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Once Upon an Allergy

The Spring Exchange fic authors have been revealed, so I can post this here now!

This was my exchange fic for @baneismydragon! I hope you enjoy(ed) it, you gave a really good prompt! Shout out to @reyxa for lending me her soulmates au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up.

Summary: "After pouring two packs of chocolate powder in each mug, she felt a sudden sensation in her sinuses thanks to the powder that remained in the air. Quickly, she put her finger below her nose, pleased when the sneeze stopped. After that, it was quick work to pour the water and stir the mix in, and just as she was about to bring them out-

She sneezed.

She stared at the mugs of hot chocolate, her eyes impossibly wide. There was no way. She had to be dreaming. She did not just hear three consecutive sneezes come from her friends in the living room.”

Or, a soulmate au where the sneezes of soulmates sync up after you meet them.


“Alright, class, we’ve got two new students joining us this semester. Please, introduce yourselves for us,” their teacher, Madame Bustier, said.

Standing in front of the rest of the class were two students, one that looked excited and fiery, and another that looked shy and awkward. To the class’ surprise, the shy one spoke first.

“Hi, my name’s Adrien, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.” He punctuated his statement with a quick little wave and a sweet smile.

After he finished speaking, the other spoke. “I’m Alya, and I just moved nearby from across the city.”

Madame Bustier gave them both a smile and gestured for them to find their seats. Alya moved instantly, spotting an empty seat in the second row, next to a girl she’d actually ran into before school started. Adrien rubbed his arm, his eyes sweeping across the room. He saw a childhood friend of his waving for him to sit by her, but he cringed when he saw her trying to push her seatmate out for him. In the hopes of letting the poor girl keep her seat, Adrien sat as close as he could by taking the empty seat in front, next to a student that looks uninterested in what was going on.

While the two settled in, their teacher was about to continue speaking when two synchronized sneezes sounded from the back of the room. Adrien and Alya both turned to look, eyes wide at actually having a pair of soulmates in their classroom. They saw a couple sitting next to each other in the row behind Alya, both of them blushing a tiny bit as their hands intertwined.

Patient though she may be, when Adrien and Alya didn’t look away, Madame Bustier cleared her throat and brought their attention back to her. It was only then that the two noticed nobody else had turned to gawk, which could only mean they all knew already.

“I understand that soulmates are an interesting topic to talk about, let alone see in person, but we do have class to tend to, Monsieur Agreste and Mademoiselle Césaire.” With that, she turned around and started writing on the board. Adrien looked sheepish and stared down at his desk while Alya turned to the girl beside her and started whispering.

“So girl, mind spilling the beans on those two behind us?” she asked, not quiet enough to keep Adrien and his seatmate from hearing. “Are they really… you know?”

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How A Star Trek Convention Ended The World
  • Nervous Giggling Fan: So I have a question about Janeway and Chakotay?
  • Kate: *dully* You want to know why they didn't hook up
  • NGF: Well....yes
  • Kate: Janeway couldn't be taken seriously if she was having an affair. She was the first female captain in her child bearing years so....*sigh*...no Im so sorry dear but I can't do this anymore. I know what you really want to ask. You all want to know if Robert and I had an affair. Right? Thats what you all have wanted to know! RIGHT!?!
  • Crowd: Adjsjasdhhffasdfgh YES!
  • Moderator: Maybe we should just move on to the next...
  • Kate: We Fucked! We copulated! We did it! We had sex! We had sex and you know what it was amazing!
  • Crowd: *stunned silence*
  • Moderator: Oh no.
  • Kate: We had sex multiple times! He really is in one of my top five to be frank! But then guess what? Señor Sexy didn't want to settle down so we parted ways and that was that! We got over it! So should you!...........I need wine! *slumps back in her seat*
  • Robert: Top five? You've always been in my top three
  • Moderator: ....
  • Panel: ...
  • NGF: ...
  • Crowd: *girls burst into tears* *boys faint* *the earths floor opens up* *the sky falls* *the universe implodes*
  • Kate: *whips out her flask and starts chugging*

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okay angsty headcanon: at the barns, ronan and adam are fooling around doing stupid things and adam falls off of a shed or sth so they go to hospital and they take some pictures of his bones and the nurse comes to ronan in the waiting area confused like?? theres all these old fractures on the photos and theyre not in his medical file? thats weird? and ronan just he hates himself for not getting adam away from his father the minute he found out

This is very angsty indeed, and severely heartbreaking. I just wrote a tiny bit about it, I hope that’s okay. 

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Cas brings up marriage and is surprised when Dean gets angry and stomps off. Proposal fic.

“Should we get married?” Cas’s question rolled off his tongue long before he had time to think about what he was saying, which wasn’t really so unusual for him. He was staring up at the television in the corner of a humdrum convenience store they’d come across following a hunt. On the screen there was a news anchor. She was interviewing two young men, both of whom were clearly happy about their decision to get married despite the controversy circulating the country pertaining to gay marriage.

“What?” Dean was standing beside him, pausing in his search for potato chips.

“Marriage,” Cas repeated, finally looking away from the television to take in Dean’s furrowed brows. “After an allotted amount of time, human couples normally get married, don’t they? Should we get married?”

Dean blinked, silent as he tried to digest what was happening. Sam too, who was on the other side of the aisle, paused to listen in on the conversation. It’d been a year since Dean and Cas had finally gotten together, but their time knowing each other extended so much further that it seemed like much longer. At least to Dean. Cas’s idea of time was somewhat skewed, what with him having been an angel and all.

“Are… are you asking me to marry you?” Dean practically balked, still uncertain of what to make of where this conversation was going. “Are you proposing?”

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Rec Sunday

Are you ready for sadness, more sadness, and shameless smut?

Yes? Okay, here we gooo!!

just a second with you by virtuousboyofthecalithildir

Rating: G // Word Count: 1,523

Excerpt from just a second with you:

Every single human in this world has the Clock. It’s nothing special, merely a set of numbers that shows them the exact amount of time they’ll spend with their soulmate. Meeting your soulmate is the only way it will count down.

Marshall’s only had ten seconds.

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their ao3


Like a Flame in the Night by Bagel_Statue

Rating: G // Word Count: 1,238

Excerpt from Like a Flame in the Night:

Before the sun had the chance to come up, Marshall placed a gentle kiss on Gumball’s lips, gripping the boy’s shirt with trembling hands. He wasn’t sure he could do this. There was no way he could do this. Was it really for the best? No, it was.

Marshall had watched his friends die for centuries. And now Gumball.. he couldn’t watch Gumball get old and pass without him. Not Gumball.

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their ao3


Finally by DancesWithNobody

Rating: Explicit // Word Count: 2,472

Excerpt from Finally

“He doesn’t know, does he?”, asked Gumball.

“Actually, he does… technically”, spoke Marshall.

“What do you mean, ‘technically?’”, inquired the Prince.

Marshall slumped a little more into Gumball’s shoulder. He really shouldn’t say anything. He knew if he did it would just mess everything up. But his brain didn’t manage to send this little fact to his mouth before it replied.

“Because I just told him”, whispered Marshall.

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their ao3

-slump- it’s just hard a lot. idk. maybe after guardians of the galaxy is done and i’ve got all my shit made it’ll be better but like. i’m stressed and. leo is hard and i want to get him back because he’s been my longest running babe and i love him so much it’s just. hard. i’m sad. he’s sad. it’s just. tough.

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so the tweet u reblogged w the fake bug in the dudes lamp, thats so gavin and/or ryan fucking w all the other guys right

oh shit

you gotta know gavin sets up a camera to record when somebody turns on the lamp

you see michael walking into frame with a beer in his hand, and he ducks down to turn on the light and then nearly drops the fucking bottle as his shoulders tense and he stumbles back, and on what appears to be pure instinct alone, he hollers, “lindsay!

and then seems to remember that lindsay isn’t there and his shoulders slump and what follows is about four and a half minutes of michael wearing an oven mitt with like fifteen paper towels clutched in that hand, apparently psyching himself up

finally, he taps hard on the lampshade and springs back immediately, but the shadow of the bug doesn’t move

so he does it again. doesn’t move. a third time, less frightened. doesn’t move.

eventually, he peers underneath the lampshade. drops the paper towels. throws the oven mitt on the floor. 

there’s a muffled laugh from somewhere off screen.

michael spins around, murder in his eyes, but he manages to sound pretty calm when he says, “gavin, i am going to kick your ass so hard you won’t be able to shit for a week,” and then he runs out of frame.

what follows is a great deal of shouting, hasty apologies, and terrified squawking.

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

rated t for too cold 

prompt: so we’re stuck on a ski lift together au + “it’s so cold my mouth is numb, you should kiss me before we get frostbite”

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Omg band of bros cop/detective squad au??? Roe would be doing an autopsy one day and then Investigator Babe would come in to give Roe updates on the case when he really just wants to hang out with him and he'll point inside the bodies and be like 'what is this can I touch it'. And Joe and Bill would aggressively question suspects and probably make some cry?? Winters would obvs be Captain tho u gotta any mor ideas I'm running out of space in this ask hahaha

dude, always always enthusiastically yes to cop aus

  • def gene is the mortician and babe’s still sorta ‘new’ (he’s been here for like two years actually but compared to the other guys he’s still fresh from school) so he’s the one they always send down to check the body
  • about 40% of the time they have to send someone down after him to get the results of the autopsy bc babe is just sitting on an unoccupied table like ‘what? oh the, right yeah the body thing, yeah it was murder. yikes right?’ 
  • bill and joe are a tag team of terror, its like they’ve never heard of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ dichotomy, and instead invented their own ‘bad cop/mad cop’ thing where one of them is gritty and mean, and the other is mean and cheery, its weird but effective so everyone lets it slide
  • speirs has a Method which yields amazing results like, 9/10 times: just go in, sit down across from the suspect, stare at them until they talk. thats literally it. the whole plan. just stare ‘til they confess.
  • winters is the captain and he got offered a higher position but didnt want to leave his precinct so he quietly declined w/o even telling his boys 
  • nix turns up w aviators on like 3-4 days a week and slumps over his desk mumbling about how hes gonna be ‘catching up on his paperwork today’
  • conversely, buck is always coming in loud and cheery with waffles for everyone probably (and no, this does not annoy nix to the point to frustration, totally does not at all…except maybe a little)
  • skip, malarkey and luz probably have a lowkey prank war going at any given time
  • imagine the shitposty stakeouts though
  • also the unnecessary undercover capers 
You Love the Blazer

Reaction fic to 6x10. The group discusses Glee club issues at the Lima Bean. PG-rated. Huge amounts of fluff to soothe my bitter soul.

And yes, I used Sam to break Glee’s fourth wall a little. If the Glee writers can, so can I

“Is anyone getting really bored out of their minds this week?” Sam asks into the round, putting some sugar in his coffee. They’re all out to get some caffeine after a particularly ridiculous and stressful week at McKinley, tucked into a booth at the back of the Lima Bean and discussing strategies for their newly merged show choirs.

“In an I-could-be-away-on-my-honeymoon kind of way, you mean?” Kurt scoffs and rolls his eyes. He leans a bit more into Blaine whose response is an affectionate kiss to his hairline. There’s no real venom behind Kurt’s words, of course. As soon as they got the phone call, they packed their stuff and got back. They will repeat their honeymoon experience sometime else. Dalton was too important to them.

But what they didn’t anticipate were the difficulties that would come with mixing up two very different show choirs and dealing with Sue’s and Rachel’s very ill-timed problems on top of that.

“The kids did a pretty good job with ‘Rise’, though,” Mercedes says and smiles at Blaine from across the table. “I love the song.”

Blaine shrugs sheepishly. “I guess I was kind of inspired,” he mumbles humbly and Kurt nudges their legs together.

“The song is amazing, Blaine,” he says earnestly.

“The rising Warblerections,” Sam sighs dreamily and everyone stares at him for a few seconds before deciding to not say anything, though Mercedes can’t help but snicker into her coffee a little.

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reabaysmith said:

Hey! Could you do one where dean or Sam (you pick) and reader get body switched as a prank or something and reader is on her period and it freaks him out and hilarity ensues?

I love body swaps yay! Since I already did a Sam body swap I’ll make this one with Dean. Enjoy!

This came out longer than I thought it would. I got carried away, hope this came out how you wanted!

*Y/H/C = your hair color* 


Shit! Today was supposed to be pain-free. You were only supposed to get your period in a couple days, but mother nature rang early. Rolling your eyes at your now ruined pants, you went to put on a pad and then eat something to be able to take some painkillers for the cramps that are kicking in. 

As you made your way down into the bunker’s kitchen to grab some waffles, Dean was already making his famous burgers. 

“Want one?” He asked, watching you struggle to open the waffle box. 

You huffed in anger until you shoved the box back in the freezer and took a burger from Dean. Normally you’d try to hide the mood swings, but today was not that day. 

“Alright, don’t thank me or anything” Dean said, flipping a new burger for himself. 

“Sorry” you said, “this is really good, thanks.” And you sat down with a cup of orange juice and two tylenols. 

Dean sat down next to you, biting into his burger. With a full mouth he said “Oh and don’t forget the witch hunt. Eat quickly we have to run.” 

Annoyed you threw your head back groaning, then washed down the tylenol as you stomped into your room to change. Quickly you put on a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, an old black henley with a grey plaid shirt on top, then slipped into your hunting boots. 

Walking back to meet Dean in the library you asked, “Where’s Sam? Isn’t he coming?”

Dean grabbed the paper with the witch-killing spell, and answered “He’s out with Castiel looking for god-knows-what” then opening the door continued, “The drive isn’t far, just be prepared, she’s strong.” and with that we were off. 


Once we rolled into a nice development, Dean pointed to a large red-brick house “That’s the one. Let’s do some witch huntin”, and began walking up the driveway.

“Why are we killing her again?” you asked, wondering what her crime was.

“She killed her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend” he put it simply, as he lock picked the door. 

Readying yourself with Deans gun for protection, you quietly walked into the house, Dean always one step ahead of you. As if from thin air, the witch came up behind you. You spun around ready to stab the bitch when Dean began reciting the spell. 

While in pain, the witch used her last breaths on reciting something inaudible. 

Once she was done for Dean exhaled while nodding his head in relief. 

“Easier than I thought it would be” you said and began towards the car. 


Once you both got to the bunker you slumped down on the couch “I’m going to sleep Dean, I’m exhausted.” you said, rolling onto your side.

“It’s only three” Dean said, you could hear the confusion dripping from his voice. 

“Just like you say Dean, screw consciousness!” and with that you fell asleep. 

In the next hour, Dean also decided to nap due to the past few tiring hunts. 

A couple hours later you woke up rubbing your eyes, and you looked around realizing you weren’t on the couch anymore, rather on Deans bed. Jumping up, you realized that you were a bit taller, and bigger. Quickly you put your hands to your face and ran to the closest mirror. Your eyes bulging, you realized you were in Dean’s body. Quickly you ran to the couch were you originally fell asleep, only to have your body bump into yourself at an equally high speed. 

“I’m you!” you both yelled, pointing at each other. Then Dean bent over, “she hurt us too! I guess switching our BODIES wasn’t enough!” he said, groaning. 

Once you realized he was in pain from period cramps you, well Dean’s body, began laughing. 

“What?” you heard your voice ask.

“Those are period cramps!” 

Dean opened your eyes wide, and stared in fear. 

“Don’t worry! Just change your pad and take some Tylenol!” you said, leading him to your room to grab some pads.

“No way in hell am I wearing that!” Dean said, pointing to the pad like it was an alien artifact.

“You have to! Otherwise the blood pouring out of you will leave a trail!” You said, trying to disgust him into wearing the pad, although it was the hundred percent truth. 

“I don’t even know how.” he said, crossing your arms. 

After a couple minutes of fighting, he finally got the hand of it. “See? Just flip the wings over and stick them!” you said, handing him another pad, since he ruined the last one by sticking it on backwards, and bending the wings back onto the pad itself. 

While Dean fussed around, you looked in the mirror, and lifted up Dean’s shirt. “Nice” you said, checking out Dean’s body.

“Hey! If you do that I’ll do it too!” he said, acting like a child. 

You put down Dean’s shirt, having some decency left in you. With Dean closing his eyes, he struggled putting on the underwear, but eventually got it. 

He scrunched your nose, and began moving your legs around wildly.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” you asked, treating him like a child.

“This is uncomfortable! I’m a giant baby!” he said, and you noticed when he spoke, he lowered your voice a notch. 

“Being a girl is tough, although it has its perks.” you said, playing with Dean’s hair, thinking about getting a haircut once you switched bodies back. 

Dean looked in the mirror, still just wearing panties and the henley. He smirked, curling your lips up. 

Rolling Dean’s eyes, you threw him a pair of sweats and a tank top to change into. 

An hour later, Sam returned to the bunker. You and Dean decided not to tell him, or anyone, incase that would lengthen the time until you changed back. After greeting Sam and having a chat about the day, you and Dean slumped down on the couch, watching your usual late night movie. Forgetting about the body swap Dean sat on the couch, and you cross-legged on the recliner. Normally it was the opposite, and Sam eyed you both suspiciously. 

Realizing what Dean must’ve looked like in that position, you quickly sprawled out on the recliner, trying to get in a Dean-like position. 

Thirty minutes into the movie Sam passed out from fatigue, and you saw yourself look at you with alarm. 

“What?” you whispered. 

Dean looked at Sam to make sure he’s asleep, “I feel like I’m peeing myself! What’s going on? Is this normal?” he asked, more than confused. Smiling you answered “That’s blood pouring out from your vagina” then smirked with satisfaction. He finally feels the pain he tells me to ‘get over’. 

“My head hurts” he said complaining, “and all I want is pretzels and chocolate!” 

Walking over to sit by him you said, “well head pain is normal for me, and that’s called a craving” and you watched him process it all. 

Feeling bad you said, “OK, lay down on your stomach.”

“What?” he asked, squinting your eyes. 

“Just do it!” Dean’s voice came out harsher than you wanted it to, his voice was deep and yours wasn’t. This’ll take some getting used to.

“What the hell will you do?” he asked, although he did as you said. 

You began massaging the pressure points on your lower back. A deep sigh from Dean told you that he was feeling some pain relief. 

After some time, you got him chocolate, and he ate it very quickly. 

“Better?” you asked handing him some water. 

“Much. Thank you Y/N” he said, “I will never doubt you again, I mean it must be really hard hunting like this.” 

Nodding you said “it is, but what choice do I have?”

Dean curled your lips up a bit in a sympathy smile. 

After you finished the movie you yawned saying “Time for bed?” while blinking the tiredness out of your eyes. You realized just how tired Dean always was by the way his body begged for sleep. 

“Yeah I’m tired” he said. 

“Come on, I’ll show you where my pajamas are.” and you walked him to your room. 

First you braided you hair so it wouldn’t strangle Dean in his sleep. Then while you searched through your dresser for pajamas you saw Dean staring intensely at your face in the mirror, and you smiled. Although you could never get used to seeing Dean’s hands instead of yours whenever you looked down. You pulled out a pair of loose pajama shorts, and a warm pullover, then threw it at Dean, along with an overnight pad -  - to his dismay. Once he was changed you helped him wipe off the days makeup, “Why do you wear all this on your face?” he asked wiping off some blush. 

“I don’t know, makes me feel better I guess…” you trailed off. 

He scrunched your eyebrows “Y/N you’re already pretty, there’s no need for this”. With that he made you blush, making Dean’s mouth smile unintentionally. 

Once he tossed out the makeup wipe, he did a three-sixty in your mirror. 

“It’s weird being a girl. For one thing, you have so much to do before you sleep. Two you have guys constantly flirting with you, like Sam!” he said, emphasizing Sam while raising your eyebrows. “Three, you got these!” he said, then placed your hands on your boobs. 

“Dean!” you yelled. 

He made your face seem just like his, putting on his cocky smirk and crinkling his eyes.

“Anyways where are your pajamas?” you asked Dean. He walked you to his room and gave you a pair of boxers. 

“Thats it?” you asked, “You don’t get cold?”

“Nah” he shrugged. Quickly you changed without looking down. 

“Well goodnight!” he said and left the room quickly. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll change back. With that though you slumped on Dean’s bed, landing heavy due to his muscular and tall body. 


As you woke up, you expected to be back in your bed, but no such luck. Exhaling deeply, you got up to brush your teeth. Within a couple minutes Dean was by your side freaking out. “There’s blood all over your sheets! I’m sorry I got annoyed with the diaper and just put on one of the small ones you gave me earlier!” 

“DEAN!” you yelled, still having toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting it out you brought Dean back to your room and gave him a change of clothes. “Put on these jeans and shirt” you said, handing him skinny jeans and a v-neck. After changing he came out, bra-less and shirtless.

“Uh? Dean? Forgetting something?” you asked.

“No! This bra is broken!” he exclaimed, throwing the bra to you. “Turn around” I said, and easily hooked the bra onto my body. 

Then you handed him the t-shirt as he huffed in annoyance. “These jeans are tight too!” he exclaimed.

“They make my butt look good, now put on the shirt.” 


By the time you got him to the kitchen to eat breakfast Sam had a case prepared. 

“Eat a quick breakfast guys, I found the demon that’s been screwing about town.” Sam said, still looking at his laptop, “He’s hiding under cover as a waiter in the restaurant some miles down from here.” 

Today isn’t a good day to hunt, you thought. Having to deal with a cranky Dean was not in your weeks plans. Although…this may be fun to watch. And you smirked to yourself. 

Dean handed you a huge omelet with toast, and you handed Dean a bagel and butter. He scrunched your nose at it, “butter? really?” he asked.

“I like it!” you said, and sat down. 


After breakfast you gathered Dean’s hunting gear, finally happy you got his gun, while he fumbled trying to get a good hold on your knife. By habit you slid into the backseat of the Impala, earning a weird glance from Sam. 

Trying to save Dean, and yourself you said “Uh, Y/N really wanted to drive today” and closed the door. 

Sam just shrugged and sat down. You watched as Dean walked over to sit down at the drivers seat, and turned on the music just as Dean would. 

You cleared your throat, knowing that when you drive the music is much lower. Quickly he corrected himself, and drove off. 

Once you all got to the restaurant, Sam found a table in the corner so he’d be able to get to the demon. The waiter, to our crappy luck didn’t turn out to be the demon. Although he was fond of Dean (my body). 

“Hey darlin’ what can I get a pretty lady like yourself?” he said, leaning in towards a disgruntled Dean. 

“Some fries and a burger” he said, putting on a girly voice. 

“Same” I said, acting as concise as Dean would. Sam ordered his salad as usual and we sat waiting. 

“I need the bathroom” your voice announced, “be right back”. 

You watched Dean slide out and go towards the mens bathroom, so you quickly got up announcing a quick “me too!”. Grabbing your body by the shoulders you spun Dean in the other direction, towards the women’s. You could see many women’s eyes on you, but you just looked away. Knowing Dean was attractive you half expected this. You caught a glimpse of Y/H/C walking towards the table, until Dean was stopped by a man who tried flirting. Bits and pieces of the conversation were audible. 

“How’d you like to come home with me?” the man asked Dean.

“No thank you! I already said no!” Dean said, ripping away from the man, who kept following.

You stepped up and grabbed your  own hand, which felt quite weird, and the man backed off thinking you were Dean’s boyfriend. 

“Ugh! What a douche!” Dean announced when he sat back down. 

Before you got the chance to respond, a blood curdling scream emerged from the other side. Quick on your feet you pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the diner, and everyone but the demon and his hostage ran out. Right away Sam neared the demon, while you worked on finding the hostage. Meanwhile Dean was holding your knife, following Sam. Once you found the girl, she was tied up and you cut the ropes off her bloodied hands. Running to the kitchen you grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped her down. She embraced you, well Dean’s body, in attempt for comfort. 

“You’re Ok” you continued whispering. “I’m going to find my friends who are going to kill the evil bastard alright?” you said, trying your best to sound like Dean when he comforts people. 

She nodded, and sat down on a bar stool.

By the time you got to Sam and yourself - well Dean, the demon was dead and Sam was wiping blood off his knife and onto his jacket. 

“I got the hostage, you’d better call the cops” you said, and Sam nodded. 

Quickly, the three of you got into the car and drove back to the bunker.


Sam went back on his laptop, and Dean followed you to the bedrooms. 

“Do men always stare at you?” he asked out of the quiet. 

“Yes. You learn to fend them off, but sadly it doesn’t work half the time” 

“You’re never leaving the bunker again that man was ridiculous! And creepy for that matter!” he said, getting worked up on protecting me as usual. 

You smiled, “Don’t worry, I have you boys right?” you said. 

“Anyways, we need to get back in our own bodies!” he said, opening the door to your room. 

“I know!” you responded, tired of being inside Dean’s body. 

“How though? We’ve tried sleeping it off, waiting, what else can we do?” he asked, slumping down on your bed, “I can’t take bleeding anymore, I admit it. You are stronger than me in some ways, this included!” and he rolled over on his side and into fetal position. 

“Thank you Dean” you said, satisfied with his realization. 

“Well?” he asked, mouth muffled by the blanket he stuck your face in.

“Well what?” 

“How do we switch back?” he asked, rolling over to face you. 

Suddenly you felt a tingling feeling go up your spine, and then you were laying on your bed.

“How?” Dean asked, wiggling his fingers seeing as he was back to normal.

“I think that we switched back once we understood each other” you said, curling up again due to the pain. 

“Cramps?” Dean asked nearing the bed.

“Sadly” you said, trying to lay on your stomach. Next thing you know Dean is massaging your back where you did yesterday. 

“Thank you!” you said, happy that the pain was relieved a bit. 

“Tell me if you need something alright Y/N?” he said, getting up. 

“Will do Dean.” and with that you fell asleep, feeling the exhaustion of the day. Dean picked you up, placed you under the covers, and gently tucked you in. 


anonymous asked:

can you please do a scenario about the iwatobi swimmers plus rin and sousuke saying something hurtful to their s/o , then trying to apologize after seeing them crying .

Heh.Heh.Heh. As punishment for putting me through all that perverted torture HERE! Have some angst =)

Haru: Your boyfriend was currently going through a slump in his career and you could see just how bad things could get if he didn’t pull himself out of that mindset immediately; so you decided to tell him just that. He was silent at first, so you waited for him to say something, but when he didn’t you decided to keep going; and thats when things turned ugly.

“Just mind your own business! Stop meddling into things you don’t even understand! he shouted. It wasn’t just what he said, it was also the way he was looking at you. It scared you, and it also hurt, so when you felt the tears beginning to form you turned away and let them fall, you wanted to run but your feet were refusing to budge. 

As soon as he saw how hurt you were he immediately felt so guilty and as he stood there watching you crying with your back turned, he was overcome with shame. He wanted to run away, but he knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. So he slowly approached you from behind and hesitantly pulled you into a tight hug. 

“I am so sorry ______. I’m sorry, I-” He couldn’t finish his sentence because he felt himself choking up. When he felt you wrap your arms around his, he just let his tears fall silently. 

Rin: Just shut up okay! You don’t understand anything!”  The moment the words left his mouth he instantly regretted it and the hurt look on your face as tears began to form only made him feel even worse. “Shit I’m sorry _______.” Your boyfriend said pulling you into a tight embrace. “I didn’t mean it alright? he said softly, as he pulled back and wiped your tears. “I get where your coming from, I-I’m just a little frustrated is all. Can you forgive me? He asked with an anxious smile. You just pulled him closer and nodded into his neck. “I’m sorry _______, I’m an idiot aren’t I” he mumbled into neck. “The biggest Idiot,” you mumbled with a light laugh, “but were all human, it happens” you said;  and Rin just held you tighter, thankful that you had forgiven him.

Rei: A frown formed on your boyfriends face as he stared at your test paper,  ”I told you! __________ (worst subject) hates me!” Rei looked up, his lips pressed. “I’m serious Rei! It has it out for me!

This isn’t funny __________! Do you not realise the seriousness of the situation? Stop messing around and focus! This isn’t a joke!”


“Of course I realise just how bad my grades are! I’m trying Rei! I’m really trying! It’s just so damn hard! You angrily brushed the tears that were sliding down your face. "Not everyones smart like you!" 

He watched as you furiously wiped your tears away; feeling incredibly guilty he wrapped his arms around you “I’m sorry _____. I shouldn’t of said that, I know just how hard you’ve been working; I’m just-I’m so worried about you is all”. 

"It’s okay,” you mumbled, sniffing.

“I’ll help you don’t you worry ________. You can do this, I know you can.”

Nagisa: Leave me alone!“ he shouted before taking off and leaving you standing there in shock. You had never seen him angry before, not once. Had you hurt him that much? You didn’t mean to, you were just concerned about his poor studying habits, you didn’t mean for it to turn out like this. Huh? you touched your face and you were surprised when you felt tears running down your face. Why am i crying? I hurt him didn’t I? So why am I crying? You’re mind replayed the scene in your head, the sheer anger in his eyes that was directed towards you. It hurt, it really hurt.

You didn’t know how long you sat their crying but it must of been a while; you were broken out of your thoughts when you felt yourself being pulled into a muscular torso that smelt of strawberries. “I’m sorry ________.” Nagisa croaked out. “I didn’t mean it, I love you and I never want you to leave my side. Please don’t leave me.”

"No I shouldn’t of pushed you, I’m sorry.” You said looking up into his red eyes. 

“No, no you were right, I’m sorry”

“It’s okay; and of course I’ll never leave you, I love you Nagisa.” you said smiling as you brushed away his freshly formed tears.

Makoto: You were currently going through some personal issues and although your boyfriend was trying to help, his pushy methods was not what you needed right now. 

“Just drop it already!”
No I won’t __________!  You need to stop running away from your problems; it doesn’t solve anything!” He said frustrated. 

The cold hard truth hit you hard; and it hurt. So when you felt the hot tears forming you did what you always did: you ran away. Only when you felt you legs about to give in did you stop and let your tears fall. You knew he was right, you knew it; but facing your current problem was one hell of a mighty task and one that you couldn’t afford to fail; and that terrified you. It was a while until you felt two strong arms pull you into a safe and secure embrace. “It’s scary, I know” Your boyfriend whispered; “But you’re not going to face it alone, I’m here and I’ll stand by your side ______. I’m right here with you, trust me ________, I know you can do this.” When Makato felt you pulling him closer and heard your quiet sobbing, he knew that everything was going to turn out alright because, you had complete trust in him now.

Souske:  You were continuously pressing your boyfriend on matters regarding rehab and surgery. You just wanted your boyfriend to get better as fast as possible, you hated seeing him suffering like this.

"But don’t you see! You should undergo this surgery as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late for you to  re-enter the swimming world!”  As soon as you said that his eyes narrowed “You don’t think I KNOW that!” He roared before storming off, leaving you standing there feeling awful. You should not have said that, idiot! Why the hell did you say that! Of course he knows! You wiped your tears that were falling, he had never yelled at you before nor did he ever look at you with such anger. What had you done? How could you hurt him like that? You just stood there silently wiping your tears away. A sigh made you turn around; to find your boyfriend looking at you with a guilty expression. 

Souske sighed, “I’m sorry i shouldn’t ha-

"No it’s my fault, that was an awful thing to say, I don’t even know why I said that”.

‘Well it’s true, you’re right I need to undergo the surgery as soon as possible ,otherwise-” He stopped, his eyes bore a pained expression. 

“Don’t, don’t say it.” You said as you approached your boyfriend and pulled him into a hug. “You will undergo this surgery, you will recover and you will compete on the international stage. I know it. Souskes eyes widened, before tightly wrapping his arms around you. He was going to do it. He was. 

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Okay that's fine... I didn't mean to upset you😕 but can you do a Peter one where the reader is just a shy and her-self person like doesn't really like to talk and she gets embarrassed and upset easily and Peter tries to break her from it?

no, it’s fine, beauty! i’m just not okay writing that stuff…

Peter sits across from you, bouncing his legs up and down. “Why do you sit by yourself all the time?” he asks, scrunching his face up in confusion. You simply shrug. “Do you talk ever?” his shoulders slump as he squints his big brown eyes.

Your cheeks flush in embarrassment. “Y-yes.” you say quietly.

“Oh.” he frowns. “Do you not like me?” he tries, folding his arms on the table. Quickly you shake your head. “So…you don’t like me?” he sighs, resting his chin on his wrists. The goggles on his head flatten his hair so it’s in his eyes, making him look even more sad than before.

Tears start to prickle in your Y/C/E orbs. “I-I like you!” you sniffle, avoiding his stare, “I’m…shy.” you sputter; your cheeks turning red. A deep breath leaves you and you cover your face. This is so embarrassing!

A whoosh echoes through your ears and you feel pressure on your shoulder. Peter’s beside you with his hand on your shirt. “Oh, it’s okay! I’m not so I forgot that people are.” he grimaces, “I’m sorry. I saw you sitting alone and felt bad and I thought you could use company and you’re really pretty!” he rambles, a blush creeping on his face.

“Um…t-thanks…” you gulp. Your hand shaking as you tuck your hair behind your ear.

Peter grins; his dimples digging holes in his cheeks, “Anytime, babe. So, it’s okay if I sit here, right?” You nod. “Rad. I’m Peter, by the way…and you already know that…” he cringes, mentally facepalming himself. You giggle. Maybe Peter sitting here wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

It will getcha (Matt Espinosa imagine)

this was not requested by i really want to write bc i had this good idea. This will also kinda show everyone what i like to write, kinda like cute make ups or cuddly, or really bad starts and then one of the boys come and like make life awesome so enjoy!

y/n POV

I stumbled with my keys into me and my boyfriend Matt Espinosa of 2 years. Things have been going great so far, we rarely fight and if we do we always find our way back together.

I walk into the front door and throw my stuff on the couch.

“Matt!” I yelled trying to find where he was.

“ Matthew where are you?” I walked down the hallway to our bedroom.

I opened the door and hear quite sobs, I look around and see the love of my life breaking in the corner.

“Matt…” i whispered while i slowly walked over to him

“N-no y/n I-I can’t-t do it anymore” he sobbed as he stood up

I backed away a Little getting nervous

“Matt, tell me what’s wrong, I want to help…” I said trying to calm him down.

“ I’M NEVER GONNA GET ANYWHERE IN LIFE! Nash, Cam, Hayes, and Carter have there own fucking clothing line, Cameron is in a movie! Shawn is fucking international now! And what the fuck am i doing!” he screamed and grabbed  the vase that sat on our side table and chucked it against the wall, it shattered

I gasped at his sudden act of violence, and all my sorrow turned to fear as I whipped the small amount of blood from the shattered glass that was all over the place off my arm, along with the warm tears streaming down my face. My ex boyfriend was very violent and one night he hit me, thats when Matt my best friend took care of me and then later, started dating. Ever sense then, I have been horrified of any act of violence.

“y/n i’m so sorry, no fuck, i didn’t mean to!” he walked closer to me

I looked down at the shattered glass that covered the floor.

matt will never hurt you

matt loves you

you love matt

Matt wrapped me into a hug and sobbed into my chest

“ I love you so much y/n, please never leave, please don’t-t leave” Matt broke down.

“ Matt look at me" 

he pulled away but still held onto my waist

” I will never leave you, I love you so much words cannot describe" I faintly smiled at him and kissed his nose

I lead him to the bathroom and filled up the tub. I helped Matt strip and get his shaky body into the tub filled with warm water. He laid himself down as i sat next to him outside the tub and he gently grabbed my hand as if he was afraid to hurt me.

He whipped the rest of the blood off of my arm and sighed.

“i’m so sorry y/n, i never meant to hurt you, i just got so angry and i-” matt’s voice cracked

“ shh, its ok, accidents happen and i know you never meant to hurt me” i looked into his eyes.

“ and what you said back there isn’t true at all Matt, you are the most talented person i have ever met and your still so young, you have so much time to make your dreams come true, plus you have millions of fans that adore everything about you. Don’t let life get to you, you will always have good and bad times.” i leaned over and kissed his forehead.

“ thanks princess” he pecked my lips 

“ thats life, it will getcha” i softly chuckled.

I helped him out of the tub and we both changed into comfy clothes. I walked over and slumped into bed as Matt came over and pulled me on top of him by the waist and i curled my head onto his chest as he played with my hair.

“ I love you y/n” he whispered before peacefully drifted to sleep.


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Choosing to ignore the niggling sensation that said he wanted to spend some time with her. He found himself carrying himself up towards the girls dorms of the Dungeons. He couldn’t deny to himself that ever since the night in the library, for some reason, he was actually entranced by her.  That fact royally pissed him off, he had chosen not to connect with people for a reason, that being they usually let you down, people are selfish shits and he didn’t need anybody to be content. No, he just fancied making life hell for some people, and he figured she would be up for that too. Thats all it was. Frowning at himself for being so trivial, he knocked once before entering.  Slumping against the door frame his frown had long since changed to a smirk.  “Would you mind pissing off?”  He said simply to a couple of other Slytherin girls, who huffed at him, but ultimately left.  Turning to watch them leave, he let a soft pass his lips, before turning on his heel. “So….i have this”   Digging a hipflask from his pocket, he gave it a gentle shake. “Put a bottomless charm on it… and i was just about to go make life miserable for some mudbloods, fancy joining me? I won’t even try and fuck you”

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Not Ready (Cameron Dallas)

Y/n’s POV

Tonight was me and Cameron’s 2 year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. Our relationship was great, he never pressured me into anything I wasn’t comfortable with seeing I was still a virgin. He took me out to dinner to this fancy restaurant and It must have costed him a fortune but he was also acting very flirting and almost nervous and I’m not sure why.

“Here babe lets take a picture!” he says pulling out his phone and a condom falls out of his pocket.

My face flushes red and now I understand why he was acting so weird.

He stumbles and stuffs it back into his pocket and grabs my hand and leads me to his car.

The car ride was quite and my heart was beating out of my chest, I’m not ready for this, Cam wants to so bad though, what the hell do I do.

As I’m lost in my thoughts Cam reaches over and puts his big hand on my thigh, the warmth sending chills through my body.

After what it seems like forever, we pull into our apartment and Cameron grabs my hand and almost runs inside slamming the door and ruffly pushing me against the wall and smashing our lips together.

Cam had never been this aggressive with kissing, but he is so addicting I just go along.

His hands wrap around my thighs signaling for me to jump and he falls on the couch so I’m straddling him. We pull apart as he starts to work on my neck, leaving kisses all along my collarbone. Just then, cameron starts to lead his hands up my skirt, dangerously close, and trying to tug it down.

“Cam no” I say putting my hand on his chest as he leans over me. “Im sorry, i can't…” i say disappointed as I crawl off of him and sit at the end of the couch.

Shit, now Cameron probably hates me, he has gone 2 years with no sex, why the hell is he still dating me? I can’t give him anything he wants.

“ I-im sorry” I cry out, getting up and running to our room

“Y/n wait” he tried to yell but it was to late, i was on the bed crying my eyes out

Ugh! I’m such a wimp! all my friends have had sex but me and every time i have the chance to, I chicken out.

“y/n baby open up” he said through the doors

“babe im not mad at you, come on i just wanna talk” He sighed leaning against the door.

after about 5 minutes of convincing, i finally opened the door and let him in but just went back and slumped on the bed and put my hands over my face trying to hide my shame and tears.

The bed dipped next to me and I felt Cams arms wrap around my shoulder and waist

“I-Im sorry Cam, I k-know you want-t to but I’m just to big-g of a wimp” i cried.

“shhhh baby I’m not disappointed at all, if your not ready, thats fine” he lifts my chin “ I will wait a eternity for you” he whispered as he whipped my tears away and kissed my forehead.

He pulled me up higher to the bed and went to the closet and throwing me his hoodie that i love and smiled at me, we changed and Cam joined me back in bed and wrapped his arms around waist facing each other with my head pressed against his chest.

“ I understand-d if you-” i began

“shhhhh baby, I want no one else but you” he kissed the top of my head “ it can wait”

“I love you Cam”

“I love you more princess”


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