he's holey

Harry trying to show commitment: ermmmm….i just fink that…..yknow…….we’ve been seeing eachother quite a bit……*sniffs*……I mean……um…..*pushes hair back*……overshley….yknow…….do you want to…….wear my old holey tshirt


Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Children can be so cruel; can Dean make it all better?

Word Count – 2,187

Warnings – Is Daddy!Dean a warning?  I think Daddy!Dean should be a warning…

A/N –Request by @youtubehelpsmesurvive: “First of all, I’m a really big fan of your writing!! I was wondering if you could do a Dean x reader story based off either the song Wanted…by Hunter Hayes.  AND I had two requests for a Daddy!Winchester story, so I’m going to combine them both in this one.

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Dean truly loved the life he had now, but he was about to pull his hair out in frustration.  You were away visiting relatives out of state, and he was left as the sole caretaker of your six-year-old daughter for the week.  He was at a loss to figure out how to do the fishtail braid that the little girl was demanding he put into her hair.  

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ghost tae

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  • i have so much hw i hope y'all realize how much i love you
  • i’m giving up my grades for this
  • jk apes is hard to handle i can’t focus i have the worst attention span in the world
  • anyway i’ve said it like twenty times but tae is gonna be a ghost in this au!!
  • mostly bcuz in scooby doo and the ghoul school,,, the ghost in there is so !! cute and bubbly and screams tae and i needed to pay homage to my queen
  • i really like that i can do backstories in this au so let’s get going!
  • the year is long ago in korea
  • things are about to get sad
  • things are hard for taehyung
  • korea is experiencing an industrial revolution which means people are getting off the farms and into the factories
  • taehyung has his own farm, which he inherited from his parents before they passed on
  • but a terrible drought has totally destroyed his crop and winter was harsh and he hardly had enough food to survive
  • he had to take three weeks of fasting to find himself tbh because he was that low on food
  • so when he hears about jobs in the city, he doesn’t really need to think twice about packing up and leaving
  • he knows that how he’s currently living won’t be enough to keep him alive, and so he decides he’s gonna take his chances with the factories
  • the government has really cracked up the factories to be something amazing too, like a really positive environment where people get paid well and treated fairly and everyone is chipper and happy and wonderful!
  • so taehyung packs up his things and he starts off down the long road to the city
  • country taetae has never been to the city before and he’s absolutely amazed at how big everything is!
  • there are so many people like they seriously like ram into him and nearly knock him to his bum but he doesn’t care at all because he’s so overwhelmed by all of them!
  • and the sights and smells too! like there’s food he’s never tasted and he wants to try it all because it smells so good and it makes his mouth water
  • tbh he ends up stealing some off a food cart because he’s so hungry and it smells so good
  • but he’s a little ! because there’s so much smog and garbage and it’s really a suffocating environment
  • tae is still pretty young for factory standards which means that damn a lot of factories want him
  • he’s tall, agile, sharp minded
  • he learns fast and it’s made obvious because he adapts to city life in a matter of days, picking up the slang, and the mannerisms of city goers
  • he knows how to act to and that’s how he lands himself a job actually
  • he shows up to a textile factory one day and it’s a lot of women but he doesn’t care, he needs a job and he needs a job fast
  • and so he goes into the interview and he draws his holey jacket close to his shoulders and he adjusts the cap on his head and he starts the dramatics up pretty quickly
  • he sits down in the chair and sighs loudly and the head of the factory is like why should we hire you
  • taehyung sniffles and takes the cap off his head “sir, you see, it’s my wife back in the countryside. she’s fallen extremely ill sir and i needed the money so we can get her to a doctor-”
  • he chokes on a sob and he sees the the interviewer dab at his eyes with a handkerchief and taehyung knows that he’s got the job
  • except the day he starts to work he really wishes that he didn’t
  • factories are god awful taehyung realizes
  • the second day he’s there, somebody gets their fingers caught in the machinery and it causes a mass panic
  • he works over twelve hours a day, in the dark, in the cold, in the dirt
  • his job specifically is working with the sewing machines because he’s nimble, long fingers, and he has a keen eye for detail
  • he works with a lot of older ladies and they all absolutely adore him they basically have adopted him as their own child
  • but things aren’t good for taehyung
  • he’s used to the fresh country air and light and the factory is bad bad bad bad
  • like his vision starts to go in and out and sometimes he gets serious migraines whenever he steps into the sunlight
  • and whenever he goes to the dingy apartment he shares with like ten other people he immediately collapses on the floor because he has no energy to do anything but sleep anymore
  • he thought that he would at least be better off food wise but he’s lost so much weight that he can see his bones whenever he looks in the mirror
  • things get worse when one day he’s working on a blouse and he starts to cough up blood everywhere
  • the aunties try to cover it up but the overseer comes and gives him a long talking to and a nasty bruise on the cheek
  • but taehyung is making money and even if it’s not a lot of money he’s still making it and he hopes that he will be able to maybe one day he can start a family and have his own house and-
  • but then it happens
  • the factory that taehyung works at does not follow any sort of safety precautions
  • they leave unused scraps of cloth lying in the corner of the room
  • and that’s where the trouble starts
  • the overseer?
  • yah he likes to smoke
  • and one day he disposed his cigarette on the floor, because what’s the harm right?
  • wrong
  • he doesn’t fully extinguish the flame and it catches on those unused scrap piles
  • taehyung is sitting on lunch break when he smells the smoke
  • he races to the back room and half it is eaten away by flames
  • he gags and sputters and he runs back into the main room and screams “fire!”
  • everyone goes into a mass panic because there’s so much cloth and so much wood and dust that the fire spreads faster than anything taehyung has ever seen
  • but he can’t save himself, not when there’s women and children around
  • he starts with the younger kids who shouldn’t even be in there in the first place and he ushers them all outside
  • when he goes back in to get some of the older ladies out, the smoke is so thick he can’t see anything at all
  • he hears them calling out though and he manages to push through the pain in his lungs and the tears streaming down his face to get them outside
  • third trip he doesn’t know who’s still left but he goes back in
  • everything is black
  • the fire is so close it scorches his face and causes him to sob
  • he can’t breathe the smoke is so thick
  • he calls out for anyone but all he can hear is the crackling of wood as beams fall around him
  • he collapses to the ground, eyes shutting slowly
  • the next day, the report is issued across the news
  • taehyung wakes god only knows how much later, feeling a light headed
  • scratch that
  • he feels light entirely
  • and that’s when he realizes, my dear readers, that he is no longer living
  • he wriggles his fingers
  • wriggles his toes
  • blinks a few times
  • he’s unnaturally blue and unnaturally see through
  • oh, and is he floating?
  • taehyung, as a spirit, is connected to the factory by spirit laws but since that places burn down he’s free to wander until he finds a place where he connects to
  • and that’s where you come in
  • taehyung woke up much after the accident and since his body was never found he immediately became a ghost
  • but the poor thing needs a place to stay and by accident, he stumbled across your house
  • he was tired of wandering aimlessly and you had a puppy in your house and that first peaked tae’s interest
  • you were playing music he liked and the whole place smelled like cookies
  • it’s a warm apartment, cozy, just you inside
  • you’re always at school so tae decides that it won’t be that big of an issue if he just stays for like, ever
  • you don’t notice him for a while
  • your slippers can never be found in the morning, but hey, maybe the puppy took them!
  • and the water runs sometimes, but you assume that you probably just left it on, right?
  • and so what if the tv is on when you get home, maybe you left it on and just forgot about it!!
  • well my friends, you are wrong
  • okay you are very wrong
  • it’s taehyung
  • he doesn’t think you mind because you never seem to comment on it but soon he gets kinda attached to you
  • whenever you try to skip breakfast, he opens the fridge door to give you a friendly reminder
  • and whenever you’re sleeping past your alarm, he’ll yank the covers off of you
  • he can go completely invisible, and that’s what he’s been doing for the most part but he wonder if he should reveal himself to you sooner or later
  • he does by mistake one day
  • you have a little keyboard in your house, you know the electronic ones that beginning piano students use?
  • you got it for sale really cheap at a garage sale and although you aren’t the most talented you still like to play it from time to time
  • so does taehyung yikes
  • whenever you aren’t home he’ll sit down and play whatever comes to mind, and he isn’t half bad either
  • your dog likes to sit there and listen to him play and bark along
  • one day your classes end early and you come home to hear piano music playing
  • you slowly open the door and see the keys moving up and down, same with the fake foot pedal you had to plug into the keyboard, but there is nobody in sight
  • you do what any normal person would do in that situation and you scream bloody murder
  • the piano playing comes to an abrupt halt
  • taehyung slowly comes into view and you can tell that it’s a young man but you can also tell that man probably isn’t the best word
  • he stares at you and then starts to stammer and as soon as he appeared, he vanishes
  • you can tell he’s moving though because he knocks down the coffee table in the process, can’t blame those long limbs
  • you run to try and follow after him
  • “hey wait a second i don’t wanna hurt you!”
  • slowly, he appears, and he’s standing in front of the kitchen sink, wincing
  • “it’s okay!” you smile slightly “I guess you’re the one who’s been moving everything around yah?”
  • he gives a quick nod and at first you guess he can’t speak but then he says “god im sorry, really, i wont do it again”
  • and you’re shook because he has such a puppy face but his voice is so deep and masculine and wowow that’s nice
  • “no it’s okay, i’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. say, what’s your name?”
  • and so he tells you his story, about the farm, the factory, they way his fate ended up playing out
  • of course you feel bad for him, how could you not? the poor baby is all alone in the world!!
  • so ofc you’re like yah you can stay with me for as long as you need but can you maybe stay in kinda human form??
  • so he does
  • at first it takes some getting used to because he’s there but he also isn’t there like one time you made this god awful pun and he laughed so hard that he threw his head back and it just kinda went through the wall
  • funny thing is though, whenever you go to reach out for him, it’s like you make actual contact with him like you don’t go through him like you can actually hold his hand when you two are watching scary movies
  • your dog absolutely loves him and that’s how you know he’s a good spirit, because your dog will not leave his side
  • tae feels bad for imposing so he tries to help around the house but when he tries to hold the pot of spaghetti it goes through his hands
  • or when he tries to mop he presses to hard down on the floor yah to try and remove the dust that he ends up falling through the floor
  • he still tries though and more than anything he becomes your personal companion!
  • like he stays up with you when you have lots of homework to do
  • he makes sure that you go to bed on time
  • he tells you scary stories when you’re bored too
  • he loves playing the piano for you too!
  • he says these are the greatest hits in the graveyard and then plays stuff like spooky scary skeletons he’s a hot mess
  • but something starts to go wrong
  • you wake up one morning and tae is not hovering over your bed like he usually does, he’s laying there, like actually laying
  • you scream and then he screams and bolts up and successfully manages to fall through the floor
  • when he floats back up he’s staring at you with the most wth look on his face
  • “tae you were actually laying there!?”
  • he laughs “yah so?”
  • and then he thinks about it and his eyes go wide and he holds his arms up and they aren’t as blue as they used to be
  • you guys need an intervention
  • you guys need seokjin
  • you two rush over to the witch’s house and you’re like hello emergency
  • seokjin spins to face you two and he rolls his eyes and tsks “i have customers you know”
  • “BUT I HAVE COLOR AGAIN” tae wails
  • “so?” seojin turns on his heel to grab a tea “it happens sometimes. the love of a human is enough to bring a spirit back to the mortal world”
  • seokjin glances at you accusingly
  • you go bright red and shake your head and start to stammer
  • meanwhile taehyung is staring at you with the most innocent of smiles and he is beaming like actual beaming
  • “wait you LOVE me”
  • “w-well i wouldn't’ say th-that”
  • seokjin rolls his eyes again “okay we get it, you two wanna make out or whatever, get out of my shop, you’re scaring the customers”
  • things are a bit different back home after this
  • tae is always winking at you for everything
  • and also somehow manages to fall through the walls at the most inconvenient of times???
  • “oh wait you’re about to change sorry didn’t realize”
  • “whoa there’s a bubble bath, no fair, i wanna come in!!”
  • and he physically starts to change
  • like one day you cut your finger while trying to cook dinner and you start to tear up and tae rushes over and thumbs the tear from your eyes
  • and you pause and take his hand in your and murmur “tae you have heat now”
  • but some things aren’t so cute
  • like the day his legs don’t wanna go ghost anymore and he gets stuck in the wall and you have to call over seokjin and yoongi to try and break him out
  • that day was filled with tears and curses and lots of laughs too
  • seokjin and yoongi were gagging the entire time
  • but one day you wake up and he’s not in bed beside you
  • like sure sometimes he’ll be hovering around or kinda drifting but he’s never not there? that’s not part of his usual routine?
  • you immediately panic and you race out of bed, your hair a mess, drool all over your face, your pajamas wrinkled
  • you get caught up in your blanket and trip but you push yourself up because where is he?!
  • what if something bad happened to him like god was finally like enough time to get off of earth you’ve had your time?
  • what if he was suddenly, somehow disconnected from your house, from you?!
  • you call out his name and search around the house but he isn’t anywhere to be found, not in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the spare bedroom either
  • you don’t know what to do so you slump down on the floor and hug your knees to your chest because you can’t imagine your life without him no matter how strange and unusual it was
  • it’s like a part of your soul has been taken away and you don’t know what to do about that and so you lay there and you sob and you curse the world for being so cruel because just when everything seemed to be going alright, it all goes downhill
  • “i do love you!” you sob “i was lying when i told seokjin i didn’t!I love you kim taehyung and now it’s too late and i’ve lost you!!”
  • and you’re so busy crying that you don’t realize that taehyung has slipped in, through the front door, your dog trotting in front of him happily
  • he gives you a really confused look and leans down beside you and shakes your shoulders and when you keep crying he sighs and picks you up like you’re a small child or something
  • “did you stub your toe or something again?”
  • you stop crying and blink, and then look up, because standing there is taehyung, in the living flesh, amused smile on his lips
  • “i… i thought you were gone!” you cry, but you start to laugh, because he’s here, and he’s human, and what could be more perfect and-
  • “well our baby had to go to the bathroom so i thought i would take him out so you could sleep in a little bit more?” he tries
  • but he’s distracted because you’re so close and he’s so real and things are so perfect
  • and so he leans down and kisses your lips and he’s so soft and gentle, and maybe even a little scared but that’s okay because you are too
  • he pulls away and he’s so red and it’s so beautiful compared to that somber blue he used to be
  • “i uh…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck “I kinda wanted to do that for a while now…”
  • and you nod and lean up and kiss him again
  • and against his lips you mumble “yah, me too”
  • the end
George Weasley Imagine - I Need You To Kiss It Better.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Word Count: 1461
Request: Can you do a 36 with George during deathly hallows when he hurts his ear???
Blurb: George is whiney when he hurts his ear, but he also doesn’t you to feel sad about the situation.
Author’s Note: I love George.


“Just please be safe.” You whispered, scared your voice would break if you spoke any louder.

“I always am, my love.” He whispered back holding onto you tighter. His hands were wrapped around your lower back while yours were wrapped around his neck. You were so close your foreheads were almost touching.

“I love you so much George, I always have and I always will.” You sniffled, a tear falling down your cheek.

“No, no don’t cry. Please don’t cry, it makes it seem worse than it is. I’m going to come back, I promise.” His voice was soft, the usual hint of happiness, gone. He was smiling slightly, but you knew it was fake, only trying to reassure your worried mind.

“C’mon mate, it’s time to go.” Fred patted his twin brother on the back as he walked away.

“I love you.” You whispered as George pulled away.

“I love you more.” George smiled grabbing onto your hand and squeezing it. As he walked away, you held on, your hands slipping away from each other, your fingertips just touching before he was too far away and you couldn’t reach other.

You were so sad, so sad that he had to go on this life-threatening mission to save Harry. You were aware that that could’ve been the last time you ever saw him, but you tried not to think of that.

You watched him walk to the broomstick he was going to be riding on, he looked back at you and smiled before flying away. You took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“They’ll be alright dear.” The comforting voice of Mrs. Weasley startled you as she rubbed her hand on the back of your shoulder. You nodded, putting your glass down.

“I know they will be.” You turned around as you smiled at each other. Although you both seemed confident in your words, you both knew that there was no promise that they would be okay.

You walked out into the living room and sat down on the lounge, thinking. Thinking about George and how you loved him. How it has nearly been four years since you started dating and how much your lives had changed in that time.

You wanted to go and help Harry, you wanted to play your part, but George was convinced it was way too dangerous for you. As if it wasn’t too dangerous for him either.

Mrs. Weasley soon joined you with a warm cup of tea. She sat with you and talked. It kept your mind off of George and the situation that was about to unfold.

“Is that them?” Mrs. Weasley stood up as you heard a band outside. You both ran out with Ginny hot on your heels.

“Harry,” Ginny exclaimed, walking up to him. Both him and Hagrid were safe thank Merlin, however, they were shocked no one else was back. That wasn’t a good thing. You brought them both in before hearing another bang. You ran outside, Mrs. Weasley at your side.

“George!” You exclaimed running up to him. It was dark outside and you couldn’t see properly, but you could see his outline. You were ecstatic that he was back, back in your arms. Safe. You jumped onto him and he hugged you back tight. “I’m so happy you’re back, I knew you could do it.” You thought you were going to cry. You were so happy and relieved at the moment.

“Y/N, love, I need to go inside.” He muttered, he sounded hurt. You quickly pulled out of the hug and gasped once you saw the side of his face, covered in blood.

“What happened?” You screeched as you wrapped an arm around him and walked inside. He was leaning on you, but in this moment, you didn’t mind.

“I got hit with a spell, but I’m all good, just a bit…” he paused, “…dizzy.” He muttered, putting more of his weight on you. You quickly got him inside and he laid down. Mrs. Weasley was quick to get a cloth to clean him up.

Mrs. Weasley left you in charge of cleaning him up as she went to help everyone else as they made their way here.

“Ow, it hurts.” He pouted as you wiped up the blood that was already starting to dry.

“I’m sorry, love.” You murmured, trying not to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry.” He whispered, limply grabbing onto your wrist.

“I know, I know, you’re alright.” You sniffled, trying to pull yourself together.

“I’m strong, I’ll survive, I just won’t have one ear.” He shrugged, smiling, trying to change your attitude. You giggled, continuing to clean up the side of his face.

You didn’t take notice of everyone else who appeared, too focused on George. This was until Fred came in, who looked very distraught at the sight of his brother.

“How are you feeling George?” Fred asked softly.

“I’m holey Fred, get it, holey.” He laughed softly to himself and you shook your head in amusement at him.  

“Out of all the ear related jokes there is, you went for that one?” Fred joked, trying to go along with the banter. You were glad they were staying positive in such a difficult time.

While everyone else arrived, you stayed next to George, kneeling on the ground right next to the lounge. You were still dabbing at the side of his head, your eyebrows furrowed in concentration. This was until George poked your nose, making you flinch.

“What was that for?” You giggled as George smiled.

“You’re cute when you’re concentrating. I mean you are cute all the time, but you know.” He smiled as you blushed.

“You’re such a dork.” You laughed softly, you two were in your own little world while everyone discussed important matters around you.

You didn’t even notice when everyone started to either leave or go to bed. It was just you, George, Fred, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, Harry and Ginny left in the room. They were discussing Fleur’s parents who were going to be staying here for Bill and Fleur’s wedding.

“Are you okay?” You asked George softly, running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll live,” he smiled, “I think.” You breathed out a laugh and smiled at him. You had so much love for this boy and it wasn’t fair that this had happened to him.

‘Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” You asked biting your lip.

“I need you to kiss it better,” George replied cheekily.

“I would if there wasn’t any blood there.” You chuckled as George pouted.

“Please?” He murmured making you shake your head.

“Alright.” You sighed, you smiled at him as you kissed just beneath his ear. “Better?”

“Yep, I’m healed now.” He replied smiling broadly.

“That’s good.” You chuckled.

“Can I have another kiss?” He asked innocently. You giggled as you kissed the same spot. You pulled away and smiled at him before continuing to attack his face with kisses. You pulled back after kissing every part of his face.

“How’s that?” You asked.

“Much, much better now, I feel invincible.” He joked making you laugh softly. “I’m feeling a bit tired love.” He murmured, closing his eyes.

“Do you want to go to bed?” You asked, running a hand through his hair again. He nodded as he sat up. You announced you were going to bed and you said your goodbyes before walking up to his room. You got ready for bed and laid down. George was laying on his back while you laid on your side, staring at the side of his face.

“Y/N.” He muttered barely audible.

“Yeah?” You asked quietly as well.

“I understand if you want to leave me.” He said sadly, looking up at the roof.

“Why would I want to leave you?” You asked confused sitting up to lie on your elbow.

“Because of my ear.” He bit his lip as he looked at you.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” You exclaimed leaning in closer to him. “I love you for you, I don’t care that your ear is gone, you’re still the same person I fell in love with.” You explained laying back down.

“So you don’t just love me because I’m really good looking?” He joked as you playfully rolled your eyes.

“No you dork.” You shook your head as you leant over to kiss his cheek. “I love you so much.” You whispered.

“I love you so much more.” He rolled over onto his side and kissed your nose. You snuggled up closer to him, you were sad that his ear was gone, but that didn’t change the amount of love you had for that boy.

The Ugly Duckling, Part I

TITLE: The Ugly Duckling
AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/PWP
FIC SUMMARY: Sometimes an ugly duckling believes she’ll always be an ugly duckling until someone comes along and shows her otherwise.
RATING: M (sex, language)
WARNINGS: Um, nothing yet.
AUTHORS NOTES: I… don’t know where this came from. But it came from somewhere and it’ll be at least two parts, maybe three. Let’s just say three. Short and sweet. But let’s be honest, I have whole world planned for this, so who knows if there will be more afterward. For the location mentioned in this story, you can watch any one of these videos to get an idea of the peril Astrid faces. The last one is the best, because it has nice, peaceful music.

Part I - The Duckling

Of all the harebrained ideas Astrid had ever had, hanging onto a cliff by her fingernails two hundred feet over a Hawaiian beach probably classified as the worst. Not that she planned it this way. In fact, the travel brochure she picked up at the tiny eight-terminal Kauai airport said this path down to the secluded beach below it was easy enough for even the mildly physically inclined. She didn’t run marathons or anything, but chasing rambunctious kindergartners qualified her as mildly physically inclined. She certainly didn’t spend her time sitting at a desk job or riding a couch in front of the television. Right?

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Holey. Wholly. Holy.

God, how difficult Your thoughts are for me [to comprehend]; how vast their sum is! If I counted them, they would outnumber the grains of sand; when I wake up, I am still with You. Psalm 139:17-18

What does God say you are?” asked a pastor during a meeting I was attending.
He then detailed Psalm 139:17-18, explaining that God had nothing but wonderful things to say about all of His children (issues included). That He has even more great thoughts about us than every grain of sand in every single place on earth.
He requested us to close our eyes and ask God what He thinks of us… just one word to detail just how much He adores us.

I often struggle to hear God’s voice. As it is, I hardly take the time to slow down and listen to the physical voices around me… much less the one speaking from Heaven.
Fear crept into my heart. What if God stays silent? What if it’s just me talking instead?

So, for the sake of following the rules but with some doubt creeping just beneath the surface, I bowed my head and closed my eyes.
Father, who do You say I am?

After a few moments of silence I heard it. Holy.

My blood ran cold. Holy is not the adjective I would’ve chosen to describe myself, God.
Holey is a better choice.

Then, I saw me. Beaten down, worried, and tired… several gaping blood stained wounds on my skin. The kind of gashes that don’t heal right - the ones that leave nasty scars for their nasty stories.
That was the sort of holiness I was used to: the ugly kind. The kind that hurts to be around. The kind that no one really wants to talk about. 

Maybe you see yourself there, too, battered and bruised and beaten down. Maybe you see your own misshapen story bleeding through. Maybe of the words and happenings that make you “less than” and “not enough” swirl around you like vultures. Maybe you feel the ache of all of the things that have been ripped out of you. 
Maybe, like me, you’re used to the holes but not the holies.

Because life is hard and people are cruel and things don’t always go right for us. 
Because people take what isn’t really theirs… because no one gets out of living without suffering a few heartaches. 
Because people take and take and take but so rarely do we ever remember to give back.

And sometimes it feels like all of those holes will consume us.

But God has a different plan for us. He takes all of His sand (the grains of love and affirmation and wonder) and fills us up all of our holes with it. God has enough wonderful things to say about us to fill deserts and oceans and beaches and lakes and terrariums and caves and lakes… God’s words of love for us are endless. He has enough adoration for us to fill up all of our gaps and make us whole. He pushes away the darkness, the blood stains, and the fear and makes room for Himself instead.

He takes us from holey and transforms us to the point where we can love wholly. From there he leads us into holiness - filled up and complete enough to pour into others.

From there we are able to speak love into other peoples’ wounds and hurts. We can love each other wholly and wonderfully. We can give them love and hope and joy. And we can remind them of the savior we all so blessed to be able to know. 

You are loved wholly. And, because of His stripes, you are holy. 

Holy, holy, holy. 

-31Women (Ansley)

Let me tell you - finding gifs of a specific spiderman gets harder with every film they release. This one will have to do. I didn’t mean for this fic to end in such a sad way but the request was nice and open so ultimately my angsty side took over. Thank you to the anon who requested it and to @agentpiku for stopping me making this fic way sadder than it needed to be. Enjoy, everyone!

Prompt[s]: Reader x [Peter] where reader is ticklish? :)

‘Make The Best Of It’

Peter Parker was a walking irony. The same kid who could swing from skyscrapers and save orphans from burning buildings struggled to recite Spanish idioms and ask out the girl he liked.

Even if the girl was his best friend, and was in his home on a regular basis.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” You asked, leaning on the kitchen counter as Peter put the take-away refuse into the bin.
“How hard could it be if you’re doing it?” He said quietly.
“You’re hilarious,” you smirked as you placed your hands on the back of the sofa and began to push. Apparently, Peter owned very heavy furniture. “We’ll need lots of space. Your Aunt May and I get on; I’d hate for that to change because I broke a vase letting you help me rehearse.”

“I’ve got it,” Peter assured you, rushing over to take over the sofa-pushing. “You sort out the music.” As soon as your back was turned, Peter let his strength kick in and moved the sofa across the room like he was kicking shoes under his bed. “When is this audition of yours again?”
“The dance club hold auditions every two weeks but I’ve chickened out every time. My last shot is this weekend.”

Once you’d found the right song on your iPod, you rested it in the dock and started showing Peter the routine you’d choreographed.
“Maybe if the audition goes well,” you chuckled after finishing your instructions, “they’ll offer you a place too.”
“I’m already not well-liked. I think joining the dance club would probably be the last straw.”

You jogged over to the kitchen and poured yourself and Peter a glass of water.
“But think it through, Peter. Whilst all the other guys are busy turning their noses up, you get the pick of all the girls in sparkly shorts that you want!” You laughed. Peter shook his head to dispel the image of you in ‘sparkly shorts’.
“That’s… I don’t want that.”
“Oh come on, Pete. You’ve not got a girlfriend, right? What are you waiting for?”

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The "Snape-haters quotes" saga continues..

- “You should read the books.”

- “I am potter fandom account. It is obvious I’ve read the books. Snape was waay worse than Dumbledore. Dumbledore wanted to kill ½ human race just for two years. Snape was bully for around 60 years.”

- “You do realize that Snape was only 38 when he died, right?”

-“ 38? HOLEY MOLEY! He looked much older. The thing is I’ve read the books when I was 7 and later re-read them with massive gaps. But that is not the point. The point is that he was a bully and his age were not in the books.”

- “Stop embarassing yourself.”

anonymous asked:

I have a little prompt for you if you are still taking them: Stiles breaks something at Derek's flat or scratches the Camaro, I dunno. Stiles repays him in hugs. Derek wants him to break other things because Stiles' hugs are the best hugs. Yes, please drown me in good feels, I need them.

It’s not his fault. Seriously.

He’d been taking selfies with Derek’s phone, and replacing all of his contact photos with them. Derek didn’t even have pictures for half his contacts, Stiles was doing him a favor, really. But, as he’d been cackling to himself, rolling around on the kitchen counter making dumb kissy faces for his own contact picture, he’d lost his balance. His hand had flung out wildly, and he’d knocked Derek’s favorite Garfield mug off the side. It had swept out across the floor, handle snapping off and flying under the table and the mug splintering into three pieces.

There’s a long silence, Stiles staring at the broken mug in horror, cold coffee dripping down the cabinets and pooling on the floor.

Then, footsteps from Derek’s bedroom, through the living room, Stiles panics, thinks about making a break for it through the window, could he do it? Derek’s only eight floors up. Could be a challenge… But, then Derek appears in the kitchen door, sleepy and confused looking. Stiles’ heart clenches half in fear and half in the shock of seeing Derek so… adorable in the holey sweater he sleeps in, hair rumpled and face with pillow creases engrained on one side. 


“It was an accident,” Stiles blurts out. 

Derek arches an eyebrow, leans against the door frame, “That should be the title of your autobiography.”

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