As soon as he entered the living room of his dorm, he was greeted by the grinning faces of Jongin, Chanyeol and Sehun sat on the sofa and waiting for him to spill all the details about the kiss. The boys knew about you from Jongin constantly blabbering on about how you and Kyungsoo have the perfect movie plot love story, and Kyungsoo gave up on shutting him up a while ago.

“Sooo… Was it as magical as you expected?” Sehun wriggled his eyebrows, causing Kyungsoo’s eyes to go wide at how they knew. The plot and events of the show were completely confidential and no one knew about them unless you showed up to…the…meetings. Jongin!

“What? Do you really expect me to leave out that kind of crucial information when I’m describing your love life to them? These brats live off of this real life drama” Instantly turning to glare at Jongin, Kyungsoo  gave him a huge lecture about how the information doesn’t leave the office and how he wasn’t invited to set for anymore surprise visits.

“Oh I’m okay with not showing up anymore, my work is done” Jongin shrugged, high-fiving Sehun and kicking his feet up to rest on he coffee table. Kyungsoo gave him yet another ridiculed look as Jongin waited for him to catch on.

“What are you talking about?” Kyungsoo rose his eyebrow.

“Come on! Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel anything for her after that kiss…” Jongin pressed, causing the tension in the room to slightly rise. Kyungsoo knew how much that kiss meant to him, but he wasn’t entirely sure of what effect he had on you. I mean your did acting as a career, so you must’ve kissed actors before and knew how to react right?


“In my opinion one kiss wouldn’t mean anything anymore to be honest” Chanyeol muttered, causing Jongin and Sehun to instantly give him the  ‘Shut the fuck up dumbass’ look. “What? I’m thinking about this logically. Soo you’ve treated her like absolute shit for I don’t know how many years, and you suddenly think one kiss is going to make her fall in love with you all over again?” He questioned, instantly making Kyungsoo loose all hope in you two actually becoming a thing.

“Hyung what is your problem?!” Jongin snapped.

“No no h-he’s right, I’m absolutely stupid for ever thinking things. I need to um… Pack for the press conference” He sputtered, before quickly making his way out of the living room. The glares Chanyeol received from Jongin and Sehun were lethal, but he still stood by his idea. Jongin shook his head before following Kyungsoo into his room.


“Chanyeol hyung doesn’t know what he’s talking about…” He muttered as he watched Kyungsoo sadly folding his clothes and putting them into his suitcase.

“I think he has perfect sense of what he’s talking about. Jongin I’ve done nothing but ignored her for the past few years, always answered her questions with rude responses and I’ve always criticised her acting when I know how much of a better actor she is compared to me. I’m the stupid one to be falling in love with her right now, I don’t even know how it happened. And even if she does love me back, I don’t think I deserve it after treating her like that for so long…” Kyungsoo sighed, making Jongin huff out in annoyance.

“Hyung if you’re willing to forgive her for leaving you, don’t you think she’ll try to forgive you at the least? I’ve seen the way you look at her, you’re not that great of an actor” He cracked, rewarding him with a light chuckle from Kyungsoo.

“I don’t know man, I think I should move on…” He sulked as Jongin rolled his eyes.

“I swear if you don’t confess to her, I’ll tell her how much you love her” Jongin threatened, making Kyungsoo send him another glare. “Okay… no confessing. But would you at least try to do something to show her how you feel?” He requested , and Kyungsoo took a few moments to himself before walking to his cupboard.  Jongin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as the elder one pulled out a deep burgundy hoodie and handed it to him. “Hyung you haven’t worn this in years and it’s so old! What do you want me to do with it?” Jongin almost laughed.

“This was one of the hoodies she’d always borrow from me because it was her favourite. Give it to her and say nothing else. No confessing or anything, I just want her to have it now because god knows when we’re going to be in good terms like this again” Kyungsoo instructed. “My flight is tonight or else I would’ve given it to her myself” He chuckled before returning to the task of packing at hand. Jongin took a mental note to not mention any feelings whatsoever as he did in fact appreciate the gift which is life.

 It had been a few hours after you got home when you got a text from Jongin, asking you to come over for a movie night the boys had planned. You figured Kyungsoo was probably not going to be there because he would’ve forbidden Jongin from even having you in the same room as him. But the thought of him not being there made you almost a little sad so you decided to ask whether he was actually there.

Jongin: Nope, hyung just left to catch his plane for his trip a few minutes ago


Me: Oh…


Jongin: Oh I understand if you don’t want to come now, I know how much you wanted to see hyung and everything


Me: No! I’m coming obviously… Set the movie up I’ll be there in ten


Jongin: Okay ;)


Well you couldn’t really not go or else Jongin would be… right. You got dressed into a casual t-shirt and jeans before driving over to the dorms. The door to the dorm was opened by a very smiley Sehun, who gladly let you in with a welcoming grin. You greeted the members who were sat scattered around the living room, before taking a seat next to Jongin. You hadn’t exactly met the boys in… years  but they still managed to stay up to date with who you were, so you were more than a little confused.

“Hey um this is a really weird thing to ask, but how are you guys not awkward with me?” You chuckled, making them smirk at each other.

“Oh! Jongin has been giving us very detailed updates of your love life with Kyungsoo for the past week” Baekhyun proudly announced, earning himself a smack on the back of his head from Chanyeol. Wait, what love life?

“Hahahaha this idiot! He’s talking about the drama. See we never have enough time to actually sit down and watch it, so Jongin is our source of entertainment and information” Junmyeon quickly explained. Well at least you knew Jongin wasn’t talking about your actual relationship with him…if there actually was one. 

“Speaking of Kyungsoo hyung, he left you a little something before going. Hold on, I’ll go get it” Jongin excitedly scrambled out of the room as you awkwardly took a seat beside Sehun. 

“So what are we watching?” You quickly asked, trying to erase the awkward tension. 

“We’re planning on binge watching the whole ‘Mission Impossible’ series, but it really does depend on when Yixing hyung falls asleep” Sehun informed, making you raise your eyebrow at the last part. 

“Oh! Since I fly back and forth from Korea and China, I’m usually pretty tired. I really want to make an effort to spend time with them so I join every time, but I always end up falling asleep. And I don’t like missing the ends of movies” Yixing scratched the back of his neck and you smiled at his little explanation.  You were about to talk to him on how to stay awake, when Jongin came running in with a piece of clothing you instantly recognised in his arms.


You went silent when Jongin handed you the hoodie, almost staring at it in amazement as you ran your fingers over the fabric. The soft smell of fabric softener mixed with Kyungsoo’s distinctive perfume filled your nostrils as you continued to admire the simple burgundy hoodie. It brought back memories to your trainee days with Kyungsoo. The memories of you always sneaking it out of his dorm whenever you slept over, the memories of him always whining about how it was his favourite one and the memories of the many mini fights you’d have over who got to keep it. It all started to come back to you before Sehun’s voice broke you out of your trance.

“See she finds it so ugly she’s at a loss of words” He rolled his eyes, making you chuckle at the little face he made. Yeah it was a little washed out, but you still loved it because of the amount of significance tied to the piece of clothing.  “Hyung’s had that in his cupboard for years but he never lets any of us borrow it, it’s almost funny how he’s just giving it to you” Sehun shrugged, his eyes widening as if he’d revealed something seconds after he heard himself. It was true, Kyungsoo always joked about how he’d never let you have it because it was the love of his life or something. But here you were getting it literally handed to you, it felt a little odd.

“I mean he’s never given me anything like this before, it just feels a bit weird that’s it” You smiled up at them and they all nodded as if they understood everything.

“Yeah but you see Kyungsoo has a tendency of giving us gifts that mean a lot when he needs to let us know he loves us, you know since he’s not a particularly vocal person when it comes to feelings. I mean remember he got his ex-girlfriend this really cool personalised pendant when he fell in love with her?” Jongdae spilled, making you almost drop the hoodie from your hands. In love? What, no you must’ve heard him wrong.

“Umm w-what did you say?” You stuttered, looking across at Jongdae’s petrified face.

“Personalised pendant?” He looked at you hopefully as you shook your head instantly. The boys tried to jump in with their own explanations, but you weren’t having any of it. You didn’t know what to do with the information, but you needed to make sure it was actually right before feeling anything. Heck you were already feeling things, but it wasn’t too late to brush them off right?

“N-no the part about him falling in love” You reiterated, making them instantly cringe. Oh god you did hear him right. I mean he isn’t really in love with you right? He hates you! Your brain kept repeating, but it didn’t  work. You sat there for a good few minutes trying to comprehend the situation, but dealing with the kiss and this on the same day seemed to be a bit too much for you to handle. “He’s in love with me?” You asked quietly, sending them all little glances they refused to return.

“Yeah…” Jongin breathed, the confirmation almost making your heart leap.

“Oh god we’re all dead meat” Sehun cried out. Well he wasn’t exactly wrong about that… 

A/N: Hi Loves! I hope you guys liked this part! Part 5 is coming soon hehe :D Please let me know what you think of this series so far, I’ve been working really hard behind it. Thank you so much for reading <3

~Shazz xx


I’ll continue with the aesthetic life’s tomorrow. I’ll go to this weird movie night in the cinema I work at now (like my boss shows a movie just for the people who work there (and probably no one will come omfg but I have to go because I promised it))

Throne of Glass characters at the movies

Aelin: the one who gets really excited and can’t help but spoil the best scene because she’s seen it already…five times

Dorian: the one who lifts the armrest so he can sidle up closer and *hints* not so subtly that dark cinemas make for good make-out sessions

Chaol: the one who falls asleep and wakes up at the credits with no clue of what happened 

Rowan: the one who tells everyone else to shut-the-hell-up. during the previews. which no one cares about. but him

Aedion: the one who makes all the noise and leaves popcorn all over the floor

Lysandra: the one who sits quietly and pays attention and actually gets what’s happening so she and aelin can discuss it in detail later 

Manon: the one who never “showed up” for the movie but really went to go see a horror film by herself

im not a hardcore kandreil shipper but i love the idea of kevin just forcing his way into their relationship. like it starts off with andreil having a movie night and kevin stomps into the room and throws himself in between them on the couch like “move you little shits” and he just sits and pouts the entire movie and andrew is ready to kill kevin and neils just???? this is so pleasant but so awkward?????
they thought it was a one time thing but every so often kevin will appear out of nowhere and accompany them on dates. to the movies out to eat chilling at home. he just weasels his way in, sometimes he doesnt say a word other days he wont shut up and for once its not about exy.
the physical touch starts with him just casually draping his arm over their shoulders, then unnecessary high fives and “"celebratory”“ pats on the butt, then hand holding, then brief kisses to the forehead and cheeks, and this all amounts to kevin just bursting into their room and dropping on top of them.
he never says “im ur boyfriend too ok” and andreil never bring it up. kevin is just their unofficial third wheel tht they get to bang sometimes.
kevin day is extra bi and poly™™

5 reasons why I love Lenny...

…and why you should too.

Bleeder is the forgotten child of the Mads’ film fandom. So I’ve decided to embark on a one-person campaign to fix this travesty, because Lenny is a babe and so far only me and @devereauxsdisease seem to be clued in on this hidden gem of a character.

1. He spends most of his free time alone in his bedroom, watching movies

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the same thing all of us on here do.

2. He is so done with everyone’s shit

Lenny’s friends have a lot of, uh, issues but he’s not here for any of it.

‘Jesus Leo leave me alone’

‘I just want to watch my movie and you guys won’t shut up’

‘Yes and the problem is you guys and your mouths gdi’

‘Well, I’m double-fisting drinks at a hot dog shop so that should tell you all you need to know’

3. He is the patron saint of awkward crushes

This dollbaby cannot function around people he finds attractive. At. All. And his response to that issue? Just run away from them.

‘Oh hey, it’s the cute girl at the diner. Let’s stare at her through the window like a stalker and then run away awkwardly when she notices me.’

‘Oh hey, it’s that cute girl again, better run through traffic even though I have nothing to talk to her about, and then follow her halfway home like a dweeb’

‘No, and it’s not because I stole it after you touched it or anything weird like that, no siree.’

‘Oh hey, she’s down the street waiting for me to meet up with her, maybe I should just RUN THE FUCK AWAY’

So cute.

So well-meaning.

So unable to handle social situations.

4. He is unapologetic about his obsessions

This sweet little chickadee loves movies and never shuts up about them. Ever. If he’s having a conversation, it’s probably about horror films or his favorite actors. Oh, you’re tired of hearing about films and think Lenny should get some new interests?

Lenny dgaf.

5. He wears the hell out of a velvet blazer

Just look at this fine piece. Just look.

…Need I say more?

IN CONCLUSION: Y’all had best get over HERE and watch Bleeder so we can get more rare pair fics with this babe. And maybe even read my fics featuring him.

PSA: I’m so fed up!

I hate it when people already bitch about Gifted without even having seen it. Not because they’re shitting all over my boy Chris Evans. And not because they do it for as dumb a reason as his (ex-)girlfriend being in it. 

No, they’re also writing off a movie that was directed by Marc Webb.

Do you know who Marc Webb is?


Well, let me help you out there.

He’s the guy who directed the music videos for half a dozen emo bands that you were probably fapping to during your emo phase (shut up, we all had one!) including The All-American Rejects…

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…and My Chemical Romance

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And I know what you’re thinking. “But this isn’t a music video, this is an indie movie!”

Well, huh, does (500) Days of Summer tell you anything? 


The movie that single-handedly made all of us fall in love with Zooey Deschanel…

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…and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

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Seriously, you guys have no idea what you’re talking about and I’d prefer you take your miserable little jealousy drama somewhere else. 


Can you imagine if Draco was flirty in the books/movies

Imagine Draco actually saying ‘I’m making sure my boyfriend is okay, are you hurt baby, do you want father to sue the train’ because it’s funny making Potter blush shut up Pansy I don’t like him
Imagine Draco saying “you look much better from this angle, and I’m sure you’d look great above me” when he’s in the tree
Imagine Draco flirting all the time because it makes Harry angry and he blushes so much but Draco refuses to admit he likes it when Harry blushes
Imagine Harry getting angry and slamming in against a wall to yell at Draco
Imagine Draco saying “Couldn’t wait till tonight? You just had to have me now, huh Potter?” And Harry blushing and shoving him away
Imagine Harry pulling Draco into an empty classroom when no one is around and finally kissing Draco, something he shouldn’t do because it’s /Malfoy/ and they’re enemies but they’re lips are together and hands are everywhere and it should feel wrong but it feels so /right/

Imagine a flirty Malfoy

[REACTION] Seventeen Knowing that You’re Scared After a Horror Movie [PART 1]

Because we are still scarred from our Train to Busan experience…


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  • Will keep teasing you with lines from the movie/acting like the killer
  • But once he finds out that you’re actually terrified
  • He will shut up immediately
  • “Shit baby I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to.”
  • Takes the chance to initiate LOTS of cuddles and spooning

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  • Will pull you into his arms
  • Wordlessly turns on the TV to a variety show
  • Feeling the way his chest moves up and down as he chuckles umph
  • Turns around every five minutes or so to check if you’re okay and smiles when you’re laughing along
  • Strokes your hair until you fall asleep

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  • Seeing how he’s not exactly scared of these kind of stuff, initially he might not understand why you’re so freaked out
  • “Hey, it’s only a movie it won’t hurt you, nor is it even real.”
  • But after a while he will slowly understand that some people do get terrified
  • And then he’ll try his best to calm you down
  • “Why don’t you sleep in my room tonight?”

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  • Jun’s reaction will be similar to S.Coups but he wouldn’t know his limit
  • He’d tease you to the point where you may actually cry
  • Then he will realise how terrified you really were and be like: “Shit, I screwed up big time.”
  • Gets asked to sleep outside with a pillow to his face, but 10 seconds later you meekly request for his company and protection
  • Apologises with tons and tons of skinship and kisses and cuddles

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  • Hoshi will try to distract you
  • He’d be like “Hey, aren’t the stars pretty tonight?”
  • *shoves him away*
  • The type to joke about the bad decisions the characters make in the movie in an attempt to make it less scary for you (and him)
  • Will wrap the two of you in heaps of blankets and hold you close to him
  • Whispers, “Hey, are you asleep yet?” every five minutes

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  • You’d wake him up in the middle of the night 
  • You’d tell him that you are scared, but are shy because you don’t know how he’d react
  • He’d say nothing because he’s a sleepy puppy but won’t even hesitate to lift his covers to invite you to join him
  • THHHEENN after a few minutes you feel his hand wrapping around your shoulders to pull you closer to him
  • Tapping a soothing rhythm on your back to lull you to sleep

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  • He probably has to go back to work after the movie but obviously you don’t want to be left alone at home.
  • You don’t even have to give him puppy eyes to let him know what you’re hoping for
  • “Come sleep at my studio the lights will be on the entire night there anyway.” 
  • Helps you pack your favourite pillow for your impromptu sleepover but the best pillow is still his chest youknowwhatimsayin
  • Insert you falling asleep to his soft beats and quiet music while he watches over you with a loving smile

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karasuno team watching a horror movie headcanon

daichi: mildly scared and actually screams pretty loudly. he gets angry at everyone and is busy shushing everyone and ends up missing like 60% of the movie. this was his idea in the first place and is thoroughly regretting his decision to host movie night at his house. he thought it would be a good team bonding thing but NOPE

suga: really scared, but comforts everyone else when they get scared. most likely holding all the popcorn bowls because everyone keeps jumping and spilling everything. he keeps himself busy by picking up fallen popcorn kernels during the movie so he doesn’t have to watch it.

tsukishima: he only came because yamaguchi somehow talked him into it. he looked up the plot of the movie beforehand and shuts down every single one of kageyama’s plot theories. he spends the entire time making fun of the movie plot and the actors/actresses but he unexpectedly ends up getting scared at some of the scary parts and screams. 

nishinoya: he keeps screaming at the TV screen as if the actors/actresses can hear him and spits out a lot of popcorn while doing so. he’s the one who’s the most into this movie. even though he’s scared he inappropriately laughs at scenes that aren’t supposed to be funny (and no one else finds them funny either).

tanaka: he tries to act tough but he’s actually really really scared. he stress eats most of the popcorn. he volunteers to make more popcorn during the movie or goes to the bathroom whenever a super scary part comes up. but he gets scared and paranoid when he’s by himself and ends up rushing back to the couch.

hinata: basically screaming for the entirety of the movie, his screams scare everyone else and makes everyone else scream, he screams at parts that aren’t even scary. he screams so much that he misses the plot points so he’s constantly asking “wait what happened?” every 5 seconds.

kageyama: telling hinata and tsukishima to shut up every 5 seconds, yet he keeps trying to guess the ending every 5 seconds. he tries not to act scared but fails towards the end (side note: his prediction of the movie ending was only half right).

asahi: doing the exact same screaming pattern that hinata is doing but his screams break the sound barrier. every time he tries to eat popcorn, it’s at a scary part and he ends up throwing it all in the air. he is holding someone (whoever he manages to grab) like a teddy bear for most of the movie, until he gives up and goes under a blanket for the rest of the movie.

yamaguchi: thought this would be fun but didn’t know daichi would pick a scary movie. grabs tsuki and hides behind him every time something scary happens, pisses himself every time hinata screams, and is on the verge of tears. he tries to hide under the blanket asahi is hiding under and they end up getting in a “pulling the blanket” war.

ennoshita: coincidentally, he rented this movie last week. he occasionally comments on the cinematography of the movie, but is mostly preoccupied with watching everyone else’s reactions. you bet your sweet ass he’s filming everything on his phone.