he's in a fire


What if Chrom had separation anxiety? 

My stuff never stood a chance against twelve and a half stones of reckless, post-adolescent fury…
Ki never left him alone ever again. And they had to pay for all the damages.

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14 and 15 for Enjolras (I may or may not intend to remind you of certain disco versions) and 13 for Javert?

Dancing headcanon

Well I’m afraid all I can think of now is 

but Enjolras doesn’t like to. He knows how , roughly, and he can do it for the sake of not being an Utter Monster, as certain dramatic friends have suggested he might be if he doesn’t dance at all , but he doesn’t really get into it, so he comes across as…coordinated, and Technically Dancing, but his partners can always tell he’s not really Here For This. 

Singing Headcanon:
He has an amazing voice, without really trying.  A very clear and solid tenor, lots of feeling, excellent range. And he likes singing! At least certain songs! They are…all the revolution-y songs you would expect…but also the more politically-relevant Béranger stuff and so on. There are definitely a lot of Hot Modern Protest tunes to choose from!  And he sings them all with total sincerity.

  • Hakkai: Forgive me. I have little experience with friendship. And, um, no friends.
  • Hakkai: However I had the most excellent relationship with one of the cats.

Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion

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Grantaire, 2. Cooking headcanon and/or 15. Singing headcanon

He cooks like any intensely social young man in Paris! Which is to say, not much. It’s almost always easier to go out and grab food somewhere else, made by people with actual kitchens to cook actual food, or even just to get the landlady to send something up. That said, his apartment does have a fireplace, and he’s game for cooking something on it with friends if they want to give it a try!

A highly variable voice!  It depends on how drunk he is ( a little alcohol helps him relax and makes him sound much better! A LOT of alcohol makes him sound…not better. The opposite of better.) , if he knows the song, and maybe most of all, whether there’s anyone around who might notice him trying to sound good, in which case he will immediately drop all attempt to do so  and just throw his voice at the end of the song as hard as he can. (He loves singing in groups, and he’s not even consciously aware he does this, he just…does.) He Likes to Be Loud, too, which kinda wrecks his finesse.  

When he’s not messing himself up, just singing on his own, as he often does, he’s got a fairly nice voice, a decent if rather soft alto, though with a rough edge from years of treating his body in pretty much every way he’s not supposed to treat it. 

i relate to javert because as soon as i make one (1) mistake i too immediately request banishment and death

Can we talk about how Drogo only “loved” Dany because she was beautiful and was pregnant with HIS son.

Daario only “loved” her because she was beautiful and because of her dragons.

But Jon loves her not because she is the most beautiful woman in the world, but because she has a good heart, he sees her for what she really is and because she’s not like everyone else.

Now excuse me while I cry in high valyrian, dothraki and the common tongue