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three little words

a quick drabble of the scene in 43 where vex visits victor with percy and the two actually say i love you to each other from percy’s perspective - and taliesin makes the point to repeat percy telling vex he loves her when he realizes laura didn’t hear.

prompted by @tieflingofcolor‘s message in the cr discord: “you know what I want to see in fic? that moment in episode 44 where percy/tal says “I love you” after vex convinces victor not to bribe themwhich is probably the first time percy said “i love you” to vex and his thought processes when he realizes he meant it”




“Two hundred and fifty gold if you would be so kind.”

“That much?” Her face twists up, and even just leaning in through the door to look at her he can see she looks almost offended.

He can’t help the little smile that flickers across his face at her response. “I’m going to make you something lovely.”

Almost instantly, she loosens up and shoots back in a sing-song voice, “I love you!”

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